Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Missouri

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Missouri:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark H Dewolfe 64118, MOInternal Medicine1124021142
Louis P Stickley 63141, MOInternal Medicine1295738201
Mercy Cardiology Llc 63141, MOInternal Medicine1730182742
Frederick Noah Shuler 64131, MOInternal Medicine1699778480
Shahid Waheed 65265, MOInternal Medicine1134122989
Jeffrey Lee Dakas 63901, MOInternal Medicine1336142256
David J Prelutsky 63139, MOInternal Medicine1457354276
Mary Ellen Mullen 65265, MOInternal Medicine1841293610
Peter D Weiss 63110, MOInternal Medicine1679576359
Barbra A Horn 63110, MOInternal Medicine1295738961
Norvin Eugene Thomas 65265, MOInternal Medicine1447253216
Michael Lee Quinlan 65265, MOInternal Medicine1134122906
Edmond S Weisbart 63108, MOInternal Medicine1467455964
Raymond Earle Bourey 63110, MOInternal Medicine1982607578
Paul F. Howard 63141, MOInternal Medicine1972506673
Nadeem Ahmed 63141, MOInternal Medicine1376546804
Stephanie L Sandberg 63368, MOInternal Medicine1649273160
Christopher Ryan Longnecker 64804, MOInternal Medicine1255334777
Diane S Voss 64055, MOInternal Medicine1396749636
Jessica J Teter 65201, MOInternal Medicine1154325496
Richard Paul Valuck 63401, MOInternal Medicine1366444549
David L Voshall 64014, MOInternal Medicine1952303109
Dennis N Glascock 63301, MOInternal Medicine1164424461
Minxiang Gu 63128, MOInternal Medicine1154323376
Mohammad Reza Mizani 78207, MOInternal Medicine1497757660
Bradford G Carper 64093, MOInternal Medicine1770587057
J B Astik 64093, MOInternal Medicine1912901299
Dana R Bannerman 37203, MOInternal Medicine1649274515
Naved M Mohyuddin 37203, MOInternal Medicine1417951278
Lisa G. Distefano 64468, MOInternal Medicine1003810789
Warren M Breite 63028, MOInternal Medicine1457355372
Amanda E Avellone 63028, MOInternal Medicine1154325082
Stuart Smith 64093, MOInternal Medicine1659375525
John J Cascone 64108, MOInternal Medicine1013911999
Kanti L. Havaldar 64468, MOInternal Medicine1588668297
Janice K Mcgovney 64118, MOInternal Medicine1841294535
Michelle L Orr 64155, MOInternal Medicine1598769291
Susana Escalante-glorsky 78504, MOInternal Medicine1043214760
Medicine Specialists, Inc. 63640, MOInternal Medicine1588668172
John A Hartman 63640, MOInternal Medicine1225032832
Nancy P Bierman Birner 63128, MOInternal Medicine1043214778
Herman L Ferrell 62201, MOInternal Medicine1437153921
Albert Jolivert 62201, MOInternal Medicine1972507473
Robert Cyril Mcnab 64804, MOInternal Medicine1225032618
Paul Ren Chu 64057, MOInternal Medicine1477558658
Robert W Powers 65803, MOInternal Medicine1881699072
George William Pogson 64057, MOInternal Medicine1851396055
John C. Sorg 65616, MOInternal Medicine1821093063
Guy M Grabau 64804, MOInternal Medicine1649275876
Arthur Joe Cohn 65803, MOInternal Medicine1215932488
James L Godard 65803, MOInternal Medicine1558366724
Carl David Akin 64057, MOInternal Medicine1871598052
James H Olson 64068, MOInternal Medicine1831194802
Paula Jean Mcmurtry 65201, MOInternal Medicine1568467546
Donald James Mcmullin 65401, MOInternal Medicine1518962570
Chris D Stone 64111, MOInternal Medicine1083619837
Sarat Chandra Pachalla 64057, MOInternal Medicine1346245024
Tamayo S Jacobs 64111, MOInternal Medicine1447255005
Robert Elvie Perry 63701, MOInternal Medicine1659376234
Linda R. Macgorman 65807, MOInternal Medicine1124023726
Larry K Chase 65807, MOInternal Medicine1891790408
Robyn Leith Haithcock 63044, MOInternal Medicine1497751994
Juan Jose Pineda 65201, MOInternal Medicine1386649812
Gregory Vardakis 64014, MOInternal Medicine1841296274
Clarence E. Bell 63106, MOInternal Medicine1063418291
Tamara V Hopkins 65203, MOInternal Medicine1144226465
Stephen A Segall 63901, MOInternal Medicine1700882016
Richard E Whitlow 66043, MOInternal Medicine1477559664
Susan Schuck Johnson 65203, MOInternal Medicine1174529275
Blake Jay Brooks 65109, MOInternal Medicine1255337390
Myra June Watson 65203, MOInternal Medicine1366448425
Emmanuel A Venkatesan 63108, MOInternal Medicine1730185745
Brian L. Johnson 65109, MOInternal Medicine1790781896
William Kellar Winkelmeyer 65203, MOInternal Medicine1316943475
Om P Bahl 63128, MOInternal Medicine1497751432
David J Dobmeyer 63128, MOInternal Medicine1710983630
Donna L Steward 65802, MOInternal Medicine1215933163
James V Vest 65065, MOInternal Medicine1013913870
Manoj K Eapen 63117, MOInternal Medicine1801892666
Stanley I Biel 63044, MOInternal Medicine1154327039
Gregory W Botteron 63128, MOInternal Medicine1215933106
Charles F Carey 63128, MOInternal Medicine1104822014
Duck Sung Chun 63128, MOInternal Medicine1326044249
Susan S Johnson Md And Brian L Johnson Md Pc 65201, MOInternal Medicine1992701700
J Lawrence Davis 63031, MOInternal Medicine1366448169
Nephrology And Hypertension Associates 65201, MOInternal Medicine1073519898
Gregory A Merritt 64132, MOInternal Medicine1548266174
Michael S Fedotin 64132, MOInternal Medicine1447256037
Ivan J Elias 64132, MOInternal Medicine1255337879
Kevin Eugene Farrell 64108, MOInternal Medicine1962409599
Daniel F Lyons 65807, MOInternal Medicine1386641983
Eddie L. Paulk 65807, MOInternal Medicine1003813601
Michael J Connor 64132, MOInternal Medicine1114924578
Brent William Ginsberg 64132, MOInternal Medicine1811994239
Isaac I Cohen 63090, MOInternal Medicine1023015419
Ali J. Abu-libdeh 64801, MOInternal Medicine1376540674
Melvin Boris Saltzman 63044, MOInternal Medicine1124025416
Leonard F Fagan 63122, MOInternal Medicine1679570808
Frans Handoyo 63118, MOInternal Medicine1205833431
Michael G Goldmeier 63128, MOInternal Medicine1265439400
Mary Carolyn Gamache 63141, MOInternal Medicine1639176860
Pairote Jaroonwanichkul 63701, MOInternal Medicine1801893979
Dann J Fredrickson 64118, MOInternal Medicine1215934203
Lancer Gentry Gates 64116, MOInternal Medicine1083611941
Sofia S Khan 64057, MOInternal Medicine1770580730
Rusty Bergman 64116, MOInternal Medicine1649277500
Anthony C Gutierrez 64124, MOInternal Medicine1558368381
Abdalla Oun 65401, MOInternal Medicine1992089619
William R Barnard 64086, MOInternal Medicine1396742110
Walter David Kistler 63105, MOInternal Medicine1922005834
Minerva C Concepcion-rivera 64628, MOInternal Medicine1447257373
Varshasb Broumand 78207, MOInternal Medicine1154329720
Jung Hun Lee 63019, MOInternal Medicine1396743928
Elizabeth N. Stobbe 65672, MOInternal Medicine1609874262
Multi care Medical, Pc 63044, MOInternal Medicine1427056084
Drs Mayer & Benoit Pc 65324, MOInternal Medicine1184622474
Kurt A Piening 63376, MOInternal Medicine1356349609
Richard A Geisman 63376, MOInternal Medicine1265430516
Robert B Cusworth 63376, MOInternal Medicine1255339560
Boonslick Medical Group Inc 63376, MOInternal Medicine1588662803
Alexander E Schuetz 63376, MOInternal Medicine1962400291
John E Vernon 63141, MOInternal Medicine1891793105
Gary J Meltz 63376, MOInternal Medicine1720086036
St. Joseph Nephrology Associates, P.a. 64506, MOInternal Medicine1841298171
Dennis Charles Dobyan 64506, MOInternal Medicine1477551711
Dennis M Knapik 63141, MOInternal Medicine1336147602
Steven D Jacobson 63131, MOInternal Medicine1558369702
Scott Seba Brown 64506, MOInternal Medicine1518965680
Richard M Divalerio 63131, MOInternal Medicine1841298072
Kirk E Flury 63122, MOInternal Medicine1467450577
Steven S. Smith 63901, MOInternal Medicine1164420196
C Scott Molden 63141, MOInternal Medicine1720086747
James N Heins 63110, MOInternal Medicine1316945330
John Jospeh Waddell 66160, MOInternal Medicine1629562582
Sameer Rana 63044, MOInternal Medicine1386642320
Sharon Parker Carmignani 65265, MOInternal Medicine1952309890
Rajiv R Handa 63128, MOInternal Medicine1790783538
Grant Michael Barnum 65049, MOInternal Medicine1639178445
Andrew C Quint 65203, MOInternal Medicine1245238005
Darren J Pearson 63131, MOInternal Medicine1083613749
Benjamin Yuhico Albano 63019, MOInternal Medicine1982603650
John S Farrell 63141, MOInternal Medicine1194724724
Barjinder Singh 65775, MOInternal Medicine1114926847
Susan H Brown 64506, MOInternal Medicine1891794350
David Robert Dembinski 64130, MOInternal Medicine1184623506
James V Maturo 64118, MOInternal Medicine1245239813
Daniela Blum Morales 65203, MOInternal Medicine1730561069
Gates Hospitalists Llc 64116, MOInternal Medicine1699774893
Clinical Cardiovascular Associates Pa 64014, MOInternal Medicine1831198027
Raymond Wade Schondelmeyer 65201, MOInternal Medicine1801895032
Anthony A Albracht 64057, MOInternal Medicine1841299112
Bob E Green 64057, MOInternal Medicine1316946544
Calvin D Cochran 64111, MOInternal Medicine1144229261
Antonio R Penilla 63031, MOInternal Medicine1265431399
John A Spertus 64111, MOInternal Medicine1982603973
Bassam A. Roukoz 63028, MOInternal Medicine1396744439
Carol Jane Evers 63135, MOInternal Medicine1629077607
Zubair A Khan 65065, MOInternal Medicine1861491854
Miriam B. Borden 65065, MOInternal Medicine1518966571
Jennifer S Bequette 64086, MOInternal Medicine1033118120
Madhu Kiran Kancherla 63117, MOInternal Medicine1942209036
Jonben D Svoboda 65807, MOInternal Medicine1831198993
John W. Kilgore 63117, MOInternal Medicine1013916121
Humayun A. K. Lodhi 63128, MOInternal Medicine1386643492
Jeffrey T Reese 63028, MOInternal Medicine1598764623
Erica L. Uppstrom 63031, MOInternal Medicine1366441339
Samuel K Turner 64804, MOInternal Medicine1356340368
Western Missouri Medical Center 64093, MOInternal Medicine1053776849
Michael L Shapiro 63128, MOInternal Medicine1306845326
Robert Snitzer 63376, MOInternal Medicine1225037252
David J. Kardesch 63376, MOInternal Medicine1609875699
Richard W Lustig 64111, MOInternal Medicine1053310045
George Anthony Koch 65065, MOInternal Medicine1528067527
Richard B Whiting 63117, MOInternal Medicine1033118039
David J. Morton 63128, MOInternal Medicine1295734200
Christopher Charles Bowe 63128, MOInternal Medicine1003816976
Ananda De Silva 63033, MOInternal Medicine1912906868
Donald R Campbell 64111, MOInternal Medicine1144229089
David Gerard Mook 65038, MOInternal Medicine1841299740
Eileen Marie Harrahill 63128, MOInternal Medicine1790785665
Robert F Curtin 63128, MOInternal Medicine1538169495
Edward Lee Burns 63128, MOInternal Medicine1174523047
Patrick Joseph Perkins 64114, MOInternal Medicine1437159308
Catherine L Lowder 63128, MOInternal Medicine1083614960
Jeena Viji Eapen 10601, MOInternal Medicine1023018926
Chukiat Tansuwan 63135, MOInternal Medicine1457351264
Jackie Jean Sutherland 63857, MOInternal Medicine1720088347
Donald Allen Blum 63135, MOInternal Medicine1811997414
Thomas Morgan Hyers 63141, MOInternal Medicine1629078985
Roy Jerome Williams 63115, MOInternal Medicine1982604369
Michael Francis Perll 64114, MOInternal Medicine1912907338
Fred Harrison Williams 63017, MOInternal Medicine1386644326
Academic Medicine 63501, MOInternal Medicine1255331211
Richard T Riegel 63017, MOInternal Medicine1669472700
Brian C Mcmorrow 63017, MOInternal Medicine1851391890
David D Benage 63017, MOInternal Medicine1326048372
Andrew Y Su 63017, MOInternal Medicine1962402925
Nefretiti Mer-en-ra Garrison-north 63703, MOInternal Medicine1023019015
Johnny Lee Gillispie 65672, MOInternal Medicine1366443962
Cynthia Marie Brownfield 64506, MOInternal Medicine1326049982


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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