Providers with Taxonomy: Infectious Disease in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Richard L Levine 33173, FLInfectious Disease1497758502
H. Barry Baker 33173, FLInfectious Disease1174527535
Folusakin Odewumi Ayoade 33136, FLInfectious Disease1871598904
Syed Wasim Ali 32086, FLInfectious Disease1306842869
Moises Feldman 33180, FLInfectious Disease1518963883
Stephen A. Renae 33308, FLInfectious Disease1841296670
Yared Aklilu 33308, FLInfectious Disease1225034986
Vanessa I Silebi 33133, FLInfectious Disease1780681361
Istvan Krisko 33408, FLInfectious Disease1922004324
Ledya Cobian 33308, FLInfectious Disease1619973377
Jose M Gaviria 33173, FLInfectious Disease1942207204
Gilberto Rodriguez 33173, FLInfectious Disease1205833597
Nathan A Jacobson 33173, FLInfectious Disease1396742581
Clinton Douglas Holder 34221, FLInfectious Disease1578560777
Carlos Omenaca 33138, FLInfectious Disease1205833381
Corey H Henderson 32778, FLInfectious Disease1346248903
Ronica M Kluge 34134, FLInfectious Disease1336147636
Koravangala K Sundaresh 34652, FLInfectious Disease1336147487
Mauricio A Ramirez 33966, FLInfectious Disease1215935176
Ingrid Fernandez-milian 33183, FLInfectious Disease1740288851
Philip Arthur Finlay 33021, FLInfectious Disease1538168828
Zide Spitzer & Finlay Md Pa 33021, FLInfectious Disease1194724302
Fernando Alvarado 32701, FLInfectious Disease1073513958
Carlos Ruiz 32701, FLInfectious Disease1225037138
Jaime Carrizosa 32701, FLInfectious Disease1003815929
Vincent Hsu 32804, FLInfectious Disease1255331146
Timothy Cooper 32701, FLInfectious Disease1396745261
Jason Sniffen 32701, FLInfectious Disease1982604856
Edwin Dejesus 32701, FLInfectious Disease1295734101
Christopher D Cooper 32701, FLInfectious Disease1154321057
Nelson Robert Zide 33021, FLInfectious Disease1043210560
Eliot W. Godofsky 34209, FLInfectious Disease1134120942
John P Ouderkirk 30308, FLInfectious Disease1548260508
Peter John Weiss 32792, FLInfectious Disease1043219959
James D. Demaio 34209, FLInfectious Disease1154322717
Robert J. Andrews 34209, FLInfectious Disease1942201108
Lavinia Suciu 34209, FLInfectious Disease1427059922
Robert Jay Carpenter 32507, FLInfectious Disease1356343040
Daniel Eric Peters 33410, FLInfectious Disease1891797551
Vatsala S Sastry 34613, FLInfectious Disease1336131481
Franklyn Dontfraid 32114, FLInfectious Disease1447243423
David I. Lintz 90211, FLInfectious Disease1407848245
Anthony J. Barile 32901, FLInfectious Disease1467445031
Luis U Ramirez 32224, FLInfectious Disease1265426829
Patrick Reme 33317, FLInfectious Disease1649265067
Miguel Mateos-mora 32940, FLInfectious Disease1992790851
James E Allen 32207, FLInfectious Disease1730175290
Robert J Catalla 32207, FLInfectious Disease1518951441
Brian W Elliott 33713, FLInfectious Disease1134114796
Michael E Dunn 33611, FLInfectious Disease1760477442
Charurut Somboonwit 33606, FLInfectious Disease1184612640
Karl G. Damiani 33952, FLInfectious Disease1497743744
James Edward Knapp 34223, FLInfectious Disease1568450450
Debra E Gutterman 33317, FLInfectious Disease1205817921
Sara Rebecca Buchstein 33065, FLInfectious Disease1134101314
Pardeep Kumari 32514, FLInfectious Disease1083697320
Ralph Theodore Tauran 33805, FLInfectious Disease1225029820
Edward David Hirsch 33321, FLInfectious Disease1578554408
Larry M Bush 33414, FLInfectious Disease1689657090
Daniel O. Haight 33830, FLInfectious Disease1194713651
Tomasz K. Wazny 33952, FLInfectious Disease1457349763
Carlos Gabriel Torres-viera 33143, FLInfectious Disease1588647796
Cynthia A Mayer 33606, FLInfectious Disease1720061344
Lindell A. Busciglio 33606, FLInfectious Disease1558344184
Margarita R Cancio 33614, FLInfectious Disease1730162348
Scott S. Ubillos 33606, FLInfectious Disease1396728911
Nadeem R. Khan 33614, FLInfectious Disease1174506703
Ukonu Ejie 32114, FLInfectious Disease1790761500
Mariam Adam Esat 34741, FLInfectious Disease1982681185
Barry Sieger 32806, FLInfectious Disease1598742447
Efrain Garcia 33133, FLInfectious Disease1447239496
Vitalmd Group Holding Llc 33133, FLInfectious Disease1871572032
Salim N Hamade 33716, FLInfectious Disease1124008891
Santiago W. Calderon 32763, FLInfectious Disease1790755759
Charles M Callahan 32960, FLInfectious Disease1023095510
Gregory P Melcher 94114, FLInfectious Disease1508846387
Robert Boyd Tober 34104, FLInfectious Disease1093799751
Mahmoud W Sallah 34609, FLInfectious Disease1487630604
Laurie A. Welton 32960, FLInfectious Disease1215914353
Carolyn Frances Denney 33021, FLInfectious Disease1114998796
Allen Robert Sklaver 33317, FLInfectious Disease1043281611
Ronald Lee Barbour 33617, FLInfectious Disease1912978545
Claudio D Tuda 33140, FLInfectious Disease1497728620
Kenneth R Ratzan 33140, FLInfectious Disease1366415572
Joseph C Chan 33140, FLInfectious Disease1033182803
David G Droller 33316, FLInfectious Disease1962476556
Wilfred Ikemefuna Onyia 32804, FLInfectious Disease1497729610
Carmelo M Licitra 32806, FLInfectious Disease1659347342
Malcolm Tennyson Foster 32209, FLInfectious Disease1962478370
Maria Del Mar Rodriguez 32806, FLInfectious Disease1912973272
Richard Lawrence Oehler 33612, FLInfectious Disease1033185962
Sandra Gonzalez Gompf 33612, FLInfectious Disease1477529402
Cynthia Lynn King 33027, FLInfectious Disease1619944006
Gregory John Martin 34031, FLInfectious Disease1720055924
Panama City Infectious Disease Associates Pa 32405, FLInfectious Disease1245208735
Gessler Clinic Professional Association 33881, FLInfectious Disease1154399533
William D Bone 32405, FLInfectious Disease1043288285
Phillip Lawrence Sanchez 32789, FLInfectious Disease1124097266
Sanil Thomas 32608, FLInfectious Disease1548239270
Barry Hugh Abrams 33462, FLInfectious Disease1104895796
Levonne Marie Mitchell-samon 32114, FLInfectious Disease1770542813
Robert M Vanhook 33881, FLInfectious Disease1497714091
Jeffrey Taylor Lauer 32206, FLInfectious Disease1710946124
Mark Eric Whiteside 33040, FLInfectious Disease1356314934
Berjan Collin 34952, FLInfectious Disease1457329468
Moti N Ramgopal 34982, FLInfectious Disease1457329450
William J Catena 32901, FLInfectious Disease1801861521
Jeffrey R Levenson 33710, FLInfectious Disease1528031408
Benjamin Lee Portnoy 77004, FLInfectious Disease1073583423
Kauser Akhter 32806, FLInfectious Disease1336111848
Antonio Crespo 32806, FLInfectious Disease1033185392
Patrick John Anastasio 32547, FLInfectious Disease1598731770
Eloisa G Dimayuga 32114, FLInfectious Disease1417923889
Kleper Newton Falcao De Almeida 33414, FLInfectious Disease1285600825
James Bruce Morris 33412, FLInfectious Disease1043281488
Ivan A Guerrero 32216, FLInfectious Disease1326016536
Naresh P Menezes 34639, FLInfectious Disease1306814694
Kenneth S Meyer 32207, FLInfectious Disease1891764650
Ramon Pedro Dizon 32207, FLInfectious Disease1619940715
Robert Wesley Farr 25304, FLInfectious Disease1154393148
Lyssette Cardona-bonet 33331, FLInfectious Disease1588624191
Mingquan Tongbhakdee Suksanong 33704, FLInfectious Disease1790746840
Leslie Erlinda Diaz 33408, FLInfectious Disease1750342689
Juan Carlos Querol 33144, FLInfectious Disease1245292374
John Franklin Toney 33612, FLInfectious Disease1003879321
Raj B Uttamchandani 33143, FLInfectious Disease1801859988
Lorraine M Dowdy 33143, FLInfectious Disease1760445944
J. Agustin Lacson M.d. Inc 33825, FLInfectious Disease1619931821
J. Agustin Lacson 33825, FLInfectious Disease1831153055
Omar Kawwaff 32216, FLInfectious Disease1740244805
Rafael E Campo 33136, FLInfectious Disease1902860869
Alan I Hartstein 33133, FLInfectious Disease1720042682
Catherine Boulanger 33136, FLInfectious Disease1255395117
Dushyantha T Jayaweera 33136, FLInfectious Disease1548224405
Krishnan E Parayath 33709, FLInfectious Disease1972568624
Ignatius Henry Baffoe-bonnie 33805, FLInfectious Disease1417912197
Michael A Kolber 33136, FLInfectious Disease1578528279
Alexis E Powell 33136, FLInfectious Disease1568427276
Abey Sarai 33709, FLInfectious Disease1447215199
Stephen N Symes 33101, FLInfectious Disease1790740058
Marianito Olivares Asperilla 33952, FLInfectious Disease1740245984
Earl Howard Eye 32216, FLInfectious Disease1609832534
South Florida Infectious Disease And Tropical Medicine Center Llc 33176, FLInfectious Disease1609832559
Luis A Miller 33144, FLInfectious Disease1912964156
Marie Alixe Kima 32607, FLInfectious Disease1699733402
Patrick G Fairchild 34711, FLInfectious Disease1255389557
Gio J Baracco 33125, FLInfectious Disease1013966951
Haris Inam Mirza 34471, FLInfectious Disease1912956335
Javier E Tello 32789, FLInfectious Disease1518917251
Vincent M Spoto 32789, FLInfectious Disease1033160718
Robert Schwartz 33901, FLInfectious Disease1033161633
Benjamin C Schaffer 33763, FLInfectious Disease1245283902
Infectious Disease Associates Of Greater Orlando Pa 32789, FLInfectious Disease1275586802
South Florida Infectious Diseases Pa 33484, FLInfectious Disease1528011228
Robert Kopec 34695, FLInfectious Disease1053364232
Carlos A Cohen 33484, FLInfectious Disease1669425872
Syed Amir Ahmed 34746, FLInfectious Disease1396794186
Radu Clincea 34744, FLInfectious Disease1144272295
Elena S. Hollender 33483, FLInfectious Disease1972563328
Ricardo R Reyes 33334, FLInfectious Disease1720040041
Elizabeth M Race 75230, FLInfectious Disease1568424596
Mary C Bowman 32806, FLInfectious Disease1629039243
Mark Brown 34102, FLInfectious Disease1093767550
Margaret J Gorensek 33304, FLInfectious Disease1053374017
Shereen Ismail Saba 34613, FLInfectious Disease1891745683
Miguel G Madariaga 34102, FLInfectious Disease1316995129
Vakhtang Bochorishvili 34102, FLInfectious Disease1760449854
Idc Of Volusia, Llc 32168, FLInfectious Disease1154372241
Mehmood Nawab 34741, FLInfectious Disease1477501237
Douglas Brust 33901, FLInfectious Disease1134178791
Paul Andrew Coley 32216, FLInfectious Disease1962468892
Baptist Primary Care Inc 32207, FLInfectious Disease1508817529
Lee Prchal 32605, FLInfectious Disease1720043839
Cheryl Ann Burns 32605, FLInfectious Disease1245296854
Gordon M Dickinson 33136, FLInfectious Disease1912962622
Patrick James Danaher 32542, FLInfectious Disease1619928900
Jaroslav F Ondrusek 33306, FLInfectious Disease1396799383
Melvin S. Kohan 33065, FLInfectious Disease1548215460
Indulekha N Gopal 33065, FLInfectious Disease1700831088
Hamed A Komaiha 33065, FLInfectious Disease1558317594
Michael Lee Sands 32206, FLInfectious Disease1902852106
Beata C Casanas 33602, FLInfectious Disease1467408591
Gardens Id Group Llc 33410, FLInfectious Disease1013964683
Stacey E Baker 33173, FLInfectious Disease1639126014
Andres Enrique Suarez 33410, FLInfectious Disease1053358200
Id Professionals Of South Florida Llc 33012, FLInfectious Disease1174560619
David Porter Johnson 33704, FLInfectious Disease1053350157
Jose A Montero 33602, FLInfectious Disease1699715748
Access Healthcare Llc 34606, FLInfectious Disease1912949561
Jose Perez-tirse 33175, FLInfectious Disease1013959246
Jose Emilio Vasquez 33511, FLInfectious Disease1184667198
Jorge Murillo 33176, FLInfectious Disease1467496398
Bradley S Bender 32610, FLInfectious Disease1023053097
Eric S. Berke 34698, FLInfectious Disease1740225721
Todd M Groom 34695, FLInfectious Disease1750326385
Simon M Edelstein 33180, FLInfectious Disease1417992751
Gerald Pierone 32960, FLInfectious Disease1356387435
Carlos I Bustamante 33180, FLInfectious Disease1649216953
Isabella Rosa Cunha 33136, FLInfectious Disease1811923899
Imad Al-deen Dibo 33805, FLInfectious Disease1558397687


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