Providers with Taxonomy: Infectious Disease in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jorge Bertran Pasarell 00917, PRInfectious Disease1578560702
Ingrid Fernandez-milian 33183, PRInfectious Disease1740288851
Felix Ruiz Alvarez 00961, PRInfectious Disease1689675662
Tomas Francisco Lugo 00926, PRInfectious Disease1356341416
Brenda Y. Urbina Reyes 00921, PRInfectious Disease1710979471
Miguel A Colon Perez 00918, PRInfectious Disease1780677914
Zelma Z Fuxench Lopez 00960, PRInfectious Disease1184616336
Ramon A Ramirez Ronda 00680, PRInfectious Disease1275520900
Grupo Infectologico Del Turabo 00725, PRInfectious Disease1083603898
Gloria R Jove Gotay 00715, PRInfectious Disease1922099936
Javier O. Morales-ramirez 00909, PRInfectious Disease1346231040
Carlos Esteves Velez 00680, PRInfectious Disease1972585826
Luis R Alvarez Lugo 00791, PRInfectious Disease1649254483
Melba Iris Colon 00959, PRInfectious Disease1679559462
Yuri Corrales Higuera 00924, PRInfectious Disease1164496790
Carlos Fernando Leon 00918, PRInfectious Disease1730153750
Carlos Hector Ramirez-ronda 00926, PRInfectious Disease1154397883
Javier Figueroa Miranda 00961, PRInfectious Disease1871561894
Hector F. Gorbea 00910, PRInfectious Disease1932177326
Agripino Lugo Velazquez 00792, PRInfectious Disease1225098742
Adan E Nigaglioni Rivera 00922, PRInfectious Disease1598726911
Humberto M Guiot-martinez 00935, PRInfectious Disease1730145111
Jorge L. Santana - Bagur 00674, PRInfectious Disease1063463586
Sonia Saavedra Sanquirico 00921, PRInfectious Disease1306897020
Mario R. Lopez 00985, PRInfectious Disease1952355968
Jorge L Garib 00983, PRInfectious Disease1528012564
Cristian R Tampe-moreno 00926, PRInfectious Disease1386698405
Gabriel Martinez-rodriguez 00780, PRInfectious Disease1023063104
Nilda Jeannette Zapata-molina 00717, PRInfectious Disease1205882289
Elba I Arroyo Camunas 00926, PRInfectious Disease1871531921
Guillermo J Vazquez Andino 00926, PRInfectious Disease1609815935
Gisela Maldonado Morales 00725, PRInfectious Disease1467491787
Eva E Trinidad 00923, PRInfectious Disease1194764852
Francisco N Alvarado Melendez 00778, PRInfectious Disease1437199593
Maria Del C. Rodriguez Julbe 00926, PRInfectious Disease1730129354
Jose J Gutierrez-nunez 00921, PRInfectious Disease1053354530
Jose Luis Ortiz-cruz 00737, PRInfectious Disease1881622116
Armando Torres Nieves 00926, PRInfectious Disease1346270790
Jose E. Asencio 00921, PRInfectious Disease1689600413
Merida S. Colon Caban 00921, PRInfectious Disease1093760894
Mayra Milagros Colon-candelaria 00771, PRInfectious Disease1336189950
Cecile E Navarro Santana 00603, PRInfectious Disease1215969084
Marjorie M Perales Figueroa 00791, PRInfectious Disease1720033871
Glenda M Gonzalez-claudio 00778, PRInfectious Disease1306871850
Angeles Rodriguez 00921, PRInfectious Disease1942226808
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00936, PRInfectious Disease1497772065
Gladys E Sepulveda 00763, PRInfectious Disease1376559005
Rafael A Quinones 00730, PRInfectious Disease1427068022
Sydia L Cruz-lopez 00680, PRInfectious Disease1730294604
Univ Central Del Caribe 00960, PRInfectious Disease1831206531
Jorge E Ruiz Roman 00921, PRInfectious Disease1033212378
Henry Catala Zayas 00674, PRInfectious Disease1750486957
Ramon H Bermudez-del Valle 00919, PRInfectious Disease1063598266
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00929, PRInfectious Disease1467524967
Wanda I Torres-lopez 00613, PRInfectious Disease1508925868
Juan Milan-lucca 00959, PRInfectious Disease1457409187
John Sepulveda 00612, PRInfectious Disease1619013109
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00929, PRInfectious Disease1760523690
Vanessa Olivo Echavarry 00917, PRInfectious Disease1164556361
Bernard Christenson 00961, PRInfectious Disease1467577387
Carlos Sanchez Sergenton 00927, PRInfectious Disease1477678803
Carlos Javier Guzman Ortiz 00705, PRInfectious Disease1386712388
Bebelin Melendez Pagan 00926, PRInfectious Disease1366561557
Minerva N Rodriguez Perez 00678, PRInfectious Disease1487773289
Diana M Otero-castro 00725, PRInfectious Disease1033327523
Eileen Colon Santos 00926, PRInfectious Disease1316158926
Arelis Febles Negron 00969, PRInfectious Disease1518169952
Luis Angel Bonilla Gonzalez 00926, PRInfectious Disease1750588802
Carlos J Sanchez Rivera 00918, PRInfectious Disease1073706131
Sol Melisa Carrillo Morales 00956, PRInfectious Disease1184818304
Sandra N Maldonado-rivera 00646, PRInfectious Disease1891980892
Yolanda Rodriguez-ramirez 00705, PRInfectious Disease1932396934
Even Cedeno Cedeno 00656, PRInfectious Disease1063673697
Dr Humberto M Guiot Csp 00926, PRInfectious Disease1629243852
Sergio Perez-acosta 00725, PRInfectious Disease1346423720
Ruth A. Feliciano-bacenet 00725, PRInfectious Disease1851509343
Carmelo Santana-lopez 00919, PRInfectious Disease1215130687
Dianne Marie Marquez Minondo 00716, PRInfectious Disease1679768881
Mirelis M Fabian Argueta 00737, PRInfectious Disease1023136801
Luis Fontan Lasanta 00737, PRInfectious Disease1740308675
Lilia R Sanchez-perez 00969, PRInfectious Disease1699923482
Marielys Otero Maldonado 00674, PRInfectious Disease1649420480
Paco M Diaz-pares 00612, PRInfectious Disease1609011295
Idxpert, P.c. 00725, PRInfectious Disease1992000855
Zaydalee Cardona Rodriguez 00685, PRInfectious Disease1174852248
Ivan Caraballo-gonzalez 00921, PRInfectious Disease1124330733
Gloria E Soto-pillich 00901, PRInfectious Disease1780819060
Lemuel Martinez-bonilla 00956, PRInfectious Disease1073761193
Karla Melissa Torres Torres 00918, PRInfectious Disease1235384231
Gam Llc 00731, PRInfectious Disease1427463835
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00921, PRInfectious Disease1487050845
Dra. Minerva Rodriguez infectologa, Csp 00623, PRInfectious Disease1013307214
Ls Id Specialty Psc 00971, PRInfectious Disease1497133037
Iris D Velazquez 00676, PRInfectious Disease1841384054
Rosana Amador-miranda 00716, PRInfectious Disease1790806297
Caribbean Infectology Consulting Group, L.l.c. 00717, PRInfectious Disease1487998787
Rafael De Leon-borras 00705, PRInfectious Disease1902160690
Daisy Marie Torres-miranda 33414, PRInfectious Disease1407199938
Idn. Svc Corp 00674, PRInfectious Disease1134581507
Velazquez Infectious Diseases Services P.s.c. 00602, PRInfectious Disease1083148688
Mayra Velez Rivera 00737, PRInfectious Disease1184743254
Mv Health Services Llc 00926, PRInfectious Disease1003464785
Aids Healthcare Foundation 00978, PRInfectious Disease1538699426
Centro Ararat Inc 00909, PRInfectious Disease1114577046
Yashira E Veras-vazquez 00921, PRInfectious Disease1922425834
Hector J. Melendez-gonzalez 00921, PRInfectious Disease1861819021
Puerto Rico Community For Clinical Services, Research And Health 00925, PRInfectious Disease1396776472
Cohesion Health Services 00674, PRInfectious Disease1306482443
Doris Maria Perez-torres 00936, PRInfectious Disease1346446572
Carlos Juan Perez Lopez 00969, PRInfectious Disease1861810012
Dm Infectious Diseases, Psc 00918, PRInfectious Disease1528475415
Damyr Aponte-diaz 00917, PRInfectious Disease1396149381
Mariela Raquel Hernandez Cajigas 00669, PRInfectious Disease1366869323
San Cristobal Diagnostic & Therapy Group 00780, PRInfectious Disease1912934357
Ffv Id Med Group Psc 00936, PRInfectious Disease1861409898
Neuro Id Group, Psc 00926, PRInfectious Disease1982704730
Nicolas Eduardo Bordas 00717, PRInfectious Disease1023422870
Joel Alexis Matos-matos 00969, PRInfectious Disease1144562992
Zcr Id Consulting Llc 00685, PRInfectious Disease1336632702
Jossette Axtmayer-tolosa 00674, PRInfectious Disease1639565963
Gabriel Galindez De Jesus 00935, PRInfectious Disease1346796042
Marisel Bosques Rosado 00926, PRInfectious Disease1548253537
Lm Medical Services Csp 00674, PRInfectious Disease1275118309
Centro De Cancer De La Universidad 00927, PRInfectious Disease1689836629
Camille Marie Gonzalez Morales 00936, PRInfectious Disease1174993224
Nicole Irena Rivera-perez 00676, PRInfectious Disease1528371770
Noelia Antonia Baez Rivera 00935, PRInfectious Disease1871941591
Jarold Mendez 00907, PRInfectious Disease1992144281
Marisol Lopez Maldonado 00959, PRInfectious Disease1710388442
Joel Munoz Coreano 00935, PRInfectious Disease1891130035
Jarelys Michelle Hernandez Jimenez 34994, PRInfectious Disease1184088098
Janiabeth Vega 00693, PRInfectious Disease1447633169
Arelis Santana 87106, PRInfectious Disease1932544939
Cariane Morales Matos 10467, PRInfectious Disease1366856676
Carlos R Ramirez-ramirez 32159, PRInfectious Disease1194793166
Yaixa Rentas-torres 11550, PRInfectious Disease1750694626
Lauren Acevedo-molina 34209, PRInfectious Disease1316333669


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