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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Allen Robert Sklaver FLInfectious Disease1043281611
Ligia Pic-aluas DCInfectious Disease1891766457
Edna Toubes-klingler TXInfectious Disease1508837113
Ronald Lee Barbour FLInfectious Disease1912978545
Memorial Infectious Disease Group Infectious Disease1619948189
Subasree Srinivasan CTInfectious Disease1871564237
Zane Kevin Saul CTInfectious Disease1023089513
Goran Miljkovic CTInfectious Disease1053382416
David Lobo CTInfectious Disease1811968258
Gustavo Valero TXInfectious Disease1831161942
Alan M Sugar CAInfectious Disease1982676086
Center For Infectious Diseases Plcc Infectious Disease1871565986
Larry M Baddour MNInfectious Disease1669444915
Katia V Brown TXInfectious Disease1093787194
Jennifer Ann Curry TXInfectious Disease1235101338
Gavin X Mcleod CTInfectious Disease1386616662
Brant L Viner MAInfectious Disease1952373128
Daniel Z Uslan CAInfectious Disease1952373938
Gerard Y Shu Tangyie TNInfectious Disease1740252642
Claire Pomeroy CAInfectious Disease1174595078
Kiran Dhillon ILInfectious Disease1053383125
Margaret M Sullivan MAInfectious Disease1366414286
Valerie A Chirurgi CAInfectious Disease1992777080
Homayoun Homayouni NJInfectious Disease1083686174
Aman Mongia GAInfectious Disease1235101072
Craig E Smith GAInfectious Disease1285606012
Tamar F Barlam MAInfectious Disease1588636328
John Ian Mcneil MDInfectious Disease1407828254
David Bekhor NYInfectious Disease1194797837
Kantor And Tkatch Associates Pc PAInfectious Disease1528030491
Lou Ann Bruno-murtha MAInfectious Disease1336111020
Scott Filler CAInfectious Disease1184696684
Rebeca M Plank MAInfectious Disease1598738973
Medical Associates Of Central Virginia, Inc. VAInfectious Disease1912970260
Claudio D Tuda FLInfectious Disease1497728620
Louise C Ivers MAInfectious Disease1750354064
H Shaw Warren MAInfectious Disease1346213618
John E Edwards CAInfectious Disease1780657932
Eric Victor Aguas Macapinlac PAInfectious Disease1306819701
Eleftherios Mylonakis RIInfectious Disease1629041074
Michael S. Simberkoff NYInfectious Disease1437122892
Maha A Assi KSInfectious Disease1922071224
Kenneth R Ratzan FLInfectious Disease1366415572
Theresa Ann Soroko NJInfectious Disease1407829526
Joseph O Rahimian NYInfectious Disease1659344653
Thomas Raab NYInfectious Disease1023081072
Michael J Kozal CTInfectious Disease1104899160
Gary R Plotkin RIInfectious Disease1700859634
Joseph C Chan FLInfectious Disease1033182803
Michael Ward Cole VAInfectious Disease1457324238
Daniel Eric Cohen MAInfectious Disease1972576858
Jasmine Dhindsa NVInfectious Disease1164495826
Wissam I El Atrouni KSInfectious Disease1407829161
Merceditas S Villanueva CTInfectious Disease1518930221
Steven I Aronin CTInfectious Disease1164495875
David G Droller FLInfectious Disease1962476556
Likuo Kong CAInfectious Disease1518931047
The Mount Vernon Hospital Infectious Disease1538133939
Lydia Aoun-barakat CTInfectious Disease1033183355
Carl Salka COInfectious Disease1699749051
Kenneth Botsford ALInfectious Disease1215901590
Wilfred Ikemefuna Onyia FLInfectious Disease1497729610
Krishna N Dass DCInfectious Disease1598739724
Carlos Fernando Leon PRInfectious Disease1730153750
Majid Sadigh CTInfectious Disease1073587135
Jason Douglas Maguire MDInfectious Disease1356315360
Mark Philip Eisenberg MAInfectious Disease1487628418
Hiediliza Y Tan TNInfectious Disease1306810395
Brent R Wise NYInfectious Disease1194799262
Laurie Cordaro D'avignon ORInfectious Disease1700851433
Daniel A Zydowicz MNInfectious Disease1699740274
Diablo Infectious Disease Consultative Services Medical Gr Infectious Disease1952376535
Jessica B Wells OHInfectious Disease1790750446
Gerard J Nau RIInfectious Disease1104890813
Steven L. Oscherwitz M.d., P.c. AZInfectious Disease1750355483
Nasir A. Ahmad NJInfectious Disease1598730186
Stephen Zinner MAInfectious Disease1629043245
University Of California Sfgh Medical Group Infectious Disease1366417933
Gulshan Bhatia CAInfectious Disease1588639181
Keith Joiner AZInfectious Disease1427023969
Silvania C Ng OHInfectious Disease1053386540
Cheryl K Mcdonald TXInfectious Disease1013982511
Kuo-ying Jocelyn Wang OHInfectious Disease1194790691
Mark J Hupert TXInfectious Disease1265407761
Michael Arnold Lew MAInfectious Disease1811962079
Nesli Basgoz MAInfectious Disease1841265238
John Dudley Malone CAInfectious Disease1861467052
Gail L Stanley TNInfectious Disease1437124641
Scott R Bressler IDInfectious Disease1114992435
Helen Mi-hae Chun INInfectious Disease1649245408
John F Warner VAInfectious Disease1467427583
Karen L. Tsujimoto CAInfectious Disease1174598122
Francois E Holder VAInfectious Disease1144295288
Bogdan I Neughebauer VAInfectious Disease1053386193
Scott A Miller VAInfectious Disease1962477000
Laurel A Miller MAInfectious Disease1093780843
Phillip J Rubin AZInfectious Disease1578538336
Carlos Hector Ramirez-ronda PRInfectious Disease1154397883
Anita Bhalla OHInfectious Disease1013983790
Carmelo M Licitra FLInfectious Disease1659347342
Stephen D Sears MEInfectious Disease1568438000
Husam I. Issa TXInfectious Disease1821064304
Michelle Adele Dahdouh NYInfectious Disease1952377558
Javed M Akram Md Pa TXInfectious Disease1699741116
Philip Alexandre Yeon SCInfectious Disease1366418832
Garold O Minns KSInfectious Disease1003882408
Malcolm Tennyson Foster FLInfectious Disease1962478370
Maria Del Mar Rodriguez FLInfectious Disease1912973272
Raj Kumar Chawla MDInfectious Disease1750357026
Joseph Z Lux NYInfectious Disease1750357919
Robert W Bundtzen AKInfectious Disease1528034733
Jawad Nazir SDInfectious Disease1972579118
Rasha M Ghurani TXInfectious Disease1699741785
Scott W Sinner OHInfectious Disease1144296161
Steven J Berman HIInfectious Disease1245207182
Manuel De Jesus Arbo SDInfectious Disease1114993128
Stephen J Williams NJInfectious Disease1184690190
Gregory Siwek MNInfectious Disease1437125317
Ronald G Nahass NJInfectious Disease1023084928
Richard Lawrence Oehler FLInfectious Disease1033185962
Meena Seenivasan NJInfectious Disease1255308185
Michael J. Gehman AZInfectious Disease1912973041
Anca Elena Andrei MIInfectious Disease1538135645
Sandra Gonzalez Gompf FLInfectious Disease1477529402
Lisa A Pittarelli NJInfectious Disease1730155771
Seyoum Daffo Bage WVInfectious Disease1609842640
David J Herman NJInfectious Disease1326014390
Ellen J Hirsh NJInfectious Disease1992771976
Joseph Kim NJInfectious Disease1689640625
William M Stauffer MNInfectious Disease1093781049
Shelly A Roseff NJInfectious Disease1750357877
Arthur Stanley Link NCInfectious Disease1265408389
Edward J Mcmanus NJInfectious Disease1871569996
Rita A Abbud OHInfectious Disease1740256734
Donald T Allegra NJInfectious Disease1659347649
Robert E Segal NJInfectious Disease1265408264
Raul Magadia ALInfectious Disease1326015231
David G Strike MNInfectious Disease1669449492
Nicholaos C. Bellos, Md, Pa Infectious Disease1902873771
Padmini Harigopal FLInfectious Disease1710954599
Virginia Deeanne Banks PAInfectious Disease1659348563
Id Care Pa NJInfectious Disease1639146277
Atlanta I.d. Group, P.c. GAInfectious Disease1619944279
Cynthia Lynn King TNInfectious Disease1619944006
Metropolitan Enterprises Inc. Infectious Disease1770550105
Allan R Santiago NYInfectious Disease1235106527
Gregory John Martin CAInfectious Disease1720055924
Cristina E Cicogna NJInfectious Disease1083681282
Walter Lee Fanning NCInfectious Disease1639146780
Robert K Pelz ORInfectious Disease1235106386
Rani Sebti NJInfectious Disease1396712584
Barry C Fox WIInfectious Disease1780651935
John Michael Goldberg AZInfectious Disease1356319388
Mohammad M Bari Physician Pc NYInfectious Disease1841268653
Carlos Neira-juarez TXInfectious Disease1346218203
Steven J. Sperber NJInfectious Disease1740258680
Javier Figueroa Miranda PRInfectious Disease1871561894
Michael A. Foltzer PAInfectious Disease1114994175
Charles Stone Bryan SCInfectious Disease1518934587
Praveena N Sarma CAInfectious Disease1194793182
Jerome F Levine NJInfectious Disease1023086980
Sakdidej Suwan PAInfectious Disease1538137351
Jung-i Yang CAInfectious Disease1255309092
John Pauk WAInfectious Disease1538137385
Physicians' Health Group, Llc INInfectious Disease1730157355
Gregory T Williams MAInfectious Disease1043288848
Michael Klompas MAInfectious Disease1710955414
Janine Ruth Danko VAInfectious Disease1548238181
Donald K King MOInfectious Disease1184692725
Adam Wilson Armstrong VAInfectious Disease1649248329
Pina K Wong CAInfectious Disease1730157504
Marta Llibre FLInfectious Disease1265400758
Panama City Infectious Disease Associates Pa Infectious Disease1245208735
Michael Myint WAInfectious Disease1174591754
Gessler Clinic Professional Association FLInfectious Disease1154399533
Grayson B. Miller VAInfectious Disease1528036936
Thomas S Huth MAInfectious Disease1396713848
Douglas A Drevets OKInfectious Disease1659349991
Kathleen B Macleod CAInfectious Disease1821066077
David S Davenport MIInfectious Disease1972572972
Charles Chibundu Mbonu TXInfectious Disease1033187299
Mark M Huycke OKInfectious Disease1508834797
Leslie T Lochner CAInfectious Disease1710955919
David Slagle ILInfectious Disease1891763082
Mary Ann Elizabeth Kish MNInfectious Disease1649249764
Elcinda L Mccrone MAInfectious Disease1376511519
William D Bone FLInfectious Disease1043288285
Linda J Salinas OKInfectious Disease1629047683
Alexis Corazon NJInfectious Disease1770552614
Melissa Amy Bender MAInfectious Disease1740259878
Phillip Lawrence Sanchez FLInfectious Disease1124097266
David J Kusner IAInfectious Disease1871562736
John Phillip Viner IAInfectious Disease1982673869
Amy Eschinger NJInfectious Disease1396713418
August John Valenti MEInfectious Disease1508835265
Michelle R Salvaggio OKInfectious Disease1609845437
Jihad Slim NJInfectious Disease1366411076
Cheryl A Liechty MEInfectious Disease1609845452
Chidi Nwizu MDInfectious Disease1750350484
Sanil Thomas FLInfectious Disease1548239270


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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