Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Indiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Indiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dicky Girish Bhagat 46526, INInternal Medicine1518960525
Chung Seng Lee 46805, INInternal Medicine1093718249
Pavan Ahuja 46514, INInternal Medicine1578566675
William P Buckley 46514, INInternal Medicine1922001098
Ayodeji O. Harris-eze 46514, INInternal Medicine1396748273
John Glenn Mathis 46635, INInternal Medicine1427051341
Ahsanul Haque 46514, INInternal Medicine1558364372
John P. Karagiannis 46514, INInternal Medicine1386647170
Ray Edward Drasga 46307, INInternal Medicine1912900689
Lawrence D Bernstein 46321, INInternal Medicine1770586661
Minnie S. Enriquez 46514, INInternal Medicine1225031164
Tina Naylor Bradley 47130, INInternal Medicine1144223082
Everett Ray Knight 47130, INInternal Medicine1407859366
Kenneth L. Gammon 46514, INInternal Medicine1528061447
Luisito C. Gonzales 46514, INInternal Medicine1164425997
Mark Edward Head 47130, INInternal Medicine1639172570
Carolyn F. Hudson 46514, INInternal Medicine1669475471
Yasir Fasih 46375, INInternal Medicine1336142066
James B Walsh 46321, INInternal Medicine1619970340
Paul F. Howard 63141, INInternal Medicine1972506673
Ernest Larry Knight 46514, INInternal Medicine1598768293
Bruce A. Lockwitz 46514, INInternal Medicine1043213689
Jip J Yoon 47553, INInternal Medicine1972506418
Mohammed A Allaw 47630, INInternal Medicine1336142728
Hakam H Safadi 46410, INInternal Medicine1851394134
Ward M Neff 47630, INInternal Medicine1588667968
Harbans S Gill 47025, INInternal Medicine1528061900
Robert L Rusche 47711, INInternal Medicine1437152808
Jennifer S Wahle 47630, INInternal Medicine1215930656
Arun C Kumar 47670, INInternal Medicine1518960889
Kenneth G Combs 47630, INInternal Medicine1619971942
Wai H. Lee 46514, INInternal Medicine1265435861
Krishna Murthy 47670, INInternal Medicine1841293115
Mary M Tadros 47713, INInternal Medicine1164425591
Thomas L Gross 46122, INInternal Medicine1154324424
Vinay Kumar Puchalapalli Reddy 46410, INInternal Medicine1275535536
Qamaruddoja Khan 47630, INInternal Medicine1730181975
Kais Yehyawi 46368, INInternal Medicine1477555670
Abdul Kawamleh 46368, INInternal Medicine1306848577
Michael Alan Manbeck 46635, INInternal Medicine1649272725
John Mirro 46410, INInternal Medicine1689678955
Oliver D Gilliam 46635, INInternal Medicine1497759765
Sharon Ann Harig 46410, INInternal Medicine1770585861
William Allen White 42437, INInternal Medicine1275537243
Joseph C Sheehy 47203, INInternal Medicine1992709893
Jatinder N Kaushal 46902, INInternal Medicine1295739969
Pankaj A Patel 46635, INInternal Medicine1124022082
Mary Elizabeth Albers 47025, INInternal Medicine1649274465
Raman L. Mitra 46601, INInternal Medicine1528062221
Melanie Lynn Bozard 46901, INInternal Medicine1437153145
Thomas D Devine 46383, INInternal Medicine1942204508
Snezana M Zubic 46383, INInternal Medicine1578567145
Amjad I Mufti 18702, INInternal Medicine1700888914
James Beitzel 46725, INInternal Medicine1912901851
Dennis E Stone 47203, INInternal Medicine1699779587
Robert P Chen 46373, INInternal Medicine1255335816
David G Mark 46635, INInternal Medicine1770587339
Shreyas Arvind Desai 46368, INInternal Medicine1386646529
Josel V Mijares 47601, INInternal Medicine1992707103
Robert Neil Elliott 47201, INInternal Medicine1629072517
Lela C Johnson 47403, INInternal Medicine1972505923
Richard Kelly Chambers 46011, INInternal Medicine1952305419
Shannon Kathryn Mccarthy 46410, INInternal Medicine1215931787
George Elias 46256, INInternal Medicine1225032725
Suresh G. Devnani 46256, INInternal Medicine1730183237
Michael Boulos 46256, INInternal Medicine1083618581
John Franklin Roesner 46256, INInternal Medicine1497759906
Charles Brian Quick 46219, INInternal Medicine1174527691
Fayez S Tushan 46256, INInternal Medicine1033113550
Thomas P Varied 46545, INInternal Medicine1356345797
Lowell D Smith 49085, INInternal Medicine1689678021
William S. Sarnat 46545, INInternal Medicine1346244746
Louise Anne Owens 47403, INInternal Medicine1083618466
Mark L. Smucker 46526, INInternal Medicine1528062932
David Thomas Mellin 46514, INInternal Medicine1457356602
William D. Pletcher 46514, INInternal Medicine1205831591
Jean A. Creek 47403, INInternal Medicine1760487623
James S. Touloukian 47403, INInternal Medicine1295730067
Russell J. Dukes 47403, INInternal Medicine1467457234
Sarette C Zawadsky 47906, INInternal Medicine1548265317
Bradley M Sutter 46202, INInternal Medicine1568467645
Geoffrey A. Rogers 46514, INInternal Medicine1265437255
Umang M Patel 47714, INInternal Medicine1053316869
Louise Annette Alpert 47403, INInternal Medicine1275538084
George J Rubeiz 46256, INInternal Medicine1245234756
Walid Samaan 46143, INInternal Medicine1093719502
Jennifer Petersen-goldspiel 47403, INInternal Medicine1104821974
Philip S. Behn 47404, INInternal Medicine1790780609
Ashfaq A Turk 46545, INInternal Medicine1497750871
Jitender P Bhandari 47403, INInternal Medicine1558366468
Colin E. Chang 47401, INInternal Medicine1114922986
Steven R West 47274, INInternal Medicine1356346696
Rolan A Pascual 46545, INInternal Medicine1518961002
Randall A Lee 46227, INInternal Medicine1124023072
Mansueto Silverman 46322, INInternal Medicine1730184466
Narayan Mulamalla 60461, INInternal Medicine1982609723
Donald R. Westerhausen 46514, INInternal Medicine1871598235
Robert S Joseph 46256, INInternal Medicine1609870120
Rafat H Ansari 46545, INInternal Medicine1013911593
Jose A Bufill 46545, INInternal Medicine1558365031
Robin T Zon 46545, INInternal Medicine1891799391
David A Taber 46545, INInternal Medicine1659375145
Bashar Karakash 46256, INInternal Medicine1215932819
Maher Ajam 46410, INInternal Medicine1548265135
James Vannoy Faris 47403, INInternal Medicine1295730836
Raied Abdullah 46409, INInternal Medicine1063417657
John Kenocs 46373, INInternal Medicine1831194422
Shahabul Arfeen 46360, INInternal Medicine1538164140
Michael Floyd 46383, INInternal Medicine1467457978
James Arthur Hasbargen 46304, INInternal Medicine1538165907
Matthew L. Caldwell 47403, INInternal Medicine1902802218
William Charles Erdel 46260, INInternal Medicine1790781037
William John Fecht 46260, INInternal Medicine1184620403
Sanjeev Rastogi 46321, INInternal Medicine1326044702
Paul Kenneth Frederick 46260, INInternal Medicine1326044660
Kupusamy Umapathy 46408, INInternal Medicine1306842786
John Patrick Brady 46304, INInternal Medicine1356347546
Sudha Patel 47802, INInternal Medicine1083610174
Apostolos Emil Kalovidouris 47203, INInternal Medicine1790781730
Clarita L Kalovidouris 47203, INInternal Medicine1396741336
David Edwin Dollens 47274, INInternal Medicine1033115977
Jeffrey Glenn Morgan 47167, INInternal Medicine1447256334
Stephen James Mahoney 46237, INInternal Medicine1538165378
Kristine Teodori 46307, INInternal Medicine1316943137
Carter F Henrich 47403, INInternal Medicine1942205422
Tom F Hrisomalos 47403, INInternal Medicine1801892211
Sheldon R Lewis 46322, INInternal Medicine1366448748
Douglas Johnstone 46202, INInternal Medicine1659378149
Mary A Margolis 46202, INInternal Medicine1134126618
Wendy Louise Kindig 46202, INInternal Medicine1598762080
Theodore Hegeman 46237, INInternal Medicine1801893300
Vidyadhar R. Gandra 46307, INInternal Medicine1770580789
Preeti Nanak Dembla 46804, INInternal Medicine1346248051
Karen A Kovalow-st. John 46304, INInternal Medicine1336146281
Barbara Louise Williams 46601, INInternal Medicine1932107661
Ryan P Duffey 47750, INInternal Medicine1548267321
Dean E. Beckman 47546, INInternal Medicine1497753016
Shelby J Baker 46202, INInternal Medicine1700884319
John Oak 47714, INInternal Medicine1124026646
Sanford E Schen 47714, INInternal Medicine1831197359
Troy Tolosa Quiz 46135, INInternal Medicine1245238575
Cyrus K Joshi 47129, INInternal Medicine1083612287
Purnendu Prakish Datta 47240, INInternal Medicine1164420238
Stuart Hunt Coleman 47150, INInternal Medicine1881692754
Huey The Nguyen 47150, INInternal Medicine1699773564
Subbareddy Puchalapalli 47807, INInternal Medicine1184622078
Conrad Emerson Deel 46237, INInternal Medicine1598762916
Charles Benjamin Carter 46202, INInternal Medicine1235136565
Richard Bloch 46202, INInternal Medicine1093712739
Nancy Regina Baird 46202, INInternal Medicine1972500700
James Edwin Bolander 46202, INInternal Medicine1639176464
Sunil Kumar Gollapudi 46237, INInternal Medicine1275530693
Barbara Diane Haehner 46074, INInternal Medicine1124025549
W Philip R Casino 47714, INInternal Medicine1184621823
Terry W Bushnell 46052, INInternal Medicine1104824945
Joni Elaine Miller 47304, INInternal Medicine1679571970
Eduardo Fletes 46342, INInternal Medicine1689671786
Phillip Henry Behrens 47714, INInternal Medicine1427055268
Gregory Todd Lemmel 46237, INInternal Medicine1891792933
Christopher Dennis Powers 46952, INInternal Medicine1992702096
David Michael Dresner 47150, INInternal Medicine1417955667
James Cletus Strobel 47150, INInternal Medicine1730187998
Jennifer Jo Bucki 46202, INInternal Medicine1902803729
Shahid Mufti 47710, INInternal Medicine1710985213
Philip Dean Watson 47591, INInternal Medicine1558368308
Anthony J Cossell 46062, INInternal Medicine1639178452
Joseph M Pyles 46062, INInternal Medicine1255330981
Bruce F Schilt 46062, INInternal Medicine1154320893
Sheldon J Friedman 46902, INInternal Medicine1467451195
Robert Lloyd Devetski 46617, INInternal Medicine1750380325
Michael Venturini 46250, INInternal Medicine1457350779
Sheila M Gamache 46250, INInternal Medicine1487653721
Nanette B Oscherwitz 46250, INInternal Medicine1316946684
Stephen M Peskoe 46250, INInternal Medicine1750380002
Karamchand Paul 46227, INInternal Medicine1114926383
Eric F Schulte 46410, INInternal Medicine1194724377
Lyle R Munn 46304, INInternal Medicine1831198928
Shrividya Karthik 46256, INInternal Medicine1730188681
Paul Rodney Herman 46545, INInternal Medicine1598765364
Charles Francis Wolter 47274, INInternal Medicine1427058221
Oskar Oskarson 46260, INInternal Medicine1760482525
Samuel Lymon Milligan 46545, INInternal Medicine1407856271
Stewart P Smith 47714, INInternal Medicine1679573919
Baikadi A Ravindra 46902, INInternal Medicine1740280015
Techsin T Ty 46902, INInternal Medicine1992705156
Jack H Ziegler 46342, INInternal Medicine1609876861
Zlatan Stepanovic 46342, INInternal Medicine1710987003
David L Cottom 47714, INInternal Medicine1770583114
Mariellen Dentino 47714, INInternal Medicine1275533622
Ina U Agrawal 47374, INInternal Medicine1427058544
T Howard Lee 46260, INInternal Medicine1710987896
Richard G Dmello 47714, INInternal Medicine1598765513
Inna Aroutiounova 46222, INInternal Medicine1174523351
Andrew W Piering 47710, INInternal Medicine1205836657
Scott M Sharp 46250, INInternal Medicine1518966712
Luwanga Uzoma Okoro 46410, INInternal Medicine1689673683
Arthur P Alunday 47240, INInternal Medicine1881693331
Philip V Bacidore 47591, INInternal Medicine1891793634
Aaron Gunnar Shoemaker 46038, INInternal Medicine1033119441
Richard P Sloan 47710, INInternal Medicine1467452821


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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