Providers with Taxonomy: Infectious Disease in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert Stephen Holzman 10016, NYInfectious Disease1689677007
David Landman 11203, NYInfectious Disease1700888013
David M Liebers 12308, NYInfectious Disease1245234905
Murray Jonas 11230, NYInfectious Disease1235131467
Mirela Sam 11213, NYInfectious Disease1285639203
Debra Kaufman Strauss 10970, NYInfectious Disease1841294311
Lawrence N. Chessin 14513, NYInfectious Disease1396741898
Claude Parola 10459, NYInfectious Disease1609872035
Roberto B Corales 14607, NYInfectious Disease1457357378
William M Valenti 14607, NYInfectious Disease1003812868
Robert Henry Clark 11793, NYInfectious Disease1932106408
John Rocco Vernaleo 11360, NYInfectious Disease1235136540
Isaia Avraham 11234, NYInfectious Disease1043217185
Steven M Fine 14620, NYInfectious Disease1780682351
Philip Sheridan Smith 12518, NYInfectious Disease1003815440
Kenneth Steven Rowin 10994, NYInfectious Disease1629077664
Peter Cecil Taylor Dickinson 10994, NYInfectious Disease1225037187
Edward Kurt Chapnick 11219, NYInfectious Disease1902806656
Jane V Eason 12566, NYInfectious Disease1982604179
Eddie Go 11692, NYInfectious Disease1568463545
Monica Ghitan 11219, NYInfectious Disease1508867805
Patricia M. Dorney 12208, NYInfectious Disease1700887908
Stuart Alan Feinstein 12601, NYInfectious Disease1023010055
Barry Jay Hartman 10021, NYInfectious Disease1053313940
Thomas John Cumbo 14216, NYInfectious Disease1396737532
Peter R Maggiore Md Pc 12208, NYInfectious Disease1437141694
Teresa S Briggs 12205, NYInfectious Disease1811989007
Douglas Grant Fish 12209, NYInfectious Disease1013909167
Christopher S Matkovic 11787, NYInfectious Disease1245222025
David Lawrence Herman 12209, NYInfectious Disease1073505723
Ralph L Liporace 12209, NYInfectious Disease1669465324
Robert Martin Jellinger 11209, NYInfectious Disease1124011234
Richard Leach 12801, NYInfectious Disease1518951961
Jack A. Dehovitz 11203, NYInfectious Disease1962496141
Michael H. Augenbraun 11203, NYInfectious Disease1184618332
John J. Delury 11203, NYInfectious Disease1679567754
Cyril C. Llamoso 11203, NYInfectious Disease1528052255
William M. Mccormack 11203, NYInfectious Disease1366436008
Charles L. Hyman 13326, NYInfectious Disease1629062104
Cynthia Helen Miller 12209, NYInfectious Disease1750375374
Christine H Fenlon 13790, NYInfectious Disease1780679266
Martin R. Kramer 11203, NYInfectious Disease1902890429
Steven M. Weiss 11203, NYInfectious Disease1114912144
Neville Keki Mobarakai 10304, NYInfectious Disease1639166309
Adedayo Adedeji 10304, NYInfectious Disease1285621698
Steven Colby 11215, NYInfectious Disease1891782777
Nanette Sable 13210, NYInfectious Disease1417944356
John M. Quale 11203, NYInfectious Disease1023003332
Jacquelyn S. Lahoud, M.d. P.c. 11228, NYInfectious Disease1114382090
Devayani Namassivaya 13502, NYInfectious Disease1770573081
Jose Tadeo Bonoan 10704, NYInfectious Disease1255312518
Ronald D Damico 10003, NYInfectious Disease1164405478
Jeanne M Carey 10003, NYInfectious Disease1952383895
Scott A Horowitz 11550, NYInfectious Disease1144211202
James Bramley 13502, NYInfectious Disease1427047786
Juan Bailey 10003, NYInfectious Disease1205817624
Michelle Slifkin 10994, NYInfectious Disease1538142153
Anjali Sharma 10467, NYInfectious Disease1033193313
Mario F Romagnoli 10021, NYInfectious Disease1194709709
Arthur Louis Forni 10604, NYInfectious Disease1902882608
Gladys Velazquez 10954, NYInfectious Disease1861479495
Ali Zahran 07503, NYInfectious Disease1992782940
Belinda Elaine Ostrowsky 10801, NYInfectious Disease1154309995
Rockland Infectious Disease, Llp 10994, NYInfectious Disease1316925431
Dithi A Shetty 11791, NYInfectious Disease1427037357
Barry David Wenglin 10605, NYInfectious Disease1811976764
Lisa Elizabeth Vianna 11040, NYInfectious Disease1932188893
White Plains Medical Associates, Pc 10605, NYInfectious Disease1861471740
Sandra L Harris 04240, NYInfectious Disease1003895715
Dial Hewlett 10461, NYInfectious Disease1043299894
Teresita Maguire 04240, NYInfectious Disease1558340133
T. Anthony Cumbo Md Pllc 14092, NYInfectious Disease1245210145
Joseph P Mcgowan 11030, NYInfectious Disease1689654840
Angela C Kim 11030, NYInfectious Disease1033199294
Mossammat Mosfeka Mansur 11550, NYInfectious Disease1609856889
Jeffrey W Martinez 14221, NYInfectious Disease1801866868
David A Hirschwerk 11030, NYInfectious Disease1205806023
Bruce Hirsch 11030, NYInfectious Disease1578533394
Bruce Farber 11030, NYInfectious Disease1568432383
Daniel Solomon Berman 10464, NYInfectious Disease1336128206
Chirag V Vasa 11103, NYInfectious Disease1255311841
Hudson Infectious Disease Associates Pc 10510, NYInfectious Disease1770554974
Harish Moorjani 10510, NYInfectious Disease1053382283
Susan K Seo 10021, NYInfectious Disease1043281900
Genovefa A Papanicolaou 10021, NYInfectious Disease1497726301
Michael H Miller 10510, NYInfectious Disease1033180013
Eric G Pamer 10021, NYInfectious Disease1801867700
Kent A Sepkowitz 10065, NYInfectious Disease1578534434
Michael S Glickman 10021, NYInfectious Disease1366413155
Memorial Infectious Disease Group 10065, NYInfectious Disease1619948189
David Bekhor 10011, NYInfectious Disease1194797837
Michael S. Simberkoff 10010, NYInfectious Disease1437122892
Joseph O Rahimian 10011, NYInfectious Disease1659344653
Thomas Raab 14220, NYInfectious Disease1023081072
The Mount Vernon Hospital 10550, NYInfectious Disease1538133939
Brent R Wise 10016, NYInfectious Disease1194799262
Michelle Adele Dahdouh 10457, NYInfectious Disease1952377558
Joseph Z Lux 10016, NYInfectious Disease1750357919
Allan R Santiago 11210, NYInfectious Disease1235106527
Mohammad M Bari Physician Pc 14701, NYInfectious Disease1841268653
Janice Rosemarie Verley 11554, NYInfectious Disease1881653707
Shadab Hussain Ahmed 11554, NYInfectious Disease1952360935
Jeffrey Alan Lederman 10801, NYInfectious Disease1518926617
Farshad Bagheri 11418, NYInfectious Disease1669431029
Giuseppe De Caro 11209, NYInfectious Disease1861451163
Getachew Feleke 11735, NYInfectious Disease1194794735
Neeta Chitkara 10512, NYInfectious Disease1790756930
Douglas Sepkowitz 11215, NYInfectious Disease1013986793
Olga Badem 11209, NYInfectious Disease1295704963
Nili Gujadhur 12601, NYInfectious Disease1003887258
Madhavi Ponnapalli 10029, NYInfectious Disease1821068495
Salvatore A Cilmi 10029, NYInfectious Disease1003884370
Ted Louie 14642, NYInfectious Disease1700856093
Jeffrey Vieira 11215, NYInfectious Disease1255392080
Prashant Malhotra 11030, NYInfectious Disease1871556316
Judith Joan Berger 10457, NYInfectious Disease1629031943
Victoria Bengualid 10457, NYInfectious Disease1619930765
Marie E Dy-guillaume 11373, NYInfectious Disease1538123922
Sheldon Theodore Brown 10468, NYInfectious Disease1275597437
Nisha Kaur Sethi 11550, NYInfectious Disease1669437224
Beth Israel Medical Center 10003, NYInfectious Disease1861457202
Winthrop Infectious Disease Associates 11501, NYInfectious Disease1447215652
Burke A Cunha 11501, NYInfectious Disease1679538896
Foluke Onaolapo Salu 10954, NYInfectious Disease1922063098
Helen M Jacoby 13203, NYInfectious Disease1467417493
Natalie Carol Klein 11501, NYInfectious Disease1962468686
Cynthia S Wong 13203, NYInfectious Disease1891751418
Deborah E Sentochnik 13326, NYInfectious Disease1891751483
Andrew Glyptis 10019, NYInfectious Disease1316903792
Elmela Zlatanic 10021, NYInfectious Disease1679539894
Alan J Kozak 13326, NYInfectious Disease1144286196
Sadhana S. Sathe 11209, NYInfectious Disease1881651669
Kedarnath Javaly 14217, NYInfectious Disease1376501023
John Louis Ryan 10016, NYInfectious Disease1821046095
Matthew Antalek 14221, NYInfectious Disease1023066065
Morningside Medical Practice, P.c. 10804, NYInfectious Disease1649228586
Slr Fpp University Medical Practice Associates 10025, NYInfectious Disease1639127913
John Crane 14215, NYInfectious Disease1013966720
Marylene Duah 13601, NYInfectious Disease1700835337
Joel Greenspan 11050, NYInfectious Disease1417907205
Marvin Tenenbaum 11576, NYInfectious Disease1700836608
Michele Halpern 10801, NYInfectious Disease1043260987
Johanna Patricia Daily 10461, NYInfectious Disease1679523187
Cedric P Cheung 10457, NYInfectious Disease1902857220
Robert Dupre Walsh 10456, NYInfectious Disease1942250576
Rizwanullah Hameed 11203, NYInfectious Disease1427008960
Park Slope Medicine, P.c. 11215, NYInfectious Disease1770534984
Eric P. Neibart 10128, NYInfectious Disease1639120512
Catskill Regional Medical Center 12701, NYInfectious Disease1720039563
Glenn S. Hammer, M.d., P.c. 10128, NYInfectious Disease1124079025
Saira Khalid Shahab 11550, NYInfectious Disease1144271784
Jeffrey P. Gumprecht 10128, NYInfectious Disease1134170723
Glenn S. Hammer 10128, NYInfectious Disease1750333498
Mary T. Flood 10032, NYInfectious Disease1821040544
Andrew Glyptis, Md, Pc 10019, NYInfectious Disease1386697043
Melanie Jane Maslow 10010, NYInfectious Disease1508819640
David R. Rockwell 12308, NYInfectious Disease1205889631
Fernando A Pujol-morato 11215, NYInfectious Disease1043263098
Rachel Joy Gordon 10032, NYInfectious Disease1235183070
Howard Leaf 10010, NYInfectious Disease1942253943
Marina F.b. Caskey 10021, NYInfectious Disease1477501989
Claudette Ocampo Tiru 10034, NYInfectious Disease1265483838
Alan Bulbin 11548, NYInfectious Disease1053360628
David Brieff 11548, NYInfectious Disease1407806201
Jeffrey Frost 14221, NYInfectious Disease1083662043
John A Bellizzi 53226, NYInfectious Disease1407807852
Dava Klirsfeld 11548, NYInfectious Disease1376592980
Adrian I Popp 11743, NYInfectious Disease1457306284
Medical Research Associates,pc 10595, NYInfectious Disease1801841895
Hiram Cortes 11215, NYInfectious Disease1609821735
Carl Richard Magnussen 14620, NYInfectious Disease1639125651
Dani M. Zavasky 10075, NYInfectious Disease1710933395
Fouad Georges Bou Harb 11432, NYInfectious Disease1669428165
Family Physicians At Lich 11201, NYInfectious Disease1316994296
Gary A Zeitlin 10605, NYInfectious Disease1578510848
Jeffrey S Kennedy 12208, NYInfectious Disease1063450369
Anne C Sacks-berg 11743, NYInfectious Disease1194763946
East Side Psychiatric Services, Pc 10021, NYInfectious Disease1548208226
Ganapathi Parameswaran 14626, NYInfectious Disease1427096031
Kyongwook Yim 14620, NYInfectious Disease1457390122
Marc Tack 12401, NYInfectious Disease1376582015
Stony Brook Internists, University Faculty Practice Corporation 11794, NYInfectious Disease1497794077
Alan M Sanders 12208, NYInfectious Disease1952340523
Paul Daniel Zelenetz 11579, NYInfectious Disease1972542546
Peter C. Welch 10512, NYInfectious Disease1487694477
Marvin S Rabinowitz 13350, NYInfectious Disease1164462206
Henry W. Murray 10021, NYInfectious Disease1942240999
Sheldon Landesman 11203, NYInfectious Disease1770523698
Nayef El Daher 14611, NYInfectious Disease1659311439
David Scott Rubin 11367, NYInfectious Disease1003857616
Sangam B Jhaveri 11375, NYInfectious Disease1023059284
Cynthia A Hoey 11743, NYInfectious Disease1063455715
Andre Brutus 11217, NYInfectious Disease1760425458
Barbara J Berger 11432, NYInfectious Disease1548203995
Weill Medical College Of Cornell 10021, NYInfectious Disease1508809732
Michael Henry Cynamon 13210, NYInfectious Disease1427092493
Carol A Epstein 10457, NYInfectious Disease1548204993
Paul Riska 10467, NYInfectious Disease1245274364
Irwin Ingwer 11803, NYInfectious Disease1356386239
Shelley A Gilroy 12208, NYInfectious Disease1730124033


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