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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Poonam Lata Gutt PAHospitalist1063491090
Robert H Lohr MNHospitalist1265419790
David C Hanes WIHospitalist1982680286
George R Gonnella ILHospitalist1982682613
Bryant E Benson MAHospitalist1740250943
Cheryl L Pascucci MAHospitalist1255315073
Scott Cyr MEHospitalist1235118720
Alicja Milik ILHospitalist1538144464
Mandeep S Bakshi TNHospitalist1669458857
Kathleen M. Schwarz VAHospitalist1992780324
Melinda J Johnson IAHospitalist1497739403
Shirley Tan CAHospitalist1861503724
Levente Levai NVHospitalist1558345314
Raluca Cascaval COHospitalist1538139498
Mark M Macelwee AZHospitalist1437133378
Bassam Yousef INHospitalist1598745184
Meredith Lynn Carter VAHospitalist1942287222
Walter Daniel Lehnhoff CTHospitalist1295712115
Patrick E Baroco VAHospitalist1558341248
Sanjeev Bakshi UTHospitalist1194709956
Michal-ann Derezil NYHospitalist1689054348
Ronald Jack Morgan MSHospitalist1699759704
Ghulam M Arain TXHospitalist1508845744
Felicia U Bassey-akamune MDHospitalist1548244858
James Harry Kondolios OHHospitalist1073592663
Erica Crane PAHospitalist1902149313
Cole Mccormick ILHospitalist1811447139
Haq Nawaz CTHospitalist1841273919
Dominic M Macaranas CAHospitalist1922083724
Barbara E Potaczek ILHospitalist1043290141
Theodore O Anuebunwa GAHospitalist1740264951
Jerome Howell TNHospitalist1164400511
Robert James Meyer GAHospitalist1619957826
Stephen A. Berry GAHospitalist1477533206
Solomon Noguera MOHospitalist1275516858
Tae Sik Morgan NVHospitalist1144204900
Salina Regional Health Center, Inc KSHospitalist1619952785
Felistas Hazvineyi Madziwa FLHospitalist1124006879
Viktor Hanak IAHospitalist1114905999
Eric R. Schumacher OHHospitalist1841284809
John M Kerr NCHospitalist1356325856
Jalal U Akbar MNHospitalist1720063795
David Lauver MDHospitalist1205815842
Amarin Sangkharat DCHospitalist1013992734
Roohi Majeed Khan MAHospitalist1942289921
Richard G Mrad MOHospitalist1972573715
Zhifu Wang NYHospitalist1396715090
Antonio Paz CTHospitalist1114997665
Anjum Khan CTHospitalist1992775258
David N Bell INHospitalist1457321762
Mark E Kulaga CTHospitalist1851361117
Galion Community Hospital OHHospitalist1215907522
Scott D Phillips COHospitalist1376514406
Omni Medical Diagnostics MAHospitalist1629049747
Ian Sterling Tucker CTHospitalist1538130836
Ashraf I Eskander CAHospitalist1790756070
Nicolle Marie Gunter KSHospitalist1811968035
Stephen O'mahony CTHospitalist1144291162
David Hefer CTHospitalist1174594188
Deepti S Kudyadi TXHospitalist1770554628
Jack Robin Snedden OKHospitalist1215908041
Timothy Wilson Cousar Pattison NCHospitalist1366413130
Judith Elizabeth Ross VTHospitalist1992776579
Jason R Orlinick CTHospitalist1356312003
Sakuntla Kondragunta VAHospitalist1184695843
Bill A. Tsikitas NYHospitalist1407827033
Alex Etienne RIHospitalist1447221866
Meryl Nass MEHospitalist1487625828
Mark E Weaver ILHospitalist1306818521
Carlos Aldana Ranin CAHospitalist1184696320
Jacinda M Allen OHHospitalist1144292418
Naeemuddin Jatoi ILHospitalist1922070333
Vladimir Milo MOHospitalist1609848852
Xiao J Liu MAHospitalist1285606434
Paula L Bruggensmith KYHospitalist1659343929
Gregory Gene Mckenzie TXHospitalist1629040910
Alexander H Wittig NCHospitalist1194797076
Comfort Bonu NMHospitalist1184696064
Santosh K. Rao AZHospitalist1710959739
Elias Nemeh NJHospitalist1730151416
Paul Harvill CTHospitalist1326010976
George A Kantis TXHospitalist1689646234
Faria Mahmood CTHospitalist1427020080
Kathleen Farrell MOHospitalist1649242199
Paul Chupka VAHospitalist1104898691
Roger F Gildersleeve VAHospitalist1629040159
Jonathan E. Briggs VAHospitalist1194798553
Saima Ubaid Khawaja MOHospitalist1891768172
Jay D Kenkare CTHospitalist1619940996
Robert C Morgan CTHospitalist1164495487
Uday Reddy CTHospitalist1245203462
Thomas S Anderson MNHospitalist1326011743
Edward Sampt CTHospitalist1265405690
Dahlia H Mckinney ALHospitalist1609849033
Zahid Hassan INHospitalist1225001696
Springfield Hospital Hospitalist1679546071
Natarajan Ravi NYHospitalist1295708691
Craig Winderman CTHospitalist1427021633
John D. Cramer VAHospitalist1356314538
John Qa Mattern VAHospitalist1164495354
Leon A Driss AZHospitalist1669445706
Springfield Hospital Inc Hospitalist1780657783
Peiguang Tyler Xie INHospitalist1144293150
Imran Hanafi MOHospitalist1588637516
Radhika Jaladi MOHospitalist1376516302
Sreedevi Gangireddy TXHospitalist1780657858
Ping Chang MOHospitalist1124091194
Vladimir Melyakov MOHospitalist1912970880
Mouner Salem MOHospitalist1124091145
Todd C Bennett MIHospitalist1548233562
Zahirul Haque MOHospitalist1578536546
Joan H. Mass MOHospitalist1295708162
Jennifer K Heinicke COHospitalist1154394021
Lawrence Prablek MOHospitalist1407829344
Rajeshwar Peddi MOHospitalist1043283989
Nahed S Botros PAHospitalist1770556615
Felipe Orellana MOHospitalist1922071877
Olumide Ogunremi MOHospitalist1114990074
Venkata Pante MOHospitalist1356314298
Neal Holzum MOHospitalist1326011271
Taiwo Ayileka MOHospitalist1639142599
Deborah L Casey CTHospitalist1740253632
Geetha Gangu CTHospitalist1235102138
Atef F. Mikhael NYHospitalist1235102088
Jeffrey Barsuk ILHospitalist1528031333
Mary Conti Swiontoniowski WIHospitalist1174596811
William R Petricone PAHospitalist1033182662
The Regional Medical Center Of Orangeburg And Calhoun Counties Hospitalist1003889676
Andrea M. Pollema MNHospitalist1265405831
John R. Zandt WIHospitalist1104899798
Vijaya Kumari Reddy MOHospitalist1205800851
Shalini Harigovind PAHospitalist1790759306
Kevin Joseph Flanagan CTHospitalist1013981471
Sivasankara Rao Kosaraju PAHospitalist1558335919
Roy Givens KYHospitalist1245204619
Marymount Medical Center Physician Services Hospitalist1710951116
Jules M Nehmetallah GAHospitalist1003880576
Jillian J Nickelsen COHospitalist1265406615
Jamie G Courtway INHospitalist1245204445
Evan Andrew Soderstrom MAHospitalist1205800430
Kristy Rae Boan NCHospitalist1538133558
Gordon Johnson ORHospitalist1235103276
Piyush Bhatnagar MIHospitalist1811961907
Zamir Gani Podgorica MIHospitalist1366416463
Amy Katherine Chaumeton ORHospitalist1033183918
Devanshu Harendra Thakore NVHospitalist1962476960
Jamil A Farooqui KYHospitalist1417921545
Richard B Perkins KYHospitalist1245204387
Lawrence K Mcknight PAHospitalist1013981166
Duke T Lee AZHospitalist1306810338
Shahzad Qureshi ILHospitalist1699749580
Eastern Connecticut Medical Professionals Foundation Inc Hospitalist1770557712
Richard O Oyelewu PAHospitalist1659345601
Bruce Christensen Springer MIHospitalist1871567735
Stephanie Detterline MDHospitalist1104890367
Shannan M Murphy AZHospitalist1083688253
Scott A Biasetti NYHospitalist1124092994
Devi P Misra ALHospitalist1174597942
Anuradha Kapur CTHospitalist1023082781
Marek Filipiuk ILHospitalist1013981778
Geetha P Paparo INHospitalist1538133269
Vinod K Thangada PAHospitalist1407821101
David W. Towne FLHospitalist1861467532
Mark S Harrington ORHospitalist1659346252
Timothy F Persse ORHospitalist1396710810
Glenn D. Lubash NCHospitalist1912972449
Mark Paul Speicher NYHospitalist1346215845
Carmine Raymond Crispino CTHospitalist1861467367
Essam Jacob NYHospitalist1437124831
By Pham WAHospitalist1407821663
Atif E Qureshi PAHospitalist1720053119
Anthony Santo Ladogana ORHospitalist1275508418
Godffery R Tang PAHospitalist1932174257
Christopher L Chadwell OHHospitalist1710952908
Jean-maurice Poitras VAHospitalist1356316558
Kevin J Mulroy MAHospitalist1740255595
Geoffrey Nnamdi Alilonu ALHospitalist1144295221
Milton Legrand ILHospitalist1568437655
Pranay Bahuguna CTHospitalist1174598932
Christopher M Young OHHospitalist1497720445
Stephanie Yin-man Chan CAHospitalist1639144538
William Randolph Johnson VAHospitalist1497720320
Robert Ralph Harding VAHospitalist1285609115
Arthur C Weinstock MAHospitalist1487629234
Lori Abrams Conners OHHospitalist1528034329
Elliot Professional Services Hospitalist1386610020
Vladimir Koren MAHospitalist1124093950
Sunil K Gupta TXHospitalist1699741330
Daniel C Kombert CTHospitalist1285600015
George Giffault RIHospitalist1750357596
Dinesh M Kumar CAHospitalist1043286842
Jayalakshmi Punuri MAHospitalist1912972704
Saralyn A Mackenzie MAHospitalist1073588877
Ean Y Callanan MAHospitalist1366417156
Timothy J Arruda MAHospitalist1538134333
Joshua San Vicente CTHospitalist1912972720
Ramesh Amara TXHospitalist1104892959
Debra M Nathan MEHospitalist1699741462
David H Kovaleski SDHospitalist1902872674
Jeffrey I Steinberg CAHospitalist1801862503


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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