Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Idaho

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Idaho:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gregory D Pennock 83864, IDInternal Medicine1700889607
Eric A Wingerson 83404, IDInternal Medicine1295738797
Francis T Johansen 83221, IDInternal Medicine1447253968
Stephen E Spencer 83704, IDInternal Medicine1376548230
Douglas U. Blank 83404, IDInternal Medicine1871598631
John D Chambers 83404, IDInternal Medicine1578568242
Katherine A Mathews 83706, IDInternal Medicine1841296902
David W. Ririe 83201, IDInternal Medicine1952307605
George M Garcia 83404, IDInternal Medicine1548266315
Martha I Buitrago 83404, IDInternal Medicine1356349492
Michael A Patmas 83815, IDInternal Medicine1164429643
Eastern Idaho Cardiology Associates, Pllc 83404, IDInternal Medicine1508866260
John E Liljenquist 83404, IDInternal Medicine1619977600
Carl D Vance 83404, IDInternal Medicine1437159423
David Redford Liljenquist 83404, IDInternal Medicine1932109931
Patrick D Gorman 83404, IDInternal Medicine1295735769
Rina Jannik Missirian 83814, IDInternal Medicine1225042138
Ricky Dwayne Latham 83404, IDInternal Medicine1477553139
Susan Elizabeth Baxter 83713, IDInternal Medicine1417959842
Allen J Salem 83404, IDInternal Medicine1992797088
Mary Dolores Dvorak 83648, IDInternal Medicine1780676239
Harold G Preiksaitis 83814, IDInternal Medicine1962495283
Don E Mcinturff 83201, IDInternal Medicine1114929122
Peter Lawrence Fort 83201, IDInternal Medicine1932191319
Donald K Stott 83642, IDInternal Medicine1649264003
Lee M Kornfield 83702, IDInternal Medicine1275527186
Sky R Blue 83712, IDInternal Medicine1659365575
Margot E Vloka 83704, IDInternal Medicine1174517775
Gretchen L Kohler 83713, IDInternal Medicine1982698502
Thomas J Coffman 83712, IDInternal Medicine1245224823
Judith A Woods 83642, IDInternal Medicine1518952175
Mark L Lloyd 83642, IDInternal Medicine1730174301
Ellen B Hunter 83702, IDInternal Medicine1174518740
Richard F Uhlmann 83702, IDInternal Medicine1083609663
Sherwin S. Foster 83835, IDInternal Medicine1720074990
Benjamin Flandro Call 83201, IDInternal Medicine1346236213
Kenneth Alan Cogen 83301, IDInternal Medicine1629064555
Fernando Grigera 83201, IDInternal Medicine1770579658
Russell R Blakeley 83864, IDInternal Medicine1063409639
Joseph Rosenblum 46350, IDInternal Medicine1609861509
Paul H Baehr 83702, IDInternal Medicine1184619165
John T. Witte, M.d., P.a. 83642, IDInternal Medicine1275863243
David Manuel Gonzalez 83201, IDInternal Medicine1043208218
Shane Keith Anderson 83252, IDInternal Medicine1841289659
Lewis Clark Gastroenterology Pllc 83501, IDInternal Medicine1356330922
Randell L Page 83686, IDInternal Medicine1750370771
Stephen R Bienz 83687, IDInternal Medicine1851381834
James R Dzur 83686, IDInternal Medicine1194715177
Patricia M Buersmeyer 83686, IDInternal Medicine1104816198
Mountain View Hospital Llc 83404, IDInternal Medicine1669462362
Kenneth Wilhelm 83687, IDInternal Medicine1053301416
Peter Matthew Cliften 83712, IDInternal Medicine1760473771
Jamia E. Byrns 83713, IDInternal Medicine1881676070
Jennifer F Garwick 83805, IDInternal Medicine1245221126
John Michael Sadaj 83686, IDInternal Medicine1407846140
Randolph C Byrd 83687, IDInternal Medicine1356339618
Peter G Roan 83687, IDInternal Medicine1326037342
Rick N. Roberts 83686, IDInternal Medicine1558351551
Elzbieta E Kraszewska-ostromecka 83501, IDInternal Medicine1518958412
Christopher W Hammerle 83702, IDInternal Medicine1740336361
Peggy Ann Rupp 83706, IDInternal Medicine1932199437
Dan S Zuckerman 83712, IDInternal Medicine1023093507
Hans Thurgood Redd 83460, IDInternal Medicine1558348649
Johannes D Veldhuis 83642, IDInternal Medicine1477530335
Irinel N Stanciu 83702, IDInternal Medicine1720068760
Lesleigh A Box 83705, IDInternal Medicine1720064785
John T. Ader 83642, IDInternal Medicine1992789564
Theodore Steven Roosevelt 83713, IDInternal Medicine1699754697
John T Witte 83642, IDInternal Medicine1063407641
Patricia Ann Brady 83501, IDInternal Medicine1922079037
Barbara Kay Davis 83501, IDInternal Medicine1699746859
Achini Perera Dingman 83706, IDInternal Medicine1174594758
Thomas P Drakes 83501, IDInternal Medicine1386615995
Rafael A Arteta-bulos 83712, IDInternal Medicine1457323404
J. Antonio G Lopez 83704, IDInternal Medicine1326011503
Daryl G Ficklin 83301, IDInternal Medicine1346213303
Scott R Bressler 83605, IDInternal Medicine1114992435
Stephen M Schutz 83704, IDInternal Medicine1114994977
Ike D Tanabe 83704, IDInternal Medicine1184691602
Mark A Mallory 83704, IDInternal Medicine1336116888
Nic R Cordum 83704, IDInternal Medicine1205803756
Samuel S Gibson 83704, IDInternal Medicine1275500738
Christopher J Goulet 83704, IDInternal Medicine1023085180
Grand Teton Gastroenterology, Pa 83404, IDInternal Medicine1154390938
Clint E Behrend 83404, IDInternal Medicine1538138243
Hampton Roads Medical Specialists Pc 83642, IDInternal Medicine1013986579
Paul M Hendrix 83404, IDInternal Medicine1649249947
Robb F Gibson 83704, IDInternal Medicine1538128707
Todd A Williams 83404, IDInternal Medicine1437128733
Marion Lynn Luque 83616, IDInternal Medicine1124088331
Brad Q Starley 83301, IDInternal Medicine1669443909
Wolfgang J.t. Spyra 83814, IDInternal Medicine1225009897
Cary V. Jackson 83686, IDInternal Medicine1932169042
Lynn Ge-zerbe 83642, IDInternal Medicine1003881970
Michael J Carraher 83854, IDInternal Medicine1306812300
Mikael D Lagwinski 83642, IDInternal Medicine1679540363
Steven M Krawtz 83201, IDInternal Medicine1972563310
Akavaram N Reddy 83301, IDInternal Medicine1407816986
Seth N Wheeler 83301, IDInternal Medicine1548222516
Andrew S Pierson 83706, IDInternal Medicine1992760664
Michael L Francisco 83201, IDInternal Medicine1871558239
Alfred E Lounsbury 83706, IDInternal Medicine1699731760
Irene Pucciarelli 83706, IDInternal Medicine1871559948
Morris H Smith 83619, IDInternal Medicine1487611877
Frederick R. Badke 83704, IDInternal Medicine1407814411
Samantha A Marshall 83330, IDInternal Medicine1467410837
Randall G. Lorenz 83843, IDInternal Medicine1669430955
Shanda Grooms 83642, IDInternal Medicine1750330080
Kellen Joseph Ronnau 83712, IDInternal Medicine1326096892
Kimberly R Tanabe 83616, IDInternal Medicine1194773598
Amy Schell 83712, IDInternal Medicine1275581753
Mark L Holbrook 83713, IDInternal Medicine1205884616
Susan Leigh Blough 83706, IDInternal Medicine1336197870
Roger L Stagg 83712, IDInternal Medicine1164470613
Caroline Defrang 83706, IDInternal Medicine1699724690
Leslie Leisk Nona 83712, IDInternal Medicine1497704316
Erika A Lewis 83712, IDInternal Medicine1659320570
Clifford L Tenley 83712, IDInternal Medicine1700835790
Leslie J Stubbs 83706, IDInternal Medicine1588613483
Margaret Lee Nunley 83712, IDInternal Medicine1245289255
Elizabeth Brooke Olberding 83712, IDInternal Medicine1265481048
Joseph G. F. Rosales 99208, IDInternal Medicine1457300303
Michael Pelton 83706, IDInternal Medicine1548219090
Edward Gregory Thompson 83712, IDInternal Medicine1497705826
John Perry Giffen 83642, IDInternal Medicine1275583643
Frank Noren Johnson 83642, IDInternal Medicine1841249307
Stephen C Montamat 83712, IDInternal Medicine1548210958
Saint Alphonsus Physician Services Inc 83642, IDInternal Medicine1114977824
Saint Alphonsus Physician Services Inc 83605, IDInternal Medicine1669422242
Saint Alphonsus Physician Services Inc 83704, IDInternal Medicine1184674764
David C Nielsen 83713, IDInternal Medicine1821048364
Laura A Mcgeorge 83712, IDInternal Medicine1629029699
Frederick R Haller 83837, IDInternal Medicine1396797726
Kristen Fiorentino 83702, IDInternal Medicine1760434302
Marian E Shaw 83702, IDInternal Medicine1841242641
Royal Mcclure 83340, IDInternal Medicine1093768368
Steve Sadicario 83712, IDInternal Medicine1275586364
Saint Alphonsus Physician Services Inc 83616, IDInternal Medicine1184677692
Deric Patterson 83712, IDInternal Medicine1689627762
Gerardo Midence 83501, IDInternal Medicine1215981832
Kerry P Pulver 83706, IDInternal Medicine1376596247
Meridian Adult Medicine, Pllc 83642, IDInternal Medicine1619921202
Ann Cordum 83702, IDInternal Medicine1982653879
Timothy J. Dykstra 83501, IDInternal Medicine1376592758
Melanie T Eggleston 83501, IDInternal Medicine1932159258
Charles E Boult 83706, IDInternal Medicine1962468025
Marek Janout 83814, IDInternal Medicine1982657227
Andrew David Michaels 83687, IDInternal Medicine1588618250
Marnie R Ririe 83709, IDInternal Medicine1134170855
Donna L. Beeson 83712, IDInternal Medicine1689630436
Sushma Pant 83501, IDInternal Medicine1083668248
Murali N Bathina 83605, IDInternal Medicine1265486625
Charles E Eiriksson 83712, IDInternal Medicine1932153137
Katrina A Rolen 83501, IDInternal Medicine1821042029
Andrew U Chai 83642, IDInternal Medicine1063466423
Louis Michael Schlickman 83642, IDInternal Medicine1629022116
Walter L Seale 83704, IDInternal Medicine1720033459
Arvind Chaudhry 99208, IDInternal Medicine1750336236
James C Field 83605, IDInternal Medicine1255386942
Caldwell Internal Medicine Professional Association 83605, IDInternal Medicine1649225616
Carl L Hanson 83814, IDInternal Medicine1831145069
Dennis M Enomoto 83301, IDInternal Medicine1649226127
Michael N Whisenant 83501, IDInternal Medicine1508813106
Robert R Cope 83864, IDInternal Medicine1790722783
Donald G Pica Md Pa 83301, IDInternal Medicine1982641882
Blue Lakes Gastroenterology, Pllc 83301, IDInternal Medicine1144267022
Lorene A Osmanski 83814, IDInternal Medicine1114964475
Michael Rooney 83501, IDInternal Medicine1093753360
Carl L Durning 83704, IDInternal Medicine1023056264
Carolyn Rees 83605, IDInternal Medicine1386683431
Lucie A Dimaggio 83301, IDInternal Medicine1336188267
Jeffrey S Dzieczkowski 83704, IDInternal Medicine1578502415
Arthritis Center Of Idaho,pa 83301, IDInternal Medicine1538108394
Alice P Blake 83702, IDInternal Medicine1508805078
Snehlata Mehta 83713, IDInternal Medicine1851331045
Warren F Dopson 83301, IDInternal Medicine1265472781
Victorija D Laucius 83301, IDInternal Medicine1780624122
Mark G Parent 83704, IDInternal Medicine1558301515
Patrick P Desmond 83301, IDInternal Medicine1821038282
Dan S Fairman 83340, IDInternal Medicine1023059250
Peter Curran 83340, IDInternal Medicine1013958222
Brian W Fortuin 83301, IDInternal Medicine1740221191
Robert S Lobb 83301, IDInternal Medicine1902847718
Graham K Wetherley 83704, IDInternal Medicine1821030586
Randall J Skeem 83301, IDInternal Medicine1699717066
West Valley Professional Fee Billing, Llc 83605, IDInternal Medicine1972545762
Timothy Alan Cullison 83704, IDInternal Medicine1497798052
Sherri L Brown 83605, IDInternal Medicine1235172644
Ty A Salness 83204, IDInternal Medicine1831132232
Robert Winston Hall 83340, IDInternal Medicine1699718791
John A Baker 83301, IDInternal Medicine1124061262
Samual Bass 83712, IDInternal Medicine1841234747
Ronald F Fullmer 83301, IDInternal Medicine1528002029
John E Guicheteau 83704, IDInternal Medicine1902840473
Kent J Smith 83301, IDInternal Medicine1336183813
Donald G Pica 83301, IDInternal Medicine1902840317
Hilliard F Griggs 83704, IDInternal Medicine1174567259
Amit Sharma 83642, IDInternal Medicine1730123779
Robert S Lee 83702, IDInternal Medicine1205871258
Alan G Avondet 83404, IDInternal Medicine1487699856


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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