Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Harvinder Paul Singh 49525, MIInternal Medicine1861495558
Dennis L Disch 49120, MIInternal Medicine1003812926
Karl John Lauterbach 49417, MIInternal Medicine1902184666
Anand N Hiremath 48101, MIInternal Medicine1326049537
Pinnamaneni Ramakrishna Prasad 48101, MIInternal Medicine1821099045
Syed Shah Ali Akbar 48101, MIInternal Medicine1477554699
Naushad Pervez 48101, MIInternal Medicine1962403170
David R Folkmier 49442, MIInternal Medicine1871587287
Jixian Wu 48038, MIInternal Medicine1326032202
Kimberley N Pryor 30308, MIInternal Medicine1578557559
David Alan Brill 06385, MIInternal Medicine1437146404
Peter Grubel 50325, MIInternal Medicine1376531335
James B Bragman 48322, MIInternal Medicine1558352286
Manveen K Saluja 48084, MIInternal Medicine1386635084
Steven D Belen 48381, MIInternal Medicine1679564843
Eric C Feucht 49519, MIInternal Medicine1356321996
Gabriel E Pedraza 49519, MIInternal Medicine1992785588
Angela Amudha Xavier 48075, MIInternal Medicine1558320432
Bruce Genovese 34112, MIInternal Medicine1316914484
Pulin Pravin Patel 48043, MIInternal Medicine1710950951
Sudheer R Ummadi 48101, MIInternal Medicine1437118106
Gregory R Neagos 49519, MIInternal Medicine1497716633
Matthew V Zaccheo 49519, MIInternal Medicine1033173257
Ziad Tahawi 48124, MIInternal Medicine1669425633
Lowell R Schmeltz 48334, MIInternal Medicine1538112917
Steve Z Kallabat 48302, MIInternal Medicine1245291475
Timothy Daum 49519, MIInternal Medicine1700832615
James Hoekwater 49546, MIInternal Medicine1518906163
Hurley Health Services 48420, MIInternal Medicine1558302497
Firdous Anjum Siddiqui 48034, MIInternal Medicine1538107651
Nicholas John Cretu 48201, MIInternal Medicine1689611188
Debra Beth Klueger 48084, MIInternal Medicine1881649390
Danielle Light 49519, MIInternal Medicine1154368660
Mir M Asghar 48843, MIInternal Medicine1194752543
Dawn M Severson 48315, MIInternal Medicine1558317990
Terrance William Barnes 49519, MIInternal Medicine1891735981
Muhamad Adeeb Safiia 46250, MIInternal Medicine1407882798
Douglas R Vanderjagt 48895, MIInternal Medicine1730121880
Mark J Tieszen 49007, MIInternal Medicine1003838681
Gerald J Levinson 48025, MIInternal Medicine1295749471
Shaileshkumar K Desai 48098, MIInternal Medicine1225046220
Howard Stuart Blank 48334, MIInternal Medicine1699787424
Beverly L Blaney 48080, MIInternal Medicine1205856044
John D Kolstoe 56601, MIInternal Medicine1124043229
Chandra S Reddy 48309, MIInternal Medicine1083649545
Andrew Waller 48197, MIInternal Medicine1053334219
Steven F Ramus 48092, MIInternal Medicine1215960125
Padma V Chandika 55407, MIInternal Medicine1326072521
Puja Gupta 48109, MIInternal Medicine1407237860
Andrew R Weber 54401, MIInternal Medicine1376563361
Aaron W Maddox 48034, MIInternal Medicine1235143777
Stephanie L Whisiker-lewis 28304, MIInternal Medicine1992710446
Praveena Koneru 48101, MIInternal Medicine1689696106
Imad Ayyar 48197, MIInternal Medicine1073515268
Hester Susie Pernell 48075, MIInternal Medicine1124120423
Najah N Rassam 48374, MIInternal Medicine1780795518
Kenneth J Tobin 48084, MIInternal Medicine1700962727
Mamoon M Elbedawi 48532, MIInternal Medicine1770662553
Anne Bagley 04330, MIInternal Medicine1336221084
Samuel Kirk Payne 23606, MIInternal Medicine1740366970
Thomas F. Ignaczak 49017, MIInternal Medicine1053480947
Crystal A. Gadegbeku 19140, MIInternal Medicine1013099910
Susan Elizabeth Little Jones 48076, MIInternal Medicine1366530941
Diane Marie Cibrik 66160, MIInternal Medicine1508948407
Lisa Ann Ryan 49007, MIInternal Medicine1710207444
Robert W Lash 20037, MIInternal Medicine1053494989
Nicholas Haddad 48602, MIInternal Medicine1770688111
Patricia Claudia Cagnoli 48116, MIInternal Medicine1457458713
Michael Peter Mendez 48109, MIInternal Medicine1093897514
Julie Anne Kovach 43614, MIInternal Medicine1316023369
Sungnan Park-davis 48377, MIInternal Medicine1932291432
Kamala Sudha Paidipaty 48726, MIInternal Medicine1629176698
Mohmmed Yazeed Al Shihabi 48093, MIInternal Medicine1679678353
Michigan Cardiology Associates Pc 48184, MIInternal Medicine1275618027
Fernando J Martinez 10065, MIInternal Medicine1336221241
Imad M Mansoor 48304, MIInternal Medicine1699883082
Mada H Jamil 48314, MIInternal Medicine1386716280
Roger N Kahn 48601, MIInternal Medicine1790824142
Bruno Digiovine 48197, MIInternal Medicine1538237078
Anthony F Harris 48034, MIInternal Medicine1235207416
Fadi Musa Abuhmaid 48101, MIInternal Medicine1396869665
Jeffrey Michael Gutman 48101, MIInternal Medicine1013077866
James Douglas Birmingham 49519, MIInternal Medicine1891811543
Dumitru Medical Center, P.c. 48312, MIInternal Medicine1770769879
Fadi Abu Yasin 48188, MIInternal Medicine1417070590
Shabier Raffee 48197, MIInternal Medicine1962661975
Ryan Daniel Hamby 49519, MIInternal Medicine1871793216
Nabeel Shabo 48075, MIInternal Medicine1619177011
Yan Yang 76104, MIInternal Medicine1558532184
Anupama Devara 48034, MIInternal Medicine1831365675
Arfaat Mohammed Khan 48202, MIInternal Medicine1538379144
David Ryan Heger 48439, MIInternal Medicine1225200165
Kurtis Rosendo Moodie 95816, MIInternal Medicine1346413424
Raya Cruz Beiz 48602, MIInternal Medicine1578726899
Davorka Nikolic 53051, MIInternal Medicine1487819496
Phanibindu Uppala 48160, MIInternal Medicine1710142732
Mir M. Asghar Md Plc 48843, MIInternal Medicine1790967206
Roja R. Ramisetty 48334, MIInternal Medicine1811019458
Vitalie V Ureche 49444, MIInternal Medicine1881894400
Nirmal Kaur 48202, MIInternal Medicine1326166257
Wilfredo Jose Romero Ubillus 60302, MIInternal Medicine1164686218
Shadi I Jibawi 60461, MIInternal Medicine1568622686
Samyukta Mullangi 10065, MIInternal Medicine1598143497
Lindsay Leigh Oliveira 49445, MIInternal Medicine1942427935
Laura E. Howe 49686, MIInternal Medicine1407053275
Jennifer Dochee 65065, MIInternal Medicine1093992836
Badawi Abdellatif 48084, MIInternal Medicine1376740548
Aneela Aman 48038, MIInternal Medicine1629231931
Albert Da-tzu Ho 49503, MIInternal Medicine1710165030
Vijiladevi Persis Dhas 19107, MIInternal Medicine1609085448
Mohammed A. Arman M.d. Pc 48126, MIInternal Medicine1417145947
Hillary Ann Loomis-king 49686, MIInternal Medicine1346404068
Rakesh Kilari 75093, MIInternal Medicine1750536736
Rajinder Singh Marok 49525, MIInternal Medicine1740410455
Neha Prabhakar Kharod 30180, MIInternal Medicine1851520019
Poorna Ramachandran 80907, MIInternal Medicine1851534267
Yaron Fridman 28803, MIInternal Medicine1861621732
Moustafa Moataz Aboshady 90720, MIInternal Medicine1003127655
Mahmoud Assaad 48334, MIInternal Medicine1114232410
Tammy Theresa Tran 49519, MIInternal Medicine1578856530
Luke Alan Deroo 49519, MIInternal Medicine1891081758
Keith E. Mullins 48126, MIInternal Medicine1992090906
Gunjan Gholkar 49519, MIInternal Medicine1386922003
Robert Allan Prinzi 29566, MIInternal Medicine1508131954
Gurpreet Singh Chahal 89502, MIInternal Medicine1659502342
Lochana Manandhar 48602, MIInternal Medicine1801121389
Roshni Mukesh Shah 48075, MIInternal Medicine1962705004
Vivekananda Sharanappa Adike 45255, MIInternal Medicine1689961278
Jonathan David Perez 31201, MIInternal Medicine1801162029
Amy Houghton Attaway 44195, MIInternal Medicine1215220751
Ernest Alexander Vera-vazquez 46619, MIInternal Medicine1689968349
Binal Gajjar 75165, MIInternal Medicine1457648396
Mohammed Helmy Mahmoud 48202, MIInternal Medicine1942598784
Chetna Jinjuvadia 48201, MIInternal Medicine1104067305
Yuvraj Sharma 48377, MIInternal Medicine1952539777
Osama Mustafa Qaqi 48201, MIInternal Medicine1508094210
Mitchell Ford Peabody 32308, MIInternal Medicine1699905364
Sajith Matthews 48201, MIInternal Medicine1649402157
Monica Anna Bowen 49444, MIInternal Medicine1366768756
Alexander Thomas Pearson 60637, MIInternal Medicine1134448665
Haitham El-haddad 38120, MIInternal Medicine1760790976
Lauren Ashley Aymen 48334, MIInternal Medicine1659667665
Dania Khoulani 48202, MIInternal Medicine1154610236
Mariam Younas 29203, MIInternal Medicine1891922969
Tamam Mohamad 48201, MIInternal Medicine1457687584
Raja Muhammad Khan 45429, MIInternal Medicine1124307459
Vikas Taneja 32750, MIInternal Medicine1851606966
Barbara Lee Ciesliga 48507, MIInternal Medicine1851525802
Satish Chandolu 32806, MIInternal Medicine1053604124
Raminderjit Sekhon 48124, MIInternal Medicine1346553476
Faiza Bhatti 48377, MIInternal Medicine1144556499
Tiberio Michele Frisoli 48183, MIInternal Medicine1609178581
Mahmoud Nabil Sabbagh 48201, MIInternal Medicine1770898090
Priyanka Srinivas 40701, MIInternal Medicine1093029282
Tushar Anil Tuliani 97504, MIInternal Medicine1821377961
Shristi Neupane 21078, MIInternal Medicine1699067520
Ann Marie Bach Schreiber 98003, MIInternal Medicine1376863050
Shawkee Aboualayoui 49007, MIInternal Medicine1407236607
Barbara Ann Menzies-williams 48210, MIInternal Medicine1538305909
Pedro Manuel Calderon Artero 75701, MIInternal Medicine1568751196
Valerie Laniosz 60561, MIInternal Medicine1699064824
Timothy Paul Capecchi 55455, MIInternal Medicine1508159054
Carl D Koch 15213, MIInternal Medicine1386873255
Ahmed Kheiwa 92354, MIInternal Medicine1285865675
Salome Sookdieopersad 30901, MIInternal Medicine1104137520
Iha Health Services Corporation 48197, MIInternal Medicine1609160928
Moshrik Abd-alamir 43614, MIInternal Medicine1386879054
Jill Patricia-funnell Savage 48334, MIInternal Medicine1649582040
Ravinder Datt Bhanot 48601, MIInternal Medicine1558649202
Belisario Augusto Arango 84405, MIInternal Medicine1295976827
Kimberly M Farrow 48201, MIInternal Medicine1982930038
Amy Elizabeth Daliman 85206, MIInternal Medicine1326333733
Victor Savinov 48197, MIInternal Medicine1437300845
Pratik Kamal Dalal 48073, MIInternal Medicine1053639336
David H Rustom 48201, MIInternal Medicine1073877320
Hema Madhavi Vankayala 32003, MIInternal Medicine1023227691
Anmol Dhillon 38119, MIInternal Medicine1871792259
Anna Dobosz 48197, MIInternal Medicine1598022519
Rachel B Marcucci 48154, MIInternal Medicine1902167737
Suzan Qusay Mahdai 48201, MIInternal Medicine1598015679
Muhammad Saeed Javed 60050, MIInternal Medicine1184892283
Charles Jaiyeoba 48154, MIInternal Medicine1942439336
Luis Martinez 93309, MIInternal Medicine1194088583
Fareeha Hafeez 12601, MIInternal Medicine1285981340
Christina Denise Downey 92354, MIInternal Medicine1558625285
Daniel Leonard Albertus 23226, MIInternal Medicine1902148679
Philip James Mcdonald 48503, MIInternal Medicine1952644122
Maria Carmen Sturla 48197, MIInternal Medicine1891038576
Juraj Zahatnansky 60504, MIInternal Medicine1588001754
Stephanie Michelle Biedny 48073, MIInternal Medicine1538506738
Jared Thomas Alberts 27834, MIInternal Medicine1295172286
Seth M. Hale 75390, MIInternal Medicine1144666025
Sairia Dass Ramcharan 49201, MIInternal Medicine1831537265
Nashwa Khogali-jakary 48084, MIInternal Medicine1033539846
Mitchell Joseph Thomas Durante 63136, MIInternal Medicine1861837783
Jason Khoa Lam 63104, MIInternal Medicine1861837338
Amanda L. Winston 48423, MIInternal Medicine1477992360
Jasdeep Kaur Sidhu 48322, MIInternal Medicine1417295155
Sandeep Patri 54301, MIInternal Medicine1730592189
Walid Semaan 39648, MIInternal Medicine1982013710


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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