Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jacob Ijdo 55905, MNInternal Medicine1720075872
Mark D Hauge 55307, MNInternal Medicine1205827466
Alok Maheshwari 55422, MNInternal Medicine1003896150
Leslie A Baken 55422, MNInternal Medicine1750368288
Gunjan Y Gandhi 32209, MNInternal Medicine1952387912
Joseph C Farmer 85259, MNInternal Medicine1982681664
Irma J Cockerill 56201, MNInternal Medicine1063495539
Jalal U Akbar 75455, MNInternal Medicine1720063795
Steven P Snow 39705, MNInternal Medicine1831165158
Salma Mohsin 55101, MNInternal Medicine1194799213
Peter William Gjevre 55426, MNInternal Medicine1790750370
Patrick Thomas Koller 55104, MNInternal Medicine1205895075
Kari L. Grabowsky 55904, MNInternal Medicine1578530218
Franz-josef Edward Reisdorf 55102, MNInternal Medicine1942269154
Robert C Hoch 55303, MNInternal Medicine1396717245
Asad Saeed 02301, MNInternal Medicine1265484190
Joseph C Mcraith 55102, MNInternal Medicine1528025418
Cynthia Lee Weisz 55343, MNInternal Medicine1861422453
Timothy C. Olson 53792, MNInternal Medicine1992736102
Allan James Boyum 33955, MNInternal Medicine1528009735
Sharan Kumar Kanakiriya 37660, MNInternal Medicine1558303347
David Miller Overman 55404, MNInternal Medicine1619916848
Conrad Iber 55454, MNInternal Medicine1649225012
Hassan Nimer Ibrahim 77030, MNInternal Medicine1538193008
Onpan Cheung 92373, MNInternal Medicine1639195746
Joan Marie Lunzer 56334, MNInternal Medicine1346253366
Jonathan W Godsall 56073, MNInternal Medicine1972537306
Amy Larsen 55101, MNInternal Medicine1720168537
Khadija Haroon Chaudrey 01805, MNInternal Medicine1629171913
Pamela Jo Shultz 55104, MNInternal Medicine1043373426
Katherine A. Severson 55101, MNInternal Medicine1952429599
Theodore Mcmenomy 55102, MNInternal Medicine1811036809
Amanda Blanchard 58501, MNInternal Medicine1841672235
Anne E. Frosch 55415, MNInternal Medicine1336283753
Royce Lee Bargas 73013, MNInternal Medicine1013063635
Patrick Townley 55408, MNInternal Medicine1154488740
Abdirahman M Madar 55415, MNInternal Medicine1578608782
Tammi Thomas Howard 20036, MNInternal Medicine1114189560
Finbar T Foley 06519, MNInternal Medicine1952575771
David Brokl 55426, MNInternal Medicine1306068150
Steve Flinkenstein 55104, MNInternal Medicine1821209255
Anita Bhushan 20889, MNInternal Medicine1700089174
Nicholas Kho Yan Lim Chow Tom 55455, MNInternal Medicine1710159363
David Ernest Niccum 55101, MNInternal Medicine1316110869
Rita B Patel 55102, MNInternal Medicine1316114275
Eric C Chen 55130, MNInternal Medicine1235323247
Shevyll Arvie Siong Tan 97030, MNInternal Medicine1376720052
Cynthia K Brenden 55435, MNInternal Medicine1669664736
Sidakpal Singh Panaich 52242, MNInternal Medicine1194955641
Kamonpun Ussavarungsi 55905, MNInternal Medicine1861622201
John William Schleifer 68198, MNInternal Medicine1356585590
Chad Joseph Zack 27705, MNInternal Medicine1073834388
Taiwo N Ngwa 55426, MNInternal Medicine1619262110
Jasmine R Marcelin 68198, MNInternal Medicine1710272109
Krishna A Patel 55905, MNInternal Medicine1619263183
Rajesh Krishnamoorthi 98101, MNInternal Medicine1336395474
Michelle Delilah Carlson 55415, MNInternal Medicine1689992356
Alex Michael Ng 40202, MNInternal Medicine1083933675
Chul Kim 20007, MNInternal Medicine1841586302
Mahyar Khaleghi 94589, MNInternal Medicine1922233394
Craig Allen Mescher 54017, MNInternal Medicine1629377874
Livia T Hegerova 98122, MNInternal Medicine1053605261
Neal David Kraus 80403, MNInternal Medicine1598083453
Janel Lanae Ward 54601, MNInternal Medicine1285885087
Jacklyn Mae Ellickson 55130, MNInternal Medicine1538395496
Erin L Schenk 80045, MNInternal Medicine1073808382
Arpita Basu 30322, MNInternal Medicine1295984482
Badr F Al Bawardy 06510, MNInternal Medicine1104111509
Dariush J Orandi 49519, MNInternal Medicine1538399613
Ketzela Jacobowitz Marsh 55455, MNInternal Medicine1568789006
Ghassan Salim Issa Bandak 25701, MNInternal Medicine1023397114
Sunita Sharma 58102, MNInternal Medicine1457650566
Rory Francis Rodrigues 84403, MNInternal Medicine1134408123
Malini Bridget Desilva 55130, MNInternal Medicine1679715221
Sangeeth Rao Dubbireddi 46202, MNInternal Medicine1629356332
Yuka Furuya 55455, MNInternal Medicine1558655399
Mahwash Kassi 77030, MNInternal Medicine1497034789
Renumathy Dhanasekaran 94305, MNInternal Medicine1609008143
Danny Thomas Muskardin 10567, MNInternal Medicine1962671016
Gregory Poduska 55101, MNInternal Medicine1871723767
Dana James Irrer 80045, MNInternal Medicine1063771228
Linnea C.p. Smith 99508, MNInternal Medicine1790129674
Taylor D Cordonnier 65212, MNInternal Medicine1689010266
Steven Maxfield 01702, MNInternal Medicine1558700658
William Huepfel 55416, MNInternal Medicine1225457740
Nicholas Charles Boysen 55101, MNInternal Medicine1003236373
Benjamin Webber 55454, MNInternal Medicine1780094912
Sadia Syed 60202, MNInternal Medicine1518367333
Rishi Kumar 20016, MNInternal Medicine1043638810
Tyler Bridge 55426, MNInternal Medicine1720405731
Justin Groenewold 55101, MNInternal Medicine1649681222
Tricia Hadley 55426, MNInternal Medicine1205254554
Steven Li-yang Feng 55435, MNInternal Medicine1255759403
Ashley Dohlen 55101, MNInternal Medicine1669884375
David Macdonald 55455, MNInternal Medicine1336584945
Judy Ann King Tan 55426, MNInternal Medicine1427321116
Robert Louis Mango 55805, MNInternal Medicine1376805333
Christine Wei-yin Tran 55101, MNInternal Medicine1326425471
Demetrios Thomas Andrisani 55101, MNInternal Medicine1912327115
Oksana Bohn 55104, MNInternal Medicine1720349384
Anthony Williams 55101, MNInternal Medicine1013329689
Saira Rashida Ajmal 60453, MNInternal Medicine1275962672
Daniel Reynolds 63110, MNInternal Medicine1306252879
Jehanzeb Sheikh 60461, MNInternal Medicine1720066244
John Vincent Higgins 68198, MNInternal Medicine1942564919
Kahoua Caroline Lochungvu 55109, MNInternal Medicine1609288828
Edra Nordstrom 55107, MNInternal Medicine1063823987
Ari Holloway-nahum 55101, MNInternal Medicine1538503719
Jessica Boarini 55101, MNInternal Medicine1225416878
Kendal Lynn Richard 45219, MNInternal Medicine1063859064
Beth Kristine Thielen 55455, MNInternal Medicine1831458793
Jonna Ann Maas 56258, MNInternal Medicine1699187831
Viswanatha Lanka 95051, MNInternal Medicine1558629675
Manit Singla 56601, MNInternal Medicine1356605968
Reem Mahdawi 01805, MNInternal Medicine1396151056
Ani Chawdry Anwer 55337, MNInternal Medicine1417215708
Pierre Nashaat Fahim Tawfik 55455, MNInternal Medicine1467839878
Mustafa Al Lami 92880, MNInternal Medicine1689088361
Antonio Eduardo Marinos 58103, MNInternal Medicine1427024538
James Wallace 55417, MNInternal Medicine1992065346
Eric S Winkel 54911, MNInternal Medicine1265799290
Sarah Schneider 75390, MNInternal Medicine1861808743
Nauman A. Siddiqi 33637, MNInternal Medicine1427187020
Michael Yefimovich Neyman 17109, MNInternal Medicine1619224615
Tania Marie Gonzalez Santiago 58104, MNInternal Medicine1952539223
Marat Yanavitski 55104, MNInternal Medicine1558599712
Imad Hussain 55905, MNInternal Medicine1568648244
Deeksha Jandhyala 29425, MNInternal Medicine1528322518
Ryan Robert Uselman 98034, MNInternal Medicine1831576487
Manaf Zaizafoun 44053, MNInternal Medicine1174787972
Henna Kalsi 55904, MNInternal Medicine1902884828
Madhuresh Kumar 46545, MNInternal Medicine1356362792
Sarang Patel 55130, MNInternal Medicine1174865570
Carmelo J Panetta 55104, MNInternal Medicine1528094711
Vein Center At Allure Medical Spa, Pllc 48316, MNInternal Medicine1457302051
Sleepmedrx Llc 55435, MNInternal Medicine1548789910
Sarah Evert 55416, MNInternal Medicine1013992213
Kathleen Mahan 55455, MNInternal Medicine1184068298
Susan Margaret Lou 55435, MNInternal Medicine1316387277
Christina A Boryczka 55303, MNInternal Medicine1053398255
Laurel Elizabeth Garrett Stephenson 55407, MNInternal Medicine1467610634
Michael David Holth 55101, MNInternal Medicine1104067016
Haleigh Anne James 59101, MNInternal Medicine1922362904
Michael T Kidd 59101, MNInternal Medicine1093940736
Christopher H Blevins 59101, MNInternal Medicine1982967030
Ryan Lyerla 55435, MNInternal Medicine1477968097
Paul A Kettler 55103, MNInternal Medicine1235194598
Brennan Joseph Shutt 55422, MNInternal Medicine1689949448
Bryan W Reed 54601, MNInternal Medicine1235357088
Katherine Thyssen 89521, MNInternal Medicine1790191955
Justin Ray Cohenour 55407, MNInternal Medicine1336526797
Donna M Gallik 90048, MNInternal Medicine1033100045
Lawrence H. Lee 55102, MNInternal Medicine1053384784
Fateh Bazerbachi 02114, MNInternal Medicine1316208473
Zona Ellen Mckenzie 98826, MNInternal Medicine1396303376
Andrew G Wu 55454, MNInternal Medicine1467839332
Jesus Vera Aguilera 55805, MNInternal Medicine1265872196
Kamal M Kotak 92020, MNInternal Medicine1356571681
Tyler James Severson 72758, MNInternal Medicine1104245281
Chokchai Chareandee 55107, MNInternal Medicine1730184078
Erin Kimberly Main 80111, MNInternal Medicine1134575988
Steven Patrick Feeney 51101, MNInternal Medicine1649208604
Shannon L Andrews 12208, MNInternal Medicine1548559206
Hayder Abbood 55387, MNInternal Medicine1922448141
Dereddi Raja Shekar Reddy 77030, MNInternal Medicine1588977961
Maarya Pasha 55905, MNInternal Medicine1205240744
Gwen Elizabeth Thompson 58103, MNInternal Medicine1467891267
Benjamin Gerke 85719, MNInternal Medicine1255795621
Kristen Kelly-williams 55435, MNInternal Medicine1659532265
Robert Stanislaw Niznik 98225, MNInternal Medicine1922447069
Xiaoyu Hou 55435, MNInternal Medicine1053636886
Larry Jay Grong 56232, MNInternal Medicine1871653758
Mehria Sayad-shah 55101, MNInternal Medicine1669829206
Thomas M. Waterbury 57108, MNInternal Medicine1225392160
Kyle Christopher Mairose 55454, MNInternal Medicine1225398993
Jeffrey Randall Johnson 55426, MNInternal Medicine1659548162
Ewa A Konik 57108, MNInternal Medicine1215166921
Julie M Jones 55433, MNInternal Medicine1306833454
Peter James Hurley 55101, MNInternal Medicine1508159823
Jessica Anne Slostad 60612, MNInternal Medicine1154785384
Eric Ld Scholten 83642, MNInternal Medicine1003110313
Anthony Liebhard 55101, MNInternal Medicine1609255645
Shemal Mayur Shah 55101, MNInternal Medicine1346627080
George Zawadowski 55805, MNInternal Medicine1851604318
Jerome C Siy 55425, MNInternal Medicine1043282817
Jessica Noelting 55805, MNInternal Medicine1396058855
Jonathan Bjork 49855, MNInternal Medicine1316391873
Ashwin Vinod George 55337, MNInternal Medicine1518169713
Balaji Krishnan 55426, MNInternal Medicine1477784288
Brienne L Sauvageau 55454, MNInternal Medicine1356994404
Peter A Brady 55905, MNInternal Medicine1215901301
Leo Booker Laub 55454, MNInternal Medicine1396199741
Peter J Schultz 55435, MNInternal Medicine1851409098
Thuy-tien Ba Le 94611, MNInternal Medicine1821418302
Adam Phillip Foss 55407, MNInternal Medicine1447576392
Daniel Tesfaye Kebed 55454, MNInternal Medicine1003170952
Mary Eloise Erickson 55415, MNInternal Medicine1962881235
Paolo Strati 77030, MNInternal Medicine1154737765
Julie Schaefer 55101, MNInternal Medicine1497132492
Daniel Abraham Feldman 97216, MNInternal Medicine1033351093


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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