Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Folusakin Odewumi Ayoade 33136, LAInternal Medicine1871598904
Venu Babu Kakarala 70808, LAInternal Medicine1538166822
Cyprien L Vertil 77642, LAInternal Medicine1124028816
Erik Brian Sowell 72713, LAInternal Medicine1558758730
Paul Corkran Davis 71105, LAInternal Medicine1760472419
Robert Van Buren Emmons 40202, LAInternal Medicine1407844574
Ravi Kanagala 70433, LAInternal Medicine1124009220
Ray David Smith 71105, LAInternal Medicine1851375349
Sundararama Raju Vatsavai 70806, LAInternal Medicine1477539294
Ramona Granda-rodriguez 78229, LAInternal Medicine1669430815
David Nelson Oubre 70403, LAInternal Medicine1104883305
Frank W. Smart 70115, LAInternal Medicine1275571341
Cordel Yvette Parris 70806, LAInternal Medicine1336175934
Juan A Escarfuller 10458, LAInternal Medicine1962443127
Texas Digestive Disease Consultants, Pllc 70301, LAInternal Medicine1154837391
Srikar Reddy Veerareddy 71105, LAInternal Medicine1871512954
Mitchell Gerard Dugas 32501, LAInternal Medicine1275568131
Heidi Lee Sinclair 70806, LAInternal Medicine1215950225
Marc Phillip Friedman 70115, LAInternal Medicine1093821555
Alyce R. Adams 71291, LAInternal Medicine1700806767
Richard Davis 70808, LAInternal Medicine1043607948
Mary Virginia Stringfellow 70737, LAInternal Medicine1194743849
Ronald E Sam 60453, LAInternal Medicine1073537643
John Robert Clement 62918, LAInternal Medicine1629188602
Eric Rodney Reeves 71105, LAInternal Medicine1710060280
Permanand S. J. Beeharilal 70791, LAInternal Medicine1841482445
Robert Occhipinti 70115, LAInternal Medicine1023112679
Richland Parish Hospital Service District No 1 b 71269, LAInternal Medicine1043368392
David Weill 33612, LAInternal Medicine1629104807
Theodore Borgman 70115, LAInternal Medicine1770634503
Vipul Keshauji Bhanderi 38119, LAInternal Medicine1154532885
Georges Elias El Khoury Antoun 70433, LAInternal Medicine1265621130
Son Van Nguyen 70560, LAInternal Medicine1881874899
Pedro Romaguera, Apmc 70006, LAInternal Medicine1255593166
Louisiana Kidney Update, Llc 70508, LAInternal Medicine1104014349
Arijit Chanda 22408, LAInternal Medicine1518145960
Amer I Aladin 27157, LAInternal Medicine1013127299
Brian Jude Parker 70301, LAInternal Medicine1326208232
Anthony Donald Haase 38401, LAInternal Medicine1043400435
Alison Mae Rome 77094, LAInternal Medicine1790998078
Trevor C. Richard 70737, LAInternal Medicine1588875017
Moheb Nabil Boktor 75390, LAInternal Medicine1811187354
Sonia Malhotra 70112, LAInternal Medicine1083871685
Jay Robert Silverstein 70445, LAInternal Medicine1124241203
Maria Del C Martinez 32901, LAInternal Medicine1033319058
Robert Todd Rickman 46804, LAInternal Medicine1417168782
Rashid Zaheer Syed 33606, LAInternal Medicine1083847768
Kanwar Yugraj Singh 70360, LAInternal Medicine1679807093
Shilpa Gadde 31217, LAInternal Medicine1336450964
Ashley Darnell Staton 70121, LAInternal Medicine1124327929
Abdul Mannan Khan 70403, LAInternal Medicine1902123995
Beau David Boudreaux 70301, LAInternal Medicine1972895886
Dana Clay Dicharry 70510, LAInternal Medicine1588981864
Randall Narvin Beyl 35950, LAInternal Medicine1356630958
Logan L Davies 70130, LAInternal Medicine1639468721
Rajshree Manthan Patel 08540, LAInternal Medicine1992018774
Matthew Oyeyemi Adasofunjo 30912, LAInternal Medicine1538481197
Kamal A. Masri 71106, LAInternal Medicine1134418437
Rachana V Sanghani 77030, LAInternal Medicine1386936789
Bashar Abdalla Ababneh 66606, LAInternal Medicine1790914521
Julie C Guider 70115, LAInternal Medicine1477843761
Narayan Pokhrel 33803, LAInternal Medicine1780840298
Satish Kalanjeri Balasubramanian 65212, LAInternal Medicine1942459433
Erica Elizabeth Schneider 23185, LAInternal Medicine1659646990
Parham Parto 92663, LAInternal Medicine1629212378
David Brendan Casey 30078, LAInternal Medicine1447559604
Kevin M Langlois 71106, LAInternal Medicine1184997264
Jose Gregorio Franquiz 70810, LAInternal Medicine1073804019
Michele M Cooper 70127, LAInternal Medicine1700042256
Jonathan Sheffield Eaton 71101, LAInternal Medicine1780940320
Laura Damioli 70121, LAInternal Medicine1205195948
Darlonda Harris 70403, LAInternal Medicine1366784159
David M. Hudson 71103, LAInternal Medicine1063831352
Lafayette Cardiovascular Center Of Excellence,llc 70506, LAInternal Medicine1720423478
Rahul Kurapati 70806, LAInternal Medicine1497160154
Drey Anthony Pavlov 98405, LAInternal Medicine1366869307
Aaron S De Witt 70806, LAInternal Medicine1275950206
Cody Gene Stroupe 71291, LAInternal Medicine1780095901
Francisco Gabriel Merced-ortiz 00921, LAInternal Medicine1750649786
Falguni Patel 70072, LAInternal Medicine1437563012
Eddie D Brown 87131, LAInternal Medicine1336567486
Seema Qayum 10032, LAInternal Medicine1679992549
Alexandra Silverton 30303, LAInternal Medicine1942647227
Daniel Edwards 39401, LAInternal Medicine1982098026
Alexander Tremont 63104, LAInternal Medicine1922485986
Michael Sciaudone 27599, LAInternal Medicine1689064396
Gaetano Trey Ruggiero 70809, LAInternal Medicine1548656432
Stephanie Oyen 33813, LAInternal Medicine1902226442
Poppy Markwell 70121, LAInternal Medicine1184060618
Sobia Ozair 70809, LAInternal Medicine1629334347
Dakota Boston 71115, LAInternal Medicine1962899971
Sunny Bharat Patel 75154, LAInternal Medicine1336583467
Benjamin Kalayjian 70119, LAInternal Medicine1831584853
Raghav Nehru 70119, LAInternal Medicine1386987014
Wonestta Annette Collins 70403, LAInternal Medicine1417203746
Jorge A. Morales 70461, LAInternal Medicine1265829956
Meredith Michelle Barr 70119, LAInternal Medicine1225394927
Elias B Hanna 70808, LAInternal Medicine1124215173
Nimesh Amin 77338, LAInternal Medicine1083039911
Larry Gotfrey Thirstrup 71103, LAInternal Medicine1770834012
Allison Cormier 70112, LAInternal Medicine1033553284
Abhijit Ghatak 30501, LAInternal Medicine1497902084
Temitayo Odesanya 78259, LAInternal Medicine1114309176
Than H Kyaw 91754, LAInternal Medicine1659642767
Bassam G. Wanna 70445, LAInternal Medicine1265638639
Magdalena Budziakowska 70006, LAInternal Medicine1609166313
Robin Dees Fabre 70438, LAInternal Medicine1366416935
Ashton Cameron Ellison 75203, LAInternal Medicine1750744140
Cardiology Institute, Inc 70458, LAInternal Medicine1568472595
Cullen Andrew Hebert 77479, LAInternal Medicine1124014337
Sheeba Varughese Tano 79902, LAInternal Medicine1790003077
Integra Health Services Professional Corporation 71019, LAInternal Medicine1861915415
Odette Grace Williams 77845, LAInternal Medicine1407299712
Andrew Elagizi 70121, LAInternal Medicine1154709848
Sachin Harishchandrabhan Sachdev 70433, LAInternal Medicine1912140047
Asaad Nakhle 70112, LAInternal Medicine1891113684
Gpn leesville, Llc 71446, LAInternal Medicine1366929432
Charles V Wendling 28803, LAInternal Medicine1710188867
Merin Varghese 30501, LAInternal Medicine1336584929
Madeline Jimenez-torres 75701, LAInternal Medicine1689952509
John Onyemaechi Nnadi 70816, LAInternal Medicine1558506782
Casey Steen 70403, LAInternal Medicine1811381775
Muhammad Mubarak 02360, LAInternal Medicine1053707067
Fidelis Ajobome Okotie 77640, LAInternal Medicine1376856039
Calcasieu Lung And Sleep Llc 70663, LAInternal Medicine1730667973
Elizabeth Ames Meyer Fryoux 39216, LAInternal Medicine1649632415
Randy Michael Rossignol 70124, LAInternal Medicine1659790871
Heartlung Rehab, Llc 70125, LAInternal Medicine1366930877
Stella Radosta 70112, LAInternal Medicine1932669058
Faheem Iqbal 70808, LAInternal Medicine1902165475
Charles G Morgan 71201, LAInternal Medicine1477541696
Jagan Beedupalli 71103, LAInternal Medicine1497956601
Shea Ellen Cochi 02114, LAInternal Medicine1659733806
Tivere Shemi 15212, LAInternal Medicine1205188943
Xavier E Palacios 37403, LAInternal Medicine1184189920
Ryan Wisler 81401, LAInternal Medicine1922495001
Lasandra Magail Barton 70433, LAInternal Medicine1699777615
Laura Catherine Rachal 27514, LAInternal Medicine1225422512
Cheynita Metoyer 71111, LAInternal Medicine1336405935
Lara Patrice Fox 27705, LAInternal Medicine1417116591
Emily Charlie 70503, LAInternal Medicine1295196194
Thomas Ross Smith 71201, LAInternal Medicine1972895282
Jorge Alejandro Castellanos 70808, LAInternal Medicine1376792879
Teresa Elizabeth Garrison 70461, LAInternal Medicine1760748313
Alisha Marie Lacour 70121, LAInternal Medicine1154611945
Jordan Douglas Percle 70808, LAInternal Medicine1952797482
Anita Mathew 75007, LAInternal Medicine1831366038
Shikha Singla 53226, LAInternal Medicine1497916696
Shivang Shah 92543, LAInternal Medicine1518100825
Rhoda R Jones 88260, LAInternal Medicine1053503540
Julie Marie Collins 20007, LAInternal Medicine1134562069
Kenshata Mignon Watkins 94597, LAInternal Medicine1245573393
Krishna Chaitanya Pakanati 32405, LAInternal Medicine1770870867
Nicholas Latuso 71291, LAInternal Medicine1386006294
Iberia Gastroenterology Associates, Inc. A Professional Medical Corpor 70560, LAInternal Medicine1962526509
Leslie Anne Juarbe Rivera 45242, LAInternal Medicine1851730030
Victor E Mejia 70427, LAInternal Medicine1750383949
Sanjin Tunovic 70112, LAInternal Medicine1316309750
Michael Broadwell 71103, LAInternal Medicine1700273612
Ochsner Clinic Llc 70611, LAInternal Medicine1417429036
Mehul Bhalja 71301, LAInternal Medicine1790031276
Neeraj Singh 71103, LAInternal Medicine1093919920
Michael Raymund C Gonzales 89521, LAInternal Medicine1669635785
Rajiv Narula 74104, LAInternal Medicine1881081412
Gordon Frederick Wadge 70056, LAInternal Medicine1043585326
Allyson Armendi Jarvis 70056, LAInternal Medicine1891115408
Andrew Jay Siegel 70115, LAInternal Medicine1932474137
Gbemisola Mayokun Olayemi 26330, LAInternal Medicine1689082109
Daniel Hartman Johnson 70121, LAInternal Medicine1841565173
Kamil Nasim Bitar 70433, LAInternal Medicine1346231834
Bradley Tymchuk 97838, LAInternal Medicine1437503380
Cara Mcleod 70065, LAInternal Medicine1205246246
James O'hare 70115, LAInternal Medicine1932526878
Derek Allan Woo 77433, LAInternal Medicine1588088280
Erin Clements 71111, LAInternal Medicine1053769380
Janet Manalac 06360, LAInternal Medicine1306106315
Curtis Whiting 70808, LAInternal Medicine1477993921
Radha Mayuri Garikepati 08536, LAInternal Medicine1801282959
Kieran C. Stober 70072, LAInternal Medicine1679865562
Manish Dhawan 71055, LAInternal Medicine1083618912
Ghayas Ahmed Qureshi 70526, LAInternal Medicine1114923901
Juan Carlos Vega Soliven 71301, LAInternal Medicine1306895602
Leonard Michael Glade 70115, LAInternal Medicine1669738993
Ziv Zukier 70808, LAInternal Medicine1568814036
Abby Elizabeth Gandolfi 70047, LAInternal Medicine1750701264
Nishi Gupta 77380, LAInternal Medicine1336373133
Sarah E Jolley 80045, LAInternal Medicine1881892826
Joseph L. Fredi 71105, LAInternal Medicine1184720393
Kacie Stewart Watts 70403, LAInternal Medicine1518312677
Neil Patel 70808, LAInternal Medicine1770946154
Srijan Tandukar 71103, LAInternal Medicine1346675188
Derek Rey Munoz 71103, LAInternal Medicine1063876068
Ramy Ismail 32405, LAInternal Medicine1508233172
Bitars Specialty Clinic, Llc 70433, LAInternal Medicine1528398617
Richard Rothfleisch 18235, LAInternal Medicine1316967318
Amanda Lynn Callegan-poche' 71106, LAInternal Medicine1265829394
Maneesh Kumar Gupta 80109, LAInternal Medicine1417271420
Manikandan Nagendran 70506, LAInternal Medicine1730398801
Kelly Shum 77384, LAInternal Medicine1366886178
Dina Taarea 70808, LAInternal Medicine1891181061


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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