Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Delaware

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Delaware:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Eranga Haththotuwa 19904, DEInternal Medicine1669477618
Jerry Paul Gluckman 19803, DEInternal Medicine1629070370
Manmeet Brar 19904, DEInternal Medicine1043285471
Husein Q Campwala 01702, DEInternal Medicine1972568533
Hongyu Zhang 19805, DEInternal Medicine1609280551
Maria F. D'souza 19808, DEInternal Medicine1144337486
Holli Ami Barth 08210, DEInternal Medicine1245432210
Kambiz Reza Butt 08103, DEInternal Medicine1679758437
Madan R Joshi 17402, DEInternal Medicine1487867917
Meera Kaphle Joshi 17403, DEInternal Medicine1306009311
Syed Abuzar Waseem Ahmed 30240, DEInternal Medicine1144470840
Farhana Afroza Chowdhury 19713, DEInternal Medicine1710218235
Usaid Hasan 21801, DEInternal Medicine1043622657
Mahmudul Haque 19047, DEInternal Medicine1639436595
Gregory John Mckenna 19047, DEInternal Medicine1710320569
Stephanie Lyn Spangler 19718, DEInternal Medicine1164841318
Eranga Cardiology, Pa 19904, DEInternal Medicine1649523697
Matthew Antoni Roman 19106, DEInternal Medicine1558649061
Pinky Bora Saikia 19952, DEInternal Medicine1780821892
Wye Oak Healthcare Wellness Llc 20782, DEInternal Medicine1497269336
Christiana Care Health Services, Inc 19713, DEInternal Medicine1003850504
Erin E Grady 30322, DEInternal Medicine1396945937
Savida Health, Pc 19713, DEInternal Medicine1396201000
Mazen Pierre Kreidy 08103, DEInternal Medicine1972741635
Nihar Gala 19952, DEInternal Medicine1740660992
Steven D. Grossinger 19022, DEInternal Medicine1134102957
Atlantic General Hospital 21811, DEInternal Medicine1871582171
Muhammed Zohaib Ghatala 11432, DEInternal Medicine1841673985
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 19801, DEInternal Medicine1326022476
Devika Padgaonkar Chase 21224, DEInternal Medicine1235103748
Michael Maguire 19803, DEInternal Medicine1992199079
Narrani Kanapathippillai 34209, DEInternal Medicine1952530420
Peter Arthur Burke 19713, DEInternal Medicine1902126493
Luis M Barcena Blanch 33063, DEInternal Medicine1144484346
Syed Naqvi 22042, DEInternal Medicine1649624602
United Medical Clinic Of De, Llc 19701, DEInternal Medicine1396046108
Cheryl A Jackson 19139, DEInternal Medicine1144262288
Gps Physician Group, Pc 35071, DEInternal Medicine1881109452
Raafia Memon 19713, DEInternal Medicine1144646738
Zulekha Karim 06902, DEInternal Medicine1861812844
Pamela Bailey 29203, DEInternal Medicine1730509829
Hung Nam Vo 08901, DEInternal Medicine1972923076
Fahmida Khan Mcgann 06708, DEInternal Medicine1154716678
Scott P Krall 78404, DEInternal Medicine1154389161
Samih Hussein Raad 19958, DEInternal Medicine1497160600
Joanna Esam Talib Khatib 19966, DEInternal Medicine1306227400
Ryan Scott Holton 19803, DEInternal Medicine1083075360
Anthony M Tramontozzi 19718, DEInternal Medicine1265964597
Preetha Anna Kurian 11040, DEInternal Medicine1447519921
Kashyap Bathini 35205, DEInternal Medicine1528442746
Sankalp Pathak 07601, DEInternal Medicine1316388234
Michael G Moskovitz 11794, DEInternal Medicine1366857468
Anita Vishram Bapat 19952, DEInternal Medicine1861767972
Gennadiy Ryklin 08360, DEInternal Medicine1730534512
Nanda Din 19904, DEInternal Medicine1255738720
Home Physicians Baltimore, Pc 21224, DEInternal Medicine1952591547
Samaneh Dowlatshahi 77389, DEInternal Medicine1760737068
Hersh Patel 19718, DEInternal Medicine1912345950
Christiana Care Health Services, Inc 19718, DEInternal Medicine1982778270
Nitin Verma 21811, DEInternal Medicine1598872731
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 19801, DEInternal Medicine1760811681
Amit Asija 28105, DEInternal Medicine1699907790
Laura Jane Quint 22042, DEInternal Medicine1437578812
Muhammad Kamran Siddique 21401, DEInternal Medicine1740426774
Aspira Health 19958, DEInternal Medicine1295394039
Christiana Care Health Services, Inc 19718, DEInternal Medicine1245674993
Marufa Zaman 11714, DEInternal Medicine1538428560
Christiana Care Health Services, Inc 19713, DEInternal Medicine1134104565
Delaware Heart Group Pa 19713, DEInternal Medicine1982607677
Peninsula United Methodist Homes 19807, DEInternal Medicine1053318261
Peninsula United Methodist Home 19973, DEInternal Medicine1316947799
Rheumatology Consultants Of De Pa 19958, DEInternal Medicine1124011309
Delmar Medical Center Pa 19973, DEInternal Medicine1144216490
Dover Pulmonary, P.a. 19904, DEInternal Medicine1093797078
Christiana Care Health Services, Inc 19899, DEInternal Medicine1306820725
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 19899, DEInternal Medicine1962486290
Christiana Care Health Services, Inc 19807, DEInternal Medicine1407830748
Delaware Medical Care Pa 19977, DEInternal Medicine1447234232
Christiana Care Health Services, Inc 19807, DEInternal Medicine1770568107
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 19713, DEInternal Medicine1174508410
Internal Medicine Of Dover Pa 19904, DEInternal Medicine1184600942
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 19718, DEInternal Medicine1184694531
Christiana Care Health Services Inc. 19899, DEInternal Medicine1396715736
Christiana Care Health Services, Inc 19801, DEInternal Medicine1902876394
Medical Oncology Hematology Consultants Pa 19713, DEInternal Medicine1235199316
Starlight Medical Llc 19808, DEInternal Medicine1407818842
Rheumatology Consultants 19806, DEInternal Medicine1053373423
Jose R. Tuma aid, M.d.,p.a 19904, DEInternal Medicine1821055831
Ludwig J Eglseder Iii 21601, DEInternal Medicine1861450041
Nephrology Associates Pa 19713, DEInternal Medicine1407805203
Regional Hematology And Oncology P A 19713, DEInternal Medicine1811947054
Loughran Medical Group, P.a. 19810, DEInternal Medicine1568415222
Delaware Cardiovascular Associates, P.a. 19803, DEInternal Medicine1073567418
Wilmington Medical Associates, P.a. 19810, DEInternal Medicine1831143924
Pulmonary Associates P.a. 19805, DEInternal Medicine1750336541
Primary Care Of Delaware,llc 19904, DEInternal Medicine1851346126
Total Care Physicians, P.a. 19809, DEInternal Medicine1164477451
Tamesis Rheumatology Medicine Of Delaware, P.a 19901, DEInternal Medicine1487609517
Lighthouse Internal Medicine P.a. 19963, DEInternal Medicine1417903048
Brandywine Medical Associates, Inc. 19806, DEInternal Medicine1801843768
Sports Medicine Of Delaware, Inc. 19709, DEInternal Medicine1790722478
Christiana Care Health Services Inc. 19805, DEInternal Medicine1215975149
Inpatient Care Physicians 19806, DEInternal Medicine1700825189
Delaware Heart & Vascular, P.a. 19904, DEInternal Medicine1558300426
Gi Consultants,llc 19904, DEInternal Medicine1346283678
Cardiology Consultants Pa 19702, DEInternal Medicine1841234564
Delaware Primary Care Llc 19904, DEInternal Medicine1104852300
Sunrise Medical Center Llc 19947, DEInternal Medicine1871529107
Lewes Surgical And Medical Associates 19966, DEInternal Medicine1265461263
Palisades House Physicians, Pc 07047, DEInternal Medicine1689603227
Christiana Care Health Initiatives 08098, DEInternal Medicine1124531280
Beebe Physician Network Inc. 19958, DEInternal Medicine1730133992
Delaware Medical Group, Llc 19808, DEInternal Medicine1376581363
Marie C Wolfgang Md 19973, DEInternal Medicine1073546180
M. Javed Gilani Md, Pa 19810, DEInternal Medicine1083648901
Henlopen Cardiology Pa 19973, DEInternal Medicine1689607665
Dc Medical Services, Llc 19947, DEInternal Medicine1528083433
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 19713, DEInternal Medicine1144234873
Maricar G. Belicena, Ltd 19810, DEInternal Medicine1760494199
Bancroft Internal Medicine Pa 19802, DEInternal Medicine1164536322
Suburban Internal Medicine Associates, Pa 19806, DEInternal Medicine1699889154
First Care Physicians Pa 19963, DEInternal Medicine1386759256
Mid atlantic Gi Consultants, P.a. 19713, DEInternal Medicine1316953144
Tp Indira Md Pa 19904, DEInternal Medicine1225061278
Infectious Disease Consultants Pa 19713, DEInternal Medicine1801905849
Bear Internal Medicine And Pediatrics, Pa 19702, DEInternal Medicine1982713038
Hospitalists Of Delaware 19803, DEInternal Medicine1073623344
Delaware Digestive Diseases Associates, P.a. 19973, DEInternal Medicine1679679799
Premiere Physicians P.a. 19711, DEInternal Medicine1760580336
Sleep Disorders Center Of Delaware 19713, DEInternal Medicine1245325166
Peninsula Gastroenterology Assn , P A 21875, DEInternal Medicine1437245859
Siamak Samii Md 19713, DEInternal Medicine1437248093
Milton Enterprises, Inc 19958, DEInternal Medicine1326128786
Irene C. Viola, Md, Pa 19958, DEInternal Medicine1265515464
Oncology & Hematology, Pa 19973, DEInternal Medicine1548344229
Zarraga & Zarraga Internal Medicine Pa 19963, DEInternal Medicine1386722858
Delaware Clinical & Laboratory Physicians, Pa 19713, DEInternal Medicine1558440701
Gastroenterology Associates Pa 19713, DEInternal Medicine1851460828
Lifespan Medical Services Llc 19904, DEInternal Medicine1427131382
Sma Internal Medicine & Endocrinology Llc 19977, DEInternal Medicine1093886897
David S. Grubbs, M.d., P.a. 19713, DEInternal Medicine1184796682
Palekar And Associates, P.a. 19958, DEInternal Medicine1356415210
Sussex Internal Medicine Llc 19963, DEInternal Medicine1073688214
Mark John Granada Md Pa 19973, DEInternal Medicine1700953437
Infectious Disease Associates Pa 19713, DEInternal Medicine1205904679
Limestone Medical & Pediatric Assoc, P.a. 19808, DEInternal Medicine1366503096
Nephrology Consultants Pa 19808, DEInternal Medicine1356403539
Middletown Internal Medicine 19709, DEInternal Medicine1043372980
Ashok Patel,md Pa 19904, DEInternal Medicine1568525376
Pecos T. Olurin Md, Pa 19806, DEInternal Medicine1518022235
Rheumatology Center Of Delaware, Llc 19904, DEInternal Medicine1447308168
Nanticoke Gastroenterology, P.a. 19973, DEInternal Medicine1649311325
Jefferson University Physicians 19713, DEInternal Medicine1487030763
First State Medical Associates 19808, DEInternal Medicine1699806257
Pulmonary And Sleep Consultants, Llc 19808, DEInternal Medicine1013068204
Seaford Internal Medicine Llc 19973, DEInternal Medicine1518016831
Cmc Department Of Medicine Group Pa 19805, DEInternal Medicine1598884405
Georgetown Medical Associates, Llc 19947, DEInternal Medicine1053513127
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 19802, DEInternal Medicine1659578425
Delaware Electrophysiology And Cardiology Pa 19702, DEInternal Medicine1295932861
Bayview Internal Medicine, Inc 19709, DEInternal Medicine1689862492
Thomas J. Maxwell, Md, Llc 19808, DEInternal Medicine1801084371
Seth L Ivins Md Llc 19808, DEInternal Medicine1669661534
Glasgow Internal Medicine Associates Pa 19702, DEInternal Medicine1063692648
Mansour Saberi Md 19958, DEInternal Medicine1891977112
Heal Medical Group Llc 19904, DEInternal Medicine1508048745
Francis A. Palermo M.d. P.a. 19713, DEInternal Medicine1346422938
Susan L Peluso, Phd Md, Inc 19713, DEInternal Medicine1093999344
John F. Reinhardt, Md Pa 19713, DEInternal Medicine1184894131
St Francis Hospital, Inc 19805, DEInternal Medicine1699946897
Brandywine Care,llc 19806, DEInternal Medicine1538331905
Esham Medical 19810, DEInternal Medicine1427221530
Sussex Pulmonary And Endocrine Consultants, Pa 19971, DEInternal Medicine1730355678
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 19390, DEInternal Medicine1659547560
Christiana Care 19718, DEInternal Medicine1013183318
Cardiology Consultants 19808, DEInternal Medicine1164698320
Bayhealth Medical Center, Inc 19901, DEInternal Medicine1285809509
Zarek Donohue Llc 19810, DEInternal Medicine1750552535
Irena O. Stolar, M.d., P.a. 19702, DEInternal Medicine1790965259
James M. Ritter, M.d., P.a. 19805, DEInternal Medicine1639325426
Peninsula Health Llc 19966, DEInternal Medicine1316198062
Wilmington Cardiovascular Associates Llc 19806, DEInternal Medicine1093957953
John A Routenberg Md Pa 21801, DEInternal Medicine1922240332
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 19713, DEInternal Medicine1245474329
Heart Group 19713, DEInternal Medicine1457585861
Compassionate Pain Management 19973, DEInternal Medicine1699905539
Avenue Medical Associates Pa 19904, DEInternal Medicine1043441181
Associates In Hematology oncology, P.c. 19805, DEInternal Medicine1235462458
Gary T. Quiroga, Md Pa 19904, DEInternal Medicine1285962530
Parviz Sorouri M.d. P.a. 19711, DEInternal Medicine1972832210
Edward J. Mcconnell Md Inc. 19807, DEInternal Medicine1669795795
Mid Atlantic Woundspecialists, Llc 19707, DEInternal Medicine1033435151
Carl E. Turner M.d., P.a. 19806, DEInternal Medicine1679891014
Pietro V Rocca Md Pa 19713, DEInternal Medicine1972822500
Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center Llc 19973, DEInternal Medicine1124334123
Delaware Cardiology Care, Llc 19806, DEInternal Medicine1750697579
South Sound Inpatient Physicians, Pllc 19805, DEInternal Medicine1235447889
Alpha Diagnostics Llc 19707, DEInternal Medicine1215247853
George Moutsatsos, Md Cardiology Llc 19810, DEInternal Medicine1447550918
Cardiovascular Consultants Of Southern Delaware 19958, DEInternal Medicine1851697908


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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