Providers with Taxonomy: Infectious Disease in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Katherine Trintchouk 92071, CAInfectious Disease1396748646
Michael Sean Sampson 90004, CAInfectious Disease1568466100
Mehmet C Pekerol, M.d. A Prof. Corporation 90069, CAInfectious Disease1295730604
Lael Conway Duncan 94904, CAInfectious Disease1447255740
Farzana Qureshi 92270, CAInfectious Disease1790781334
Steven Edward Gardner 92123, CAInfectious Disease1295731990
Jagadeesh C Reddy 92651, CAInfectious Disease1083610703
Infectious Disease Associates Of Orange County, Inc. 92705, CAInfectious Disease1326403130
Prier Medical Clinic, Apc 93465, CAInfectious Disease1861499014
Allen Radner 93901, CAInfectious Disease1528065752
Geraldine C Taplin 93940, CAInfectious Disease1144227380
Richard Charles Prier 93465, CAInfectious Disease1962409110
Nishita Somabhai Patel 91766, CAInfectious Disease1881691269
Arash Alborzi 91205, CAInfectious Disease1770582165
Timothy Brewer 90095, CAInfectious Disease1174523245
Abdullah M Al Dwairi 95926, CAInfectious Disease1639170806
Harold A Burger 95655, CAInfectious Disease1447251681
Razeq Abdul Shetab 95355, CAInfectious Disease1063414977
Michael Warren Fitzgibbons 92705, CAInfectious Disease1194727859
Nilesh Navin Patel 91740, CAInfectious Disease1508858903
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAInfectious Disease1437142452
U. Fritz Bredeek 94109, CAInfectious Disease1689667495
Jia-yia Liu 90048, CAInfectious Disease1639162266
Ingrid Wendy Fernandes 94596, CAInfectious Disease1356342638
David I. Lintz 90211, CAInfectious Disease1407848245
Charles Frank Farthing 90211, CAInfectious Disease1053305979
Tomiko Georgia Stein 90027, CAInfectious Disease1164416087
Nicolas R Delapena 95340, CAInfectious Disease1043204605
William Joseph Grimm 92262, CAInfectious Disease1407841315
Edward Andrew Morales 93030, CAInfectious Disease1770579757
Barbara Weiser 95655, CAInfectious Disease1164419784
Mohammed M Al-jasim 92243, CAInfectious Disease1760479786
Laveeza Bhatti 90211, CAInfectious Disease1841285277
Parveen Kaur 91733, CAInfectious Disease1346235686
Raymond Chinn 92123, CAInfectious Disease1134113509
Juan Carlos Ricaurte 90027, CAInfectious Disease1427046341
Loretta Margaret Obrien 94550, CAInfectious Disease1750379657
John Kenyon Rupnik 94558, CAInfectious Disease1942290770
Kamran Hamidi 92651, CAInfectious Disease1326038605
Catherine Chien 90015, CAInfectious Disease1215928460
Katerina A Christopoulos 94110, CAInfectious Disease1902887847
Steven Edwin Larson 92506, CAInfectious Disease1790766160
Raymond Byun 95655, CAInfectious Disease1578545950
Phillip Joseph Raimondi 95817, CAInfectious Disease1134102429
Paolo Vincenzo Troia-cancio 95811, CAInfectious Disease1538141619
Cameron David Ashbaugh 94143, CAInfectious Disease1114900537
Michelle Yap 96002, CAInfectious Disease1023091980
Russell A Klein 91436, CAInfectious Disease1467436568
Deepthi Kumara Jayasekara 91790, CAInfectious Disease1366426306
Hua Jiang 91790, CAInfectious Disease1821072844
Nasima Begum 91790, CAInfectious Disease1578547519
Uri Aryeh Lopatin 94103, CAInfectious Disease1508840406
Philip A Robinson 92663, CAInfectious Disease1205810066
Reza Rasouli 92626, CAInfectious Disease1053395731
Bryan Donovan Volpp 94553, CAInfectious Disease1659356939
Susan Park Allen Md Inc 92663, CAInfectious Disease1508843368
Babatunde Adekunle Otulana 95817, CAInfectious Disease1306823166
Hien Huy Nguyen 95817, CAInfectious Disease1811974843
Dipti Agrawal 94301, CAInfectious Disease1437137189
James T Dwyer 33308, CAInfectious Disease1679551212
Andrew James Desruisseau 95403, CAInfectious Disease1518945658
Jon Allen Green 94553, CAInfectious Disease1609855345
Clifford Keith Beck 90502, CAInfectious Disease1699754135
Jethro Trees Ritter 93454, CAInfectious Disease1457330797
Matthew Scott Miles 96001, CAInfectious Disease1467431700
Thomas Deetz 95062, CAInfectious Disease1336129469
Donna Defreitas 95817, CAInfectious Disease1457331498
Archana Maniar 95817, CAInfectious Disease1629058664
Christopher Vaughn Holland 95817, CAInfectious Disease1063492031
Catherine Sylvie Sallenave 95817, CAInfectious Disease1316927387
John Robert Nienow 94117, CAInfectious Disease1861472649
Joseph Silva 95817, CAInfectious Disease1629058409
Neil Munro Flynn 95817, CAInfectious Disease1154301935
Richard A Glimp 90505, CAInfectious Disease1740260355
Michael M Nakata 90505, CAInfectious Disease1609856210
Stuart Cohen 95817, CAInfectious Disease1043290455
Richard Byrd Pollard 95817, CAInfectious Disease1053391466
Jay Solnick 95817, CAInfectious Disease1407836810
Timothy Mess 91405, CAInfectious Disease1043280076
Susan Park Allen 92663, CAInfectious Disease1841276805
Redding Critical Care Medical Group, Inc. 96001, CAInfectious Disease1306824198
Gregory P Melcher 94114, CAInfectious Disease1508846387
David Michael Asmuth 95817, CAInfectious Disease1972573046
Arnold S Bayer 90502, CAInfectious Disease1467431981
Vera Go 95817, CAInfectious Disease1225012750
Ryan Maves 92134, CAInfectious Disease1407826670
James C Ding 90505, CAInfectious Disease1285614636
John Ks Chia 90505, CAInfectious Disease1801876412
Martin Joseph Fee 92663, CAInfectious Disease1124008537
Javeed Siddiqui 95661, CAInfectious Disease1770563967
Melvin Khaw 91436, CAInfectious Disease1487624045
Eric S. Daar 90502, CAInfectious Disease1336119676
David Douglas Rand 90505, CAInfectious Disease1942271275
Gregory Charles Utz 92134, CAInfectious Disease1790756823
Nancy F Crum-cianflone 92134, CAInfectious Disease1437120557
Sarah J Kuhl 95655, CAInfectious Disease1427029792
Elizabeth J Kailath 95628, CAInfectious Disease1952372765
Mary Frances Bavaro 92134, CAInfectious Disease1508837329
Samantha L Bessega 94538, CAInfectious Disease1972574325
Alan M Sugar 93105, CAInfectious Disease1982676086
Braden Randall Hale 92134, CAInfectious Disease1598737587
Daniel Z Uslan 90095, CAInfectious Disease1952373938
Claire Pomeroy 95817, CAInfectious Disease1174595078
Valerie A Chirurgi 94588, CAInfectious Disease1992777080
Scott Filler 90502, CAInfectious Disease1184696684
John E Edwards 90502, CAInfectious Disease1780657932
Likuo Kong 94588, CAInfectious Disease1518931047
Diablo Infectious Disease Consultative Services Medical Gr 94588, CAInfectious Disease1952376535
University Of California Sfgh Medical Group 94110, CAInfectious Disease1366417933
Gulshan Bhatia 95128, CAInfectious Disease1588639181
John Dudley Malone 92134, CAInfectious Disease1861467052
Helen Mi-hae Chun 92134, CAInfectious Disease1649245408
Karen L. Tsujimoto 91203, CAInfectious Disease1174598122
Praveena N Sarma 95376, CAInfectious Disease1194793182
Jung-i Yang 92618, CAInfectious Disease1255309092
Pina K Wong 91754, CAInfectious Disease1730157504
Kathleen B Macleod 90720, CAInfectious Disease1821066077
Leslie T Lochner 92651, CAInfectious Disease1710955919
Uc Regents Ucla Department Of Medicine Professional Group 90095, CAInfectious Disease1285603902
Pushpalatha V Arakere 93720, CAInfectious Disease1154380343
Alan F White 92653, CAInfectious Disease1548229701
Abraham Eskenazi 92117, CAInfectious Disease1093774168
Nancy Fitch 95817, CAInfectious Disease1720047467
Patricia Marie Murray 90404, CAInfectious Disease1447219142
David Wesley Webb 90822, CAInfectious Disease1609835073
Naiel Nagah Soliman Nassar 93701, CAInfectious Disease1699743617
Shankar Raman 93301, CAInfectious Disease1013988807
Antonio E Cabinian A Medical Corporation 91911, CAInfectious Disease1396710133
Robert Mccabe 94566, CAInfectious Disease1073586905
Soniya S Gandhi 90095, CAInfectious Disease1154393262
Uc Regents 90095, CAInfectious Disease1235107566
Patrice Ann Marcarelli 90807, CAInfectious Disease1760455000
Christina T Hopson 94568, CAInfectious Disease1265404537
Desert Aids Project 92262, CAInfectious Disease1568439081
Harold Lawrence Groff 92134, CAInfectious Disease1295706331
Tracy Lumsden 95814, CAInfectious Disease1407817570
Jose Maria Eguia 94117, CAInfectious Disease1972565307
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Century City 90035, CAInfectious Disease1760446371
Carol Ann Kemper 94040, CAInfectious Disease1588628960
David C. Redfield 92037, CAInfectious Disease1164486973
Jean-pierre E Antaki 91205, CAInfectious Disease1013972876
E Duane Carmalt Md Inc. 91356, CAInfectious Disease1457315210
Monica Gandhi 94110, CAInfectious Disease1396700019
Byron Williams 91205, CAInfectious Disease1295790319
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Santa Monica Hematology/oncology 90404, CAInfectious Disease1396700340
Michael P Dube 90033, CAInfectious Disease1134185887
Malcolm D John 94143, CAInfectious Disease1003872870
Huyen Cao 94143, CAInfectious Disease1700842234
Paola Tempesti 91203, CAInfectious Disease1093771578
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Santa Monica Cardiology 90404, CAInfectious Disease1063479038
Alan A Morgenstein 91203, CAInfectious Disease1033176953
Oliver Joseph Biederman 92103, CAInfectious Disease1861459448
Susan Shih Huang 02115, CAInfectious Disease1346207651
Jane E. Koehler 94143, CAInfectious Disease1689632747
Robert Turner Schooley 92103, CAInfectious Disease1346298502
Uc Regents Ucla Medical Center 90095, CAInfectious Disease1942258009
Greg Lind Strayer 90806, CAInfectious Disease1447208418
Uc Regents Ucla Dept Of Med Pr 90403, CAInfectious Disease1295783355
David James Looney 92161, CAInfectious Disease1912955048
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Malibu 90265, CAInfectious Disease1619925740
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Santa Clarita 91355, CAInfectious Disease1497703532
Harry Hollander 94143, CAInfectious Disease1790733863
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Center For East west Medicine 90404, CAInfectious Disease1588612485
William Ritchie Mackenzie 95655, CAInfectious Disease1073561601
Ziba Jalali 90048, CAInfectious Disease1902855232
Nanette M Mickiewicz 95065, CAInfectious Disease1558319079
Konark Sharma 94598, CAInfectious Disease1114975562
John L Kaufmann 95065, CAInfectious Disease1265481949
Andrew Steven Pumerantz 91766, CAInfectious Disease1861441594
Usc Internal Medicine, Inc. 90033, CAInfectious Disease1356390009
Salahuddin S Bibi 95355, CAInfectious Disease1952350365
Stanford Hospital And Clinics 94305, CAInfectious Disease1598715948
Joanne N. Engel 94143, CAInfectious Disease1356391130
William L. George 90073, CAInfectious Disease1245281617
David T Fisk 93105, CAInfectious Disease1821049297
Peter V. Chin-hong 94143, CAInfectious Disease1215988563
Joel M. Palefsky 94115, CAInfectious Disease1336191345
Mark Edmund Miller 91105, CAInfectious Disease1881647139
Katherine L. Malkasian 92660, CAInfectious Disease1336192327
Neelima Kethineni 95231, CAInfectious Disease1629021662
William Allen Schwartzman 90073, CAInfectious Disease1053365791
Sukhjit Singh Takhar 93721, CAInfectious Disease1003871161
Francine Bryanne Hanberg 91506, CAInfectious Disease1114984366
Brian Hogan 94535, CAInfectious Disease1689635120
Elizabeth R Maslow 91040, CAInfectious Disease1235194556
Kitty Lam 90012, CAInfectious Disease1265493563
Manjit Singh Dhillon 95354, CAInfectious Disease1487602819
John P Mourani 91767, CAInfectious Disease1962460154
Constance A Benson 92103, CAInfectious Disease1871541664
Indra De 95207, CAInfectious Disease1154372951
Daniel Lee 92103, CAInfectious Disease1104876093
William Christopher Mathews 92103, CAInfectious Disease1194773259
Theodoros Fotiou Katsivas 92103, CAInfectious Disease1679526164
Antaki & Associates Infectious Disease Medical Group Inc 91205, CAInfectious Disease1124083274
David W Keller 93940, CAInfectious Disease1619933157
Uc Regents 92868, CAInfectious Disease1760430847
Francesca Josephine Torriani 92103, CAInfectious Disease1760440499
Kenneth H Fife 94947, CAInfectious Disease1497711865
Robert Vincent Barthel 92037, CAInfectious Disease1386605087
Christopher J. Graber 90073, CAInfectious Disease1265487896


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