Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Arkansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Arkansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
American Oncology Partners, P.a. 33905, ARInternal Medicine1265929723
Gerald S Stipanuk 72315, ARInternal Medicine1669459905
Mahiry Romero-salinas 32829, ARInternal Medicine1104239268
Christopher Bryan Huang 20814, ARInternal Medicine1770017691
Shailendra Singh 72143, ARInternal Medicine1750520300
Jyoti Chaudhary 72143, ARInternal Medicine1912214453
Joaquin Alberto Duarte Ow 38120, ARInternal Medicine1336589779
Erik Brian Sowell 72713, ARInternal Medicine1558758730
Van H De Bruyn 72211, ARInternal Medicine1871518522
Srinivasa Reddy Vaka 55311, ARInternal Medicine1184863938
Gurmukteshwar Singh 17822, ARInternal Medicine1093946824
William T Dement 72450, ARInternal Medicine1497822621
Kenneth Franklin Rodgers 72450, ARInternal Medicine1689633760
Baptist Memorial Medical Group Inc 38125, ARInternal Medicine1306089206
Abdullah Arshad 63851, ARInternal Medicine1477660637
Joseph A Deluca 71730, ARInternal Medicine1417969478
Nick J Paslidis 86336, ARInternal Medicine1811955990
James Bernard Weedman 71854, ARInternal Medicine1376796037
Deepali Nivas Tukaye 30041, ARInternal Medicine1730404120
Stefan Ceru Hemmings 72117, ARInternal Medicine1760820575
Anatole Krukas 33461, ARInternal Medicine1043229941
Naveen Trehan 71913, ARInternal Medicine1285045526
Kristopher Stepps 71639, ARInternal Medicine1659734846
Matthew Neoh 93923, ARInternal Medicine1215390935
Mynhan Huynh Jackson 72758, ARInternal Medicine1689037004
Sonia Chaudhary 29729, ARInternal Medicine1669835385
Mark David Shelnutt 72762, ARInternal Medicine1508177957
Michelle Valentine 87102, ARInternal Medicine1669835021
Leslie Grace Landrum 72703, ARInternal Medicine1104842483
Daniel S Bradford 72758, ARInternal Medicine1033180229
Alicia Claire Hubbell 73099, ARInternal Medicine1801329958
Miriam Elaine Porter 72762, ARInternal Medicine1245631902
Ellen Hubbell 72703, ARInternal Medicine1871026922
Rajesh Kumar 38116, ARInternal Medicine1396155719
Madhava Sethu Abburi 78731, ARInternal Medicine1356409437
Thusitha Ruwan Dissanayake 27502, ARInternal Medicine1073810537
Dario M Espina 74954, ARInternal Medicine1497756076
Junaid Khan 72758, ARInternal Medicine1912163809
Glenn Davin Haraway 74136, ARInternal Medicine1679679062
Manuel Arnaldo Vilchez-diaz 77030, ARInternal Medicine1164684908
Rakhee Lal Ippili 12208, ARInternal Medicine1215192653
Sweety Aeilias 68122, ARInternal Medicine1902217946
Sunil Nair 68124, ARInternal Medicine1306259866
Sridivya Parvataneni 74136, ARInternal Medicine1154748143
Ahmad Kaako 72903, ARInternal Medicine1679798995
Palak Patel 72901, ARInternal Medicine1104313386
German G Kamalov 64507, ARInternal Medicine1225259385
Commonwell Clinic, P.a. 72903, ARInternal Medicine1407459290
Ihab Herraka 34609, ARInternal Medicine1174610018
Aliakbar Rashid Dadla 98664, ARInternal Medicine1134474976
Donald Stratton Douglas 75503, ARInternal Medicine1851385793
Seyed Mohsen Ghanefar 10453, ARInternal Medicine1245530294
Midsouth Transitions Medical Group 75503, ARInternal Medicine1790262681
Mohammed Salman Singapuri 30035, ARInternal Medicine1619195732
Thalia N Casimire 77070, ARInternal Medicine1467650507
Arkansas Healthcare Services Llc 71901, ARInternal Medicine1174582621
Hot Springs Heart And Vascular Corp 71913, ARInternal Medicine1568082840
Nizar M Suleman 21044, ARInternal Medicine1235125089
Chi Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates, Pllc 72211, ARInternal Medicine1982181608
Jordan Ilah Powers 72703, ARInternal Medicine1225535024
J Suzanne Moore 37604, ARInternal Medicine1558533760
John Garmany Brunner 32446, ARInternal Medicine1528594090
Dmitry M Yaranov 38120, ARInternal Medicine1255607164
Richard Dylan Murphy 33957, ARInternal Medicine1083077515
Delta Kidney Alliance Llc 38703, ARInternal Medicine1992276851
Wilson M Parry 38703, ARInternal Medicine1124188347
Jasen C Chi 72205, ARInternal Medicine1437141322
Waddah Maskoun 48202, ARInternal Medicine1295836211
Shyam Mohan Dang 98632, ARInternal Medicine1982812483
Noha Ibrahim Mohamed 72034, ARInternal Medicine1447583406
Saikiran Raghavapuram 62002, ARInternal Medicine1790065464
Kapil Yadav 72117, ARInternal Medicine1265729537
Joi Hester 72143, ARInternal Medicine1659805133
Bhakti Joshi 06810, ARInternal Medicine1164765764
Ahmad Radi Abdelhadi Tarawneh 72143, ARInternal Medicine1235493453
Courtney M Hicks 72143, ARInternal Medicine1427391721
Tammy Elaine Stallings 72712, ARInternal Medicine1417290412
Amanda J Novack 72117, ARInternal Medicine1316100092
Mahreen Arshad 72211, ARInternal Medicine1780095323
Charles Darwin Jeffers 72205, ARInternal Medicine1578958138
Jamie Waldron 27599, ARInternal Medicine1659714319
Farshad Aduli 20060, ARInternal Medicine1003941378
Jerson Munoz Mendoza 72117, ARInternal Medicine1497041982
Alan Paul Lucas 97128, ARInternal Medicine1366860124
Sunilkumar Kakadia 72205, ARInternal Medicine1689921017
Ashley Nicole Stoner 52242, ARInternal Medicine1497118814
Michael Edward Coltrain 72205, ARInternal Medicine1013371848
Amjad Mahmoud Abualsuod 46202, ARInternal Medicine1427346444
Kamarajapuram Raman Desikan 72501, ARInternal Medicine1619973500
Frantz Francisque 80045, ARInternal Medicine1902217953
Shirin Trisha 78613, ARInternal Medicine1285021659
Gerald Henry Mazurek 30329, ARInternal Medicine1174640569
James Mobley 40536, ARInternal Medicine1184018285
Jack A Griebel 72032, ARInternal Medicine1598793754
Ronald D Hardin 72205, ARInternal Medicine1356312433
Luis A Juncos 72205, ARInternal Medicine1124092416
James Foster Beck 15801, ARInternal Medicine1114955085
Neeraja Jagannadham Boddu 76021, ARInternal Medicine1356554281
Neal Pavlov 70121, ARInternal Medicine1467816876
Gerry Dean Ezell 72117, ARInternal Medicine1497769772
Gregory M Zawada 72120, ARInternal Medicine1891704763
Premier Gastroenterology Associates Pllc 72212, ARInternal Medicine1538663729
Matthew Blake Lockwood 72703, ARInternal Medicine1265875470
David T Williams 72205, ARInternal Medicine1740675990
Vinisha Reddy Kota 72117, ARInternal Medicine1992124291
Leandro Petersen Moraes 20176, ARInternal Medicine1285078527
Sandia Iskandar 68124, ARInternal Medicine1184986614
Yusuf Hassan 86305, ARInternal Medicine1609004233
Ryan David Heath 64128, ARInternal Medicine1780927988
William Thomas Atchley 72205, ARInternal Medicine1649513847
Anna Nanigian Witt 72205, ARInternal Medicine1770015042
Gayathri Krishnan 63110, ARInternal Medicine1528422037
Elena Ambrogini 72205, ARInternal Medicine1003133224
Fahd Abdullah Kader Syed 46383, ARInternal Medicine1457619702
Angela Pennisi 22031, ARInternal Medicine1184945982
Nasim A. Khan 72205, ARInternal Medicine1710909098
Sanjay D Shah 72205, ARInternal Medicine1154634095
Amy C Taylor 22908, ARInternal Medicine1780827212
Salman Ali Khan 50325, ARInternal Medicine1306253349
Ioannis Anastasiou 72205, ARInternal Medicine1104201532
Sameer Raina 26506, ARInternal Medicine1063729580
Jaclynn Lehman Elias 72205, ARInternal Medicine1407174295
Indranill Basu Ray 38119, ARInternal Medicine1538391446
Aasiya Matin 55905, ARInternal Medicine1356655336
Aaroop Haridas 72117, ARInternal Medicine1871881284
Franklin Welborn 72205, ARInternal Medicine1275996944
Rohit Kumar 40202, ARInternal Medicine1154737724
Mary J Shaver 72034, ARInternal Medicine1497746341
Atif Khan 72501, ARInternal Medicine1225097041
Kelechi Uzoma Iwuji 38120, ARInternal Medicine1548524861
Baxter County Regional Hospital, Inc. 72653, ARInternal Medicine1851725139
Russell Diponio 48507, ARInternal Medicine1003893330
Gregory S Bienvenu 72205, ARInternal Medicine1053302893
Shrikant Uttam Tamhane 47374, ARInternal Medicine1891040762
Girish Sinojia 38118, ARInternal Medicine1235187816
Raghunandan Muppidi 77521, ARInternal Medicine1164478301
John D Dedman 71603, ARInternal Medicine1770510331
Mohanned Hassan Mohammed Ahmed 71603, ARInternal Medicine1053725499
Abdul Kader Ezeldin 72015, ARInternal Medicine1639129133
Abhijit Godbole 71603, ARInternal Medicine1609135797
Medikane Pllc 72401, ARInternal Medicine1902485816
K'anne Cash Arthur 72703, ARInternal Medicine1144663923
Brooke E Brander 72703, ARInternal Medicine1083838239
Juan I Lombeida 72703, ARInternal Medicine1043434202
Eric Scott Schaefer 72703, ARInternal Medicine1558325118
Patrick M Travis 72703, ARInternal Medicine1104897099
Megan R Davis 72703, ARInternal Medicine1255623609
Stephan B Rosenfeld 72703, ARInternal Medicine1083685283
Gregory J Oakhill 72703, ARInternal Medicine1356312466
J Thaddeus Beck 72703, ARInternal Medicine1952372120
Sarah Witt Jewell 72703, ARInternal Medicine1508152471
Lynsay Leighanne Brautnick 72703, ARInternal Medicine1548317340
Highlands Oncology Group Pa 72703, ARInternal Medicine1346211323
Adam J Maass 72762, ARInternal Medicine1841258738
Mubashir Khan 65804, ARInternal Medicine1417990425
Lensey Crashun Scott 72034, ARInternal Medicine1225126626
Wassim T. Radwan Abd El Wahab 72205, ARInternal Medicine1629208434
Syed Ahmed Athar 92357, ARInternal Medicine1508038597
George Scott Dicus 72015, ARInternal Medicine1033100433
Traci Marie Kristofik 65301, ARInternal Medicine1962856963
Amanda Abbott 79430, ARInternal Medicine1275069981
David C Covey 72143, ARInternal Medicine1346202637
Jeffrey Wayne Holt 72143, ARInternal Medicine1861402778
Conrad Donald Braaten 27407, ARInternal Medicine1144661174
Kristen Roberson 80045, ARInternal Medicine1780038638
Michael Yefimovich Neyman 17109, ARInternal Medicine1619224615
Furhan Rashid Qureshi 46545, ARInternal Medicine1306194667
Ashu Dhanjal 72703, ARInternal Medicine1689874166
Shemsu D Balker 75216, ARInternal Medicine1871545293
Laura T Bailey Aprn Pllc 72762, ARInternal Medicine1720691678
Muazer Ahmed 75503, ARInternal Medicine1891113577
Storm petrel Inpatient Services Llc 71953, ARInternal Medicine1770990889
Latonya Washington 72301, ARInternal Medicine1801010061
Diane Lau Lum 38119, ARInternal Medicine1821077975
Ritin Bomb 38119, ARInternal Medicine1720390578
Scott Stuart Rosen 38671, ARInternal Medicine1952665655
Santiago Javier Aguilar Duenas 38120, ARInternal Medicine1285897553
Shirisha Kamidi 38671, ARInternal Medicine1285041665
Suzanne Stevens Warford 38120, ARInternal Medicine1679834626
Wissam Aldayoub 38120, ARInternal Medicine1881073625
Alexandria Tran Keene 38671, ARInternal Medicine1346660537
Wesley Scott Phillips 38671, ARInternal Medicine1962769828
Leonidas N Vieron 38119, ARInternal Medicine1245387737
Joseph Anthony Bynum 38671, ARInternal Medicine1558651919
Salman Zafar 38120, ARInternal Medicine1598932915
Charles Maurice Groeschell 38120, ARInternal Medicine1760894976
Zeena Paul Joseph 38671, ARInternal Medicine1528350006
Jarad Hopper 38120, ARInternal Medicine1891105136
Sara K Story 38120, ARInternal Medicine1497079933
Nathan Carl Davidson 38120, ARInternal Medicine1447605498
Michael Henry Vaughan 38671, ARInternal Medicine1104182641
Laurae Danielle Hicks 38120, ARInternal Medicine1780079475
Julianna Curtis Mcklemurry 37207, ARInternal Medicine1366839870
Naganath Thota 38671, ARInternal Medicine1952742991
Brendan Williams 38671, ARInternal Medicine1932588407
Sheharyar Sohail Minhas 38671, ARInternal Medicine1427578608
Nazih Isseh 38120, ARInternal Medicine1912430844
Bobbak Raeisi Sistani 38120, ARInternal Medicine1760844823
Thomas Joseph Watson 38120, ARInternal Medicine1720349061
Owais Yahya 38671, ARInternal Medicine1518497825


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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