Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Colorado

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Colorado:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Joseph Gordon Edelson 49770, COInternal Medicine1598766255
Paul D Ammatelli 81201, COInternal Medicine1558357764
David L Pinsinski 80021, COInternal Medicine1972590107
Robert A. Cadigan 80918, COInternal Medicine1336136340
Karen M Lochhead 80026, COInternal Medicine1275524761
Brandon Gregory Hamilton 80909, COInternal Medicine1386635381
Tameira Lee Hollander 80007, COInternal Medicine1275514309
Ryan Colleen Larkin 80210, COInternal Medicine1346778420
Elena Anisimova 80231, COInternal Medicine1770564437
Charles M Nieto 29472, COInternal Medicine1992785653
Whitney Elizabeth Juselius 80045, COInternal Medicine1437134202
Kenneth John Vega 30912, COInternal Medicine1962479238
Caryn D Baldauf 80903, COInternal Medicine1811963226
Michael R. Ragsdale 80227, COInternal Medicine1477513646
Kevin H Ashby 92610, COInternal Medicine1245209907
Connor W Graham 80304, COInternal Medicine1669421301
Daniel Duane Cornett 55805, COInternal Medicine1548228992
Josephine M Williams 97227, COInternal Medicine1407819139
Michael D. Kenner 80012, COInternal Medicine1417912460
Pamela Vallejo-craig 80023, COInternal Medicine1417904251
Thomas J. Bartlett 80907, COInternal Medicine1427002724
Nabeel Y Hamzeh 52242, COInternal Medicine1437193745
John S Goff 80228, COInternal Medicine1942231832
Sarah Jean Conlon 80122, COInternal Medicine1861425829
Diana I. Jalal 52242, COInternal Medicine1033142096
Joann L Zell 80206, COInternal Medicine1760415418
Rebecca M Kuhn 90804, COInternal Medicine1316965429
Western Medical Associates 81506, COInternal Medicine1366458648
Charles Peter Rogers 80501, COInternal Medicine1275545147
Daniel S White 80501, COInternal Medicine1427060383
Edward Robert Smith 80045, COInternal Medicine1285740712
Julie Christine Osborne Heller 80204, COInternal Medicine1346266483
Amber Suzanne Podoll 80045, COInternal Medicine1972520799
Garry W Lambert 77042, COInternal Medicine1942303904
Julia Kavanagh 80206, COInternal Medicine1275611535
Lawrence D Horwitz 52242, COInternal Medicine1669562336
Christopher J Erickson 55371, COInternal Medicine1477647261
Tara M Snow 80026, COInternal Medicine1609985233
Arathi P Rao 80301, COInternal Medicine1346340205
Sanford Henry Benjamin 80045, COInternal Medicine1912009192
Regina J Brown 80528, COInternal Medicine1982703021
Barry Martin 80045, COInternal Medicine1235279332
Jill Gibson 80501, COInternal Medicine1629120761
Tambra R. Woods 80111, COInternal Medicine1871632034
Linda C Davis 80111, COInternal Medicine1235278409
Sujata M Wagh 80124, COInternal Medicine1750444279
Triscia L Malmstrom 80111, COInternal Medicine1548390396
Theodore Mcmenomy 55102, COInternal Medicine1811036809
Lela Mansoori 80218, COInternal Medicine1881740488
Carol Susan Spies 80111, COInternal Medicine1851430011
Scott H Mackenzie 80214, COInternal Medicine1568501997
Marsha H Hamner 80631, COInternal Medicine1144357724
Christine Maylyn Lin 32610, COInternal Medicine1699979591
Steven Matthew Weiss 81301, COInternal Medicine1427274208
Amanda Lund 60604, COInternal Medicine1578746533
Jacob John Koczman 80012, COInternal Medicine1194988980
Elena Anisimova, Md, Pc 80231, COInternal Medicine1073784096
Theresa Michelle Medina 80045, COInternal Medicine1669645867
Jason Navid Mansoori 80045, COInternal Medicine1598080434
Vishal Rana 80920, COInternal Medicine1831307438
Chirag Ambaram Chauhan 80113, COInternal Medicine1437313376
Jared Davis 80123, COInternal Medicine1891938684
Ramasubramanian L Chauhan 80045, COInternal Medicine1518197144
Melissa Ann Wells 80020, COInternal Medicine1134440886
Nicole Swavely 80501, COInternal Medicine1659660603
Joshua Feuerstein 95816, COInternal Medicine1386919595
Honor Kristine Ashbaugh 80501, COInternal Medicine1396070587
Jose Maria Pacheco 80045, COInternal Medicine1083935456
Joseph Douglas Johnson 80226, COInternal Medicine1891094074
Ralph M. Daher 28655, COInternal Medicine1760620280
Eric Riles 80538, COInternal Medicine1437388303
Daniel A Kelmenson 80120, COInternal Medicine1922391648
Edward Nickolai Murphy 80045, COInternal Medicine1679863930
Tiffany E Russell 81401, COInternal Medicine1124254123
Sunad Rangarajan 80045, COInternal Medicine1942466198
Travis Jay Moss 80045, COInternal Medicine1225337785
Matthew Edward Drew 80909, COInternal Medicine1841565058
Colorado Community Clinic Inc 80909, COInternal Medicine1548402647
Caley Marie Copeland 81301, COInternal Medicine1487920997
Daniel John Spinuzzi 80863, COInternal Medicine1679881866
Erik Berger 80026, COInternal Medicine1003120502
Rishi Ariola-tirella 81004, COInternal Medicine1609162353
Patrick Ryan Wood 80045, COInternal Medicine1114216926
John Andrew Updike 80045, COInternal Medicine1467772293
Harshal Rohidas Patil 80923, COInternal Medicine1255597829
Arun Ramachandran 22042, COInternal Medicine1053698878
Sunny Lo 90808, COInternal Medicine1891053187
Sai Anandi Ramaswami 80204, COInternal Medicine1942629373
Carrie Ann Evavold 55101, COInternal Medicine1851718993
Santiago De La Garza 80303, COInternal Medicine1063830313
Andrew Bolton 81401, COInternal Medicine1376961367
Julianne Michelle Imseis-losh 80138, COInternal Medicine1043625163
Misha Huang 80045, COInternal Medicine1356668859
Thomas Flood 02114, COInternal Medicine1093155541
Gregory Scott Canfield 80045, COInternal Medicine1144632159
Samuel J Wallum 99204, COInternal Medicine1285044313
Andrew Berry 80218, COInternal Medicine1659790517
Michael Cowherd 80045, COInternal Medicine1235557034
Jessica Thibault 83301, COInternal Medicine1821355330
Scott Matson 80228, COInternal Medicine1962745190
Peter Rothstein 77030, COInternal Medicine1598183543
Gregory Brent Schmitz 80033, COInternal Medicine1073928610
Timothy N Tidwell 93422, COInternal Medicine1275972325
Justin Norman Jones 84604, COInternal Medicine1639564495
Drew Burlon 80909, COInternal Medicine1548604838
Carson Elizabeth Petty Maynard 17822, COInternal Medicine1770929754
William Aaron Manning 80045, COInternal Medicine1720407240
Cameron Hurst Siddens 80910, COInternal Medicine1356787436
William Mckleroy 94143, COInternal Medicine1013302215
Holli Faye Barber 80218, COInternal Medicine1083034912
Jennifer Marie Post 80045, COInternal Medicine1194144436
Aiman Hussain 80504, COInternal Medicine1497160311
Jeremy Tang Hua 80218, COInternal Medicine1689060162
Wesley Alexander Ridley 80220, COInternal Medicine1932590908
August Denicco 59808, COInternal Medicine1013234665
Ian A. Kaminsky 80113, COInternal Medicine1316151913
Mary Cecilia Nguyen 77459, COInternal Medicine1942644695
Lynda Hoang 89106, COInternal Medicine1578977070
Safieh Golestaneh 01109, COInternal Medicine1366869554
G Singleton Md Llc 80113, COInternal Medicine1720507858
Shelley A Clyne 80228, COInternal Medicine1093794984
Arshad Ali 79902, COInternal Medicine1104898816
Bryce Meyer 02138, COInternal Medicine1902326804
Steven Schlosser 80301, COInternal Medicine1790191864
New West Physicians, P.c. 80220, COInternal Medicine1467944082
Brian Birks 60153, COInternal Medicine1295230787
Pinnacle Medical Partners Ii, Llc 80128, COInternal Medicine1376912931
Kimberly Inez Rieniets 80226, COInternal Medicine1003917246
Emily Jensen 99508, COInternal Medicine1497140065
Ramprasad C Dandillaya 90211, COInternal Medicine1316900236
Magnolia Medical Company 80206, COInternal Medicine1043769862
Zoe Ann Lewis 32209, COInternal Medicine1437336302
San Juan Regional Medical Center Inc 87401, COInternal Medicine1033327770
Jessica Badlam 05401, COInternal Medicine1336448778
Arti Karna 80401, COInternal Medicine1326158627
Carla Helene Ginsburg 02493, COInternal Medicine1568563948
Aaron Harris Cohn 60030, COInternal Medicine1841586211
Nicholas Breitnauer 80219, COInternal Medicine1033538848
Heather L. Groth 52245, COInternal Medicine1083970578
Carl F Dando 55369, COInternal Medicine1184666323
Pradeep Rai 80206, COInternal Medicine1184863631
John Caleb Richards 80112, COInternal Medicine1730313875
Cecilia Stuckenschneider 80026, COInternal Medicine1225540099
Kyle Hirsh 80631, COInternal Medicine1356778161
Andrea Steel 80045, COInternal Medicine1194149211
Robert D Ballard 80120, COInternal Medicine1255424347
Kenneth Hung 06510, COInternal Medicine1609219278
Chelsea St. Claire 60201, COInternal Medicine1700371283
Dharmista Ramjibhai Chaudhary 81003, COInternal Medicine1437612637
Lawrence P Zyskowski 59101, COInternal Medicine1841289410
Joseph James Peila 59102, COInternal Medicine1669739710
Tyler Friedrich 80218, COInternal Medicine1942628136
Wendy Barrett 80111, COInternal Medicine1932554565
Dmitriy I Pales 80112, COInternal Medicine1548282700
Adrian Ignacio Loffler 22908, COInternal Medicine1316213549
Christopher Michael Merrick 72205, COInternal Medicine1942566419
Samuel Clark Berngard 80301, COInternal Medicine1265708622
Timothy M Clark 80301, COInternal Medicine1043265663
Thomas A Minor 80301, COInternal Medicine1538266119
Hunter Russell Smith 80301, COInternal Medicine1174616130
Thomas Matthew Wilcox 80301, COInternal Medicine1073629507
Wael F. Garas 80303, COInternal Medicine1033181375
Charles William Mcmahon 60153, COInternal Medicine1861768053
Lauren Michelle Sanders 80909, COInternal Medicine1104278381
Platte Valley Medical Group Llc 80601, COInternal Medicine1730698820
Adrienne Wilson Mann 80045, COInternal Medicine1972892909
Matthew Curtis Hoegh 80045, COInternal Medicine1689930620
Bryan Lublin 80045, COInternal Medicine1063839108
Karen Marsden 80111, COInternal Medicine1720440316
Michael A Cerasaro 93003, COInternal Medicine1407232259
Anil Shrestha 19013, COInternal Medicine1194059188
Jessica Mayumi Lum 44195, COInternal Medicine1548503592
Quoc Thanh Nguyen 80218, COInternal Medicine1760832000
Eric Priyakumar Ragland 58104, COInternal Medicine1912273418
Miheer Pujara 02906, COInternal Medicine1932563590
Sarah Grace Calkins 80045, COInternal Medicine1649614181
Robert Carl Sturm 84132, COInternal Medicine1427410414
Daniel Lloyd Varela 84132, COInternal Medicine1508220054
Diahn E. Lohman 80113, COInternal Medicine1538145701
Bradley James Steffen 80111, COInternal Medicine1457714883
Amita Maturu 43235, COInternal Medicine1962600833
Duane William Pearson 80045, COInternal Medicine1528083631
Weston Harkness 97330, COInternal Medicine1396190617
Yumi Elizabeth Siu Lee 81501, COInternal Medicine1306270004
Omar Jawaid 46202, COInternal Medicine1104289370
Benjamin R Griffin 52242, COInternal Medicine1568726529
Kelley Rae Lockhart 46845, COInternal Medicine1033192679
Lianne Marks 80302, COInternal Medicine1114918349
Kelli Delay 80045, COInternal Medicine1922441138
Ashley Lane 80045, COInternal Medicine1033409891
Siavash Panah 80631, COInternal Medicine1114122876
Andrew Eric Brookens 80231, COInternal Medicine1396035341
Altitude Kidney Health Pllc 80231, COInternal Medicine1487126124
Rebecca Emily Burk 89502, COInternal Medicine1508122300
Mark A Schaten 53018, COInternal Medicine1356458632
Laura Nicole Howe 80634, COInternal Medicine1245678648
Muthulakshmi Yegappan 80239, COInternal Medicine1093001406
Emily Schroeder 46845, COInternal Medicine1306021118
Joseph Alan Hippensteel 80045, COInternal Medicine1720344971
Alexis Carulli 80045, COInternal Medicine1093179061


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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