Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shikha Singhal Merchia 02333, MAInternal Medicine1689648461
Gps Physician Group, Pc 35071, MAInternal Medicine1881109452
Valley Medical Group, P.c. 01301, MAInternal Medicine1912924705
Michael Stephen Tung 19406, MAInternal Medicine1710036520
Sturdy Memorial Associates, Inc. 02703, MAInternal Medicine1538194527
Zhenyang Jiang 01605, MAInternal Medicine1649619164
Jason I Halpern 02903, MAInternal Medicine1801274212
Community Health Care Inc 01085, MAInternal Medicine1912980251
Nitin Trivedi 01608, MAInternal Medicine1770543977
Stuart M Pollack 02130, MAInternal Medicine1699740225
Luna Hidaya 01605, MAInternal Medicine1063809002
Terrence C Hack 93905, MAInternal Medicine1760431274
Lori Amy Wang 22031, MAInternal Medicine1750483632
James A Rothendler 02118, MAInternal Medicine1487779278
Irene I Tsirozidou 01890, MAInternal Medicine1912964610
Shakeeb A Yunus 01608, MAInternal Medicine1801883673
Abhishek Kumar Mariswamy Arun Kumar 45429, MAInternal Medicine1225419443
Kenneth Jia-en Lim 02114, MAInternal Medicine1316280381
Nathalie Majorek 01960, MAInternal Medicine1609857580
Jennifer F Jarbeau 02886, MAInternal Medicine1023012572
Rajesh Garg 33136, MAInternal Medicine1609863190
Paul L Huang 02114, MAInternal Medicine1174504351
Samuel Morris Brown 84107, MAInternal Medicine1013998947
John Philip Muse 02035, MAInternal Medicine1801877675
Josalyn Leah Olsen Cho 52242, MAInternal Medicine1679554331
Wolfram Goessling 02114, MAInternal Medicine1083696298
Juliana Millan 28213, MAInternal Medicine1205811080
Pierre Qian 02115, MAInternal Medicine1285110908
Arathi Setty 07901, MAInternal Medicine1528035938
Yvonne C Lee 60611, MAInternal Medicine1427006402
Lauralyn B. Cannistra 02860, MAInternal Medicine1467413898
Peter H Gonzalez 02115, MAInternal Medicine1538127998
Jenny Jia 02114, MAInternal Medicine1043605926
Allison Goldfine 02115, MAInternal Medicine1952470387
Stephanie Cardarella 02190, MAInternal Medicine1295834406
Umar Muhammad Shakur 02703, MAInternal Medicine1982799854
Clyde L Smith 02130, MAInternal Medicine1235222449
Frank M Schembri 02190, MAInternal Medicine1750466165
Manuel Guillermo Herrera 02115, MAInternal Medicine1538207279
Paul Steven Sepe 02747, MAInternal Medicine1528194958
Kerry Dierberg 10016, MAInternal Medicine1306973755
Sajjad Ali 04401, MAInternal Medicine1639551476
Flora Abrahamian Vardanian 91101, MAInternal Medicine1184772048
Kerry Laing Kilbridge 02215, MAInternal Medicine1427232917
Christian A Dankers 02114, MAInternal Medicine1093906117
Alexandra S Bailey 02215, MAInternal Medicine1891960928
Joshua Steven Hundert 02124, MAInternal Medicine1679732317
Omar Eton 06106, MAInternal Medicine1275736050
Jaime Vasquez 95403, MAInternal Medicine1417122615
Maxim I Lutskiy 02215, MAInternal Medicine1518125988
Jenny Sauk 90095, MAInternal Medicine1376703280
Bernardine S Mohanraj 20007, MAInternal Medicine1790978401
Samuel Jacob Klempner 90025, MAInternal Medicine1134329378
Devyani Misra 02215, MAInternal Medicine1790946648
Preeti Mehrotra 21201, MAInternal Medicine1982839734
Stephen Paul Juraschek 02215, MAInternal Medicine1144542762
Matthew Gilbert Oser 02215, MAInternal Medicine1720373772
Teresa Slomka 02860, MAInternal Medicine1932410081
Matthew Harmon Collins 30308, MAInternal Medicine1477844371
Sachin J. Shah 94143, MAInternal Medicine1639464316
Brett Joseph Carroll 02215, MAInternal Medicine1669768123
Yaw Amaning Adjei-poku 87102, MAInternal Medicine1386872745
Frank Charles Passero 14642, MAInternal Medicine1982928636
Robert Lee Salazar 77339, MAInternal Medicine1891014114
Kate T. Brizzi 02114, MAInternal Medicine1659664373
Karthik Ravindran 01701, MAInternal Medicine1992025712
Sujeet Govindan 97227, MAInternal Medicine1194045872
David Dewolfe 14642, MAInternal Medicine1154614386
Amy Kathryn Dickey 98195, MAInternal Medicine1295034429
Gelareh Atefi 20037, MAInternal Medicine1700190956
Sameer Chopra 02215, MAInternal Medicine1336377647
Perla Michelle Macip Rodriguez 02118, MAInternal Medicine1285959676
Christopher J Manley 19111, MAInternal Medicine1992936330
Yehuda Zvi Cohen 10065, MAInternal Medicine1710283320
Maria Paula R Caramez 02903, MAInternal Medicine1548557549
Charlotte-paige Melanie Rolle 32803, MAInternal Medicine1023338878
Colin Thomas Phillips 04074, MAInternal Medicine1629363742
Nancy Wang 02114, MAInternal Medicine1003101056
Nathan Hubert Pham 02118, MAInternal Medicine1720582539
Fahad Farooq 12205, MAInternal Medicine1700119575
Ayana Morales 10065, MAInternal Medicine1023339066
Jennifer Tome Higa 19111, MAInternal Medicine1427378082
Xingxing Shelley Cheng 94305, MAInternal Medicine1558656231
Anthony Liberatore 34997, MAInternal Medicine1053622183
Annie J Kruger 20007, MAInternal Medicine1649566100
Ian C. Mccormick 02492, MAInternal Medicine1740416981
Jill Bradley Whelan 02360, MAInternal Medicine1477848497
Syed Shahid Mahmood 21742, MAInternal Medicine1942521216
Eric Alexander Secemsky 02215, MAInternal Medicine1942535489
Rania Esteitie 48602, MAInternal Medicine1902105208
Christopher Patrick Blomberg 04005, MAInternal Medicine1164733978
Caitlin M. Connolly 02138, MAInternal Medicine1932494804
Stephen Andrew Gannon 02115, MAInternal Medicine1881960037
Paul Michael Lavigne 02111, MAInternal Medicine1992935076
Kamal Salah H Sewaralthahab 21234, MAInternal Medicine1689939035
Augusto A Litonjua 14642, MAInternal Medicine1558318253
Caitlin Dugdale 02114, MAInternal Medicine1548553779
Carolyn A. Boscia 05401, MAInternal Medicine1356603880
Shahab S Virani 22401, MAInternal Medicine1033470091
Kathleen Abalos 20007, MAInternal Medicine1831451764
Chelsea Ma 95816, MAInternal Medicine1871936575
Matthew G Gartland 02114, MAInternal Medicine1871930016
Rebecca Ivy Hartman 02115, MAInternal Medicine1427496793
Matthew F Difrancesco 02114, MAInternal Medicine1861805855
Marat A Volman 02115, MAInternal Medicine1295148468
Vikrant Siva Jagadeesan 60611, MAInternal Medicine1750794145
Zachary Scott Ranta 02114, MAInternal Medicine1609256346
Jonathan D Kochav 10032, MAInternal Medicine1700298023
Wei He 02118, MAInternal Medicine1619210846
Michael Schwartz 02118, MAInternal Medicine1023403631
Timothy James Wymer 02118, MAInternal Medicine1376937268
Tyler Christian Parris 35901, MAInternal Medicine1124461769
Samantha Zullow 10016, MAInternal Medicine1558780684
Amanda Kate Lerner 07740, MAInternal Medicine1790043677
Mayanka Tickoo 06519, MAInternal Medicine1669736765
Mitchell Benjamin Wice 10029, MAInternal Medicine1235524976
Deborah Kim 08901, MAInternal Medicine1952723132
Stephanie M Kochav 10032, MAInternal Medicine1730592908
Jonathan Wang 60190, MAInternal Medicine1992117634
Maggie Collison 60637, MAInternal Medicine1851786669
Luke Jerome Brindamour 02840, MAInternal Medicine1205217403
Anyanate Gwendolyne Jack 10075, MAInternal Medicine1952744104
Aaron Stupple 01107, MAInternal Medicine1447512595
Edward Briercheck 02115, MAInternal Medicine1801282306
Jeanette M Kovtun 70809, MAInternal Medicine1275971475
Amanda Mary Scott 04240, MAInternal Medicine1982043477
Jacob H. Johnson 02115, MAInternal Medicine1922361609
Edward W Chu 02138, MAInternal Medicine1881031045
Anant Mandawat 30322, MAInternal Medicine1932461456
Christopher Nikolaus Schmickl 92103, MAInternal Medicine1720498496
Feyza Erenler 02111, MAInternal Medicine1013395375
Justin B Echouffo Tcheugui 21224, MAInternal Medicine1972867406
Lisa Xingguang Lee 92868, MAInternal Medicine1144583733
Emily Naoum 48109, MAInternal Medicine1629496419
Jennifer Cox Cabot 10065, MAInternal Medicine1770710402
Evan John Smith 02115, MAInternal Medicine1376930370
Shruti Gupta 02115, MAInternal Medicine1619314853
Seth Greenbaum 85004, MAInternal Medicine1073928271
Hrvoje Melinscak 02111, MAInternal Medicine1083864995
Suzanne Bertisch 02115, MAInternal Medicine1710078936
Christopher Anthony Alonzo 02215, MAInternal Medicine1265812226
Joseph Samuel Wallins 02114, MAInternal Medicine1215349824
Nikolaos Sismanopoulos 02903, MAInternal Medicine1225393432
Erin Allison Nuzzo 15213, MAInternal Medicine1235577909
John Paul O'hara 02302, MAInternal Medicine1326303124
Nicholas David Patchett 02215, MAInternal Medicine1316280464
Elizabeth Phipps 02115, MAInternal Medicine1851777874
Esha Elizabeth Oommen 78229, MAInternal Medicine1396001830
Ian Ellis Mccoy 95116, MAInternal Medicine1437597747
Kristen Singer 19148, MAInternal Medicine1457615692
Kim Fang Yuh Chiang 94304, MAInternal Medicine1700145414
Benjamin Wang 10016, MAInternal Medicine1932441029
Allison Catherine Posta 06510, MAInternal Medicine1831578434
Meredith G.a. Eicken 29605, MAInternal Medicine1356636047
Ara Leon Tachjian 02886, MAInternal Medicine1063790061
Jessica Murphy 02903, MAInternal Medicine1184984478
Ke Wang 98109, MAInternal Medicine1265723381
Sharukh Lokhandwala 98122, MAInternal Medicine1902100969
Kristina Liu 02115, MAInternal Medicine1164861282
Behzad Elahi 55905, MAInternal Medicine1932549698
Ryan Everett Anderson 20036, MAInternal Medicine1235542283
Michael Robert Trautwein 03103, MAInternal Medicine1851706360
Emily Murphy 02115, MAInternal Medicine1154710606
Ankit Agarwal 27514, MAInternal Medicine1629430376
Steven Neil Bleich 06106, MAInternal Medicine1184914343
David J Cohen 02215, MAInternal Medicine1306888144
Tiffany Maiva Otero 02124, MAInternal Medicine1447780481
Sunena Tewani 10065, MAInternal Medicine1558682872
Lindsay King 27710, MAInternal Medicine1013054477
Zeid Faeq Karadsheh 60660, MAInternal Medicine1114163979
Nicholas Cordella 02118, MAInternal Medicine1528403250
Michael Welljams-dorof 02135, MAInternal Medicine1326568734
Yuliya Mints 02118, MAInternal Medicine1306185269
Katherine J Kentoffio 02114, MAInternal Medicine1215318639
Mariuxi Alexandra Viteri Malone 02118, MAInternal Medicine1306220900
Vikram Rangan 02215, MAInternal Medicine1124317235
Kun Wei Song 02115, MAInternal Medicine1356861546
David R Spriggs 02114, MAInternal Medicine1023104353
Adarsh Thaker 90045, MAInternal Medicine1316200777
Michael Mi 02215, MAInternal Medicine1699189944
Shilpa Mukunda Chowdhry 14215, MAInternal Medicine1568881969
Tuba Kanwal 02062, MAInternal Medicine1790006799
Sara Phillips 02118, MAInternal Medicine1710419973
Anna Leszczynski 01805, MAInternal Medicine1942566732
Cianna Leatherwood 94801, MAInternal Medicine1003175746
Sally Knooihuizen 02114, MAInternal Medicine1164943171
Megan Leigh Insco 02215, MAInternal Medicine1063774412
Dylan Blue Tierney 02115, MAInternal Medicine1447386123
Oluwadamilola F Ojutalayo 01970, MAInternal Medicine1932411485
Bijay Acharya 21236, MAInternal Medicine1093970428
Phillip S Ge 77030, MAInternal Medicine1194014266
Ronald Torregosa Garcia 32606, MAInternal Medicine1750667580
Rebecca E Cagnina 02115, MAInternal Medicine1275857807
Gary Ho 02114, MAInternal Medicine1043665490
Z Liu 02886, MAInternal Medicine1699034710
Fei Song 02114, MAInternal Medicine1992153183
Neima Hadi 02840, MAInternal Medicine1740638881
Shin Yin Lee 59101, MAInternal Medicine1154647758
Maria Lonshteyn 01453, MAInternal Medicine1720247653
Jason Edward Faris 03756, MAInternal Medicine1134255813


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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