Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of New Mexico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of New Mexico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Giridhar Anireddy 88310, NMInternal Medicine1366445496
Sarojana Hanumandla 88310, NMInternal Medicine1952304081
Douglas A. Clark 87109, NMInternal Medicine1114920238
Jan M Merin 87544, NMInternal Medicine1225031321
Clark E Haskins 87109, NMInternal Medicine1720081839
Armando Lopez De Victoria 87401, NMInternal Medicine1275536088
Barbara Lynn Mcaneny 87109, NMInternal Medicine1720081862
Richard O Giudice 87109, NMInternal Medicine1417950536
Wolfgang Walter Schmidt-nowara 87505, NMInternal Medicine1669475208
Mihaela Bujoi 87102, NMInternal Medicine1164424214
Luis Constantin 87102, NMInternal Medicine1740284082
Robert E. Federici 87106, NMInternal Medicine1053315390
John W. Batty 87102, NMInternal Medicine1760484927
Erik J. Funk 87102, NMInternal Medicine1043214398
H. William Adkison 87571, NMInternal Medicine1407858624
Kathleen Blake 87102, NMInternal Medicine1649272808
Frank M Mowry 87102, NMInternal Medicine1841294741
Robert C Orchard 87102, NMInternal Medicine1659375558
Charles D Leonard 87122, NMInternal Medicine1871597849
Barry W Ramo 87102, NMInternal Medicine1598769499
Robert Brad Stamm 87505, NMInternal Medicine1841294758
Kimber M Stout 87505, NMInternal Medicine1487658399
Anandan Swaminathan 87301, NMInternal Medicine1467456376
Harvey J White 87102, NMInternal Medicine1790789592
Howard S Zeman 87102, NMInternal Medicine1104820919
Christopher Robert Charles Wyndham 87505, NMInternal Medicine1871597674
Elizabeth O. Palmer 88011, NMInternal Medicine1801890702
Anthony B Sandoval 87544, NMInternal Medicine1528062346
Rebecca B Bair 87102, NMInternal Medicine1841295029
Patricia Wilson Carbajo 87102, NMInternal Medicine1467457648
David A Gonzales 87102, NMInternal Medicine1154326338
Denise Gonzales 87106, NMInternal Medicine1326043415
Franklin Miller 87701, NMInternal Medicine1659375194
Lara L Goss 87102, NMInternal Medicine1316942501
Sidney Farrington Webb 88046, NMInternal Medicine1235135690
Sonam Palden Kundeling 87109, NMInternal Medicine1326044579
Albert J Rizzoli 87106, NMInternal Medicine1881690071
Jill Ann Rhymes 87505, NMInternal Medicine1770589475
Bruce A Shaffer 87505, NMInternal Medicine1598762791
Francisco Y Torres 87048, NMInternal Medicine1982601910
James Joseph Ziomek 87544, NMInternal Medicine1487652780
David Buchwald 87120, NMInternal Medicine1649278672
Mahmood Reza Zamanian 87110, NMInternal Medicine1386641876
Leanna J Scott-timperley 87505, NMInternal Medicine1588663306
Kathryn Genevieve Barnard 87544, NMInternal Medicine1366440141
Imad A.r. Idriss 88011, NMInternal Medicine1134127947
Andrew Steven Narva 87327, NMInternal Medicine1568461184
Gabrielle Adams 87109, NMInternal Medicine1477552958
John Burdon 87109, NMInternal Medicine1134128416
Robert A Graor 88011, NMInternal Medicine1114926409
Howard Gogel 87109, NMInternal Medicine1194724484
Antoine Jakiche 87109, NMInternal Medicine1609875996
Andrew Mason 87109, NMInternal Medicine1265431563
Robert M Lynn 87109, NMInternal Medicine1679572697
Jeffrey S Sollins Md Pc 87109, NMInternal Medicine1568462497
Kay Redman 87327, NMInternal Medicine1154321818
Lucia T Corro 88011, NMInternal Medicine1669472254
Celeste A Taylor 88011, NMInternal Medicine1760482236
Jeffrey S Sollins 87109, NMInternal Medicine1770584633
Timothy M Lopez 87505, NMInternal Medicine1174521983
Christopher Lesueur 87401, NMInternal Medicine1376542118
Robert W Pederson 87505, NMInternal Medicine1710987813
James Martinez 87109, NMInternal Medicine1649279944
Joseph Alcorn 87106, NMInternal Medicine1386643708
Bart Cox 87102, NMInternal Medicine1629078571
Kyle Patton Mccombs 76048, NMInternal Medicine1861491359
Hossein Mojtahed-zadeh 87109, NMInternal Medicine1598764805
James P Goolsby 87401, NMInternal Medicine1811998529
Maher Belmamoun 87102, NMInternal Medicine1306847025
Michael Poole Wolf 87301, NMInternal Medicine1689675241
Art Ray Snyder 88011, NMInternal Medicine1629079710
Joseph D Kern 87109, NMInternal Medicine1710989512
Southwest Healthcare Associates Llc 88001, NMInternal Medicine1265434807
Paul Feil Md Pc 88011, NMInternal Medicine1598757668
Robert Lauer 88210, NMInternal Medicine1730171562
Silvia M Sierra Flores 88011, NMInternal Medicine1134112410
Lung & Sleep Associates Of Las Cruces Llc 88011, NMInternal Medicine1295728301
Geoffrey A Kunz 87102, NMInternal Medicine1306839071
Rio Grande Medical Group, Ltd 88011, NMInternal Medicine1013900794
Kenneth J Smith 87110, NMInternal Medicine1073506531
William A Robinson 87401, NMInternal Medicine1396746061
Robert Dubroff 87114, NMInternal Medicine1679575583
Karla Kay Giese 87109, NMInternal Medicine1780676262
Robert Anthony Gardner 87124, NMInternal Medicine1194717801
Joseph Gordon Edelson 49770, NMInternal Medicine1598766255
Angelica A. Caglia 88011, NMInternal Medicine1861486201
Shiney Nattakom 88011, NMInternal Medicine1396739579
Michael K Bay 87109, NMInternal Medicine1437143195
Brandon Clint 87117, NMInternal Medicine1144214677
Francis K. Attiogbe 88011, NMInternal Medicine1457346652
John Anthony Flores 88061, NMInternal Medicine1801883533
Don R. Clark 88201, NMInternal Medicine1346237070
Kent L Richards 88011, NMInternal Medicine1841286549
Bernadette L Saiz 88201, NMInternal Medicine1811984453
Richard Bush Ross 88011, NMInternal Medicine1366439101
Annette C Fontaine 87109, NMInternal Medicine1346234788
Akshay Sood 87102, NMInternal Medicine1083602841
Hany Nagy Yassa 88201, NMInternal Medicine1003802463
George M Massoud 88310, NMInternal Medicine1003800988
Tobore Godwin Kokoricha 88101, NMInternal Medicine1962496307
Laura Jean Honch 87114, NMInternal Medicine1093709792
Lisa J Perkowski 88220, NMInternal Medicine1831187921
Stefan Korec 88310, NMInternal Medicine1134117278
Zoneddy Ruiz Dayao 87102, NMInternal Medicine1124016084
Elizabeth Gail Israel 87420, NMInternal Medicine1992795389
Brian Nicholas Palen 87106, NMInternal Medicine1710977905
New Mexico Clinical Research & Osteoporosis Center, Inc 87106, NMInternal Medicine1871584730
Dhirendra Lamba 88101, NMInternal Medicine1427049196
J. Mitchell Simson 87106, NMInternal Medicine1952392516
Barry James Krakow 87109, NMInternal Medicine1023099207
Shelley A Katz 87111, NMInternal Medicine1780666982
Warner J Anderson 87326, NMInternal Medicine1427039759
Masoud Khorsand-sahbaie 88201, NMInternal Medicine1629066097
Eileen Barrett 87131, NMInternal Medicine1972592723
Shahid Mansoor 04631, NMInternal Medicine1053301747
Elizabeth De Pirro 87110, NMInternal Medicine1659360527
Amyn G Alidina 87109, NMInternal Medicine1821088063
Kimberly S Mohs 87420, NMInternal Medicine1245220631
Eugene Gerard Marciniak 88001, NMInternal Medicine1407830458
Mary A Frederick 87102, NMInternal Medicine1437133485
William A Gaspar 88415, NMInternal Medicine1497739015
Guillermo Mariano Estrada 87420, NMInternal Medicine1376528786
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87714, NMInternal Medicine1275518151
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 88101, NMInternal Medicine1629053509
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87110, NMInternal Medicine1982689865
Lincoln County Ambulance 88345, NMInternal Medicine1508841495
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 88301, NMInternal Medicine1235114125
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87801, NMInternal Medicine1336124205
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 88401, NMInternal Medicine1023093903
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 88101, NMInternal Medicine1750366639
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 88101, NMInternal Medicine1295710176
Bernalillo County Health Care Corporation 87107, NMInternal Medicine1093790974
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87710, NMInternal Medicine1164407052
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 88401, NMInternal Medicine1427033315
Mark Douglas Bonnell 87532, NMInternal Medicine1801872338
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87110, NMInternal Medicine1881670214
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87801, NMInternal Medicine1790761138
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 88401, NMInternal Medicine1235115676
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87801, NMInternal Medicine1144206582
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 88401, NMInternal Medicine1962488304
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87110, NMInternal Medicine1245216688
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87532, NMInternal Medicine1154307593
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87109, NMInternal Medicine1104802354
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87747, NMInternal Medicine1508842758
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87747, NMInternal Medicine1114903374
Santa Teresa Medical Care Center Pc 88008, NMInternal Medicine1669459947
John Terrell Redd 87505, NMInternal Medicine1295712297
Mohamed Basel Aswad 88030, NMInternal Medicine1871571406
Oladipo A Adeniyi 87301, NMInternal Medicine1497733810
David Emanuel Johnson 87106, NMInternal Medicine1952389306
Charles Braun 87401, NMInternal Medicine1841278231
Internal Medicine Associates Of New Mexico, Pc 88310, NMInternal Medicine1316925316
Christopher Gonzaga 87301, NMInternal Medicine1538147640
Azim Saquib 88011, NMInternal Medicine1023096096
Masoud Khorsand Sahbaie Md P A 88201, NMInternal Medicine1932187044
Fredrica E Smith 87544, NMInternal Medicine1780663369
Sepehr Khashaei 87106, NMInternal Medicine1508845751
Lakshmi Ganga 87113, NMInternal Medicine1134108236
Bruce Baird Struminger 87102, NMInternal Medicine1629058599
Robert Wayne Martin 88061, NMInternal Medicine1104806835
Atia Shireen Hashim 88201, NMInternal Medicine1225013006
Marisela Marisa Noorhasan 87110, NMInternal Medicine1174593206
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87801, NMInternal Medicine1336125764
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87532, NMInternal Medicine1215912191
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87801, NMInternal Medicine1972589307
Sushma M Dharia 87102, NMInternal Medicine1497734719
Jeffrey E. Godwin 87106, NMInternal Medicine1184604720
Torre Donnchadh Near 87109, NMInternal Medicine1770560336
Yasuhiro Nakatani 87131, NMInternal Medicine1114901329
Travis L Bolton 87124, NMInternal Medicine1932184181
Mandeep Dhami 88011, NMInternal Medicine1639154628
Steven R Black 88201, NMInternal Medicine1578546438
Lucien David Young 87552, NMInternal Medicine1730150178
Thomas Robinson 87301, NMInternal Medicine1245202357
Nasser Jamal Alqassem 88310, NMInternal Medicine1043282395
Mitchell J Binder 87110, NMInternal Medicine1043282155
Gerald Robertson 87301, NMInternal Medicine1831161082
Philip Anthony Miceli 87049, NMInternal Medicine1851363030
Comfort Bonu 87505, NMInternal Medicine1184696064
James W Whitfield 87301, NMInternal Medicine1639141443
Bruce D. Tempest 87301, NMInternal Medicine1629040407
Gary Paul Stec 87505, NMInternal Medicine1912979709
Jeff Scott Zabel 87108, NMInternal Medicine1609849975
Murray M Bern 87131, NMInternal Medicine1114990298
Hugh Edward Naylor 87740, NMInternal Medicine1053387282
Jacqueline Kim Dean 87102, NMInternal Medicine1184690364
Leroy Arnold Pacheco 87102, NMInternal Medicine1568438752
Mark Richard Zolnick 87505, NMInternal Medicine1619943529
Richard Charles Gartner 87505, NMInternal Medicine1952377004
Larry Dennis Crook 87420, NMInternal Medicine1467429118
Frederic William Held 87301, NMInternal Medicine1073580585
Toru Nyunoya 87108, NMInternal Medicine1851368856
Dennis Victor Worthington 88310, NMInternal Medicine1417925009
Brian E Willmon 88101, NMInternal Medicine1336118645
Karen A Endacott 87505, NMInternal Medicine1598734717
Ernest Rhett Jabour 88011, NMInternal Medicine1306815691
Laurence M Weinberg 87505, NMInternal Medicine1154380806
Lance A. Rudolph 87106, NMInternal Medicine1376502997
Richard A Moore 87002, NMInternal Medicine1689633935
Kimberly A Birch 87035, NMInternal Medicine1942269204


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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