Providers with Taxonomy: Infectious Disease in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carlos E Lopez 30309, GAInfectious Disease1285637231
Philip Sigmund Brachman 30309, GAInfectious Disease1649273798
Monica Elizabeth Parise 30341, GAInfectious Disease1083617401
Africa Mcleod Alvarez 30008, GAInfectious Disease1033116603
Southcoast Medical Group, Llc 31406, GAInfectious Disease1467451922
Mark Hofstetter 30909, GAInfectious Disease1437158979
Steven F Mosher 31520, GAInfectious Disease1205837150
Nenad Risto Avramovski 31406, GAInfectious Disease1760480701
Richard Stat Roth 31406, GAInfectious Disease1972502581
John P Ouderkirk 30308, GAInfectious Disease1548260508
Harold Gene Stringer 30303, GAInfectious Disease1023018991
Titu D Das 30076, GAInfectious Disease1831188085
Robert Paul Johnson 30322, GAInfectious Disease1649260415
Matthew E Griffith 31314, GAInfectious Disease1609866714
Robert Kaspar 31314, GAInfectious Disease1750362349
Laurence Bruce Balter 30308, GAInfectious Disease1326037201
Ana Maria Concepcion-castro 31419, GAInfectious Disease1174508576
Quyen Ngoc Luu 31201, GAInfectious Disease1558347427
Folarin Adegboyega Olubowale 31906, GAInfectious Disease1437138872
Vincent Charles Marconi 30033, GAInfectious Disease1275511594
Aman Mongia 30121, GAInfectious Disease1235101072
Craig E Smith 31701, GAInfectious Disease1285606012
Philip Alexandre Yeon 29201, GAInfectious Disease1366418832
Rabiul Alam 30076, GAInfectious Disease1841266996
Atlanta I.d. Group, P.c. 30309, GAInfectious Disease1619944279
Guillermo R Saurina 31602, GAInfectious Disease1255390084
Scott E Rojas 31406, GAInfectious Disease1285609784
Majdi N Al-hasan 29203, GAInfectious Disease1477525822
Joseph Alexander Horvath 29203, GAInfectious Disease1386612976
Wayne Andrew Duffus 29203, GAInfectious Disease1174590392
Ayman Rihawi 31088, GAInfectious Disease1326097387
Milton Derrick Boden 30033, GAInfectious Disease1720037310
Adam Matthew Bressler 30033, GAInfectious Disease1154371870
Hieu T. Nguyen 30033, GAInfectious Disease1962455741
Robin Henry Dretler 30033, GAInfectious Disease1871545459
Wendy Suzanne Armstrong 30308, GAInfectious Disease1083678783
Wellstar Infectious Disease, Llc 30060, GAInfectious Disease1093760282
John A Drummond 30309, GAInfectious Disease1649226408
Comprehensive Care Medical Offices, Llc 31088, GAInfectious Disease1023055258
Anson K. Wurapa 30033, GAInfectious Disease1871531442
David Rimland 30033, GAInfectious Disease1811930696
Mary Black Health System Llc 29307, GAInfectious Disease1578507174
Carlos Del Rio 30322, GAInfectious Disease1780628982
Madhavi Rayapudi 30041, GAInfectious Disease1215971668
Anthony Edwards Fiore 30030, GAInfectious Disease1598700981
Lisa Anne Grohskopf 30033, GAInfectious Disease1548206261
Albert Munir Leonard Anderson 30308, GAInfectious Disease1013953694
Monica Marie Farley 30033, GAInfectious Disease1679509889
Robert Paul Gaynes 30338, GAInfectious Disease1275569170
Rafael Leonardo Jurado 30033, GAInfectious Disease1609802974
Charles Robert Vitek 30033, GAInfectious Disease1386671741
Tmc Infectious Diseases Of West Georgia 30117, GAInfectious Disease1811924251
Mitchell Lewis Cohen 30033, GAInfectious Disease1841228160
Walter A. Orenstein 30322, GAInfectious Disease1467482109
Mahesh Swaminathan 30329, GAInfectious Disease1043241128
Infectious Disease Specialists Of Atlanta Pc 30033, GAInfectious Disease1235170531
Colleen Suzanne Kraft 30322, GAInfectious Disease1083650048
Sheetal Kandiah 30308, GAInfectious Disease1275588139
Laura Lamb Larson 30117, GAInfectious Disease1114967387
Henry Ming-yow Wu 30308, GAInfectious Disease1144276486
Sapna Bamrah Morris 30342, GAInfectious Disease1184664765
Sophie Alexandra Lukashok 30308, GAInfectious Disease1417901653
Irwin J Trestman 31405, GAInfectious Disease1306887492
Amir Behzad Razavi 32550, GAInfectious Disease1063457059
Ranjan Paul 30024, GAInfectious Disease1447284138
Howard J Cohen 30342, GAInfectious Disease1801821004
John M Maloney 30342, GAInfectious Disease1255366456
Cooperative Healthcare Services, Inc. 31525, GAInfectious Disease1417979402
Karuna Kusan 30043, GAInfectious Disease1013921329
Getachew M Hagos 30312, GAInfectious Disease1912912668
Richard Prokesch 30274, GAInfectious Disease1427064583
Lee A Diamond 30274, GAInfectious Disease1548276603
Michael Parker Dailey 30076, GAInfectious Disease1568478162
John Trow Brooks 30033, GAInfectious Disease1366450595
David Lester Dickensheets 30076, GAInfectious Disease1578572061
Scott K Fridkin 30329, GAInfectious Disease1073524849
Phyllis E Kozarsky 30308, GAInfectious Disease1215949425
Kimberly A Workowski 30308, GAInfectious Disease1588676712
Bruce S Ribner 30308, GAInfectious Disease1740292960
James P Steinberg 30308, GAInfectious Disease1720090954
William Alfred Bower 30084, GAInfectious Disease1982616215
Carolyn V Gould 30308, GAInfectious Disease1174535371
Tzvetan Vassilev 30043, GAInfectious Disease1619980893
Michael C Thigpen 30333, GAInfectious Disease1083727655
Melissa Tobin-d'angelo 30033, GAInfectious Disease1821102831
Mobolaji O Ogunsakin 31093, GAInfectious Disease1871607226
Ronald Eugene Devine 30309, GAInfectious Disease1174637532
Christine Zurawski 30309, GAInfectious Disease1447365762
Alicia Fry 30329, GAInfectious Disease1649385741
Melinda Wharton 30033, GAInfectious Disease1043326416
Barbara Jean Marston 30033, GAInfectious Disease1295841187
Valerie P Fletcher 31901, GAInfectious Disease1316053143
John Munroe Douglas 30306, GAInfectious Disease1124135793
Keren Zohar Landman 30281, GAInfectious Disease1174535629
Helmut Albrecht 29203, GAInfectious Disease1780618223
Zanthia E Wiley 30308, GAInfectious Disease1104845353
Suji V Mathew 30655, GAInfectious Disease1912920356
Richard Bernard Rothenberg 30303, GAInfectious Disease1639285372
Jeffrey Lloyd Lennox 30308, GAInfectious Disease1548376254
Jack H. Austin, Jr., Md, Pc 30901, GAInfectious Disease1003925223
Jack H Austin 30901, GAInfectious Disease1972612190
Anna Marie Likos 30329, GAInfectious Disease1679682728
Brian A. Catto 30901, GAInfectious Disease1134239882
John F. Fisher 30912, GAInfectious Disease1902916455
Malliga Ganapathy 30912, GAInfectious Disease1972613362
David L Swerdlow 30033, GAInfectious Disease1497865968
Steven L Solomon 30033, GAInfectious Disease1811007107
John P. Rissing 30912, GAInfectious Disease1437269404
Laura Nichole Broyles 30308, GAInfectious Disease1720190309
Abraham G. Miranda 30033, GAInfectious Disease1790896413
Rafael Harpaz 30033, GAInfectious Disease1447361027
Tom Michael Chiller 30033, GAInfectious Disease1467554550
Richard Lowell Hengel 30309, GAInfectious Disease1972605665
John A Jernigan 30322, GAInfectious Disease1538264007
Jyoti Somani 30214, GAInfectious Disease1568567063
George M Lyon 30308, GAInfectious Disease1205931631
Juliette Morgan 30308, GAInfectious Disease1427155498
Cheryl L. Newman 30912, GAInfectious Disease1275632564
Steven I Marlowe 30342, GAInfectious Disease1639278948
Susan M Ray 30308, GAInfectious Disease1063512465
Nizar Ali Tejani 30281, GAInfectious Disease1043311459
Ighovwerha Ofotokun 30308, GAInfectious Disease1104918556
Henry M Blumberg 30308, GAInfectious Disease1508950254
Melody P. Palmore 30308, GAInfectious Disease1467547075
Clifford J Gunthel 30322, GAInfectious Disease1609961184
Inger Damon 30030, GAInfectious Disease1306930490
Carlos A Diazgranados 30308, GAInfectious Disease1093800047
Lisa Rotz 30333, GAInfectious Disease1306931407
Atlanta Infectious Disease Specialists Pc 30342, GAInfectious Disease1194812347
Srilatha Edupuganti 30303, GAInfectious Disease1144300369
Shelley S Magill 30333, GAInfectious Disease1043390586
Samuel E Webster 30342, GAInfectious Disease1801978630
Kenneth G Castro 30329, GAInfectious Disease1538243332
Central Georgia Infectious Diseases Associates, Llc 31201, GAInfectious Disease1932283868
Gwinnett Infectious Diseases Pc 30043, GAInfectious Disease1679658702
Harold P Katner 31201, GAInfectious Disease1821173808
Contract Physician Services 30901, GAInfectious Disease1598843781
Infectious Disease Group Of Atlanta, Llc 30308, GAInfectious Disease1558430363
Mercer Medicine, Llc 31201, GAInfectious Disease1053481036
Jeffrey L Stephens 31201, GAInfectious Disease1538239389
Hugh L Durham 30342, GAInfectious Disease1669542023
Bankole Simbo Asebiomo 31794, GAInfectious Disease1841301884
Shalini Patel 30309, GAInfectious Disease1245339514
Minh Thi Nguyen 30308, GAInfectious Disease1326142894
David R. Haburchak 30060, GAInfectious Disease1265542625
Elizabeth J Sudduth 31520, GAInfectious Disease1417020272
West Georgia Infectious Diseases 30106, GAInfectious Disease1881768117
Lee David Jacobs 30135, GAInfectious Disease1861568412
Winkler G Weinberg 30339, GAInfectious Disease1003982000
Rima F. Khabbaz 30308, GAInfectious Disease1649348491
Robert Joseph Kazragis 30905, GAInfectious Disease1427117100
Christopher R Braden 30305, GAInfectious Disease1225199847
William T Blake 30339, GAInfectious Disease1396807103
The Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital Operating Corporation 27403, GAInfectious Disease1265589097
Infectious Disease Services Of Georgia Pc 30076, GAInfectious Disease1831236728
Georgia Infectious Diseases, Pc 30342, GAInfectious Disease1093855801
Mitchell A Blass 30342, GAInfectious Disease1205976081
Margaret Williamson 30342, GAInfectious Disease1093855884
Stephanie Leigh Baer 30904, GAInfectious Disease1063544062
Northeast Internal Medicine, P.c. 30655, GAInfectious Disease1972636710
Fehmida Visnegarwala 30329, GAInfectious Disease1043344898
Jesse Thomas Jacob 30303, GAInfectious Disease1679607931
Infectious Diseases Consultants Of Southwest Georgia Llc 31701, GAInfectious Disease1366567513
Mukul Vasant Patharkar 30214, GAInfectious Disease1922157338
Christopher Jamarl Watts 30134, GAInfectious Disease1194884916
Zandraetta L Tims-cook 30308, GAInfectious Disease1538216338
Laura Avary Cooley 30329, GAInfectious Disease1306968607
Alice Y Guh 30329, GAInfectious Disease1649393075
Nimalie Desilva Stone 30329, GAInfectious Disease1245446483
Infectious Diseases Associates, Pc 30274, GAInfectious Disease1689881989
Anne C Spaulding 30322, GAInfectious Disease1164630281
Anthony Wayne Mounts 40502, GAInfectious Disease1326258187
Eileen Frances Dunne 30342, GAInfectious Disease1144421512
Evan J Anderson 30322, GAInfectious Disease1427250661
Andrew Dold 30501, GAInfectious Disease1073718516
Simon Gilo Agolory 30329, GAInfectious Disease1326247867
Saeed Aasim Baloch 31901, GAInfectious Disease1174714695
Danny Ross Branstetter 30060, GAInfectious Disease1730372277
G. Saurina, Md Pc 31602, GAInfectious Disease1659565554
Craig E. Smith, Md, Pc 31701, GAInfectious Disease1538354980
Valerie P. Fletcher, M.d. P.c. 31901, GAInfectious Disease1386831980
Tarak Vipinchandra Patel 30909, GAInfectious Disease1578751871
Sarah Kabbani 30303, GAInfectious Disease1245429695
Colleen F Kelley 30303, GAInfectious Disease1922282490
Aneesh Kautilya Mehta 30303, GAInfectious Disease1487838892
Nizar A. Tejani Md. Pc 30281, GAInfectious Disease1548444748
Seema Jain 30303, GAInfectious Disease1316121304
Victor G. Coronado 30303, GAInfectious Disease1770767584
Nadine Georges Rouphael 30308, GAInfectious Disease1578748869
Russell Ryan Kempker 30329, GAInfectious Disease1750566865
Cecile Delille Lahiri 30303, GAInfectious Disease1497931398
Alicia Ines Hidron 30303, GAInfectious Disease1518145382
Lauri A Hicks 30329, GAInfectious Disease1154509032
Patricia Marie Simone 30303, GAInfectious Disease1548438310
Wellstar Professional Services, Llc 30066, GAInfectious Disease1518139195
Ronald P Trible 30303, GAInfectious Disease1972761328
Miwako Kobayashi 30303, GAInfectious Disease1518126820
Lauren Hilary Epstein 30329, GAInfectious Disease1134381254
Agam Kumari Rao 30306, GAInfectious Disease1669634614
Alexander Jennings Kallen 30329, GAInfectious Disease1679736805


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