Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Indiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Indiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Rolan A Pascual 46545, INInternal Medicine1518961002
Joni Elaine Miller 47304, INInternal Medicine1679571970
Xu-jing Liu 46260, INInternal Medicine1821098328
Jean M Weaver 46845, INInternal Medicine1457353591
Elmer Jesus Pacheco 33637, INInternal Medicine1407844921
C Richard Smith 46311, INInternal Medicine1083699193
Merritt Jonathan Bern 24016, INInternal Medicine1720066483
Heidi K. Lang 46804, INInternal Medicine1699741561
Daniel Nafziger 46526, INInternal Medicine1679545123
Mukesh Garg 46563, INInternal Medicine1679540991
Randy Scott Lovelace 37909, INInternal Medicine1154393619
Kenneth H Fife 94947, INInternal Medicine1497711865
Mahendra M Shah 46410, INInternal Medicine1801849997
Anil Yakhmi 46037, INInternal Medicine1780642579
Steven C He 46563, INInternal Medicine1154360477
Lawrence E Schilder 46321, INInternal Medicine1962439398
David Burton Hardin 46234, INInternal Medicine1801836069
Robert A Rieti 47714, INInternal Medicine1588611800
Don Bradke 34112, INInternal Medicine1922016799
Anitra Simone Graves 30114, INInternal Medicine1285669739
Harry Sandoval Yu 35058, INInternal Medicine1689697880
India Joy Weems-murphy 46350, INInternal Medicine1245462076
Parkview Wabash Hospital, Inc. 46992, INInternal Medicine1891176590
Hector Juan Marchand 46383, INInternal Medicine1538181359
John C Rodrigues 47714, INInternal Medicine1417061631
John Christopher Lopshire 46202, INInternal Medicine1326128281
Mohammed Abdul Raoof Siddiqui 46375, INInternal Medicine1962598086
Henry County Memorial Hospital 47362, INInternal Medicine1518044692
Ashley Marie Thiele 46544, INInternal Medicine1104281583
Michael E Ritchie 59405, INInternal Medicine1386717437
Frank John Demarco 30041, INInternal Medicine1962554170
Sarosh F Siddiqi 98133, INInternal Medicine1225175714
Victoria Walker Costello 06030, INInternal Medicine1265578280
Richard Romero Patilano 84790, INInternal Medicine1417157876
Claudia Thomas 55407, INInternal Medicine1730384397
Stephen Reese Holley 62966, INInternal Medicine1235325994
Sausan Z Abouharb 77030, INInternal Medicine1205097599
Hardeep Gill 77385, INInternal Medicine1245490523
Nana N Korsah 46545, INInternal Medicine1295937829
Wassim Shwaiki 46321, INInternal Medicine1013115039
Stephen Dinsmoor Nightingale 46350, INInternal Medicine1952507170
Amy Marie Munchhof 46202, INInternal Medicine1497914071
Munish Harish Lapsia 77479, INInternal Medicine1467613901
Sulfikar Ibrahim 47374, INInternal Medicine1568673952
Ali Ayoubi 77385, INInternal Medicine1104948017
Hayley Rose Wible 47403, INInternal Medicine1477728939
Irtaza Iqbal Khan 60614, INInternal Medicine1538346200
Michael Mamdouh Makary 76012, INInternal Medicine1225240955
Jennifer Ann Rumpel 46368, INInternal Medicine1588827562
Jonathan Laurence Berkowitz 47303, INInternal Medicine1609070671
Vpa Pc 46628, INInternal Medicine1366768160
Jason Bryant Slade 83687, INInternal Medicine1750672481
Karna Sarin 44195, INInternal Medicine1447545181
Heather J Corn 84094, INInternal Medicine1396036109
Unknown Shuja Ur Rehman 65804, INInternal Medicine1265732705
Rohit Devnani 46219, INInternal Medicine1548557655
Augusta Ngozi Uwah 47904, INInternal Medicine1205065471
Hirva Mansurali Mamdani 48201, INInternal Medicine1437446820
Albin John Abraham 27565, INInternal Medicine1790917870
Girish Chandra Kunapareddy 47804, INInternal Medicine1457646135
Vrushank Patel 55407, INInternal Medicine1063737583
Ashvini Damodaran 60616, INInternal Medicine1508159674
St. Francis Medical Group, Llc 46143, INInternal Medicine1467693135
Aman Isaac Gebre-egziabher 17109, INInternal Medicine1568754091
Houssam Ahmad Oueini 77521, INInternal Medicine1194038281
Bassem Srour 46321, INInternal Medicine1851599179
Maryam Gondal 29526, INInternal Medicine1003163593
Wesley Prichard 85209, INInternal Medicine1194142166
Christina Debaun Kelly 85008, INInternal Medicine1184010639
Neda Hashemi Sadraei 87131, INInternal Medicine1326393380
Keaton Robert Jones 98502, INInternal Medicine1568721900
Sandeep Rajan Mehta 92037, INInternal Medicine1780939967
Alexander John Hannan 44708, INInternal Medicine1720426315
Samuel Raymond 91764, INInternal Medicine1285011171
Faisal Khatri 45040, INInternal Medicine1588066922
Leyla Mehdinasab 77385, INInternal Medicine1578826582
April Smith 69162, INInternal Medicine1669890042
Mohamed Heikal 46260, INInternal Medicine1245451160
Anthony S Hill 46928, INInternal Medicine1750391975
Pang Wai Lam 12601, INInternal Medicine1639497183
Jonathan Wesley Crews 63017, INInternal Medicine1134481393
Arshiya Ferhath Baig 47362, INInternal Medicine1356781207
Elgin Surgicare Llc 46312, INInternal Medicine1124556444
Asaad Jandali 46321, INInternal Medicine1649240276
Chest Physician Consultants, Ltd 46321, INInternal Medicine1760576359
Jared Meeker 46202, INInternal Medicine1801202114
Kidney Specialists Of Kyana Pllc 40207, INInternal Medicine1326566027
Fei Lu 46545, INInternal Medicine1841372869
Kevin Woodson 10601, INInternal Medicine1972946960
Illiana Cardiovascular Consultants, Llc 46311, INInternal Medicine1457438848
Daniel Paul Linert 46383, INInternal Medicine1629096029
Steven L Kinsey 47201, INInternal Medicine1952338766
Tarek Kteleh 47304, INInternal Medicine1932220035
Ayla Bakar 60050, INInternal Medicine1720284367
Faizan Shaikh 46227, INInternal Medicine1649532342
Mustafa Hyder 46260, INInternal Medicine1275821563
George Franklin Barker 02114, INInternal Medicine1245221696
Selwan O. Edward 48124, INInternal Medicine1376795559
Vishnu Shridath Singh 99216, INInternal Medicine1528391034
Robert Laron Russell 47905, INInternal Medicine1407052376
Crischelle Vilbar Magaspi 13326, INInternal Medicine1265723027
Warren M Breite 63028, INInternal Medicine1457355372
Light Matter Solutions Llc 53581, INInternal Medicine1457816332
Sullivan County Internal Medicine Llc 47879, INInternal Medicine1871058529
Eduardo Enrique Chang 77384, INInternal Medicine1689683153
Michael E Israel 47250, INInternal Medicine1487656161
Rishi Sukhija 45219, INInternal Medicine1093939258
Nuview Health Indiana Pc 33431, INInternal Medicine1215496336
William Bond 87106, INInternal Medicine1265993463
Joseph J Pulvirenti 46545, INInternal Medicine1427044775
Family Specialty Medical Center, Llc 46322, INInternal Medicine1881046308
Sarah Alexander 46321, INInternal Medicine1801022124
Unity Healthcare, Llc 47905, INInternal Medicine1992113245
Lingaiah Chandrashekar 42003, INInternal Medicine1013934710
Goshen Health System Inc 46526, INInternal Medicine1588190284
Sumi Prakash 46202, INInternal Medicine1063611317
Antoinette C Barnes 46256, INInternal Medicine1922267525
Shahid Sattar Ahmed 05401, INInternal Medicine1841555083
Manuel Guillermo Iregui 98405, INInternal Medicine1598758484
Mohamed Omar Jahangir 60640, INInternal Medicine1073748422
Asad Kizilbash 60640, INInternal Medicine1861630907
Christopher Joseph Lehmann 60637, INInternal Medicine1154717809
Sarosh Bukhari 60068, INInternal Medicine1306092648
Ashok Kapur 40215, INInternal Medicine1356395859
Nay Seif 60611, INInternal Medicine1619328820
Andrew Jacob Skabelund 78236, INInternal Medicine1710131511
Mary Elizabeth Connell 46123, INInternal Medicine1396194403
Srinadh Yarra 13203, INInternal Medicine1750369385
Philip L Mar 63110, INInternal Medicine1982999462
Mitchell Don Krathwohl 46227, INInternal Medicine1447225818
Greene County General Hospital 47441, INInternal Medicine1942703004
Khaled Abou El-ezz 45219, INInternal Medicine1174802201
Padmanabhan Narasimhan 46845, INInternal Medicine1174698278
Vivek Patel 02190, INInternal Medicine1861848228
Christopher Zee-cheng 46131, INInternal Medicine1902876196
Michelle Torres 94010, INInternal Medicine1285712836
Joseph Maakaron 55454, INInternal Medicine1417397316
Julie M Jones 55433, INInternal Medicine1306833454
Nouraddin Nashat Nouraddin 46617, INInternal Medicine1659649010
Jeffrey W. Fidone 75703, INInternal Medicine1316945694
Neha Garg 95363, INInternal Medicine1982126397
Sameh Z. Lamiy 30901, INInternal Medicine1952375537
Franklin Cornelius Mikell 45005, INInternal Medicine1568805265
Thomas Allen Barley 47243, INInternal Medicine1497729859
Francis X Dillon 47303, INInternal Medicine1184674483
Bryant Alan King 46228, INInternal Medicine1720010341
Ryan Matthew Pickell 46202, INInternal Medicine1578943460
Gloria Ong 85395, INInternal Medicine1134570971
Signal Health Group Inc 46204, INInternal Medicine1063919827
Enoch Kassa 46360, INInternal Medicine1083980858
Jay Arackal Krishnan 89521, INInternal Medicine1891972758
Samuel Oluwaseun Tytler 85251, INInternal Medicine1225423130
Douglas A. Neeld 46845, INInternal Medicine1780669374
Mohamad Bittar 38103, INInternal Medicine1942615240
Signal Business Administration Inc 46217, INInternal Medicine1366901696
Pragyan Patro 54601, INInternal Medicine1457307092
Federico Mariano Canavosio 33125, INInternal Medicine1679721393
Ragini Bielski 46307, INInternal Medicine1467794883
Kent Farnsworth 47371, INInternal Medicine1144296088
Allon N Friedman 46202, INInternal Medicine1639134364
Kevin D Neese 46227, INInternal Medicine1699710319
Kevin Michael Simonelic 57783, INInternal Medicine1750708244
Franklin Udoka Njoku 60612, INInternal Medicine1518252386
Gopichand Naguboyina 60461, INInternal Medicine1710203161
Pushpa Pavuluri 47130, INInternal Medicine1194771204
Joseph Ralph Paonessa 02215, INInternal Medicine1720341696
Katherine D Delarosa 70510, INInternal Medicine1366408510
Joshua Zara 47714, INInternal Medicine1295767077
Anny T Wu 95482, INInternal Medicine1891115564
Sayuri Cheruvu 46545, INInternal Medicine1134357213
Opeyemi Abiodun Awe 46202, INInternal Medicine1669813234
Suthep Arora 78229, INInternal Medicine1750564068
Harold Hibbs 46077, INInternal Medicine1346405909
Zaid A Shakir 21218, INInternal Medicine1538450952
Stuart Jacobs 21146, INInternal Medicine1467418111
Praveen Nallapareddy 46312, INInternal Medicine1396908455
Thomas K. Sleweon 46322, INInternal Medicine1114909769
Saket B Sinha 46322, INInternal Medicine1891926531
Salim A Jaffer 48911, INInternal Medicine1043387566
Alison Petrovich 46307, INInternal Medicine1588669188
Gregory M Sutliff 47403, INInternal Medicine1831194604
Kaushang A Gandhi 30080, INInternal Medicine1073745162
Tui Agaapapalagi Lauilefue 98502, INInternal Medicine1003176207
Aabha Oza 99218, INInternal Medicine1225383680
Richard V Spera 35806, INInternal Medicine1790777613
Charles Cornett 46228, INInternal Medicine1508870734
Medical Associates Of Terre Haute, Llc 47802, INInternal Medicine1235769456
Informe Healthcare In, Llc 53221, INInternal Medicine1992276638
Kimberly Ann Fisher 47713, INInternal Medicine1508127655
Amy L. Kappes 33404, INInternal Medicine1609282177
Aak Internal Medicine Pllc 40217, INInternal Medicine1932565314
Lee Mckinley 47591, INInternal Medicine1619933876
Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center, Inc. 46260, INInternal Medicine1659364800
219 Health Network Inc 46312, INInternal Medicine1093213506
Robert Z Fialkow 87109, INInternal Medicine1396742268
Daniel Joseph Desalle 46158, INInternal Medicine1902959026
Rayan Saab 35211, INInternal Medicine1720333867
Saadia Alvi 32804, INInternal Medicine1568682177
Kentuckiana Gastroenterology Psc 40207, INInternal Medicine1336310135
Indiana Nephrology And Internal Medicine, P.c. 46060, INInternal Medicine1669493722


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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