Providers with Taxonomy: Infectious Disease in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Infectious Disease
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Marvin F Fojtasek 75067, TXInfectious Disease1669475737
Pornthep Wattanamano 77007, TXInfectious Disease1295738516
Allan Rowan Kelly 76104, TXInfectious Disease1598769333
Edward Robert Rensimer 77055, TXInfectious Disease1326043654
Henry Costa 79925, TXInfectious Disease1134125651
Consultants In Infectious Diseases 79407, TXInfectious Disease1578569893
Dennis Efren Duriex 79410, TXInfectious Disease1336145838
Lawrence P Martinelli 79410, TXInfectious Disease1740286269
Man Tai Lam 79902, TXInfectious Disease1790784692
Alan Jesse Chapman 77024, TXInfectious Disease1245239177
Luis Zeichner Ostrosky 77030, TXInfectious Disease1952301632
Edward A Dominguez 75203, TXInfectious Disease1598765828
Steven L. Hickerson 75701, TXInfectious Disease1376543546
East Texas Infectious Disease Consultants, Pllc 75701, TXInfectious Disease1912907353
Sharafali Y Diwan 77070, TXInfectious Disease1114927290
Bienvenido Gatmaitan Gatmaitan 76015, TXInfectious Disease1043211816
Richard R Yates 75701, TXInfectious Disease1972503209
Antonio M. Ortega 79902, TXInfectious Disease1528060969
Tawanda Gumbo 75390, TXInfectious Disease1255323317
Anh Thi Nguyen 77479, TXInfectious Disease1275534976
Diagnostic Clinic Of Longview Pa 75605, TXInfectious Disease1386638468
Joseph Clayton Gathe 77004, TXInfectious Disease1366436263
Gary N Butka 76801, TXInfectious Disease1871581272
Peter Francis Barnes 75708, TXInfectious Disease1669460960
Michael John Borucki 76707, TXInfectious Disease1194713230
David Leroy Lakey 75708, TXInfectious Disease1386633451
Alison J Berry 78233, TXInfectious Disease1487644423
Richard Eric Thorner 78229, TXInfectious Disease1952391948
Charles J Lerner 78230, TXInfectious Disease1770573701
Ank Elisabeth Nijhawan 75390, TXInfectious Disease1023099116
Perry G Pate 75039, TXInfectious Disease1659352284
Mohanad Bakleh 75094, TXInfectious Disease1942281415
Steven G Davis 75039, TXInfectious Disease1659352045
Parisa Ann Suthun 75039, TXInfectious Disease1316928740
Richard L Harris 77030, TXInfectious Disease1851373039
Robert A Zajac 78258, TXInfectious Disease1013907963
Edward L Goodman 75231, TXInfectious Disease1245215466
Allison M Liddell 75231, TXInfectious Disease1831174069
William Warner 77591, TXInfectious Disease1467437574
Lynn Longmore Horvath 78234, TXInfectious Disease1720065683
Tobias Samo 77030, TXInfectious Disease1790763456
Todd Joseph Vento 78234, TXInfectious Disease1487630802
Minaxi K Rathod 75092, TXInfectious Disease1437137981
Richard James Wallace 75708, TXInfectious Disease1083698609
Ivy Infusion Llc 77478, TXInfectious Disease1326578899
Thomas Adam Kaspar 77004, TXInfectious Disease1205810629
Natalie N. Vanek 77006, TXInfectious Disease1023098282
Sue Ellen Oconnor 75039, TXInfectious Disease1154309847
Ricardo Souza Lemos 77802, TXInfectious Disease1417927104
Edna Toubes-klingler 75215, TXInfectious Disease1508837113
Gustavo Valero 78550, TXInfectious Disease1831161942
Center For Infectious Diseases Plcc 78501, TXInfectious Disease1871565986
Katia V Brown 75231, TXInfectious Disease1093787194
Cheryl K Mcdonald 76104, TXInfectious Disease1013982511
Mark J Hupert 76104, TXInfectious Disease1265407761
Javed M Akram Md Pa 76201, TXInfectious Disease1699741116
Rasha M Ghurani 75042, TXInfectious Disease1699741785
Nicholaos C. Bellos, Md, Pa 75204, TXInfectious Disease1902873771
Carlos Neira-juarez 79920, TXInfectious Disease1346218203
Charles Chibundu Mbonu 75503, TXInfectious Disease1033187299
Nicholaos C Bellos 75219, TXInfectious Disease1962471128
Robert Ware Haley 75390, TXInfectious Disease1942269063
Robert Douglas Hardy 75390, TXInfectious Disease1588623615
Robert Sims Munford 75390, TXInfectious Disease1619936747
Ricardo A Adames 78526, TXInfectious Disease1306806468
John L. Carpenter 76508, TXInfectious Disease1003876004
Lisa Cornelius 78756, TXInfectious Disease1538129481
Abdul Qavi 75149, TXInfectious Disease1780655779
Seema Shah 77030, TXInfectious Disease1851364327
Benjamin Lee Portnoy 77004, TXInfectious Disease1073583423
Radhika A Kolli 76015, TXInfectious Disease1639138290
Zakir Hussain A Shaikh 75081, TXInfectious Disease1770556995
Bruce Wood 78130, TXInfectious Disease1972576031
Krishna K. Bobbili 76028, TXInfectious Disease1851364699
Gene W Voskuhl 75090, TXInfectious Disease1649249392
Daniel Barbaro 76104, TXInfectious Disease1669447157
James Phillip Luby 75390, TXInfectious Disease1275593659
Abilene Infectious Diseases Pa 79601, TXInfectious Disease1952361362
Carson Tan Lo 77493, TXInfectious Disease1164483293
Patricia Sharkey 75092, TXInfectious Disease1174584080
Heather C Yun 78234, TXInfectious Disease1366403891
Robert O'connell 78236, TXInfectious Disease1629030135
Mamta K Jain 75390, TXInfectious Disease1114989290
Paul M Southern 75390, TXInfectious Disease1326000142
Paxton H. Howard 76528, TXInfectious Disease1629030374
Rodrigo Hasbun 77030, TXInfectious Disease1659334100
Muhammad Akbar 75217, TXInfectious Disease1164485439
William Terry Siebert 77002, TXInfectious Disease1962465765
Philip Keiser 75390, TXInfectious Disease1790748424
Barbara A Atkinson 76107, TXInfectious Disease1053375543
Debbie Ann Bridges 75042, TXInfectious Disease1821054776
Elleni Woldesenbet 76015, TXInfectious Disease1861459869
Chi Hiong U Go 77384, TXInfectious Disease1063478006
David Michael Allen 75230, TXInfectious Disease1205884632
Gary Paul Holmes 76544, TXInfectious Disease1467402743
Ashish A Acharya 75039, TXInfectious Disease1215987359
Charles Sims 77384, TXInfectious Disease1245281294
Charles M Mcclean 76015, TXInfectious Disease1144272071
Moeena Zain 78503, TXInfectious Disease1609829316
Cynthia Schneidler 75246, TXInfectious Disease1467405688
South Texas Infectious Diseases Consultants, P.a. 78503, TXInfectious Disease1558314138
Planned Parenthood Center Of El Paso 79903, TXInfectious Disease1982657920
Ricardo F Garcia 78503, TXInfectious Disease1871547521
Elizabeth M Race 75230, TXInfectious Disease1568424596
Jiejian Lin 77030, TXInfectious Disease1679533533
Suzanne Yuri Wada 75246, TXInfectious Disease1427012152
Pablo M Feuillet 78259, TXInfectious Disease1922052570
Pablo Martin Feuillet M D P A 78259, TXInfectious Disease1659325215
Amarillo Medical Specialists,llp 79106, TXInfectious Disease1790743524
Srikanth Ramachandruni 78414, TXInfectious Disease1497719306
Juan L. Garza 77008, TXInfectious Disease1821040429
Yamini Kalla 79601, TXInfectious Disease1568420693
Muhammad Ali Khan 75093, TXInfectious Disease1396700043
Linda Siti Yancey 77493, TXInfectious Disease1992759070
Steven B Sotman 76132, TXInfectious Disease1114971132
Christopher Joseph Bettacchi 75246, TXInfectious Disease1083669543
Nabil T Khoury 77090, TXInfectious Disease1053366351
Victor Eduardo Mulanovich 77030, TXInfectious Disease1740236934
Rhonda V Fleming 79902, TXInfectious Disease1376590067
Emran Rahman 75235, TXInfectious Disease1528015864
Suresh J Antony 79902, TXInfectious Disease1831136548
Elsa Chang 78503, TXInfectious Disease1801833108
Zaher Shebib 77505, TXInfectious Disease1780622928
Oakbend Medical Group 77479, TXInfectious Disease1366480725
Edward Sang Wong 23230, TXInfectious Disease1760421473
Miguel Angel Sierra-hoffman 77901, TXInfectious Disease1265472906
Maria E Carlini 77074, TXInfectious Disease1487695672
David Hamer Md Pa 77598, TXInfectious Disease1275574139
Brownwood Specialty Group, Pa 76801, TXInfectious Disease1487696688
Infectious Diseases Consultants, Pa 77074, TXInfectious Disease1881636116
Carl Victor Vartian 77074, TXInfectious Disease1134163975
Sharaf Diwan, M.d., P.a. Llc 77070, TXInfectious Disease1215971072
Steven B Sotman, Md Pa 76132, TXInfectious Disease1962446294
Howard M Kussman, Md, Pa 75075, TXInfectious Disease1578508313
Hoi Ho 79905, TXInfectious Disease1427094820
Gopikishan R. Rangaraj 77091, TXInfectious Disease1194751214
Armando D. Meza 79905, TXInfectious Disease1023044005
Sowjanya S. Mohan 78217, TXInfectious Disease1467488940
Mirza Shahbaz Hasan 75231, TXInfectious Disease1255369815
Waco Infectious Disease Associates P A 76712, TXInfectious Disease1003844531
Stanley Cal 76104, TXInfectious Disease1003846288
Marcos Martinez 75035, TXInfectious Disease1235174244
Javed M Akram 76201, TXInfectious Disease1558303917
Trish Marie Perl 75390, TXInfectious Disease1275574808
Sohail Ahmed 75042, TXInfectious Disease1104866045
John Scott Milton 79106, TXInfectious Disease1033155312
Chamalee Namal Weeratunge 78130, TXInfectious Disease1245274026
Michelle Onorato 77598, TXInfectious Disease1417991795
North Texas Inpatient And Geriatric Associates Pa 75243, TXInfectious Disease1578596086
Tanvir K Bell 77030, TXInfectious Disease1720012644
Owen E Mc Cormack 77009, TXInfectious Disease1689607681
Jason Okulicz 78236, TXInfectious Disease1427082874
Charles R. Sims, Md Pa 77384, TXInfectious Disease1114951373
Cezarina Mindru 77030, TXInfectious Disease1497780787
Lindsay M. John 76508, TXInfectious Disease1184649105
Matthew C Robinson 78705, TXInfectious Disease1063437838
Kristin E Mondy 78701, TXInfectious Disease1265459762
North Texas Inpatient And Geriatric Associates Pa 75243, TXInfectious Disease1760409304
Charles D Ericsson 77030, TXInfectious Disease1477571941
Lisa Y Armitige 77030, TXInfectious Disease1568480820
Pablo C Okhuysen 77030, TXInfectious Disease1629096987
Jack Daulton Bissett 78705, TXInfectious Disease1407874027
Lisa C Ellis 78705, TXInfectious Disease1497774020
North Texas Inpatient And Geriatric Associates Pa 75247, TXInfectious Disease1124048525
Mahesh B Kottapalli 75115, TXInfectious Disease1245252733
Rabih O Darouiche 77030, TXInfectious Disease1174545164
Richard James Hamill 77030, TXInfectious Disease1942224795
Maria C Rodriguez-barradas 77030, TXInfectious Disease1164446688
James William Smith 75216, TXInfectious Disease1649294141
Edward J Sherwood 78701, TXInfectious Disease1992719066
James S. Stewart Evans 78705, TXInfectious Disease1396769543
Clear Lake Specialties Pa 77598, TXInfectious Disease1750305355
General Infectious Disease Associates 77504, TXInfectious Disease1598779555
Elizabeth A Walter 78229, TXInfectious Disease1578579496
Marc H Weiner 78229, TXInfectious Disease1427065622
Shital Mahendra Patel 77030, TXInfectious Disease1649286105
Akram Shakhashiro 77024, TXInfectious Disease1033128665
Jan Patterson 78229, TXInfectious Disease1487663738
Shahriar Tavakoli Tabasi 77030, TXInfectious Disease1417967076
Wayne Xavier Shandera 77030, TXInfectious Disease1114936911
Rajendra G Pandya 77070, TXInfectious Disease1265442420
Tore Ulf Westblom 76504, TXInfectious Disease1144230012
Aaron D Owens 78229, TXInfectious Disease1578574364
Peter Melby 78229, TXInfectious Disease1700898624
Barbara Wells Trautner 77030, TXInfectious Disease1881606341
Bonnie W. Rawot 75230, TXInfectious Disease1881607877
Michael Shiloh 75390, TXInfectious Disease1215940010
Steven M. Seidenfeld 75230, TXInfectious Disease1619980687
Roger Bedimo 75216, TXInfectious Disease1508879859
David P Dooley 76712, TXInfectious Disease1952417727
Edward F Verner 76712, TXInfectious Disease1356457162
Lone Star Infectious Disease Consultants, Pllc 78404, TXInfectious Disease1477669265
Michael T. Jelinek 78539, TXInfectious Disease1144337627
Robert A Zajac Md Pa 78258, TXInfectious Disease1255357653
Daniel Richard Walker 77304, TXInfectious Disease1356376891
Monisha Arya 77030, TXInfectious Disease1821002569
Ben J Barnett 77030, TXInfectious Disease1457379687
Philip C Johnson 77030, TXInfectious Disease1063430445
Barbara E Murray 77030, TXInfectious Disease1497773709
Amneris Esther Luque 75390, TXInfectious Disease1558393538


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