Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Frederick Rowland 02131, MAInternal Medicine1982607917
Jonathan H Marsh 01069, MAInternal Medicine1225031354
Solomon A Gabbay 02453, MAInternal Medicine1881697050
Nikheel Shrinivas Kolatkar 02115, MAInternal Medicine1396748463
William J Wittman 02540, MAInternal Medicine1891798724
Margaret Mary Hunt 01835, MAInternal Medicine1043213812
Patrick J O'dea 01950, MAInternal Medicine1427051366
James E Liebmann 01655, MAInternal Medicine1477556587
Whittier Pavilion Inpatient Specialists Pllc 01830, MAInternal Medicine1063930006
Devin A Mcmanus 02540, MAInternal Medicine1548263486
Tricia Allman 01844, MAInternal Medicine1720081466
Jan Lorraine Cook 02215, MAInternal Medicine1437152139
John A Poremba 01731, MAInternal Medicine1104829506
Lori M Balestrero 02138, MAInternal Medicine1750384046
Susan A Abookire 02138, MAInternal Medicine1407859762
Neil S. Shore 01970, MAInternal Medicine1346243698
Sergio Camargo 02360, MAInternal Medicine1225030554
James Stewart Evans 02114, MAInternal Medicine1215939533
Judith Gilmartin Packer 02459, MAInternal Medicine1831192566
Asha Anandaiah 02215, MAInternal Medicine1184627481
Edward J Loughery 01923, MAInternal Medicine1033112610
Mohan Govindan 01852, MAInternal Medicine1437152246
David L Hudacek 02138, MAInternal Medicine1992707269
Philip H. Thielhelm 01970, MAInternal Medicine1932101110
Kyle A. Cooper 01201, MAInternal Medicine1053313197
George Abraham 01608, MAInternal Medicine1730181876
Peter A. Kirkpatrick 01970, MAInternal Medicine1639171812
Faysal M. Hasan 01970, MAInternal Medicine1508868761
Janine M Mccauley 02138, MAInternal Medicine1487656617
Daniel C Metrick 02138, MAInternal Medicine1558363770
Stephen Beaudoin 01950, MAInternal Medicine1902808124
Ryan J Sullivan 02138, MAInternal Medicine1881696003
Deirdre M Woods 02138, MAInternal Medicine1306848528
Joseph S Wong 02138, MAInternal Medicine1760484976
Ann E Grady 02720, MAInternal Medicine1689676876
Ronald J Pantano 01608, MAInternal Medicine1619979804
Christine A. Blaski 01970, MAInternal Medicine1295737468
Ravi Chander 02721, MAInternal Medicine1457355729
Anthony Gibran Eaton 01844, MAInternal Medicine1831193101
Neveen N. Bassaly 02721, MAInternal Medicine1649274911
Kenneth G. Adams 01830, MAInternal Medicine1720082787
Paul J Block 01453, MAInternal Medicine1003810094
Michael Grundel Ison 60611, MAInternal Medicine1316941222
Lorenz B Cueni 02360, MAInternal Medicine1265436208
Po-shun Lee 02115, MAInternal Medicine1740284702
Thomas L. Fazio 01843, MAInternal Medicine1902800832
Aldona Finkle 01742, MAInternal Medicine1154325090
Joseph W. Gross 01950, MAInternal Medicine1457355232
German Iosif 01830, MAInternal Medicine1457355208
Frederick W Ruymann 02138, MAInternal Medicine1568466316
Sharman Gingrich 01950, MAInternal Medicine1215931167
Rajaratnam Abraham 02721, MAInternal Medicine1891799748
Richard A. Goldman 01843, MAInternal Medicine1578567434
Robert D Meringolo 02904, MAInternal Medicine1922002740
Christopher F. Harris 01950, MAInternal Medicine1912901604
Armand John Wolff 06610, MAInternal Medicine1093719700
Pushpa Gopal 01845, MAInternal Medicine1023012804
Robert E Timberlake 02360, MAInternal Medicine1437153061
Seth D. Bilazarian 01923, MAInternal Medicine1427050640
Joseph Costagliola 01887, MAInternal Medicine1972507242
Franklin Schneider 02904, MAInternal Medicine1497759294
Jan F Leitao-pina 01605, MAInternal Medicine1063414266
Joan Harrison 02878, MAInternal Medicine1164424123
Andrea Young 02138, MAInternal Medicine1619979820
Kern J Bayard 01606, MAInternal Medicine1699777888
Jill A Melendez Young 03060, MAInternal Medicine1184628158
John Gus Stagias 01550, MAInternal Medicine1023012424
Tamim Hinedi 02721, MAInternal Medicine1447255880
Zia Kidwai 02721, MAInternal Medicine1235134677
Ossama Labib 02720, MAInternal Medicine1225033673
Mitchell Abramson 02462, MAInternal Medicine1417952284
Kirwan Thomas Macmillan 01830, MAInternal Medicine1841295995
Abendra B. Naidoo 01085, MAInternal Medicine1447255336
Karen A. Mello 01843, MAInternal Medicine1992700934
Pilar Alonso 02720, MAInternal Medicine1841295748
Miroslawa Skorupka 01843, MAInternal Medicine1558366351
William Albert Tanguay 01830, MAInternal Medicine1629073424
Drew G. Niccolini 01843, MAInternal Medicine1639174410
Jessica Schoonmaker 01950, MAInternal Medicine1568467355
Seth M. Arum 01655, MAInternal Medicine1679578793
Jennifer F Jarbeau 02886, MAInternal Medicine1023012572
Savita Patil 01862, MAInternal Medicine1174528954
Charles Randall 01950, MAInternal Medicine1881699668
Jane A. Thompson 01843, MAInternal Medicine1194720904
Francis P. Macmillan 01830, MAInternal Medicine1053316620
Michael Thiim 01830, MAInternal Medicine1902801509
John Michael Lazarus 02421, MAInternal Medicine1528064011
Peter B. Wilson 01453, MAInternal Medicine1316943806
Khalid Aziz 01702, MAInternal Medicine1538165055
Gino Mercadante 01056, MAInternal Medicine1477559706
Diane L Dietzen 01199, MAInternal Medicine1578569828
Andrew T Chan 02114, MAInternal Medicine1982600144
Saira Naseer 01950, MAInternal Medicine1487650503
Mohammad Saleem Bajwa 01040, MAInternal Medicine1235135336
Kimberly Kersten 01950, MAInternal Medicine1912903030
Renu Soni 02215, MAInternal Medicine1649276585
Michael Golden 01960, MAInternal Medicine1609872571
Helen Kaulbach 01960, MAInternal Medicine1497751374
Kristen E Currie 01201, MAInternal Medicine1780680678
Joseph E. August 01960, MAInternal Medicine1902802879
Feng Ge 01960, MAInternal Medicine1922004803
Marshall S Katz 02215, MAInternal Medicine1124024013
Joan C Karl 01757, MAInternal Medicine1316943061
Virginia S Barrow 02118, MAInternal Medicine1639175466
Laila Akhund 02035, MAInternal Medicine1437155181
Alicja U Gupta 02169, MAInternal Medicine1295731032
George Peter Nasinnyk 01540, MAInternal Medicine1841296431
Don L Goldenberg 02462, MAInternal Medicine1992701502
Regina Wu 02026, MAInternal Medicine1629075254
Timothy P Murphy 02493, MAInternal Medicine1780681312
Jill S Brody 02062, MAInternal Medicine1780681346
Daniel C-s Lee 02026, MAInternal Medicine1023015609
James R Ligas 01199, MAInternal Medicine1336145556
Stuart E Shulruff 07046, MAInternal Medicine1871590448
Ronald D Massari 07046, MAInternal Medicine1073510640
Marta Meyers 07960, MAInternal Medicine1154328755
William C. Ingram 01950, MAInternal Medicine1689679268
Nancy E Allegar 08844, MAInternal Medicine1750387494
Michael J Querner 02026, MAInternal Medicine1275530701
Humeira Badsha 02026, MAInternal Medicine1518964063
Marilyn S Kim 02062, MAInternal Medicine1003813536
Timothy Crowley 02476, MAInternal Medicine1124025606
Patricia Moyer 02478, MAInternal Medicine1619974979
Eva Gassiraro 02138, MAInternal Medicine1598762833
Charles Hatem 02138, MAInternal Medicine1528065877
Donna Katcher 02476, MAInternal Medicine1780681031
Kathleen Lambert 02420, MAInternal Medicine1205833555
Andrew O Nichols 02420, MAInternal Medicine1598762858
Lisa Fitzgerald 02138, MAInternal Medicine1881691160
Thomas Caughey 02138, MAInternal Medicine1063419398
Beth Goldman 02138, MAInternal Medicine1457358798
James A Goldman 02481, MAInternal Medicine1780681981
David Maddock 02721, MAInternal Medicine1376540443
Philip S Weinstein 02062, MAInternal Medicine1205833282
James D Popkin 02062, MAInternal Medicine1477550408
Jonathan M Kolodny 02062, MAInternal Medicine1649277674
Karen Dietrich Scanlan 02062, MAInternal Medicine1639176662
Francis J Conahan 02062, MAInternal Medicine1083611024
Kyung H Kim 01608, MAInternal Medicine1619974656
Nicholas A Ruocco 02062, MAInternal Medicine1750388799
Deepak K Sanan 02062, MAInternal Medicine1902803950
Ronald S. Mensh 05201, MAInternal Medicine1609873447
Douglas C Waite 01608, MAInternal Medicine1386641025
John R. Levinson 02116, MAInternal Medicine1346247160
Naila Wahid 02062, MAInternal Medicine1598762411
Basmaa Ali 02142, MAInternal Medicine1073510822
Richard J Harris 02116, MAInternal Medicine1942208574
Peter E Krims 01720, MAInternal Medicine1962400366
Michael C Zaslow 01890, MAInternal Medicine1588662985
Anne C Weaver 01002, MAInternal Medicine1083612345
Harry Potter 01702, MAInternal Medicine1578561809
Gordon M Saperia 02111, MAInternal Medicine1013915354
Shreekant Chopra 02301, MAInternal Medicine1740288943
Tai Jin Chung 02301, MAInternal Medicine1659379857
Nicolaos V Athienites 02301, MAInternal Medicine1902804107
Kelly J Ocallahan 01608, MAInternal Medicine1427056795
James Baraniuk 20007, MAInternal Medicine1225036353
Kathy Patricia Bull-henry 20007, MAInternal Medicine1407854557
Amy Lynn Burke 20007, MAInternal Medicine1225036379
Richard Englund Tosi 02720, MAInternal Medicine1598763872
Majed Mouded 02721, MAInternal Medicine1346248531
Hany Mistikawy 02721, MAInternal Medicine1851399034
Bassem Nasser 02721, MAInternal Medicine1881692952
Shakil Aslam 20007, MAInternal Medicine1497753503
Michael John Donnelly 20007, MAInternal Medicine1225036296
Roy Maletz 01852, MAInternal Medicine1598763583
Judy R Mangion 02115, MAInternal Medicine1245238260
Stanley Bernard Benjamin 20007, MAInternal Medicine1336147297
John Edward Carroll 20007, MAInternal Medicine1770581837
Joseph J Savitt 01605, MAInternal Medicine1538167432
Levinson Harris Medical Group Llc 02116, MAInternal Medicine1215935135
Mohamad R El-zaru 02056, MAInternal Medicine1366440794
Arthur P Fisch 07960, MAInternal Medicine1184622193
Audrey F Von Poelnitz 07960, MAInternal Medicine1558369579
Jeffrey G Schwartz 07960, MAInternal Medicine1023016052
Richard I Watson 07960, MAInternal Medicine1003814039
Benjamin Fusman 07046, MAInternal Medicine1376540351
Guillermo A Cook 07046, MAInternal Medicine1548267966
Catherine M Broome 20037, MAInternal Medicine1669470985
Richard A Zirin 01950, MAInternal Medicine1548267883
Anne George Pinto 02062, MAInternal Medicine1003813080
Hans K Meier-ewert 02118, MAInternal Medicine1336146810
Sudeep K Aulakh 01105, MAInternal Medicine1043217318
John B Cadigan 02115, MAInternal Medicine1497752620
Halim Ozgur Muslu 30224, MAInternal Medicine1639177710
Christopher J Perkins 02062, MAInternal Medicine1669479622
Eric R Goldberg 10016, MAInternal Medicine1659379014
Newburyport Gastroenterology Llc 01950, MAInternal Medicine1437157369
Jerry Earll 20007, MAInternal Medicine1235137084
Natalia Rosenberg 01702, MAInternal Medicine1598763310
Anna J Vasershtein 01702, MAInternal Medicine1407854227
Marina J Estrin 01702, MAInternal Medicine1558369389
Dedham Medical Associates Inc 02026, MAInternal Medicine1265430094
Metrowest Internal Medicine, Pc 01702, MAInternal Medicine1952309783
Michael Clarence Payne 02143, MAInternal Medicine1760481501
Harry Hartford 01201, MAInternal Medicine1669470456
Nadim Haddad 20007, MAInternal Medicine1649278441
Ayaz Tariq Malik 01440, MAInternal Medicine1154320984
Peter A. Grape 02190, MAInternal Medicine1346249000
Katya Divari 01702, MAInternal Medicine1225037906


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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