Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Glenn Howard Perelson 91910, CAInternal Medicine1972506970
Richard Lee Sires 90301, CAInternal Medicine1558364711
Gilbert Owen Andersen 93436, CAInternal Medicine1821091836
Mark Jay Klein 93901, CAInternal Medicine1093718165
Geraldine Terese O'shea 95642, CAInternal Medicine1013910140
John Frederick Rinderknecht 93901, CAInternal Medicine1194728261
Thuy Thu Hoang 95122, CAInternal Medicine1366445413
John H Detwiler 92029, CAInternal Medicine1154324036
Rajiv Kumar Dixit 94598, CAInternal Medicine1396748158
Mikhail R Malek 92029, CAInternal Medicine1467455212
Stuart Neil Winkler 90505, CAInternal Medicine1376546127
Rashmi B Dixit 94598, CAInternal Medicine1811990666
Daniel F Mulvihill 92064, CAInternal Medicine1124021969
Hamed Bayat 92029, CAInternal Medicine1356344196
Dennis R Leahy 92029, CAInternal Medicine1619970480
Yoon Sup Shin 90006, CAInternal Medicine1629071451
Juan S Corredor 90505, CAInternal Medicine1962405738
Christopher R Gilbert 92029, CAInternal Medicine1487657243
Pacific Rim Electrophysiology Medical Grp, Inc. 90033, CAInternal Medicine1407859234
Dominick A Curatola 94040, CAInternal Medicine1730182643
Michael Dylan Healy 90301, CAInternal Medicine1861495020
Stella Marie Feld 90301, CAInternal Medicine1144223397
Jeffrey I. Gorwit 92029, CAInternal Medicine1891798658
Ricardo Rafael Vega 92590, CAInternal Medicine1982607750
Ken Ochiai 49085, CAInternal Medicine1629455050
Christina N Jacob 91360, CAInternal Medicine1497758957
Adekunle Nurudeen Shittu 93280, CAInternal Medicine1922001429
Eileen V. Moy 94025, CAInternal Medicine1083617583
Michael Sepulveda 95045, CAInternal Medicine1164425757
Muhammad T Bashir 95926, CAInternal Medicine1720081342
Anita Kaul 93065, CAInternal Medicine1689677205
Amnon Licht 90232, CAInternal Medicine1669475273
Stephen A Hilty 93405, CAInternal Medicine1205839818
John Prusmack 93901, CAInternal Medicine1396748885
Valley Heart Physicians Medical Group, Inc 92284, CAInternal Medicine1427051903
Norril Sumanqui 93901, CAInternal Medicine1033112503
Jagan Bansal 90042, CAInternal Medicine1932102456
Catherine Eng 94109, CAInternal Medicine1184627515
Glenn Thomas Rogers 95490, CAInternal Medicine1821091133
Jerry J Gross 95901, CAInternal Medicine1386647709
Yelena Wood 92672, CAInternal Medicine1821091174
Linda Smith 93901, CAInternal Medicine1508869983
Michael Steven Davis 95336, CAInternal Medicine1225031693
David Law 94611, CAInternal Medicine1235132580
Robert Andrew Dichmann 93454, CAInternal Medicine1245232578
William Francis Owen 94114, CAInternal Medicine1154323483
Huy Ngoc Trinh 95116, CAInternal Medicine1326041658
James Yu-chih Tsai 92543, CAInternal Medicine1437152857
Douglas E. Roberts 93555, CAInternal Medicine1508869926
Ronald Tholow Zimmerman 95490, CAInternal Medicine1306849674
An Duy Nguyen 92648, CAInternal Medicine1023011384
Margaret D. Bischel 93108, CAInternal Medicine1538162888
Katherine Trintchouk 92071, CAInternal Medicine1396748646
Umesh Kumar Sabharwal 94062, CAInternal Medicine1831192160
Amardeep Singh Sahota 94558, CAInternal Medicine1831192103
Linda Eglin 95032, CAInternal Medicine1144223611
David Marshall Bloom 90505, CAInternal Medicine1356344683
Nancy Shang Shibayama 95602, CAInternal Medicine1346242674
Ronald Sean Batin 95482, CAInternal Medicine1114920733
Ami Laws 94304, CAInternal Medicine1457355794
Kriengsak Itsara 95350, CAInternal Medicine1558363739
Modesto Kidney Medical Group 95350, CAInternal Medicine1306848569
Kenneth Ballan 91505, CAInternal Medicine1134123474
Steven W Hildebrand 92220, CAInternal Medicine1952305294
Jarnail S Gugga 91790, CAInternal Medicine1598769846
Dan E Dardashti 91607, CAInternal Medicine1275537524
Alon A Steinberg 93003, CAInternal Medicine1740282862
James Corona 95963, CAInternal Medicine1386646404
Sally Foltz 95926, CAInternal Medicine1447252564
Jose Mari Z. Esparrago 91345, CAInternal Medicine1083616106
Siegfried O Storz 93003, CAInternal Medicine1710989835
Issam N Khafaja 91201, CAInternal Medicine1528062874
Herve J. Dumont 90029, CAInternal Medicine1982608238
Huy Anh Nguyen 95116, CAInternal Medicine1073517306
Ruel Tan Garcia 95116, CAInternal Medicine1790789022
Sid Kohan 90049, CAInternal Medicine1881698132
Susanna D Lansangan 91505, CAInternal Medicine1780688036
Azadeh Modaresi 91406, CAInternal Medicine1992707004
Eric J Pinderski 91607, CAInternal Medicine1235131343
Eileen S Breyde 91505, CAInternal Medicine1770585887
Khosrow Peter Parsa 90505, CAInternal Medicine1194727321
August Gene Voelkel 94598, CAInternal Medicine1578565792
Narendranath A Reddy 91007, CAInternal Medicine1598767717
Chang S Joo 95350, CAInternal Medicine1508868787
Paul Ronald Block 91360, CAInternal Medicine1598767550
Lawrence Arthur Baker 91360, CAInternal Medicine1922000983
L. Bing Liem 94040, CAInternal Medicine1932103827
Vir K Nanda Md Inc 92395, CAInternal Medicine1710981733
Frank J Collie 93405, CAInternal Medicine1861496879
Adrian On-ning Ma 95116, CAInternal Medicine1952305971
Kenneth K Liu 95350, CAInternal Medicine1326042391
Manzoor A Kazi 92260, CAInternal Medicine1225032212
Chisato Oba 91006, CAInternal Medicine1669476651
James P. De La Flor 91321, CAInternal Medicine1710981626
Kerry E Weiner 91505, CAInternal Medicine1528062437
Ashok K Verma 93230, CAInternal Medicine1013911049
Jesse Wasley 92647, CAInternal Medicine1699779637
Frank Anthony Bonavita 92835, CAInternal Medicine1366446312
Paul Bennett Weinstein 92835, CAInternal Medicine1275537227
Rahul Navin Doshi 90033, CAInternal Medicine1710981766
Rupa Subramanian 92081, CAInternal Medicine1376547174
Oscar Guillermo Zambrano 90201, CAInternal Medicine1184628927
Mark S Horng 90073, CAInternal Medicine1295739043
Drummond Medical Group, Inc 93555, CAInternal Medicine1841294634
Douglas George Clark 92843, CAInternal Medicine1780688572
Hassan Azarbal 92708, CAInternal Medicine1811991623
Karl K Kaplan 91405, CAInternal Medicine1881698702
Shirish T Patel 93003, CAInternal Medicine1619971538
Steven Jay Block 95242, CAInternal Medicine1780688515
Phuc Vinh Nguyen 92683, CAInternal Medicine1134123961
Heidi H. Wu 90211, CAInternal Medicine1326042136
Dennis T Jordanides 92663, CAInternal Medicine1285638031
Central Coast Medical Oncology Corp 93454, CAInternal Medicine1588668271
Arthur Selvan 92705, CAInternal Medicine1972507697
Allan Douglas Siefkin 95817, CAInternal Medicine1033113758
San San Wai 91506, CAInternal Medicine1245234996
Adeela Rizvi Ahsan 92604, CAInternal Medicine1932103595
Gibbe Hull Parsons 95817, CAInternal Medicine1932103520
Frank Chi Bing Hsueh 94583, CAInternal Medicine1144224742
Fernando H Austin 92708, CAInternal Medicine1174527774
Edward M. Omron 95037, CAInternal Medicine1134123755
Tejinder Singh 91786, CAInternal Medicine1104820729
Sayeed Ahmed Khan 90805, CAInternal Medicine1497757512
Karen I Virley 91607, CAInternal Medicine1083616031
Michael Andrew Brown 94597, CAInternal Medicine1093719056
Paul D Ephraim 91505, CAInternal Medicine1912909037
Kishore K. Kalluri 95355, CAInternal Medicine1073517751
Mark L Ginkel 93454, CAInternal Medicine1649272766
George D Mitchell 93003, CAInternal Medicine1538161658
Jeffrey C Brackett 93003, CAInternal Medicine1013919133
Dennis L Brooks 93003, CAInternal Medicine1376547299
Juan Maria Cabrera 92618, CAInternal Medicine1447254792
Rajendra A Patel 93309, CAInternal Medicine1831191105
Erol M Kosar 90505, CAInternal Medicine1104820927
Jean Maria Muller 90222, CAInternal Medicine1952305823
Daniel Chung Ann Choo 91745, CAInternal Medicine1154325702
Edward M Lee 92835, CAInternal Medicine1568466431
Farzaneh Hassani 92083, CAInternal Medicine1942204979
Shahryar Davari 90241, CAInternal Medicine1346244373
Ousama Alkhatib 32127, CAInternal Medicine1093283905
Vinita E Verghese 92270, CAInternal Medicine1952305880
Michael Sean Sampson 90004, CAInternal Medicine1568466100
Alejandro Esteban Gil 90004, CAInternal Medicine1417951963
Ravi Prakash 90503, CAInternal Medicine1215931761
Michael Chan Dam 92868, CAInternal Medicine1376547000
Tuan Tran 93725, CAInternal Medicine1285638916
Teresa Pham 94109, CAInternal Medicine1407850977
Neda Ratanawongsa 94110, CAInternal Medicine1598769002
Douglas R Gadowski 91355, CAInternal Medicine1013911460
H. Babaali, M.d. Medical Inc. 90404, CAInternal Medicine1649274093
Morton Joseph Kern 92868, CAInternal Medicine1770587131
George Samuel Konugres 92653, CAInternal Medicine1740284108
Rachel R Dunn-black 96097, CAInternal Medicine1588668065
Gary L. Harkins 93401, CAInternal Medicine1942204375
Ardeshir Soroushyari 91356, CAInternal Medicine1487658811
Rex Duane Wilson 96001, CAInternal Medicine1619971090
Jeffrey Philip Salberg 91356, CAInternal Medicine1023013349
Bruce N Riger 96097, CAInternal Medicine1124023486
Gary Toshiyuki Tanouye 91356, CAInternal Medicine1326043738
Alina Concepcion Lopo 91356, CAInternal Medicine1629073044
Bruce M Stark 91505, CAInternal Medicine1902801301
Atif Jameel Alaziz 91356, CAInternal Medicine1396740627
David P Wilson 96032, CAInternal Medicine1801891130
Ronald A Kass 95210, CAInternal Medicine1043215270
Michael A Brodsky 92705, CAInternal Medicine1275538423
Allan Lawrence Metzger 90048, CAInternal Medicine1194720326
Mahmoud Eslami Farsani 92705, CAInternal Medicine1487659637
Bianca Grigorian 91101, CAInternal Medicine1427053693
Ram K Kamath 92308, CAInternal Medicine1386649556
Earl Louis Holloway 94609, CAInternal Medicine1922003862
Jay Stanley Luxenberg 94112, CAInternal Medicine1053316828
Humberto Jose Boccardo 92653, CAInternal Medicine1689679458
Piyanetr Sukhu 92653, CAInternal Medicine1497750269
Julie Copon 92647, CAInternal Medicine1578568564
Edward Palmer Laurance 91024, CAInternal Medicine1790780799
Patrick W Pau 94010, CAInternal Medicine1598760563
Andy Hong 90262, CAInternal Medicine1508861667
Frank Edward Mayer 92037, CAInternal Medicine1598760589
Joseph Michael Ruggio 92653, CAInternal Medicine1124023163
Robin K Dore 92780, CAInternal Medicine1619972510
Mark Thomas Ackerman 94107, CAInternal Medicine1144225046
Dolores Barba 90240, CAInternal Medicine1992700603
Lisa A Brockman 90262, CAInternal Medicine1063417798
Victor C. Caluya 92646, CAInternal Medicine1467457101
Vimali Paul 95973, CAInternal Medicine1700881448
Philip Edward Newman 92653, CAInternal Medicine1033114756
Marcia Kay Whoolery 92653, CAInternal Medicine1366447054
Thomas E Mcknight 95973, CAInternal Medicine1679578538
Hennessey Tseng 94597, CAInternal Medicine1003811746
Jadwiga M Alexiewicz 92123, CAInternal Medicine1760487458
Thomas J Spillane 93401, CAInternal Medicine1477558435
Diogo S. Belo 91910, CAInternal Medicine1326043027
Luc Sinh Nguyen 92708, CAInternal Medicine1720083181
Smita Gupta 95148, CAInternal Medicine1740284249
Ifeoma Stella Izuchukwu 90045, CAInternal Medicine1811992738
Jeffrey Michael Zimmet 94121, CAInternal Medicine1407850910
Tsu H Lai 92603, CAInternal Medicine1528063484
Joel C Bartlett 92708, CAInternal Medicine1073518791
Cranford Lavern Scott 90301, CAInternal Medicine1265437925
Juan Carlos Quiros 92801, CAInternal Medicine1689679607


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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