Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anson Hsieh 42104, KYInternal Medicine1316940596
Robert M Kirk 42303, KYInternal Medicine1780687905
Mitchell Wicker 41701, KYInternal Medicine1730182841
Sanjay J Patil 45219, KYInternal Medicine1417950510
Patricia V Grodecki 45219, KYInternal Medicine1992708069
Dan M. Miller 42071, KYInternal Medicine1336142496
Joseph C. Slaughter 42066, KYInternal Medicine1538162458
Morteza Shahmir 42104, KYInternal Medicine1699778506
Robert Timothy Mabry 42003, KYInternal Medicine1043213820
Subir Ghosh 41339, KYInternal Medicine1487657268
Charlene Kay Mitchell 40202, KYInternal Medicine1093718074
Tanya M Hayes 42718, KYInternal Medicine1679576342
Darryl D Dias 41017, KYInternal Medicine1679576771
Mark K Jordan 41017, KYInternal Medicine1922002252
Cammual Dylan Suttor 40509, KYInternal Medicine1487657367
Durwood W Flournoy 42066, KYInternal Medicine1528061256
William E Childers 40504, KYInternal Medicine1912900853
David Hill Goldstein 40205, KYInternal Medicine1083616163
Richard Scott Cornell 40205, KYInternal Medicine1376545327
Randy L. Wolfe 42303, KYInternal Medicine1760486021
Danny Woo 40205, KYInternal Medicine1710989884
Alexander Yurievich Afanasyev 40205, KYInternal Medicine1972505030
Anil Harrison 40475, KYInternal Medicine1487656567
William Allen White 42437, KYInternal Medicine1275537243
Mark A Swisher 40504, KYInternal Medicine1558365528
John Russell Gleason 40205, KYInternal Medicine1215931159
Robert Elmer Lee 40205, KYInternal Medicine1245234111
Patrick Sergio Hayden 40205, KYInternal Medicine1245234095
Samuel F. Hardcastle 42101, KYInternal Medicine1235133083
William Harston 42164, KYInternal Medicine1932103785
Bruce Shoo Tang Chang 40205, KYInternal Medicine1780688630
William Andre Duff 40205, KYInternal Medicine1366446213
Jennifer Abbott Hollon 40205, KYInternal Medicine1609870427
Sanford Todd Reikes 40202, KYInternal Medicine1467456384
Ramsey Nasri Nassar 40205, KYInternal Medicine1003810938
Paul Cofoid 42101, KYInternal Medicine1831193713
Robert Emslie 42101, KYInternal Medicine1205830189
Stephen Joseph Keiran 40205, KYInternal Medicine1548264369
Karen Marie Erbeck 40205, KYInternal Medicine1053315853
Wayne Hendrix 42103, KYInternal Medicine1447254206
Charles S. Lin 42101, KYInternal Medicine1326042185
James Randall Hansbrough 42101, KYInternal Medicine1255335006
Hope Havener 42103, KYInternal Medicine1639173495
Irwin Randell Cohen 40207, KYInternal Medicine1376547711
Bobby R Turner 40701, KYInternal Medicine1497759823
Kerrin D Burte 41017, KYInternal Medicine1336144567
Arthur M Kunath 41017, KYInternal Medicine1538164769
Liza R Varghese 41017, KYInternal Medicine1952306193
Visaharan Sivasubramaniam 40741, KYInternal Medicine1902801921
Thomas Robert Baeker 40422, KYInternal Medicine1992700926
Aruna Arekapudi 40601, KYInternal Medicine1811992852
Joseph E Temming 41017, KYInternal Medicine1407851215
Daniel W Whitley 40701, KYInternal Medicine1043215874
Michael V. Greenwell 40207, KYInternal Medicine1104821735
Gary Mueller 42101, KYInternal Medicine1417953936
Allison S Cherry 42503, KYInternal Medicine1871599399
Gary Verst 42101, KYInternal Medicine1518963974
Donald Brent Cherry 42503, KYInternal Medicine1659377075
Allan Pribble 42101, KYInternal Medicine1730185166
Mitchell Carl 40701, KYInternal Medicine1659377950
Bachar Kassem 42503, KYInternal Medicine1548266844
William Joseph John 40475, KYInternal Medicine1366448664
Patrick Brian Gipe 42303, KYInternal Medicine1598761702
Steven Smith 42101, KYInternal Medicine1295731362
Radhika Veeramachaneni 40212, KYInternal Medicine1427054378
Lorine Powell Housworth 40212, KYInternal Medicine1407852395
Reem Hamad 40059, KYInternal Medicine1215933080
James R Martin 40212, KYInternal Medicine1144226952
Frank Tolis Simon 40212, KYInternal Medicine1407852221
Ross Mchenry 41017, KYInternal Medicine1720084353
Daniel G Fagel 41017, KYInternal Medicine1518964147
Karlina M Patton 41017, KYInternal Medicine1386641926
Gregory L Salzman 41017, KYInternal Medicine1821095456
Stephen W Hiltz 42003, KYInternal Medicine1407852080
Samir Issa Cook 42503, KYInternal Medicine1629075296
Jeffrey Scott Hofer 42303, KYInternal Medicine1215933726
Sherryl Reed 42101, KYInternal Medicine1578569984
Rance Wentworth 42101, KYInternal Medicine1013913417
David Shadowen 42101, KYInternal Medicine1821094269
David Allen 40212, KYInternal Medicine1710983093
William J Housworth 40217, KYInternal Medicine1477559367
Laszlo J. Makk 40245, KYInternal Medicine1235135955
Kavitha Tallapaneni 40202, KYInternal Medicine1184620031
Steven E Morton 40701, KYInternal Medicine1932104767
Ionut Stefanescu Sturz 41701, KYInternal Medicine1124023973
Douglas Thomson 42101, KYInternal Medicine1447256896
Aslam M Ahmad 40422, KYInternal Medicine1992702476
John S Aumiller 40422, KYInternal Medicine1063419562
Stuart Allen Steinberg 41017, KYInternal Medicine1235136425
Hazel Yang 41101, KYInternal Medicine1831196807
John K. Shekleton 40601, KYInternal Medicine1649277666
Joel Dean Eade 42718, KYInternal Medicine1699772335
Frank Gotham Simon 40207, KYInternal Medicine1336147065
Tony W Lee 42754, KYInternal Medicine1497753123
Imran Khan 40504, KYInternal Medicine1659378503
Mohammed J. Sayed 42303, KYInternal Medicine1982601795
William Hunter Culbertson 42001, KYInternal Medicine1750388534
William H Bedwell 42001, KYInternal Medicine1407853294
Suresh Rekhraj 40509, KYInternal Medicine1487652103
Ralph D Millsaps 42071, KYInternal Medicine1942208517
John Chadwick Peterson 41017, KYInternal Medicine1558369934
Lisa M Scott 40222, KYInternal Medicine1841298130
Thomas M Tu 40207, KYInternal Medicine1083612378
Dean A. Eckert 40504, KYInternal Medicine1750389847
Lowell Brian Anthony 40536, KYInternal Medicine1184622250
C Fred Gott 42104, KYInternal Medicine1639177645
Donald A Weller 41056, KYInternal Medicine1861490740
Ratilal G Gajera 42240, KYInternal Medicine1275531162
Prakash Shah 42240, KYInternal Medicine1902803513
Thomas L Rogers 42718, KYInternal Medicine1508864117
Melecio G Abordo 41339, KYInternal Medicine1871590935
Kenneth M Hodge 40207, KYInternal Medicine1750388286
John D. Gover 42103, KYInternal Medicine1467450635
Jawed M Movania 40160, KYInternal Medicine1447258553
James Ovid Jarvis 42104, KYInternal Medicine1447258413
Michael E Jones 41017, KYInternal Medicine1083611636
Jeffrey Dawson Reichard 41017, KYInternal Medicine1326045329
Robert Jeron Strickmeyer 41017, KYInternal Medicine1184621179
Reinhold Munker 40536, KYInternal Medicine1578560322
Terrance Gregory Furlow 40503, KYInternal Medicine1194723106
James Carlisle Dodson 42276, KYInternal Medicine1437158243
Kimberly L Bell 40504, KYInternal Medicine1235138900
Ashu Tosh Joshi 40741, KYInternal Medicine1659370369
David J Bensema 40503, KYInternal Medicine1326047051
Ann I Pollock 40601, KYInternal Medicine1518966209
Ramesh V Patel 42240, KYInternal Medicine1396744033
Roger W. Strunk 40601, KYInternal Medicine1063411650
Rogelio L. Uy 40965, KYInternal Medicine1932108438
James L Borders 40503, KYInternal Medicine1538168034
Lawrence C Maguire 40503, KYInternal Medicine1447259940
Walter A Shank 40503, KYInternal Medicine1518966019
Mohammed Kazimuddin 42101, KYInternal Medicine1053310409
Brijesh K Singh 41230, KYInternal Medicine1700885795
Michael J Jarvis 42303, KYInternal Medicine1760481824
David Kendall Goebel 41101, KYInternal Medicine1306845474
Robert C Culbertson 40324, KYInternal Medicine1801895883
John Virgil Borders 40503, KYInternal Medicine1962401026
Benjamin P Lyon 40324, KYInternal Medicine1669471645
Gregory A. Hood 40503, KYInternal Medicine1255330387
Kristen R Stakelin 40324, KYInternal Medicine1235138348
Nisarfathima Kazimuddin 42101, KYInternal Medicine1124028006
Joseph Terry Fuqua 42240, KYInternal Medicine1013916931
John Moser Johnstone 40475, KYInternal Medicine1104826080
Patricia Ann Barnwell 40475, KYInternal Medicine1922008804
Steven Kenneth Morgan 40977, KYInternal Medicine1750380663
John J Gohmann 40503, KYInternal Medicine1639179484
Beyla Zuberi 40059, KYInternal Medicine1861492373
Bryan T Curd 40701, KYInternal Medicine1275533804
Charles A Moore 40965, KYInternal Medicine1003816372
Michael G Carroll 40215, KYInternal Medicine1609876978
Roberto Bolli 40202, KYInternal Medicine1306846696
Radha Venkatramanan 42240, KYInternal Medicine1972503027
Monita Chary 40219, KYInternal Medicine1093715195
Sohail Ikram 40202, KYInternal Medicine1417957648
Ravi Chary 40219, KYInternal Medicine1568462679
Anastacio G Herrera 42728, KYInternal Medicine1487655213
Indu Elizabeth Mathew 40536, KYInternal Medicine1023372034
Lisa Erelis Radix 42240, KYInternal Medicine1932109964
Michael Evan Simons 40701, KYInternal Medicine1265433015
George Peter Stacy 40205, KYInternal Medicine1669471066
Thomas S Schussler 45103, KYInternal Medicine1134128143
Russell M Eldridge 40503, KYInternal Medicine1548261423
Paul Joseph Rogers 40207, KYInternal Medicine1669471165
Anand Gupta 40207, KYInternal Medicine1841299138
Robert Dillon Weber 41075, KYInternal Medicine1619976081
Rajan R. Joshi 40475, KYInternal Medicine1104826239
Barry G Hardison 42330, KYInternal Medicine1225039258
Kathryn A Weichert 45219, KYInternal Medicine1982605754
Marty D Casebier 42367, KYInternal Medicine1588665053
John R Meek 40503, KYInternal Medicine1891796298
Elizabeth A Piercy 40503, KYInternal Medicine1437150703
Daniel C Rodrigue 40503, KYInternal Medicine1386645661
Michael J Miedler 40503, KYInternal Medicine1548261837
Mark J Dougherty 40503, KYInternal Medicine1326049628
Rameshbhai Patel 40031, KYInternal Medicine1851393961
Charles A Kennedy 40503, KYInternal Medicine1033110150
Asad K Jadoon 40475, KYInternal Medicine1932101771
William Martin Collins 41858, KYInternal Medicine1174525836
Krishnan Challappa 42701, KYInternal Medicine1942202676
Andrew D. Bailey 40207, KYInternal Medicine1083616759
Charles W Riccio 42347, KYInternal Medicine1548262918
George D Venhoff 40223, KYInternal Medicine1225030653
Darian Ratliff 41701, KYInternal Medicine1760484216
Robert Craig Martin 40324, KYInternal Medicine1225020399
Jagan Annabathula 41631, KYInternal Medicine1922090190
Susan R Gerkin 40536, KYInternal Medicine1679565477
Francis M Domurat 40701, KYInternal Medicine1114919925
Muhammad Altaf Ahmed 42276, KYInternal Medicine1275525933
Corazon A Veza 42701, KYInternal Medicine1447242110
David A Montgomery 42718, KYInternal Medicine1538151139
Stuart Martin 40503, KYInternal Medicine1093707564
Ehsan Qadir 42754, KYInternal Medicine1114919404
Nick Dedman 40330, KYInternal Medicine1801888201
Stephen Wagner 40202, KYInternal Medicine1295727600
Stephen J Winters 40202, KYInternal Medicine1104818517
Richard Wright 40202, KYInternal Medicine1487646808
Mark B Workman 41011, KYInternal Medicine1437141876
Richard Stoltzfus 40831, KYInternal Medicine1730171091
Thomas O'connell 41017, KYInternal Medicine1518959865
Jose Echeverria 40831, KYInternal Medicine1215929575


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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