Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Layth Maolood 48140, MIInternal Medicine1790788701
Umakant Shivlal Doctor 49048, MIInternal Medicine1649273855
Martin F Mcgough 48307, MIInternal Medicine1245233352
John Scott Heath 48307, MIInternal Medicine1881697985
Michael I Dangovian 48310, MIInternal Medicine1134122245
Ken Ochiai 49085, MIInternal Medicine1629455050
Brian T Eller 49085, MIInternal Medicine1457354482
William H. George 49601, MIInternal Medicine1205839131
Steven Victor Stryk 48188, MIInternal Medicine1285637165
Grant Adam Lange 48315, MIInternal Medicine1427051127
Gary Sheldon Salem 48446, MIInternal Medicine1205839909
Michael Carl Davis 48083, MIInternal Medicine1811990518
Harvinder Paul Singh 49525, MIInternal Medicine1861495558
Theodore A Wizenberg 48034, MIInternal Medicine1932102423
Nadeem Patel 76234, MIInternal Medicine1902809486
Gordon F Vanotteren 49504, MIInternal Medicine1326041773
Botsford General Hospital 48336, MIInternal Medicine1609311794
Rakesh Lattupalli 48021, MIInternal Medicine1841292158
Pulmonary And Critical Care Of Northwest Michigan, P.c. 49684, MIInternal Medicine1679575971
Lauri B. Conroy 48054, MIInternal Medicine1023010360
Edward A Hatt 49444, MIInternal Medicine1770587008
Troy E. Pascoe 49017, MIInternal Medicine1619979838
Edwin J Shakun 46142, MIInternal Medicine1467454660
Rafael Barretto 48098, MIInternal Medicine1942202122
Waleed H Doghmi 48640, MIInternal Medicine1023010204
Deborah Lynn Peery 48176, MIInternal Medicine1396747572
Thomas F. Alguire 49417, MIInternal Medicine1952303117
James J Bleicher 49444, MIInternal Medicine1740282904
Manohar Atri 48604, MIInternal Medicine1346242591
Mustafa A Hashem 48195, MIInternal Medicine1699777995
Osama N. Nunu 48098, MIInternal Medicine1831191170
Basem Almasri 48066, MIInternal Medicine1326040510
Imad Ayyar 48197, MIInternal Medicine1073515268
Gina Marie D'ambrosio 48150, MIInternal Medicine1790789055
Patricia Deloof 48315, MIInternal Medicine1245234509
John P Bartlett 49855, MIInternal Medicine1821090994
Kristine E. Bobish 49735, MIInternal Medicine1558365817
Timothy Peter Boufford 48038, MIInternal Medicine1811991177
Anita Irene Charochak 49519, MIInternal Medicine1760484869
Mudassir Ali Daimee 48098, MIInternal Medicine1205838307
Cary M. Bjork 49855, MIInternal Medicine1336143601
Andrea Mary Sloan 48098, MIInternal Medicine1053315325
Elizabeth Shannon Elliot 49684, MIInternal Medicine1013919109
Jeffrey B Mcclure 49221, MIInternal Medicine1497757579
Patricia Reilly Lagrand 49503, MIInternal Medicine1215931258
Mario Julio-correia Demeireles 48124, MIInternal Medicine1255335097
Douglas R Moore 48080, MIInternal Medicine1194729053
William A Bush 48843, MIInternal Medicine1730183575
Thomas V Bilisko 49519, MIInternal Medicine1275537011
Gerald R Dreslinski 48843, MIInternal Medicine1578567327
Michael D Castillo 48315, MIInternal Medicine1417951211
Kenneth J Fawcett 49525, MIInternal Medicine1972507788
Nagashree Chandrashekar 48075, MIInternal Medicine1821092750
Arthur E Varner 43235, MIInternal Medicine1164426029
Haresh Jani 49203, MIInternal Medicine1760486583
David R. Heyboer 49418, MIInternal Medicine1427052265
Charles E Kelly 48843, MIInternal Medicine1881698629
Victor Abiragi 48081, MIInternal Medicine1447254248
Joseph J Skandalaris 48843, MIInternal Medicine1477557056
Scott B Brasseur 49058, MIInternal Medicine1992709562
Josip Divic 49503, MIInternal Medicine1770587305
Stephen Macedo 49546, MIInternal Medicine1841294477
Thomas Wesley Brink 49508, MIInternal Medicine1750385241
Robert D. Lang 49546, MIInternal Medicine1871597377
James A. Geissler 49508, MIInternal Medicine1194729699
Marcus G. Beversluis 49508, MIInternal Medicine1629072145
Robert Mackinder 49525, MIInternal Medicine1124022660
Thomas F. Huffman 49855, MIInternal Medicine1902800345
Martha J Short 49855, MIInternal Medicine1811991250
Leslie A. Robb 49855, MIInternal Medicine1447254883
Islam K Quasem 49855, MIInternal Medicine1174527519
Lowell D Smith 49085, MIInternal Medicine1689678021
Carol Ann Pisarello 49508, MIInternal Medicine1679577019
Philip E Henderson 49341, MIInternal Medicine1225032709
Paula Ann Chorazy 48075, MIInternal Medicine1821092305
James D Sitek 49684, MIInternal Medicine1205831617
Northern Michigan Gastroenterology Plc 49684, MIInternal Medicine1659376077
William Clark Decker 49221, MIInternal Medicine1942205208
Troy W Ahlstrom 49684, MIInternal Medicine1548265911
Robert F Sigworth 49684, MIInternal Medicine1336144740
John Imad Jarad 48060, MIInternal Medicine1245235654
Lawrence H Warbasse 49684, MIInternal Medicine1902801327
Kevin Mccormick 49508, MIInternal Medicine1043215486
David A Friar 49684, MIInternal Medicine1720083108
Michael P Salata 49684, MIInternal Medicine1275538670
Richard A Woodbury 49684, MIInternal Medicine1497750814
Craig E Cole 48109, MIInternal Medicine1700881059
Stuart Lee Warnaar 49684, MIInternal Medicine1245235472
William Arthur Howard 49684, MIInternal Medicine1588669725
Natalie S Brown 49684, MIInternal Medicine1427053529
Erik J Carson 48197, MIInternal Medicine1235134339
Michiana Hematology Oncology Of Michigan, P.c. 49120, MIInternal Medicine1235134461
Gerald Lee 49544, MIInternal Medicine1265437420
Kenneth W Friar 49684, MIInternal Medicine1730184847
Jeet N Pillay 48390, MIInternal Medicine1891790663
Julia Serge Greer 48374, MIInternal Medicine1437154200
Henry Grady Bone 48236, MIInternal Medicine1598760688
Joan Pinto 48236, MIInternal Medicine1316942402
Kenneth Son 48054, MIInternal Medicine1831194992
Mohammad Waseem Farra 48336, MIInternal Medicine1609871771
Howard B Kerwin 48038, MIInternal Medicine1134124209
Craig Newton Norris 48038, MIInternal Medicine1588669659
Richard L Reece 48043, MIInternal Medicine1255336335
David James Straight 49684, MIInternal Medicine1760487805
George Grunberger 48302, MIInternal Medicine1477558450
Ronald Philip Dalton 49935, MIInternal Medicine1407851413
Robert K Jarve 49544, MIInternal Medicine1285639161
Daniel Allen Farrell 49444, MIInternal Medicine1336144260
Daniel William Berland 48109, MIInternal Medicine1063417731
Christopher M Reynolds 48197, MIInternal Medicine1710982533
Gary John Palmer 45459, MIInternal Medicine1053316893
Andrew C Eisenberg 48197, MIInternal Medicine1174528921
David Bruce Macdougall 49684, MIInternal Medicine1659376416
Paul James Turner 49684, MIInternal Medicine1811992571
Maridel Aileen Hernandez 48080, MIInternal Medicine1023013711
Richard M Hidalgo 48150, MIInternal Medicine1427053115
Jonna Leigh Schmidt 49247, MIInternal Medicine1841295698
Lanore P Najor 48334, MIInternal Medicine1740285493
Jyothsna Yalavarthi 48336, MIInternal Medicine1003811662
Shyam Mahesh 48197, MIInternal Medicine1962407569
Alison Petrovich 46307, MIInternal Medicine1588669188
Raghu Mulpuri 48088, MIInternal Medicine1518962133
Blanka Girard 48105, MIInternal Medicine1295730745
Professional Emergency Care, P.c. 48124, MIInternal Medicine1578568036
Alka Jain 48382, MIInternal Medicine1962407544
Harpal Jande 48094, MIInternal Medicine1215932892
Samra Khurshid 48192, MIInternal Medicine1669477246
Amy Mccarthy 48360, MIInternal Medicine1972509404
Eric P Lester 49085, MIInternal Medicine1619972122
Hikmet H Sipahi 49444, MIInternal Medicine1396740825
Timothy Dickson 48360, MIInternal Medicine1366448896
Joel C Engel 48066, MIInternal Medicine1255337689
Kathryn B Alguire 49444, MIInternal Medicine1568468882
Bellin Health Iron Mountain Inc 49801, MIInternal Medicine1023506706
Michael L Mawby 49684, MIInternal Medicine1720084114
Martha L Gray 48105, MIInternal Medicine1801892294
Karen L Garibaldi 49418, MIInternal Medicine1396741682
Surinder Mohan Kaura 48101, MIInternal Medicine1750387056
Tony Nguyen 48098, MIInternal Medicine1396741567
Zaid Siddiqui 48073, MIInternal Medicine1285014035
Thomas Quinn 48073, MIInternal Medicine1093195844
Sherrell A O'donnell 49085, MIInternal Medicine1699771725
Anthony P Salvagione 49085, MIInternal Medicine1124024260
John Oliver Zachman 49684, MIInternal Medicine1932105921
Edmund B Paloyan 49085, MIInternal Medicine1972509081
Betty Koshy 49085, MIInternal Medicine1437155561
David L Oviatt 49525, MIInternal Medicine1164428298
Mahmood Fattooh Moosa 48161, MIInternal Medicine1669478681
Haematology oncology Associates Of Ohio And Michigan Pc 48144, MIInternal Medicine1841296605
Bruce G Johnson 48150, MIInternal Medicine1245236215
Kiran Kinra 48433, MIInternal Medicine1033115944
Louis W Marks 49525, MIInternal Medicine1588660468
John B O'donnell 49525, MIInternal Medicine1811993702
Dennis L Disch 49120, MIInternal Medicine1003812926
Internal Medicine Associates Of Mt. Clemens, Pc 48043, MIInternal Medicine1306842190
Jerome H Finkel 48043, MIInternal Medicine1942206735
Seref Bornovali 45140, MIInternal Medicine1508862244
Franklin J Rosenblat 48329, MIInternal Medicine1689671281
Shahzad Shaikh 49201, MIInternal Medicine1598761108
Tedd L March 48162, MIInternal Medicine1043216658
Daniel Michael Navin 49684, MIInternal Medicine1366448995
Sara Hashemian 48105, MIInternal Medicine1427054006
Luzviminda C Rivera 48146, MIInternal Medicine1851397418
Joseph Gerard Will 49684, MIInternal Medicine1588660112
Michael Casmir Kowalczyk 48911, MIInternal Medicine1649277211
Milliken Medical Pllc 49684, MIInternal Medicine1992702567
Muhammed Rashid Mirza 48658, MIInternal Medicine1437156015
John Paul Krcmarik 49684, MIInternal Medicine1932106531
Deborah Jo Ochs 49684, MIInternal Medicine1518964030
Charles John Gwizdala 49684, MIInternal Medicine1326045840
Irene Signori 48126, MIInternal Medicine1336146828
Thomas G Ling 49720, MIInternal Medicine1528065034
Melanie S Manary 49770, MIInternal Medicine1437156940
Rose Johnson 49201, MIInternal Medicine1437156858
Paul D Blanchard 49770, MIInternal Medicine1588661086
John L Diedrich 49770, MIInternal Medicine1114924610
Timothy J Ismond 49770, MIInternal Medicine1649277153
Mark A Richmond 49770, MIInternal Medicine1144227653
Michel Moussa Hanna 48307, MIInternal Medicine1811994288
Terry S Jackson 49770, MIInternal Medicine1932106234
Dalinda Berk Reese 48104, MIInternal Medicine1386641769
James Grawn Milliken 49684, MIInternal Medicine1467459867
Jeffrey Paul Berger 48152, MIInternal Medicine1962409292
Maureen E Doull 49770, MIInternal Medicine1881691095
Peter R Paul 48105, MIInternal Medicine1407853617
William F Heise 49770, MIInternal Medicine1760489959
Peter J Meyers 48187, MIInternal Medicine1588661771
Michael Rottman 48093, MIInternal Medicine1699772855
Ruth A Rydstedt 48043, MIInternal Medicine1326045584
Neil H. Alperin 48093, MIInternal Medicine1275530420
Anthony P. Baron 48093, MIInternal Medicine1184621336
Scot F Goldberg 48093, MIInternal Medicine1093712259
Baruch Katz 48093, MIInternal Medicine1902803166
Allen N Stawis 48093, MIInternal Medicine1720085988
Pasquale B. Iaderosa 48043, MIInternal Medicine1962409094
Sarine John-rosman 48066, MIInternal Medicine1871590901
Charu L Trivedi 48162, MIInternal Medicine1386641397
Cynthia L Glines 49684, MIInternal Medicine1770580953
Majid Alzagoum 48066, MIInternal Medicine1053318170
Brian A. Barbish 48066, MIInternal Medicine1568469666


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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