Providers with Taxonomy: Infectious Disease in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Daniel S Selinger 97527, ORInfectious Disease1043216088
David Norman Gilbert 97213, ORInfectious Disease1578569257
Albert Dominick Pacifico 98201, ORInfectious Disease1073519328
Sarah Slaughter 97213, ORInfectious Disease1780683185
Fred R. Stark 97914, ORInfectious Disease1609860774
Dorece G Norris 97213, ORInfectious Disease1518952415
Anne L Palumbo 97471, ORInfectious Disease1396731709
Brian A Lauer 97225, ORInfectious Disease1356330377
Ruth A Rabinovitch 97504, ORInfectious Disease1376521302
Laurie Cordaro D'avignon 97701, ORInfectious Disease1700851433
Robert K Pelz 97477, ORInfectious Disease1235106386
Christopher D. Pfeiffer 97239, ORInfectious Disease1760440044
Josephine M Williams 97227, ORInfectious Disease1407819139
Kevin Loring Winthrop 97239, ORInfectious Disease1679509525
Grants Pass Clinic Llp 97527, ORInfectious Disease1760418032
Patrick T Goodall 97225, ORInfectious Disease1487683967
Namrata Ragade 97302, ORInfectious Disease1518996198
Larry James Strausbaugh 97239, ORInfectious Disease1487685038
Julio C. Gonzalez 98506, ORInfectious Disease1447204326
Paul S Sehdev 97225, ORInfectious Disease1689607202
Jerry M Slepack 97225, ORInfectious Disease1285667675
Daniel Hampton Dewsnup 97470, ORInfectious Disease1871527911
Raymond Benjamin Bracis 97227, ORInfectious Disease1609897867
Lynne M. Strasfeld 97239, ORInfectious Disease1003837931
Sunwen Chou 97239, ORInfectious Disease1568477073
John Manchester Townes 97239, ORInfectious Disease1710993308
Thomas Towey Ward 97239, ORInfectious Disease1659387116
Richard Edward Bryant 97239, ORInfectious Disease1285641100
Freda Kerman 97015, ORInfectious Disease1841203213
Joseph Alan Kane 97015, ORInfectious Disease1881607281
Robert Y Choi 98201, ORInfectious Disease1962518472
Jason Daniel Cronin 97477, ORInfectious Disease1346260379
Brian Wong 97239, ORInfectious Disease1740298215
Melissa Denise Murphy 97239, ORInfectious Disease1497763916
Richard Albert Paguia 97504, ORInfectious Disease1588681498
Keith B. Riley 97015, ORInfectious Disease1609983766
Diana Antoniskis 97227, ORInfectious Disease1922116953
Cynthia Andrea Meier 98201, ORInfectious Disease1710096086
Mark Alden Crislip 97210, ORInfectious Disease1457461022
Molly Stenzel 97227, ORInfectious Disease1174635874
Jon E Lutz 97701, ORInfectious Disease1740385426
Woodruff J English 97225, ORInfectious Disease1205920477
Kieren Anne Marr 97239, ORInfectious Disease1104916055
Carmen Rebecca Sherer 97701, ORInfectious Disease1184706558
John C Girod 97302, ORInfectious Disease1568546794
Brad Eric Robinson 97471, ORInfectious Disease1972688828
Brad E Robinson Md Pc 97471, ORInfectious Disease1629153580
Hien Minh Nguyen 97015, ORInfectious Disease1659441699
Marcel Etienne Curlin 97239, ORInfectious Disease1134204936
Richard De Quiroz Basilan 97302, ORInfectious Disease1689760472
Christopher M Cirino 97219, ORInfectious Disease1740382613
Monica Kumari Sikka 97239, ORInfectious Disease1679685143
Marina Arbuck 97330, ORInfectious Disease1992894851
Cliffton T.h. Bong 97227, ORInfectious Disease1609950849
John David Wilson 97401, ORInfectious Disease1972676153
Steven M Standaert 98506, ORInfectious Disease1750455317
Steven Jay Spindel 97225, ORInfectious Disease1982760484
Gorge Bone Density Testing Llc 97058, ORInfectious Disease1790833721
Paul Raymond Cieslak 97213, ORInfectious Disease1083758130
Stephen Richardson Jones 97210, ORInfectious Disease1336272079
William Messer 97239, ORInfectious Disease1508085739
Eric Chien-yeh Chang 97227, ORInfectious Disease1720290190
Mark A Crislip 97210, ORInfectious Disease1013129410
Melissa Rose Nyendak 97239, ORInfectious Disease1851506299
Marissa Maier 97239, ORInfectious Disease1346446119
San Sophie Wong 98201, ORInfectious Disease1508054826
Erin Elizabeth Epson 97239, ORInfectious Disease1447435185
Christopher Dryden Evans 97239, ORInfectious Disease1811160468
Amy Margarete Dechet 97213, ORInfectious Disease1508031832
Brenda Michelle Ormesher 97477, ORInfectious Disease1922267384
Stark Medical, Pc 97914, ORInfectious Disease1316107782
Preeti Kondal 98506, ORInfectious Disease1205099181
Kialing Perez 97477, ORInfectious Disease1952501744
Tobias Pusch 97225, ORInfectious Disease1811189632
Regina S. Won 97030, ORInfectious Disease1619173085
Nicholas Ling Stucky 97213, ORInfectious Disease1912265190
Andrew Joseph Leitz 97239, ORInfectious Disease1740423334
Phil Holland Alday 97239, ORInfectious Disease1417181629
Columbia Sands Medical Specialities, Llc 97756, ORInfectious Disease1679705289
Good Samaritan Hospital Corvallis 97330, ORInfectious Disease1407112642
Leonidez De Guzman 10801, ORInfectious Disease1699900340
Daniel G Mcclung 98201, ORInfectious Disease1629396338
Kirsten M. Schutte 97504, ORInfectious Disease1285955930
Peter Alexander Leahey 97227, ORInfectious Disease1104143726
Luke C Strnad 97239, ORInfectious Disease1063733392
Jina Tushar Makadia 97239, ORInfectious Disease1548558117
Ellie Sukerman 97239, ORInfectious Disease1538492673
Zoe Muller 97302, ORInfectious Disease1497052393
Elizabeth Siefert Belanger 97213, ORInfectious Disease1467686287
Albany General Hospital 97321, ORInfectious Disease1174872022
Mid valley Healthcare, Inc. 97355, ORInfectious Disease1578812277
Providence Health & Services Oregon 97213, ORInfectious Disease1205188893
Stark Medical Group Pc 97914, ORInfectious Disease1063754208
Samaritan Pacific Health Services, Inc. 97341, ORInfectious Disease1912257460
George C Mejicano 97239, ORInfectious Disease1083680979
Jasmin Chaudhary 97302, ORInfectious Disease1558596916
Oana Denisa Majorant 97504, ORInfectious Disease1518205103
Shara Ann Betito Cabrera 97302, ORInfectious Disease1447493796
France Emilie Roy 97239, ORInfectious Disease1255804936
Tamara Bininashvili 97302, ORInfectious Disease1225455686
Caroline G Castillo 97239, ORInfectious Disease1700107463
Shivashanker Balasingham 97527, ORInfectious Disease1598996944
Remix Medical, Pllc 77098, ORInfectious Disease1891207601
Britta L Denman 98502, ORInfectious Disease1548344823
Wendi Kay Drummond 97213, ORInfectious Disease1417160797
Justin Sungho Jin 97213, ORInfectious Disease1710054218
Joseph Stone Doggett 97239, ORInfectious Disease1093914533
Erin Marie Murchan Bonura 97239, ORInfectious Disease1013071125
Graeme N Forrest 97239, ORInfectious Disease1730139114
Morgan B Hakki 97239, ORInfectious Disease1255441556
Noah David Mckittrick 97239, ORInfectious Disease1902197312
Robert Charles Lusk 97124, ORInfectious Disease1649276239
Hiv Alliance 97403, ORInfectious Disease1295134708
Harry A Scholtz 97302, ORInfectious Disease1124318639
Angela Holly Villamagna 97239, ORInfectious Disease1821482068
Gorge Bone Density Testing 97058, ORInfectious Disease1417005455
Infection Consultants Llp 97213, ORInfectious Disease1891830337
Raymond Bracis, Md 97210, ORInfectious Disease1174745418
Brian A Kendall 97213, ORInfectious Disease1104017052
Robert C Barnes 97402, ORInfectious Disease1689696999
Lauren Fontana 97239, ORInfectious Disease1609293661
Thomas M. Buchanan 97219, ORInfectious Disease1467461962
Cynthia Maree 97701, ORInfectious Disease1225063506
Adam Christopher Brady 97330, ORInfectious Disease1326334855
William E Muth 97330, ORInfectious Disease1598853822
Sugat K Patel 97330, ORInfectious Disease1518947233
Roni Kristin Devlin 20735, ORInfectious Disease1013998509
Cristina Fe G Mondragon 97205, ORInfectious Disease1235129891
Pratibha Seshadri 97504, ORInfectious Disease1801143615
Cami Hilsendager 97015, ORInfectious Disease1164835658
Kathy Hoang 73104, ORInfectious Disease1841679818
Samaritan Pacific Health Services Inc 97365, ORInfectious Disease1881282721
Ronald Jeffrey Dworkin 97213, ORInfectious Disease1154327997
Dana R Saunders 98506, ORInfectious Disease1508061656
James Everett Leggett 97213, ORInfectious Disease1538165279
Jennifer E Marfori 97225, ORInfectious Disease1407802143
Imran A Mohamedy 97225, ORInfectious Disease1841226255
Roberto L Patron 97213, ORInfectious Disease1962437780
Rachel N Plotinsky 97225, ORInfectious Disease1003965948
Cameron J Cover 97225, ORInfectious Disease1609806785
Ahmet Cemal Tural 98201, ORInfectious Disease1205927035
Providence Health & Services Wa 98201, ORInfectious Disease1154572253
David Phillip Serota 33136, ORInfectious Disease1801139464
Jill M Provaznik 84132, ORInfectious Disease1992185995
Cassandra Oehler 15212, ORInfectious Disease1114346186
Sammantha Jeane Kouba 58104, ORInfectious Disease1760877344


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