Providers with Taxonomy: Hematology oncology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Hematology oncology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jose Maria Acostamadiedo 12901, NYHematology oncology1013910256
Francisco Antonio Garcia-moreno 11042, NYHematology oncology1144223264
Vladimir Gotlieb 11375, NYHematology oncology1073516142
Jairus Tesorero Ibabao 14701, NYHematology oncology1568465458
Deborah A Sculco 12010, NYHematology oncology1013910660
Alfonso Cutugno 12572, NYHematology oncology1477555761
Charles Yun 12801, NYHematology oncology1710121330
Isosceles Dizon Garbes 14224, NYHematology oncology1427050590
John Steven Marino 11042, NYHematology oncology1538163803
Brian Thomas Mcnelis 11042, NYHematology oncology1194727263
Frank Anthony Tomao 11042, NYHematology oncology1194729467
Ari Leonard Ginsberg 11042, NYHematology oncology1184628059
Regina L Jablonski 11733, NYHematology oncology1760486443
Edward T Samuel 11733, NYHematology oncology1730183302
Shetra Sivamurthy 11418, NYHematology oncology1750385373
Michael E Theodorakis 11733, NYHematology oncology1467456806
Jeffrey L Vacirca 11733, NYHematology oncology1366446726
Ruvim Krupkin 11235, NYHematology oncology1942205042
David R Trauber 11213, NYHematology oncology1558366575
Herbert Duvivier 14225, NYHematology oncology1710982731
Mervyn Leon Goldstein 10603, NYHematology oncology1982609749
Edward M Liebers 12866, NYHematology oncology1174528764
Rocco Caruso 11733, NYHematology oncology1285630731
Diane M Clausen 11733, NYHematology oncology1447256995
Patricia Burns 11733, NYHematology oncology1881690337
Roger W Tinsley 13021, NYHematology oncology1669477170
Margaret Boufal 13057, NYHematology oncology1285639708
Ber-yuh Yang 11354, NYHematology oncology1851397129
Deborah Lynn Farolino 14215, NYHematology oncology1659377968
Cyrus Irani 14263, NYHematology oncology1528064417
Ching Wong 11220, NYHematology oncology1821095233
Mark Alan Tuckfelt 10924, NYHematology oncology1841297173
Charles I Jarowski 10075, NYHematology oncology1497752653
Birjis Akhund 11746, NYHematology oncology1841297025
David Matthew Mastrianni 12866, NYHematology oncology1417954264
Abu Ahmed 11746, NYHematology oncology1740287515
Edward P. Ambinder 10128, NYHematology oncology1265430748
Samuel Waxman 10128, NYHematology oncology1376541862
Bonnie Sue Reichman 10022, NYHematology oncology1750389243
Carol Fay Whitsett 11554, NYHematology oncology1336148196
Francois Hebert Brutus 11210, NYHematology oncology1598764201
Ronald A. Primis 11570, NYHematology oncology1730188343
Richard Seth Forte 11030, NYHematology oncology1891794210
Klaus Dittmar 11030, NYHematology oncology1245239664
Gerard B Donnelly 11030, NYHematology oncology1518966944
Debra A Ferman 11545, NYHematology oncology1881693216
Paul A.c. Greenberg 10128, NYHematology oncology1427057975
Malcolm E Levine 11030, NYHematology oncology1023017316
Ivan K. Rothman 11570, NYHematology oncology1417956699
Richard M. Lee 11570, NYHematology oncology1033118229
Leonard Kessler 11570, NYHematology oncology1942209135
Robert Matthew Gelfand 10128, NYHematology oncology1407855612
Raymond David Pastore 10028, NYHematology oncology1124027487
Michael Allen Goldsmith 10028, NYHematology oncology1528067550
Seymour Martin Cohen 10028, NYHematology oncology1477552404
Vijay P Shah 10003, NYHematology oncology1558360495
Avram L. Abramowitz 11366, NYHematology oncology1407855489
Rachel Vivian Kramer 10128, NYHematology oncology1932108875
Nathaniel Wisch 10028, NYHematology oncology1881693794
Steven Gruenstein 10028, NYHematology oncology1407855307
Michael James Geraghty 11209, NYHematology oncology1215937180
Robert Justin Klafter 10028, NYHematology oncology1558360446
Michael Bashevkin 11229, NYHematology oncology1588664213
Joseph Lebowicz 11229, NYHematology oncology1376543959
Edward J Halbridge 11010, NYHematology oncology1467452078
Elaine Jean Schattner 10065, NYHematology oncology1609876291
Mikhail Grinberg 11229, NYHematology oncology1013917400
Yanfeng Chen 11220, NYHematology oncology1740280171
Konan Chiang 10940, NYHematology oncology1750381943
Amy D Tiersten 10029, NYHematology oncology1558362566
Theresa Ryan 10016, NYHematology oncology1598766503
Yelena Novik 10016, NYHematology oncology1710988738
Thomas Joseph Forlenza 10301, NYHematology oncology1619978442
Mala Varma 10019, NYHematology oncology1417958109
Paul Bruce Bader 11374, NYHematology oncology1740281450
Edward Amorosi 10016, NYHematology oncology1730180514
David Araten 10016, NYHematology oncology1649271420
Nasir Mahmood Gondal 11374, NYHematology oncology1962403691
Anna Kurzyna-solinas 11042, NYHematology oncology1922009653
Robert Dinsmore 10941, NYHematology oncology1285635912
Bruce Raphael 10016, NYHematology oncology1710988969
Perry Cook 11215, NYHematology oncology1336140581
Tibor Moskovits 10016, NYHematology oncology1558362137
Anna Pavlick 10016, NYHematology oncology1255332839
Matthew D. Volm 10016, NYHematology oncology1508867185
Marleen Meyers 10016, NYHematology oncology1144222175
Abraham Chachoua 10016, NYHematology oncology1518968643
James Speyer 10016, NYHematology oncology1871595678
Anna M Gattani 10028, NYHematology oncology1255333811
Margaret Nichols 13421, NYHematology oncology1528060951
Rorick T Rimash 12110, NYHematology oncology1275525370
Kennth Hymes 10016, NYHematology oncology1285626366
Adirondack Hematology Oncology Pc 12801, NYHematology oncology1760474746
Suleyman C Sarpel 14304, NYHematology oncology1710979612
David M Mastrianni Md 12866, NYHematology oncology1013909852
Emil H Wassef 10598, NYHematology oncology1922090745
Robert Regis Dawson 11795, NYHematology oncology1710979372
Hal David Teitelbaum 10941, NYHematology oncology1720070204
Qun Dai 10305, NYHematology oncology1154313542
Meekoo Dhar 10305, NYHematology oncology1154313401
Etta B Frankel 10019, NYHematology oncology1952394967
Michael W Graber 13215, NYHematology oncology1093708109
David A Inman 13210, NYHematology oncology1437142510
Sherif Ibrahim 10604, NYHematology oncology1285627844
Filiz Sen 10065, NYHematology oncology1942293683
Hitendra M Rambhia 11234, NYHematology oncology1629061155
Park wu Oncology Associates 10003, NYHematology oncology1427041953
Century Medical Associates Pc 14221, NYHematology oncology1649264029
Dan Costin 10601, NYHematology oncology1033103155
Sultana Razia 13413, NYHematology oncology1669466884
Cynthia Liu 10016, NYHematology oncology1346234515
Giorgio G.a. Inghirami 10016, NYHematology oncology1962496125
Olcay Batuman 11203, NYHematology oncology1316931579
Priti V Mandalaywala 13662, NYHematology oncology1639163777
Priti V Mandalaywala Md 13676, NYHematology oncology1366436404
Radhika Rachamalla 12601, NYHematology oncology1669466595
Frederick Hong 14221, NYHematology oncology1366436198
Roslyn Rachel Romanowski 14221, NYHematology oncology1275527004
Michael Joseph Krabak 14221, NYHematology oncology1578557302
Arvind G Kamthan 10940, NYHematology oncology1073507653
Francis P Arena 11042, NYHematology oncology1699760132
Jasotha Sanmugarajah 11203, NYHematology oncology1407841737
Jagmohan S Sidhu 13790, NYHematology oncology1427043710
Jennifer Cadiz 14623, NYHematology oncology1982699120
William B. Solomon 11220, NYHematology oncology1245225275
John J Poggi, Md Pc 13601, NYHematology oncology1679568562
John J Poggi 13601, NYHematology oncology1205821196
Samir Desai 13502, NYHematology oncology1417942301
Benjamin S Himpler 13057, NYHematology oncology1962497529
Scott L Barrett 14623, NYHematology oncology1184619769
Alicia K Bair 13210, NYHematology oncology1750376372
J Robert Smith 13210, NYHematology oncology1043206519
Broadway Cardiopulmonary, P.c. 11103, NYHematology oncology1871589200
Della Felice Makower 10601, NYHematology oncology1578559910
Karen Beth Green 10601, NYHematology oncology1447246624
Peter Burkart 12047, NYHematology oncology1558357665
Julie A Monroe 10710, NYHematology oncology1730175902
Carol Ann Lederman 10601, NYHematology oncology1083600266
Ok Kyong Chaekal 10038, NYHematology oncology1093701021
Alina Mastan 10010, NYHematology oncology1285620245
Rufus Collea 12208, NYHematology oncology1205822012
Stephen Hillinger 12206, NYHematology oncology1003802778
Michael Kolodziej 12206, NYHematology oncology1952397655
Lawrence Garbo 12206, NYHematology oncology1740276484
Linda Demarco 12534, NYHematology oncology1518953231
Manuel Perry 10941, NYHematology oncology1982691648
Thomas L. Goodman 12309, NYHematology oncology1699762344
Harry Dunn 12208, NYHematology oncology1194712711
Rana Bitar Jacob 12309, NYHematology oncology1619964236
George Dubar Wilner 12208, NYHematology oncology1326035940
Bruce Lyman 12206, NYHematology oncology1861489494
Salvatore Pipito 12148, NYHematology oncology1730176397
Alan Rauch 12208, NYHematology oncology1356338917
Regina Resta 12180, NYHematology oncology1144217712
Howard Schlossberg 12148, NYHematology oncology1023005691
Sandra Scroggins 12047, NYHematology oncology1366439937
Stewart Silvers 12148, NYHematology oncology1316934805
Edwin Taft 12208, NYHematology oncology1023005527
Peter Lamparello 12206, NYHematology oncology1821085242
Karen Tedesco 12010, NYHematology oncology1083601124
Elizabeth Anne Valentine 12866, NYHematology oncology1205823341
Duy Q. Vu 12534, NYHematology oncology1366439382
Allen Chen 10941, NYHematology oncology1912994955
Franco Muggia 10016, NYHematology oncology1366439309
Michael Willen 12065, NYHematology oncology1912994849
Huda Salman 11794, NYHematology oncology1790772556
Ira Zackon 12208, NYHematology oncology1578550414
New York Oncology Hematology, P.c. 12206, NYHematology oncology1609863448
Nini Wu 12206, NYHematology oncology1194712943
Roger J Waltzman 10065, NYHematology oncology1093703654
Paula Klein 10011, NYHematology oncology1568450781
Aqeel Abbas Gillani 12801, NYHematology oncology1639167737
Matthew T Hurford 10305, NYHematology oncology1598753543
John Patrick Stoutenburg 12801, NYHematology oncology1306834411
Booth Medical Associates Pc 11355, NYHematology oncology1912996703
Joseph A Readling 13905, NYHematology oncology1275522831
Madhuri Yalamanchili 13905, NYHematology oncology1528057189
Daniel P Bellina 13790, NYHematology oncology1720077373
Ronald P Harris 13790, NYHematology oncology1447249099
Broome Oncology Llc 13790, NYHematology oncology1518956176
Jonathan D Kloss 13905, NYHematology oncology1134118565
Iftikhar-ahmad Shahid Chouhdry 12734, NYHematology oncology1639168933
Alicia Detraglia 13502, NYHematology oncology1376532499
Arun V Sheth 13905, NYHematology oncology1548259583
Fabio Volterra 10469, NYHematology oncology1841289931
Serazul A Khan 13790, NYHematology oncology1073502019
Philip Louis Mccarthy 14263, NYHematology oncology1770574808
New York University 10016, NYHematology oncology1528059532
Thomas Ryan 13502, NYHematology oncology1194716134
Richard Louis Geltman 10065, NYHematology oncology1659362242
New York University 10016, NYHematology oncology1083605679
Nancy Nan Szu Sun 11797, NYHematology oncology1508857772
Mohammed Faisal Ali 11570, NYHematology oncology1205817335
Eunice Wang 14263, NYHematology oncology1386625598
Bruce Ira Kappel 11797, NYHematology oncology1336120211
Laurence G Bilsky 11797, NYHematology oncology1790766624
Delfino Michael Crescenzo 11414, NYHematology oncology1306828751
Aram Francis Hezel 14642, NYHematology oncology1144202607
Anwarul Haq 18840, NYHematology oncology1437131042
Peter S Kozuch 10003, NYHematology oncology1861475816


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