Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas Pitoscia 07041, NJInternal Medicine1770586307
Silvio Quaglia 07041, NJInternal Medicine1790788313
Arthur L Cabales 07306, NJInternal Medicine1407859705
Emanuel Martin Maida 07039, NJInternal Medicine1114920451
Daniel Halevy 07105, NJInternal Medicine1700889250
Joseph Clemente 07748, NJInternal Medicine1164425435
Wayne M Lajewski 07928, NJInternal Medicine1558364166
Janet C Lin 07061, NJInternal Medicine1376545574
Brad Herman 07410, NJInternal Medicine1760484729
Lawrence Louis Livornese 08836, NJInternal Medicine1538163431
Steven A Pally 07932, NJInternal Medicine1114921079
Brian Joseph Boyle 07701, NJInternal Medicine1538163233
Robert John Gialanella 07701, NJInternal Medicine1144224858
Gregory Heyt 07701, NJInternal Medicine1861496572
Roy L Carman 07739, NJInternal Medicine1760486476
Joseph Anthony Marzano 07701, NJInternal Medicine1427052133
Marjorie M. Luckey 07039, NJInternal Medicine1902800568
Mark M O'connell 08648, NJInternal Medicine1558365148
Susan Flanzman 07630, NJInternal Medicine1609870245
Helen Bateman 07090, NJInternal Medicine1174527824
Hunterdon Specialty Care, Pc 08809, NJInternal Medicine1811368228
Sharon Angelo 07702, NJInternal Medicine1811991458
Khalil M Suaray 07748, NJInternal Medicine1578567160
Sunit B Desai 07735, NJInternal Medicine1861496457
Jonathan Steinberg 07450, NJInternal Medicine1194729822
John R Mcgee 07002, NJInternal Medicine1811991284
Deborah M Wozniak 07002, NJInternal Medicine1063416444
Vivian Akrive Kominos 07728, NJInternal Medicine1780688192
Lou-anne Beauregard 07728, NJInternal Medicine1376547786
Yihong H. Cheng 07834, NJInternal Medicine1629072046
Harold B. Ehrlich 08805, NJInternal Medicine1114921582
Lisa M. Golding Granado 07730, NJInternal Medicine1538163928
Rosa M. Neno 07002, NJInternal Medicine1407850894
Yaron Bareket 07020, NJInternal Medicine1376548719
Rick Pumill 07020, NJInternal Medicine1538164975
Fernando Segovia 07020, NJInternal Medicine1073518411
Medical Health Center, P.a. 07748, NJInternal Medicine1720083116
Mark A. Hoffman 07002, NJInternal Medicine1639174048
Jose Santana 07093, NJInternal Medicine1497750848
Harlan M. Mellk 07041, NJInternal Medicine1326043647
Timothy M. Slaven 08037, NJInternal Medicine1043215288
Miriam R Maher 07034, NJInternal Medicine1780689554
Gilbert Kepecs 07601, NJInternal Medicine1093710014
Henry James Ryngel 07029, NJInternal Medicine1215932280
Warren K Churgin 07724, NJInternal Medicine1447255583
Daniela J Baldi 08701, NJInternal Medicine1245235399
Charles B Peeples 07724, NJInternal Medicine1477558518
Eatontown Medical Associates, P.a. 07724, NJInternal Medicine1639174790
Srinivas Mendu 08540, NJInternal Medicine1245235126
Osama K. Ghanem 08831, NJInternal Medicine1689679565
Russell John Cornell 08755, NJInternal Medicine1285639088
Kevin Clancy 08755, NJInternal Medicine1346245149
Nicholas Anthony Defilippis 07083, NJInternal Medicine1518962257
Madhu B Goyal 07080, NJInternal Medicine1467457226
Shobana Natarajan 07080, NJInternal Medicine1639174394
Maurice Andrew Ferrante 07059, NJInternal Medicine1437154192
Lance Seth Berger 07724, NJInternal Medicine1689679490
Peter Thomas Orlic 07444, NJInternal Medicine1659376713
Howard Allan Levite 08205, NJInternal Medicine1619971132
Felix Dailey-sterling 07093, NJInternal Medicine1194720540
Umesh Katdare 07093, NJInternal Medicine1447255898
Jeffrey Scott Kaminetzky 08701, NJInternal Medicine1598760787
Samuel Madeira 08619, NJInternal Medicine1982609772
Glenn Paul Jacobs 08755, NJInternal Medicine1417952219
Sanjiv Sobti 08755, NJInternal Medicine1245235050
Stuart A. Barr 07675, NJInternal Medicine1992700579
Thomas P. Cocke 07675, NJInternal Medicine1972508554
Michael Anshelevich 07675, NJInternal Medicine1851396444
Michael L Margolin 07016, NJInternal Medicine1053316653
Eric Arvind Gomes 08648, NJInternal Medicine1205831807
Theodore Herzl Goldberg 07675, NJInternal Medicine1609871276
Jeffrey M Beal 07756, NJInternal Medicine1801891437
Carl Goldstein 07090, NJInternal Medicine1861497315
Sheldon B. Eisenberg 07675, NJInternal Medicine1144225723
Elliott S. Lichtstein 07675, NJInternal Medicine1760487342
Joel S. Landzberg 07675, NJInternal Medicine1730184318
Patricia L. Murphy 07675, NJInternal Medicine1255336830
Sagar R. Desai 08820, NJInternal Medicine1386649861
Gary Robert Weine 07960, NJInternal Medicine1164428611
Princeton Pike Internal Medicine 08648, NJInternal Medicine1073519591
Bharat V Desai 08648, NJInternal Medicine1992701189
Steven A Samuel 08691, NJInternal Medicine1346246600
Gary J Kosc 07424, NJInternal Medicine1932105236
Stephen Eugene Zrada 08003, NJInternal Medicine1407852676
Eric J Ellinghaus 07601, NJInternal Medicine1275539496
Paul Edward Goldberg 08648, NJInternal Medicine1316943574
Anthony Laneve 07424, NJInternal Medicine1255337556
Mark Jeffrey Weinstein 08648, NJInternal Medicine1376549576
James M Record 07424, NJInternal Medicine1548266745
Larry J. Cohen 08820, NJInternal Medicine1295731305
Angelo G Bellardini 07424, NJInternal Medicine1780680876
Howard S. Cohen 08820, NJInternal Medicine1013913110
Dennis S Reison 07450, NJInternal Medicine1316943483
Walter D Berkowitz 07024, NJInternal Medicine1538165469
Nathaniel E Lebowitz 07024, NJInternal Medicine1063418994
Michael Steven Rothberg 08724, NJInternal Medicine1861498628
Iftekhar Kadri 07052, NJInternal Medicine1093711947
Jacqueline Hollywood 07024, NJInternal Medicine1770589608
Diane Zanger 07024, NJInternal Medicine1760488696
Bellardini Kosc And Pavlou Mds Pa 07424, NJInternal Medicine1285630194
Leslie Richard Cauvin 08701, NJInternal Medicine1669478483
Rashid Ahmad 08110, NJInternal Medicine1306842091
Anna Dedona 08724, NJInternal Medicine1194721902
Joan Z Choper 08759, NJInternal Medicine1154327971
Joseph C Morelos 08701, NJInternal Medicine1861498693
Pratik Patel 08873, NJInternal Medicine1851397574
Heather Leigh Robberson 08701, NJInternal Medicine1902802739
Vincent Abenante 08050, NJInternal Medicine1013913847
Andrew L. Nelson 08755, NJInternal Medicine1497751242
Bassam I Hasan 08724, NJInternal Medicine1346246097
Stephen Andrew Kriso 07057, NJInternal Medicine1922004654
Howard C Rothman 07024, NJInternal Medicine1134125941
Paul C Hiley 08527, NJInternal Medicine1336145176
Vincent Anthony Tomasuolo 08755, NJInternal Medicine1053317701
Anthony J Passannante 08873, NJInternal Medicine1407852171
Stuart Michael Homer 07001, NJInternal Medicine1760488373
Kevin Edwin Vitting 07470, NJInternal Medicine1598762148
Richard C Golding 07601, NJInternal Medicine1306842539
Anthony J Passannante 08873, NJInternal Medicine1821094558
Stuart E Shulruff 07046, NJInternal Medicine1871590448
Ronald D Massari 07046, NJInternal Medicine1073510640
Robert J Schanzer 08817, NJInternal Medicine1114923661
Dinesh K Singal 08873, NJInternal Medicine1548266125
Marta Meyers 07960, NJInternal Medicine1154328755
John L Dorazio 08873, NJInternal Medicine1205832904
Clifford D Gladstone 08873, NJInternal Medicine1548266265
Anand U Kulkarni 08873, NJInternal Medicine1063418655
Jack A Stroh 08873, NJInternal Medicine1356347066
Sheldon J Kukafka 08873, NJInternal Medicine1982600607
Howard Isadore Kesselheim 08103, NJInternal Medicine1003812231
George Pavlou 07424, NJInternal Medicine1023014909
Karl Timothy Chen 08816, NJInternal Medicine1982600169
Jay Andrew Vida 08724, NJInternal Medicine1831195601
Edward G Lee 08857, NJInternal Medicine1558367821
Michael Scott Beede 08628, NJInternal Medicine1215933098
Nancy E Allegar 08844, NJInternal Medicine1750387494
Sam Rae 07470, NJInternal Medicine1649277294
Ignazio Fazio 07470, NJInternal Medicine1972500528
Henry Lau 07601, NJInternal Medicine1316944739
Kalyani I Gardilla 07701, NJInternal Medicine1831196278
Joseph G Boak 07701, NJInternal Medicine1629075064
Riverview Medical Associates Pa 07701, NJInternal Medicine1194722694
Stephen S Jurewicz 07701, NJInternal Medicine1679570089
Cora O Ogbolu 08830, NJInternal Medicine1164429361
Gregory Francis Sullivan 07013, NJInternal Medicine1851398911
Joaquim L Noronha 08873, NJInternal Medicine1710984885
Norman Henry Siegel 08003, NJInternal Medicine1255338323
Juhee Gupta 08820, NJInternal Medicine1053318063
Janusz S Kornicki 07016, NJInternal Medicine1013914035
Mohamed E Meleis 07730, NJInternal Medicine1396742342
Oncology And Hematology Associates 08096, NJInternal Medicine1255338216
Devang V Lodhavia 08043, NJInternal Medicine1679570634
Ringwood Medical Associates Pa 07456, NJInternal Medicine1396742102
Luigina Vlad 07039, NJInternal Medicine1982601720
Bonnie Sidler 07039, NJInternal Medicine1538166368
Hossam M Khalil 07730, NJInternal Medicine1295733970
Padmavathi Jonnalagadda,mdpa 07307, NJInternal Medicine1821096504
Yelena Chuzhin 07039, NJInternal Medicine1881691707
Amador Nestor Hormilla 08755, NJInternal Medicine1710984521
Richard B Meltzer 07755, NJInternal Medicine1366449050
Marc Sanford Melamed 07432, NJInternal Medicine1033116769
Jose Cruz Chua 07202, NJInternal Medicine1487651113
Steven J Weisholtz 07631, NJInternal Medicine1053318964
Padmavathi Jonnalagadda 07307, NJInternal Medicine1144228891
Ira Merkel 08873, NJInternal Medicine1336146125
Ho-kan Cheng 08096, NJInternal Medicine1881692374
Joseph Grizzanti 07506, NJInternal Medicine1932107554
Irwin Spirn 08003, NJInternal Medicine1841298486
Paulo Bandeira Pinho 07041, NJInternal Medicine1922006352
Purnima Vallabhaneni 08824, NJInternal Medicine1316945645
Peter A. Plumeri 08080, NJInternal Medicine1447258777
Steven Edward Hodes 08837, NJInternal Medicine1578561759
Richard J Friedland 08648, NJInternal Medicine1437157583
Paul J Alessi 08002, NJInternal Medicine1942208046
David Mark Rosenheck 08837, NJInternal Medicine1811995046
Marc Rafael Wolfman 08837, NJInternal Medicine1174521355
Summit Avenue Medical Pa 07601, NJInternal Medicine1275531550
Jeffrey Kocher 07631, NJInternal Medicine1053319202
Russell Gura 07631, NJInternal Medicine1962400119
Gregorio Lipat 07304, NJInternal Medicine1790783850
Susan D Entmacher 08057, NJInternal Medicine1558369629
Murray Weinstock 07601, NJInternal Medicine1275531204
Mervat B Mansour 08816, NJInternal Medicine1053319962
Geobel A Marin 08534, NJInternal Medicine1629076476
Manuel Katz 07631, NJInternal Medicine1376541359
Michael Scott Goldberg 08837, NJInternal Medicine1184622151
Brendan P Sullivan 07013, NJInternal Medicine1174521140
Linda D. Gillam 07960, NJInternal Medicine1457359382
Donald Auerbach 08053, NJInternal Medicine1225036866
Connie T Chuang 08854, NJInternal Medicine1275530313
Samuel T Duncan 07040, NJInternal Medicine1063419810
Vasudevarao Jonnalagadda 07307, NJInternal Medicine1669470308
David L Feit 07601, NJInternal Medicine1962409045
David M Felig 07601, NJInternal Medicine1780681866
Mark E Tanchel 07601, NJInternal Medicine1598762676
Arthur P Fisch 07960, NJInternal Medicine1184622193
Audrey F Von Poelnitz 07960, NJInternal Medicine1558369579
Jeffrey G Schwartz 07960, NJInternal Medicine1023016052
Richard I Watson 07960, NJInternal Medicine1003814039
Benjamin Fusman 07046, NJInternal Medicine1376540351


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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