Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Craig L. Coe 36303, ALInternal Medicine1831192889
Sarah Bagwell 35071, ALInternal Medicine1629488101
Lewe S. West 36303, ALInternal Medicine1265435341
Charles M. Soppet 36303, ALInternal Medicine1982607941
Melanie P. Nicholls 36303, ALInternal Medicine1841293792
James H Crenshaw 35205, ALInternal Medicine1013910736
William A. Powell 35213, ALInternal Medicine1295738623
Scott T Kelley 35213, ALInternal Medicine1326041757
Dale E. Trammell 35213, ALInternal Medicine1871596205
Jeffrey J. Clifton 35205, ALInternal Medicine1821091141
Thomas G Preston 35210, ALInternal Medicine1942203369
C. Kirk Avent 35233, ALInternal Medicine1669475901
Benjamin J Makamson 36604, ALInternal Medicine1518960038
David Clyde Call 35576, ALInternal Medicine1245233667
Saad Rahman 35801, ALInternal Medicine1265434450
Robert Boyd Hoit 36106, ALInternal Medicine1285638247
Randall G. Hess 35121, ALInternal Medicine1386648277
Saji Cheriyan Jacob 35249, ALInternal Medicine1275537169
Rodney Terrell Smith 36106, ALInternal Medicine1215931191
Alvaro Alejandro Aldana 35243, ALInternal Medicine1295739274
Vikram Arora 35243, ALInternal Medicine1255335246
Byron Dale Jones 35243, ALInternal Medicine1245234137
Rex Allen Butler 36420, ALInternal Medicine1730184961
Robert Flowers 35630, ALInternal Medicine1114922317
Darshana Vyas 36420, ALInternal Medicine1376548214
Melinda Hart 35058, ALInternal Medicine1174528020
Alfred W.h. Stanley 35209, ALInternal Medicine1821093790
Raymond Workman 35022, ALInternal Medicine1649275512
Vijay Vyas 36420, ALInternal Medicine1689679656
Martin J Smith 35630, ALInternal Medicine1588669402
Paul H Chan 36301, ALInternal Medicine1154326783
Narinder P Bhalla 36117, ALInternal Medicine1275539702
Theresa Ann Coomer 35748, ALInternal Medicine1669478806
Melanie Halvorson 36106, ALInternal Medicine1265438527
Mark L. Vaporean 35209, ALInternal Medicine1003812140
Gerald Van Jones 36106, ALInternal Medicine1649276650
Sarah L Scheurich-payne 35205, ALInternal Medicine1265438071
James Richard Gewin 35243, ALInternal Medicine1497751127
M. Luqman Ahmed 36117, ALInternal Medicine1457358053
Therese Marie Lango 35630, ALInternal Medicine1235136821
Sean Michael Rhuland 35630, ALInternal Medicine1356348932
John Robert Reinke 35630, ALInternal Medicine1124025713
Pervaiz A Malik 36117, ALInternal Medicine1275530636
Susan Bonfili Fleet 36608, ALInternal Medicine1053318030
Charles E Hood 35768, ALInternal Medicine1124026513
Claude Osula 35501, ALInternal Medicine1235137688
Alan Roy Shain 36608, ALInternal Medicine1316945306
Lisa Bosarge Burch 36608, ALInternal Medicine1932107943
Elliot Howard Borak 36608, ALInternal Medicine1265430235
Subir K Paul 35630, ALInternal Medicine1922006816
Narasimha Rao Boorgu 35630, ALInternal Medicine1043218928
Thomas J Wool 36116, ALInternal Medicine1114924321
Ajit Kamalakarrao Naidu 35630, ALInternal Medicine1912904913
David Alan Cox 35243, ALInternal Medicine1649278011
Edward Garrison Carlos 36608, ALInternal Medicine1346248358
Kathryn Northcutt Cunningham 36530, ALInternal Medicine1437625084
Jack R Perry 35501, ALInternal Medicine1851399877
Roger Martin Alvarado 36604, ALInternal Medicine1265430243
Hugh Morgan Ashurst 36608, ALInternal Medicine1952309965
Donald Berry Sanders 36608, ALInternal Medicine1811995731
Liston Stephen Jones 36608, ALInternal Medicine1639177553
Rajesh Boorgu 35630, ALInternal Medicine1033117817
Raymond N Fernandez 35950, ALInternal Medicine1699774141
Peter Dsa 35150, ALInternal Medicine1730188129
Joshua Vacik 35660, ALInternal Medicine1770582371
Roy Francis Stanton, Iii 35205, ALInternal Medicine1164421129
Sylvia Burson Rushing 36305, ALInternal Medicine1578562484
Richard B. Deal 35660, ALInternal Medicine1386644706
Massoud Ansari Leesar 35233, ALInternal Medicine1215937446
Virenjan K Narayan 35901, ALInternal Medicine1518968494
Max Ronald Shiver 36863, ALInternal Medicine1184623241
Alan Q. Thomas 35243, ALInternal Medicine1528066313
Thomas Gregory Mckelvey 36608, ALInternal Medicine1306844394
Edward F. Mahan 35058, ALInternal Medicine1174523617
Bankimchandra J Patel 35901, ALInternal Medicine1801897772
Robert C Osburne 35401, ALInternal Medicine1740289925
Kenny Smith 35901, ALInternal Medicine1295736460
Russell S Whitaker 35903, ALInternal Medicine1710988183
Jason C Junkins 35906, ALInternal Medicine1114928512
William Allen Hobbs 35630, ALInternal Medicine1063413268
John Edgar Bartmess 35630, ALInternal Medicine1205837317
David Thomas Brown 35630, ALInternal Medicine1700888708
Frederick H Weber 35249, ALInternal Medicine1306848023
Diana K Mccutcheon 35652, ALInternal Medicine1760484380
Carter Joe Hale 35809, ALInternal Medicine1972505360
Christopher O Harper 35180, ALInternal Medicine1770575854
John David Dunkel 35801, ALInternal Medicine1841282035
Ali A M Hassoun 35801, ALInternal Medicine1063404978
Vipul Thakorbhai Amin 35903, ALInternal Medicine1720070659
Vijayaprasad Tummala 35903, ALInternal Medicine1104818616
William Gary Cumbie 36106, ALInternal Medicine1053303602
Thomas A Pugliese 35903, ALInternal Medicine1306838818
Jed L Kaplan 35903, ALInternal Medicine1013909522
Cesar T Fernandez 35903, ALInternal Medicine1659363109
Melvin Leonard Oakley 36027, ALInternal Medicine1225020670
Arti Pandey 35406, ALInternal Medicine1871586966
David Nelson Rhyne 36330, ALInternal Medicine1285627109
Gary G. Allen 36330, ALInternal Medicine1972596849
Patricia K Lillis 36116, ALInternal Medicine1619960507
Anthony Scott Greer 36830, ALInternal Medicine1619960465
Daniel G Cameron 36604, ALInternal Medicine1558353987
Charles F Felgner 35249, ALInternal Medicine1871594176
Ivana Barbara Kajdos 35501, ALInternal Medicine1215939301
Craig Alan Young 35976, ALInternal Medicine1194718155
Toheed J. Kamal 35473, ALInternal Medicine1174517536
Sakina A Kamal 35473, ALInternal Medicine1619961000
Anand Pandey 35406, ALInternal Medicine1740274133
Warren H Holley 35473, ALInternal Medicine1194719567
Dibyajiban Mahapatra 35801, ALInternal Medicine1639163769
Robert Ronnie Harrell 36305, ALInternal Medicine1083608871
Christopher Edward Byard 36305, ALInternal Medicine1730173535
David Dunn Gayle 36305, ALInternal Medicine1336133131
Kenneth E. Rose 35661, ALInternal Medicine1215921978
Peter Anthony Veneziano 36330, ALInternal Medicine1679567341
James Richard Yates 36265, ALInternal Medicine1699769174
James Benjamin Craven 36305, ALInternal Medicine1659365104
Michael Edward Pinson 36305, ALInternal Medicine1760476212
Simon Roland Brooks 36305, ALInternal Medicine1588658033
James Adolph Sawyer 36305, ALInternal Medicine1598759037
Parks Winfield Pratt 36305, ALInternal Medicine1003801432
Robert Allen Latimer 36305, ALInternal Medicine1558356881
Alvin V Tenchavez 35974, ALInternal Medicine1225023211
Richard Henry Esham 36605, ALInternal Medicine1720073588
William E Fialkowski 35249, ALInternal Medicine1619962347
Sanjiv Chatterji 35235, ALInternal Medicine1528053147
Katherine Booty Windham 36066, ALInternal Medicine1942296512
Thakorbhai B Darji 36784, ALInternal Medicine1538155148
Stephen L Avram 35121, ALInternal Medicine1174519623
Joseph W Forte 36303, ALInternal Medicine1952397440
Harold L Franks 35055, ALInternal Medicine1427044932
Clark D Baker 35125, ALInternal Medicine1326034836
Oluyinka Adediji 36117, ALInternal Medicine1245226612
Marion L Sennett 36608, ALInternal Medicine1962498295
Gregory Griffin Hill 35068, ALInternal Medicine1013903160
Larry Wayne Wade 35068, ALInternal Medicine1922094085
Dinesh C Parmar 35901, ALInternal Medicine1821084534
Harry Earl Studdard 36608, ALInternal Medicine1144217837
Robert H Williams 35055, ALInternal Medicine1386631992
Christine Beville Myers 35630, ALInternal Medicine1487641809
Richard Ginsburg 36106, ALInternal Medicine1689661860
Daniel Vincent Kyle 35020, ALInternal Medicine1205823168
Thomas Anthony Pace 35022, ALInternal Medicine1417944257
Elizabeth L. Chua 35903, ALInternal Medicine1134117872
Gary L Boyd 35209, ALInternal Medicine1518952944
John B Bassel 37043, ALInternal Medicine1346235629
James Patrick Mcgraw 35801, ALInternal Medicine1609863927
Enrico D Gaspar 35957, ALInternal Medicine1497740492
Amy D Strassburg 36608, ALInternal Medicine1396730925
Richard J. Gualtieri 35801, ALInternal Medicine1306839774
Alan Wesley Purvis 36301, ALInternal Medicine1932193414
Brian Reynolds Sinclair 36301, ALInternal Medicine1013901594
Marvin Walker Sexton 36301, ALInternal Medicine1659365138
Daniel W Fox 35801, ALInternal Medicine1205820057
Damian Joseph Collins 36604, ALInternal Medicine1003802885
Wyndol Span Hamer 36207, ALInternal Medicine1124016480
Sara S Shashy 36106, ALInternal Medicine1861480030
Ronald Windell Hanson 35901, ALInternal Medicine1306834437
Raymond Lloyd Bell 36617, ALInternal Medicine1710975743
Hari S. Kapur 36109, ALInternal Medicine1750370482
Jerry W Chandler 35243, ALInternal Medicine1356330039
Percy J Colon 35243, ALInternal Medicine1346239027
Donald G Gordon 35243, ALInternal Medicine1285623967
Saema Mirza 35243, ALInternal Medicine1356330054
Larry E Dye 35243, ALInternal Medicine1598754277
William R Harrison 35243, ALInternal Medicine1275522963
Paschal E Redding 35022, ALInternal Medicine1396734992
Russell C Reeves 35243, ALInternal Medicine1740279348
Raashid Ashraf 35243, ALInternal Medicine1760471437
Elizabeth Branscomb 35243, ALInternal Medicine1285623959
Robert I Brock 35243, ALInternal Medicine1457340127
Michael B Honan 35243, ALInternal Medicine1609865393
Luiz Pinheiro 35243, ALInternal Medicine1508855206
Anuradha V Rao 35243, ALInternal Medicine1497744197
William R Stetler 35213, ALInternal Medicine1619966215
Paul J Troup 35243, ALInternal Medicine1972592574
James Terry White 35243, ALInternal Medicine1124017728
James Bradley Cavender 35243, ALInternal Medicine1447249917
James M Jones 35243, ALInternal Medicine1659360121
Anderson M Morris 35209, ALInternal Medicine1194714675
John T Eagan 35243, ALInternal Medicine1881683365
Archana Rastogi 35811, ALInternal Medicine1427047885
Walter E Meyer 35801, ALInternal Medicine1629067996
Wilhelm Tietke 35801, ALInternal Medicine1396734661
Sai Avula 36301, ALInternal Medicine1467441741
Kristopher R Wood 35045, ALInternal Medicine1700875028
C Allen Goetsch 35801, ALInternal Medicine1316936446
Jason H Deberry 35045, ALInternal Medicine1932198058
Thomas P Short 35801, ALInternal Medicine1144219148
Younus M Ismail 35768, ALInternal Medicine1053301697
Donato G Dumlao 36526, ALInternal Medicine1972593457
Earle F Mazyck 36301, ALInternal Medicine1720079726
Reginald M Smith 35004, ALInternal Medicine1700877719
Robert M Combs 36111, ALInternal Medicine1477544971
Frederico Yambao Fernandez 35968, ALInternal Medicine1972594505
Glenn A Yates 36106, ALInternal Medicine1124019781
Paul Leon Strong 36106, ALInternal Medicine1760473326
James T Mclaughlin 36106, ALInternal Medicine1568453124
Raghu Mukkamala 36106, ALInternal Medicine1720079395
William E Wilcox 35235, ALInternal Medicine1497746846
William G Kuczerpa 35957, ALInternal Medicine1730170978


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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