Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Iowa

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Iowa:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bruce Lewis Buchsbaum 50309, IAInternal Medicine1326041450
Sameer A Yaseen 50309, IAInternal Medicine1063415164
Kennedy Cecil Fawcett 50010, IAInternal Medicine1124021464
Douglas J Jergenson 52732, IAInternal Medicine1689678344
Michael Nasr Mankarious 52732, IAInternal Medicine1659375921
Bernard Michael Feldman 50325, IAInternal Medicine1134123789
Daniel P. Allen 50266, IAInternal Medicine1376548784
Naveen R Kanathur 52722, IAInternal Medicine1326043514
Tamarisa K Narayan 50265, IAInternal Medicine1851396709
Brian T Cady 61265, IAInternal Medicine1083619134
James H Hahn 52803, IAInternal Medicine1902801525
Harvey Alan Giller 50325, IAInternal Medicine1568468981
Mouhamed Walid Al Sheikha 52753, IAInternal Medicine1063418374
Steven A Ray 61201, IAInternal Medicine1780680736
Catherine L Weideman 52804, IAInternal Medicine1083610919
Nitya L Brenner 51105, IAInternal Medicine1881691293
John Ward Olds 50309, IAInternal Medicine1962409201
Eric L Paulson 51566, IAInternal Medicine1508863341
Guy R Delarosa 50309, IAInternal Medicine1679570360
Lisa A Veach 50309, IAInternal Medicine1043217748
Roger L Harvey 50309, IAInternal Medicine1235137845
Steven Eyanson 52403, IAInternal Medicine1316945827
Michael Steven Brooks 52403, IAInternal Medicine1760480289
Steven M Bunge 50309, IAInternal Medicine1568460012
Daniel J. Peasley 52655, IAInternal Medicine1821095027
Edwin V Motto 52803, IAInternal Medicine1699774455
Cynthia Jane Juhler 50309, IAInternal Medicine1649279522
Essam Y. Tellawi 50325, IAInternal Medicine1093715690
Vanaja Thondapu 52241, IAInternal Medicine1013917558
Maurice C Champion 52240, IAInternal Medicine1831191626
Prem K.g. Chandran 50314, IAInternal Medicine1518969104
Allen R Kaufman 50325, IAInternal Medicine1497757009
Gary Leroy Hoff 50312, IAInternal Medicine1356333074
Donald Ray Shumate 50312, IAInternal Medicine1982696555
John M Ippolito 51503, IAInternal Medicine1215929708
John M Buatti 52242, IAInternal Medicine1205829058
Ben Arnold Collins 50021, IAInternal Medicine1225030836
Nyle Dean Kauffman 52240, IAInternal Medicine1366444986
Vikrant Salaria 51503, IAInternal Medicine1043211493
Jeffrey D Stahl 50266, IAInternal Medicine1013900844
Timothy A Thomsen 52242, IAInternal Medicine1063404986
Vimala Varikottil Chandran 50266, IAInternal Medicine1649263112
Kevin James Cunningham 50266, IAInternal Medicine1003809831
Sean D Cunningham 50309, IAInternal Medicine1023001559
Mahmoud Aboualaiwa 52242, IAInternal Medicine1609860006
Richard T Pope 52403, IAInternal Medicine1881688117
Rey C Lin 52353, IAInternal Medicine1447244603
Leighton V Arcenas 61282, IAInternal Medicine1245224310
Jon David Gibson 50266, IAInternal Medicine1720072507
Louis M Katz 52804, IAInternal Medicine1083608772
Randall R Hanson 50309, IAInternal Medicine1093700486
Rohini Reganti 52655, IAInternal Medicine1528053840
Bret Mcfarlin 50314, IAInternal Medicine1790770881
Allan P Latcham 50309, IAInternal Medicine1932194040
Alan Hilgerson 50314, IAInternal Medicine1255326427
Randy Maigaard 50314, IAInternal Medicine1558356642
Jerilyn S Lundberg 50314, IAInternal Medicine1447245493
Laura Mirsky 50309, IAInternal Medicine1275528242
Douglas Hanson 50314, IAInternal Medicine1235124074
Vicki Jo Kijewski 52242, IAInternal Medicine1417942178
Richard C Dobyns 52242, IAInternal Medicine1912993387
Gail M Shiomoto 60608, IAInternal Medicine1700872074
James George Piros 50266, IAInternal Medicine1700872801
Alfred David Savage 52641, IAInternal Medicine1730175803
Ralph R Pray 50309, IAInternal Medicine1780670893
Sayed Shah 52807, IAInternal Medicine1255327425
Roberto Pepe Castro 52591, IAInternal Medicine1083600050
Rick L Wilkens 50266, IAInternal Medicine1255327987
Amy L. Callaghan 51101, IAInternal Medicine1215924964
Dirk Allen Versteeg 50266, IAInternal Medicine1710973540
Javad Yans 50266, IAInternal Medicine1497741227
Jonathan S Simmons 52242, IAInternal Medicine1154317857
Thomas J Gross 52242, IAInternal Medicine1861489973
Victoria Lim 52242, IAInternal Medicine1558358663
John Andrew Bertolatus 52242, IAInternal Medicine1720075831
Herbert A Berger 52242, IAInternal Medicine1366439473
Francis J Miller 52242, IAInternal Medicine1760479844
Steven R Lentz 52242, IAInternal Medicine1316934318
Louis V Kirchhoff 52242, IAInternal Medicine1174510283
Gregory C Doelle 52242, IAInternal Medicine1225025372
Thomas L Carlisle 52242, IAInternal Medicine1134116288
F Jeffrey Field 52242, IAInternal Medicine1922095066
Petar S Lenert 52242, IAInternal Medicine1790772846
Paul D Lindower 52242, IAInternal Medicine1609863752
Donald D Brown 52242, IAInternal Medicine1093702953
Leslie A Riley 52317, IAInternal Medicine1689662306
Charles G Pogue 61282, IAInternal Medicine1912995697
Barbara A Muller 52242, IAInternal Medicine1588652101
Allyn Lewit Mark 52242, IAInternal Medicine1295723815
William G Haynes 52242, IAInternal Medicine1083602601
Peter M Snyder 52242, IAInternal Medicine1073501698
Donald D Heistad 52242, IAInternal Medicine1982692505
William I Sivitz 52242, IAInternal Medicine1891783445
Janet A Schlechte 52242, IAInternal Medicine1528056173
James R Flanagan 52242, IAInternal Medicine1073501623
Joseph F Szot 52242, IAInternal Medicine1881682441
Catherine P Bird 52242, IAInternal Medicine1194713750
Francois Mitry Abboud 52242, IAInternal Medicine1598753113
Zuhair K Ballas 52242, IAInternal Medicine1316935943
Christopher J Benson 52242, IAInternal Medicine1225026859
Robert B Felder 52242, IAInternal Medicine1760470397
William L Iverson 52242, IAInternal Medicine1346238904
Phillip A Horwitz 52242, IAInternal Medicine1124016787
Ann Broderick 52242, IAInternal Medicine1275521833
Christopher J Goerdt 52242, IAInternal Medicine1548258163
Jennifer G Robinson 52242, IAInternal Medicine1780672212
Erin Kimberly Herndon 52732, IAInternal Medicine1942294483
Charles C Larson 50266, IAInternal Medicine1518952209
Anthony John Halat 51503, IAInternal Medicine1104811538
James T Reeder 50401, IAInternal Medicine1871589838
Brian P Daniel 52242, IAInternal Medicine1609864271
Lauris C Kaldjian 52241, IAInternal Medicine1790772051
Angela Sue Collins 50266, IAInternal Medicine1629061130
Louis E Schneider 50309, IAInternal Medicine1932195864
Ramon Santiago Reyes 50266, IAInternal Medicine1609862663
David K Lemon 50266, IAInternal Medicine1801881917
Todd C Jensen 50309, IAInternal Medicine1952396616
John David Hines 50266, IAInternal Medicine1124013438
Joel Edward Hade 50266, IAInternal Medicine1184618720
Katrina A Guest 50266, IAInternal Medicine1346234341
Richard B Gloor 50309, IAInternal Medicine1770577769
Amerlon L Enriquez 50266, IAInternal Medicine1689668949
James P Lovell 50266, IAInternal Medicine1386639060
Pamela Lynne Nerheim 50266, IAInternal Medicine1154316024
Carey Wimer 50314, IAInternal Medicine1407842230
Theresa Marie Brennan 52242, IAInternal Medicine1063400620
Thomas M Odorisio 52242, IAInternal Medicine1790773224
James Tatkon-coker 50401, IAInternal Medicine1295723468
J.d. Thoreson 50401, IAInternal Medicine1366430530
Harbans Singh Deol 52556, IAInternal Medicine1912995135
Donald E Macfarlane 52242, IAInternal Medicine1013905181
Mohammed Irshad 52732, IAInternal Medicine1508854589
David D. Gerbracht 50010, IAInternal Medicine1487642468
Jon Lee Fleming 50010, IAInternal Medicine1285622274
Philip M Polgreen 52242, IAInternal Medicine1710975750
Charles M Helms 52242, IAInternal Medicine1609864644
D Michael Shasby 52242, IAInternal Medicine1528056462
Roger D Gingrich 52242, IAInternal Medicine1164410007
Elizabeth H Field 52242, IAInternal Medicine1790773638
Michael M Graham 52242, IAInternal Medicine1205824174
Ellen E I Gordon 52242, IAInternal Medicine1407844343
Lawrence P Karniski 52242, IAInternal Medicine1952399891
David L Bushnell 52242, IAInternal Medicine1104814094
Gary W Hunninghake 52242, IAInternal Medicine1619965522
John S Cowdery 52242, IAInternal Medicine1881682797
William M Nauseef 52242, IAInternal Medicine1992793848
Mary Beth Fasano 52242, IAInternal Medicine1801884754
Thomas H Carter 52242, IAInternal Medicine1093703951
Daniel J Berg 52242, IAInternal Medicine1841289790
Stephen E Mcgowan 52242, IAInternal Medicine1992793830
Haraldine A Stafford 52242, IAInternal Medicine1689662520
Christie P Thomas 52242, IAInternal Medicine1760470611
Daniel Kahn 52242, IAInternal Medicine1568450419
Lisa M Antes 52242, IAInternal Medicine1174511026
Douglas B Hornick 52242, IAInternal Medicine1437147386
Lois J Geist 52242, IAInternal Medicine1598753444
Paul B Rothman 52242, IAInternal Medicine1316935273
Craig Takashi Morita 52242, IAInternal Medicine1770571630
Joel A Gordon 52242, IAInternal Medicine1174511034
Robert F Ashman 52242, IAInternal Medicine1619965571
Scott A Vogelgesang 52242, IAInternal Medicine1053309914
James Dennis Gohman 50010, IAInternal Medicine1942298856
Jeffery L Meier 52242, IAInternal Medicine1760470678
Rebecca S Tuetken 52242, IAInternal Medicine1174512859
Margarida Magalhaes Silverman 52242, IAInternal Medicine1295724821
Jack T Stapleton 52242, IAInternal Medicine1083603773
Mark Michael Guffy 50010, IAInternal Medicine1982693289
Bassim Kobrossy 50010, IAInternal Medicine1639169675
Ronald C. Terrill 50247, IAInternal Medicine1902896954
Kenneth Anthony Lyons 50158, IAInternal Medicine1932199734
Larry A. Otteman 50010, IAInternal Medicine1528059078
Joel N Kline 52242, IAInternal Medicine1871584201
Richard Bruce Peters 51401, IAInternal Medicine1649261181
Daphne Ann Pudenz 51401, IAInternal Medicine1992796197
David M Huante 50220, IAInternal Medicine1871574566
Laurence J Fuortes 52242, IAInternal Medicine1083695712
Daniel Kent Anderson 50112, IAInternal Medicine1104807692
James D Rossen 52242, IAInternal Medicine1134100514
Tyler C. Thoen 50010, IAInternal Medicine1588645923
Paul David Sosnouski 50010, IAInternal Medicine1649251075
Shawna Jane Westermann 52242, IAInternal Medicine1114909413
David A Katz 52242, IAInternal Medicine1023090321
Terry Lynn Wahls 52242, IAInternal Medicine1932181237
Douglas L Somers 52242, IAInternal Medicine1609858919
Peter Densen 52242, IAInternal Medicine1518949825
Lawrence G Hunsicker 52242, IAInternal Medicine1881676195
Bradley S Dixon 52242, IAInternal Medicine1053393363
Rebecca L Hegeman 52242, IAInternal Medicine1386626604
Jason H Barker 52242, IAInternal Medicine1730161050
Brian K Link 52242, IAInternal Medicine1487635793
Dawn Flaherty 52242, IAInternal Medicine1720060999
Richard L Weyman 52722, IAInternal Medicine1295717478
Erling Larson 52722, IAInternal Medicine1972585149
William Davidson 52722, IAInternal Medicine1225010499
Nancy Lee Sprince 52242, IAInternal Medicine1588646764
David F Gordon 50314, IAInternal Medicine1245212398
Prasad R Palakurthy 50316, IAInternal Medicine1114909058
Amar Nath 50316, IAInternal Medicine1881676823
Craig A Stark 50309, IAInternal Medicine1245212075
Craig A Stevens 50316, IAInternal Medicine1407838238


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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