Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas Terenzi 06105, CTInternal Medicine1922001940
Syed Bilgrami 06105, CTInternal Medicine1710980735
Michael Therrien 06105, CTInternal Medicine1023011145
Paul H Deutsch 06360, CTInternal Medicine1811990013
Daniel Diver 06105, CTInternal Medicine1346243474
Anthony G Ciccaglione 06606, CTInternal Medicine1265435309
Anita Kelsey 06105, CTInternal Medicine1083617161
Donald Soucier 06069, CTInternal Medicine1508869678
Jonathan Sporn 06105, CTInternal Medicine1700889771
Richard Edwards 06105, CTInternal Medicine1134122104
John Tighe 12553, CTInternal Medicine1336142108
Joerg Rathmann 06105, CTInternal Medicine1568465532
Alfred Richard Alberti 06051, CTInternal Medicine1124021183
Susan Rabinowe 06105, CTInternal Medicine1447253422
Zia Rahman 06105, CTInternal Medicine1417950494
Richard Soucier 06105, CTInternal Medicine1255334207
Emmanuel Javier 06105, CTInternal Medicine1740283779
Jorge L. Diez 06108, CTInternal Medicine1316940463
Christopher Wakem 06010, CTInternal Medicine1104829753
Daniel Bruce Fram 06106, CTInternal Medicine1770586471
Rozann F Venti 06231, CTInternal Medicine1710980149
Joseph Andrew Harrison 06052, CTInternal Medicine1407859804
Robert Lyons 06105, CTInternal Medicine1386646602
Eytan Rubinstien 06105, CTInternal Medicine1194727412
Cheryl Smith 06105, CTInternal Medicine1376545699
Harry Conte 06105, CTInternal Medicine1184626400
Larry B. Broisman 06051, CTInternal Medicine1174525497
Luis Diez-morales 06105, CTInternal Medicine1205838513
Raymond L D'amato 06416, CTInternal Medicine1477555787
Robert M Dodenhoff 06051, CTInternal Medicine1710989025
Bhupesh Mangla 06511, CTInternal Medicine1649272949
Donald J Curran 06111, CTInternal Medicine1033111356
Ralph Martin 06105, CTInternal Medicine1760484083
Rolf Knoll 06107, CTInternal Medicine1881696193
Ramachandra Illindala 06052, CTInternal Medicine1497757793
Barbara G Fallon 06051, CTInternal Medicine1558363846
Eugene C Constantinou 06111, CTInternal Medicine1265434526
Scovill Medical Group, Pc 06706, CTInternal Medicine1114929379
Sujata Prasad 06105, CTInternal Medicine1366444671
Edward J Feinglass 06051, CTInternal Medicine1871595157
Franklin Medical Group, Pc 06706, CTInternal Medicine1780686964
Robert Joel Golub 06492, CTInternal Medicine1851395651
William Joseph Farrell 06492, CTInternal Medicine1417951203
Armand John Wolff 06610, CTInternal Medicine1093719700
Richard Alexander Bugliari 06492, CTInternal Medicine1073517850
James Warner Marshall 06468, CTInternal Medicine1871597310
Joseph Antonico 06468, CTInternal Medicine1205830742
M Hasan Yekta 06108, CTInternal Medicine1669476016
James W Finnerty 06801, CTInternal Medicine1437154663
Doctors Of Avon Medical Group, Pc 06001, CTInternal Medicine1194720391
Mahesh Narayan Kabadi 06360, CTInternal Medicine1871598649
Mark J Drabinski 06516, CTInternal Medicine1811992902
Kevin O Dieckhaus 06030, CTInternal Medicine1316942378
University Of Connecticut Health Center 06030, CTInternal Medicine1720083769
Linda R. Casale 06824, CTInternal Medicine1396740346
Mitchell H. Driesman 06824, CTInternal Medicine1578568382
Robert F. Fishman 06824, CTInternal Medicine1366447179
Steven H. Kunkes 06824, CTInternal Medicine1437154242
Jay L. Meizlish 06824, CTInternal Medicine1225033046
Nancy Day Adams 06030, CTInternal Medicine1770588592
Robert M. Moskowitz 06824, CTInternal Medicine1679578496
Adam E. Schussheim 06824, CTInternal Medicine1104821925
Douglas D'andrea 06030, CTInternal Medicine1073518767
Wesley D. Hager 06030, CTInternal Medicine1144225863
Richard L. Taikowski 06824, CTInternal Medicine1649275462
Edward R. Tuohy 06824, CTInternal Medicine1174528905
Nina Carley 06030, CTInternal Medicine1104821941
Steven V Angus 06030, CTInternal Medicine1700881554
Elizabeth Appel 06119, CTInternal Medicine1508861352
Todd M Bishop 06457, CTInternal Medicine1497750152
Sarah G Dainiak 06110, CTInternal Medicine1154326833
Dalal Chenouda 06030, CTInternal Medicine1689679375
Dan Henry 06030, CTInternal Medicine1841295565
David Dorsky 06030, CTInternal Medicine1922003649
James W Freston 06030, CTInternal Medicine1184629875
Kenneth Dangman 06030, CTInternal Medicine1144225848
Douglas V Almond 06030, CTInternal Medicine1831194661
Raymond J Foley 06030, CTInternal Medicine1699770453
Benjamin Weisman 06606, CTInternal Medicine1427053073
Scott R Allen 06030, CTInternal Medicine1013913524
Andrew Arnold 06030, CTInternal Medicine1003812520
Robert D Bona 06030, CTInternal Medicine1124024559
Nausherwan K Burki 06030, CTInternal Medicine1821094251
Santiago Escobar 06606, CTInternal Medicine1558367920
Michael A Azrin 06030, CTInternal Medicine1558367938
Upendra P Hegde 06030, CTInternal Medicine1437155637
James E Judge 06032, CTInternal Medicine1154327369
Joseph A Lorenzo 06030, CTInternal Medicine1881690030
Judy D Mamaclay 06355, CTInternal Medicine1457357618
Susan F Burroughs 06066, CTInternal Medicine1790781078
Joel B Levine 06030, CTInternal Medicine1942206156
Deborah A Dehertogh 06030, CTInternal Medicine1497751739
Andre A Kaplan 06030, CTInternal Medicine1073519294
Carl D Malchoff 06030, CTInternal Medicine1023014289
Mark A Marieb 06519, CTInternal Medicine1508862632
Anandhi Baleswaren 06340, CTInternal Medicine1346246444
Mark L Blitzer 06511, CTInternal Medicine1164428207
Joseph A Rose 06606, CTInternal Medicine1598761512
Thomas M Manger 06030, CTInternal Medicine1497751499
George A Mansoor 06030, CTInternal Medicine1659377653
George A Kuchel 06030, CTInternal Medicine1821094822
Robert A Caserta 06606, CTInternal Medicine1265438279
Mark H Schoenfeld 06511, CTInternal Medicine1821094947
Michael B Fischer 06108, CTInternal Medicine1992701932
Micha Abeles 06450, CTInternal Medicine1497751556
Daniel P Mcnally 06030, CTInternal Medicine1497751408
Santhanam Lakshminarayanan 06030, CTInternal Medicine1518963537
Edward Francois 06504, CTInternal Medicine1598761546
Jeffrey P Seltzer 06360, CTInternal Medicine1184620064
Lavern A Wright 06030, CTInternal Medicine1316943228
Michael G. Genovesi 06051, CTInternal Medicine1013913995
Marcy L. Goldstein 06053, CTInternal Medicine1912903808
Bruce T Liang 06030, CTInternal Medicine1548266513
James M Healy 06360, CTInternal Medicine1518963495
John K Menoutis 06030, CTInternal Medicine1912903824
Wendy A Miller 06030, CTInternal Medicine1922004845
Peter J Harris 06062, CTInternal Medicine1457357246
Channa Perera 06516, CTInternal Medicine1467458216
Leon Mctyeire Johnston 06247, CTInternal Medicine1558367201
Anu Walaliyadda 06516, CTInternal Medicine1568468239
Benedict Fernando 06516, CTInternal Medicine1932105624
John A Foley 06360, CTInternal Medicine1326044124
Adedayo Adetola 06515, CTInternal Medicine1861498685
Catherine Holmes 06051, CTInternal Medicine1497751168
Jung T Tsai 06492, CTInternal Medicine1629074349
Lynne Hillis 06515, CTInternal Medicine1558367359
Joseph Balsamo 06516, CTInternal Medicine1487650222
Horatiu C. Balas 06516, CTInternal Medicine1720084320
Marianne Vahey 06516, CTInternal Medicine1467458075
Roberta J Moss 06119, CTInternal Medicine1235135864
Shahnaz Hussain 06111, CTInternal Medicine1073519658
Victor Moyo 06030, CTInternal Medicine1215933841
Gabriela Balf-soran 06511, CTInternal Medicine1124024724
Jacqueline S Nissen 06030, CTInternal Medicine1053318618
Wilner Samson 06489, CTInternal Medicine1215934658
Edward L Pesanti 06030, CTInternal Medicine1942207386
Greater Hartford Nephrology, Llc 06002, CTInternal Medicine1750388260
Naomi Rothfield 06030, CTInternal Medicine1396742722
Joseph Palmisano 06030, CTInternal Medicine1487651816
Mary Cummings Satti 06371, CTInternal Medicine1376540849
Michael N Moustakakis 06002, CTInternal Medicine1275530685
Sankar N Niranjan 06002, CTInternal Medicine1497752802
Kamal C Shoukri 06105, CTInternal Medicine1649277013
Nicole Silverstein 06030, CTInternal Medicine1871590257
Martin E Kodish 06457, CTInternal Medicine1225035546
Michael S Honor 06051, CTInternal Medicine1831196161
Joseph Wayne Kozachek 06268, CTInternal Medicine1467459792
Gail M Sullivan 06030, CTInternal Medicine1477550721
Ann L Parke 06105, CTInternal Medicine1053318386
Susan H Tannenbaum 06030, CTInternal Medicine1447257704
George Y Wu 06030, CTInternal Medicine1053318345
Karen J Cusano 06231, CTInternal Medicine1083611297
Daren R Anderson 06457, CTInternal Medicine1306843529
Nelson Tan Chao 06484, CTInternal Medicine1619974896
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital 06790, CTInternal Medicine1629075734
Donald Stuart Levine 06457, CTInternal Medicine1215934286
Christopher Jeffrey Morren 06320, CTInternal Medicine1811994957
Vijay K Sikand 06249, CTInternal Medicine1013914167
Carola Marte 06511, CTInternal Medicine1003813155
Naomi Nomizu 06320, CTInternal Medicine1780681833
Peter Schulman 06030, CTInternal Medicine1518964592
Jeffrey Sanford Robbins 06102, CTInternal Medicine1144227125
David Irving Silverman 06102, CTInternal Medicine1649277633
Manuel C Pun 06611, CTInternal Medicine1205833167
Alon Ronen 06611, CTInternal Medicine1629075676
Kenneth R Lisi 06606, CTInternal Medicine1861499824
Charles Landau 06611, CTInternal Medicine1639176597
Clifford R Kramer 06460, CTInternal Medicine1063419786
Robert Joseph Bundy 06226, CTInternal Medicine1962400630
Vijay Kumar Chhabra 06460, CTInternal Medicine1871591578
Sundaram Ramanan 06105, CTInternal Medicine1174520043
Beatriz R Esayag-tendler 06030, CTInternal Medicine1023015898
John Jeffrey Nelson 06320, CTInternal Medicine1376540005
George A Sprecace 06320, CTInternal Medicine1891792529
Craig R Buggeln 06320, CTInternal Medicine1831197565
Paul J Licata 06320, CTInternal Medicine1225036981
Doron Amir 06610, CTInternal Medicine1366440026
Michael P Steinberg 06030, CTInternal Medicine1841297603
Steven Strongwater 06030, CTInternal Medicine1750388518
Mithlesh Govil 06385, CTInternal Medicine1235136094
Terrence Frederic Oder 06120, CTInternal Medicine1942207725
William B White 06030, CTInternal Medicine1760489546
Cynthia Curioso-uy 06320, CTInternal Medicine1790783264
Steven Lu 06320, CTInternal Medicine1568460186
West Haven Medical Group, Llc 06516, CTInternal Medicine1417955923
Adolfo J Luciano 06610, CTInternal Medicine1184622656
Robert James Lewis 06460, CTInternal Medicine1700884251
Glenn Gandelman 06830, CTInternal Medicine1033117437
Jerald Charles Fingerut 02860, CTInternal Medicine1619975067
Donna R Criscenzo 06437, CTInternal Medicine1225036528
Maria N.c. Stack 06410, CTInternal Medicine1861490104
William Joseph Lavin 06511, CTInternal Medicine1801894167
Hervey A Weitzman 06825, CTInternal Medicine1124026406
David H Witt 06611, CTInternal Medicine1487652665
Black Rock Tpk Med Grp 06611, CTInternal Medicine1295733491
Carol C Pilbeam 06030, CTInternal Medicine1386642544
Margaret O Rathier 06030, CTInternal Medicine1194723361
Weishali Joshi 06105, CTInternal Medicine1225036494
Paul E Berard 06824, CTInternal Medicine1699773804
Mary Coeline Colpoys 06102, CTInternal Medicine1104824275


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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