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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark S Dworkin ILInfectious Disease1619963006
Simona F Oprea ILInfectious Disease1194711416
Peter Allen Dale VTInfectious Disease1649266966
Martin T Phillips ILInfectious Disease1003802349
John M Andreoni ILInfectious Disease1225024508
Vijay Yeldandi ILInfectious Disease1104812486
Joel Spear ILInfectious Disease1679569859
Roberta Luskin-hawk ILInfectious Disease1023004108
Karen Denbesten MIInfectious Disease1245226323
Jeffery D Semel ILInfectious Disease1659367837
Edward Andrew Morales CAInfectious Disease1770579757
Bradley Lloyd OHInfectious Disease1962498857
Daniel Zimmerman ILInfectious Disease1558357566
James Francis Sullivan ILInfectious Disease1346236379
Leonard Kaplan ILInfectious Disease1386630390
Eric Halsey INInfectious Disease1588650410
Donald R Cox MIInfectious Disease1245226273
Adam N Treitman ILInfectious Disease1649266503
Stephen Sokalski ILInfectious Disease1720074685
Ramon A Ramirez Ronda PRInfectious Disease1275520900
Sujatha Nott AZInfectious Disease1457347106
Ndidiamaka Uzoma Obiesie AZInfectious Disease1770579492
Brenda C Patton AZInfectious Disease1871580522
Neville Keki Mobarakai NYInfectious Disease1639166309
Harish Marisiddaiah NCInfectious Disease1073500765
Barbara Weiser NYInfectious Disease1164419784
Ramon Vera NYInfectious Disease1063409621
Mark Allen Nesky NCInfectious Disease1891782504
Gary L Wilson KYInfectious Disease1225025935
Rosario Manalo NJInfectious Disease1255328936
Arthritis Specialists Of Nashville Inc Infectious Disease1114914579
Michael R Cairns WAInfectious Disease1184611659
Gregory B Moss WAInfectious Disease1114914660
Ima, Inc. INInfectious Disease1710974266
Adedayo Adedeji NYInfectious Disease1285621698
Michael R Britt MAInfectious Disease1831186071
Gita K Shah MDInfectious Disease1548257769
Mustafa Siraj Bohra MIInfectious Disease1588651897
Joseph J Herman WAInfectious Disease1558358531
Louis V Kirchhoff IAInfectious Disease1174510283
Robert N Hunt INInfectious Disease1861489965
Mohammed M Al-jasim CAInfectious Disease1760479786
Steven Colby NYInfectious Disease1891782777
Ramvinay S Seddabattula AZInfectious Disease1801883640
Lawrence J Nastro NJInfectious Disease1013904861
Felix Sarubbi TNInfectious Disease1508853367
Redentor S. Mendiola NJInfectious Disease1710974654
Nanette Sable NYInfectious Disease1417944356
Wael Shams TNInfectious Disease1265420046
Donald M. Thea MAInfectious Disease1922096502
Bruce David Walker MAInfectious Disease1770571572
David W Beezhold ILInfectious Disease1306832860
Wahab Brobbey ILInfectious Disease1104812528
Aneta S Bush ILInfectious Disease1871589291
Vishnu Chundi ILInfectious Disease1558357905
Stephen C Doughty ILInfectious Disease1255327631
Rodica Dumitru ILInfectious Disease1164418547
Robert M Fliegelman ILInfectious Disease1821084120
Irfan Hafiz ILInfectious Disease1366438665
Daniel J Hirsch ILInfectious Disease1942296041
David W Hines ILInfectious Disease1851387955
Zarqa Imdad ILInfectious Disease1689660995
Joseph H Kent ILInfectious Disease1649266933
Sampath P Kumar ILInfectious Disease1386630622
Jeffrey M Lisowski ILInfectious Disease1386630606
Russell M Petrak ILInfectious Disease1376539692
Nishi B Sahgal ILInfectious Disease1164418414
Jonathan Stake ILInfectious Disease1982690251
David W. Waitley ILInfectious Disease1558357830
Lawrence Dall MOInfectious Disease1346233855
Randall D. Marosok NCInfectious Disease1780671479
Maria Anna Julia Westerink SCInfectious Disease1508851015
John M. Quale NYInfectious Disease1023003332
Robert J Catalla FLInfectious Disease1518951441
Mark L Stillwell ARInfectious Disease1568459451
Robert H Rossero AKInfectious Disease1295729713
Jacquelyn S. Lahoud, M.d. P.c. NYInfectious Disease1114382090
Elisabeth K Cormier ILInfectious Disease1891781241
Brian W Elliott FLInfectious Disease1134114796
Columbia Medical Group The Frist Clinic Inc Infectious Disease1679560023
Laveeza Bhatti CAInfectious Disease1841285277
Jeffrey R. Stall VTInfectious Disease1427042662
Stephen J Francis OHInfectious Disease1366437816
Parveen Kaur CAInfectious Disease1346235686
Raymond Chinn CAInfectious Disease1134113509
Bhagavatula Ramakrishna ILInfectious Disease1629063243
David J Itkin NHInfectious Disease1760476667
Mark Douglas Johnson WAInfectious Disease1033105788
Anne L Palumbo PAInfectious Disease1396731709
Stacey W Mckenzie TNInfectious Disease1699768101
Stephen J Pancoast PAInfectious Disease1508850488
Michael E Dunn FLInfectious Disease1760477442
Joan M Duggan OHInfectious Disease1891780300
Rebecca Alejandrino Littaua VAInfectious Disease1366436495
Amy S Rosenberg NYInfectious Disease1982698601
Joseph J Pulvirenti ILInfectious Disease1427044775
Amit Harsh Gangoli PAInfectious Disease1396732996
Peter Axelrod PAInfectious Disease1205823127
Robert L Bettiker PAInfectious Disease1275520108
Thomas Fekete PAInfectious Disease1134116056
Bennett Lorber PAInfectious Disease1780671602
Cynthia K Nortey NCInfectious Disease1629065644
John W Holman SCInfectious Disease1922095405
Lauris C Kaldjian IAInfectious Disease1790772051
Infectious Disease Consultants, P.a. KSInfectious Disease1306830641
Timothy W Anderson OHInfectious Disease1568458446
Johnny J Huh OHInfectious Disease1962498972
Jane L Emerick OHInfectious Disease1053307066
Dhaval Jasvant Shah NYInfectious Disease1194711358
Edward Wei Chi Liu NJInfectious Disease1871587683
Ramani B Reddy MDInfectious Disease1497749592
Zsofia Szep PAInfectious Disease1588651491
Gary N Butka TXInfectious Disease1871581272
Charurut Somboonwit FLInfectious Disease1184612640
Asimah S Qayyum MAInfectious Disease1285622506
Karl G. Damiani FLInfectious Disease1497743744
Peter Francis Barnes TXInfectious Disease1669460960
Lisa Laya TNInfectious Disease1427046622
Janin Struminger AZInfectious Disease1104814466
Lisa M Russell ILInfectious Disease1265420210
Michael John Borucki TXInfectious Disease1194713230
Janak Koirala ILInfectious Disease1316935315
Philip M Polgreen IAInfectious Disease1710975750
Charles M Helms IAInfectious Disease1609864644
Juan Carlos Ricaurte CAInfectious Disease1427046341
James Edward Knapp FLInfectious Disease1568450450
Jason J Bofinger PAInfectious Disease1740278647
Carol Felisa Encarnacion PAInfectious Disease1407844319
Mark D Anderson TNInfectious Disease1568451409
William M Nauseef IAInfectious Disease1992793848
William Arthur Davis DCInfectious Disease1073502951
Mark Robert Abbruzzese DCInfectious Disease1154310035
Peter Stephen Miele DCInfectious Disease1881683761
Deidra Evans Woods DCInfectious Disease1598754475
Sarah Mcgarry Connelly DCInfectious Disease1043209927
Drs. Kane & Davis Associates, L.l.c. Infectious Disease1306835285
Loretta Margaret Obrien CAInfectious Disease1750379657
Jeffery L Meier IAInfectious Disease1760470678
James Gregory Kane MDInfectious Disease1992794754
Diagnostic Center Infectious Disease1649269366
Paul Cornea TNInfectious Disease1083603906
Hampden County Physician Associates, Llc Infectious Disease1992794770
Booth Medical Associates Pc Infectious Disease1912996703
Grupo Infectologico Del Turabo PRInfectious Disease1083603898
Michael Raymond Keating MNInfectious Disease1013906742
Premier Family Care I, Inc Infectious Disease1275522864
Jack T Stapleton IAInfectious Disease1083603773
Perry J Severance MNInfectious Disease1306835004
Hal E Hill TNInfectious Disease1689663197
Waleed Albert NYInfectious Disease1184613572
Timothy Bruce Sorg OHInfectious Disease1467441873
Eugene Lewis Speck NVInfectious Disease1982693198
Infectious Diseases Associates, P.c. ILInfectious Disease1790774016
Park Avenue Medical Pllc NYInfectious Disease1003805219
Poonam D Joshi ILInfectious Disease1154310449
Sharon Kazuko Ogawa ILInfectious Disease1881683142
Lynwood Alexander Jones ILInfectious Disease1922097195
David Leroy Lakey TXInfectious Disease1386633451
Joel T Fishbain MIInfectious Disease1407845621
Titu D Das GAInfectious Disease1831188085
Tracy Lemonovich OHInfectious Disease1366431363
Luis A Cisneros TXInfectious Disease1235129263
Richard J Fetchick TXInfectious Disease1134119183
San Antonio Infectious Diseases Consultants Infectious Disease1386634319
James Pierce Obrien ILInfectious Disease1558351585
Carl M Berkowitz TXInfectious Disease1124018163
Alison J Berry TXInfectious Disease1487644423
Richard Eric Thorner TXInfectious Disease1952391948
Johns Hopkins University MDInfectious Disease1275523243
Tomas Michael Ferguson ALInfectious Disease1174513170
Brian A Lauer ORInfectious Disease1356330377
Caroline C Dewitt TXInfectious Disease1518957547
Charles J Lerner TXInfectious Disease1770573701
James Philip Hutton OKInfectious Disease1417947482
John Kenyon Rupnik CAInfectious Disease1942290770
Michael J. Barza MAInfectious Disease1780674531
Ludwig A Lettau SCInfectious Disease1780674556
Jeffrey A Gelfand MAInfectious Disease1114917986
Robert Paul Johnson GAInfectious Disease1649260415
Duane Russell Hospenthal MIInfectious Disease1013907831
Edward Thomas Ryan MAInfectious Disease1255321022
Thomas M Math MNInfectious Disease1215927835
Rajesh Tim Gandhi MAInfectious Disease1992795512
Eugene C French NJInfectious Disease1215927843
Deborah T Hung MAInfectious Disease1629068267
Kent J Stock SCInfectious Disease1356331904
Cristina Fe G Mondragon ORInfectious Disease1235129891
Diana Marina Brainard MAInfectious Disease1093705667
Benjamin T Davis MAInfectious Disease1912997537
Stephen Beaven Calderwood MAInfectious Disease1134119746
Howard Mark Heller MAInfectious Disease1508856287
Harvey Bruce Simon MAInfectious Disease1487644084
Mireya A Wessolossky MAInfectious Disease1083604474
Timothy M Straight DCInfectious Disease1336139690
Rochelle Walensky MAInfectious Disease1447240981
Kamran Hamidi CAInfectious Disease1326038605
Elizabeth Louise Hohmann MAInfectious Disease1881684181
Forest Arnold KYInfectious Disease1134119472
Martin Raff KYInfectious Disease1477543726
Paul S Schulz KYInfectious Disease1649260993


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