Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Glenn H. Nordehn 55767, MNInternal Medicine1407859002
Molly E Martin 55435, MNInternal Medicine1538162128
Bridget M. Dewey 55072, MNInternal Medicine1073516647
Paul R. Dewey 55767, MNInternal Medicine1760485387
Laura A. Diamandopoulos 55435, MNInternal Medicine1265436505
David Charles Zoschke 55435, MNInternal Medicine1548264344
James W Wilde 55947, MNInternal Medicine1508860255
Thomas L Zurbriggen 55082, MNInternal Medicine1417951021
Gary L Bryant 55455, MNInternal Medicine1558365122
Paul Harvey Waytz 55435, MNInternal Medicine1285638163
Paul James Kuhnmuench 55109, MNInternal Medicine1972508331
Richard V Castle 56401, MNInternal Medicine1629450689
Tiffany Beckman 55404, MNInternal Medicine1174528939
Paul S. Gotlieb 55435, MNInternal Medicine1578569042
Charles R Meyer 55423, MNInternal Medicine1639175102
Praveena M Kanth 55435, MNInternal Medicine1437155678
David J Walcher 55435, MNInternal Medicine1972509255
Gary L Brunkow 55435, MNInternal Medicine1558367847
Merlin Emery Brown 55435, MNInternal Medicine1053317354
Charles Leroy Murray 55379, MNInternal Medicine1023014115
James W Adams 55109, MNInternal Medicine1700882495
Bruce Meyer 55417, MNInternal Medicine1154326635
Gary M Ivins 55344, MNInternal Medicine1083610356
Bruce Myron Greenfield 56401, MNInternal Medicine1902805724
Henry M Dvorak 55387, MNInternal Medicine1255330247
Stuart H. Borken 55404, MNInternal Medicine1487653564
Ronald W. Kaufman 55441, MNInternal Medicine1295734374
William R Peglow 55387, MNInternal Medicine1740289784
Jo M Berger 55364, MNInternal Medicine1487653473
Kevin M White 55384, MNInternal Medicine1285634162
Thomas G Stocks 55384, MNInternal Medicine1104826064
Carol Ann Sharpe 55435, MNInternal Medicine1790785939
Andrew William Mckibben 55746, MNInternal Medicine1427057447
Jan Diane Johnson 55421, MNInternal Medicine1407856859
Michael John O'connell 55902, MNInternal Medicine1033110259
Bernard Rudolph Erickson 56303, MNInternal Medicine1306848122
Keith G Lurie 56303, MNInternal Medicine1679575492
Simon Milstein 56303, MNInternal Medicine1164424974
Richard J Backes 56303, MNInternal Medicine1871595686
Richard Eli Jolkovsky 56303, MNInternal Medicine1154323970
Mark J Martone 56303, MNInternal Medicine1073515805
John M Mahowald 56303, MNInternal Medicine1952303570
Mark E Johnson 56303, MNInternal Medicine1568454502
Nancy Beth Cockson 55435, MNInternal Medicine1134111321
Jeanne Marie Finney 55435, MNInternal Medicine1447242581
Jose Julian Contreras 33016, MNInternal Medicine1578555249
Gumersindo Alampay Alvero 56143, MNInternal Medicine1588657829
Ann Dunnigan 56303, MNInternal Medicine1740273374
Daniel James Tiede 56303, MNInternal Medicine1306839949
Matthew J Paquette 55110, MNInternal Medicine1194726554
Martin S Blumenreich 55387, MNInternal Medicine1922076686
Lucia Astrid Garino 55433, MNInternal Medicine1104836154
John James Baga 55720, MNInternal Medicine1770577033
Ronald R Molony 55415, MNInternal Medicine1851385637
Richard L Aplin 56303, MNInternal Medicine1841284791
Demosthenes N Iskos 55435, MNInternal Medicine1710972864
Pradub Sukhum 56303, MNInternal Medicine1679568687
Hieu Joe Van Nguyen 56303, MNInternal Medicine1194710061
Stuart A Torgerson 55114, MNInternal Medicine1750376596
Anastas C Provatas 55746, MNInternal Medicine1497740054
Dahlia Awais 55117, MNInternal Medicine1154316750
Lawrence Neil Mulmed 55404, MNInternal Medicine1245226562
Timothy N Schuchard 56303, MNInternal Medicine1114913217
Gerard L Bobeldyk 56374, MNInternal Medicine1265429542
Preman Singh 56001, MNInternal Medicine1235126202
Juan Pablo Arab Verdugo 55905, MNInternal Medicine1073049748
Melissa Appel 55044, MNInternal Medicine1710971833
Jacob Ijdo 55905, MNInternal Medicine1720075872
Douglas Kent Boehm 55101, MNInternal Medicine1215923172
Peter Thomas Smyth 55336, MNInternal Medicine1649268707
Barbara J Bollinger 56303, MNInternal Medicine1174512081
Tamara W Congdon 56303, MNInternal Medicine1144219056
Andrea M Boe 56308, MNInternal Medicine1033108949
Michael Raymond Keating 55905, MNInternal Medicine1013906742
Ahmed El-sayed Kandiel 55123, MNInternal Medicine1700875457
Perry J Severance 56303, MNInternal Medicine1306835004
Robert W. Neilson 55987, MNInternal Medicine1952390338
Thomas M Math 56303, MNInternal Medicine1215927835
John C Johnson 56303, MNInternal Medicine1760472336
Thomas W Leither 56303, MNInternal Medicine1982694584
David L Shuster 56303, MNInternal Medicine1245220904
John D Olsen 56303, MNInternal Medicine1063402725
Thomas J Nardi 56303, MNInternal Medicine1144210808
Lynn M Mcfarling 56303, MNInternal Medicine1215927975
Wesley Leland Lindquist 56303, MNInternal Medicine1104816768
Patricia A Nee 56303, MNInternal Medicine1578553236
Shakell Anjum 56303, MNInternal Medicine1639169394
Camelia S Florea 56303, MNInternal Medicine1639169303
Sharon J Ruggiero 56303, MNInternal Medicine1629068390
Paul J Dorsher 56303, MNInternal Medicine1982694659
Scott Paul Davis 56303, MNInternal Medicine1205826971
Karen Leigh Then 56303, MNInternal Medicine1467442137
Peter E Nelson 56303, MNInternal Medicine1679563274
Susan D Atamian 56303, MNInternal Medicine1669462065
Christopher Kim Balkany 56301, MNInternal Medicine1659361053
Katherine E Pillote 56303, MNInternal Medicine1235129644
Scot W Hutton 56303, MNInternal Medicine1528058930
John Joseph Weitz 56479, MNInternal Medicine1942290465
Mark D Holm 56303, MNInternal Medicine1831189240
Ying Zhou 56303, MNInternal Medicine1619967825
Albert S Hammond 56303, MNInternal Medicine1457342503
Steven H Bollinger 56303, MNInternal Medicine1225029374
Bryan P Rolph 56303, MNInternal Medicine1669463717
Randy C Saliares 56303, MNInternal Medicine1619968765
Bruce E. Henson 55805, MNInternal Medicine1265423255
David Alan Paulson 55108, MNInternal Medicine1154312130
Bradley E Currier 56303, MNInternal Medicine1013908789
Ronald L Elg 56303, MNInternal Medicine1225029978
Nicholas F Reuter 56303, MNInternal Medicine1871584557
Christine M Reichl 56303, MNInternal Medicine1831180454
William L Cowardin 58303, MNInternal Medicine1356332829
Merryn R Jolkovsky 56303, MNInternal Medicine1346231867
Hani Shaban Alkhatib 56303, MNInternal Medicine1750372900
Mary U Keating 56303, MNInternal Medicine1801887054
Kathryn K Riordan 56479, MNInternal Medicine1669453726
David L Furda 56303, MNInternal Medicine1902887946
Angelina G. Ausban 56303, MNInternal Medicine1891776837
David J Roberts 56303, MNInternal Medicine1972584381
Keith James Leavell 56303, MNInternal Medicine1184606311
Dinesh Hindka 56303, MNInternal Medicine1518949486
David L Hanson 56303, MNInternal Medicine1093797763
Federico Tommaso Rossi 55114, MNInternal Medicine1801879242
Mary A Stiles 56303, MNInternal Medicine1700869021
Brian D Nelson 56303, MNInternal Medicine1881683696
Todd M Severnak 56303, MNInternal Medicine1790775393
Olayiwola R. Adetunji 56303, MNInternal Medicine1578552477
Walter Lo Sia Su 56303, MNInternal Medicine1477542371
Matthew Brian Hartz 55422, MNInternal Medicine1518948066
Scott Tyler Persellin 55905, MNInternal Medicine1386634178
Lina Baneviciute 55437, MNInternal Medicine1881677953
Mark D Hauge 55307, MNInternal Medicine1205827466
Clifford Arthur Chapin 55720, MNInternal Medicine1891776019
David A Yehl 55121, MNInternal Medicine1407837446
Joseph Carl Ardolf 55082, MNInternal Medicine1144203118
Neil P Phelan 55114, MNInternal Medicine1013990076
Wendy Jo Heck 55082, MNInternal Medicine1740263714
Margaret Marshburn Beahrs 55102, MNInternal Medicine1295718021
Charles Macintosh Cliffe 55102, MNInternal Medicine1417930256
Steven Lee Benton 55102, MNInternal Medicine1093798829
Cynthia Marie Dube 55912, MNInternal Medicine1013990670
Shilun David Li 56001, MNInternal Medicine1184607798
Benjamin Pease 55305, MNInternal Medicine1558344176
Bernt J Helgaas 55369, MNInternal Medicine1225011760
George Logan 55416, MNInternal Medicine1396728887
David C Homans 55426, MNInternal Medicine1750364238
David J Abelson 55426, MNInternal Medicine1124002514
Dale R Petersen 55404, MNInternal Medicine1841274255
John Mark Haugland 55426, MNInternal Medicine1285618652
Robert A Peterson 55416, MNInternal Medicine1629052774
Ronald Halvorson 56401, MNInternal Medicine1225012263
Ronald M Sorenson 56401, MNInternal Medicine1760466734
Thiha Tin 56001, MNInternal Medicine1376527259
Salim A Kathawalla 55426, MNInternal Medicine1760466676
Gerald Ernest Swanson 55438, MNInternal Medicine1609850510
C Rowan Debold 55416, MNInternal Medicine1366426108
Eleanor Mariano Beltran 55432, MNInternal Medicine1184608747
Leslie B Forgosh 55102, MNInternal Medicine1154305738
Kim M Loria 55102, MNInternal Medicine1487638060
Zhen Zhen Luo 55337, MNInternal Medicine1053395681
David Lynch 55426, MNInternal Medicine1831174465
Bhavjot Kaur 55435, MNInternal Medicine1609850262
Robert J Jeddeloh 55437, MNInternal Medicine1790769339
Peter D Kent 55416, MNInternal Medicine1164406831
Robert S Kim 55430, MNInternal Medicine1962486647
Michael H. Edwards 55387, MNInternal Medicine1548244221
Thomas J Davis 55426, MNInternal Medicine1033193727
Phillip M Kofron 55426, MNInternal Medicine1124003769
Joanna C Kokoszka 55426, MNInternal Medicine1851376495
Marek J Kokoszka 55426, MNInternal Medicine1760467302
Todd M Greatens 56401, MNInternal Medicine1518942150
Ann M Kools 55416, MNInternal Medicine1871578419
Joan M Kovacovich 55426, MNInternal Medicine1598740136
Joseph John Howard 55802, MNInternal Medicine1861477408
Matthew T Kremer 55372, MNInternal Medicine1740265396
Ken M Kunisaki 55417, MNInternal Medicine1225013881
Donald A Duncan 55426, MNInternal Medicine1720063266
Constance N Pries 55416, MNInternal Medicine1912982471
Cynthia M Labayen 55416, MNInternal Medicine1972588531
Hugh Edmondson 55416, MNInternal Medicine1528043973
John B Davis 55102, MNInternal Medicine1588649891
Martin W Lee 55416, MNInternal Medicine1134104458
Gregory T Lehman 55416, MNInternal Medicine1861477184
Kristina R Liaugaudas 55369, MNInternal Medicine1114902434
April M Lind 55369, MNInternal Medicine1275518599
John I Levitt 55404, MNInternal Medicine1851376172
Steven Duane 55426, MNInternal Medicine1104801455
Suzanne Engstrom 55337, MNInternal Medicine1447235635
Ganga Somashekar Reddy 55416, MNInternal Medicine1013992304
Kevin H Komadina 55426, MNInternal Medicine1487639662
Lisa H Fish 55415, MNInternal Medicine1700861788
Rufino Festin 55426, MNInternal Medicine1396720363
Patti W Albright 55416, MNInternal Medicine1467437368
Janet L Larson 55416, MNInternal Medicine1649255530
Richard Freese 55430, MNInternal Medicine1700861556
Edwin H Funk 55416, MNInternal Medicine1922083799
Sandeep S Jain 56303, MNInternal Medicine1376528166
Nancy J Jarvis 55416, MNInternal Medicine1184609984
Stephen K Leenay 55317, MNInternal Medicine1770568594
Michael Levy 55416, MNInternal Medicine1922083740
Sara A Lindquist 55404, MNInternal Medicine1083699813


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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