Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Farzaneh Hassani 92083, CAInternal Medicine1942204979
Vinita E Verghese 92270, CAInternal Medicine1952305880
Michael Sean Sampson 90004, CAInternal Medicine1568466100
Cranford Lavern Scott 90301, CAInternal Medicine1265437925
Juan Carlos Quiros 92801, CAInternal Medicine1689679607
Gilbert Sunio 93291, CAInternal Medicine1972500577
Raul Romea 94597, CAInternal Medicine1962408112
Alan I Erlbaum 90806, CAInternal Medicine1255337028
Nishita Somabhai Patel 91766, CAInternal Medicine1881691269
Charlotte X Zhang 66215, CAInternal Medicine1306844642
Andrew Ross Weymer 93030, CAInternal Medicine1689675514
Colin M Fuller 89434, CAInternal Medicine1578555165
William Ang Lee 93065, CAInternal Medicine1619960705
Valencia Pulmonary Medical Group Inc. 91321, CAInternal Medicine1932100070
Hung-anh Ba Nguyen 95823, CAInternal Medicine1871594036
Arti H Chawla 90292, CAInternal Medicine1548258064
Howard S Goldberg 12733, CAInternal Medicine1033106927
Pacific Redwood Medical Group Inc 95482, CAInternal Medicine1033103676
Dean J Scofield 96080, CAInternal Medicine1487644209
Richard J Valente 50702, CAInternal Medicine1760464077
Duc Cong Bui 91205, CAInternal Medicine1831170950
Tyler O'flahrity 95817, CAInternal Medicine1043637127
Naili Alexander Chen 78236, CAInternal Medicine1649251661
Heather Joy Shenkman 91356, CAInternal Medicine1215918800
Amitabha Mazumder 90241, CAInternal Medicine1881682318
Yi-kong Keung 91801, CAInternal Medicine1326023482
Kanat Ransibrahmanakul 95630, CAInternal Medicine1407831662
Jeffrey F Parker 95503, CAInternal Medicine1689650889
Thomas Nylk 89434, CAInternal Medicine1700869708
M Jacqueline Galang 95336, CAInternal Medicine1972586097
Shan A Nathan 93534, CAInternal Medicine1396724985
Michael L Wiechmann 93465, CAInternal Medicine1104805837
Lesley C Martin 94520, CAInternal Medicine1114900834
Martin Joseph Fee 92663, CAInternal Medicine1124008537
Fowrooz S Joolhar 93306, CAInternal Medicine1740260512
Malathi Srinivasan 94305, CAInternal Medicine1285618868
Jacqueline A Eubany 92867, CAInternal Medicine1912986944
Niti V. Peruvemba, D.o., Inc. 91361, CAInternal Medicine1396725552
Richard A Ferreras 92028, CAInternal Medicine1932168051
Maria C Dungo 90720, CAInternal Medicine1235101874
Sutha Sachar 90505, CAInternal Medicine1033181573
Emanuel N Vergis 94114, CAInternal Medicine1962478495
Guy P. Curtis 92037, CAInternal Medicine1841265683
Asha Vyas Devereaux 92118, CAInternal Medicine1154392421
Monica G. Mckeever 94558, CAInternal Medicine1538135298
Robert R Treuherz 92325, CAInternal Medicine1194796151
Lingamurthy Ravi 95240, CAInternal Medicine1679542120
Henry Man - Hung Lam 95348, CAInternal Medicine1407814155
Feoktist Nikitovich Orloff 96001, CAInternal Medicine1700839446
Alfonso J Padilla 90024, CAInternal Medicine1881650588
Jane W. Chien 95124, CAInternal Medicine1588620785
Robin M. Shaw 90048, CAInternal Medicine1306894654
Stanley Kwong Lau 91776, CAInternal Medicine1548222813
Michael R Nagel 94133, CAInternal Medicine1548226368
Vincent Rudolph Duda 92677, CAInternal Medicine1104883610
Nitish Badhwar 94305, CAInternal Medicine1619928892
Jeffrey R Polito 93111, CAInternal Medicine1679525034
Steven D Paul 95501, CAInternal Medicine1467417725
Alan Burton Schwartz 94402, CAInternal Medicine1427019769
Michael P. Kosty 92037, CAInternal Medicine1801857099
Alexander Delgadillo 92562, CAInternal Medicine1245298769
Howard Marx 91104, CAInternal Medicine1356307136
Scott Andrew Allen 92507, CAInternal Medicine1184681710
Stacey J. Schulman 92037, CAInternal Medicine1861458911
Charles J. Ryan 55455, CAInternal Medicine1083672000
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CAInternal Medicine1356394175
Christopher J. Saucedo 92037, CAInternal Medicine1750347969
Anthony Angelo Floreani 29212, CAInternal Medicine1336197102
Chandrahas Agarwal 91730, CAInternal Medicine1528014172
Satish K Choudhary 91730, CAInternal Medicine1669429841
Weijen William Chang 01107, CAInternal Medicine1235174103
Michael G Firth 80033, CAInternal Medicine1386688893
Southern California Heart Centers A Medical Corporation 91776, CAInternal Medicine1740225838
Rene D Perez-silva 90720, CAInternal Medicine1295763878
Daniel Edward Kahler 94110, CAInternal Medicine1629019781
Hosameldin Madkour 92395, CAInternal Medicine1306881099
Marin Gastroenterology 94925, CAInternal Medicine1730125758
Edgar Allan Musngi 90505, CAInternal Medicine1871523563
Stephen Raskin 94609, CAInternal Medicine1730125980
Thang Pham 92663, CAInternal Medicine1396771218
Gerald A Cohen 90720, CAInternal Medicine1306877253
Shahzad Ahmad 94538, CAInternal Medicine1730110123
Babak Azarbal 90095, CAInternal Medicine1669402863
Ku Juey Raymond Chang Inc. 92653, CAInternal Medicine1831144104
John Frederick Lewison 96150, CAInternal Medicine1497795678
Yon Yarn 93534, CAInternal Medicine1023045309
Vakas Sial 92110, CAInternal Medicine1659302305
John R Chalison Md A Medical Corporation 90017, CAInternal Medicine1063459477
Eugene Lam 92253, CAInternal Medicine1043257769
Sunny R Richley 92227, CAInternal Medicine1588608475
Natalie J Torok 94305, CAInternal Medicine1750336939
Sandeep Pandove 92543, CAInternal Medicine1679511059
Byron Eric Wilson 94546, CAInternal Medicine1992736367
Mercedes Tomioka 92618, CAInternal Medicine1275639262
Jair Wong 91790, CAInternal Medicine1972541266
Craig V Smith 90265, CAInternal Medicine1023049483
Jackson Ma 90640, CAInternal Medicine1447298732
Arthur J Brinckerhoff 95926, CAInternal Medicine1023049624
Richard E Thorp 95926, CAInternal Medicine1730122029
Phillip Allan Martin 93240, CAInternal Medicine1275580680
Matthew Herbert Hom 92103, CAInternal Medicine1881632081
Sasan Mosadeghi 55455, CAInternal Medicine1811326127
Behnam Ebrahimi 91739, CAInternal Medicine1033165139
Charity Ann Huang 93701, CAInternal Medicine1891157657
Ahmer H Qarni 58103, CAInternal Medicine1518997691
Peter Allen Linfoot 99362, CAInternal Medicine1396777264
Katja Ruh 92220, CAInternal Medicine1447277124
Ileana M Pat 91326, CAInternal Medicine1598775538
Kristin D Ashley 95603, CAInternal Medicine1437160298
Tony David Veletto 95448, CAInternal Medicine1205940228
Lily Tumbaga-notario 95240, CAInternal Medicine1710910336
Riquaza Zainul Zavahir 90292, CAInternal Medicine1326072380
Victor George Ettinger 93301, CAInternal Medicine1891729653
Albert Ambrose Ferrari 95209, CAInternal Medicine1992729313
Leonard Hillel Lazarus 92037, CAInternal Medicine1851314413
Palliative Care Consultants Of Santa Barbara 93103, CAInternal Medicine1093152324
Paul H Love 95355, CAInternal Medicine1386663987
Robert Carlson 19111, CAInternal Medicine1407961535
Henry Jones 94121, CAInternal Medicine1679680177
Violeta M De Jesus 92504, CAInternal Medicine1144248410
Sareena Malhi 94535, CAInternal Medicine1578597522
Akiko Suzuki 90501, CAInternal Medicine1831108323
Kumar Sharma 78229, CAInternal Medicine1225052350
Kim Chi Le 90015, CAInternal Medicine1780698340
Thomas H Lee 10012, CAInternal Medicine1174531206
Vinita Singh 91325, CAInternal Medicine1679507248
Michael Lloyd Farley 96002, CAInternal Medicine1396754925
Dmitry Leongardt 95926, CAInternal Medicine1174549554
Mark S Abate 93105, CAInternal Medicine1588778674
Ingeborg Schafhalter-zoppoth 94118, CAInternal Medicine1780021766
Raluca Brindusa Arimie 91307, CAInternal Medicine1295760395
Laurie Anderson 91103, CAInternal Medicine1548366461
Matt Reza Khoshnevis 77030, CAInternal Medicine1215032305
Craig N Tsuboi 95661, CAInternal Medicine1285733816
Jacqueline Meryl Evans 95618, CAInternal Medicine1588755441
Ken Roth Md & Rolf Ehlers Md San Diego Internal Medicine Assoc 92123, CAInternal Medicine1578657383
Dennis R. Long 92253, CAInternal Medicine1144319062
Kiandokht Partovi 91763, CAInternal Medicine1689763427
Thomas C Kreck 95422, CAInternal Medicine1457439200
Anna Maria Rodriguez 78240, CAInternal Medicine1639281348
Shahid N Siddiqui 93534, CAInternal Medicine1639276140
Leticia Uwedjojevwe Md Medical Corporation 91910, CAInternal Medicine1023103967
Leticia Maritza Uwedjojevwe 91910, CAInternal Medicine1891882221
Sreedevi Jadcherla Ayyala 94550, CAInternal Medicine1093893679
Lutfi A Sayyur 92835, CAInternal Medicine1174602163
Ellen D Gim 92708, CAInternal Medicine1861596223
Daniel C Zovich Md Inc 93401, CAInternal Medicine1295834091
Andrea Natale 78705, CAInternal Medicine1841382421
Steven W Friend 95742, CAInternal Medicine1932289774
Bryan D Gescuk 94403, CAInternal Medicine1295815579
Anita Rai 93110, CAInternal Medicine1013316694
James V Felt 94609, CAInternal Medicine1073621157
Western Health Care, A Professional Medical Corporation 90037, CAInternal Medicine1902906068
Kamran Qureshi 92545, CAInternal Medicine1326156472
Sudha Nagaraj 77479, CAInternal Medicine1609954262
Abayomi Adesina Odubela 92562, CAInternal Medicine1922108877
Blaine Kenton Jackson 92075, CAInternal Medicine1518079565
Prabhu Loharuka 90503, CAInternal Medicine1841395993
David De La Loza 90022, CAInternal Medicine1346326394
Elizabeth A Odumakinde 94520, CAInternal Medicine1952408999
Yang Li 92835, CAInternal Medicine1396035564
Harry B Carr 95403, CAInternal Medicine1770694044
Frank Shic 94589, CAInternal Medicine1124106018
Richard A Mayer Md Inc 92117, CAInternal Medicine1487753448
Nasir Kamal 93630, CAInternal Medicine1588742167
Dianne C Martin 94538, CAInternal Medicine1720162969
Anissa L Slifer 95661, CAInternal Medicine1114024122
Thomas N. Johnson 95076, CAInternal Medicine1356427876
Dharmavijaypal Reddy Narayan 92262, CAInternal Medicine1215006762
Amal Amy Sawires 94706, CAInternal Medicine1639225485
Sevasti Dames 94102, CAInternal Medicine1619022233
Michael S Mahoney 95602, CAInternal Medicine1497881965
Nadim Sarkies M.d., Inc. 93301, CAInternal Medicine1003944133
John E Turns 94546, CAInternal Medicine1942371588
Mohammed Sharjeel Farooqui 91325, CAInternal Medicine1982752465
Jayanta R. Das 91355, CAInternal Medicine1891843827
Dinesh S Mantri 96001, CAInternal Medicine1659411361
Nichole Michelle Renschler 95758, CAInternal Medicine1023180007
Samuel Ko 95355, CAInternal Medicine1790826279
Shasta Internal Medicine A Medical Corporation 96001, CAInternal Medicine1134268444
Sarah Ann Van Orman 90089, CAInternal Medicine1386787109
Brian Flyer Md A Professional 90211, CAInternal Medicine1437287380
Medical Doctors Group, Inc 94577, CAInternal Medicine1407237159
Kavosh Rahimi 90631, CAInternal Medicine1841556818
Shahrooz Bemanian 92618, CAInternal Medicine1629123070
Jeffrey Chung 90024, CAInternal Medicine1598147209
Narcotics Prevention Association Inc 90022, CAInternal Medicine1497882252
Terra R Safer 92663, CAInternal Medicine1598894172
Adrienne Nicole Bell Burrows 90404, CAInternal Medicine1649347667
Peter John Muran 92660, CAInternal Medicine1154479525
Azhar Majeed 91767, CAInternal Medicine1295802155
Laurene Spencer 93706, CAInternal Medicine1114064342
Vinay K Katukuri 34741, CAInternal Medicine1992860597
Grace Woan-ching Huang 92262, CAInternal Medicine1992923833
Lisa Gorn 78229, CAInternal Medicine1609086164
Kamala Joy Randolph 93940, CAInternal Medicine1801002548
Regina Hoagland Connell 92115, CAInternal Medicine1639380249
Sushma Vineet Pai 95128, CAInternal Medicine1619188596
Anahid Hekmat 94040, CAInternal Medicine1134325467
Rachel M.h. Roberts 95032, CAInternal Medicine1477757375


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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