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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Richard Stat Roth GAInfectious Disease1972502581
Richard R Yates TXInfectious Disease1972503209
Douglas Dane Blevins NCInfectious Disease1992705982
John P Ouderkirk GAInfectious Disease1548260508
Aline C Brown OKInfectious Disease1871594879
Felix Ruiz Alvarez PRInfectious Disease1689675662
James Allen Zachary LAInfectious Disease1457350290
Tomas Francisco Lugo PRInfectious Disease1356341416
Clifford D Stirba CTInfectious Disease1801897665
Harold Gene Stringer GAInfectious Disease1023018991
Peter John Weiss FLInfectious Disease1043219959
Robert Philip Hoffman MAInfectious Disease1497756092
John Aucott MDInfectious Disease1578564233
James D. Demaio FLInfectious Disease1154322717
Robert J. Andrews FLInfectious Disease1942201108
Lavinia Suciu FLInfectious Disease1427059922
Abdullah M Al Dwairi CAInfectious Disease1639170806
Mark Gilbert PAInfectious Disease1366443855
John R Meek KYInfectious Disease1891796298
Elizabeth A Piercy KYInfectious Disease1437150703
Jonathan S Harte COInfectious Disease1407857782
Daniel C Rodrigue KYInfectious Disease1386645661
Michael J Miedler KYInfectious Disease1548261837
Monica Ghitan NYInfectious Disease1508867805
Mark J Dougherty KYInfectious Disease1326049628
Nicolas De La Pena PAInfectious Disease1477554772
Adriana Gaidici AZInfectious Disease1508867839
Prescott P Lee NYInfectious Disease1083615462
Manette Niu VAInfectious Disease1326049503
Patricia M. Dorney NYInfectious Disease1700887908
Harold A Burger NYInfectious Disease1447251681
Razeq Abdul Shetab CAInfectious Disease1063414977
Robert H Alford TNInfectious Disease1770584831
Charles A Kennedy KYInfectious Disease1033110150
Stuart Alan Feinstein NYInfectious Disease1023010055
Vijayalkshmi Nagappan MIInfectious Disease1669474409
Barry Jay Hartman NYInfectious Disease1053313940
Hussein Zaioor ILInfectious Disease1013919943
Larry S Fisher COInfectious Disease1255333076
Robert Jay Carpenter FLInfectious Disease1356343040
Michael Warren Fitzgibbons CAInfectious Disease1194727859
Daniel Eric Peters FLInfectious Disease1891797551
Roger D Anderson OHInfectious Disease1689676264
Vito Iacoviello MAInfectious Disease1780686154
Dwight Clarke AZInfectious Disease1477555845
Lin Chen MAInfectious Disease1285636654
John Tully MAInfectious Disease1578565974
Thomas John Cumbo NYInfectious Disease1396737532
Robert Colgrove MAInfectious Disease1144222522
Antonio M. Ortega TXInfectious Disease1528060969
Peter R Maggiore Md Pc Infectious Disease1437141694
Vatsala S Sastry FLInfectious Disease1336131481
Tawanda Gumbo TXInfectious Disease1255323317
John David Dunkel ALInfectious Disease1841282035
Teresa S Briggs NYInfectious Disease1811989007
Douglas Grant Fish NYInfectious Disease1013909167
Barbara Nohinek INInfectious Disease1235121377
Frank Richard Ervin SCInfectious Disease1316939473
Norwalk Medical Group, Pc CTInfectious Disease1700878733
Stuart Campbell Ray MDInfectious Disease1679565840
David Henri Chansolme OKInfectious Disease1457343402
Howard F Wunderlich OHInfectious Disease1285626176
Ali A M Hassoun ALInfectious Disease1063404978
Juan Baez NJInfectious Disease1073505061
Christopher S Matkovic NYInfectious Disease1245222025
Kaili Fan OHInfectious Disease1396737094
Arthur Yee CTInfectious Disease1447242102
James H Galbraith OHInfectious Disease1407848252
Talal R Zraik OHInfectious Disease1720070550
Jeffrey W Weinstein OHInfectious Disease1700878543
Richard K Groger OHInfectious Disease1194717876
David Lawrence Herman NYInfectious Disease1073505723
Brenda Y. Urbina Reyes PRInfectious Disease1710979471
Thomas M Kerkering VAInfectious Disease1992797401
Frank Rabito LAInfectious Disease1821080367
Nilesh Navin Patel CAInfectious Disease1508858903
Chukwuemeka Ogbonnaya Chima NCInfectious Disease1962494377
Khalid M Ahmad NJInfectious Disease1023001252
Camille A. Karaffa OHInfectious Disease1700879939
Syed Anwar H Naqvi MIInfectious Disease1407849672
Diane M Failla LAInfectious Disease1598758609
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca Infectious Disease1437142452
Mark A. Clemence WIInfectious Disease1255324216
Louis D Saravolatz MIInfectious Disease1891788865
Franklyn Dontfraid FLInfectious Disease1447243423
Michael Silverman PAInfectious Disease1134112931
Nancy R Glick ILInfectious Disease1083607881
Rio Grande Medical Group, Ltd Infectious Disease1013900794
Benedict Painter ILInfectious Disease1154314839
Leonard B Johnson MIInfectious Disease1982697645
Ralph L Liporace NYInfectious Disease1669465324
Sarfraz Ahmed Choudhary VAInfectious Disease1619960242
Abdul Halawa, M.d. OHInfectious Disease1154314706
Mamta Sharma MIInfectious Disease1013900570
Associates In Infectious Disease And Tropical Medicine Inc Infectious Disease1801897145
Jia-yia Liu CAInfectious Disease1639162266
Tinuola Adeyanju ILInfectious Disease1063413755
Anh Thi Nguyen TXInfectious Disease1275534976
Tariq L Quadri ILInfectious Disease1275525271
Vadakepat Ramgopal OKInfectious Disease1215938691
Geoffery W.p. Clover COInfectious Disease1972504314
Jordan L Frishman COInfectious Disease1467453837
Andrew Graham Sahud PAInfectious Disease1184626608
Erik Christian Stabell ILInfectious Disease1609868108
Roger Scott Stienecker INInfectious Disease1962494971
Julio A Marcolini AZInfectious Disease1487647038
Ingrid Wendy Fernandes CAInfectious Disease1356342638
David I. Lintz NJInfectious Disease1407848245
Rajiv Jetly AZInfectious Disease1861494247
Miguel A Colon Perez PRInfectious Disease1780677914
Anthony J. Barile FLInfectious Disease1467445031
Nathaniel A. J. Ratnasamy OHInfectious Disease1558363317
Paula Aucoin MAInfectious Disease1033110333
Meher Sultana NJInfectious Disease1619969128
Vern H Kerchberger ILInfectious Disease1396746046
Guy T Kochvar ILInfectious Disease1558362079
Richard Joseph Feldman PAInfectious Disease1417958661
Zelma Z Fuxench Lopez PRInfectious Disease1184616336
Jack Mark Bernstein OHInfectious Disease1043212772
Robert Martin Jellinger NYInfectious Disease1124011234
Catherine Dutton Bacheller OHInfectious Disease1386646057
Linsey Philip MAInfectious Disease1053304469
Gerald Gordon SCInfectious Disease1396738753
Richard Leach NYInfectious Disease1518951961
Kirsten Ellizabeth Lyke MDInfectious Disease1164416400
Nicolas Chafic Issa MAInfectious Disease1346234622
Mary Beth Krance SDInfectious Disease1740274943
Jack A. Dehovitz NYInfectious Disease1962496141
Veronica Soler SDInfectious Disease1497749675
Michael H. Augenbraun NYInfectious Disease1184618332
Spartaco Bellomo NJInfectious Disease1790779833
Don Walter Kannangara PAInfectious Disease1851385991
Fred R. Stark ORInfectious Disease1609860774
Diagnostic Clinic Of Longview Pa Infectious Disease1386638468
Isabel C Guerrero NJInfectious Disease1568456580
Infectious Diseases & Medical Associates VAInfectious Disease1144214222
John J. Delury NYInfectious Disease1679567754
Barbara L Lauderdale WIInfectious Disease1174517965
Leonard Paul Blass OHInfectious Disease1780678599
Joseph Clayton Gathe TXInfectious Disease1366436263
Sky R Blue IDInfectious Disease1659365575
Charles Frank Farthing CAInfectious Disease1053305979
Tomiko Georgia Stein CAInfectious Disease1164416087
Mahin S Yazdani MDInfectious Disease1134113103
Nasseredin Shariati NJInfectious Disease1861486623
Jeffrey F Gephart MIInfectious Disease1457345126
Louis M Katz IAInfectious Disease1083608772
Sunita Mohapatra ILInfectious Disease1629062328
Cyril C. Llamoso NYInfectious Disease1528052255
William M. Mccormack NYInfectious Disease1366436008
Nicolas R Delapena CAInfectious Disease1043204605
Charles L. Hyman NYInfectious Disease1629062104
Thomas J Coffman IDInfectious Disease1245224823
Cynthia Helen Miller NYInfectious Disease1750375374
Preston Baldwin Cannady ILInfectious Disease1497749030
Christine H Fenlon NYInfectious Disease1780679266
Martin R. Kramer NYInfectious Disease1902890429
Nestor F Varon AZInfectious Disease1952396400
Haig Donabedian OHInfectious Disease1649265158
John R Wallace MIInfectious Disease1457346967
Patrick Reme FLInfectious Disease1649265067
Jayashree Ravishankar VAInfectious Disease1649265950
Richard Arthur Morin NEInfectious Disease1790770071
Malcolm A Deam ILInfectious Disease1598750549
Donna M Hanlon ILInfectious Disease1841285897
Joanna Y Ortiz ILInfectious Disease1730174780
Christopher Lucasti NJInfectious Disease1467447417
Richard M Zweig CTInfectious Disease1477548451
Thomas Scott Stalder NEInfectious Disease1861487829
Steven M. Weiss NYInfectious Disease1114912144
Paul W Wheeler TNInfectious Disease1750376786
Dorece G Norris ORInfectious Disease1518952415
William Joseph Grimm CAInfectious Disease1407841315
Jonathan P Moorman TNInfectious Disease1023003936
Miguel Mateos-mora FLInfectious Disease1992790851
Steve B Kalish ILInfectious Disease1649265448
Kathleen M Gekowski NJInfectious Disease1942295761
Anthea Edu Nwandu MDInfectious Disease1609861459
Juli G Horton TNInfectious Disease1679568364
Walter Lee Campbell LAInfectious Disease1578558292
Godofredo C Carandang ILInfectious Disease1346235934
Kathleen A Ruggero ILInfectious Disease1861487464
Edward Sherman ILInfectious Disease1508851114
James W Myers TNInfectious Disease1730175381
James E Allen FLInfectious Disease1730175290
Simona F Oprea ILInfectious Disease1194711416
Peter Allen Dale VTInfectious Disease1649266966
Martin T Phillips ILInfectious Disease1003802349
John M Andreoni ILInfectious Disease1225024508
Vijay Yeldandi ILInfectious Disease1104812486
Joel Spear ILInfectious Disease1679569859
Roberta Luskin-hawk ILInfectious Disease1023004108
Karen Denbesten MIInfectious Disease1245226323
Edward Andrew Morales CAInfectious Disease1770579757
Bradley Lloyd OHInfectious Disease1962498857
Eric Halsey INInfectious Disease1588650410
Donald R Cox MIInfectious Disease1245226273
Adam N Treitman ILInfectious Disease1649266503
Stephen Sokalski ILInfectious Disease1720074685
Ramon A Ramirez Ronda PRInfectious Disease1275520900


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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