Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Steven M Goldberg 11021, NYInternal Medicine1205839255
Jill K Potts 14424, NYInternal Medicine1245233295
Leslie B Cooperman 11021, NYInternal Medicine1699778746
Collins F Kellogg 13601, NYInternal Medicine1225031255
Joseph Christiana 12401, NYInternal Medicine1205839495
Richard Tuckman 11794, NYInternal Medicine1487657649
Jack Soterakis 11576, NYInternal Medicine1598768624
Ahmad B Hadid 12553, NYInternal Medicine1497758510
William Lee Vail 10467, NYInternal Medicine1295181683
Martin Cohen 10532, NYInternal Medicine1437152618
Jose Maria Acostamadiedo 12901, NYInternal Medicine1013910256
Dina P Kringstein 14623, NYInternal Medicine1770586927
Joseph George 12553, NYInternal Medicine1023011277
Marc Norman Berliant 14642, NYInternal Medicine1154324317
Margaret M Bergin 14623, NYInternal Medicine1184627358
Christopher M Alinea 13413, NYInternal Medicine1538162789
Ralph A Pincus 14623, NYInternal Medicine1619970753
Francisco Antonio Garcia-moreno 11042, NYInternal Medicine1144223264
Mark Lester Fruiterman 12206, NYInternal Medicine1609879709
Martin Morell 13413, NYInternal Medicine1811990997
Vladimir Gotlieb 11375, NYInternal Medicine1073516142
Jennifer Abeles 14209, NYInternal Medicine1952304024
Leslie E Myers 14424, NYInternal Medicine1215930375
Alan S Rosenberg 11021, NYInternal Medicine1013910165
Jacob M Meron 11021, NYInternal Medicine1144223017
Ronald H Weissman 10601, NYInternal Medicine1740283506
Preston Winters 10601, NYInternal Medicine1538162391
Jairus Tesorero Ibabao 14701, NYInternal Medicine1568465458
Anthony Francis Cordaro 11001, NYInternal Medicine1609879451
Michael R Lowenthal 11021, NYInternal Medicine1225031065
Shari B Green 11021, NYInternal Medicine1619970456
John J Santucci 11042, NYInternal Medicine1194728063
Deirdre Bastible 14227, NYInternal Medicine1821091794
Susan Soeiro 10601, NYInternal Medicine1740283514
Laverne R Vandewall 13601, NYInternal Medicine1518960590
Kipling B Goh 14424, NYInternal Medicine1295738276
Julie M Lapointe 13601, NYInternal Medicine1265435234
Warren Rosenblum 10532, NYInternal Medicine1528061413
Carmine Sorbera 10532, NYInternal Medicine1346243110
John Tighe 12553, NYInternal Medicine1336142108
Melvin Weiss 10532, NYInternal Medicine1306849179
Stephen Lazar 12553, NYInternal Medicine1811990872
Ahmad Hadid 12553, NYInternal Medicine1558364414
Michael J Mitchko 14424, NYInternal Medicine1811990898
Cgsr, Inc 12901, NYInternal Medicine1215930292
John Mcclung 10532, NYInternal Medicine1295738136
Brian Leonard Erlich 11570, NYInternal Medicine1639172547
Robert Belkin 10532, NYInternal Medicine1487657698
Albert Deluca 10532, NYInternal Medicine1376546523
Kumar Kalapatapu 10532, NYInternal Medicine1154324127
Richard H Kay 10532, NYInternal Medicine1326041393
Andrew C Kupersmith 10532, NYInternal Medicine1922001999
Anthony L Pucillo 10532, NYInternal Medicine1619970530
Monica Reynolds 10601, NYInternal Medicine1225031123
Jae H Ro 10532, NYInternal Medicine1184627085
Jeffrey N Berger 11042, NYInternal Medicine1174526941
Anthony Celifarco 11042, NYInternal Medicine1205839305
Dean Pappas 11042, NYInternal Medicine1962405076
Joseph Tripodi 11042, NYInternal Medicine1982607081
John Rizzo 11042, NYInternal Medicine1720081813
Ali Hammoud 12401, NYInternal Medicine1801899877
Maria I Pasniciuc 13214, NYInternal Medicine1831192806
Lawrence D. Campbell 11706, NYInternal Medicine1073516191
Jawad F Shaikh 13413, NYInternal Medicine1093718140
Craig Hjemdahl-monsen 10532, NYInternal Medicine1265435101
Ronald B Cohen 11021, NYInternal Medicine1063415719
Nan-ning S Chang 11364, NYInternal Medicine1780687418
David G. Cziner 10604, NYInternal Medicine1457354169
David A Kamlet 10019, NYInternal Medicine1205839917
Michael A Layden 12804, NYInternal Medicine1194728774
Daniel H Cohen 11557, NYInternal Medicine1104829779
Benjamin Lowell Metzger 10021, NYInternal Medicine1588667133
Michelle Delvalle 10549, NYInternal Medicine1114920766
Timothy Joel Garrand 12901, NYInternal Medicine1326041989
Zaeem Ansari 13069, NYInternal Medicine1780687392
Scott Munro 12804, NYInternal Medicine1912900622
Carol L Holobinko 14810, NYInternal Medicine1376546077
Robert G Hogan 12804, NYInternal Medicine1760485460
Irene Jong 10710, NYInternal Medicine1659374353
Inderpal Singh 10924, NYInternal Medicine1104829738
Joseph Cervi 14227, NYInternal Medicine1831192467
Kevin John Curley 11501, NYInternal Medicine1255334876
Hudson Valley Cardiology Group,pc 10567, NYInternal Medicine1821091430
Stuart D Kaplan 11557, NYInternal Medicine1316940984
David A Judkins 12804, NYInternal Medicine1164425708
Peter R Gray 12801, NYInternal Medicine1679576219
John J Layden 12804, NYInternal Medicine1538162235
Luis G Postigo 14580, NYInternal Medicine1629071287
Adam P Whitehead 10509, NYInternal Medicine1780687236
Henry Sy Lao 11218, NYInternal Medicine1649273194
Luke B Chen 13148, NYInternal Medicine1700889243
Kenneth Paul Scileppi 10028, NYInternal Medicine1568465003
Darshani Ashvin Butala 11237, NYInternal Medicine1831192202
Mark Saporita 11901, NYInternal Medicine1598768814
Florencio Abasolo Gomez 11570, NYInternal Medicine1194728592
Thomas A Falco 11901, NYInternal Medicine1659374973
Fulvio Mazzucchi 11901, NYInternal Medicine1457354771
Jesse S Williams 13210, NYInternal Medicine1760485056
Cristina Topor 13210, NYInternal Medicine1477556769
Rao V Yelamanchili 13210, NYInternal Medicine1760485049
Jed Allen Hantverk 11801, NYInternal Medicine1811990187
Adebambo Dolapo Olajitan 10314, NYInternal Medicine1598768905
Martin Diego Ortiz 10027, NYInternal Medicine1467454793
Albert Khaski 11223, NYInternal Medicine1396747622
Robert Stephen Holzman 10016, NYInternal Medicine1689677007
John W Pearson 11901, NYInternal Medicine1215930631
John M Crean 11901, NYInternal Medicine1881697100
James Cheng 10016, NYInternal Medicine1811990120
G. Allen Power 14620, NYInternal Medicine1558364844
Fouad S Boulos 13210, NYInternal Medicine1366445652
James H Mills 13210, NYInternal Medicine1972506269
Guy L Mintz 11021, NYInternal Medicine1508869884
Nadeem Aslam 13210, NYInternal Medicine1811990179
Corey Ziff 11552, NYInternal Medicine1629071980
Bart Avrum Kummer 10006, NYInternal Medicine1821091166
Scott L Schabel 14621, NYInternal Medicine1902808223
Brooke R Keane 11801, NYInternal Medicine1245232560
Brian John White 10522, NYInternal Medicine1598767865
David Landman 11203, NYInternal Medicine1700888013
John F Rothar 11801, NYInternal Medicine1770585093
Walt G Sargeant 10031, NYInternal Medicine1720081433
Michael M. Silver 10604, NYInternal Medicine1164425864
Sheldon Alter 10577, NYInternal Medicine1427051143
Rajeswara R. Patcha 11743, NYInternal Medicine1104829407
Marie Aydelotte 14618, NYInternal Medicine1558364851
Vyjanthanath Rohan Gunasingham 14224, NYInternal Medicine1912900432
Deborah A Sculco 12010, NYInternal Medicine1013910660
James F Morrissey 12885, NYInternal Medicine1033112743
Patrick W Thomas 10567, NYInternal Medicine1942203583
Jonathan I Warman 10021, NYInternal Medicine1083617534
Ashvin Butala 11213, NYInternal Medicine1144223512
Alan H Slater 10567, NYInternal Medicine1770586364
Frank B. Dorsa 10567, NYInternal Medicine1295738904
Glenn S Hamroff 10567, NYInternal Medicine1720081318
Howard N Tarkin 10567, NYInternal Medicine1710980404
Patrick Rowley 12804, NYInternal Medicine1477556181
Robert P Dougherty 14437, NYInternal Medicine1932102241
Alfonso Cutugno 12572, NYInternal Medicine1477555761
Anurag K Anand 10606, NYInternal Medicine1861494916
Michael Ray Rabinowitz 10462, NYInternal Medicine1619979978
Kenneth I Pearlman 10016, NYInternal Medicine1770585952
Mohammad H Mirza 14810, NYInternal Medicine1386646560
Sashi Kumar Makam 12553, NYInternal Medicine1861494908
Andrew Bruce Rohen 11366, NYInternal Medicine1215939475
Jill Marie Abelseth 12206, NYInternal Medicine1720080039
Michael L. Klein 10016, NYInternal Medicine1154325488
Jacqueline J Maier 12407, NYInternal Medicine1861496127
Patricia L. Hale 12828, NYInternal Medicine1063414308
Ellen S Feit 11568, NYInternal Medicine1568464808
Richard Louis Markowitz 11557, NYInternal Medicine1063414282
Zia M Sheikh 14760, NYInternal Medicine1144222340
Igal Zuravicky 12208, NYInternal Medicine1821090010
Isosceles Dizon Garbes 14224, NYInternal Medicine1427050590
John Thomas Pellicone 10029, NYInternal Medicine1104828169
Joseph Anthony Caruana 14221, NYInternal Medicine1134123417
Stephen M Brenner 10583, NYInternal Medicine1245234202
Michael Paul Bernstein 12211, NYInternal Medicine1356345326
Mark J. Kropf 11777, NYInternal Medicine1104820018
David L Capaccio 14220, NYInternal Medicine1457355364
Louis D. May 10956, NYInternal Medicine1164426987
Ari Leonard Ginsberg 11042, NYInternal Medicine1184628059
Abdul L Rathor 14020, NYInternal Medicine1659375459
Arthur J Berman 10583, NYInternal Medicine1013911932
Regina L Jablonski 11733, NYInternal Medicine1760486443
Maidul I Khan 14020, NYInternal Medicine1942204649
Keun C Oh 14020, NYInternal Medicine1245234079
Peter Michael Varunok 12601, NYInternal Medicine1598769283
Jaime F Lopez-santini 10029, NYInternal Medicine1295739944
David M Liebers 12308, NYInternal Medicine1245234905
Edward T Samuel 11733, NYInternal Medicine1730183302
Sunanda Chugh 10065, NYInternal Medicine1093719668
Maurice E Varon 14618, NYInternal Medicine1396749974
Viswanathan K Tallury 07748, NYInternal Medicine1992709588
Michael T. Kram 10956, NYInternal Medicine1245234830
Stephen Goodman 10956, NYInternal Medicine1154325744
Sharon Molinas 10956, NYInternal Medicine1063416659
James S. Vela 10956, NYInternal Medicine1699779298
Winson Lo 10956, NYInternal Medicine1508860107
Mitchell Evan Auerbach 10701, NYInternal Medicine1083618607
Orest John Kozicky 10701, NYInternal Medicine1861496481
Peter Kim Wayne 10701, NYInternal Medicine1831193457
Arnold George Konig 11542, NYInternal Medicine1356345995
Swarn Kumar Gupta 11432, NYInternal Medicine1093719742
William B Lloyd 10029, NYInternal Medicine1851395511
Harold Chafkin 07748, NYInternal Medicine1437153004
Shetra Sivamurthy 11418, NYInternal Medicine1750385373
Khurram Iqbal Ashraf 12601, NYInternal Medicine1811991508
Salvatore Martin Buffa 12601, NYInternal Medicine1346244027
Sunil Kumar Khurana 12601, NYInternal Medicine1720082407
Charles Yun 12801, NYInternal Medicine1710121330
Robert Steven Dean 12601, NYInternal Medicine1326042011
Farah M Ashraf 12601, NYInternal Medicine1134123839
Michelle Carpenter-bradley 14626, NYInternal Medicine1669474854
John Steven Marino 11042, NYInternal Medicine1538163803
Frank Anthony Tomao 11042, NYInternal Medicine1194729467
Brian Thomas Mcnelis 11042, NYInternal Medicine1194727263
Yin Sun 10013, NYInternal Medicine1538163191
Robert S. Grimshaw, Jr. 10598, NYInternal Medicine1033111265
Amy J Mason 14620, NYInternal Medicine1780688358
Henry N Chionuma 13090, NYInternal Medicine1457355380


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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