Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David Mcevoy Cromwell 21093, MDInternal Medicine1063415271
Arthritis And Rheumatism Associates Pc 20902, MDInternal Medicine1447259866
John Sebastian Saia 34112, MDInternal Medicine1932107760
Kirti Shetty 21201, MDInternal Medicine1669472429
Evan L Siegel 20850, MDInternal Medicine1578562617
Joann Urquhart 20850, MDInternal Medicine1063411106
John C Rabine 21215, MDInternal Medicine1114912631
Ketan P. Parikh 21157, MDInternal Medicine1538153432
Laurence Bruce Balter 30308, MDInternal Medicine1326037201
Khalid M Zirvi 21742, MDInternal Medicine1902897606
Daniel Liebowitz 80204, MDInternal Medicine1740608363
Mohit Rastogi 20706, MDInternal Medicine1518958388
Roberto S Kalil 52242, MDInternal Medicine1245212554
Danny Eugene Lee 21113, MDInternal Medicine1851379689
Ali Saeed 70503, MDInternal Medicine1043696933
Perry R Weisman 21122, MDInternal Medicine1518932268
Fauzi N Rizvi 20016, MDInternal Medicine1699734269
Lynn M. Ludmer 21202, MDInternal Medicine1568431526
Thomas L Edmondson 21201, MDInternal Medicine1659340230
Dolores Yvette Rhodes-height 20678, MDInternal Medicine1558310698
Ganiyu Adewale 22042, MDInternal Medicine1992258628
Martin J Edelman 19111, MDInternal Medicine1437111978
James Vincent Lawler 68198, MDInternal Medicine1225099831
Muhammad Ashraf 20735, MDInternal Medicine1114983582
Mohammad Miran 21740, MDInternal Medicine1700824125
Amrit Pathak 02903, MDInternal Medicine1356725063
Helen M Gordon 21204, MDInternal Medicine1386684520
Sandeep Pandove 92543, MDInternal Medicine1679511059
Amish C Sura 28054, MDInternal Medicine1245285402
Maria Moyer 21215, MDInternal Medicine1386671139
Sidney Nelson 21208, MDInternal Medicine1033152541
Celian Valero-colon 21208, MDInternal Medicine1407896236
Michelle A Petri 21287, MDInternal Medicine1548206683
Nimesh S Shah 20850, MDInternal Medicine1740227990
Greater Washington Oncology Associates 20901, MDInternal Medicine1740396761
Rani Sudha Karipineni 21061, MDInternal Medicine1083648174
Mark M Kim 21061, MDInternal Medicine1578597282
Vatti Theckla Anthony 34996, MDInternal Medicine1205884590
Daniel B Levy 21093, MDInternal Medicine1467470047
Herman B Segal 20910, MDInternal Medicine1003911835
David Agyako-wiredu 17201, MDInternal Medicine1972698611
Julie B Krivy 20910, MDInternal Medicine1831295286
Eugene Aloysius Magee 20772, MDInternal Medicine1013014802
Jon D Roebuck 59101, MDInternal Medicine1013011626
James L Griffin 21046, MDInternal Medicine1649373150
Bernhard Birnbaum 21017, MDInternal Medicine1619070125
Tariq Mahmood, Md. Llc. 21157, MDInternal Medicine1922178219
Brian Matthew Cuneo 20307, MDInternal Medicine1821193483
Malika F. Waseem 21234, MDInternal Medicine1376651273
Shahnaz K Rao 20715, MDInternal Medicine1861586877
Morgan H Lyons 26505, MDInternal Medicine1154418176
Sonal Gandhi 85711, MDInternal Medicine1992047104
Renee Yvonne Carter 23298, MDInternal Medicine1003941600
Jacob E Teitelbaum 21060, MDInternal Medicine1366507857
Randi Jill Cohen 19111, MDInternal Medicine1366570228
Michael Edward Perraut 20619, MDInternal Medicine1013042209
Michael C. Albert 21113, MDInternal Medicine1811031297
Mohammad Sarfarazi 20770, MDInternal Medicine1326103227
Anna Maria Izquierdo-porrera 20904, MDInternal Medicine1033281910
Lisa Jon Cardo 21044, MDInternal Medicine1699836874
Kekule Asgari 20902, MDInternal Medicine1568927911
Amy S. Rogstad 20817, MDInternal Medicine1972638187
Chinonyerem Veronica Enyinna 20706, MDInternal Medicine1790978864
Anshu Mahajan 26506, MDInternal Medicine1639386840
Haruka Matsubara Torok 55454, MDInternal Medicine1518150580
Alejandro Jimenez Restrepo 21201, MDInternal Medicine1609058890
Joan Parambi 20737, MDInternal Medicine1285839415
P J Mehta Md Pa 21804, MDInternal Medicine1760675540
Sunny Yadav 19355, MDInternal Medicine1891970935
Antonina Yakovlevna Kolesnikova 20017, MDInternal Medicine1598932592
Anand Dutta 17402, MDInternal Medicine1770741746
Kingdom Medicine Pa 21208, MDInternal Medicine1134308802
Visha Dinesh 20815, MDInternal Medicine1124283916
Maria V Borodatcheva 21042, MDInternal Medicine1003027483
David J Vanderweele 60611, MDInternal Medicine1689846834
Nioke Wright 21801, MDInternal Medicine1255537288
Kimberly C. Gilbert 21801, MDInternal Medicine1740458819
Dana Thayer Lerman 80220, MDInternal Medicine1861653107
Jason Robert Mock 27514, MDInternal Medicine1598967010
Stephen Paul Juraschek 02215, MDInternal Medicine1144542762
Bennett William Clark 55454, MDInternal Medicine1831416569
Kevin Robert Riggs 35233, MDInternal Medicine1134446446
Mattan Schuchman 21201, MDInternal Medicine1609141795
Rawan Faramand 33612, MDInternal Medicine1972879955
Krishna C Keri 37363, MDInternal Medicine1285947473
Briana Therese Short 10032, MDInternal Medicine1518285519
Kia Gallagher 22060, MDInternal Medicine1386931574
Andrew Daniel Lerner 20016, MDInternal Medicine1962636514
Rachel Anne Steinman 10528, MDInternal Medicine1740579473
Abhishek Sharma 15301, MDInternal Medicine1750663217
Alexander Scott Harding 02114, MDInternal Medicine1881964153
Katherine Clair Shaw 21202, MDInternal Medicine1194014563
Angela Marie Deridder 21801, MDInternal Medicine1629377809
Kieran Aileen Brune 21202, MDInternal Medicine1346476041
Shawna Michelle Reshard 21113, MDInternal Medicine1225272677
Mohammed Ahmad Al-hijji 55905, MDInternal Medicine1811260607
Priyanka Chandrasekhar Iyer 97401, MDInternal Medicine1427346881
David Stuart Jencks 21401, MDInternal Medicine1700175635
Jihyun Im 23602, MDInternal Medicine1083927867
My-le Nguyen 21061, MDInternal Medicine1649405515
Sarah Marium Kattakuzhy 20003, MDInternal Medicine1457587701
Christopher R Koltz 21204, MDInternal Medicine1750516613
Lino Rafael Olaguer Trinidad 21201, MDInternal Medicine1730419383
Abhaya Varma 29605, MDInternal Medicine1376794727
Emily Katie Lo 20037, MDInternal Medicine1396188538
Ali R Keramati 21287, MDInternal Medicine1295024834
John Wah 21157, MDInternal Medicine1265727580
Shilpa Kodati 77030, MDInternal Medicine1780949545
Ameesh Harish Vora 20876, MDInternal Medicine1194081018
Changping Jia 10013, MDInternal Medicine1184802050
Mitchell Jacobs 19067, MDInternal Medicine1841556636
Shaili Parajuli 20190, MDInternal Medicine1760760854
Abhishek Freyer 32114, MDInternal Medicine1982968459
Erica Steinvorth Delbecq 77030, MDInternal Medicine1710320916
Balal Arshid 22033, MDInternal Medicine1326482050
Stanley Chen Cardenas 21287, MDInternal Medicine1194163519
Mark Mcdonald Pence 22060, MDInternal Medicine1801235999
Oluyemi Abiodun 21204, MDInternal Medicine1942628060
Timothy Brennan 20892, MDInternal Medicine1730594250
Anita Rao 02115, MDInternal Medicine1699164533
Ayobami Tolulope Akenroye 21224, MDInternal Medicine1881005379
Vipin Verma 29621, MDInternal Medicine1093156580
Anacostia Multispecialty Partners 20784, MDInternal Medicine1033514781
Catherine Callister 80045, MDInternal Medicine1124446661
Danielle Mcdevitt 21046, MDInternal Medicine1336567361
Benjamin Baafuor Bandoh 15132, MDInternal Medicine1497199285
Francesca Boulos 73104, MDInternal Medicine1881005726
Carolyn Bramante 55455, MDInternal Medicine1629334479
Ahmad Ramy Elashery 40536, MDInternal Medicine1578827630
Bronson Benno Joseph Raja 78411, MDInternal Medicine1275919797
Aditi Reddy 52242, MDInternal Medicine1114301124
Kathleen Tompkins 27599, MDInternal Medicine1962896159
Van Kim Holden 21201, MDInternal Medicine1245575265
Isis Sacramento Ferreira 06001, MDInternal Medicine1407103997
Justin B Echouffo Tcheugui 21224, MDInternal Medicine1972867406
Jennifer Helen Masel 96859, MDInternal Medicine1043572209
Justin R Kucinski 21801, MDInternal Medicine1689000697
Ujwal Gautam 21201, MDInternal Medicine1669885646
Hossam Abdalla 21117, MDInternal Medicine1285031765
Maryland Healthcare Pc 21236, MDInternal Medicine1952732430
Getachew Mengistu 21401, MDInternal Medicine1427445378
Freedom Healthcare, Llc 21202, MDInternal Medicine1184057481
Christopher Steele 06070, MDInternal Medicine1922492255
Vivek Alfred Cherian 21218, MDInternal Medicine1811333735
Prakash Punj Sharma 50702, MDInternal Medicine1831503937
Megan Lakshmi Srinivas 27514, MDInternal Medicine1710397179
Eric W Mills 02114, MDInternal Medicine1760837678
Yun-yun Chen 02115, MDInternal Medicine1366898801
Holy Cross Health, Inc. D/b/a Holy Cross Health Partners, Llc 20895, MDInternal Medicine1508383050
Mukul Khandelwal, Pa 21075, MDInternal Medicine1316969256
Onyinye C Onyekwere 20871, MDInternal Medicine1477658128
Frank N Gravino 20910, MDInternal Medicine1194820928
Amber Laurel Champion 89102, MDInternal Medicine1821258757
Aaron E Kenigsberg 20910, MDInternal Medicine1902901747
Alan I Schneider 20910, MDInternal Medicine1073692885
Srivatsan Raghavan 02215, MDInternal Medicine1497998546
Meha Varma 20852, MDInternal Medicine1225304926
Benjamin Frizner 17325, MDInternal Medicine1083633317
Yuanning Cao 21204, MDInternal Medicine1548687411
Queen Anne's Medical Center, Llc 21619, MDInternal Medicine1407359532
Santiago Alvarez Arango 21224, MDInternal Medicine1881005437
Otto Roza M.d., P.a. 21742, MDInternal Medicine1548256811
Nazee Farsi 92506, MDInternal Medicine1386826881
Vincent Florento Capaldi 20895, MDInternal Medicine1649476185
Sujay Pathak 21211, MDInternal Medicine1013246081
Sailu Ghimire 21224, MDInternal Medicine1104200906
Allcare Va Inc 22192, MDInternal Medicine1659743995
Suresh C Gupta Md Pa 20852, MDInternal Medicine1134114507
Sungho Han 01702, MDInternal Medicine1649657065
Sm Health, Llc 21001, MDInternal Medicine1073914487
Yeong Oh 21061, MDInternal Medicine1215953914
Mohammad Sarfarazi, Md, L.l.c. 20770, MDInternal Medicine1306917703
Farhan Ali 21201, MDInternal Medicine1629225529
Haimanot Haile 20032, MDInternal Medicine1659669067
Diljon Singh Chahal 21201, MDInternal Medicine1184883217
Andre S Colaco 21401, MDInternal Medicine1366598898
Brenna Roth 21201, MDInternal Medicine1770847857
Jeremy W Snyder 87102, MDInternal Medicine1790103612
Jocelyn Ronda 02149, MDInternal Medicine1851684856
Praveen Bolarum, Md Llc 20871, MDInternal Medicine1780165738
Rubina Khair 85012, MDInternal Medicine1316259542
David S Bostick 32806, MDInternal Medicine1477829125
Anoop Mohanbhai Patel 21204, MDInternal Medicine1629367123
Om Cardiology, Llc 21157, MDInternal Medicine1083125736
James N Tansinda 21229, MDInternal Medicine1184690141
Bahram Pishdad 20774, MDInternal Medicine1265502389
Clarksburg Medical Center Inc 20871, MDInternal Medicine1063721629
Samuel B Itscoitz 20602, MDInternal Medicine1760587596
David Press 20706, MDInternal Medicine1851573729
Integrated Wellness Md, Llc 22031, MDInternal Medicine1720448442
Advanced Medical Care Llc 20874, MDInternal Medicine1730398538
Wye Oak Healthcare Wellness Llc 20782, MDInternal Medicine1497269336
Kunjal Bharat Gandhi 30060, MDInternal Medicine1235438607
Ankita Saxena 10029, MDInternal Medicine1063835148
Mary Rochelle Smith 75235, MDInternal Medicine1700276268
Shahnaz K. Rao Mdpa 20715, MDInternal Medicine1851754469
Pallavi Gowda 20852, MDInternal Medicine1821257478
Dione Chua 21208, MDInternal Medicine1457668832
Brad Young 28374, MDInternal Medicine1902236128
Diakon Medical Group Llc 18966, MDInternal Medicine1689119794


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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