Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stephen Raskin 94609, CAInternal Medicine1730125980
Rasiq Zackria 92501, CAInternal Medicine1902347289
Yi-kong Keung 91801, CAInternal Medicine1326023482
Oana Maria Penciu 90640, CAInternal Medicine1053625517
Kyaw Htaik Md Inc. 91801, CAInternal Medicine1194241521
Khin May Win 93301, CAInternal Medicine1841551405
Jim Ying-jian Wu 92284, CAInternal Medicine1285605014
Liying Cai 91010, CAInternal Medicine1023278884
Tina Wang 91007, CAInternal Medicine1700170743
Clarke Lew Medical Corp 92833, CAInternal Medicine1205444742
Ellen D Gim 92708, CAInternal Medicine1861596223
Shawn Kaye 92656, CAInternal Medicine1588027288
Hoag Medical Group Inc. 92626, CAInternal Medicine1558611632
Mary C Gessner-peterson 91901, CAInternal Medicine1861662884
Juan Carlos Quiros 92801, CAInternal Medicine1689679607
Thi Bich Ngoc Mai 92801, CAInternal Medicine1629496062
Siddhartha Chatterjee 92262, CAInternal Medicine1922476977
Vu Phan 92262, CAInternal Medicine1437539988
Alia Alaweneh 91203, CAInternal Medicine1720456247
Southern California Kidney Consultants Inc. 92843, CAInternal Medicine1205934783
Lisa Taehyung Kim 94595, CAInternal Medicine1225456098
Tan The Nguyen 92804, CAInternal Medicine1609839299
Access Primary Care Physicians, Inc. 90605, CAInternal Medicine1750858510
House Call Medical Associates, Inc. 92840, CAInternal Medicine1548688732
James Phuong Minh Tran 90245, CAInternal Medicine1790737559
Heeten Vasudev Bhoot 92860, CAInternal Medicine1740731413
Radhika Anusha Ramanan 94143, CAInternal Medicine1619169877
Oliver Neil Refugio 91342, CAInternal Medicine1144727355
Amirtha Ajit 92801, CAInternal Medicine1881688422
Ali Al-saleh 92808, CAInternal Medicine1194110163
Mayflower Medical Group, Inc. 91790, CAInternal Medicine1003188160
Robert Frank Bader 92782, CAInternal Medicine1225111610
Coreen Ker Hsien Huo 91206, CAInternal Medicine1932626553
James V Felt 94609, CAInternal Medicine1073621157
Imran Junaid 94520, CAInternal Medicine1285801787
Ramakrishna P. Gollapudi 94513, CAInternal Medicine1891880159
Juraj Kavecansky 94596, CAInternal Medicine1942592563
Jennifer Madeline Owen 94704, CAInternal Medicine1578992285
Anthony Jay Van Goor 80537, CAInternal Medicine1598724437
Serramonte Pulmonary, Asthma And Sleep Clinic Inc. 94564, CAInternal Medicine1588949416
Stephanie Kekulawela 94574, CAInternal Medicine1396979175
Juancarlo Martinez Gonzalez 34996, CAInternal Medicine1609189869
Diraj R Karnani 92307, CAInternal Medicine1639516172
Christopher James Swanson 92507, CAInternal Medicine1023016847
High Desert Pulmonary Associates, Inc 92307, CAInternal Medicine1124681325
Hisham Jihad Abukamleh 92307, CAInternal Medicine1144689647
Naili Alexander Chen 78236, CAInternal Medicine1649251661
Amy Kwan 55905, CAInternal Medicine1013338367
Sheila Marie Bonilla-tandoc 91007, CAInternal Medicine1457387805
Congress Associates Inc 91105, CAInternal Medicine1750312799
Andreas Christoph Mauer 91105, CAInternal Medicine1477739597
Evann E Eisenberg 91105, CAInternal Medicine1922379965
Addie Hill 91010, CAInternal Medicine1225448384
Niki D. Patel 91010, CAInternal Medicine1629308515
Kelly Khai Li Yap 91030, CAInternal Medicine1346560786
Samuel Wai-kee Chung 91030, CAInternal Medicine1609057157
Kidney Care Services Of Humboldt 95503, CAInternal Medicine1457734741
Connor Vanderveer Johnson 93454, CAInternal Medicine1780010603
Mark C Bocchicchio 93401, CAInternal Medicine1770543373
Jason Anthony Green 93401, CAInternal Medicine1215000823
Jennifer Anne Springer 93401, CAInternal Medicine1407122823
Wei Bai 93454, CAInternal Medicine1053567545
Kevin T. Kim 93454, CAInternal Medicine1689768848
Dipti Doshi Md, Inc. 90703, CAInternal Medicine1386089415
Marie Lourdes Tan Ynson 89119, CAInternal Medicine1881915239
Kristin D Ashley 95603, CAInternal Medicine1437160298
Guinea Singh Fan 95817, CAInternal Medicine1356504716
Piper Julie Hughes 95661, CAInternal Medicine1750647285
Jeffrey Jaehyun Lee 08043, CAInternal Medicine1942642731
Patricia F Marquez 91702, CAInternal Medicine1336109453
Yon Yarn 93534, CAInternal Medicine1023045309
Tony David Veletto 95448, CAInternal Medicine1205940228
Victor George Ettinger 93301, CAInternal Medicine1891729653
Nadim Sarkies M.d., Inc. 93301, CAInternal Medicine1003944133
Sherif Isshak Ibrahim 33881, CAInternal Medicine1699897579
Synergy Wellness Group, Inc. 93308, CAInternal Medicine1093031064
Leopoldo Puga, Md, Inc 93312, CAInternal Medicine1134537665
Parikshat Sharma Inc 93308, CAInternal Medicine1205145430
Julio A Gutierrez 90057, CAInternal Medicine1801092440
Synergy Lifestyle Center, Inc. 93308, CAInternal Medicine1730561861
Joseph Benperlas 77338, CAInternal Medicine1942610118
Sukhdeep S Athwal 93721, CAInternal Medicine1598925877
Carlos A. Alvarez, Md, Inc 93312, CAInternal Medicine1760945182
Sudhagar Thangarasu 79911, CAInternal Medicine1255560371
Samir Souleiman Salameh 93306, CAInternal Medicine1427402098
Lawrence R Rouben 92585, CAInternal Medicine1427003003
Maria A David 93308, CAInternal Medicine1780775007
Francis Arenas 93301, CAInternal Medicine1275717647
Calvin A. Kim 90020, CAInternal Medicine1538566047
Vipmd 93308, CAInternal Medicine1124521018
Gowri Renganathan 79911, CAInternal Medicine1700314622
Myspecialistmd Network Corporation 44139, CAInternal Medicine1598314684
Tushar Bajaj 60637, CAInternal Medicine1154826006
Total Health Of The Desert A Medical Corporation 92262, CAInternal Medicine1972777043
Kenneth P Dizon D.o Inc 92311, CAInternal Medicine1154839561
Marlon Saint Steve Russell 92395, CAInternal Medicine1497039119
Skua Inpatient Services, A Medical Corporation 93561, CAInternal Medicine1396152633
Amir Hedayati rad M D Inc 91204, CAInternal Medicine1659578110
Amir H Hedayati-rad 91204, CAInternal Medicine1861410029
Ravindra Moharpal Gautam 92311, CAInternal Medicine1891791703
Ravindra Gautam, M.d., Inc. 92311, CAInternal Medicine1366490310
Kenneth Dizon 85306, CAInternal Medicine1346252129
Omar Shahbaz 92882, CAInternal Medicine1417226366
Mark Russell 92395, CAInternal Medicine1639137540
Keino Andre Rutherford 91403, CAInternal Medicine1497807853
Chifoo David Yue 90630, CAInternal Medicine1952374100
Dennis N Hughes 93108, CAInternal Medicine1215076468
Vinay K Katukuri 34741, CAInternal Medicine1992860597
Circle Medical Care Of California 94103, CAInternal Medicine1134596091
Sharad Nangia 94546, CAInternal Medicine1972702470
Garima Gupta 94609, CAInternal Medicine1922400530
Joseph Hong 94609, CAInternal Medicine1215323761
David M Butler 82601, CAInternal Medicine1699861518
Sonja Kassuba 94609, CAInternal Medicine1801844881
Matthew William Diehl 55454, CAInternal Medicine1548529654
University Healthcare Alliance 95032, CAInternal Medicine1760531198
Eugene Mcmillan 94609, CAInternal Medicine1093822744
David Benjamin Kagan 90404, CAInternal Medicine1992965768
Yao-wen Cheng 94109, CAInternal Medicine1508246968
Gary Cecchi 83404, CAInternal Medicine1861480857
Arash Foroutani 94546, CAInternal Medicine1346267309
Matthew H Dahnke 94609, CAInternal Medicine1487762092
Abhijit A Adhye 94558, CAInternal Medicine1992763205
Arash Minaie 95403, CAInternal Medicine1649538786
Babak Azarbal 90095, CAInternal Medicine1669402863
Koppany Visnyei 90036, CAInternal Medicine1770897365
David Alajajian 90211, CAInternal Medicine1215354337
Ram Dandillaya, M.d., Inc. 90503, CAInternal Medicine1376962597
Chee Y Lee 32117, CAInternal Medicine1386628857
Providence Saint Johns Medical Foundation 90404, CAInternal Medicine1518438712
Solomon I. Hamburg 91436, CAInternal Medicine1801892302
Brandon Grimes 90095, CAInternal Medicine1780814442
Nathan Sleeth Samras 90024, CAInternal Medicine1942527692
George Harry Shanlikian 48009, CAInternal Medicine1568673531
Jon A Kobashigawa 90048, CAInternal Medicine1467548073
Pooya I. Bokhoor 90404, CAInternal Medicine1760634315
Allen Ozeran 23417, CAInternal Medicine1346525128
Gobind Nath Sharma 90211, CAInternal Medicine1780998245
Ray Reza Goshtaseb 90505, CAInternal Medicine1972907574
Paul F. La Porte 90703, CAInternal Medicine1962760074
Christopher Ryan Fitzgerald 90211, CAInternal Medicine1558504902
Helen Avivah Nissim Golian 90211, CAInternal Medicine1528357076
Alice C Cruz 90211, CAInternal Medicine1457363004
David Austin 90211, CAInternal Medicine1720308174
Cheryl L Charles 90211, CAInternal Medicine1235141862
Lalima Anwar Hoq 90211, CAInternal Medicine1811927791
Tamar Meszaros 90211, CAInternal Medicine1518150192
Daniel J Stone 90211, CAInternal Medicine1730210105
Aids Healthcare Foundation 94114, CAInternal Medicine1467078063
Michael Norman 92307, CAInternal Medicine1912978123
Mohammad A Abid 92201, CAInternal Medicine1699857706
Sunny R Richley 92227, CAInternal Medicine1588608475
Sunny R Richley Md Corporation 92227, CAInternal Medicine1083898902
El Cajon Medical Group Inc 92227, CAInternal Medicine1265967491
Richard Jacoby Md Inc 92227, CAInternal Medicine1174161251
Man C Duong Md A Professional Corporation 92231, CAInternal Medicine1134563976
Dar Jen Wang 98632, CAInternal Medicine1497178016
Yelena Krupitskaya 94520, CAInternal Medicine1750565529
Vipul Gupta 94531, CAInternal Medicine1376781575
Sanjiv M Baxi 94143, CAInternal Medicine1477889962
Sanna Fatima 94531, CAInternal Medicine1235542531
Varun Kumar Takyar 94531, CAInternal Medicine1851736961
Arti H Chawla 90292, CAInternal Medicine1548258064
Gregory Scot Harmon 90712, CAInternal Medicine1346347028
Grace Wong Md Inc 91505, CAInternal Medicine1659648384
Medi Medi Community Health Center 90061, CAInternal Medicine1154892875
Michael R. Snell 90015, CAInternal Medicine1215158423
Dmitri Nikolaenko 78705, CAInternal Medicine1033471834
Sahar Sohrabian 91436, CAInternal Medicine1114125994
Ramin Assadi 93003, CAInternal Medicine1942418793
Victor Chiu 91342, CAInternal Medicine1144548652
Lauren Mary Freid 91505, CAInternal Medicine1780095026
Raghu Konanur Venkataram 91326, CAInternal Medicine1447538079
Eric Quang-chinh Trieu 91505, CAInternal Medicine1124439047
Salim F Ahmed 90292, CAInternal Medicine1851772214
Ryan Aronin 90095, CAInternal Medicine1326486770
Nooshin Yashar 91505, CAInternal Medicine1508109869
Reno Terribilini 91505, CAInternal Medicine1821402033
Navid Darouian 90403, CAInternal Medicine1487064564
Su Hutchinson 90025, CAInternal Medicine1972757219
Robert Kozlowski 91355, CAInternal Medicine1013178102
Juan M Alcantar 91326, CAInternal Medicine1972658540
Ramtin Anousheh 91505, CAInternal Medicine1912162199
Keith S Garb 91302, CAInternal Medicine1740381177
Allen Ameri 91403, CAInternal Medicine1922362425
Avalin Health Medical Corporation 91403, CAInternal Medicine1487213682
Cisco Medical Group, Inc 91335, CAInternal Medicine1053408989
Roger C On 91403, CAInternal Medicine1255334769
Jose Francisco Martinez Cardenas 91335, CAInternal Medicine1700827052
Mariam Torossian 90211, CAInternal Medicine1447593033
Alan Burton Schwartz 94402, CAInternal Medicine1427019769
Robert Eliot Zipkin 94401, CAInternal Medicine1558474718
Christian Spies 94010, CAInternal Medicine1184816316
David Karam 97225, CAInternal Medicine1538447677
Edward Williams Holt 94109, CAInternal Medicine1891816369
Stewart Cooper 94109, CAInternal Medicine1780604645
Tarini Anand 27514, CAInternal Medicine1720304272
Saeed Humayun 91364, CAInternal Medicine1518059955
Ramsewak Goswami 48180, CAInternal Medicine1679544415
Lucian Oprea 92243, CAInternal Medicine1033329792


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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