Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Fadi Michel Shamsham 62864, ILInternal Medicine1942203971
Gregory Allen Thompson 60603, ILInternal Medicine1114920311
Arnold L. Levin 60659, ILInternal Medicine1275536286
Vivian S Vanroekel 60174, ILInternal Medicine1487657524
Javier Muniz 62948, ILInternal Medicine1548263668
Forrest J Robinson 60302, ILInternal Medicine1740283803
Nirmala A. Shah 60659, ILInternal Medicine1215930128
Tansel Turgut 62526, ILInternal Medicine1104829886
Yogesh K Agarwal 61701, ILInternal Medicine1336142017
Lawrence R Pankau 60068, ILInternal Medicine1497758114
Ziauddin Ahmed 60634, ILInternal Medicine1891798476
Thomas J Campbell 60202, ILInternal Medicine1972506665
Gomez Charleston 60617, ILInternal Medicine1124021795
Fred L Daniels 60617, ILInternal Medicine1841293412
Marilyn Sue Aden 60614, ILInternal Medicine1598768152
James S Poulos 60714, ILInternal Medicine1013910710
Anne V Miller 62702, ILInternal Medicine1285637975
Louis Hiotis 60604, ILInternal Medicine1710980339
Elisabeth Klor Gross 60614, ILInternal Medicine1609879279
Michael L Greising 60068, ILInternal Medicine1629071329
Cory Y Chen 60630, ILInternal Medicine1851394548
Philip N Adjei 60048, ILInternal Medicine1720080054
Donald E Murray 62052, ILInternal Medicine1659374239
Deepak Ahuja 61201, ILInternal Medicine1336142629
Raymond J Mcdonald 60305, ILInternal Medicine1942203500
Marshall Clinic Effingham, S.c. 62401, ILInternal Medicine1952304412
Cristian Alexander Speil 60005, ILInternal Medicine1346243730
Michael Allen Cassaday 61265, ILInternal Medicine1427050673
Robert A Hadesman 60048, ILInternal Medicine1245234574
Faisal Bukhari 61951, ILInternal Medicine1376545509
Morton A Levy 62226, ILInternal Medicine1811999030
Rao V Movva 61265, ILInternal Medicine1073515243
Patricia Deloof 48315, ILInternal Medicine1245234509
John Mirro 46410, ILInternal Medicine1689678955
Siddharth B Jani 62863, ILInternal Medicine1497757595
Sharon Ann Harig 46410, ILInternal Medicine1770585861
Michael Grundel Ison 60611, ILInternal Medicine1316941222
Amy Lynn Rohlfing 62278, ILInternal Medicine1255335188
Oscar Mauricio Sanchez 60050, ILInternal Medicine1164426094
Justin T Mao 61104, ILInternal Medicine1427052273
James W Bauer 61603, ILInternal Medicine1912901711
Steven C Smart 60201, ILInternal Medicine1669476545
Dean A Gravlin 61603, ILInternal Medicine1053315861
Internal Medicine Group Of Peoria Sc 61603, ILInternal Medicine1972507747
Edward A Rufus Jr 61614, ILInternal Medicine1871597450
Venkateswararao Alla 61265, ILInternal Medicine1669476339
Wa'el M Abdo 60521, ILInternal Medicine1740284074
Simge Yuksel 60153, ILInternal Medicine1285125328
Piushkumar J Patel 60142, ILInternal Medicine1447254255
Herman L Ferrell 62201, ILInternal Medicine1437153921
Michael Howard Ries 60657, ILInternal Medicine1366446791
Neil Rosenberg 60657, ILInternal Medicine1265436695
Scott Porter Neeley 60657, ILInternal Medicine1083618417
William Merrick Sanders 60657, ILInternal Medicine1164426599
Brent Wayne Schwarm 62471, ILInternal Medicine1932104296
Prasanna C Kumar 62040, ILInternal Medicine1285639559
Jay D Crowder 66606, ILInternal Medicine1700881174
Suburban Cardiologists, S.c. 60521, ILInternal Medicine1346245610
Miguel Hizon 60901, ILInternal Medicine1730184086
Manish I Desai 60804, ILInternal Medicine1881699080
Kirit Antani 62959, ILInternal Medicine1689679516
Patricia M. Martin 60521, ILInternal Medicine1578568341
Seth R. Tanenbaum 60657, ILInternal Medicine1912902933
Lizzette Colon-ramos 62401, ILInternal Medicine1114922101
Robert J Longo 60047, ILInternal Medicine1265437230
Marvin S Peiken 60008, ILInternal Medicine1790780765
Ali Salimi 62959, ILInternal Medicine1285639179
Mark Allen Fernandez 61354, ILInternal Medicine1033114939
Donald L Cyborski 60008, ILInternal Medicine1710982764
Anthony A Grande 60068, ILInternal Medicine1477558377
Mark F Daniels 60540, ILInternal Medicine1043215718
Lauren Deborah Feld 60637, ILInternal Medicine1780065557
Robert Coe Finley 60521, ILInternal Medicine1972508885
Paul D. Ryan 60521, ILInternal Medicine1497750749
Barry J. Sidorow 60521, ILInternal Medicine1346245685
Meechai Tessalee 60521, ILInternal Medicine1841295193
Panayota P Kleinman 60005, ILInternal Medicine1962407916
Presence Chicago Hospitals Network 60631, ILInternal Medicine1932564754
Brian T Cady 61265, ILInternal Medicine1083619134
Narayan Mulamalla 60461, ILInternal Medicine1982609723
Gopal Madhav 60805, ILInternal Medicine1649274119
Michelle M Lipman 60440, ILInternal Medicine1376548289
Naheed Malik Qayyum 60527, ILInternal Medicine1063417343
David L Miller 61455, ILInternal Medicine1861497612
Octavio Menelao Lopez 60482, ILInternal Medicine1700881455
Ashok Jilhewar 60630, ILInternal Medicine1063417681
Khalid Javed 62951, ILInternal Medicine1174529663
Patrick J Murphy 60068, ILInternal Medicine1023014552
Gregg R Cohan 60435, ILInternal Medicine1316943442
Timothy J Cahill 60016, ILInternal Medicine1578569505
Steven A Ray 61201, ILInternal Medicine1780680736
Allen Jerome Rosenbaum 60402, ILInternal Medicine1508862368
Douglas Dothager 62226, ILInternal Medicine1871599738
Mannil Ravindranathan 62959, ILInternal Medicine1568468346
Jeffrey Martin Lieblich 60035, ILInternal Medicine1184620916
Don M Larson 60068, ILInternal Medicine1811993504
Robert C Munson 60048, ILInternal Medicine1609872373
Friedrich Joseph Vonbun 61554, ILInternal Medicine1760489306
Manjeet Sethi 60005, ILInternal Medicine1205833845
Southern Illinois Primary Care Associates, P.c. 62837, ILInternal Medicine1912904574
Morris Mauer 60614, ILInternal Medicine1215933825
Roger G Nissen 60005, ILInternal Medicine1952308587
James William Mcnally 61920, ILInternal Medicine1689671216
Lynne Nowak 62220, ILInternal Medicine1174520746
Brian P Ragona 60435, ILInternal Medicine1992701015
Arnold P Robin 60004, ILInternal Medicine1831196476
Christopher H Strayhorn 60010, ILInternal Medicine1194721217
Raffay Khan 60173, ILInternal Medicine1194052829
Hyet Leslie Settlemoir 62263, ILInternal Medicine1841297413
Lawrence J Schouten 60188, ILInternal Medicine1699770164
Steven J. Bielski 60134, ILInternal Medicine1144227570
Lake Shore Internal Medicine Sc 60031, ILInternal Medicine1114924552
Elisa A Hofmann 60134, ILInternal Medicine1043217490
Jeffrey A Lindahl 60004, ILInternal Medicine1477550887
Syed Bokhari 60914, ILInternal Medicine1710984224
Timothy Hipskind 62040, ILInternal Medicine1265439640
Scott Duncan Mcnaughton 60174, ILInternal Medicine1073510335
M Hassan Diab 61201, ILInternal Medicine1255338588
Heart Rhythm Specialists, S.c. 60631, ILInternal Medicine1760489041
Peter Werner 60016, ILInternal Medicine1114924347
Nanette Gormley 60462, ILInternal Medicine1730186842
Craig Scott Conover 60603, ILInternal Medicine1588661607
George W Shehata 60462, ILInternal Medicine1275530396
Ashutosh Gupta 60649, ILInternal Medicine1528065646
Suresh C Hathiwala 60608, ILInternal Medicine1508863655
Krishna Sunkara 60429, ILInternal Medicine1154328185
Gerald J Mingolelli 60429, ILInternal Medicine1508863531
Mir M Ali 60429, ILInternal Medicine1407853435
Fulton Porter 60429, ILInternal Medicine1316944341
Ayman Alzubi 60429, ILInternal Medicine1306843339
Herman Oscar Lyle 62959, ILInternal Medicine1275530230
Gastrointestinal Health Associates 60134, ILInternal Medicine1942207907
Venu Reddy 62301, ILInternal Medicine1164429957
Douglas Mufuka 60649, ILInternal Medicine1215934021
Lalchand T Goyal 60936, ILInternal Medicine1154328805
Mark E Williams 60643, ILInternal Medicine1891793550
Robert Parsons 61364, ILInternal Medicine1053319723
Stanley Eric Allen 62703, ILInternal Medicine1285631127
Daniel J Grzegorek 60527, ILInternal Medicine1487651337
Murtuza H Bahrainwala 62535, ILInternal Medicine1871590679
Ved P Yadava 60126, ILInternal Medicine1225035041
David Kracker 60302, ILInternal Medicine1194722934
Errol Glenn Elrington 48240, ILInternal Medicine1568469294
Kathy Bailey 60053, ILInternal Medicine1235136961
Chia Huang 60629, ILInternal Medicine1144227877
Sarah Marie Alderman 60634, ILInternal Medicine1912904822
Uma D Gorrepati 48201, ILInternal Medicine1508864240
Daisy Chacko Thomas 61008, ILInternal Medicine1407854169
John W Mcclean 61401, ILInternal Medicine1548268204
Enayat O Osanloo 60540, ILInternal Medicine1073510996
Lorie Ann Bleyer 62704, ILInternal Medicine1952308884
Michael Vail Comerford 62704, ILInternal Medicine1497753974
David D Coultas 62650, ILInternal Medicine1902804495
Lisa Ann Benning 62702, ILInternal Medicine1689672289
Daniel Lazar 60053, ILInternal Medicine1841298395
Lexy Wistenberg 60053, ILInternal Medicine1750389201
Steven R Bowers 62704, ILInternal Medicine1093713562
Prakash Sane 60429, ILInternal Medicine1679571178
Gordon Cotell 60053, ILInternal Medicine1467450999
Kanubhai M Patel 62040, ILInternal Medicine1649278185
Daniel Berman 60053, ILInternal Medicine1255339792
Arsenio D Atadero 60102, ILInternal Medicine1700884194
Yongsuk - Lertratanakul 60657, ILInternal Medicine1215935663
Udaya Bontu 60123, ILInternal Medicine1255339503
Hwan G Jeong 61761, ILInternal Medicine1366440604
Olga Zuk 60625, ILInternal Medicine1326046681
Jerry Bernstein 60053, ILInternal Medicine1770581092
John Migas 61761, ILInternal Medicine1629076971
Ira F Fenton 60061, ILInternal Medicine1477551752
Charles T Shaw 60638, ILInternal Medicine1720086960
Michael A. Ruchim 60611, ILInternal Medicine1669470936
Paul M Gekas 60134, ILInternal Medicine1467450650
Patricia Katherine Merlo 60123, ILInternal Medicine1972501161
Anil K Khemani 60098, ILInternal Medicine1750389953
Carmen Velazquez 60120, ILInternal Medicine1518965714
Neil Perlman 60061, ILInternal Medicine1245238344
Michael Hernandez 60123, ILInternal Medicine1972501096
Ronald Lauren Hirsch 60123, ILInternal Medicine1467450585
Sam F Hull 60045, ILInternal Medicine1053319277
Randy Gene Cowart 62901, ILInternal Medicine1780682732
George N Atia 60010, ILInternal Medicine1770580029
Thomas Eugene Liao 60634, ILInternal Medicine1356348270
Steven M Beatty 62906, ILInternal Medicine1851399232
Deborah A Cortlandt 71483, ILInternal Medicine1669479317
Suresh Bhalla 60435, ILInternal Medicine1811995426
Sudhir S Sekhon 60506, ILInternal Medicine1598763955
Shazia Daudi 60124, ILInternal Medicine1235137928
Rodolfo J Mejicano 60462, ILInternal Medicine1932107430
Jeff T Victor 60175, ILInternal Medicine1104824887
George R Hvostik 60061, ILInternal Medicine1023015021
William John Ray 61761, ILInternal Medicine1689672859
Michael F Uzer 61938, ILInternal Medicine1295733475
Robert C Parker 60608, ILInternal Medicine1033118856
Robert A. Freilich 60035, ILInternal Medicine1528066347
John P Moran 60101, ILInternal Medicine1225036056
John Edward Martin 60558, ILInternal Medicine1295734952
Barbara B Loeb 60515, ILInternal Medicine1619976396
Perry L Kamel 60611, ILInternal Medicine1174522866
Kevin E Thompson 60142, ILInternal Medicine1649279274
Charles Steinbruegge 60657, ILInternal Medicine1528067253


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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