Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Antonios Papadopoulos 61938, ILInternal Medicine1467562116
George C Karabelas 60634, ILInternal Medicine1437224128
Timothy Lyman 60707, ILInternal Medicine1659302263
Maelen M Pantano 60126, ILInternal Medicine1023068152
Cameron Haery 60123, ILInternal Medicine1710934674
Barbara Frances Burrell 60012, ILInternal Medicine1417055765
Steven P Mccarthy 91360, ILInternal Medicine1497765309
David S Bromet 60123, ILInternal Medicine1841250958
James H Burks 60123, ILInternal Medicine1821058819
Ravi Badlani Mdsc 60614, ILInternal Medicine1639363377
Jersey Community Hospital 62052, ILInternal Medicine1134163827
Edmundo Alejandro Rodriguez 62062, ILInternal Medicine1912117912
St Louis Kidney Care Llc 63136, ILInternal Medicine1780058727
Wei Lin 37916, ILInternal Medicine1386621654
Dani Tazbaz 63117, ILInternal Medicine1356464200
Romila Aslam 63044, ILInternal Medicine1407058084
Michael Ansstas 63136, ILInternal Medicine1851658728
Omar Ali Mohammad Mahasneh 79106, ILInternal Medicine1124361746
Wael F Girgis 62002, ILInternal Medicine1508053802
Arjun Singh 63109, ILInternal Medicine1780619957
John A Hoelscher 62002, ILInternal Medicine1447267810
Ahmad A Karadaghy 62002, ILInternal Medicine1619963063
David Robert Riedel 62002, ILInternal Medicine1073505004
Mohammad Zubair Malik 63136, ILInternal Medicine1174701411
Veronica Oluwarotimi Abegunde 60153, ILInternal Medicine1740500826
Adnan A Muhsin 61021, ILInternal Medicine1942278502
Ashley L. Brown 62901, ILInternal Medicine1689029993
Richard Kyle Buchman 62948, ILInternal Medicine1639457807
Howard Axe 60030, ILInternal Medicine1649254939
Mohammad Saleh 60050, ILInternal Medicine1164582532
Sonia C Mehta 60014, ILInternal Medicine1265459895
Tingting Zhou 60521, ILInternal Medicine1336527654
George T. Thott 60089, ILInternal Medicine1124317367
Shirley Ana Stilson 60527, ILInternal Medicine1700806254
Jay S Cowen 84057, ILInternal Medicine1497710388
Matthew Mcshane 54911, ILInternal Medicine1316366701
Shahaab Uddin 47150, ILInternal Medicine1669784872
Narayan Michael Saha 60005, ILInternal Medicine1396033825
Ali Wasiti 60461, ILInternal Medicine1770731002
Mhd Hashem Rajabbik 61021, ILInternal Medicine1528422631
Tommy Kwak 60631, ILInternal Medicine1235472820
Ian Coelho 60190, ILInternal Medicine1821225533
Asim Mohammed Saeed 60641, ILInternal Medicine1033421953
Southern Illinois Health Care Foundation, Inc. 61911, ILInternal Medicine1508301706
Ibrahim Habib 60506, ILInternal Medicine1740589969
Akhtar K Siddiqui 72758, ILInternal Medicine1124097951
Maria Catalina Merrick 62702, ILInternal Medicine1629361829
Dhiraj Gulati 60504, ILInternal Medicine1598920274
Tommy Pacana 60504, ILInternal Medicine1093018285
Rush copley Medical Group, Nfp 60502, ILInternal Medicine1093075848
Steven Michael Lome 93940, ILInternal Medicine1003942491
Saju Abraham 60004, ILInternal Medicine1528191756
Carola Ann Tanna 24450, ILInternal Medicine1811005796
Thomas A. Mayer 60015, ILInternal Medicine1013937150
Eric Louis Stern 59802, ILInternal Medicine1568666006
Jenie Nepomuceno 60050, ILInternal Medicine1063843670
Marina Messinger 60008, ILInternal Medicine1902192677
Gagandeep Goyal 61111, ILInternal Medicine1083906382
Douglas A Tomasian 60014, ILInternal Medicine1922187756
Parin N Desai 60012, ILInternal Medicine1497913511
Global Care S.c. 60014, ILInternal Medicine1033309042
Brett M Breshears 60068, ILInternal Medicine1467018945
Providea Health Partners, Llc 60448, ILInternal Medicine1770911208
Hana Filipova 62246, ILInternal Medicine1619129632
Ann Hagedorn 62246, ILInternal Medicine1245237825
Seema Verma 62269, ILInternal Medicine1326380908
Wasseem El-aneed 63028, ILInternal Medicine1326372053
Jimmy L Moss 63141, ILInternal Medicine1275845208
Syed Abdul-aziz 62269, ILInternal Medicine1114906005
Zarah-ann A Alba 47906, ILInternal Medicine1164417812
Shazia Abbas 52501, ILInternal Medicine1205086998
Mahmud Al Furgani 43608, ILInternal Medicine1528369782
Mihret M Asressahegn 98801, ILInternal Medicine1609164292
Hatim A Mahmood 62269, ILInternal Medicine1174556583
Rouba G Ghoussoub 62226, ILInternal Medicine1396964599
Matthew Dean Hageman 62221, ILInternal Medicine1376540930
Johara Adam Hassan 51101, ILInternal Medicine1568417301
Sultan A Hayat 62226, ILInternal Medicine1548248453
Charles Adam Crecelius 63131, ILInternal Medicine1215080312
Agron Ismaili 53172, ILInternal Medicine1922093707
Abdulsalam Jamous 62226, ILInternal Medicine1891778221
Renu Teckchandani 63131, ILInternal Medicine1831477421
Ammar Dulli 38703, ILInternal Medicine1487874145
Ibrahim Amae Elemo 62521, ILInternal Medicine1831478627
Matthew J Koch 62226, ILInternal Medicine1962420448
Kisha Vanterpool 19140, ILInternal Medicine1821103995
Bindu Finnell 60005, ILInternal Medicine1851327340
Parag Kiran Amin 60050, ILInternal Medicine1639107667
Elizabeth Becerra 60402, ILInternal Medicine1376560102
Medicor Partners, S.c 60402, ILInternal Medicine1710194477
Swati Gobhil 97477, ILInternal Medicine1679952105
Rafay Abbasi 60302, ILInternal Medicine1447699822
Yamin Aung 95355, ILInternal Medicine1114339017
Minu Ittoop 20735, ILInternal Medicine1982016085
Loretto Hospital 60644, ILInternal Medicine1306318753
Michael Thomas Flisak 46360, ILInternal Medicine1548426943
Anusha Kondapalli 82001, ILInternal Medicine1033564851
Manuel E. Alva 60402, ILInternal Medicine1255405452
Francis Lee 61822, ILInternal Medicine1164864625
Stephanie Lynn Kuschel 60612, ILInternal Medicine1932668753
Jerry So 77030, ILInternal Medicine1427518885
Juan Pablo Portocarrero 60611, ILInternal Medicine1437680972
Jacob Diskin 48201, ILInternal Medicine1871053751
Nirali Babubhai Ramani 60612, ILInternal Medicine1750802237
Arvind Il Maheshwari 55905, ILInternal Medicine1659767903
Hrudya Abraham 61602, ILInternal Medicine1497135750
James R Tobin 61114, ILInternal Medicine1750812145
Kurt W Erickson 60803, ILInternal Medicine1033173125
Gregory Paul Macaluso 60464, ILInternal Medicine1831355585
Kishin Ramani 60402, ILInternal Medicine1932163045
Hang-jin H Shin 60803, ILInternal Medicine1689638702
James Paul Sur 60803, ILInternal Medicine1447450788
Sean P Tierney 60803, ILInternal Medicine1457315624
Kristina Aleksoniene 49085, ILInternal Medicine1659545002
Rathna K Yallapragada 60527, ILInternal Medicine1366455529
Hani Alsharif 60465, ILInternal Medicine1598974149
Daina Marie Roberson 46311, ILInternal Medicine1336313089
Sarah Nazeer Siddiqui 60525, ILInternal Medicine1982847026
Yunxiang Zhu 27610, ILInternal Medicine1679985782
Craig Kenneth Harms 62010, ILInternal Medicine1598878373
Nisha D Patel 55905, ILInternal Medicine1558744813
Joseph Anthony Lagattuta 60188, ILInternal Medicine1053388520
William John Ray 61761, ILInternal Medicine1689672859
Kidney Care Center Bloomington Llc 61602, ILInternal Medicine1932514387
Saadur Rahman 36608, ILInternal Medicine1710115977
Spandana Kolakaleti 78229, ILInternal Medicine1073741021
David Gerard Rzepczynski 53121, ILInternal Medicine1497862817
Yaimet Vidal Bucknor 60450, ILInternal Medicine1902030836
George F Aziz 60435, ILInternal Medicine1639133358
Robert A Iaffaldano 60464, ILInternal Medicine1043274145
Dominick J Stella 60464, ILInternal Medicine1932163623
Ronald E Stella 60402, ILInternal Medicine1821052093
Refat Baridi 60517, ILInternal Medicine1285622621
Faithful Osarekpama Osawe 60461, ILInternal Medicine1639584279
Kevin C Carney 60018, ILInternal Medicine1013948470
Daksesh Bipin Patel 60202, ILInternal Medicine1154526770
Michelle M Lipman 60521, ILInternal Medicine1376548289
Hershel Wix 60914, ILInternal Medicine1962457101
Gaurang Gujarathi 60901, ILInternal Medicine1124314349
Mario Gerard Massullo 60901, ILInternal Medicine1043228158
Gaurav Kapoor 60901, ILInternal Medicine1245225192
Ahsan M Basha 60970, ILInternal Medicine1043283849
Naresh C Chandan 60901, ILInternal Medicine1811094550
Joehar Hamdan 60423, ILInternal Medicine1508062159
Samrat Umesh Khanna 60901, ILInternal Medicine1053629881
Cep America Illinois Intensivists 62401, ILInternal Medicine1538661475
Neil Shah 60193, ILInternal Medicine1487801312
Lisa Marie Sullivan 60035, ILInternal Medicine1386650273
Irina Goldvekht 60004, ILInternal Medicine1154309755
Cure Medical Lab Inc 60133, ILInternal Medicine1245826213
Sirtaz Adatya 95051, ILInternal Medicine1861683559
Anisha Dua 60611, ILInternal Medicine1316104854
Adam Edward Mikolajczyk 60612, ILInternal Medicine1275829798
Vpa Pc 60181, ILInternal Medicine1174925663
Michelle Martinchek 60637, ILInternal Medicine1477817815
Daniel J Brauner 49008, ILInternal Medicine1619039161
Marco Antonio Lopez Velazquez 60637, ILInternal Medicine1316399264
Suzanne D Conzen 75390, ILInternal Medicine1518029073
Michael T Broman 61801, ILInternal Medicine1538354600
Jonathan Mark Erlich 60631, ILInternal Medicine1265796429
Carrie Eickhoff 60611, ILInternal Medicine1033515036
Christian Oyibe 60409, ILInternal Medicine1528423019
Wojciech Ornowski Md Pc 60473, ILInternal Medicine1447376330
Iqbal Bhwani 60050, ILInternal Medicine1245282045
Anthony R Horinek 61603, ILInternal Medicine1609907195
Caroline Lowell Skolnik 60649, ILInternal Medicine1992021125
Robin Varghese 62966, ILInternal Medicine1225345994
Sareer Zia 62948, ILInternal Medicine1073826269
Amber Lynn Doyle 46845, ILInternal Medicine1992062178
Rizan A Hajal 57108, ILInternal Medicine1932150968
Felipe Peren Enriquez 61201, ILInternal Medicine1457305468
Richard H Beasley 31794, ILInternal Medicine1811023625
Revathi Chikkappaiah Belur 74501, ILInternal Medicine1518133842
Abrar Khan 14621, ILInternal Medicine1598182032
Raja C Maddipoti 62401, ILInternal Medicine1215019328
Kavan Girishbhai Patel 08755, ILInternal Medicine1437541406
Steven Wehmeyer 46970, ILInternal Medicine1780874255
Ssm Health Care St. Louis 63117, ILInternal Medicine1366400855
Punitha Shivaprasad 08053, ILInternal Medicine1609111699
Sahithi Jarugula 62901, ILInternal Medicine1215228655
David Kosturakis 61801, ILInternal Medicine1952669277
Marie Jo-ann Beltran Cabanting 62948, ILInternal Medicine1134561178
Jyothsna Dasarathula 62948, ILInternal Medicine1104225713
Basmah Naser Jilani 62948, ILInternal Medicine1538519046
Thierry N Ngansop 62948, ILInternal Medicine1730507443
Mohammed Guba 62966, ILInternal Medicine1003292624
Abhish Koirala 62948, ILInternal Medicine1134474471
Charu Kolekar 62948, ILInternal Medicine1811320856
Swarna Matsa 62948, ILInternal Medicine1245548536
Zohaib Akhtar 62948, ILInternal Medicine1760896633
Tsahi Samra 62948, ILInternal Medicine1255782082
Gowda Sharath 62948, ILInternal Medicine1043466576
Gurveen Pal Singh Malhotra 62948, ILInternal Medicine1154671741
Shivaprasad Marulendra 08534, ILInternal Medicine1205810926
Mack E Mccain 62948, ILInternal Medicine1558321190
Charlene Shallow 62701, ILInternal Medicine1295819688
Pathanjali Saravanan 62226, ILInternal Medicine1639284862
Chante Thanh Trinh 62948, ILInternal Medicine1093827727
Sunnan Moinuddin 60657, ILInternal Medicine1497140727
Garri Priyampolskiy 51101, ILInternal Medicine1659760833


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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