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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jose Castillo-mancilla COInfectious Disease1437136462
Lynn Longmore Horvath OHInfectious Disease1720065683
Virginia Bieluch CTInfectious Disease1639156599
Joseph Garner CTInfectious Disease1831176726
Core Health Services Inc Infectious Disease1477530376
Constantine Tsigrelis OHInfectious Disease1750369682
Michael Barry Ginsberg MAInfectious Disease1679551592
Susan Szabo DEInfectious Disease1407834229
Belinda Elaine Ostrowsky NYInfectious Disease1154309995
Mary R Clance MDInfectious Disease1447238282
Alan Howard Greenberg NVInfectious Disease1619955226
Dipti Agrawal CAInfectious Disease1437137189
James T Dwyer FLInfectious Disease1679551212
Sanjay Ram MAInfectious Disease1699753194
Tobias Samo TXInfectious Disease1790763456
Julio Ramirez KYInfectious Disease1225016983
Ronald Anthony Shubert OHInfectious Disease1467430934
Barbara B Lambl MAInfectious Disease1447238878
Donald R Nelson GAInfectious Disease1427036813
Winston P Cavert MNInfectious Disease1013995356
Howard A Lan Nadworny PAInfectious Disease1790763001
Nicholas G Conger TXInfectious Disease1598743890
Vladimir Berthaud TNInfectious Disease1790763019
Nancy E Weissbach PAInfectious Disease1265410492
Monica Manandhar MAInfectious Disease1639157910
Mitchell V Brodey NYInfectious Disease1174501498
Andrew James Desruisseau CAInfectious Disease1518945658
Ruth A Rabinovitch ORInfectious Disease1376521302
Christopher Gonzaga NMInfectious Disease1538147640
Rockland Infectious Disease, Llp Infectious Disease1316925431
Ronald A Shockley NVInfectious Disease1275511263
Dithi A Shetty NYInfectious Disease1427037357
Kenneth Abriola CTInfectious Disease1083693022
Efrain Garcia FLInfectious Disease1447239496
Infectious Diseases Consultants & Travel Medicine Infectious Disease1073592937
Rodney D Adam AZInfectious Disease1548249485
Barry David Wenglin NYInfectious Disease1811976764
Lisa Elizabeth Vianna NYInfectious Disease1932188893
Michael Cappello CTInfectious Disease1659350528
White Plains Medical Associates, Pc Infectious Disease1861471740
Sandra L Harris MEInfectious Disease1003895715
Jon Allen Green CAInfectious Disease1609855345
Dial Hewlett NYInfectious Disease1043299894
Albert J Eid KSInfectious Disease1114906864
Teresita Maguire MEInfectious Disease1558340133
Id Consultants Pa Infectious Disease1205815701
Clifford Keith Beck CAInfectious Disease1699754135
Shashikala Ameneni AZInfectious Disease1346229895
Jethro Trees Ritter CAInfectious Disease1457330797
Gary Glenn Knackmuhs NJInfectious Disease1649259037
Neil Gaffin NJInfectious Disease1649259045
Matthew Scott Miles CAInfectious Disease1467431700
Ronald C Goren PAInfectious Disease1912986373
Carol Ann O'hagan Sotsky NJInfectious Disease1710966064
George Winston Christopher MIInfectious Disease1982683231
Vitalmd Group Holding Llc Infectious Disease1871572032
James Byron Currie VTInfectious Disease1730168881
Raymond L. Bandy ARInfectious Disease1265411318
Thomas Deetz CAInfectious Disease1336129469
Christine L Terrell MNInfectious Disease1366421455
Imad M Tleyjeh MNInfectious Disease1295714392
Gregory K. Robbins MAInfectious Disease1811977911
Eugene Thomas Etzkorn WAInfectious Disease1134109242
Donna Defreitas CAInfectious Disease1457331498
Archana Maniar CAInfectious Disease1629058664
Christopher Vaughn Holland CAInfectious Disease1063492031
Catherine Sylvie Sallenave CAInfectious Disease1316927387
Neeraja Varanasi MIInfectious Disease1720068794
Kent Edward Kester MDInfectious Disease1649250622
Charles A Decomarmond NCInfectious Disease1285614040
John Robert Nienow CAInfectious Disease1861472649
T. Anthony Cumbo Md Pllc NYInfectious Disease1245210145
Joseph Silva CAInfectious Disease1629058409
Khaled Jouja KYInfectious Disease1548240369
Neil Munro Flynn CAInfectious Disease1154301935
John James Ross MAInfectious Disease1144200866
Sugat K Patel ORInfectious Disease1518947233
Richard A Glimp CAInfectious Disease1740260355
Michael M Nakata CAInfectious Disease1609856210
Donald Edward Ware MEInfectious Disease1629058284
Salim N Hamade FLInfectious Disease1124008891
Uri Khazan OHInfectious Disease1942280441
Camille Y Khawand MDInfectious Disease1922088566
Stuart Cohen CAInfectious Disease1043290455
Omer Badahman ILInfectious Disease1851371231
Richard Byrd Pollard CAInfectious Disease1053391466
Jay Solnick CAInfectious Disease1407836810
Joseph P Mcgowan NYInfectious Disease1689654840
Angela C Kim NYInfectious Disease1033199294
Mossammat Mosfeka Mansur NYInfectious Disease1609856889
Thomas Courtney MEInfectious Disease1043290257
Soheir Ghusson NJInfectious Disease1588634703
Rama V Thyagarajan MIInfectious Disease1003886151
Robert D Noyce WIInfectious Disease1275513459
James Cameron Sunstrum MIInfectious Disease1912977927
Timothy Mess CAInfectious Disease1043280076
Sue R Garwood NCInfectious Disease1053381921
Jeffrey W Martinez NYInfectious Disease1801866868
William Farrer NJInfectious Disease1114997012
Santiago W. Calderon FLInfectious Disease1790755759
Ahmad Nusair WVInfectious Disease1689644676
Clark Sherer NJInfectious Disease1629048541
Union County Infectious Diseases Group Infectious Disease1235109158
Tamara Johnson-baack COInfectious Disease1588634448
David A Hirschwerk NYInfectious Disease1205806023
Bruce Hirsch NYInfectious Disease1578533394
Bruce Farber NYInfectious Disease1568432383
David Kindley Cobb COInfectious Disease1013987809
Jennifer Clark CTInfectious Disease1609853563
Susan L Fraser WAInfectious Disease1932187663
Folarin Adegboyega Olubowale GAInfectious Disease1437138872
Susan Park Allen CAInfectious Disease1841276805
Vincent Charles Marconi GAInfectious Disease1275511594
Daniel Solomon Berman NYInfectious Disease1336128206
Leigh K Hunter TXInfectious Disease1114903614
Andrew Robert Schwartz NJInfectious Disease1467438259
Jawed Nasim KYInfectious Disease1871576702
Todd Joseph Vento HIInfectious Disease1487630802
Obiageli Clare Obijiofor TXInfectious Disease1245200393
Gregory Alan Deye VAInfectious Disease1710960547
John Moser Butler TXInfectious Disease1427028430
Redding Critical Care Medical Group, Inc. CAInfectious Disease1306824198
John W. Sanders NCInfectious Disease1437134095
Charles M Callahan FLInfectious Disease1023095510
Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Consultants Pc COInfectious Disease1619947579
Jacob Chua Liao Ong COInfectious Disease1700856671
Robert Lewis Peskind COInfectious Disease1225008196
Chest Infectious Diseases And Critical Care Associates P C Infectious Disease1114905759
Wuju Dukja Chun TXInfectious Disease1134105752
Gregory P Melcher CAInfectious Disease1508846387
Michael Stephen Somero FLInfectious Disease1083690796
Krystn Rae Wagner CTInfectious Disease1669455127
Robert Brennan VAInfectious Disease1659355170
Vhs Of Illinois Inc Infectious Disease1124006705
Minaxi K Rathod TXInfectious Disease1437137981
David Oxman PAInfectious Disease1306826680
Richard James Wallace TXInfectious Disease1083698609
Gilbert Raymond Irwin VAInfectious Disease1588649990
Iowa Physicians Clinic Medical Foundation Infectious Disease1366425274
Iv Infusion Treatment Center Llc FLInfectious Disease1659817716
Deborah D Bayer NJInfectious Disease1821072604
David Michael Asmuth CAInfectious Disease1972573046
Arnold S Bayer CAInfectious Disease1467431981
David V Condoluci NJInfectious Disease1245210459
Vera Go CAInfectious Disease1225012750
Peter J Sebeny NHInfectious Disease1194704932
Michael Barnish NJInfectious Disease1659358679
Todd P Levin NJInfectious Disease1598742629
Mark R. Wallace WAInfectious Disease1982683603
Noroze J Khan NJInfectious Disease1972580835
Mary Weinert TXInfectious Disease1881672541
Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians, Inc. OHInfectious Disease1194705194
Ryan Maves CAInfectious Disease1407826670
Sandra Ann Springer CTInfectious Disease1326021890
Marguerite A. Neill RIInfectious Disease1164406930
James Sims ILInfectious Disease1932183530
Divya Ahuja SCInfectious Disease1134105760
Leslie A Baken MNInfectious Disease1750368288
Jemsek Specialty Clinic DCInfectious Disease1962489757
Eima Zaidi ALInfectious Disease1447237730
George J Gianakopoulos OHInfectious Disease1407832082
Eric M Poeschla MNInfectious Disease1497735005
Joseph M Gastaldo OHInfectious Disease1417933094
Eloy Enrique Ordaya Espinoza MNInfectious Disease1689031767
Ivy Infusion Llc Infectious Disease1326578899
Yasuhiro Nakatani MNInfectious Disease1114901329
Freeport Regional Health Care Foundation Infectious Disease1457337016
Mercy Management Of Southeastern Pennsylvania Infectious Disease1548246127
Robert Boyd Tober FLInfectious Disease1093799751
Raul E Davaro MAInfectious Disease1538142161
Benjamin Young COInfectious Disease1720062714
Bonnie Lee Ashby PAInfectious Disease1659350130
Daniel Martin Kluger VAInfectious Disease1245200062
Ramesh Vemulapalli DEInfectious Disease1659351310
Theodore Grieshop MOInfectious Disease1811971237
Sabah Varoqua NJInfectious Disease1740264498
James C Ding CAInfectious Disease1285614636
John Ks Chia CAInfectious Disease1801876412
Behlau Medical Pllc MAInfectious Disease1942799937
Janis E Blair AZInfectious Disease1124002829
Robert Orenstein MNInfectious Disease1174500565
Holenarasipur R Vikram AZInfectious Disease1205811593
Shimon Kusne AZInfectious Disease1770566424
Vibha Sharma MAInfectious Disease1689659229
William F Marshall MIInfectious Disease1508843871
James M Steckelberg MNInfectious Disease1588641278
Mary J Kasten MNInfectious Disease1871572842
Walter R Wilson HIInfectious Disease1982684940
Mark Dillier Rowland OKInfectious Disease1033194451
Troy M Martin WAInfectious Disease1881679397
Qamar Saleheen ILInfectious Disease1194700567
Thomas Adam Kaspar TXInfectious Disease1205810629
Ian M. Baird OHInfectious Disease1427034008
Melba Iris Colon PRInfectious Disease1679559462
Natalie N. Vanek TXInfectious Disease1023098282
Martin Joseph Fee CAInfectious Disease1124008537
St Vincent Medical Education And Research Institute Inc Infectious Disease1902881477
Mahmoud W Sallah FLInfectious Disease1487630604
William Lockwood AZInfectious Disease1861478299
Frederick A Browne CTInfectious Disease1588641955


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