Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas A Bensinger 20770, MDInternal Medicine1962405985
Robert Nee 20889, MDInternal Medicine1730182775
Faranak Foroozanfar Sotoudeh 20770, MDInternal Medicine1942203930
David Mcevoy Cromwell 21093, MDInternal Medicine1063415271
Flavio W Kruter 21157, MDInternal Medicine1972506111
Howard Ira Saiontz 17325, MDInternal Medicine1295738334
Promod K Duggal 20770, MDInternal Medicine1992708044
John G Lodmell 20832, MDInternal Medicine1801899653
Philip W Halstead 21014, MDInternal Medicine1962405704
Bennett T Morrison 20832, MDInternal Medicine1972506715
David B Doman 20906, MDInternal Medicine1700889631
Steven Kurt Kaufman 20910, MDInternal Medicine1235132010
Sabapathippillai Kulathungam 21236, MDInternal Medicine1649273616
Karmachandra Nair 21078, MDInternal Medicine1952304784
Maureen D Passaro 20832, MDInternal Medicine1316940141
John George Lavin 21204, MDInternal Medicine1194728055
Peninsula Cardiology Associates, P.a. 21804, MDInternal Medicine1902809858
Bruce Walter Zinsmeister 20910, MDInternal Medicine1417950155
Shawn Adrian Buki 21701, MDInternal Medicine1104829605
Zubair Haider Faridi 21740, MDInternal Medicine1740283241
Edward P Riuli 21702, MDInternal Medicine1932102654
Nirmal K Shah 21702, MDInternal Medicine1194728816
Aimee S Park 21702, MDInternal Medicine1265435978
John A Vitarello 21702, MDInternal Medicine1609879329
Jay H Weiner 20877, MDInternal Medicine1346243920
Edward Philip Taubman 20832, MDInternal Medicine1407859085
William Stephen Hood 21740, MDInternal Medicine1740283340
Jeffrey David Jones 21740, MDInternal Medicine1215930714
Sean Edward Hunt 21701, MDInternal Medicine1093718504
Deepak Gupta 21157, MDInternal Medicine1811990344
Steven A. Burger 20902, MDInternal Medicine1295738714
Thomas E Chappell 21502, MDInternal Medicine1558364927
Benjamin V Dubois 21208, MDInternal Medicine1457354805
Michael N. Drossner 21204, MDInternal Medicine1942203393
Matthew Thomas Yeatman 21701, MDInternal Medicine1508869827
Russell E. Hillsley 21229, MDInternal Medicine1649273954
Warren Israel 21208, MDInternal Medicine1962405274
Chen Yuan Tung 21701, MDInternal Medicine1588667976
Shilpi Ahmed 21204, MDInternal Medicine1194728584
Mark A. Goldstein 21204, MDInternal Medicine1932102357
Sidney O. Gottlieb 21204, MDInternal Medicine1477556793
Thomas Guarnieri 21204, MDInternal Medicine1275536591
Rodney A. Johnson 21237, MDInternal Medicine1356344659
Rajaa Nahra 20854, MDInternal Medicine1124021415
Dawn W. Kershner 21218, MDInternal Medicine1851394142
Brian H Kahn 21236, MDInternal Medicine1609879907
Ratnakar Mukherjee 21061, MDInternal Medicine1740283027
Jay Michael Lang 21014, MDInternal Medicine1659374932
Henry Meilman 21117, MDInternal Medicine1346243615
Rafique Ahmed 21237, MDInternal Medicine1457354854
Andrew M. Barnstein 21208, MDInternal Medicine1316940794
Robert E Rapp 21078, MDInternal Medicine1720081003
Richard D. Biggs 21204, MDInternal Medicine1629071097
Steven S. Brooks 21208, MDInternal Medicine1518960970
Jeffrey J. Brown 21237, MDInternal Medicine1760485122
Gregg C Donaldson 21502, MDInternal Medicine1114920576
Charles C. Cummings 21208, MDInternal Medicine1881697233
Stacy D. Fisher 21157, MDInternal Medicine1518960939
David A. Goldscher 21218, MDInternal Medicine1952304370
Tigist Hailu 21236, MDInternal Medicine1063415388
Scott D. Jerome 21157, MDInternal Medicine1942203245
Lester K. Leung 21014, MDInternal Medicine1851394126
Glenn R. Meininger 21237, MDInternal Medicine1154324416
Cumberland Cardiovascular Assoc 3 21502, MDInternal Medicine1386647642
Steven J Mason 21237, MDInternal Medicine1366445603
Nikolay Z. Tchopev 21043, MDInternal Medicine1023010394
Dawn Broderick 20832, MDInternal Medicine1801899489
Carmen Rosa Hernandez 21701, MDInternal Medicine1639172141
Don Harris Yablonowitz 20706, MDInternal Medicine1831192426
Virginia Nmn Magbojos 21502, MDInternal Medicine1255334546
Michael Elihu Klein 21084, MDInternal Medicine1073516415
Jeffrey F. Cole 21229, MDInternal Medicine1548263908
Carlos S. Ince 21229, MDInternal Medicine1356344667
Frederick E. Kuhn 21229, MDInternal Medicine1245233535
Oleg B. Shpak 20706, MDInternal Medicine1376546069
Jose T Loveria 21502, MDInternal Medicine1689677908
Patricia Petrick 20817, MDInternal Medicine1407859846
Archana Shetty 20817, MDInternal Medicine1821091240
Linda Liu 20817, MDInternal Medicine1255334686
Beatriz Hilda Chanduvi 20817, MDInternal Medicine1770586109
Mukesh P. Luhar 21222, MDInternal Medicine1518969666
Kulwant Singh Modi 21043, MDInternal Medicine1063414217
Ambereen Quraishi 21208, MDInternal Medicine1629070842
Helen Chang-deguzman 21921, MDInternal Medicine1710989926
Frank J Mayo 20877, MDInternal Medicine1811991144
Steven T Kariya 20895, MDInternal Medicine1881696946
Madalene K Greene 20814, MDInternal Medicine1861496846
David L Siegel 20716, MDInternal Medicine1104820182
Lawrence D White 21014, MDInternal Medicine1497759468
Kelvin B Hao 20716, MDInternal Medicine1467456459
Brooks Morelock 37743, MDInternal Medicine1356345342
Ruth Kevess-cohen 20910, MDInternal Medicine1780688762
Nina Miles Everett 21224, MDInternal Medicine1043214083
Gail Povar 20910, MDInternal Medicine1548264526
James Y Wang 20716, MDInternal Medicine1801890884
Joseph A Ball 20877, MDInternal Medicine1447254230
Libuse Heinz-momcilovic 20877, MDInternal Medicine1952305740
Irving Mizus 20877, MDInternal Medicine1881698686
Atul H Suri 20770, MDInternal Medicine1326042144
Karen L Jerome 20910, MDInternal Medicine1578567277
Helen A Noble 21620, MDInternal Medicine1275537896
Michael Stuart Barr 21045, MDInternal Medicine1518961150
William D. Trainor 21620, MDInternal Medicine1134123771
Leon Cochran 37743, MDInternal Medicine1922000157
Alan Stuart Chanales 20850, MDInternal Medicine1093719023
Michael E Peimer 21620, MDInternal Medicine1306840939
Ravi Passi 20850, MDInternal Medicine1114921665
Kelly J Tanenholz 20854, MDInternal Medicine1780688424
Anthony D Slonim 20878, MDInternal Medicine1972507432
Yanjalagere Kenchappa Ramaiah 21224, MDInternal Medicine1235133794
Alfred Munzer 20912, MDInternal Medicine1144224593
Parul Sanatkumar Jani 20678, MDInternal Medicine1174527501
Zorayda M Lee-llacer 20735, MDInternal Medicine1679577092
Mark R. Milner 20817, MDInternal Medicine1093710360
Harry J. Bigham 20817, MDInternal Medicine1346245628
Roger Stevenson 20817, MDInternal Medicine1255336525
Smith S. Ho, Md, Pa 20912, MDInternal Medicine1942205398
Samuel D. Goldberg 20817, MDInternal Medicine1386649655
Virginia C. Colliver 20817, MDInternal Medicine1265437545
Robert A Coker 21801, MDInternal Medicine1487659728
James Walter Kikendall 20889, MDInternal Medicine1639174972
Yuri A. Deychak 20817, MDInternal Medicine1063417277
Tung N Dao 20817, MDInternal Medicine1003811225
Byron N Baldwin 21224, MDInternal Medicine1023013323
Hamida K Patel 21236, MDInternal Medicine1891790994
Maria Baer 21201, MDInternal Medicine1700881802
Thomas G. Sinderson 20817, MDInternal Medicine1447255674
George C Ego-osuala 20912, MDInternal Medicine1679578835
Piyapong Vongkovit 20002, MDInternal Medicine1033114996
Jerome M Shier 21224, MDInternal Medicine1841295714
David Ogola Nyanjom 21044, MDInternal Medicine1235134370
Kaiser Amir Ahmad 21044, MDInternal Medicine1770588832
Martin I Golding 20906, MDInternal Medicine1558366633
Kyle Petersen 20889, MDInternal Medicine1760487763
Philip A Levin 21204, MDInternal Medicine1528063567
Sherif Hassan 20706, MDInternal Medicine1821093865
Camille E. Tawil 21211, MDInternal Medicine1144225053
Clifford Livingston Amend 21201, MDInternal Medicine1245235068
Icu Physicians, Pc 20744, MDInternal Medicine1669477386
Samuel Kleiman 20744, MDInternal Medicine1407851124
Jeffrey Nathan Cowen 21701, MDInternal Medicine1043215825
Kusay Barakat 21701, MDInternal Medicine1952306730
David Robert Yu 21701, MDInternal Medicine1861497646
Edward C. Healy 20817, MDInternal Medicine1700881927
Peter Thomas Orlic 07444, MDInternal Medicine1659376713
Fernando C De Leon 21044, MDInternal Medicine1922003060
Carmen Salvaterra 21044, MDInternal Medicine1285639336
Francis Chuidian 21044, MDInternal Medicine1497750541
Louis Edward Steinberg 20740, MDInternal Medicine1245235258
Vincent I Okeke 20735, MDInternal Medicine1518961945
Ruth Sylvia Horowitz 21204, MDInternal Medicine1003811423
Joanna Blake Tyzack 21204, MDInternal Medicine1487659892
Francis Yg Lee 21204, MDInternal Medicine1861497828
Raina Patel 77077, MDInternal Medicine1144224544
Sosena Kebede 21211, MDInternal Medicine1790780195
Johns Hopkins University 21287, MDInternal Medicine1801891080
Craig G. Haber 21136, MDInternal Medicine1255336673
Mian Bei 20850, MDInternal Medicine1689679334
Sean Michael Curtin 21014, MDInternal Medicine1497750087
Ann Katherine Osman 21014, MDInternal Medicine1184629784
Roy H Phillips 21014, MDInternal Medicine1881699411
Mark J Wild 21014, MDInternal Medicine1679578207
Vijay Abhyankar 21014, MDInternal Medicine1225033806
Sherif H Osman 21014, MDInternal Medicine1245235852
Scott S Haswell 21111, MDInternal Medicine1578568184
Patricia Deal Kellogg 20854, MDInternal Medicine1235134701
Montgomery Gastroenterology Pa 20906, MDInternal Medicine1124024682
John Shavers 21090, MDInternal Medicine1134125602
Asefa Jejaw Mekonnen 20854, MDInternal Medicine1306841812
Moti L Koul 20748, MDInternal Medicine1124024526
Jeanne M Mccauley 21202, MDInternal Medicine1164428579
Elizabeth S Gantt 20850, MDInternal Medicine1619973963
Melinda Ellen Kantsiper 21044, MDInternal Medicine1275539421
Frederick Pearson Smith 20815, MDInternal Medicine1730185935
William Henry Silverman 20854, MDInternal Medicine1144226325
Lawrence H Schainker 20854, MDInternal Medicine1790781888
William Mark Steinberg 20854, MDInternal Medicine1962408054
Philip Wisotsky 20602, MDInternal Medicine1508862509
Nalin Mathur 20601, MDInternal Medicine1891791935
Patel Ramanan And Associates P.a. 20602, MDInternal Medicine1619973617
David J Haidak 20735, MDInternal Medicine1215933221
Frederick Greiner Barr 20815, MDInternal Medicine1184620122
Luis Fernando Gimenez 21239, MDInternal Medicine1366448052
Elias Camille Ghandour 21239, MDInternal Medicine1306842059
Bernard Georges Jaar 21239, MDInternal Medicine1962408617
Timothy P Mcclain 20707, MDInternal Medicine1730185364
Mohammed Zulfequar Ali 21742, MDInternal Medicine1497751853
Ana Esther Maldonado 21224, MDInternal Medicine1689670937
Suresh M Dhanjani 21078, MDInternal Medicine1720083314
Robert L Smith 21014, MDInternal Medicine1265438436
Peter J Lopresti 21009, MDInternal Medicine1710982343
Stanley M Kman 21009, MDInternal Medicine1851396477
David W Mcclure 21014, MDInternal Medicine1275538878
David S Dunn 21014, MDInternal Medicine1700881315
William Addison Warren 20723, MDInternal Medicine1669478285
Bahador Momeni 21108, MDInternal Medicine1164428264
Jeffrey Bernstein 20707, MDInternal Medicine1861497422
Marvin E Lawrence 20707, MDInternal Medicine1699770255
Theodore Y Kim 20707, MDInternal Medicine1275538845
Ira Lawrence Berger 20854, MDInternal Medicine1013913284


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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