Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael Ramsey Jerman 85209, AZInternal Medicine1588667596
Shyam Narayanan Colattur 85306, AZInternal Medicine1497758015
Peter H Spooner 85711, AZInternal Medicine1194727438
James Warren Reznick 92653, AZInternal Medicine1659376689
Julio A Marcolini 85375, AZInternal Medicine1487647038
Elishia Leon Thompson 85382, AZInternal Medicine1780686261
Helen J Ross 85054, AZInternal Medicine1841282159
Dean D Ettinger 85614, AZInternal Medicine1548257009
Roxana Orbegoso 85254, AZInternal Medicine1255326138
Russell M Petrak 60527, AZInternal Medicine1376539692
Thanes Jason Vanig 85012, AZInternal Medicine1215925441
Barry Wayne Holcomb 81301, AZInternal Medicine1134107006
William J Thomas 85745, AZInternal Medicine1891773024
Laryenth D Lancaster 85745, AZInternal Medicine1790763480
Afeworki Ocbaghiorgis Kidane 85206, AZInternal Medicine1326018557
Alan P Tuttle 85012, AZInternal Medicine1689659567
Carmen Oliveras 85224, AZInternal Medicine1053390229
Maria E Pina 85013, AZInternal Medicine1518934074
Frank Ernst Molls 85741, AZInternal Medicine1639147382
Harvey Maksvytis 85704, AZInternal Medicine1770550220
Seyed Mohsen Sharifi Takieh 85206, AZInternal Medicine1144294109
Richy Agajanian M.d. A Professional Corp. 85745, AZInternal Medicine1265962534
John D Roehrs 85020, AZInternal Medicine1780657668
Christopher H Murphy 86001, AZInternal Medicine1013985902
Vijaya K Chapala 46368, AZInternal Medicine1174573281
Anthony Robert Perry 85395, AZInternal Medicine1326008095
Malvinderjit Singh 85381, AZInternal Medicine1730143165
Michael Shawn Lepire 85374, AZInternal Medicine1295786812
David R Kahan 89074, AZInternal Medicine1376591263
Christine Harter 85308, AZInternal Medicine1639133903
Mihaela T Rosetti 85381, AZInternal Medicine1750338927
Eun Joo Oh 85737, AZInternal Medicine1558391672
John D Dougherty 85737, AZInternal Medicine1043252844
Katharine Dahl 85016, AZInternal Medicine1073559621
Megan Rajit Jhaver 85286, AZInternal Medicine1639115561
Ilja Faibussowitsch 60657, AZInternal Medicine1740220193
Javier Bibb 85258, AZInternal Medicine1871513358
Kama White 85008, AZInternal Medicine1134151053
Michael J Stanek 85234, AZInternal Medicine1275541401
Imran A Ata 85901, AZInternal Medicine1366557563
Punnaiah Marella 85037, AZInternal Medicine1407878523
Aaron Min Kang 85006, AZInternal Medicine1952336885
Preston F Ashby 85224, AZInternal Medicine1992183198
Richard H Nierenberg 85006, AZInternal Medicine1598870628
Michael Feinstein 85259, AZInternal Medicine1063515211
Herminia Gumabay Herrera-tan 85037, AZInternal Medicine1295812774
Critical Care Consultants Of Arizona Pllc 86001, AZInternal Medicine1811094931
Ayaaz Ismail 89128, AZInternal Medicine1528167947
Hui John Zhao 85032, AZInternal Medicine1629125414
Henning Ansorg 93110, AZInternal Medicine1629113402
Vijaya D Boyella 36106, AZInternal Medicine1932263993
Walid Jamil Almuti 85027, AZInternal Medicine1588717334
Mandeep K Rai Plc 85308, AZInternal Medicine1962574608
Greta Maame Nyarkoa Brown 85375, AZInternal Medicine1770788820
Amit Balkrishna Agarwal 10029, AZInternal Medicine1275790826
Caroline Johnson 76502, AZInternal Medicine1124249552
Yasir Ahmed Batres 85210, AZInternal Medicine1073784724
Boris Genrikhovich Naraev 85234, AZInternal Medicine1437313491
Ali Nasir 94564, AZInternal Medicine1457771461
Robyn Nicole Chase 86301, AZInternal Medicine1093911760
Maria S. Khan 60048, AZInternal Medicine1548476773
Cindy Salm Bauer 85016, AZInternal Medicine1639367964
Esmat Mufeed Mustafa 85032, AZInternal Medicine1033307574
Andrea Elizabeth Goldberg 85050, AZInternal Medicine1013189166
Hrishikesh S Iyengar 97301, AZInternal Medicine1861695165
Alexander M. Nimri 85016, AZInternal Medicine1467666123
Farhat S Ahmedi 85284, AZInternal Medicine1730382086
Wissam S Jaber 30322, AZInternal Medicine1396922878
Dana N Hemmati 97216, AZInternal Medicine1154584241
Kam Fun Pang 99204, AZInternal Medicine1104020783
Usma Shaheen Ahmad 85203, AZInternal Medicine1588824098
Evan Taylor 86503, AZInternal Medicine1164841185
Rishika Basappa 85351, AZInternal Medicine1437359478
Ehreema J Nadir 85233, AZInternal Medicine1104032028
Mandeep K Rai 85306, AZInternal Medicine1861681231
Roselavender A Richards 85028, AZInternal Medicine1417934902
Thompson Medical Group 85382, AZInternal Medicine1760648547
Niranjan Reddy Banda 75063, AZInternal Medicine1659608255
Ahmad Mamdouh Ahmad Salameh 85392, AZInternal Medicine1548574320
Roberto A Molina 85635, AZInternal Medicine1588803837
Christopher Chun Man Chen 85745, AZInternal Medicine1851603674
Muhammad Salman Sadiq 75231, AZInternal Medicine1083920813
Samer R Hafi 98029, AZInternal Medicine1144486945
Bianca Santoni Zangeneh 85723, AZInternal Medicine1972891141
Amanda Rose Mihalik 85016, AZInternal Medicine1639499767
Charles L Krone Md Pc 85712, AZInternal Medicine1063715324
Luke Martin Gabe 87505, AZInternal Medicine1902199797
Beeletsega T Yeneneh 85008, AZInternal Medicine1528367166
Amanda S Bacchus-morris 85741, AZInternal Medicine1164714325
Meghana Vivek 98055, AZInternal Medicine1679808190
Abdul Memon, Md, Pllc 85501, AZInternal Medicine1760622344
Izona Ira Bock 85016, AZInternal Medicine1942580329
Abboud Hanna 85395, AZInternal Medicine1922237072
Girolamo Jerry Arpino 85381, AZInternal Medicine1578710265
Sunny Shyamsunder Jhamnani 85224, AZInternal Medicine1518245844
Gagandip B Singh 85381, AZInternal Medicine1801127568
Naktal Satam Hamoud 78404, AZInternal Medicine1922237494
Ryan C Van Woerkom 75390, AZInternal Medicine1477871192
Karan Bhasin 85308, AZInternal Medicine1265678569
Nichole Townsend 85006, AZInternal Medicine1720349095
Mansoor Jatoi 85711, AZInternal Medicine1922366772
Natasha Vanchinathan 54476, AZInternal Medicine1588900161
Srinivas Perugu Reddy 85048, AZInternal Medicine1922441435
Charlene Adrian 89145, AZInternal Medicine1407276165
Anne Margaret Floyd 85306, AZInternal Medicine1023454410
Mai Uyen Le 94143, AZInternal Medicine1548605215
Yuki Sakai 87106, AZInternal Medicine1053726844
Neema Mafi 85259, AZInternal Medicine1558679142
Sehem Ghazala 70112, AZInternal Medicine1265846950
Prashant Rao 85724, AZInternal Medicine1508240995
Alan Sohrab Nyquist 85719, AZInternal Medicine1962845529
Tejkaran Dhillon 85258, AZInternal Medicine1417342569
Nora L Odisho Domit 85724, AZInternal Medicine1548606957
Kassandra Jean Kosinski Romero 85206, AZInternal Medicine1295170389
Infectious Disease Consultants Of Arizona 85027, AZInternal Medicine1811320203
Mohammed Hafiz 85006, AZInternal Medicine1184034852
Christopher Ugochukwu Ugorji Rex 85032, AZInternal Medicine1083054571
Joseph Cal Liljenquist 31404, AZInternal Medicine1356600803
Inderjot Bajwa 98201, AZInternal Medicine1720466980
Akinbola Adewole Ajayi-obe 37110, AZInternal Medicine1265850549
Tiffany Alexis Hosten Blackmond 85286, AZInternal Medicine1811377906
Alan Neil Beneze 92037, AZInternal Medicine1700146081
Luke Hise 85015, AZInternal Medicine1629481080
Natalie Ludlow Crawford 89502, AZInternal Medicine1902241672
Steven Sears 97210, AZInternal Medicine1275890675
Randa Abdullah Gorges 92020, AZInternal Medicine1285079509
Infusion Specialists Of Arizona, Llc 85260, AZInternal Medicine1942721436
Sara El Gassim 85209, AZInternal Medicine1508285214
Datus Brock Thorup 84132, AZInternal Medicine1881042117
Verve Wellness Center, Llc. 85206, AZInternal Medicine1871002683
Advanced Minimally Invasive Gi Associates 85251, AZInternal Medicine1568988871
Anu Hospitalist Pllc 85390, AZInternal Medicine1174026116
Ruben A Mesa 85259, AZInternal Medicine1962480475
Jennifer Hale Smith 85635, AZInternal Medicine1366601932
Drory S Tendler 85226, AZInternal Medicine1679576177
Himanshu Harshadray Shukla 85209, AZInternal Medicine1285627703
James R Bargenquast 54911, AZInternal Medicine1386689537
Suleiman Ali 60611, AZInternal Medicine1316019532
Nathalie Tania Petein-alamshaw 85306, AZInternal Medicine1285928721
Melony Chakrabarty 95817, AZInternal Medicine1316382963
Iora Senior Health, Inc 85351, AZInternal Medicine1528570694
Thomas Michael Kemmerly 92562, AZInternal Medicine1033476262
Richy Agajanian Md A Professional Corporation 85745, AZInternal Medicine1689196719
Richy Agajanian Md A Professional Corporation 90241, AZInternal Medicine1275651515
Dr Afeworki Kidane Ltd 85206, AZInternal Medicine1366462764
Trent Austin Garcia 85719, AZInternal Medicine1306374194
Nurse Practitioners R Us 85050, AZInternal Medicine1053826354
Oro Valley Adult Medicine Pa Llc 85737, AZInternal Medicine1679012181
Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute Llc 85209, AZInternal Medicine1831255918
Nathan Kellis 83706, AZInternal Medicine1942688627
Srinivasareddy Vuyyuru 30901, AZInternal Medicine1609034461
Umbreen Arshad Rozell 12801, AZInternal Medicine1629324546
Dr Manish Shah Internal Medicine, Llc 85718, AZInternal Medicine1528541745
Lomda Lual 37208, AZInternal Medicine1104212190
Andy Chuu 63110, AZInternal Medicine1639565286
Farrokh Ravari 86301, AZInternal Medicine1942548565
Bassam Hattab 85209, AZInternal Medicine1023420189
Abdul Q Memon 85501, AZInternal Medicine1093781346
Abby Borhan 85020, AZInternal Medicine1700271004
David Berg 89015, AZInternal Medicine1932441706
Rafael Jose Rolon Rivera 32806, AZInternal Medicine1316233661
Atlas Medical Systems, Pllc 85253, AZInternal Medicine1144730607
Suzanne K Daly 85603, AZInternal Medicine1780770446
Guggiari Med Pc 85381, AZInternal Medicine1457765695
Pulmonary Institute Of Arizona Pc 85712, AZInternal Medicine1881050953
Vpa Pc 85028, AZInternal Medicine1104382001
East Valley Heart Rhythm Clinic Llc 85295, AZInternal Medicine1306315445
Adelante Healthcare, Inc. 85374, AZInternal Medicine1205994761
Alveo Lc 85020, AZInternal Medicine1639517436
Charles H Johnson 86301, AZInternal Medicine1336129667
Nicholas John Schlund 85724, AZInternal Medicine1962965269
Sanjay Verma 85392, AZInternal Medicine1770536138
Ana M Sierra De Aragon Md 85234, AZInternal Medicine1528363694
Nicholas Steve Vlahos 85224, AZInternal Medicine1538228044
Mahmoud Turki Kamel 54143, AZInternal Medicine1902036569
Rashi Agarwal 85381, AZInternal Medicine1336394956
Sherif Nasef 85364, AZInternal Medicine1215939376
Gregory Esplin Atkinson 94305, AZInternal Medicine1437507688
Krystal Gayle Cherapan 85205, AZInternal Medicine1760872550
Francene Ayanna Warner 85224, AZInternal Medicine1932373693
Mansour H. Assar 86301, AZInternal Medicine1467459966
Pradeep Kumar Agarwal 85381, AZInternal Medicine1780653840
Keaton Nasser 89102, AZInternal Medicine1720433683
Aye Thandar Win 85032, AZInternal Medicine1245251941
Marvin Gerald Riske 85224, AZInternal Medicine1295827871
Eric Lott 02114, AZInternal Medicine1164809091
Pedro R Rodriguez 85375, AZInternal Medicine1184617961
Roberto Carlos Swazo 46202, AZInternal Medicine1679953624
Zeeshan Ali 18103, AZInternal Medicine1962780536
Jared Hara 60637, AZInternal Medicine1548751894
Lisa Nguyen Kransdorf 90024, AZInternal Medicine1962675223
Joel Metelits 85306, AZInternal Medicine1861493439
Massiell German 84112, AZInternal Medicine1508215757
Ashley Lauren Garrett 84132, AZInternal Medicine1134563729
William Ryan Foster 92103, AZInternal Medicine1093204174
Michael Satkyes Dahip 65201, AZInternal Medicine1548615339
Paul F Oneill 86403, AZInternal Medicine1548262611
Bereket Azeze Guangul 85308, AZInternal Medicine1700190964
Hope Medical Clinic 85122, AZInternal Medicine1982653838
Mohammad-ali El-harakeh 86305, AZInternal Medicine1184829061


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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