Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Nevada

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Nevada:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tanveer Akbar 89141, NVInternal Medicine1558364596
Irfan Tahir 89103, NVInternal Medicine1306849328
Frank J Andriola 89191, NVInternal Medicine1366445389
Cleofemarie S Vergara 89128, NVInternal Medicine1639172794
Marcelino Cucio Belizario 89145, NVInternal Medicine1639172448
Michael N Murphy 89703, NVInternal Medicine1720081490
Berge Jack Dadourian 89145, NVInternal Medicine1003819749
John A Seibel 89102, NVInternal Medicine1730182148
Nikolaos J Tsiouris 89106, NVInternal Medicine1790789428
Savita M Chander 89128, NVInternal Medicine1447255773
Joseph V Klag 85032, NVInternal Medicine1730185430
Elaine H Niggemann 85032, NVInternal Medicine1427054063
Anne-marie Roberts 89030, NVInternal Medicine1699771360
Evan Wayne Easley 89410, NVInternal Medicine1851397459
Garrett Donald Schwartz 89410, NVInternal Medicine1578569174
Andrei Damian 85032, NVInternal Medicine1679579346
Chris T Geohas 85032, NVInternal Medicine1659377398
Alan B Sommers 85032, NVInternal Medicine1831195478
Stephen Lane Perry 89703, NVInternal Medicine1316943913
Hyo-jong Park 89052, NVInternal Medicine1295732808
Edgardo Averion Faylona 89074, NVInternal Medicine1083611362
Constantine George 89118, NVInternal Medicine1164429858
Richard Bruce Rosen 89502, NVInternal Medicine1003813700
Anne E. Kristensen 89128, NVInternal Medicine1861499733
David A Lin 85032, NVInternal Medicine1982601043
Dolue David Ezeanolue 89106, NVInternal Medicine1700883014
Andrew Ho Keung Tang 89449, NVInternal Medicine1639176282
Russell Patrick Gollard 89052, NVInternal Medicine1699772210
Muhammad Sohail Ghani 89052, NVInternal Medicine1427055045
Gilbert Mudiwa Nyamuswa 89052, NVInternal Medicine1235136854
Bill Drew Maddux 89410, NVInternal Medicine1841299542
Laura G Gitlin 89128, NVInternal Medicine1023017696
Trent T Richardson 89128, NVInternal Medicine1013916261
Syed T Zaidi 89148, NVInternal Medicine1972503878
Jeffrey B Gitlin 89128, NVInternal Medicine1548260342
Arumugam Sivakumar 89052, NVInternal Medicine1578563102
Milton K. Wong 89117, NVInternal Medicine1942200498
Richard Sy Teh 89128, NVInternal Medicine1538169008
Mohammed O Najmi 89128, NVInternal Medicine1699775163
William Reid Litchfield 89052, NVInternal Medicine1629078100
Daniel Joseph Ahearn 89523, NVInternal Medicine1467452524
Mahendra Defonseka 89052, NVInternal Medicine1699775684
Cynthia Esguerra Teh 89128, NVInternal Medicine1487655304
James F Wessman 85015, NVInternal Medicine1497754741
Eileen Cordero Mauban 89014, NVInternal Medicine1396745774
Carlos Espina Ezpeleta 89110, NVInternal Medicine1265432793
Rick Okagawa 85032, NVInternal Medicine1649271768
Henry Wang 89102, NVInternal Medicine1497757405
Nicholas Gregory Calica 89145, NVInternal Medicine1891797593
Thomas Samuel Roben 89117, NVInternal Medicine1841292315
Sheikh Shehryar Saghir 89146, NVInternal Medicine1013919588
Carolyn Anne Matzinger 89141, NVInternal Medicine1447252911
Yekaterina Anatolyevna Khronusova 89145, NVInternal Medicine1316949928
Huy Nguyen 89113, NVInternal Medicine1700888112
James William Snyder 89148, NVInternal Medicine1861494379
Basil E Chryssos 89703, NVInternal Medicine1851383517
Adelaida Canete Aranas 89102, NVInternal Medicine1295727923
Christopher J Dipaolo 89703, NVInternal Medicine1134111891
Donald A Spring 89502, NVInternal Medicine1346232832
Roy Lee Perlot 89103, NVInternal Medicine1679575245
Robert Bear 85032, NVInternal Medicine1275534364
Arezo M Fathie 89113, NVInternal Medicine1598757536
Ram M Challapalli 89502, NVInternal Medicine1154313815
Velisar L Rill 89502, NVInternal Medicine1659363141
Maria Carmina R Arrastia 89117, NVInternal Medicine1285635573
Shannon Signorino 89102, NVInternal Medicine1396737235
Francis P Kelley 89502, NVInternal Medicine1750373270
Thomas Brian Callister 89502, NVInternal Medicine1124011705
Louis Christopher Tripoli 89502, NVInternal Medicine1013919083
Charles Nelson Held 89431, NVInternal Medicine1427040187
Farrukh Imtiaz 89169, NVInternal Medicine1063404663
Michael J Newmark 89502, NVInternal Medicine1881686350
Colin M Fuller 89434, NVInternal Medicine1578555165
Neil A Braunstein 89102, NVInternal Medicine1265434716
Donald J Brust 89102, NVInternal Medicine1255332656
Margaret Vivian Denton 89406, NVInternal Medicine1447251756
Richard H Bryan 89503, NVInternal Medicine1033101639
Frank P Carrea 89503, NVInternal Medicine1245222900
Sridevi Challapalli 89503, NVInternal Medicine1063404721
Eric M Drummer 89503, NVInternal Medicine1932191525
Joseph P Stevenson 89503, NVInternal Medicine1467444901
Judy Lynn Finney 85032, NVInternal Medicine1356334726
Candace Miklozek Mcnulty 89502, NVInternal Medicine1336134873
Mitulkumar P Patel 89103, NVInternal Medicine1093701674
Nasir Uddin 89301, NVInternal Medicine1265428478
John Robert Caton 89502, NVInternal Medicine1821084815
Vallerie J Miller 89301, NVInternal Medicine1265428213
Nicholas Tibaldi 89102, NVInternal Medicine1760478564
Seema Anjum 89169, NVInternal Medicine1629065842
Farida Khan-sewani 89146, NVInternal Medicine1154319929
Shabnam Darbari 89146, NVInternal Medicine1225026016
Joaquim S Tavares 89148, NVInternal Medicine1437147295
Wael Eid 89148, NVInternal Medicine1285622068
Ali R Rahimi 89128, NVInternal Medicine1033103908
Khalid A Chaudhry 89106, NVInternal Medicine1861480634
Joseph Edward Gardella 89086, NVInternal Medicine1790771913
Renee Diane Espinosa 85032, NVInternal Medicine1669466553
Tareq Jamil 89148, NVInternal Medicine1750379541
James R Cohen 89502, NVInternal Medicine1578557682
Charlene A Letchford 89502, NVInternal Medicine1427042118
Dhaval Jasvant Shah 89128, NVInternal Medicine1194711358
Steven G Atcheson 89503, NVInternal Medicine1124015714
Sikisam Magoyag 89144, NVInternal Medicine1912995283
Michael B Jacobs 89102, NVInternal Medicine1053300913
David Scott Hodges 89086, NVInternal Medicine1891784393
Karen Frances Arcotta 89118, NVInternal Medicine1649269986
Eugene Lewis Speck 89109, NVInternal Medicine1982693198
Salman Akhtar 89128, NVInternal Medicine1639168966
Yogarajah Balarajan 89106, NVInternal Medicine1639168982
Anil Fotedar 89106, NVInternal Medicine1396734653
Jose H.t. Aquino 89128, NVInternal Medicine1942299284
Muhammad A. Bhatti 89106, NVInternal Medicine1427047778
Dost Muhammad Wattoo 89106, NVInternal Medicine1245229400
Sohail Uddin Anjum 89106, NVInternal Medicine1336138676
Carlos C. Emanuel 89106, NVInternal Medicine1417946773
Mark Taylor 89106, NVInternal Medicine1821088857
Cristy Robertson 89106, NVInternal Medicine1598755514
Zvi Sela 89106, NVInternal Medicine1043200066
Prentice Thompson 89106, NVInternal Medicine1679563696
Elyiahu Rubin 89106, NVInternal Medicine1619967502
Ronald Lewis Smith 89503, NVInternal Medicine1215927124
Mark F Hyndman 89117, NVInternal Medicine1992795249
Sheila L Miranda 89117, NVInternal Medicine1699765735
Deb K. Mukhopadhyay 89144, NVInternal Medicine1104816214
Sean Steele 89128, NVInternal Medicine1689664708
Hima B. Illindala 89134, NVInternal Medicine1083604102
Paul R Ponnaiya 89117, NVInternal Medicine1528059672
Iulia C. Ioanitoaia 89128, NVInternal Medicine1306837497
Samer Nakhle 89148, NVInternal Medicine1841281771
Gary L Kantor 89109, NVInternal Medicine1962483073
Joram S. Seggev 89128, NVInternal Medicine1225010523
Traci E Grossman 89118, NVInternal Medicine1730161951
Enrique Alfaro 89027, NVInternal Medicine1184606279
Arika Gupta 89703, NVInternal Medicine1831171735
Venugopal Botla 89106, NVInternal Medicine1689656357
Salvatore M Guarnera 89128, NVInternal Medicine1871575332
Reynaldo B. Narag 89406, NVInternal Medicine1598747156
Guillermo Fraga 89052, NVInternal Medicine1104809433
Joseph G Lee 89117, NVInternal Medicine1891778056
Anit Dua 89128, NVInternal Medicine1134119712
Moniz Muhammad Dawood 89106, NVInternal Medicine1518956879
Salvador Garcia Borromeo 89102, NVInternal Medicine1669461919
Noel M Chamian 89120, NVInternal Medicine1376533059
Robb K Rowley 89113, NVInternal Medicine1780666057
Tara Maria Ostrom 85027, NVInternal Medicine1124017009
Clifford Joel Molin 89128, NVInternal Medicine1194707547
Craig M Jorgenson 89183, NVInternal Medicine1588646830
Ted A Tobey 96813, NVInternal Medicine1114917176
Vishweshwar Ranga 89169, NVInternal Medicine1649269606
Kimberly Cowen 89502, NVInternal Medicine1609859925
Kimball Yung Huang 89128, NVInternal Medicine1073502084
Miguel A Gonzalez 89117, NVInternal Medicine1376525352
Mohammad Sheikhai 89102, NVInternal Medicine1972584274
Jonathan Li 89106, NVInternal Medicine1780667709
Luis Alberto Martinez 89119, NVInternal Medicine1962485730
Gopalakrishna Iyengar Leela 89128, NVInternal Medicine1609859305
Darrel Dean Handke 89503, NVInternal Medicine1306829841
Carol Cheney 89502, NVInternal Medicine1891779039
Elmer Palitang 89109, NVInternal Medicine1710961735
Alfred John Maher 89519, NVInternal Medicine1184608945
Albert Leonard Derose 89436, NVInternal Medicine1740264506
James William Hemsley 89502, NVInternal Medicine1770567539
James Robert Whitmer 89519, NVInternal Medicine1447234224
Luis A Tupac 89109, NVInternal Medicine1760466593
John Deweerd 89503, NVInternal Medicine1730164237
Amanjit Dhatt 89502, NVInternal Medicine1811973795
Christi Matteoni 89521, NVInternal Medicine1265418099
Atigadda Reddy 89521, NVInternal Medicine1609853480
Michael Solinger 89703, NVInternal Medicine1518944305
John F Gray 89521, NVInternal Medicine1982680765
Phillip Harper 89703, NVInternal Medicine1316923139
Clark Harrison 89502, NVInternal Medicine1679559496
James M Nachiondo 89521, NVInternal Medicine1407832231
John Mcafee 89703, NVInternal Medicine1366429136
Uday R Saraiya 89119, NVInternal Medicine1043297732
Allison Pope Ryan 89012, NVInternal Medicine1598742157
Richard A Leff 89191, NVInternal Medicine1679550057
Alan Howard Greenberg 89102, NVInternal Medicine1619955226
Syed Saqib Ahmad 89113, NVInternal Medicine1770561466
Irfana Kausar Razzaq 89102, NVInternal Medicine1376521906
George Bradley Kaiser 89102, NVInternal Medicine1710965348
Rex Adams 89509, NVInternal Medicine1811975998
Jeffrey S Nugent 89521, NVInternal Medicine1871572768
Victor Kai-ping Chen 89521, NVInternal Medicine1215916846
Franklin Zalman 89502, NVInternal Medicine1992785059
Joan D Brookhyser 89135, NVInternal Medicine1255301453
Ioana M Pahlevan 89117, NVInternal Medicine1659341857
Sameer Abdallah Abu-samrah 89128, NVInternal Medicine1770553802
Svetlana Barbarash 89106, NVInternal Medicine1417927500
Maria C Adolfo 89148, NVInternal Medicine1255301347
Jerry Chien 89110, NVInternal Medicine1154391241
William Roger Gramlich 89102, NVInternal Medicine1891765707
Wen Liang 89052, NVInternal Medicine1023092020
Anil George 89106, NVInternal Medicine1154307684
Kelly Ann King 89431, NVInternal Medicine1659355410
Miguel M Ollada 89086, NVInternal Medicine1780654640
Mayurkumar D Bhakta 85032, NVInternal Medicine1831176346
Rahool S. Karnik 85032, NVInternal Medicine1932183563
Paula Ann Crenshaw 89703, NVInternal Medicine1902880669
Alexander M Perrian 85715, NVInternal Medicine1669456844


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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