Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Idya Praveen Kumar 44103, OHInternal Medicine1689677809
Lori C Hemrock 44484, OHInternal Medicine1073517835
Sayed S Khatami 44060, OHInternal Medicine1306844980
Jonathan A Bernstein 45231, OHInternal Medicine1093713638
Elizabeth A Hoffman 43560, OHInternal Medicine1912909995
Joseph Robert Mastandrea 45429, OHInternal Medicine1649262924
Gretzel C King 43228, OHInternal Medicine1912990730
Rahul Kumar Dhingra 44035, OHInternal Medicine1376544734
Gnan N Thakore 45409, OHInternal Medicine1710979000
Teresa C Menart 45377, OHInternal Medicine1285622084
Corattur Natesa Natesan 44104, OHInternal Medicine1790770568
Susan Frederica Davis-brown 45309, OHInternal Medicine1912992165
Mahdi Nicola Doumet 43528, OHInternal Medicine1801880471
Mohamed A Swedeh 44857, OHInternal Medicine1962491613
Andrew R Dagg-murry 43130, OHInternal Medicine1144210055
Abdur R Khan 54911, OHInternal Medicine1780675439
Iyad A Shaban 44685, OHInternal Medicine1649253014
Aron Blecher 44485, OHInternal Medicine1295716249
Ohio North East Health Systems Inc 44601, OHInternal Medicine1962491738
Jeanne M Schall 49221, OHInternal Medicine1902881360
Razieh Mohseni 44077, OHInternal Medicine1629053426
Rachel A Baldi 27030, OHInternal Medicine1265412985
David J. Novak 44004, OHInternal Medicine1669452256
Karim Hussein 97477, OHInternal Medicine1780654467
Shaheen Ul Islam 30912, OHInternal Medicine1497727739
Leslie A Andritsos 87131, OHInternal Medicine1316919418
Juan E Weksler 44857, OHInternal Medicine1316919723
Jennifer D Gibson 43130, OHInternal Medicine1528039203
Paul J Gubanich 45229, OHInternal Medicine1003871575
Thomas E Hunt 44512, OHInternal Medicine1013978808
Ricky D Bowlin 45331, OHInternal Medicine1699727461
Mary Lynne Hawley 45331, OHInternal Medicine1760434559
Oluremi Adebola Ojo 45805, OHInternal Medicine1639130800
Joel Tsevat 45219, OHInternal Medicine1609824846
Karen E Kirkham 43215, OHInternal Medicine1609832484
Manuel Santos Villareal 41017, OHInternal Medicine1255389409
Andrew Herman 44708, OHInternal Medicine1801859004
Silke Krieger 02130, OHInternal Medicine1356306773
Jeffrey Satchwell 45242, OHInternal Medicine1952363723
Gayle M Herrington 44307, OHInternal Medicine1891744983
Michael Alan Burgin 43214, OHInternal Medicine1831154491
Sahadev Thugu Reddy 44514, OHInternal Medicine1679501068
John Kelly Hughes 44857, OHInternal Medicine1467495309
Laura Downes 40536, OHInternal Medicine1346776218
Bobby W Paul 44134, OHInternal Medicine1902852148
Joseph Raymond H See 45504, OHInternal Medicine1649226085
Geoffrey A Rose 45208, OHInternal Medicine1801824578
Jerome Kong 43235, OHInternal Medicine1598711657
Jagprit Singh Dhillon 44903, OHInternal Medicine1033156989
Johan Worndle 45409, OHInternal Medicine1295840833
Rina R Mina 45219, OHInternal Medicine1518990605
William G. Blum 30322, OHInternal Medicine1013922863
Kristie A. Blum 30322, OHInternal Medicine1811902679
Waymon L Wallace 45224, OHInternal Medicine1841213667
Jon R Vonvisger 14215, OHInternal Medicine1518974864
Martin P Ambrose 45434, OHInternal Medicine1558389692
Piyush Vinaykumar Patel 45014, OHInternal Medicine1972529873
Nana Yaa Koram 44691, OHInternal Medicine1518349885
Mujeeb A Ranginwala 45505, OHInternal Medicine1205840345
Mehran Attari 45014, OHInternal Medicine1760447148
Beth W. Liston 43210, OHInternal Medicine1700801842
Zhenguo Liu 65212, OHInternal Medicine1538173166
Rajaram J Karne 43219, OHInternal Medicine1740296375
Khaled M Sleik 48201, OHInternal Medicine1033221056
Don E Brinberg 44060, OHInternal Medicine1235237090
Edith T. De Los Santos 43219, OHInternal Medicine1215018155
Shashi M Vora 43725, OHInternal Medicine1689776056
Christie Lee Murphy 43228, OHInternal Medicine1306953120
Anitha Rajamanickam 92056, OHInternal Medicine1225126600
David E Allen 43230, OHInternal Medicine1538278452
Jeffrey Towbin 38105, OHInternal Medicine1467532705
Marzieh Salehi 78229, OHInternal Medicine1154389641
Piyush Gupta 43050, OHInternal Medicine1275618803
Fatima Fadlalla 45220, OHInternal Medicine1568840791
Sreedevi V Reddy 43219, OHInternal Medicine1841399854
Scott R Nelson 41101, OHInternal Medicine1760589279
Kevin Floyd Heacock 45433, OHInternal Medicine1871665257
Richard Brian Boster 45005, OHInternal Medicine1871638411
Holly Papanek 45409, OHInternal Medicine1245303932
Steven E Clutter 43050, OHInternal Medicine1992845895
Mehmet Yildiz 45662, OHInternal Medicine1154709772
Eric R Jopperi 44307, OHInternal Medicine1952421638
Vijayalakshmi Balasubramanian 44146, OHInternal Medicine1851510382
Josephine Amalia Taverna 44307, OHInternal Medicine1629283833
Antonio Ramon Chan Ligon 44122, OHInternal Medicine1376717751
Kenneth George Rosplock 44122, OHInternal Medicine1861667644
Gang Cheng 95355, OHInternal Medicine1609038355
Srikrishna Vemana 45219, OHInternal Medicine1578771820
Wellcare Physicians Group Llc 43537, OHInternal Medicine1558567636
Luke Russell Smart 45229, OHInternal Medicine1881866432
Jason Allen Higey 24501, OHInternal Medicine1396963617
First Care Medical Inc. 45805, OHInternal Medicine1417162454
Ghulam Mujtaba 43050, OHInternal Medicine1821277187
Mihaela R Iovi 44130, OHInternal Medicine1851566590
Vimala Rapaka 44685, OHInternal Medicine1295901536
Christopher Jamson Chiu 43210, OHInternal Medicine1629237870
Steve K Nam 44718, OHInternal Medicine1174788061
Ashok Mittal 33173, OHInternal Medicine1649518739
Deborah Marie Stephens 84112, OHInternal Medicine1952593576
Garfield Alexander Grandison 45662, OHInternal Medicine1598884041
Marian O Pokuah 08865, OHInternal Medicine1861651093
Victor Chijiuba Nwazue 38301, OHInternal Medicine1861657561
Michael Anthony Bauml 43015, OHInternal Medicine1720254543
Satish Potluri 21044, OHInternal Medicine1144427824
Sameer Qamar 45429, OHInternal Medicine1457514051
Himad Ullah Khan Khattak 45044, OHInternal Medicine1265691364
Mukhtar Anees 76028, OHInternal Medicine1073714200
Shilpa J. Mehta 92835, OHInternal Medicine1548422991
Abdulkader Kasabji 10017, OHInternal Medicine1427234897
Balaji K Tamarappoo 90048, OHInternal Medicine1548470842
Preeti Jhawar 44145, OHInternal Medicine1750572749
Mohan Nuthakki 45373, OHInternal Medicine1336331388
Konsingedara Harsha Nawarathna 30060, OHInternal Medicine1225157209
Mark Alan Crandall 83301, OHInternal Medicine1619096278
Hidetaka Kitazono 45504, OHInternal Medicine1033316104
Susan Redline 02115, OHInternal Medicine1265618417
Kimberly M. Tartaglia 43210, OHInternal Medicine1992990261
Juan Carlos Estupinan Beltran 06902, OHInternal Medicine1841446002
Mohammed Abbas Ali 33618, OHInternal Medicine1962668574
Muhammad Akbar 45429, OHInternal Medicine1295062099
Jamal M Saleh 43537, OHInternal Medicine1275859555
Joshua Robert Peck 43210, OHInternal Medicine1952628554
Joshua R Thomas 43221, OHInternal Medicine1366769879
The Christ Hospital Health Network Urgent Care, Llc 45227, OHInternal Medicine1477867208
Zoe Muller 97302, OHInternal Medicine1497052393
Wallace Physician Services Llc 45224, OHInternal Medicine1144527870
Alison Oakes 84120, OHInternal Medicine1639460470
Alejandro Valdes 33136, OHInternal Medicine1023392735
Vasuki N Venkat 44122, OHInternal Medicine1730326158
Oluwaseun Obasola Opelami 44122, OHInternal Medicine1407098627
Michael Stephen Chenier 28803, OHInternal Medicine1902049794
Ashina Deepika Singh 48202, OHInternal Medicine1467770255
Sravanthi Parasa 98104, OHInternal Medicine1760700231
Shruti Rakesh Tiwari 20010, OHInternal Medicine1124346028
Jehangir Anwar Ansari 46845, OHInternal Medicine1295034064
Mohamed Alalwani 44111, OHInternal Medicine1013297225
Nicole Renee Grieselhuber 43210, OHInternal Medicine1518233717
Muhammad Mahmood 45224, OHInternal Medicine1659505535
Douglas Weston Sborov 84112, OHInternal Medicine1942444609
Amanda Vick Clark 39216, OHInternal Medicine1285951574
Maysaa El Zoghbi 02360, OHInternal Medicine1043528250
First Care Medical Inc 45805, OHInternal Medicine1477863470
Emily Pennington 44195, OHInternal Medicine1679865042
Rachel Elizabeth Blanchard 30041, OHInternal Medicine1073805974
Abhishek Singla 45219, OHInternal Medicine1417237538
Kiran Afshan 45331, OHInternal Medicine1639459779
Shruti Chaturvedi 21205, OHInternal Medicine1508154345
Sushruta Duara Cerejo 15212, OHInternal Medicine1629341771
Aijaz Ahmed Sofi 44109, OHInternal Medicine1922263169
M Saad Khan Sikanderkhel 06510, OHInternal Medicine1801045174
Brandon Sam Kakos 48334, OHInternal Medicine1366677437
Qusai A Saleh 71301, OHInternal Medicine1437463965
Keith A Rosing 45219, OHInternal Medicine1053722371
Saman Jalil 43616, OHInternal Medicine1154675635
Comprehensive Internal Medicine Associates, Inc 45013, OHInternal Medicine1083941835
Benjamin R Kinnear 45229, OHInternal Medicine1740424621
Raja Muhammad Khan 45429, OHInternal Medicine1124307459
Ravikiran Vegasana 95350, OHInternal Medicine1770738825
Michael J. Johnson 30901, OHInternal Medicine1093959553
Jean Kuo 85259, OHInternal Medicine1508158262
Timothy Edward Sommerville 78236, OHInternal Medicine1477829943
Syed Kaleemullah Hussaini 20650, OHInternal Medicine1235406828
Five Rivers Health Centers 45409, OHInternal Medicine1346532298
Dimpi Patel 28401, OHInternal Medicine1669746590
Zeina Samir Ibrahim 60617, OHInternal Medicine1285940171
Brett Wesley Sperry 64111, OHInternal Medicine1982920534
Joshua Everett Smith 33612, OHInternal Medicine1023329794
Alpa Desai 45429, OHInternal Medicine1518281591
Cody D Turner 44124, OHInternal Medicine1639480338
Vamsi Koduri 45601, OHInternal Medicine1922398049
Drew Randall Oostra 43606, OHInternal Medicine1013231562
Matthew David Lynch 45219, OHInternal Medicine1417246729
Samina Hassan 44452, OHInternal Medicine1326275223
Quratul A Aziz 49534, OHInternal Medicine1326351156
Ethan Brandon Rutledge 37311, OHInternal Medicine1508156696
Patrick Mote Elangwe 45409, OHInternal Medicine1114226958
Eucharia Chinwe Akusoba-davis 45373, OHInternal Medicine1053545269
Yordanka Yankova Kirkova 20007, OHInternal Medicine1326364860
David Alton Lindholm 78234, OHInternal Medicine1023301918
Aliecia Marguerite Hochhausler 45219, OHInternal Medicine1174842603
Sheri Michiko Shimizu-saito 96813, OHInternal Medicine1487880902
Seerin Viviane Shatavi 45011, OHInternal Medicine1952544561
Christopher Manhart 80909, OHInternal Medicine1508191354
Ashok Runkana 26506, OHInternal Medicine1245511955
Amitkumar Mahendrakumar Patel 45206, OHInternal Medicine1720231897
Hadele Banna 75024, OHInternal Medicine1538487343
Susmita Sakruti 92404, OHInternal Medicine1346553187
Benjamin Simon Hendrickson 38105, OHInternal Medicine1881855930
Shruti Kumar Gadre 44195, OHInternal Medicine1801151709
Milind Mehta 53213, OHInternal Medicine1174890792
Ameesh Harish Vora 20876, OHInternal Medicine1194081018
Indu Kumari Chalana 46321, OHInternal Medicine1992061584
Jacob Osterbur 45242, OHInternal Medicine1114283066
Sulieman Abdal Raheem 44857, OHInternal Medicine1134381742
Hamza Walid Shah 25304, OHInternal Medicine1558687111
Naomi Leann Tyree 44685, OHInternal Medicine1497013577
David Christian Mihal 55905, OHInternal Medicine1538412812
Luke A Hashiguchi 44304, OHInternal Medicine1437491685
Alyssa Ann Tobe 45828, OHInternal Medicine1942542170
Jessica Scott Fuller 94143, OHInternal Medicine1245674316


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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