Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael Wayne Roppolo 70808, LAInternal Medicine1639172687
Robert W Veith 70115, LAInternal Medicine1750384921
John Melvin Wise 70115, LAInternal Medicine1477556496
William Lee Vail 10467, LAInternal Medicine1295181683
James M. Schweitzer 70301, LAInternal Medicine1336142439
David G Baker 70508, LAInternal Medicine1356344428
Patricia B Guidry 70433, LAInternal Medicine1003819152
William R Condos 70601, LAInternal Medicine1013910801
Michael Bivens Brannan 71103, LAInternal Medicine1861495822
William M Bailey 70503, LAInternal Medicine1588667364
Yu-cheng Jeffrey Chen 70508, LAInternal Medicine1114920998
Robert J Kenney 70808, LAInternal Medicine1346243094
George J Smith 70447, LAInternal Medicine1104829837
Farida Noor Baig 70068, LAInternal Medicine1871596304
Arzu Nazli Hatipoglu 70043, LAInternal Medicine1396748828
Kevin John Bordelon 71351, LAInternal Medicine1972506491
Mustafa Hatipoglu 70043, LAInternal Medicine1699778118
Abdolamir Lehimgar Zadeh 70043, LAInternal Medicine1407859929
William Jeffrey Long 70458, LAInternal Medicine1093718439
Amit Ahuja 71103, LAInternal Medicine1528061959
Ignatius Thomas 70458, LAInternal Medicine1508869934
Howard I. Brenner 70006, LAInternal Medicine1992708317
Melvin H. Gold 70006, LAInternal Medicine1659374072
Benjamin Alfred Guider 70115, LAInternal Medicine1255334512
James Desporte Lilly 70115, LAInternal Medicine1003819350
Abdul Mateen Khan 70115, LAInternal Medicine1881697134
George E Catinis 70006, LAInternal Medicine1861495285
Shantiprakash M Kedia 70072, LAInternal Medicine1295738557
William M Meyers 70006, LAInternal Medicine1407859747
Steven Joseph Saccaro 70503, LAInternal Medicine1194728543
Debra A Durham 70582, LAInternal Medicine1386646677
Steve Fagan Price 70115, LAInternal Medicine1982606265
Robert John Carroll 70808, LAInternal Medicine1013919380
Charles G Schibler 70072, LAInternal Medicine1669474920
Fernando Garcia 71351, LAInternal Medicine1992707236
David Michael Grace 70508, LAInternal Medicine1225030588
Rian M Tanenbaum 70072, LAInternal Medicine1356343610
Steve G Venturatos 70072, LAInternal Medicine1144222498
Ghiath M Mikdadi 70403, LAInternal Medicine1881696078
Edward Martin Gaber 70471, LAInternal Medicine1962406298
George Richard Puente 70006, LAInternal Medicine1821090192
Farha Khan 70508, LAInternal Medicine1225030570
Sanjeeva T Reddy 70072, LAInternal Medicine1669474904
Julio C Guillen 70114, LAInternal Medicine1851393060
Kushal C Agarwal 71251, LAInternal Medicine1487656690
Ali M Amkieh 70433, LAInternal Medicine1881696086
Douglas K Mendoza 70809, LAInternal Medicine1700888997
Paul A Rushing 71105, LAInternal Medicine1003810904
Donna J Rushing 71105, LAInternal Medicine1205830056
Shaminder Mohan Gupta 70363, LAInternal Medicine1730183401
Samuel S. Andrews 70121, LAInternal Medicine1083618789
Margaret Morel Pelitere 70115, LAInternal Medicine1154325868
Gary Wayne Blanchard 70570, LAInternal Medicine1134123706
James E Smith 70445, LAInternal Medicine1386646586
Robert J Massingill 71111, LAInternal Medicine1770587461
Umesh A Patel 70433, LAInternal Medicine1629070826
Roan L Flenniken 71105, LAInternal Medicine1023012960
Richard James Michael 71101, LAInternal Medicine1861496671
Robert H Miles 70115, LAInternal Medicine1639173149
Kelly Gilthorpe Burkenstock 70002, LAInternal Medicine1730183112
Richard E Deichmann 70121, LAInternal Medicine1912901315
Mohammad Raashid Mirza 71360, LAInternal Medicine1215932538
David R Powers 70433, LAInternal Medicine1548265812
Russell Patrick Henry 70360, LAInternal Medicine1780689893
Alexandre Leoni Slatkin 71301, LAInternal Medicine1619972585
David Jeffrey Holcombe 71303, LAInternal Medicine1770588790
Chemparathy V Manuel 71463, LAInternal Medicine1427053479
Joseph R. Bobrowski 70433, LAInternal Medicine1609870013
John Neville Harrington 70065, LAInternal Medicine1437154259
Christopher Nissen Barrilleaux 70065, LAInternal Medicine1639174881
Olga Kaliebe 33607, LAInternal Medicine1003810417
Bennett Schmidt 70121, LAInternal Medicine1417319898
Jeffrey Dean Hyde 70808, LAInternal Medicine1336143841
Charles Andrew Smith 70808, LAInternal Medicine1518962984
Arshed Pervez Malik 70006, LAInternal Medicine1487659595
Calvin D. Alexander 71119, LAInternal Medicine1780689224
Robert C. Holladay 71104, LAInternal Medicine1124023668
Alan John Borne 71105, LAInternal Medicine1700881299
Francisco J Candal 70461, LAInternal Medicine1851396345
Claudia Michelle Mayeux 71457, LAInternal Medicine1760488985
Jherie D Ducombs 70403, LAInternal Medicine1881690782
Ted P Kemp 70726, LAInternal Medicine1821094574
Christopher Scott Turner 70808, LAInternal Medicine1659377265
Francis Harold Metz 70380, LAInternal Medicine1447257001
Robert W Greer 70301, LAInternal Medicine1508862822
Lehman K. Preis 70006, LAInternal Medicine1356346845
David W. Snyder 70006, LAInternal Medicine1184620379
Patrick A. Delaney 70121, LAInternal Medicine1619973237
Benjamin F. Jacobs 70006, LAInternal Medicine1093710584
William P. Kopfler 70403, LAInternal Medicine1912903816
Wendell E. Wall 71101, LAInternal Medicine1639174105
Fortune A. Dugan 70006, LAInternal Medicine1477558963
Gary D. Menszer 70006, LAInternal Medicine1275539751
Duane John Luke 70357, LAInternal Medicine1164429544
Stephen W Wheat 71457, LAInternal Medicine1356348619
Mary Ingram Long 71457, LAInternal Medicine1972500221
Daniel E Marsh 70808, LAInternal Medicine1629075999
Mitchell J Hebert 70808, LAInternal Medicine1861499154
Raynold James Corona 70808, LAInternal Medicine1790782068
Jones Samuel 70808, LAInternal Medicine1164429437
Paul E Nathan 70445, LAInternal Medicine1811994064
Pedro A. Serrant 70461, LAInternal Medicine1740287820
Sean M Roberts 70121, LAInternal Medicine1679570709
Claude T Nesser 70403, LAInternal Medicine1053318055
Justin Stryder Lyman 70605, LAInternal Medicine1376540393
Peter Michael Abel 70380, LAInternal Medicine1275530214
Esmond Anthony Barker 70506, LAInternal Medicine1568469377
Lawrence I Russell 70506, LAInternal Medicine1407853237
Samuel Jonas Stagg 70535, LAInternal Medicine1841298577
Peyman Roohani 71101, LAInternal Medicine1285632745
Thomas Steen Trawick 71101, LAInternal Medicine1487652970
Natalie Jude Dishman 70380, LAInternal Medicine1225036833
Ruben Dario Vargas-cuba 70363, LAInternal Medicine1578561189
Efrain Berrios Reyes 70808, LAInternal Medicine1336147842
Sreedevi Yerrapragada 71118, LAInternal Medicine1629076120
Rajan Khanna 71101, LAInternal Medicine1770581225
Kenneth John Mekelburg 71111, LAInternal Medicine1619975166
Deidre Y Barfield 71101, LAInternal Medicine1295733509
Charles S. Field 70115, LAInternal Medicine1164420444
Nicholas C Stevens 70403, LAInternal Medicine1477551612
Paul Cary Aguillard 70737, LAInternal Medicine1871591982
Kyle Lance Caulfield 70403, LAInternal Medicine1164420162
Lalitha Chalasani 70806, LAInternal Medicine1447258462
Philip Assaad Haddad 71101, LAInternal Medicine1427056456
Devinder Kumar Verma 71301, LAInternal Medicine1629076575
Kenneth Edward Wong 70394, LAInternal Medicine1215935986
Craig Michael Walker 70360, LAInternal Medicine1548267529
Kalyan Kumar Veerina 70570, LAInternal Medicine1619974557
Samuel Jonas Stagg 70360, LAInternal Medicine1689672313
William Richard Ladd 70360, LAInternal Medicine1245237221
Eric David Engeron 70360, LAInternal Medicine1154328144
Anil Kumar Chagarlamudi 70360, LAInternal Medicine1952308959
Richard Paul Abben 70360, LAInternal Medicine1750388740
Albert Clay Hammett 70601, LAInternal Medicine1366449209
Howard Len Lippton 71104, LAInternal Medicine1548267578
Deborah A Cortlandt 71483, LAInternal Medicine1669479317
Keith C. Ferdinand 70130, LAInternal Medicine1851398622
Raghotham Reddy Patlola 70508, LAInternal Medicine1821095860
James Lam 70461, LAInternal Medicine1598762536
April J Fox 70115, LAInternal Medicine1679571921
Angela D Reginelli 70115, LAInternal Medicine1972501229
Francisco Cruz 70115, LAInternal Medicine1538167879
Daniel P Tveit 70458, LAInternal Medicine1942207162
John C Simon 70433, LAInternal Medicine1760489892
Amanullah Siddiqi 37708, LAInternal Medicine1780682906
Laura Casteel Chauvin 70301, LAInternal Medicine1497753842
Peter Stevens Fail 70360, LAInternal Medicine1437156429
Venu Babu Kakarala 70808, LAInternal Medicine1538166822
Glenn M Johnson 70119, LAInternal Medicine1932107505
Ceryl Lynn Besch 70112, LAInternal Medicine1477551307
Gary Braedt 70115, LAInternal Medicine1124026976
John Knapp 70737, LAInternal Medicine1669471207
Stephen E Hellman 70360, LAInternal Medicine1033118435
Stephanie J Blair 71301, LAInternal Medicine1487653804
Julio E. Figueroa,ii 70112, LAInternal Medicine1700885381
Tony Wong Leung 70601, LAInternal Medicine1881693463
Roberto E Quintal 70115, LAInternal Medicine1699774802
Peter R. Galvan 70458, LAInternal Medicine1609876580
Ibrahim K El-abbassi 70121, LAInternal Medicine1316946262
Sergio Eduardo Schabelman 70065, LAInternal Medicine1790784601
Gregory Robbert Vorhoff 70065, LAInternal Medicine1003815903
Nabil A Moufarrej 71105, LAInternal Medicine1689674590
Ileana J Tandron 70461, LAInternal Medicine1083614879
William Patrick Gahan 70808, LAInternal Medicine1720088529
Sanders Fowler Hearne 71115, LAInternal Medicine1669472155
John J Kokemor 70115, LAInternal Medicine1013917517
Stephanie L Sarrat 70115, LAInternal Medicine1376543876
Jed Lane Morris 70806, LAInternal Medicine1235139833
Jeffrey Martin Kahn 70808, LAInternal Medicine1134129737
Rene A Louapre 70115, LAInternal Medicine1417957002
John F Nitsche 70006, LAInternal Medicine1053311530
Darren Maury Drummond 70403, LAInternal Medicine1801896360
Wilford Perry Stokes 70560, LAInternal Medicine1871593277
John S. Smiarowski 71201, LAInternal Medicine1568462851
Robert Lee Seegers 71201, LAInternal Medicine1124028444
Gregory Arthur Boyce 71201, LAInternal Medicine1760482087
Saliha Ishaq 70043, LAInternal Medicine1497755524
Bruce S. Samuels 70433, LAInternal Medicine1164422119
Nicholas J Campo 70806, LAInternal Medicine1811997026
Amy Lynette Kisner 70817, LAInternal Medicine1326048562
Scott J. Acosta 70072, LAInternal Medicine1023018199
Gungor Eroglu 70115, LAInternal Medicine1992705073
Glenn D. Hedgpeth 70433, LAInternal Medicine1821098948
Murat M Celebi 70115, LAInternal Medicine1649270737
Robert A. Nickelson 71103, LAInternal Medicine1023019064
Elisa G Klainer 70065, LAInternal Medicine1427059450
Robert David Lesser 70002, LAInternal Medicine1144221151
Elena Yvonne Rada 70115, LAInternal Medicine1104827179
Reinaldo E Rampolla 70121, LAInternal Medicine1386645356
Madelaine Ann Feldman 70115, LAInternal Medicine1588665400
Paul Dwayne Murphree 70806, LAInternal Medicine1336140268
Mark Lewis Kantrow 70808, LAInternal Medicine1093716920
James Kevin Modisette 70301, LAInternal Medicine1063413995
Richard Mark Slataper 70808, LAInternal Medicine1407857337
James Arthur Hargroder 70806, LAInternal Medicine1134120066
James Randolph Westerfield 70808, LAInternal Medicine1649271511
Leo Paul Blaize 70808, LAInternal Medicine1578563177
Andre Alber Bonnecaze 70808, LAInternal Medicine1144221060
Curtis Clifton Chastain 70808, LAInternal Medicine1144220906
Charles Ray Halliburton 70808, LAInternal Medicine1083614721


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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