Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Colorado

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Colorado:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark Armin Levine 80045, COInternal Medicine1477556694
Robert F Motley 81401, COInternal Medicine1285637322
Steven J Miller 81401, COInternal Medicine1538162649
Richard Graham Smith 81301, COInternal Medicine1477556579
Jeffrey T Kulp 80910, COInternal Medicine1972506053
Gordon Martin Gerson 81611, COInternal Medicine1750384699
Michael V Brezinsky 81401, COInternal Medicine1245233378
John C Lambert 81401, COInternal Medicine1407859549
John D Scala 80112, COInternal Medicine1972506160
Daniel Witten 80220, COInternal Medicine1245233782
Robert J Lapidus 80206, COInternal Medicine1760485023
Morris Cohen 81615, COInternal Medicine1770586091
Anthony John Mannina 80033, COInternal Medicine1336142694
Philip A. Emrie 80033, COInternal Medicine1720081086
Jay Arthur Krakovitz 80210, COInternal Medicine1699778936
Carrie Lynn Campbell Broughton 80528, COInternal Medicine1295737526
Timothy J Rodgers 80403, COInternal Medicine1215939541
Richard W Johnson 80524, COInternal Medicine1891797171
Virginia Karen Augustitus 80228, COInternal Medicine1659373843
Werner Baumgartner 80228, COInternal Medicine1619979887
William Eng Lee 80206, COInternal Medicine1639173693
Michael Roger Baker 80920, COInternal Medicine1467456301
Iwona Nimptsch-kossek 80909, COInternal Medicine1205830866
Carl Schiller 81611, COInternal Medicine1053315606
David E Mccarty 80301, COInternal Medicine1831193630
Ann M Mass 81611, COInternal Medicine1598769358
Emma E.k. Mccarty 80304, COInternal Medicine1275537078
James A Miller 80751, COInternal Medicine1033113733
Erick Renee Araneda 81506, COInternal Medicine1154323228
James Tucker Good 80206, COInternal Medicine1679577126
Barry Mink 81611, COInternal Medicine1720082217
Richard D Mountain 80113, COInternal Medicine1265436786
Allan B Wicks 80113, COInternal Medicine1467456988
Michael William Spangler 80910, COInternal Medicine1841294295
David A Downs 80247, COInternal Medicine1275537698
Janak G Joshi 80909, COInternal Medicine1104820539
James Murray Kinsman 80910, COInternal Medicine1528062957
Dag Kremer 97128, COInternal Medicine1902801335
Linda Backup 80501, COInternal Medicine1053315473
Joseph Hyon-bae Kim 80910, COInternal Medicine1477557890
Ken Cohen 80439, COInternal Medicine1871598136
Reginald Guy 80501, COInternal Medicine1528063849
Nuzhat Iqbal 80501, COInternal Medicine1568467801
Igor Borisov 80220, COInternal Medicine1235134008
Catherine Ann Hatchell 80910, COInternal Medicine1225033251
Robert Hood Reeves 80910, COInternal Medicine1033114053
Amy Katherine Curran 80909, COInternal Medicine1790780732
Hartmut Koelsch 80501, COInternal Medicine1881699551
Ronald Rains 80909, COInternal Medicine1023013745
Steven Mohnssen 80909, COInternal Medicine1568467280
Timothy Rummel 80909, COInternal Medicine1598760217
Alain Eid 80907, COInternal Medicine1639174352
Steven Sloan 80909, COInternal Medicine1801891536
Christopher Evilsizer 80909, COInternal Medicine1043215775
John D Aikin 80120, COInternal Medicine1770588402
David Marc Nordstrom 80920, COInternal Medicine1215932942
Miho Toi Scott 80528, COInternal Medicine1194720938
Brock Vickery 80909, COInternal Medicine1417952144
Marie Bush 80501, COInternal Medicine1467456889
Eva Patricia Gill 80501, COInternal Medicine1376548693
Patrick A Miller 80910, COInternal Medicine1700881596
Paul David Sherry 80923, COInternal Medicine1962407502
Chad C Schooley 80907, COInternal Medicine1033114673
Brian Kevin Metz 80907, COInternal Medicine1770588303
Anthony H Doing 80528, COInternal Medicine1235135708
Gary J Luckasen 80528, COInternal Medicine1063418572
Gerald I Myers 81625, COInternal Medicine1205832722
Richard Charles Lamb 80751, COInternal Medicine1932105186
Charles Timothy Johnson 80528, COInternal Medicine1053317198
Dennis G Larson 80528, COInternal Medicine1891791950
John D Altman 80228, COInternal Medicine1780680777
Claudia K Benedict 80031, COInternal Medicine1407852411
Takeshi Kataoka 80228, COInternal Medicine1821094871
Ronald K Law 80204, COInternal Medicine1447256318
Michael J Ptasnik 80228, COInternal Medicine1952307829
Martin Glenn Yussman 80218, COInternal Medicine1053317966
John Thomas Svinarich 80228, COInternal Medicine1487650388
Laurence A Berarducci 81008, COInternal Medicine1669478541
Jeffrey D Rubinstein 80228, COInternal Medicine1417953399
Leonard R Zemel 80231, COInternal Medicine1447256045
Roger C Ashmore 80528, COInternal Medicine1184620635
Todd B Whitsitt 80528, COInternal Medicine1457357824
Charles Patrick Green 80528, COInternal Medicine1982600458
John Bradley Oldemeyer 80528, COInternal Medicine1700882123
Thomas R Downes 80528, COInternal Medicine1245236371
Robert M Dy 81601, COInternal Medicine1851397210
William E Miller 80528, COInternal Medicine1821094988
Ellen Ablog Dy 81601, COInternal Medicine1053317578
Debra A Friesen 80033, COInternal Medicine1962409318
Marsha Manning 80439, COInternal Medicine1760489140
John Hedberg 80228, COInternal Medicine1578560942
Douglas Mccallum 80246, COInternal Medicine1801893110
Anne Mclean 80439, COInternal Medicine1447257753
Karen Kelly 80401, COInternal Medicine1962409342
Paolo Romero 80528, COInternal Medicine1962409235
David A Podlecki 80501, COInternal Medicine1649277815
John Stathis 80501, COInternal Medicine1902803174
Thomas Gottlieb 80005, COInternal Medicine1427055409
Antony Pearson 80538, COInternal Medicine1235136201
Mary Carol Greenlee 81501, COInternal Medicine1720085533
Richard Jay Ducharme 80907, COInternal Medicine1386642007
Jonathan Walter 80005, COInternal Medicine1427055235
Thomas K Mayeda 80235, COInternal Medicine1609873306
Marcus Reinhardt 80631, COInternal Medicine1356349823
Terry Michael Clower 81212, COInternal Medicine1528066123
Donna Lee Mcfadden 81501, COInternal Medicine1134127434
Mark Phillip Albright 81004, COInternal Medicine1104824259
Melissa T Hocate 80920, COInternal Medicine1073511291
Scott William Harberts 81004, COInternal Medicine1477551521
Stanley Carlos Sicher 81004, COInternal Medicine1295733350
Stephen Theodore Brown 81004, COInternal Medicine1952309817
Alexander Senkoff 80918, COInternal Medicine1386642262
Peter M. Lemis 80443, COInternal Medicine1962400341
Jeffrey J. Hoffmann 80113, COInternal Medicine1821095811
Caroline E Fernandez 80913, COInternal Medicine1861499915
William Lopez 80538, COInternal Medicine1023015807
Michelle Thomas 80246, COInternal Medicine1174520969
David Mccarty 80501, COInternal Medicine1174521058
Rhonda P Webb 81147, COInternal Medicine1598762494
Jennifer H Caskey 80033, COInternal Medicine1518965458
Henry M Heller 81301, COInternal Medicine1871592642
Martha Dambrosio Md 80920, COInternal Medicine1659370427
Jeanette Valentin 80909, COInternal Medicine1952300485
Kevin T Lutz 80209, COInternal Medicine1578562765
Michael E. Sayers 80920, COInternal Medicine1598764714
Donald Alfred Strandberg 80920, COInternal Medicine1508865544
Jesse Martin Hofflin 80920, COInternal Medicine1306845219
Thomas A. Hackenberg 80920, COInternal Medicine1659371524
Jeanne Day Seibert 80113, COInternal Medicine1851391742
Wayne Eric Miller 80014, COInternal Medicine1215937115
Robert Dennis Weber 80920, COInternal Medicine1528068400
Robert H. Gates 80920, COInternal Medicine1598765315
Donald Alan Forest 80237, COInternal Medicine1588664841
David Paul Lawrance 80309, COInternal Medicine1932109113
Brian Robert Bishop 80113, COInternal Medicine1912907940
Diane Marie Melancon 81505, COInternal Medicine1205836426
Bonnie E Nowak 80525, COInternal Medicine1326049016
Dorinda H. Rouch 81416, COInternal Medicine1750381513
Joseph W Maslak 80863, COInternal Medicine1497754022
Bruce Damon Mcfarland 80004, COInternal Medicine1770584120
Jonathan S Harte 80012, COInternal Medicine1407857782
Raedene Schmidt 81506, COInternal Medicine1215938543
Lalith C Uragoda 80907, COInternal Medicine1366443483
Marc S Shiffman 80443, COInternal Medicine1639171440
Larry S Fisher 80219, COInternal Medicine1255333076
Christopher Mark Courtney 80113, COInternal Medicine1033111620
Kimberlee Rae Terry 80206, COInternal Medicine1316939192
George Ho 80205, COInternal Medicine1497747190
Thomas Duncan Sellers 80907, COInternal Medicine1194717710
Michael Persoff 80210, COInternal Medicine1336132638
Richard G Pluss 80210, COInternal Medicine1245223544
Janina S Czartolomna 80260, COInternal Medicine1720071996
Richard Phong Vu 80920, COInternal Medicine1316930241
Khanh The Ngo 92369, COInternal Medicine1306839139
Richard L Good 80122, COInternal Medicine1669465183
David S Feuer 81003, COInternal Medicine1447251897
Mark A Dillingham 80210, COInternal Medicine1437142734
Chang Woon Kang 80403, COInternal Medicine1689675852
Mark Randolph Stephens 81620, COInternal Medicine1407858137
Charles William Stout 81008, COInternal Medicine1497756597
Richard A Zak 81147, COInternal Medicine1316930506
Michelle T Black 80112, COInternal Medicine1972739001
Frederick M Workman 80907, COInternal Medicine1023001948
Imran Zubair 80501, COInternal Medicine1992798243
Marsden Scott Blois 80303, COInternal Medicine1215938683
Floyd Brian Russak 80111, COInternal Medicine1902898984
Ronald E Kramer 80403, COInternal Medicine1255324208
Philippe Marten Gauthier 80210, COInternal Medicine1225021520
Harvey W. Mcclung 81004, COInternal Medicine1710971122
Dumont F. Clark 81004, COInternal Medicine1093709412
Dominic Lorenz Meylor 80302, COInternal Medicine1750375994
Mark A Linkow 80220, COInternal Medicine1639163587
Brent M Cohen 80220, COInternal Medicine1427042142
Robert Alan Nathan 80907, COInternal Medicine1487648077
Gordon Kenneth Deagman 80012, COInternal Medicine1346235439
Paul Michael Carter 37922, COInternal Medicine1710972872
Daniel O Siegel 80220, COInternal Medicine1174518344
Michael C Barlow 80012, COInternal Medicine1598750283
Nuray Gun 80120, COInternal Medicine1720073323
Erik W Springer 80120, COInternal Medicine1194711622
Andrzej T Triebling 80120, COInternal Medicine1487640017
Stephen Mitchell Gorshow 80111, COInternal Medicine1255327896
Luke T Evans 80120, COInternal Medicine1205822707
Corinne O Laurance 80920, COInternal Medicine1952397374
Dwight A. Robertson 80920, COInternal Medicine1740276179
Simona F Oprea 80210, COInternal Medicine1194711416
Alwin Frederick Steinmann 80218, COInternal Medicine1598751612
Thomas Charles Fisher 80639, COInternal Medicine1598751570
Clarke C Godfrey 80012, COInternal Medicine1750377628
Joseph O Rainwater 80012, COInternal Medicine1528054491
John A Prevedel 80012, COInternal Medicine1831185776
Thomas Stephen Crisman 80205, COInternal Medicine1467448340
Dennis J Battock 80012, COInternal Medicine1083600928
Frederick Carlton Miller 80012, COInternal Medicine1861488702
Mark Ward Keller 80045, COInternal Medicine1720074578
Susan Rae Jensen 80909, COInternal Medicine1134115983
Richard Norman Hansen 80120, COInternal Medicine1770579401
Robert Clyde Lawson 80109, COInternal Medicine1750377487
David Shander 80012, COInternal Medicine1598752230
Joan E Eldridge 80120, COInternal Medicine1881681526


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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