Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nabin Sharma 85202, AZInternal Medicine1932102977
Parmjeet Kumar Banghar 85306, AZInternal Medicine1437152436
Michael Ramsey Jerman 85209, AZInternal Medicine1588667596
Elizabeth Alta Attig 85741, AZInternal Medicine1548263783
Gordon Kirk Watson 85741, AZInternal Medicine1225031131
Thomas A Mattioni 85251, AZInternal Medicine1750384665
Yogesh Amin 85258, AZInternal Medicine1770586646
Edgardo Laurel 85016, AZInternal Medicine1992708788
Ramit K Sharma 85037, AZInternal Medicine1659374593
Benigno F Decena 85712, AZInternal Medicine1023011269
Sungchun Lee 85027, AZInternal Medicine1033112818
Rick E Mishler 85012, AZInternal Medicine1629071303
Samuel T Figueroa 85395, AZInternal Medicine1548263148
Isabel Guerra 85012, AZInternal Medicine1497758007
David W Riggio 85251, AZInternal Medicine1467455063
Donald Schon 85012, AZInternal Medicine1942203435
Frank Edward Maguire 85259, AZInternal Medicine1659374189
Jugroop S Brar 85374, AZInternal Medicine1548263825
Steve M Heilbrunn 86326, AZInternal Medicine1700889425
Raul Rodelas 85381, AZInternal Medicine1891798443
Valentin Zaharia 85016, AZInternal Medicine1467455089
Nilesh Patel 85015, AZInternal Medicine1699778167
Georgetta Bidwell 85035, AZInternal Medicine1588667109
Kris Morshedian 85035, AZInternal Medicine1396748976
Kasra Karamlou 85284, AZInternal Medicine1548263163
Shyam Narayanan Colattur 85306, AZInternal Medicine1497758015
Vijendra Swarup 85016, AZInternal Medicine1427051929
David Raskin 85020, AZInternal Medicine1457354003
Paul Sacks 85020, AZInternal Medicine1255334892
Shouwen Wang 85012, AZInternal Medicine1700889326
Hassan Hachem 85016, AZInternal Medicine1598768020
Robert Moffitt 85012, AZInternal Medicine1578566071
Jeffrey Packer 85012, AZInternal Medicine1578566139
Roxana Neyra 85012, AZInternal Medicine1235132895
Ariv Swaminathan 85306, AZInternal Medicine1699778225
Patricia G Carter 85741, AZInternal Medicine1780688689
Stephen Bruce Stuart 86301, AZInternal Medicine1194729004
Shantilal D Patel 85351, AZInternal Medicine1316941248
Upendra C Patel 85351, AZInternal Medicine1932103868
Krishna M Pinnamaneni 85282, AZInternal Medicine1124022819
Laura Kay Schroeder 85032, AZInternal Medicine1831193556
Sergio Fernando Soto 86314, AZInternal Medicine1942204854
Gerome B Kantor 85741, AZInternal Medicine1407850290
Peter H Spooner 85711, AZInternal Medicine1194727438
Kathryn L Bates 85710, AZInternal Medicine1003818246
Anita C Murcko 85006, AZInternal Medicine1477558757
John Howley 86001, AZInternal Medicine1851396105
Joel Victor Brill 85253, AZInternal Medicine1417952789
Jay Robert Mellen 85251, AZInternal Medicine1609871979
Leon A Rigberg 85251, AZInternal Medicine1336144633
Mary Ann Ann Lecavalier 85254, AZInternal Medicine1861497950
Anwar Abdel-rahman 85251, AZInternal Medicine1689679771
Budi R. Bahureksa 85741, AZInternal Medicine1316942170
Robert Lawrence Bierman 85254, AZInternal Medicine1124023205
Damaso Soliman Bueno 85395, AZInternal Medicine1336143759
Joseph Steven Strong 85712, AZInternal Medicine1487650925
Teh-li T Huo 85712, AZInternal Medicine1467458919
Mohammed A.j. Sikder 85712, AZInternal Medicine1518963065
Paul Thomas Lui 85712, AZInternal Medicine1114923687
Christopher Dean Beaty 85258, AZInternal Medicine1235135575
Teresa J Mason 85712, AZInternal Medicine1346246113
Joseph V Klag 85032, AZInternal Medicine1730185430
Elaine H Niggemann 85032, AZInternal Medicine1427054063
David J Mickus 85282, AZInternal Medicine1871599688
Lee M Ugol 85020, AZInternal Medicine1861498578
Suresh B Katakkar 85704, AZInternal Medicine1114923943
James L Beck 85032, AZInternal Medicine1215933882
Nadeem A Kazi 85122, AZInternal Medicine1518963198
Jack M Wolfson 85253, AZInternal Medicine1467458000
Andrei Damian 85032, AZInternal Medicine1679579346
Chris T Geohas 85032, AZInternal Medicine1659377398
Alan B Sommers 85032, AZInternal Medicine1831195478
Simranjit Singh Galhotra 85901, AZInternal Medicine1962407601
Brenda C Peart 85710, AZInternal Medicine1700882651
Alan M. Grossman 85206, AZInternal Medicine1699770289
Paul Edward Walshaw 85712, AZInternal Medicine1023014586
Luis Sio Tan 85018, AZInternal Medicine1922005362
John Philip Orchard 85018, AZInternal Medicine1619974078
Zaher Akkad 85006, AZInternal Medicine1952308454
Stephen J. Leshin 85006, AZInternal Medicine1396742771
Robert M Aaronson 85712, AZInternal Medicine1346247657
William Nevin 85712, AZInternal Medicine1427055730
Paul K. Sawrey 85018, AZInternal Medicine1740287135
Devinder Singh 85306, AZInternal Medicine1770580037
Christopher J Verdi 85306, AZInternal Medicine1700883071
Joan Dahmer 85306, AZInternal Medicine1417954785
Fredy Toiber 85710, AZInternal Medicine1194722322
Alfonso Llano 85715, AZInternal Medicine1558368787
Robert G Leon 85251, AZInternal Medicine1255338414
Larry Wayne Rumans 85741, AZInternal Medicine1871590893
David Bruce Lorber 85259, AZInternal Medicine1982601639
Bhupendra K. Bhatheja 85006, AZInternal Medicine1538167929
Carl Stanley Kanun 85711, AZInternal Medicine1952309130
Mindy Jan 85712, AZInternal Medicine1902804974
Ives R De Chazal 85712, AZInternal Medicine1891792107
Robert D Seaton 85901, AZInternal Medicine1942207246
Faran Bashir 85006, AZInternal Medicine1316944721
Richard N Gilson 85338, AZInternal Medicine1225035330
Bruce Paul Packer 85016, AZInternal Medicine1356348338
David A Lin 85032, AZInternal Medicine1982601043
Maher Mousa 85016, AZInternal Medicine1184622243
Barry Ford Krieble 85745, AZInternal Medicine1740287218
Elizabeth Chang 85234, AZInternal Medicine1821097585
Sivaramakris Sridhar 85006, AZInternal Medicine1750380135
Hezekiah Ubochi Chinwah 85206, AZInternal Medicine1992704266
Mark Joel Friedman 85724, AZInternal Medicine1649279902
Sudhir Kumar Goel 85015, AZInternal Medicine1215936570
Zelalem Yilma 85212, AZInternal Medicine1164421251
John Peter Kieley 85381, AZInternal Medicine1649279654
Gabriel U. Ogbonnaya 85212, AZInternal Medicine1972502862
Swarnjit Nmi Singh 85224, AZInternal Medicine1134128069
Brendan H Levy 85224, AZInternal Medicine1548260474
Anthony John Casella 85262, AZInternal Medicine1538169289
David Warfield 85306, AZInternal Medicine1023018660
Narendra Godbole 85306, AZInternal Medicine1396745956
Angela Shreves 85306, AZInternal Medicine1285634840
Wazhma Aslamy 85004, AZInternal Medicine1982604476
Donald A. Opila 85251, AZInternal Medicine1780684324
Ira Ehrlich 85004, AZInternal Medicine1952301228
Joel B Edelstein 85032, AZInternal Medicine1114927506
James Carpenter 85306, AZInternal Medicine1073513131
Tariq Subhi Al-mutawa 85014, AZInternal Medicine1558362558
Maria Theresa Stevens 85014, AZInternal Medicine1093716003
Georges Youssef Nseir 85224, AZInternal Medicine1528069408
Zaki Lababidi 85297, AZInternal Medicine1225039183
Rajeesh S Punnakkattu 85122, AZInternal Medicine1982605887
Bashar J Markabawi 85295, AZInternal Medicine1518968429
Jerome C Robinson 86301, AZInternal Medicine1114928025
Thomas J Slobig 85234, AZInternal Medicine1790786507
Ashok C Solsi 85224, AZInternal Medicine1780685669
Arun D Sherma 85929, AZInternal Medicine1780685685
Harmeet S Gill 85234, AZInternal Medicine1598766305
Amy E Bohan 85234, AZInternal Medicine1477554285
Wahaj Ahmed 85234, AZInternal Medicine1649271453
Paul R Barnard 85234, AZInternal Medicine1992706717
Kyle J Stoeckmann 85239, AZInternal Medicine1154322907
Francisco Cordova 85003, AZInternal Medicine1003817867
Frank Daniel Kresock 85344, AZInternal Medicine1316948169
Randall Perry Scott 86001, AZInternal Medicine1235138744
Benjamin I Rosin 85375, AZInternal Medicine1609877448
Steven M Herf 85383, AZInternal Medicine1821097841
Jay A Shechter 85206, AZInternal Medicine1902805880
James F Wessman 85015, AZInternal Medicine1497754741
Jennifer L Cool 85248, AZInternal Medicine1528067477
Alvin B Elisco 86001, AZInternal Medicine1346241189
Nanni B Bachenheimer 85258, AZInternal Medicine1578562807
Shashi Jain Goel 85015, AZInternal Medicine1164421426
Aditya Gupta 85258, AZInternal Medicine1497755615
Jerrelle M Copeland 85118, AZInternal Medicine1790784643
Muhammad Qadri 85234, AZInternal Medicine1528068269
Stephen A Cantor 86305, AZInternal Medicine1730188095
Michael Scott Drury 85032, AZInternal Medicine1568462893
Jason J Cool 85018, AZInternal Medicine1700886512
David Keith Butler 85254, AZInternal Medicine1487655262
Derek Lloyd Thompson 85254, AZInternal Medicine1982605770
Robert J Matthews 85006, AZInternal Medicine1275534075
Edward O Tokatlian 85048, AZInternal Medicine1407857147
Karen L Scavetta 85266, AZInternal Medicine1235130980
Edouard Mouaikel 85048, AZInternal Medicine1134120892
William Joseph Rappoport 85006, AZInternal Medicine1538160270
Mark J Seifert 85020, AZInternal Medicine1942201694
Robert K Strumpf 85006, AZInternal Medicine1104827856
Joel Jesus Paulino 86442, AZInternal Medicine1144221730
Ramachandra N Rao 85308, AZInternal Medicine1275534828
Michael Castro 85308, AZInternal Medicine1639170293
Meera V Pathare 85201, AZInternal Medicine1447251921
Anthony James Bochna 85032, AZInternal Medicine1225039647
Hiram A. Rivera Padilla 85138, AZInternal Medicine1851392302
Nadim T Zyadeh 85015, AZInternal Medicine1609877935
Adriana Gaidici 85004, AZInternal Medicine1508867839
Ralph A. D'silva 85224, AZInternal Medicine1871594259
John Sutherland 85020, AZInternal Medicine1447251848
Ruben Aguilera 85381, AZInternal Medicine1568463792
Gary L Mort 85381, AZInternal Medicine1477554608
Karl E.t. Moon 85392, AZInternal Medicine1376544577
Warren Mark Breisblatt 85020, AZInternal Medicine1063413177
James Gordon Ames 85304, AZInternal Medicine1811998933
Michael S Gordon 85258, AZInternal Medicine1114929114
Bryan Y Wong 85234, AZInternal Medicine1841291929
Paul Lester Underwood 85260, AZInternal Medicine1588665681
Lawrence Adam Kline 85020, AZInternal Medicine1568463669
Gary Steven Kauffman 85020, AZInternal Medicine1386645489
Rick Okagawa 85032, AZInternal Medicine1649271768
Glenn L Nudelman 86403, AZInternal Medicine1346242427
Jeffrey R Fisher 85304, AZInternal Medicine1164424248
Lana Turk 85048, AZInternal Medicine1548262686
Pareed Aliyar 86403, AZInternal Medicine1780686832
Hitendra Chauhan 86403, AZInternal Medicine1497757553
Angelo Ong-veloso 86403, AZInternal Medicine1124020284
Marvin Sanford Siegel 85020, AZInternal Medicine1588665608
Jonathan Bruce Murphy 85201, AZInternal Medicine1194727065
Robert S Rosenberg 86314, AZInternal Medicine1902808884
Marc A Petein 85381, AZInternal Medicine1134121825
Santina Carminati Taddei 85209, AZInternal Medicine1861494551
Debra K Michel 85209, AZInternal Medicine1326040015
Jeffrey L Pakula 85381, AZInternal Medicine1821090408
Vincent J Nicchi 85381, AZInternal Medicine1467454173
Charles M.t. Jost 85206, AZInternal Medicine1134121874
Kishor D Mehta 85381, AZInternal Medicine1609878263
Gene Kalin 86403, AZInternal Medicine1649272030


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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