Providers with Taxonomy: Hematology oncology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Hematology oncology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Amitabha Mazumder 90241, NYHematology oncology1881682318
Doru Paul 10021, NYHematology oncology1629055959
Steven Valenstein 10028, NYHematology oncology1154307544
Ronald Lewis Sham 14621, NYHematology oncology1235178500
Namrata Patel 12180, NYHematology oncology1548294283
Khalid Dar 10025, NYHematology oncology1962414672
David L. Fernandes 10467, NYHematology oncology1154340826
Vinita Singh 91325, NYHematology oncology1679507248
Colleen Ann Edwards 10029, NYHematology oncology1750304267
Fauzia Paracha 12550, NYHematology oncology1174639751
Howard Jay Hoffman 11691, NYHematology oncology1700921277
Naheed Alam 14048, NYHematology oncology1255592168
Shafinaz Hussein 10029, NYHematology oncology1255590113
Daniel Ethan Boxer 06850, NYHematology oncology1043479090
Kenneth Liu 10467, NYHematology oncology1174840888
George Zacharia 70115, NYHematology oncology1285894121
Shyamala Navada 10029, NYHematology oncology1215056304
Adriana Kaczaraj Malone 10029, NYHematology oncology1285849489
Caroline Irma Cromwell 10029, NYHematology oncology1609034354
Prabhsimranjot Singh 02215, NYHematology oncology1003106220
Numan Fateh 18510, NYHematology oncology1619262276
Larisa Schwartzman 44011, NYHematology oncology1033405931
Abhisek Swaika 11366, NYHematology oncology1992010136
Misako Nagasaka 48201, NYHematology oncology1063707958
Karthik A Ganapathi 94143, NYHematology oncology1033344148
Oscar Boutros Lahoud 11570, NYHematology oncology1972731776
Kerwin Cumberbatch 21613, NYHematology oncology1669785788
Jaime Ignacio Navarrete Faubla 62918, NYHematology oncology1285884841
Cheryl Mensah 10021, NYHematology oncology1730454232
Swathi Namburi 98003, NYHematology oncology1073831897
Kelsey Thompson Martin 06477, NYHematology oncology1467763946
Sami Ali 90241, NYHematology oncology1821382250
Ghayas C. Issa 77030, NYHematology oncology1720378235
Anu Batra 30901, NYHematology oncology1720386857
Charity I Oyedeji 27710, NYHematology oncology1902149149
Lauren Oppenheimer Curran 14623, NYHematology oncology1023353661
Megan Greally 10022, NYHematology oncology1043738644
Feng Hematology And Medical Oncology Pllc 11220, NYHematology oncology1437675154
Michael Brent Bernstein 10604, NYHematology oncology1922234251
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai 11572, NYHematology oncology1417449976
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai 11566, NYHematology oncology1912499401
Ildefonso Ismael Rodriguez-rivera 11725, NYHematology oncology1861783185
City Care Medical Services Pc 10029, NYHematology oncology1992277073
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine 11566, NYHematology oncology1720555089
Wyckoff Professional Medical Services, Pc 11237, NYHematology oncology1659710796
Uqba Khan 11215, NYHematology oncology1780923920
Diego Andres Adrianzen Herrera 05401, NYHematology oncology1114367463
Keren Osman 10029, NYHematology oncology1477571263
Sakshi Jasra 05401, NYHematology oncology1578991675
Emily Hon Castellanos 10016, NYHematology oncology1528202579
Panagiotis Vlachostergios 11215, NYHematology oncology1528490455
Priyanka Chablani 60637, NYHematology oncology1780030510
Asya Nina Varshavsky Yanovsky 19111, NYHematology oncology1093147118
Michael S Steinberg 14642, NYHematology oncology1902801566
Shambavi D Richard 10011, NYHematology oncology1750323994
Robert Charles Hendler 11776, NYHematology oncology1780027904
Arvind G Kamthan 06030, NYHematology oncology1073507653
Pouyan Changizzadeh 06360, NYHematology oncology1982047981
Chaitanya Iragavarapu 40536, NYHematology oncology1770837270
Ajaz Mohiuddin Khan 12208, NYHematology oncology1043484736
Deborah Blythe Doroshow 10029, NYHematology oncology1558706069
Adam S Kotowski 14221, NYHematology oncology1992813828
Bhuvana G Ramkumar 14304, NYHematology oncology1144484809
Jaspreet Chahal 85745, NYHematology oncology1558703801
Babak Baseri 90703, NYHematology oncology1659716959
Keriann Nickola Gray 16801, NYHematology oncology1023215670
Ali Mohammad Ameri 10128, NYHematology oncology1164681540
Tetyana Koulikova 11204, NYHematology oncology1174992184
Ersin Selcuk Unal 90712, NYHematology oncology1578825824
Tony W Cheung 11581, NYHematology oncology1033165824
Mark Alan Grand 11217, NYHematology oncology1487696514
Abirami Sivapiragasam 13210, NYHematology oncology1972930998
David Sam Kotlyar 12208, NYHematology oncology1245527670
Vijay Shah 11772, NYHematology oncology1609817428
Leticia Varella 10065, NYHematology oncology1134451131
Judith C Lin 10029, NYHematology oncology1720110695
Heather Katz 10591, NYHematology oncology1740670397
Jason William Steinberg 11235, NYHematology oncology1215222005
Pallavi Khattar 10029, NYHematology oncology1598165367
Yijun Cheng 14221, NYHematology oncology1013058213
Shaina Placide 11706, NYHematology oncology1346753779
Bridget Kelly Marcellino 10029, NYHematology oncology1093133589
Sireesha Datla 85351, NYHematology oncology1275819526
Shoukri Mina Wisa 14020, NYHematology oncology1306895370
Medical Care Of Queens, Pc 11366, NYHematology oncology1225683840
Muhammad Raza Naqvi 78235, NYHematology oncology1316269533
Yubao Wang 87102, NYHematology oncology1306942644
Dario Martin Villamar 60637, NYHematology oncology1548791437
Kin Wai Hung 91342, NYHematology oncology1700129541
Toshihisa Satta 23298, NYHematology oncology1144637786
Sorab Gupta 19141, NYHematology oncology1972917656
Leonard Naymagon 10029, NYHematology oncology1952712234
Taha Bat 75390, NYHematology oncology1679915102
Helen Ma 90822, NYHematology oncology1841600186
Jini Hyun 11203, NYHematology oncology1912343740
Kathleen Fenn 06510, NYHematology oncology1205255619
Gino Bottino 85745, NYHematology oncology1881705838
Maya Khalil 35249, NYHematology oncology1053726430
Advanced Care Associates Llc 10282, NYHematology oncology1033623178
Joselle Cook 55905, NYHematology oncology1295117059
Sandeep Singh 55905, NYHematology oncology1902203482
Erik Kockenmeister 11795, NYHematology oncology1558660456
Olga Liliana Bohn 95356, NYHematology oncology1972786382
Julia Chia-ying Shih 08103, NYHematology oncology1942636386
Karina D'souza 94602, NYHematology oncology1427474998
Ahmed M Safa 01915, NYHematology oncology1275970501
Varun Modi 10940, NYHematology oncology1295126670
Rosana Gnanajothy 44109, NYHematology oncology1225342082
John Savooji 10940, NYHematology oncology1447684808
Noura Badr Maghraby Elsedawy 38103, NYHematology oncology1205254208
Anita Fei 18103, NYHematology oncology1831629484
Rpci Oncology, Pc 14221, NYHematology oncology1952703985
Surabhi Pathak 41101, NYHematology oncology1285999284
Archana Agarwal 01608, NYHematology oncology1548592165
Rajvi Patel 08103, NYHematology oncology1821416678
John R Weinhold 14760, NYHematology oncology1265417737
April Chiu 55905, NYHematology oncology1023058252
Lech Zbigniew Dabrowski 11212, NYHematology oncology1780798553
Mark Levin 08103, NYHematology oncology1912932765
Ujjawal H Gandhi 27518, NYHematology oncology1396002325
Serge Dauphin 14905, NYHematology oncology1609824648
Ranjita Pallavi 15205, NYHematology oncology1063760676
Hanna Taan Succar 02215, NYHematology oncology1275928731
Zhen Wang 14221, NYHematology oncology1619396967
Seema Ali Bhat 43210, NYHematology oncology1558524926
Maria Chaudhry 43210, NYHematology oncology1184935298
Hannah K Choe 43210, NYHematology oncology1184996829
Rongrong Ge 17109, NYHematology oncology1457618480
Tong Dai 14263, NYHematology oncology1841454741
Mohammad Ali Syed Jafri 41101, NYHematology oncology1629311774
Sreenath Kodali 50010, NYHematology oncology1376823567
Nidhi Mishra 49017, NYHematology oncology1962663674
Gol Minoo Golshani 90805, NYHematology oncology1629497797
Angel E Mier Hicks 14263, NYHematology oncology1376984807
Aung Tun 55905, NYHematology oncology1033508304
North Shore Health System Medical Faculty Group Practice Inc 11042, NYHematology oncology1003409061
Douglas Kanter Marks 10032, NYHematology oncology1083980189
Samaritan Hospital Of Troy, New York 12180, NYHematology oncology1043267727
Aruna Gupta 11714, NYHematology oncology1649226093
Marc Justin Braunstein 11501, NYHematology oncology1568761336
Alexander Hindenburg 11501, NYHematology oncology1285684175
Fiyinfolu Oladele Balogun 10065, NYHematology oncology1508277674
Daniel Koh 62301, NYHematology oncology1306946033
Ryan Holstead 11030, NYHematology oncology1952753873
Zulfiqar A. Malik 76109, NYHematology oncology1841364908
Wajihuddin Syed 46307, NYHematology oncology1417389099
Lisa Phuong 06850, NYHematology oncology1265826234
Ok Kyong Chaekal 10065, NYHematology oncology1093701021
Ari Leonard Ginsberg 11042, NYHematology oncology1184628059
Maxim Shulimovich 11201, NYHematology oncology1326297318
Sparsha Kukunoor 16915, NYHematology oncology1942557574
Madhura Nikhil Hanmantgad 06810, NYHematology oncology1871970517
Dan Zhao 77030, NYHematology oncology1306257472
David W Chitty 11042, NYHematology oncology1801283064
Marcel Odaimi 21801, NYHematology oncology1467436279
Pamela Sung 19104, NYHematology oncology1972862084
Suchitra Sundaram 10029, NYHematology oncology1083979983
Amy Bodrog 14621, NYHematology oncology1003234709
Vatsala Govind Kirtani 14626, NYHematology oncology1023302742
Adirondack Hematology Oncology Pc 12801, NYHematology oncology1760474746
Park wu Oncology Associates 10003, NYHematology oncology1427041953
Century Medical Associates Pc 14221, NYHematology oncology1649264029
John J Poggi, Md Pc 13601, NYHematology oncology1679568562
Broadway Cardiopulmonary, P.c. 11103, NYHematology oncology1871589200
New York Oncology Hematology, P.c. 12206, NYHematology oncology1609863448
Broome Oncology Llc 13790, NYHematology oncology1518956176
New York University 10016, NYHematology oncology1528059532
New York University 10016, NYHematology oncology1083605679
Hematology oncology Associates Of Western Suffolk Pc 11706, NYHematology oncology1316920119
Niculae Ciobanu Physician Pc 10016, NYHematology oncology1346224904
Hematology oncology Associates Of Cny, Pc 13057, NYHematology oncology1902885429
Colette Spaccavento, Md,pc 10022, NYHematology oncology1588634380
Queens Medical Associates Pc 11366, NYHematology oncology1932188869
Memorial Hematology Lymphoma Group 10065, NYHematology oncology1891766366
The Mount Vernon Hospital 10550, NYHematology oncology1538133939
Hematology Oncology Associates Of Brooklyn, Llp 11229, NYHematology oncology1437124682
Michael S Buchholtz Md Pc 11740, NYHematology oncology1104893932
Interlakes Oncology & Hematology Pc 14623, NYHematology oncology1518936566
Prohealth Care Associates Llp 11042, NYHematology oncology1275596280
D.k. Shah Md, P.c. 12401, NYHematology oncology1508820309
St Lukes Roosevelt Hospital Center 10019, NYHematology oncology1134184377
Southern Tier Oncology, Pc 14905, NYHematology oncology1821047325
Finger Lakes Hematology & Oncology Pllc 14432, NYHematology oncology1659321859
Star Medical Offices P.c. 11235, NYHematology oncology1548211915
Park Slope Hematology Oncology, P.c. 11215, NYHematology oncology1174574503
Park Slope Medicine, P.c. 11215, NYHematology oncology1770534984
Catskill Regional Medical Center 12701, NYHematology oncology1720039563
Shabeer A Dar M.d.p.c. 11702, NYHematology oncology1891746491
Park Slope Medicine, P.c. 11215, NYHematology oncology1215989116
Glens Falls Hospital Inc. 12801, NYHematology oncology1336198217
Medical Research Associates,pc 10595, NYHematology oncology1801841895
West Side Hematology & Oncology, Pc. 10023, NYHematology oncology1942256524
Goshen Medical Associates Pc 10924, NYHematology oncology1689620973
Hemoncare, P.c. 11235, NYHematology oncology1679511703
Tarun Wasil Physician Pc 11040, NYHematology oncology1164460754
Stony Brook Internists, University Faculty Practice Corporation 11794, NYHematology oncology1578502100
Hudson Valley Oncology, Pc 12401, NYHematology oncology1932140431
University Pathologists Laboratories, Llp 13202, NYHematology oncology1033150917
Valiere Alcena Md Pc 10605, NYHematology oncology1700829009
Manhattan Hematology Oncology 10016, NYHematology oncology1528003993


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