Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William C Pilcher 32204, FLInternal Medicine1588667638
Richard Randall Thacker 32308, FLInternal Medicine1114920261
Ghaith Mitri 32209, FLInternal Medicine1770586828
Joseph Carlton Baker 32308, FLInternal Medicine1902809932
Yvette Marie Lopez-granberry 32940, FLInternal Medicine1750384772
Carlos A Leon 32073, FLInternal Medicine1679576870
Jay R Patterson 32204, FLInternal Medicine1104829399
Debbie A Rinde-hoffman 33606, FLInternal Medicine1801899091
Frank Joseph Listello 32940, FLInternal Medicine1417950429
George S Pilcher 32204, FLInternal Medicine1306849583
James Timothy Walsh 32204, FLInternal Medicine1437152600
Sonya L Lefever 32204, FLInternal Medicine1538162664
Robert Alan Skotnicki 32159, FLInternal Medicine1215930334
Shahina Javeed 34690, FLInternal Medicine1457354474
Carlos E Alosilla 32204, FLInternal Medicine1225031438
Ashraf S Elsakr 32127, FLInternal Medicine1184627390
Harry G Lee 32204, FLInternal Medicine1164425377
Bradley W Trope 33904, FLInternal Medicine1790788909
Dana L Shires 33606, FLInternal Medicine1093718298
Mariano B Mikulic 32204, FLInternal Medicine1639172836
Rick Allen Damron 32308, FLInternal Medicine1154324176
James Galt Allee 32308, FLInternal Medicine1356344543
Denise Y Alveranga 33637, FLInternal Medicine1669475844
Richard H Pollak 33180, FLInternal Medicine1518960533
David P Morris 33026, FLInternal Medicine1609879618
Leon Hendley 32960, FLInternal Medicine1043213291
Charles E Wright 33606, FLInternal Medicine1184627309
William R. Keith 33904, FLInternal Medicine1922001130
Paul A Bednarzyk 32073, FLInternal Medicine1194728303
Steven S Nauman 32204, FLInternal Medicine1881697084
Mary C Labanowski 33401, FLInternal Medicine1073516217
Humaira V Khan 33313, FLInternal Medicine1356344493
Rosita Petech Stoik 33143, FLInternal Medicine1417950551
Richard L Levine 33173, FLInternal Medicine1497758502
Robert Alan Schlamowitz 32960, FLInternal Medicine1568465672
Mark W Weston 33606, FLInternal Medicine1104829209
Vasco R Geer 32204, FLInternal Medicine1710980834
Victor G. Ghobrial 34208, FLInternal Medicine1194728279
Jayaprakash Shetty 34471, FLInternal Medicine1720081896
James Edward Vanek 33401, FLInternal Medicine1306849476
Gary R Donshik 33180, FLInternal Medicine1538162466
Sumit Sawhney 33321, FLInternal Medicine1548263353
Gia P Agresta 33629, FLInternal Medicine1457354375
Nelly Durr Chambers 33543, FLInternal Medicine1265435143
Farhana Ahmed 33076, FLInternal Medicine1679576581
Patrick Kevin Williams 34748, FLInternal Medicine1346243136
Rosa M. Mena 33952, FLInternal Medicine1568465342
Joel Mendoza Nunag 34613, FLInternal Medicine1174526040
Najam Javeed 34690, FLInternal Medicine1659374635
Stephen Richmond 33437, FLInternal Medicine1386647113
Alfred M. Kalman 33321, FLInternal Medicine1588667398
Kevin B Chapin 32901, FLInternal Medicine1104829050
Naresh V Mody 32796, FLInternal Medicine1669475646
Angel Colon-molero 33125, FLInternal Medicine1063415727
Abraham Rosenberg 33321, FLInternal Medicine1306849120
Jonathan E Constantin 32256, FLInternal Medicine1184627291
Federico Kallmann Cruz 33614, FLInternal Medicine1447253414
Samer M Garas 32204, FLInternal Medicine1669475778
Robert Hendley 32960, FLInternal Medicine1457354698
Coastal Internal Medicine, Llc 32407, FLInternal Medicine1184163909
Anita Sabharwal 34744, FLInternal Medicine1407829609
Sambasiva K. Rao Musunuru 34667, FLInternal Medicine1679576805
Charles E Sanders 33637, FLInternal Medicine1033112255
Samuel S Weinstein 33637, FLInternal Medicine1073516159
Dinh Quoc Pham 33308, FLInternal Medicine1861495657
Blue Water Doctors Llc 33063, FLInternal Medicine1821303744
Rohan Faria 33321, FLInternal Medicine1265435077
Wasim Ahmar 32750, FLInternal Medicine1528061330
Gary Gotthelf 32503, FLInternal Medicine1932102746
Hayath Javeed 34690, FLInternal Medicine1295738938
Joseph S. Schwartz 33756, FLInternal Medicine1811990559
Randolph Mendoza Nunag 34613, FLInternal Medicine1417950148
Gregory Mark Brown 34748, FLInternal Medicine1386647956
Erica Kleinstein 33063, FLInternal Medicine1144223843
Joseph Idicula 34613, FLInternal Medicine1497758106
Yvonne Roberta Smallwood Sherrer 33334, FLInternal Medicine1316940810
Jose Leonel Ochoa-bayona 33612, FLInternal Medicine1669475158
Imran Rashid 32796, FLInternal Medicine1912900325
Stuart D Helms 33626, FLInternal Medicine1780687186
Andres Mencia 33334, FLInternal Medicine1982607370
John C Ruggian 34952, FLInternal Medicine1699778027
Eleanor Frances Davina 32757, FLInternal Medicine1477556785
Karin Ann Ochoa 32796, FLInternal Medicine1750384160
Adil Mohamed Sanaulla 34102, FLInternal Medicine1295738698
Miroslaw A Kielak 33647, FLInternal Medicine1114920501
Ann M Rudden 4215, FLInternal Medicine1548263965
Jesus L Penabad 34667, FLInternal Medicine1285637553
Pradip B Baiju 32807, FLInternal Medicine1831192186
Yallappa Nadiminti 34208, FLInternal Medicine1609879022
Koteshwar R Telukuntla 34208, FLInternal Medicine1588667901
Shirley Ann Nagel 32757, FLInternal Medicine1043213366
Lusiana Loman 34667, FLInternal Medicine1972506244
Leonard S. Leichus 32308, FLInternal Medicine1871596148
Gurusami M. Lakshmin 32308, FLInternal Medicine1538162805
Osama Al-suleiman 34711, FLInternal Medicine1770586026
Terrence Jay Cohen 33462, FLInternal Medicine1538161849
Aluino Lawrence Ochoa 32796, FLInternal Medicine1215939509
Gerardo J Dieguez Gomez 32541, FLInternal Medicine1689677262
David Carthage Byrnes 33607, FLInternal Medicine1699778019
Denise C. Ollivierre 32163, FLInternal Medicine1124021712
Steven M Davis 32792, FLInternal Medicine1336142678
Milan A Kothari 32792, FLInternal Medicine1740282037
Leonard James Waldenberger 32308, FLInternal Medicine1477556728
Lee Clarke Kirkman 33607, FLInternal Medicine1568465953
David Hill Michal 32073, FLInternal Medicine1427051036
Susan Best 34103, FLInternal Medicine1497758833
Volusia Hospitalists Llc 32117, FLInternal Medicine1104864727
Oji Joseph 33853, FLInternal Medicine1720080096
Maria E Torres 34947, FLInternal Medicine1578565834
Agnes Idicula 34613, FLInternal Medicine1568464824
William T Mcgarry 32960, FLInternal Medicine1760486005
Antonio Pinero-pilona 34667, FLInternal Medicine1720082068
Talal Faris 34667, FLInternal Medicine1598767634
Frederick M Weeks 32960, FLInternal Medicine1225030471
Sammy Arnold Gammenthaler 32778, FLInternal Medicine1396747424
David T Smuckler 32806, FLInternal Medicine1104828318
Ronnie Pimentel 33331, FLInternal Medicine1003818188
Gonzalo J Loveday 33458, FLInternal Medicine1285638171
Syed Egbal Ahmed 33872, FLInternal Medicine1700880697
Melvin Julius Johnson 32806, FLInternal Medicine1790789782
Thomas A Joiner 32164, FLInternal Medicine1487658472
Niranjan Seshadri 34202, FLInternal Medicine1306840210
Amit Indravadan Shah 33872, FLInternal Medicine1407850449
Scott Douglas Greenwood 32806, FLInternal Medicine1750385704
Jonathan Ogilvie Partain 32806, FLInternal Medicine1578567525
David Schmitt 33133, FLInternal Medicine1376547240
Diabetes Care Center, Inc 34667, FLInternal Medicine1265436018
Michele Ann Carter 32204, FLInternal Medicine1063416824
Alan R Bank 33428, FLInternal Medicine1538163464
Carlene A. Wilson 34429, FLInternal Medicine1407850365
Steven David Fayne 33351, FLInternal Medicine1821092701
Hien Dao 32547, FLInternal Medicine1699779389
Bartow Medical Clinic Pa 33830, FLInternal Medicine1245234954
Henry J O'neal, M.d.,p.a. 33613, FLInternal Medicine1548264203
William P Platko 32086, FLInternal Medicine1376547950
Bashar S Saikaly 32086, FLInternal Medicine1700880390
Trevor O Greene 32216, FLInternal Medicine1295739811
Roy C Musoff 33484, FLInternal Medicine1104820745
Scott B Baker 32216, FLInternal Medicine1336143957
Clarence E Pearson 32542, FLInternal Medicine1083618987
Steven M Strobbe 34668, FLInternal Medicine1609870443
Rakesh Rohatgi 32159, FLInternal Medicine1750383980
David R Heiman 33607, FLInternal Medicine1750385407
S M S Do Pa 34668, FLInternal Medicine1346244100
Raju V Rao 34613, FLInternal Medicine1053315648
Ramana Dutt 34613, FLInternal Medicine1801890413
Harish K Malhotra 32504, FLInternal Medicine1194729939
Kenneth R Rosenthal 33428, FLInternal Medicine1922002781
James Henry Tarver 32804, FLInternal Medicine1568466514
Ruben D Adriano 33813, FLInternal Medicine1801890462
Patricia G Eseverri 33803, FLInternal Medicine1558365197
Jimmy C Chan-pong 33803, FLInternal Medicine1144224718
Raviprasad G Subraya 32792, FLInternal Medicine1205838596
Jose Alberto Lefran 32806, FLInternal Medicine1548264534
George Eric Andreae 32806, FLInternal Medicine1659375608
Enrique Chapman 32806, FLInternal Medicine1194729145
Aurelio Duran 32806, FLInternal Medicine1912901968
Roland Agcaoili Filart 32806, FLInternal Medicine1730183781
Pavel Atanassov Guguchev 32806, FLInternal Medicine1649274697
Parimal Bhupendra Maniar 32806, FLInternal Medicine1376547323
Mark Allen Steiner 32806, FLInternal Medicine1023012093
Denise Panuccio 32750, FLInternal Medicine1134123078
Peter Ruggiero 32750, FLInternal Medicine1124022058
Michael Andrew Zimmer 33705, FLInternal Medicine1043214950
Beth Robyn Braver 33180, FLInternal Medicine1225032105
Paul G Fishbein 33176, FLInternal Medicine1952305963
Michaela G Scott 32963, FLInternal Medicine1649272899
Ousama Alkhatib 32127, FLInternal Medicine1093283905
Bogdan F Maliszewski 32066, FLInternal Medicine1750385324
Jeffrey D Wasserman 32353, FLInternal Medicine1972507556
Darlene Go Popat 32935, FLInternal Medicine1225030513
Israel Juan Mantecon 32806, FLInternal Medicine1295739241
Mehran Ryan Tavakoli 32514, FLInternal Medicine1841294394
Luis Eduardo Carrillo 33803, FLInternal Medicine1821092370
Steven Scott Donchey 32539, FLInternal Medicine1184628802
Syed Ali Safdar 33541, FLInternal Medicine1760486237
Luis Gerardo Alvarez 32806, FLInternal Medicine1417951922
John J Collins 34239, FLInternal Medicine1578567087
Steven R Grogg 34239, FLInternal Medicine1275537797
Medpeds Associates Of Sarasota 34239, FLInternal Medicine1053315572
Sandeep Bajaj 32792, FLInternal Medicine1447254800
H. Barry Baker 33173, FLInternal Medicine1174527535
Richard A Caputo 32086, FLInternal Medicine1528062007
Bruce K. Stechmiller 32610, FLInternal Medicine1245234624
Jaswant S Jadeja 32207, FLInternal Medicine1306841622
Keith M Justice 32086, FLInternal Medicine1477558708
Suprith Badarinath 32204, FLInternal Medicine1972508356
Yousif Abubakr 32207, FLInternal Medicine1023013497
Lee Nathaniel Metchick 32132, FLInternal Medicine1407851801
Morris S Dees 32082, FLInternal Medicine1982609392
Leann L Fox 32204, FLInternal Medicine1285639609
Thomas G Gaddis 32250, FLInternal Medicine1346245768
Henry Jackson Baskin 32804, FLInternal Medicine1871598128
Suneel L Mahajan 32207, FLInternal Medicine1528063856
Kevin K Hunger 32204, FLInternal Medicine1386649606
Sarah Shires Waldron 33569, FLInternal Medicine1043215262
Michael E. Horowitz 33140, FLInternal Medicine1215932454
Gilberto A Lozano 33853, FLInternal Medicine1558366732
Jeffrey D Wartman 33569, FLInternal Medicine1295730414
Jayadeva Chowdappa 34655, FLInternal Medicine1609871805


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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