Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kenneth D Lempert 43623, MIInternal Medicine1528030376
Chompunut Asava Aree 28314, MIInternal Medicine1104113059
Arshad Ali Javed 43615, MIInternal Medicine1588950075
Feng Jiang 43560, MIInternal Medicine1457640807
Jeanne M Schall 49221, MIInternal Medicine1902881360
Pinnamaneni Ramakrishna Prasad 48101, MIInternal Medicine1821099045
Sudheer R Ummadi 48101, MIInternal Medicine1437118106
Nephrology Hypertension Clinic, Pc 48101, MIInternal Medicine1053466094
Chilakapati Vijaya Kumar 48195, MIInternal Medicine1457352676
Hygieia Clinic Michigan Pc 48152, MIInternal Medicine1780224204
Ulysses C Walls 49707, MIInternal Medicine1932101789
Andrew Waller 48197, MIInternal Medicine1053334219
Crystal A. Gadegbeku 19140, MIInternal Medicine1013099910
Diane Marie Cibrik 66160, MIInternal Medicine1508948407
Robert W Lash 20037, MIInternal Medicine1053494989
Fernando J Martinez 10065, MIInternal Medicine1336221241
Phanibindu Uppala 48160, MIInternal Medicine1710142732
Nirmal Kaur 48202, MIInternal Medicine1326166257
Samyukta Mullangi 10065, MIInternal Medicine1598143497
Vijiladevi Persis Dhas 19107, MIInternal Medicine1609085448
Rakesh Kilari 75093, MIInternal Medicine1750536736
Yaron Fridman 28803, MIInternal Medicine1861621732
Alexander Thomas Pearson 60637, MIInternal Medicine1134448665
Shristi Neupane 21078, MIInternal Medicine1699067520
Timothy Paul Capecchi 55455, MIInternal Medicine1508159054
Carl D Koch 15213, MIInternal Medicine1386873255
Fareeha Hafeez 12601, MIInternal Medicine1285981340
Daniel Leonard Albertus 23226, MIInternal Medicine1902148679
Seth M. Hale 75390, MIInternal Medicine1144666025
Nicholas Helmstetter 49008, MIInternal Medicine1699187955
Erica S. Herc 48202, MIInternal Medicine1891058418
Justin Arshed Shaya 92093, MIInternal Medicine1467830489
Joshua Dowd 27607, MIInternal Medicine1144631425
Joanna Hudson Queen 77030, MIInternal Medicine1508125089
Mariel Rosati Benjamin 48116, MIInternal Medicine1477895373
Jennifer Kennedy 95037, MIInternal Medicine1821472317
Amrita Padda 43560, MIInternal Medicine1336588425
Scott John Denstaedt 48103, MIInternal Medicine1336430875
Shahbaz Ahmed 75246, MIInternal Medicine1811308687
Jennifer Taylor 80045, MIInternal Medicine1831501196
Adil Jadoon 49801, MIInternal Medicine1588995807
Allan M. Seibert 84132, MIInternal Medicine1780979799
Anna Tavakkoli 75390, MIInternal Medicine1568752756
James W Davis 48201, MIInternal Medicine1346688181
Rishi Chanderraj 48109, MIInternal Medicine1346534153
Adnan Ajmal 85013, MIInternal Medicine1245494046
Benjamin Garmezy 77030, MIInternal Medicine1770961617
Allan Walter Barbish 49024, MIInternal Medicine1891743191
Andrew L Papez 85016, MIInternal Medicine1366466633
Rohan Bhandari 44195, MIInternal Medicine1558744474
Lora Reineck 20007, MIInternal Medicine1407978547
Shaker Samih Qaqish 11210, MIInternal Medicine1184914723
Hina Singh 48377, MIInternal Medicine1477516870
David Saxon 27514, MIInternal Medicine1679924443
Mohammed Abdul Haseeb Al-yafi 40536, MIInternal Medicine1639510753
Kurt C Kamper 48108, MIInternal Medicine1154370542
Susan Ann Kamper 48108, MIInternal Medicine1760431167
Mohamed Mustafa Elsunni 29605, MIInternal Medicine1376982348
Suraj Suresh 48202, MIInternal Medicine1669823902
Dekey Yangzom Lhewa 97239, MIInternal Medicine1518166438
Ashley Nicole Cobb Allen 27514, MIInternal Medicine1265883516
Dmitry Shuster 62703, MIInternal Medicine1053623504
Scott Roberts 06519, MIInternal Medicine1548673627
Zhigang Liu 49048, MIInternal Medicine1689931693
David Macari 43560, MIInternal Medicine1992116123
Adam M Lubert 45229, MIInternal Medicine1407020761
Aashesh Verma 60617, MIInternal Medicine1962815043
Leigh Klaus Swartz 23249, MIInternal Medicine1760724009
Adewunmi Nuga 98021, MIInternal Medicine1689022717
Marian Mocanu 48382, MIInternal Medicine1770768038
David Goldsmith Cohen 60453, MIInternal Medicine1053653279
Corey J. Lager 49024, MIInternal Medicine1295171189
Craig Michael Alpert 15212, MIInternal Medicine1811215577
Margaret Louise Salisbury 37232, MIInternal Medicine1225359037
Madeline Mahowald 55905, MIInternal Medicine1366856221
Harrison M Gimbel 53713, MIInternal Medicine1184042723
Nasir Mehmood Malik 08534, MIInternal Medicine1770831984
Jennifer K Maratt 46202, MIInternal Medicine1326368291
Maryam Saeed 28262, MIInternal Medicine1417137035
Pradeep Poonnen 27705, MIInternal Medicine1184035297
Meaghan Trainor 53792, MIInternal Medicine1730567736
Robert T. Bagwell 77025, MIInternal Medicine1518303510
Saeeda Fatima 04102, MIInternal Medicine1023490968
Garth William Strohbehn 48105, MIInternal Medicine1982015137
Oleg I Krijanovski 94704, MIInternal Medicine1841376704
Ryan Andrew Donald 43221, MIInternal Medicine1558604330
Yan Yang 76110, MIInternal Medicine1558532184
Monica Arlene Tincopa 80210, MIInternal Medicine1356511729
Sumana Devata 53226, MIInternal Medicine1265609564
Samir Bateriwala 48093, MIInternal Medicine1073835476
Hillary Ann Loomis-king 49684, MIInternal Medicine1346404068
John Travis Ludwig 60625, MIInternal Medicine1215342449
Patrick Bradley 48202, MIInternal Medicine1265799076
John Matthew Hancock 77030, MIInternal Medicine1104239409
Dabo Xu 96001, MIInternal Medicine1649616301
Regents Of The University Of Michigan 48109, MIInternal Medicine1245283993
Jeffrey A Potts 48706, MIInternal Medicine1700804820
Joseph Gamalski 48328, MIInternal Medicine1952741670
Thomas F. Ignaczak 49017, MIInternal Medicine1053480947
Vlad Apostol 44143, MIInternal Medicine1629334669
Rajeev Reddy Malireddy 49007, MIInternal Medicine1467884775
Christopher Brackshaw 49007, MIInternal Medicine1477946184
Selwan O. Edward 48124, MIInternal Medicine1376795559
Erik J Iversen 38401, MIInternal Medicine1851452312
Alexander P Brueder 70121, MIInternal Medicine1508124900
Kim Jeffrey Gloystein 49017, MIInternal Medicine1972539328
Mary Elizabeth Adams 23061, MIInternal Medicine1013424431
Recover Together, Inc. 26104, MIInternal Medicine1346736758
Priyanka Bikkina 49024, MIInternal Medicine1023437043
Mark Kevin Jacob 48801, MIInternal Medicine1063688497
Yaser Fathi Kawar 48202, MIInternal Medicine1811289911
Robert W. Shurmur 49017, MIInternal Medicine1477622264
Satish Kumar Solanki 49017, MIInternal Medicine1700821063
William Benjamin Workman 49015, MIInternal Medicine1407110257
Caleb Lee 22030, MIInternal Medicine1023201977
Ariyo Oluwole Olobatoke 30240, MIInternal Medicine1184890584
Syed R Hassan 48604, MIInternal Medicine1992748701
Jennifer D. Dochee 53511, MIInternal Medicine1093992836
Mohamad Al Sayed 92505, MIInternal Medicine1568428134
Purvaj Mahendra Patel 48864, MIInternal Medicine1730344029
Stephen J Mattichak 97420, MIInternal Medicine1013930189
Amaraja Kanitkar 48375, MIInternal Medicine1881912517
Hetal K. Brahmbhatt 37615, MIInternal Medicine1841283199
Nishit Arvind Choksi 48126, MIInternal Medicine1992764641
Mohamad Belal Aldaas 40202, MIInternal Medicine1992266092
Abdulgadir Khalifa Adam 48073, MIInternal Medicine1942493838
John Hosford Cooke 48124, MIInternal Medicine1720407737
Tara Deryavoush 48315, MIInternal Medicine1851718092
Gaps Health Mi P.c. 48017, MIInternal Medicine1154943017
Affiliated Knee Pain Specialists, Pllc 48317, MIInternal Medicine1699262006
Samuel T. Fawaz 48073, MIInternal Medicine1295945996
Steve Z Kallabat 48302, MIInternal Medicine1245291475
Adrienne Marie Aschmetat 49068, MIInternal Medicine1801184742
Gloria Kyomuhendo 28204, MIInternal Medicine1891215018
Diane Marie Kuehl 54911, MIInternal Medicine1598286940
Gerald J Levinson 48025, MIInternal Medicine1295749471
Cibar M Benitez Farina 48374, MIInternal Medicine1538325733
Xavier Md Pc 48025, MIInternal Medicine1265986806
Imad M Mansoor 48304, MIInternal Medicine1699883082
Mitchell Howard Folbe 48085, MIInternal Medicine1255321683
Mouhib Ayas 48085, MIInternal Medicine1811928047
Mohammad Muhsin Chisti 48085, MIInternal Medicine1598911448
Arja Md Pc 48446, MIInternal Medicine1124415161
Kenneth J Tobin 48084, MIInternal Medicine1700962727
Jason Christopher Paris 48154, MIInternal Medicine1376502096
Roberto Joaquin Fernandez 55802, MIInternal Medicine1922446459
William H. George 49686, MIInternal Medicine1205839131
John L Coatney 49684, MIInternal Medicine1518286046
Jennifer Gas Emmons 48043, MIInternal Medicine1932549086
Nathan Craig Boss 49720, MIInternal Medicine1699794958
Joseph Gibbs 48202, MIInternal Medicine1053654665
Sina Jame 49684, MIInternal Medicine1366885824
Naushad Pervez 48101, MIInternal Medicine1962403170
Nephrology Hypertension Clinic Pc 48101, MIInternal Medicine1225103740
Hossam Alzu'bi 55912, MIInternal Medicine1821403783
Kamala Sudha Paidipaty 48726, MIInternal Medicine1629176698
Oncology Hematology Associates Of Saginaw Valley Pc 48604, MIInternal Medicine1366472169
Bei Fang Liu 48604, MIInternal Medicine1508887829
John K Bartnik 48604, MIInternal Medicine1740211275
Vituity Michigan Hospitalists Pc 48912, MIInternal Medicine1487278156
Scheurer Hospital 48755, MIInternal Medicine1104016849
Manveen K Saluja 48084, MIInternal Medicine1386635084
Renny Abraham 48371, MIInternal Medicine1811995673
Poorna Ramachandran 80907, MIInternal Medicine1851534267
Andrew M Adams 49684, MIInternal Medicine1174864383
Nickolas Gangwer 84403, MIInternal Medicine1942610993
Michael Thomas Fackler 81003, MIInternal Medicine1770943508
Dharika Pareshkumar Shah 27157, MIInternal Medicine1124488580
Amal Khalife 48073, MIInternal Medicine1790146009
Joseph G Abbo 49444, MIInternal Medicine1982136503
Emily Wittenberg 80909, MIInternal Medicine1730541459
Derek Wong 43920, MIInternal Medicine1114374782
Berhane Seyoum 48201, MIInternal Medicine1699702241
Natesh Lingam 48043, MIInternal Medicine1801005145
Nikhil Vivek Ambulgekar 48043, MIInternal Medicine1497074264
Vijay Ravin Patel 48043, MIInternal Medicine1407066350
Rudyard Limsingian Dimson 48038, MIInternal Medicine1700956356
Katherine Doyle 48312, MIInternal Medicine1497097158
Mindy Raminick 48336, MIInternal Medicine1306292438
Promedica North Physicians Corporation 49252, MIInternal Medicine1780228163
Steven D Belen 48381, MIInternal Medicine1679564843
Raied M Hanna 48066, MIInternal Medicine1417125519
Elyse Marie Hewitt 48328, MIInternal Medicine1083006407
Jeff Marshick 48346, MIInternal Medicine1811013865
Mustafa Chokr 49007, MIInternal Medicine1033501044
Sheeda Golian 46901, MIInternal Medicine1780034900
Christopher Hendrickson 35801, MIInternal Medicine1356702427
Ziad Tahawi 48124, MIInternal Medicine1669425633
Puja Gupta 48109, MIInternal Medicine1407237860
Mohmmed Yazeed Al Shihabi 48093, MIInternal Medicine1679678353
Fadi Musa Abuhmaid 48101, MIInternal Medicine1396869665
Dumitru Medical Center, P.c. 48312, MIInternal Medicine1770769879
Roja R. Ramisetty 48334, MIInternal Medicine1811019458
Mohammed A. Arman M.d. Pc 48126, MIInternal Medicine1417145947
Moustafa Moataz Aboshady 90720, MIInternal Medicine1003127655
Tamam Mohamad 48201, MIInternal Medicine1457687584
Asia Maxine Bradley 48034, MIInternal Medicine1821437211
Mahjabeen Waris 48124, MIInternal Medicine1801326350
Hafsa Abdulshakur Parpia 48124, MIInternal Medicine1548754732
Halo Endocrinology 48201, MIInternal Medicine1386101285


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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