Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Hawaii

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Hawaii:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lisa S Splittstoesser 96766, HIInternal Medicine1124021944
Carlann Defontes 96748, HIInternal Medicine1407859770
Stuart Sugihara 96817, HIInternal Medicine1013911734
Judy L Schmidt 96793, HIInternal Medicine1679578827
Constante J. Flora 96766, HIInternal Medicine1376548297
Gregory Park 96793, HIInternal Medicine1861497596
Liliane L. Kheng 96766, HIInternal Medicine1285639104
R. Craig Netzer 96766, HIInternal Medicine1205831864
Mari K Otsuka 96817, HIInternal Medicine1538165188
Clive I Otsuka 96817, HIInternal Medicine1447256094
Roland Chew Kee Ng 96817, HIInternal Medicine1346247558
Maria Theresa David 96753, HIInternal Medicine1013914787
Dickran O. Boranian 96740, HIInternal Medicine1285631952
Kona Coast Internal Medicine 96740, HIInternal Medicine1396742243
Jonathan B. James 96817, HIInternal Medicine1366440901
Steven Azuma 96817, HIInternal Medicine1518966233
Kenneth K.h. Lee 96817, HIInternal Medicine1629076427
Joseph K. Koo 96817, HIInternal Medicine1457350985
Edward Joseph Morgan 96822, HIInternal Medicine1659370716
Gildo Sabanpan Soriano 96786, HIInternal Medicine1386644862
John J Cogan 96813, HIInternal Medicine1700886033
William S. Lawrence 96743, HIInternal Medicine1336149152
Russell S Kelly 96706, HIInternal Medicine1790787729
Elizabeth G Quinn 96814, HIInternal Medicine1003818030
Steven J. Slagle 96796, HIInternal Medicine1245232974
Neal J Shikuma 96743, HIInternal Medicine1538160866
Hawaii Cardiology, Inc 96743, HIInternal Medicine1821099144
Michael J Shea 96793, HIInternal Medicine1689666471
Corazon C Hobbs-oshiro 96797, HIInternal Medicine1306830476
Eugene Hiroshi Kamemoto 96817, HIInternal Medicine1821082736
Edward N Shen 96813, HIInternal Medicine1609861822
Eugene G C Wong 96813, HIInternal Medicine1972598605
John Harlan Meyer 96813, HIInternal Medicine1750377404
Joydip Roy 96859, HIInternal Medicine1952398455
Aaron S Kaichi 96797, HIInternal Medicine1790772580
Nellie I Pardo 96720, HIInternal Medicine1699761049
Curtis W Lee 96720, HIInternal Medicine1376537449
David Ryan Finger 96859, HIInternal Medicine1689663890
Arlene Hatsuyuki Koizumi 96860, HIInternal Medicine1164411138
Robert Louis Sheffler 96859, HIInternal Medicine1427047455
Joseph Sergio Gomes Pina 96859, HIInternal Medicine1932199908
Jeffrey L Berenberg 96859, HIInternal Medicine1275523250
Arthur Chester Johnson 96859, HIInternal Medicine1578553491
Noah Malkiel Solomon 96817, HIInternal Medicine1780674754
Thomas Briggs Francis 96813, HIInternal Medicine1508856329
Eric Alan Crawley 96813, HIInternal Medicine1497745988
Marc Hunt 96859, HIInternal Medicine1639169378
Jochebed Carter 96819, HIInternal Medicine1205826492
Christy Taoka 96859, HIInternal Medicine1477543510
Shiuh-feng Cheng 96817, HIInternal Medicine1962493049
Pedro Lucero 96859, HIInternal Medicine1942291950
George Heard Underwood 96859, HIInternal Medicine1114918075
Jhoanna D Mabutas 96819, HIInternal Medicine1841281599
Dale Stewart Vincent 96859, HIInternal Medicine1235120643
Thomas Wisenbaugh 96859, HIInternal Medicine1528049533
Arnold J Vogten 96859, HIInternal Medicine1780665810
Mark C Lau 96857, HIInternal Medicine1912988890
Benjamin Tiongson Gamboa 96732, HIInternal Medicine1861473233
Birendra Singh Huja 96814, HIInternal Medicine1386625630
Yoshio Oda 96814, HIInternal Medicine1669455002
Sally Malia Chang 96734, HIInternal Medicine1528041621
Elliot J Kalauawa 96815, HIInternal Medicine1144202870
Daniel F Brandt 96813, HIInternal Medicine1316929011
Ted A Tobey 96813, HIInternal Medicine1114917176
Stephen Ken Miyasato 96701, HIInternal Medicine1477536563
Benjamin Worth Berg 96813, HIInternal Medicine1720061625
Christie Goeggel Lamping 96860, HIInternal Medicine1154304756
Naoky C Tsai 96734, HIInternal Medicine1245214618
Stephen K Buto 96813, HIInternal Medicine1962486753
William Kien Ki Lau 96813, HIInternal Medicine1245214055
Deyaa Mounir 96793, HIInternal Medicine1366427908
Jefferson Reid Roberts 96859, HIInternal Medicine1891770558
Charlene Schambach Mcwilliams 96859, HIInternal Medicine1508842188
Neal T Shimoda 96817, HIInternal Medicine1326024852
Tad Iwanuma 96817, HIInternal Medicine1184600504
Julie Rose Sierra 96814, HIInternal Medicine1881672798
Jason Michael Blaylock 96859, HIInternal Medicine1265411995
Catherine Ching Makhijani 96819, HIInternal Medicine1821077504
Donald C Edelheit 96744, HIInternal Medicine1689653206
James Paul Epure 96859, HIInternal Medicine1982683256
Michael Carethers 96819, HIInternal Medicine1831179316
Jonathan Cheong Gochu 96813, HIInternal Medicine1629058987
Jack J Zhou 96817, HIInternal Medicine1265402168
Tamie Leigh Kerns 96859, HIInternal Medicine1295711489
Ryan Michael Smith 96859, HIInternal Medicine1639157365
Douglas Hiroshi Yamashita 96720, HIInternal Medicine1033197470
Roy O Kamada 96817, HIInternal Medicine1851362560
Brian F Issell 96813, HIInternal Medicine1235100884
Wesley Luke Wong 96822, HIInternal Medicine1770554412
Bo-yin Deborah Chang 96813, HIInternal Medicine1356314777
Michael Derwin Dung 96813, HIInternal Medicine1811963986
Melanie Kth Kelly 96817, HIInternal Medicine1982670154
Glen H Sugiyama 96813, HIInternal Medicine1811963994
Steven J Berman 96813, HIInternal Medicine1245207182
Carl M Higuchi 96817, HIInternal Medicine1659348597
Mingsang Lin 96826, HIInternal Medicine1013984897
Tad Jackson 96766, HIInternal Medicine1497722151
Michelle H. Miyashiro 96817, HIInternal Medicine1336116706
Simon Kim 96814, HIInternal Medicine1194792333
Anna Ursula Loengard 96817, HIInternal Medicine1699742841
Elaine Marie Williams 96793, HIInternal Medicine1851369565
Mark Kimbrell 96734, HIInternal Medicine1548238058
Dennis Hiroshi Wachi 96814, HIInternal Medicine1396714440
Rolando Rene Merino 96859, HIInternal Medicine1760451645
Joseph Chiu Shung Tsai 96744, HIInternal Medicine1245299148
David K Singh 96813, HIInternal Medicine1669431615
Glen H Sugiyama 96813, HIInternal Medicine1407815285
Shellie Kim Yamashita 96819, HIInternal Medicine1528027331
Melvin Sueo Inamasu 96814, HIInternal Medicine1851350144
Patricia Alexandra Laurel 96819, HIInternal Medicine1992764971
Kaye K. Kawahara 96817, HIInternal Medicine1225005176
Kenneth N.m. Sumida 96817, HIInternal Medicine1437126380
Clayton D.k. Chong 96813, HIInternal Medicine1841267770
Gordon M. Nakano 96817, HIInternal Medicine1356318208
Artur Krupa 96813, HIInternal Medicine1093788440
Eric L Murray 96727, HIInternal Medicine1316910391
Mina Ganapathy 96814, HIInternal Medicine1265493662
Sean Anderson Harap 96859, HIInternal Medicine1942262977
Theodore I Harada 96813, HIInternal Medicine1558324988
Anthony Kuo-chao Chiu 96826, HIInternal Medicine1891758033
Ronald Anthony Morton 96813, HIInternal Medicine1265496202
Mark C Schwab 96793, HIInternal Medicine1104880145
Ronald Onaona Lee 96813, HIInternal Medicine1528023280
Victoria Babushkina 96793, HIInternal Medicine1972568483
Randolph Flores Leon Guerrero 96819, HIInternal Medicine1184689671
Samuel Anthony Cucinell 96859, HIInternal Medicine1720043011
Joel Brown 96813, HIInternal Medicine1275598203
Peter C. H. Wai 96817, HIInternal Medicine1982660544
Colleen B. Finnegan 96826, HIInternal Medicine1073570974
Joshua Ch Tan Md Inc 96813, HIInternal Medicine1932166238
Craig Kadooka 96720, HIInternal Medicine1467419630
Mark Toyokazu Kuge 96814, HIInternal Medicine1093772261
Lance Michael Kurata 96817, HIInternal Medicine1508823790
James Henry-edward Ireland 96706, HIInternal Medicine1376501171
Kevin K Kato 96732, HIInternal Medicine1649238114
Richard Irving Frankel 96819, HIInternal Medicine1710945290
Stewart Y. Matsumoto 96814, HIInternal Medicine1912955253
Laura Jo Nagata 96819, HIInternal Medicine1972552883
Mary Lynn Fines Ricardo-dukelow 96815, HIInternal Medicine1508815614
Lance Mikio Kagihara 96817, HIInternal Medicine1568411585
Steven W Dang 96826, HIInternal Medicine1376592378
Mark A Morisaki 96701, HIInternal Medicine1861441909
Heajung Ruesing Md Inc 96720, HIInternal Medicine1245289933
Curtis N.i. Nakatsu 96819, HIInternal Medicine1730138116
Eddie T. Soliai 96819, HIInternal Medicine1376593665
Reese Kazuo Omizo 96819, HIInternal Medicine1124078597
Roger H.w. Wong 96819, HIInternal Medicine1245280635
Erika Pang 96819, HIInternal Medicine1811947922
Jeffrey Aric Bergsman 96740, HIInternal Medicine1083664064
Daniel H. Belcher 96720, HIInternal Medicine1144270927
Mary Ann Antonelli 96734, HIInternal Medicine1861443319
Liang-hsien Eli Hahn 96817, HIInternal Medicine1629028212
Helen Ing 96734, HIInternal Medicine1346290947
Craig Yoshihiro Shikuma 96720, HIInternal Medicine1912958661
Michael Yick Tim Yee 96734, HIInternal Medicine1710938675
Niraj J. Patel 96819, HIInternal Medicine1346292778
Joseph R Dicostanzo 96814, HIInternal Medicine1114979507
John Bernard Marshall 96859, HIInternal Medicine1922050970
Reginald Glenn Buesa 96732, HIInternal Medicine1295787216
Darrell Jun Lee 96701, HIInternal Medicine1629021241
Michael John Young 96819, HIInternal Medicine1639122732
Kenneth S Hong 96813, HIInternal Medicine1174576615
Alan Norio Oki 96701, HIInternal Medicine1982657268
Carlos R Abeyta 96720, HIInternal Medicine1942253109
Boyuan Cao 96826, HIInternal Medicine1851344469
Henry Cacanindin 96817, HIInternal Medicine1942253471
Macario Laforga Rivera 96819, HIInternal Medicine1225081144
Jo-ann Garrigan 96819, HIInternal Medicine1760432074
Jane Belinda Hernandez-ing 96744, HIInternal Medicine1548225915
Albert Ing 96744, HIInternal Medicine1730144494
Daniel Sabry 96813, HIInternal Medicine1295788438
Winnie Suen 96813, HIInternal Medicine1134181019
Matthew E Marvel 13210, HIInternal Medicine1053377432
Benjamin M Ono 96720, HIInternal Medicine1417912205
Michael Steven Braun 96766, HIInternal Medicine1316996358
Antonin Jaros 96793, HIInternal Medicine1669438842
Youngkyo Kim 96814, HIInternal Medicine1164476529
Emilio A Ganitano 96817, HIInternal Medicine1891740809
Dennis S. Murakami 96817, HIInternal Medicine1154376390
Rebecca P Gelber 96819, HIInternal Medicine1750337481
Malcolm M Haruno 96817, HIInternal Medicine1205882925
John A. Misailidis 96813, HIInternal Medicine1114973336
James Lester Grobe 96813, HIInternal Medicine1538115019
Jon V Martell 96720, HIInternal Medicine1033165469
Douglas Aimoku Duvauchelle 96819, HIInternal Medicine1285680363
Gurdev Singh 96813, HIInternal Medicine1376599431
Aloha Critical Care Associates Llp 96817, HIInternal Medicine1245286772
Sreenandh Krishnagopalan 96817, HIInternal Medicine1619924636
Dennis W Boulware 96819, HIInternal Medicine1689621674
Chari Yt Hart 96813, HIInternal Medicine1154378701
Brent K Uyeno 96817, HIInternal Medicine1649227158
Linda Wright Wilson 96779, HIInternal Medicine1104873546
Scot A Murray 96766, HIInternal Medicine1659328102
Alena T Velasco 96813, HIInternal Medicine1194772335
Michael S Braun, Md Llc 96766, HIInternal Medicine1154368090
Stephen H Denzer 96750, HIInternal Medicine1992742654
Christopher Aoki 95817, HIInternal Medicine1164460499
Randy F Niklason 96793, HIInternal Medicine1699713396
Sophia Hazel 96819, HIInternal Medicine1891733390
Pradeepta Chowdhury 96720, HIInternal Medicine1104864719


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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