Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carlos E Lopez 30309, GAInternal Medicine1285637231
Frank Arthur Bixler 31539, GAInternal Medicine1063415081
C. Shane Bussler 30501, GAInternal Medicine1609879881
Matthey T Harris 30501, GAInternal Medicine1043213176
Robert C Ferguson 30501, GAInternal Medicine1669475810
Richard J Gomez 30501, GAInternal Medicine1316940554
J. Taylor Henson 30501, GAInternal Medicine1841293958
Laena M Karnstedt 30040, GAInternal Medicine1528061611
Philip Sigmund Brachman 30309, GAInternal Medicine1649273798
Roberto Manuel Villanueva 30501, GAInternal Medicine1033112958
Daniel Mark Henson 30501, GAInternal Medicine1780687756
Bradley H Pierce 30501, GAInternal Medicine1841293818
Thomas G Murray 30501, GAInternal Medicine1972506947
Samuel M Willis 29204, GAInternal Medicine1770586588
Michelle Dee Cravey 31023, GAInternal Medicine1932102910
Ekundayo Adedapo Falase 30012, GAInternal Medicine1053314823
Owita R Mays 38017, GAInternal Medicine1215930094
Carol A Hector 30005, GAInternal Medicine1356344477
Thomas Bayard O'barr 30189, GAInternal Medicine1255334033
Garrett White 31406, GAInternal Medicine1225031842
Jeffrey C Terry 30501, GAInternal Medicine1124021761
Podaly Ung Jay 30066, GAInternal Medicine1306849013
Jasper Health Services, Inc. 31064, GAInternal Medicine1225031750
Robert E Dale 31794, GAInternal Medicine1023011541
Satyanarayan K Reddy 30274, GAInternal Medicine1831192236
Oladapo O Fawibe 30901, GAInternal Medicine1225031651
Monica Elizabeth Parise 30341, GAInternal Medicine1083617401
James K Bazemore 31404, GAInternal Medicine1265435564
Virginia Sharron Jones 30286, GAInternal Medicine1568465839
Poonam Ramani 30252, GAInternal Medicine1033111349
Asher F Niazi 30189, GAInternal Medicine1851393151
Georgia Heart & Vascular Center Pc 31217, GAInternal Medicine1417951740
William A Guest 31794, GAInternal Medicine1003819467
Regional Occupational Medicine Llc 30260, GAInternal Medicine1154703478
Christopher Richard Mattson 31314, GAInternal Medicine1427051739
Shammamah Niazi 30309, GAInternal Medicine1548262843
Barbara Conner Biggs 30066, GAInternal Medicine1063415776
Patrick Dorvilus 30458, GAInternal Medicine1144222456
James Cannie Barlow 30224, GAInternal Medicine1568465276
Hidden Valley Medical Center Inc 30513, GAInternal Medicine1073516621
Madalyn N Davidoff 31093, GAInternal Medicine1912909201
Family Practice Of Habersham Pc 30535, GAInternal Medicine1093717357
Amir Usman 30240, GAInternal Medicine1255333456
John Timothy Cope 30535, GAInternal Medicine1609878974
Robert M Stout 30240, GAInternal Medicine1427050632
Arnold Smalls 30240, GAInternal Medicine1396747598
Anil R Modi 30240, GAInternal Medicine1508868704
Jeffrey R Hoopes 31701, GAInternal Medicine1679577654
Richard L Ingram 30240, GAInternal Medicine1629072699
Mahmood Ahmed 30224, GAInternal Medicine1902800899
Gerald Bohn 30224, GAInternal Medicine1811991706
C Craig Mitchell 31701, GAInternal Medicine1164426151
Jose A Rodriguez 31719, GAInternal Medicine1457355356
Charles David Hitson 30224, GAInternal Medicine1407850480
Robert Hall 30224, GAInternal Medicine1316941396
James Orien Day 30224, GAInternal Medicine1194729905
John E Burney 30214, GAInternal Medicine1053315820
Steven C Wolinsky 31701, GAInternal Medicine1285638007
Digestive Healthcare Of Georgia 30309, GAInternal Medicine1558365247
Booker H Dalton 30309, GAInternal Medicine1477557130
Michael R Galambos 30309, GAInternal Medicine1356345011
David M Gryboski 30214, GAInternal Medicine1639173297
Valerie J Jagiella 30309, GAInternal Medicine1164426722
Raymond A Rubin 30309, GAInternal Medicine1033113691
Mark A Sims 30309, GAInternal Medicine1932103504
Randy J Yanda 30309, GAInternal Medicine1407850076
Kiran J Kanji 30214, GAInternal Medicine1649274234
Charles Preston Stewart 30309, GAInternal Medicine1629072210
Thomas S Claiborne 30309, GAInternal Medicine1093719692
Frank Lopez 30143, GAInternal Medicine1497759039
William M Strain 30214, GAInternal Medicine1548264112
J Patrick Waring 30309, GAInternal Medicine1174527741
Bryan L Woods 30214, GAInternal Medicine1063416634
Thomas P Meyer 31217, GAInternal Medicine1063414324
Osabuohien Sunday Usifo 31419, GAInternal Medicine1750385662
Clyde Michael Jones 38120, GAInternal Medicine1477557064
Paul M Murray 31794, GAInternal Medicine1730183542
Sanjay M. Lall 30135, GAInternal Medicine1699779488
Brian Cross 30224, GAInternal Medicine1720082613
Laneau Hayes 30582, GAInternal Medicine1235134669
Brenda Gail Cooper 31210, GAInternal Medicine1629073978
Meenal S. Lothe 30342, GAInternal Medicine1770588196
Robert David Jansen 30060, GAInternal Medicine1003811332
Charles Inman Wilmer 30309, GAInternal Medicine1942205224
Walter Edward Mashman 30309, GAInternal Medicine1639174840
Charles William Pettus 30214, GAInternal Medicine1912902107
Bradford Craig Lipman 30309, GAInternal Medicine1740285956
Jack Edwin Dawson 30309, GAInternal Medicine1326043621
Thomas Francis Deering 30309, GAInternal Medicine1932104239
William Carlisle Jacobs 30342, GAInternal Medicine1174528384
Thippeswamy Hiremathda Murthy 30214, GAInternal Medicine1447255617
Samuel A Gacha 29303, GAInternal Medicine1053316281
Piedmont Cardiac Disease Specialists, Pc 30309, GAInternal Medicine1770588824
Nancy W Stead 30501, GAInternal Medicine1114922267
Sally G. Beer 30309, GAInternal Medicine1962407023
Kevin Napier 30224, GAInternal Medicine1396740288
Kirti K Shah 30045, GAInternal Medicine1700881612
Brian G. Cox 30909, GAInternal Medicine1245235209
Varma S Meka 30274, GAInternal Medicine1366447187
Nimish Naresh Dhruva 30214, GAInternal Medicine1760487920
Shailesh Malla 30309, GAInternal Medicine1437154267
Sumandeep Singh Sangha 30214, GAInternal Medicine1689679888
Kenneth Gordon Taylor 30309, GAInternal Medicine1053316109
George Joseph Vellanikaran 30277, GAInternal Medicine1083619233
Harold D. Carlson 30309, GAInternal Medicine1023013315
Jaime Burkle 30309, GAInternal Medicine1326042052
Jose Anibal Torres 30046, GAInternal Medicine1083619282
Brent A Mullins 38120, GAInternal Medicine1558365205
Peter Scott Carnohan 29203, GAInternal Medicine1487659660
James David Waller 31768, GAInternal Medicine1902801285
Babatunde Tenitayo Fariyike 30286, GAInternal Medicine1265436760
Scott Arthur Westermeyer 30701, GAInternal Medicine1902801152
Bradley J. G. Larson 30117, GAInternal Medicine1194729582
Cliff L. King 30046, GAInternal Medicine1972508521
Zaki A Samman 72901, GAInternal Medicine1841295383
Eric Donovan High 30033, GAInternal Medicine1730184284
Raghu N Lolabhattu 31021, GAInternal Medicine1851397368
James Jordan Wellman 30342, GAInternal Medicine1619973815
Christie White 30046, GAInternal Medicine1568468809
James F Elmore 29223, GAInternal Medicine1821094772
Robert F Heath 31014, GAInternal Medicine1104822964
Anthony Christopher Dougherty 31907, GAInternal Medicine1396741112
M. Frank Powell 30824, GAInternal Medicine1932105699
Anthony John Deutsch 30606, GAInternal Medicine1457357139
Sarah Walker Hampton 39845, GAInternal Medicine1609872217
Sebastian O Hubbuch 31904, GAInternal Medicine1811994403
Hugh W Hall 30909, GAInternal Medicine1134125396
Roberto F Pereira 30143, GAInternal Medicine1518963388
Gayle L. Mason 30005, GAInternal Medicine1699771303
Steven A Accarino 30041, GAInternal Medicine1912903626
Medel A Reyes 30060, GAInternal Medicine1598761215
Milene J Argo 30606, GAInternal Medicine1255336848
Marc D Thames 30303, GAInternal Medicine1437155074
D Brian Remington 30224, GAInternal Medicine1326045881
Roger David Mize 30635, GAInternal Medicine1265439574
I Philip Reese 31750, GAInternal Medicine1669479945
Paul E Nathan 70445, GAInternal Medicine1811994064
Jeffrie L Kamean 30033, GAInternal Medicine1588661623
Azmi A Kabbani 31201, GAInternal Medicine1376541078
Roul R Sircar 30101, GAInternal Medicine1336146174
Fernando R. Alvarez-bognar 30040, GAInternal Medicine1053318725
Gregory Michael Rucker 31901, GAInternal Medicine1073510905
Robert Dennis Steed 30328, GAInternal Medicine1417954314
William Norris Little 30014, GAInternal Medicine1760489611
Daniel T Riley 30014, GAInternal Medicine1831196682
Fernando Asdrubal Arzola 72956, GAInternal Medicine1275530065
Eric E Jensen 30720, GAInternal Medicine1235136052
David Gereald Robertson 30318, GAInternal Medicine1659378560
Norman Spencer Welch 30318, GAInternal Medicine1265439178
Phuong-lynh Nguyen Ta 30720, GAInternal Medicine1255338034
Joshua A King 30014, GAInternal Medicine1003814591
Ralph Jeudy 30328, GAInternal Medicine1114925732
Christopher Morgan Lee 31901, GAInternal Medicine1003814518
David Alan Miller 30033, GAInternal Medicine1265430797
Albert Farah Johary 30338, GAInternal Medicine1194723502
Samuel O Teniola 30312, GAInternal Medicine1518965938
Daniel H Magill 30606, GAInternal Medicine1184622490
June-ann Nicole Wilson 30281, GAInternal Medicine1174521322
John Michael Demicco 31419, GAInternal Medicine1285632125
Melissa B Rhodes 30120, GAInternal Medicine1396743308
Sidney Jefferson Bolch 31406, GAInternal Medicine1639177595
John W Layher 30606, GAInternal Medicine1629076583
Sriram I Paramesh 30106, GAInternal Medicine1912905860
Celestine O Maiki 30281, GAInternal Medicine1649278532
James S Miller 30606, GAInternal Medicine1023016946
Robert K Lemley 30824, GAInternal Medicine1497753966
Jacqueline W Fincher 30824, GAInternal Medicine1710985403
Stuart J Simon 30106, GAInternal Medicine1225036122
Brett L Sandifer 30106, GAInternal Medicine1285632190
Aristidis Iatridis 30106, GAInternal Medicine1952309957
Africa Mcleod Alvarez 30008, GAInternal Medicine1033116603
Paul C Davidson 30318, GAInternal Medicine1114924925
Courtney D Shelton 30312, GAInternal Medicine1609874023
Michael C. Sergeant 30041, GAInternal Medicine1427055482
Bruce Welsh Bode 30318, GAInternal Medicine1841297751
Paul J Hyler 30115, GAInternal Medicine1295732600
Charles Bryce Hartley 30309, GAInternal Medicine1659379642
James C Blackwell 30720, GAInternal Medicine1063410694
Kevin D Lanclos 30025, GAInternal Medicine1841297793
Kwon S Choe 30025, GAInternal Medicine1497752349
George Timothy Park 30025, GAInternal Medicine1558369173
Henry M Patton 30025, GAInternal Medicine1396742144
Laura Conger-moore 30720, GAInternal Medicine1831196690
Randall Eric Pierce 30117, GAInternal Medicine1659378867
Harvey G Ouzts 30606, GAInternal Medicine1942208970
L Steven Lowman 30606, GAInternal Medicine1053319913
Mary T Bond 30606, GAInternal Medicine1235137886
Halim Ozgur Muslu 30224, GAInternal Medicine1639177710
Robert D Sinyard 30606, GAInternal Medicine1588662522
Samuel Szumstein 30106, GAInternal Medicine1790783603
David Edward Sauers 31406, GAInternal Medicine1659370450
Hiem Thong 31406, GAInternal Medicine1184623993
Joe Kenneth Griffin 31406, GAInternal Medicine1831198696
Julio P.f. Cortes 31406, GAInternal Medicine1952309700
Patricia Ann Costanzo 31411, GAInternal Medicine1689672438
Douglas Adam Perry 31324, GAInternal Medicine1306844121
Robert Wilson Grant 31406, GAInternal Medicine1730188574
Philip Cameron Gainey 31406, GAInternal Medicine1871591651
Douglas Alan Hanzel 31406, GAInternal Medicine1548268337
Stephen Gregory Hendrix 31406, GAInternal Medicine1154329951


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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