Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Missouri

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Missouri:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Chris D Stone 64111, MOInternal Medicine1083619837
Dennis L Disch 49120, MOInternal Medicine1003812926
Barjinder Singh 65775, MOInternal Medicine1114926847
Catherine L Lowder 63128, MOInternal Medicine1083614960
Madhu Kiran Kancherla 63128, MOInternal Medicine1942209036
Robert J Stoffa 63136, MOInternal Medicine1871586644
Stephen P. Allen 63128, MOInternal Medicine1912999160
Craig R Hildreth 63128, MOInternal Medicine1851393136
Patrick A. Oruwari 63146, MOInternal Medicine1952396863
Saem Haque 60153, MOInternal Medicine1134649197
Brian Bergfeld 63119, MOInternal Medicine1750375812
Mark Fogarty 63119, MOInternal Medicine1770577736
Theodore M. Whitaker 64132, MOInternal Medicine1164413167
Gregorio Tambone 63141, MOInternal Medicine1962487744
Mosbah M Kreimid 65807, MOInternal Medicine1558347237
Walter L Bender 64735, MOInternal Medicine1205803921
Elisabeth J. Babb 63640, MOInternal Medicine1922071711
Carey S Fredman 63017, MOInternal Medicine1205809175
Charles H. Tadros 63127, MOInternal Medicine1982663605
Anoj Kumar Goel 63044, MOInternal Medicine1669446498
Clodualdo D Gamez 33912, MOInternal Medicine1568432292
John Gavin Helton 63017, MOInternal Medicine1417921156
Harjyot S Sohal 65065, MOInternal Medicine1962468520
Jayant Nath 66160, MOInternal Medicine1194778613
Marco S Mazzella 64064, MOInternal Medicine1033162219
Giancarlo A. Pillot 63044, MOInternal Medicine1316994098
Rohini A Kamath 98201, MOInternal Medicine1417903824
Rana Al-zoubi 64108, MOInternal Medicine1831127927
Megumi Taniuchi 80501, MOInternal Medicine1952340366
Margaret A Coplin 65065, MOInternal Medicine1093743551
Johnny L Venter 64836, MOInternal Medicine1003852054
Sreedhar Rama 64132, MOInternal Medicine1346464849
Ssm Health Care St. Louis 63044, MOInternal Medicine1376598599
Hemant K Sheth 64506, MOInternal Medicine1134140270
Theodore Ikechukwu Otti 63117, MOInternal Medicine1316950884
Jane Chen 55455, MOInternal Medicine1093732547
Steven P Freeman 64506, MOInternal Medicine1679582506
Robert Brinkman 63044, MOInternal Medicine1942212378
Diana Prablek 63112, MOInternal Medicine1588689541
Sathish Kodali 65212, MOInternal Medicine1972536555
Alfonso J Martinez 64057, MOInternal Medicine1821013517
Michael Joseph Liston 64014, MOInternal Medicine1093735557
Nikola Karlo Bartulica 64506, MOInternal Medicine1053413914
Dennis R Drews 65203, MOInternal Medicine1972614519
Craig S Siegel 63028, MOInternal Medicine1295812733
Pandurang P Chillal 66209, MOInternal Medicine1407968753
Steven Sung-ho Suh 79601, MOInternal Medicine1699875385
Robert M Mcmahon 63131, MOInternal Medicine1043309792
Paula Jean Knapp-baker 34685, MOInternal Medicine1528167145
David S. Cochran 65804, MOInternal Medicine1467541433
Bryan Douglas Piotrowski 63640, MOInternal Medicine1962586289
Carl A. Kaplan 60461, MOInternal Medicine1588751382
Hani Walid Jaouni 47374, MOInternal Medicine1619063856
Harbaksh Singh Sangha 65065, MOInternal Medicine1629170741
Jonathan Andrew Freeman 66160, MOInternal Medicine1184701559
Sonica Saini 64068, MOInternal Medicine1659593267
Samir S. Garcia 65807, MOInternal Medicine1821108333
Paul R Hura 64114, MOInternal Medicine1619069176
David Allen Cocanower 66212, MOInternal Medicine1235270745
Hany M Mahfouz Ibrahim 64030, MOInternal Medicine1699890525
Rowena Santos 63128, MOInternal Medicine1700942224
Venkatesh Lakshminarayanan 30342, MOInternal Medicine1568580744
Nikita Raje 64108, MOInternal Medicine1578765921
Ali Husain 63031, MOInternal Medicine1154525707
Sarah Davis 63017, MOInternal Medicine1417120577
Brian P. Bree 65065, MOInternal Medicine1992925630
Rizwan Romee 02215, MOInternal Medicine1942493101
Bryan Patrick Burns 63128, MOInternal Medicine1588874366
Joumana Tannous Chaiban 60803, MOInternal Medicine1124233291
Justin Huynh 63017, MOInternal Medicine1902096613
Vijaya Nattuvetty Vasudevan 63376, MOInternal Medicine1265634513
Deepashree Gupta 90024, MOInternal Medicine1679773253
Jonas Gottfried Noe 63110, MOInternal Medicine1386025286
Tania Mimi Acevedo 28677, MOInternal Medicine1386825131
Gilda Haydee Gomez 65401, MOInternal Medicine1235321753
Jessica Jellison 66212, MOInternal Medicine1336300979
Abdulrahman Morad 66160, MOInternal Medicine1619288263
Aditya Uppalapati 77521, MOInternal Medicine1417137894
Milta Oyola Little 27710, MOInternal Medicine1740409754
Rodrigo Andres Lopez Castelblanco 80218, MOInternal Medicine1447583273
Prameela Banoth 65804, MOInternal Medicine1720395171
Sumera Yaqub 63044, MOInternal Medicine1356653463
Salwa Rhazouani 33331, MOInternal Medicine1518259126
Sheena Spielberg 33609, MOInternal Medicine1326347584
Lingling Du 70121, MOInternal Medicine1003103532
Jason Wells Blair 64804, MOInternal Medicine1588951750
Edemekong Bassey 74136, MOInternal Medicine1760625032
Sakher M Albadarin 64111, MOInternal Medicine1750670568
Archana Sinha 65775, MOInternal Medicine1386932978
Aaron David Schenone 63026, MOInternal Medicine1508276353
Sarah K Sundet 63028, MOInternal Medicine1316186836
Andrew Lucas Bozarth 66209, MOInternal Medicine1184913923
Forough Zallaghi 66204, MOInternal Medicine1982976148
Sunitha Ann Nair 72703, MOInternal Medicine1548580269
Robert Matthew Cambridge 32803, MOInternal Medicine1528217254
Pavan Kumar Bhamidipati 56303, MOInternal Medicine1548490840
Abhishek Kumar 10461, MOInternal Medicine1902118706
Phillip Ruben Chisholm 53226, MOInternal Medicine1356636278
Tyson E Turner 63141, MOInternal Medicine1962727404
Fazia Ahmed Mir 87106, MOInternal Medicine1679886394
Eun Joo Park 77030, MOInternal Medicine1447563366
Sarah Winkeler 63025, MOInternal Medicine1316329600
Genevieve Claire Moyer 80045, MOInternal Medicine1881972800
Bimla Dhan Llc 63044, MOInternal Medicine1043457906
Afrin Nahar Kamal 94303, MOInternal Medicine1144516816
Abdelrahman Aly 20613, MOInternal Medicine1295001196
Amin Mahdi 65212, MOInternal Medicine1750510319
Mercy Clinic St. Louis Cancer And Breast Institute, Llc 63141, MOInternal Medicine1891946349
Hemant Godara 65212, MOInternal Medicine1417184029
Jared A Kvapil 66160, MOInternal Medicine1972814663
Sreenivasulu Bogachenchu 62301, MOInternal Medicine1831417070
Claire Elizabeth Meyer 27103, MOInternal Medicine1730323023
Rama Challapalli Sri 64804, MOInternal Medicine1891921524
Yuka Furuya 55455, MOInternal Medicine1558655399
Utkal Patel 75020, MOInternal Medicine1063742005
Thomas Michael Cooper 64111, MOInternal Medicine1699918383
Sangita Sudharshan 46260, MOInternal Medicine1528353448
Bader Ahmad S Alajlan 80045, MOInternal Medicine1326392291
Muhammad Javed Ashraf 67601, MOInternal Medicine1275690729
Adam David Cox 72034, MOInternal Medicine1003158338
Mary Ehlman 63127, MOInternal Medicine1235579012
Pratap Reddy Tetali 19611, MOInternal Medicine1548672041
Jessica Stout 65212, MOInternal Medicine1619381423
Srivani Chunchulu 64469, MOInternal Medicine1881009538
Alexandra Roman 64506, MOInternal Medicine1912324807
Justin Grady 63141, MOInternal Medicine1669882205
Bharath Yarlagadda 87131, MOInternal Medicine1093120289
Hirak Shah 55455, MOInternal Medicine1760897417
Sarfaraz Abdeali Jasdanwala 65052, MOInternal Medicine1851646665
Inga Harbuz-miller 14642, MOInternal Medicine1598109894
Cassie Shaw 87106, MOInternal Medicine1154732188
Erik Ostler 44124, MOInternal Medicine1306251038
Ajay Uprety 13210, MOInternal Medicine1568843357
Puja Chebrolu 63110, MOInternal Medicine1760864128
Ibrahim Raphael 73104, MOInternal Medicine1275943144
Son Vo 23298, MOInternal Medicine1508395617
Jonathan Douglas Wolfe 63110, MOInternal Medicine1598176620
Jessica Houston Zweig 29572, MOInternal Medicine1194144303
Anitha Koduru 30809, MOInternal Medicine1689803785
Christina Kaye Anderson 60612, MOInternal Medicine1568846434
Punita Grover 45219, MOInternal Medicine1184001729
Maaroof Islam 62269, MOInternal Medicine1548656747
Benjamin Robert Wiele 63141, MOInternal Medicine1164777694
Kayci Renee Huff-hardy 63141, MOInternal Medicine1720346729
Natasha K. Wolfe 63110, MOInternal Medicine1811315088
Mahaletwork Assefa 65212, MOInternal Medicine1952781726
Andres Bran Acevedo 65212, MOInternal Medicine1821353509
Muhammed K Banday 64012, MOInternal Medicine1790071074
Samuel Cooper Engemann 98541, MOInternal Medicine1922413715
Fady Elshikh 06610, MOInternal Medicine1811371081
Grace Xiuqing Li 90033, MOInternal Medicine1982017695
Venkata S Gupta 65212, MOInternal Medicine1033630785
Courtney M Savilla 65212, MOInternal Medicine1144741893
Aireen Manalo Agulto 65212, MOInternal Medicine1447771191
Wen Zhu Xu 15213, MOInternal Medicine1720438369
Stephen Johnson 55905, MOInternal Medicine1588014690
Bruce Allen Owens 79416, MOInternal Medicine1487605259
Ely R Gordon 73446, MOInternal Medicine1215992029
David J Cohen 02215, MOInternal Medicine1306888144
Madhu Kalyan Pendurthi 65804, MOInternal Medicine1750661286
Marilyn A Solsky 64052, MOInternal Medicine1609065853
Physician Affiliates Of St. Luke's Medical Group, Llc 63017, MOInternal Medicine1013329150
Midwest Physicians Group 63135, MOInternal Medicine1366947400
Yorvoll Gardner 63117, MOInternal Medicine1508381039
Vilaas S. Shetty 63141, MOInternal Medicine1164577540
Vvasudevan Llc 63376, MOInternal Medicine1659869857
Emran Rouf 76508, MOInternal Medicine1275578825
David M Picker 63104, MOInternal Medicine1013228873
Devika Kapuria 87131, MOInternal Medicine1497188510
Heart Care Specialists, Llc 63141, MOInternal Medicine1275031866
Megan White 63110, MOInternal Medicine1336633312
Nicole Foley 63110, MOInternal Medicine1003301110
Timothy P Dunn 63141, MOInternal Medicine1649546672
Rebecca Marie Aleck 72761, MOInternal Medicine1598030603
Shree Lata Radhakrishnan 02215, MOInternal Medicine1245643808
Sola Kim 66606, MOInternal Medicine1609294990
Stephen James Hyde 63501, MOInternal Medicine1356826382
Trustin A Saam 17740, MOInternal Medicine1912253188
Felix Augustine Mensah 02111, MOInternal Medicine1508036559
Thulasi Ram Gogireddy 63367, MOInternal Medicine1568725505
Jane Duong 44109, MOInternal Medicine1619396629
Overland Park Kidney, Llc 66209, MOInternal Medicine1710454327
Christopher Vivas 00717, MOInternal Medicine1972850154
Mercy Clinic Adult Critical Care, Llc 63141, MOInternal Medicine1730119421
Mazhar Ahmed Afaq 66160, MOInternal Medicine1194922013
Steven William Bormann 66160, MOInternal Medicine1881789139
Bhanu Prakash Gupta 66160, MOInternal Medicine1437314903
Nicholas A Haglund 66160, MOInternal Medicine1023199189
Marina N Hannen 66160, MOInternal Medicine1245241017
Rhea C Pimentel 66160, MOInternal Medicine1053323493
Yeruva Veera Madhu Mohan Reddy 66160, MOInternal Medicine1275755886
Thomas L Rosamond 66160, MOInternal Medicine1356454912
Seth H Sheldon 66160, MOInternal Medicine1245488899
Ashley Ruzicka Simmons 66160, MOInternal Medicine1205840360
Jane Sibley Titterington 66160, MOInternal Medicine1366768749
Stephanie L Simms 63128, MOInternal Medicine1710492202
John Rice 63042, MOInternal Medicine1821079492
Ssm Health Care St Louis 63026, MOInternal Medicine1275586174
Philip B Augustine 64116, MOInternal Medicine1003195215
Gabriel Anders 64111, MOInternal Medicine1710392162


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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