Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Victoria Anne Perkins 27834, NCInternal Medicine1659374676
Jesse Thomas Lee 27834, NCInternal Medicine1811990831
Richard David Benson 28607, NCInternal Medicine1972506103
Richard Mann 27834, NCInternal Medicine1053314062
Mark Dellasega 27834, NCInternal Medicine1932102050
Jeffrey A Alloway 27834, NCInternal Medicine1104829332
Heather White 27834, NCInternal Medicine1730182965
Pradeep Arumugham 28501, NCInternal Medicine1861495095
Charles Barrier 28779, NCInternal Medicine1558364729
Fiona Cook 27834, NCInternal Medicine1467455600
Richard Croskery 27834, NCInternal Medicine1447253588
Leon E Dantzler 28301, NCInternal Medicine1285637397
Bruce Jeffrey Sabin 29425, NCInternal Medicine1801899919
Deborah A. Milkowski 28562, NCInternal Medicine1033112123
Revati Komandur 28304, NCInternal Medicine1023012358
Robert Charles Boleman 28791, NCInternal Medicine1467455527
Robert Dietrich 27834, NCInternal Medicine1871596932
Shashikant Patel 28304, NCInternal Medicine1700889854
Belmont Medical Associates Pllc 27320, NCInternal Medicine1255334181
Joseph Anthony Saracino 28501, NCInternal Medicine1285637108
Pinehurst Nephrology Associates, Pc 28374, NCInternal Medicine1700889557
William F Maguire 29407, NCInternal Medicine1528061397
Michael Alan Spandorfer 29414, NCInternal Medicine1134122112
Jon Dubose 27886, NCInternal Medicine1114920162
John David Shepherd 28374, NCInternal Medicine1225031271
John Patrick Fogarty 27834, NCInternal Medicine1033112081
Edward William Hoehn-saric 28374, NCInternal Medicine1174526123
Duncan Fagundus 27834, NCInternal Medicine1972506921
Hanna Von Hardenberg 28374, NCInternal Medicine1750384798
Henry Franklin Tripp 27103, NCInternal Medicine1104829142
Thomas W Hodgin 27265, NCInternal Medicine1508869538
Michael Francis Minogue 28607, NCInternal Medicine1477556116
Robert B Miller 29425, NCInternal Medicine1710980453
Richard Krumdieck 28117, NCInternal Medicine1063415669
Timothy John Dalton 27106, NCInternal Medicine1912900648
Christopher John Warnimont 27012, NCInternal Medicine1760485486
Ghanshyam Pradyumna Dwivedi 28304, NCInternal Medicine1033112602
Williamston Clinic Corp 27892, NCInternal Medicine1811990443
Stephen Samuel Ruehle 27262, NCInternal Medicine1043213564
Harry G Adams 27834, NCInternal Medicine1477556850
Harry Denniston Crews 28801, NCInternal Medicine1841293248
Michael Mills Hawkins 29425, NCInternal Medicine1821091224
Miles Elmore 28801, NCInternal Medicine1891798294
Jennifer Daugherty Halloran 27959, NCInternal Medicine1255334652
Michael N Tate 28602, NCInternal Medicine1366445686
William James Stackhouse 27534, NCInternal Medicine1801899133
David Stuart Thompson 27959, NCInternal Medicine1851394258
Vern Arthur Metcalf 27959, NCInternal Medicine1720081128
John Alan Manley 28801, NCInternal Medicine1427051804
Henry M. Izurieta 28304, NCInternal Medicine1023010345
Larry F. Berman 28210, NCInternal Medicine1508869835
Joseph Ralph Aiello 28801, NCInternal Medicine1942203310
James D Yopp 27103, NCInternal Medicine1245233527
Nawaf Ghatfan Atassi 28504, NCInternal Medicine1194727479
Stephen D Ertischek 27565, NCInternal Medicine1164424420
L. Francine Chavis 27565, NCInternal Medicine1437151784
Graham Vance Byrum 27834, NCInternal Medicine1174525315
Maxwell Ellis Fisher 27834, NCInternal Medicine1962404103
Jeffrey Gordon Hoggard 27610, NCInternal Medicine1932101177
Rekha Elizabeth John 28504, NCInternal Medicine1619979846
Royce K Bailey 28792, NCInternal Medicine1518961853
Kathryn Rose Freyfogle 28801, NCInternal Medicine1376545558
Terrence Lynn Goodman 28557, NCInternal Medicine1124022454
Richard Daniel Blair 27834, NCInternal Medicine1386646628
William Thomas Kendrick 27834, NCInternal Medicine1407858632
Manuel Montero 28562, NCInternal Medicine1114929346
John David Reed 27834, NCInternal Medicine1669474888
Marshall Carney Taylor 27834, NCInternal Medicine1710989934
Thomas Elma Burkart 28562, NCInternal Medicine1679575880
Walter Joseph Newman 28562, NCInternal Medicine1477555688
Marilynn A Prince-fiocco 28401, NCInternal Medicine1407858699
Brian Kent England 28801, NCInternal Medicine1417959685
Robert Joseph Starkenburg 27612, NCInternal Medicine1609878776
John Francis Lue 27612, NCInternal Medicine1508868688
Steven Marc Liebowitz 27612, NCInternal Medicine1386646453
Roberto Banzon 28304, NCInternal Medicine1154323111
Michael James 27612, NCInternal Medicine1538161609
Anne Leigh Ibach 27612, NCInternal Medicine1023012309
Obafemi Adewunmi 27577, NCInternal Medicine1275535239
Eric Barnett Carlson 27834, NCInternal Medicine1316941206
Christopher A Madden 27012, NCInternal Medicine1366446320
Samuel Bryson Fleming 28801, NCInternal Medicine1770587743
William Thomas Walker 28557, NCInternal Medicine1194729186
Thomas Arnold Morris 27705, NCInternal Medicine1497759427
David Ashley Hill 28304, NCInternal Medicine1326042268
Robert Clay Pennington 27704, NCInternal Medicine1144224080
Kirk Philpot 27834, NCInternal Medicine1841294683
Jane Bramham 28043, NCInternal Medicine1821092784
Nwaobiara Obi-gwacham 28304, NCInternal Medicine1619971587
Shailesh Shirolkar 28304, NCInternal Medicine1932103801
Barney B. Beaver 29576, NCInternal Medicine1609870450
Claude Robey 27834, NCInternal Medicine1679577423
Nirmish Shah 27704, NCInternal Medicine1033113899
Richard Zane Shultzaberger 27834, NCInternal Medicine1184628851
Sabena Johnson 28304, NCInternal Medicine1013911965
Sanjay Narayanaswamy 28304, NCInternal Medicine1326042284
Cumberland County Hospital System, Inc 28304, NCInternal Medicine1588668396
Zhong Yu 28144, NCInternal Medicine1952305831
Thomas Ruffolo 27889, NCInternal Medicine1902800766
Peter A Valen 27157, NCInternal Medicine1548264310
Steven Russell Klein 27103, NCInternal Medicine1144224890
Samuel Fleishman 28304, NCInternal Medicine1316941065
Mark W Anderson 27804, NCInternal Medicine1184628844
Deanna Kay Branscom 27510, NCInternal Medicine1770587354
Eliza N Sangmuah 28105, NCInternal Medicine1215931894
Bayen Medical Associates, Pa 28054, NCInternal Medicine1073517652
Kenneth R Adams 27804, NCInternal Medicine1366446965
John W Galbreath 27103, NCInternal Medicine1891799433
Elaine A Staten 28352, NCInternal Medicine1083618730
Novant Medical Group, Inc 28144, NCInternal Medicine1427509116
David Michael 27834, NCInternal Medicine1780688416
Robert A. Shaw 27834, NCInternal Medicine1912901653
Anthony Wayne Macasieb 28117, NCInternal Medicine1154325660
Carole Loughridge 28117, NCInternal Medicine1699779116
Augustine Uchechukwu Obi 28144, NCInternal Medicine1093719528
Douglas Lee Metcalf 27103, NCInternal Medicine1205830734
Cumberland County Hospital Systems, Inc 28301, NCInternal Medicine1972507440
Mark Warren 27834, NCInternal Medicine1629073010
Michael John Varney 28403, NCInternal Medicine1124023510
Robin Herion 28403, NCInternal Medicine1841295235
Jorge J Gonzalez 28401, NCInternal Medicine1023013489
Peter Stein 27834, NCInternal Medicine1265437636
Godwin Obinna Uzomba 29708, NCInternal Medicine1659376051
Lawrence Stroud Carter 28601, NCInternal Medicine1003811480
Winfield Strickland Word-sims 28801, NCInternal Medicine1093710493
Sagir Ahmed 27612, NCInternal Medicine1245235506
James R Long 27292, NCInternal Medicine1457356768
Randal White 27889, NCInternal Medicine1184629297
David Dutrow Collins 27103, NCInternal Medicine1962407072
Harold M Alpert 28741, NCInternal Medicine1053316984
Mary Katherine Lawrence 28557, NCInternal Medicine1215932140
Farah Zeshan Abdulsalam 27055, NCInternal Medicine1417952367
Tomas Vybiral 28621, NCInternal Medicine1740285824
Maxwell S Maillis 28806, NCInternal Medicine1477558559
Natalie A Doyle 27893, NCInternal Medicine1932104940
Richard Orlowski 28602, NCInternal Medicine1427053461
Mark A Mazer 27834, NCInternal Medicine1720083793
William K Halstenberg 28801, NCInternal Medicine1699770685
Ghiath M Almasri 27858, NCInternal Medicine1851396857
Ioana M Apoltan 28621, NCInternal Medicine1295730174
Charlie L Sykes 28607, NCInternal Medicine1407851397
Henry Allen Brandon 27407, NCInternal Medicine1790780690
Debra Szostak-wodecki 28625, NCInternal Medicine1598760407
Tamas Balogh 27030, NCInternal Medicine1245235167
Michael John Barri 28403, NCInternal Medicine1689679409
Herbert L Bonkovsky 27157, NCInternal Medicine1821093592
George Rayburn Cheely 27610, NCInternal Medicine1972508661
David A Eagle 28117, NCInternal Medicine1134124910
William Vance Singletary 27704, NCInternal Medicine1477558930
Amin Charania 28025, NCInternal Medicine1639174295
Carmella Gismondi-eagan 28025, NCInternal Medicine1942205521
Bryan D Uslick 28304, NCInternal Medicine1902801483
Sanjeev Slehria 28304, NCInternal Medicine1336144823
Harnett Health System Inc 28334, NCInternal Medicine1598761058
Charles A Mangano 27610, NCInternal Medicine1295731784
Virgil H Wynia 27610, NCInternal Medicine1447256946
Amarendra B Reddy 27610, NCInternal Medicine1326044827
Wade H Saunders 28803, NCInternal Medicine1013913516
Gary Lee Badzinski 28301, NCInternal Medicine1821094327
Mark E. Leithe 27609, NCInternal Medicine1316943822
Lewis John Tondo 28166, NCInternal Medicine1114922622
Russell Hal Gerry 28403, NCInternal Medicine1811992340
Richard L Pippin 27828, NCInternal Medicine1497751861
Marion Butler Pate 27330, NCInternal Medicine1265438600
Robert Donnell Mccall 27330, NCInternal Medicine1689670036
Beth Sharon Rosenberg 27514, NCInternal Medicine1124024641
Behnam Asgharian 27330, NCInternal Medicine1467458802
Steven Hamstead 27828, NCInternal Medicine1134125503
Patricia Hinson 27834, NCInternal Medicine1861498230
James Bower 28203, NCInternal Medicine1588671440
Clare Lawrence Gray 28602, NCInternal Medicine1780680090
Mary A Frankos 28466, NCInternal Medicine1144226374
Thomas Francis Trahey 28025, NCInternal Medicine1447256854
David Alan Lowry 28645, NCInternal Medicine1023014339
John Albert Dew 28645, NCInternal Medicine1184620593
Brian M Go 27610, NCInternal Medicine1851397152
Senthil N Sundaram 27610, NCInternal Medicine1831195049
Scott Charles Sledge 28602, NCInternal Medicine1124024443
James Reginald Kelly 27710, NCInternal Medicine1922004191
Alan M Nadour 27520, NCInternal Medicine1326178302
Kent Thomas Anderson 27893, NCInternal Medicine1487650669
Eric D Van Tassel 28803, NCInternal Medicine1093711194
Oscar R Jenkins 28803, NCInternal Medicine1598761603
Todd H Hansen 28803, NCInternal Medicine1922004035
Joseph J Souza 28803, NCInternal Medicine1336145457
William W Wharton 28803, NCInternal Medicine1326044454
John H Russell 28803, NCInternal Medicine1447256581
William B Abernethy 28803, NCInternal Medicine1265438253
Dennis Michael Unks 28803, NCInternal Medicine1023014149
Robert L Wade 28803, NCInternal Medicine1578569562
Brian H Asbill 28803, NCInternal Medicine1730185729
Michael Alan Cotton 28601, NCInternal Medicine1316943335
Trinity Hematology & Oncology Center Pa 28304, NCInternal Medicine1215933239
Francis Richard Nullet 28779, NCInternal Medicine1902802929
Benjamin Howard Trichon 28803, NCInternal Medicine1871599860
Peter Goodfield 28739, NCInternal Medicine1043216054
Philip Anthony Greene 28602, NCInternal Medicine1912903923
Robert F Hanich 28803, NCInternal Medicine1457357550
William D Kuehl 28803, NCInternal Medicine1427054527
Allen L. Oseroff 27834, NCInternal Medicine1790781847


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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