Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Harry Conte 06105, CTInternal Medicine1184626400
Roberta F Rose 06851, CTInternal Medicine1336131085
Jeffrey G Mulhern 01104, CTInternal Medicine1063402105
Frederick Lewis Altice 06519, CTInternal Medicine1710960158
Patrick Gerard Oconnor 06519, CTInternal Medicine1689657819
Sandra Ann Springer 06510, CTInternal Medicine1326021890
Scott Welsh 06457, CTInternal Medicine1215907167
Peter Pace 17402, CTInternal Medicine1538142138
Jeffrey Berman 06611, CTInternal Medicine1801855721
Gary Miller 06019, CTInternal Medicine1528027430
Mohammed A Qureshi 06360, CTInternal Medicine1043281348
Yaw Amoateng Adjepong 06610, CTInternal Medicine1831168996
Peter S Hahn 06382, CTInternal Medicine1184690703
Jared G Selter 06611, CTInternal Medicine1457315376
Leonid Karkanitsa 06614, CTInternal Medicine1669435087
Grace P Kim 06606, CTInternal Medicine1720036700
Bhawani S Ojha 06067, CTInternal Medicine1275578601
Eric Brandt Einstein 06854, CTInternal Medicine1942244819
Sebastian T Tosto 36301, CTInternal Medicine1811925696
Andrew On-shing Chow 06510, CTInternal Medicine1376583245
Julian Nieves 06030, CTInternal Medicine1649225269
Michael B Teiger Md Pc 06002, CTInternal Medicine1952414385
Heather Sung 06851, CTInternal Medicine1568486041
Peter F Robinson 01107, CTInternal Medicine1659306645
Alina R. Alfirii 06518, CTInternal Medicine1487687570
Gabriel Vorobiof 90024, CTInternal Medicine1649288416
Martin Krauthamer 06905, CTInternal Medicine1437177896
Donald E Mcnicol 06850, CTInternal Medicine1912920034
Deepa Camenga 06510, CTInternal Medicine1952318214
Tarek Amin Mikati 06610, CTInternal Medicine1831117894
Frank K Longo 06770, CTInternal Medicine1528171295
Paul Leslie Weinstein 06904, CTInternal Medicine1457446718
Kirsten B Hohmann 06840, CTInternal Medicine1912017989
Eric H. Chanko 06810, CTInternal Medicine1376638189
Varalakshmi Niranjan 06119, CTInternal Medicine1043317340
Shikha Mehta 32763, CTInternal Medicine1750618641
Chantale Vante 10605, CTInternal Medicine1942319504
Emily Pinto Taylor 06706, CTInternal Medicine1053799544
Joshua Fink 10549, CTInternal Medicine1861551145
Mandeep S Oberoi 16801, CTInternal Medicine1922158542
Saurabh Gupta 19141, CTInternal Medicine1134381312
Mandeep Kumar 06102, CTInternal Medicine1043472228
Ryan K Kaple 06519, CTInternal Medicine1154580694
Jeremy Lester Matloff 06510, CTInternal Medicine1770741290
Amar A Dalsania 33637, CTInternal Medicine1497976732
Omar Eton 06106, CTInternal Medicine1275736050
Mahjabeen Rashid 10468, CTInternal Medicine1487821484
Subbarao Choudry 12601, CTInternal Medicine1255506366
Syed R Latif 95816, CTInternal Medicine1043470735
Rebecca Streeter 06905, CTInternal Medicine1376703736
Marcie Lynn Wolinsky-friedland 10509, CTInternal Medicine1023138518
Robert George Schneider 06880, CTInternal Medicine1366601213
Saria Mohamed Hassan 06519, CTInternal Medicine1669656633
Paras Satish Bhatt 06360, CTInternal Medicine1053598540
Ulysses Wu 06105, CTInternal Medicine1750582805
Myrla L Sajo 06105, CTInternal Medicine1710169065
Aniyizhai Annamalai 06519, CTInternal Medicine1871714188
Robert James Wasnick 06418, CTInternal Medicine1508057571
Ayesha Chaudhry 06514, CTInternal Medicine1841450657
Syed A Madni 77450, CTInternal Medicine1427222389
Dina Hammad Ahmed Abdelwahab Elhamahmi 19140, CTInternal Medicine1801050208
Maryanne Horta Bhojwani 06611, CTInternal Medicine1124209101
Freda Owusua Boateng 06610, CTInternal Medicine1386832848
Amir Mohammad 06510, CTInternal Medicine1952578809
Sanjay Malhotra 06418, CTInternal Medicine1497946339
Lemarra Rena Brown 08205, CTInternal Medicine1710120407
Lisa Puglisi 06510, CTInternal Medicine1518191667
Theresa Lee 80124, CTInternal Medicine1457676645
Jameel Uddeen 06708, CTInternal Medicine1669767059
Ashwini Charusheel Bapat 02114, CTInternal Medicine1346515624
Sanjeet Kaur Baidwan 11217, CTInternal Medicine1043585318
Wei An 06119, CTInternal Medicine1942576947
Ankur Ved Gupta 93291, CTInternal Medicine1396990560
Steven Temkin 06106, CTInternal Medicine1700014578
Karla Jean Nockleby 55101, CTInternal Medicine1669615613
Monzurul H Chowdhury 01752, CTInternal Medicine1770875817
Mauricio Rodrigues Loureiro Silva 06770, CTInternal Medicine1609162197
Prakriti Singh Merchant 07083, CTInternal Medicine1447546775
Kristin Marie Logee 12538, CTInternal Medicine1336376516
Andrew R Branagan 02114, CTInternal Medicine1679707053
Julia S Pimkina 02215, CTInternal Medicine1255630612
Meghan Kathleen Train 06102, CTInternal Medicine1689998312
Yu Zhang 06510, CTInternal Medicine1083932578
Prajapathi Reddy Lakireddy 95926, CTInternal Medicine1356647044
Collins Medical Associates 2 Pc 06105, CTInternal Medicine1518256452
Nadeen J. Khoury 48202, CTInternal Medicine1922396548
Julie Varughese 06851, CTInternal Medicine1912153420
Maria G Lazareva 98034, CTInternal Medicine1811203250
Nicole Lynn Roeder 55109, CTInternal Medicine1568737716
Alexei Shimanovsky 02903, CTInternal Medicine1699054924
Ranjit Joseph 27518, CTInternal Medicine1821383951
Bashar Alkinj 98664, CTInternal Medicine1497986871
Shivi Sharma 06850, CTInternal Medicine1306092895
Heather Laura Klavan 10016, CTInternal Medicine1619243599
Gregory Michael Ouellet 06519, CTInternal Medicine1851666085
Morgan Soffler 02115, CTInternal Medicine1962792002
Salman Khalid 06708, CTInternal Medicine1477832806
David J Halpin 80228, CTInternal Medicine1972824662
Maria Cecilia Franco Vega 77030, CTInternal Medicine1821247685
Sherry George Mansour 06510, CTInternal Medicine1285953059
Augustine Andoh-duku 06810, CTInternal Medicine1992010565
Christine Joanne Taliercio 01020, CTInternal Medicine1063662799
Salil Mathew 06850, CTInternal Medicine1770804536
Deborah Brunson Md Llc 06460, CTInternal Medicine1720550445
Roman Groisberg 08901, CTInternal Medicine1235404450
Sunny Shyamsunder Jhamnani 85224, CTInternal Medicine1518245844
Mohammed A Shams 06451, CTInternal Medicine1770748170
Jerry O Stern 10536, CTInternal Medicine1417270711
David J. Hur 06516, CTInternal Medicine1568606002
Ataul M Qureshi 19107, CTInternal Medicine1992013338
St Vincents Multispecialty Group Inc 06606, CTInternal Medicine1043544489
Stamford Health Medical Group, Inc. 06907, CTInternal Medicine1154633980
Mridula Rai 87102, CTInternal Medicine1851619894
Paul Robert Anthony 06105, CTInternal Medicine1912156597
Diana Minerva Rodriguez 06110, CTInternal Medicine1942620927
Kenneth Morford 06511, CTInternal Medicine1083059984
Adnan Mallick 36301, CTInternal Medicine1053751362
Jaya Singh 95816, CTInternal Medicine1639589864
Morakinyo Araoye 06052, CTInternal Medicine1174939615
Nayla Ahmed 03756, CTInternal Medicine1508272923
Serozan Amroliwalla 69361, CTInternal Medicine1336553890
Stavan Patel 17011, CTInternal Medicine1568876027
Ryan Alexander Darnall 06030, CTInternal Medicine1972914901
Justin Jin Woong Choi 10065, CTInternal Medicine1538571872
Elena Kopeikin 06510, CTInternal Medicine1871909572
John Matthew Snowden 11375, CTInternal Medicine1124425889
Chen-pang Soong 19152, CTInternal Medicine1134549009
Mei Xue Dong 06511, CTInternal Medicine1366718538
Herman Ryan Sequeira 58103, CTInternal Medicine1689920779
Prabhdeep Singh 06708, CTInternal Medicine1790162790
Eric Berkowitz 33432, CTInternal Medicine1508008806
Andrew T Ferrara 06102, CTInternal Medicine1134515604
Brenda Edith Chacon-moreno 06810, CTInternal Medicine1285029892
Michael Benjamin Russell 02111, CTInternal Medicine1730592387
Kelly Green Mazurek 92123, CTInternal Medicine1487915203
Stephanie Wei-ming Sun 02114, CTInternal Medicine1760897169
Sara Harcharik Perkins 06519, CTInternal Medicine1720491905
Fatima Jalil 06030, CTInternal Medicine1487086625
Ashly Maughan 06519, CTInternal Medicine1194158667
Alexander Miller 06030, CTInternal Medicine1629461033
Jonathan Salberg 83712, CTInternal Medicine1710323126
Kavitha Gopalratnam 55905, CTInternal Medicine1942641873
Janice Tan Ong 23225, CTInternal Medicine1679968929
Andrew Benjamin Cohen 06516, CTInternal Medicine1255573697
Kevin O'laughlin 06510, CTInternal Medicine1750762209
Jonathan David Eisenberg 02115, CTInternal Medicine1689055113
Matthew Joseph Mcconnell 06510, CTInternal Medicine1003182023
Shaina M Lynch 53226, CTInternal Medicine1235575036
Anil Shankar Magge 06030, CTInternal Medicine1295154821
Thilan Prasanga Wijesekera 06510, CTInternal Medicine1417392333
Diana Camille Cornell 02114, CTInternal Medicine1497135644
Ramy Zughul 60657, CTInternal Medicine1558746321
Nisha Suda 10461, CTInternal Medicine1114269438
Nova Thomas John 30303, CTInternal Medicine1194073932
Saeeda Qadri 06488, CTInternal Medicine1295174993
Emily Anna Burk 34103, CTInternal Medicine1689939936
Jimsheed Shahriar 01805, CTInternal Medicine1609262633
Anika K. Anam 06519, CTInternal Medicine1376885905
Alaina Justine Kessler 10029, CTInternal Medicine1043697063
John P Russo 30342, CTInternal Medicine1558708156
Christopher Steele 06070, CTInternal Medicine1922492255
Sohita Torgalkar 10029, CTInternal Medicine1235364654
Khalil Ian Hussein 10029, CTInternal Medicine1427442409
David Inyangetor 06489, CTInternal Medicine1265692172
Armand Russo 06473, CTInternal Medicine1982040390
Saira Nasar 06511, CTInternal Medicine1306220132
Virginia Olivia Volpe 06052, CTInternal Medicine1659767622
Allison Catherine Posta 06510, CTInternal Medicine1831578434
Tamta Chkhikvadze 11220, CTInternal Medicine1952788663
Debasmita Saha 04412, CTInternal Medicine1528359387
Brett Fillmore 06106, CTInternal Medicine1801156518
Serena Wong 27710, CTInternal Medicine1710306204
Wave Integrative, Llc 06514, CTInternal Medicine1003337759
Kidney Care And Transplant Services Of New England, Pc 01104, CTInternal Medicine1598202558
Steven Neil Bleich 06106, CTInternal Medicine1184914343
Coastal Rheumatology Pc Inc 02891, CTInternal Medicine1851310890
Rachel Anne Madrid 06052, CTInternal Medicine1639359334
Richard Torres 10459, CTInternal Medicine1871599175
Mukta Dhond 06516, CTInternal Medicine1235541277
Maysoun Richi 06488, CTInternal Medicine1760620678
Umar Mahmud 06052, CTInternal Medicine1205221728
Peter Kooghee Hong 75216, CTInternal Medicine1255674750
John P Moschello 06787, CTInternal Medicine1073592978
David Tuck 02130, CTInternal Medicine1871837955
Sotonte Ebenibo 42431, CTInternal Medicine1376958603
Felix Xavier De Jesus Roman 06770, CTInternal Medicine1386055069
Emma Considine 03756, CTInternal Medicine1447695226
Nims Varadi 11357, CTInternal Medicine1528478492
Sana Khan 06510, CTInternal Medicine1093133290
Niyati Patel 88240, CTInternal Medicine1811317894
Scott Lesle Willis 28803, CTInternal Medicine1548306640
Setu K Vora 06360, CTInternal Medicine1437146776
Caroline Greenberg Falker 06511, CTInternal Medicine1891174462
Denyse Dawn Lutchmansingh 06510, CTInternal Medicine1134350002
St. Vincents Urgent Care Llc 06824, CTInternal Medicine1912305483
Katlynn Van Ogtrop 11030, CTInternal Medicine1275943219
Stephen Scholand 06451, CTInternal Medicine1679500268
Abraham Kanal 94143, CTInternal Medicine1285013037
Syed Waqas Hassan 18103, CTInternal Medicine1265814446
Nicole Marie Tyer 90048, CTInternal Medicine1346400785


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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