Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert L. Cossman 74104, OKInternal Medicine1184627325
Richard N Marple 74136, OKInternal Medicine1447253604
Robert C Harris 74135, OKInternal Medicine1528061652
Edward Taylor 74104, OKInternal Medicine1578566618
David Max Gregory 73112, OKInternal Medicine1407859242
Aly E Aly 73112, OKInternal Medicine1316940117
Barry Clinton Mirtsching 74136, OKInternal Medicine1255334496
James C Meehan 74137, OKInternal Medicine1649273418
John J Bartolozzi 73703, OKInternal Medicine1366445876
Paul G. Hendrix 74104, OKInternal Medicine1306848692
Robert Homer Roswell 73190, OKInternal Medicine1699778126
Kenan Kirkendall 73801, OKInternal Medicine1316949563
Neena Susan Philip 73112, OKInternal Medicine1346244365
Steven Joseph Reiter 73112, OKInternal Medicine1932103959
Earlene Lavone Posselt 73112, OKInternal Medicine1841294865
Fred Ewing Lybrand 73112, OKInternal Medicine1831193853
Gary Lee Worcester 73112, OKInternal Medicine1003810029
Timothy H Cook 73112, OKInternal Medicine1578567533
Curtis Brian Williams 73112, OKInternal Medicine1487658449
Dennis Folkes Hughes 73533, OKInternal Medicine1093719981
Francis H Oliver 73401, OKInternal Medicine1760486484
Santosh Thomas Prabhu 73112, OKInternal Medicine1780688705
Mark G Miles 73112, OKInternal Medicine1255335287
Terrie M Gibson 73112, OKInternal Medicine1770587784
Jeffrey M Asbury 73112, OKInternal Medicine1528062551
George S Chrysant 73112, OKInternal Medicine1093719015
Jerome Lyman Anderson 73112, OKInternal Medicine1265436281
Charles Fuller Bethea 73112, OKInternal Medicine1528062577
Kirtida Gurjar Kumar 73112, OKInternal Medicine1649274374
Oscar Morales 73533, OKInternal Medicine1689678195
Robert James Beckerley 73112, OKInternal Medicine1639173016
Mohamed Farouk Kanaa 73120, OKInternal Medicine1215932496
Robert Edward Reynolds 73120, OKInternal Medicine1649275827
Sudhir Kumar Khanna 73112, OKInternal Medicine1689679623
Alan Richard Puls 73112, OKInternal Medicine1962407932
Gary Dean Bond 73112, OKInternal Medicine1053316125
Laura Isaacs Rankin 73112, OKInternal Medicine1114922150
Robert Charles Brown 73112, OKInternal Medicine1831194596
Richard Thomas Lane 73112, OKInternal Medicine1861496416
Robert Mel Clark 73112, OKInternal Medicine1174528525
Troy R Norred 74804, OKInternal Medicine1780689844
Bradley Dean Carter 73112, OKInternal Medicine1902801590
Michael Kenneth Crawford 73120, OKInternal Medicine1780689307
David Leslie Thompson 73112, OKInternal Medicine1861497489
Tim K Smalley 74851, OKInternal Medicine1457357972
Andrew Gottehrer 74133, OKInternal Medicine1013913359
Fred Garfinkel 74106, OKInternal Medicine1114923448
Guruprasad Manjunath 73112, OKInternal Medicine1386640530
Pedro Juan Lopez 73601, OKInternal Medicine1649276601
Michael Zane Rickman 73701, OKInternal Medicine1497751259
Adel Ramzi Malati 74447, OKInternal Medicine1740286467
Charles Lawrence Cannon 73703, OKInternal Medicine1073519815
Kellee Youkhana 73112, OKInternal Medicine1386640951
John Eric Raunikar 74501, OKInternal Medicine1700883261
Mark A Myers 74006, OKInternal Medicine1629075007
Faisal Wasi 74462, OKInternal Medicine1689672263
Robert Fryer Hynd 73103, OKInternal Medicine1649278987
Todd Anthony Krehbiel 73003, OKInternal Medicine1467450692
Arvind Bhakta 73044, OKInternal Medicine1083612212
Larry Grant Willis 73103, OKInternal Medicine1952309155
Stephen Ralph Travis 73028, OKInternal Medicine1427056662
Jerry S Morgan 74820, OKInternal Medicine1316945363
Katherine Sue Little 73112, OKInternal Medicine1821095324
Semira Charboneau 74849, OKInternal Medicine1619975745
Barbara K Tuley 74426, OKInternal Medicine1053318287
Laurie Anne Orme 73034, OKInternal Medicine1114925302
Michael Stephen Elliott 73034, OKInternal Medicine1770581803
Patrick Wallace Gray 74601, OKInternal Medicine1942208855
Charles William Mc Entee 74136, OKInternal Medicine1659370401
Tito Aurobindo Razdan 74136, OKInternal Medicine1194724948
Riley Mark Hill 74012, OKInternal Medicine1508865361
Sara Lee Newell 74136, OKInternal Medicine1023017878
Martin Edward Scott 74136, OKInternal Medicine1427057264
Samuel Dean Brown 74006, OKInternal Medicine1356340087
Paul Edward Callicoat 74344, OKInternal Medicine1063411536
Melita Louise Tate 74136, OKInternal Medicine1740289966
Dan Earl Calhoun 74133, OKInternal Medicine1255330528
Anu R. Prabhala 74136, OKInternal Medicine1518966548
Amy Claire Bacchus 74136, OKInternal Medicine1285634154
John David Williams 74074, OKInternal Medicine1528068426
Jon Mark Johnson 74074, OKInternal Medicine1598765497
John Andy Roye 74136, OKInternal Medicine1942200712
Philip Mark Self 73717, OKInternal Medicine1902806631
Robert Dean Okada 74136, OKInternal Medicine1003816877
Barbara Ann Baker 74136, OKInternal Medicine1962402743
George Edward Freeman 74745, OKInternal Medicine1417957259
Thomas Seymour Henry 74079, OKInternal Medicine1205836061
Richard R Morgan 73118, OKInternal Medicine1619977139
Stephen A Hamilton 73110, OKInternal Medicine1043210370
Alexandra P Ikeguchi 73104, OKInternal Medicine1962402321
Jeffrey J Lim 73942, OKInternal Medicine1972503241
Rodney L. Huddleston 74820, OKInternal Medicine1992705024
James Cagle Mizell 74008, OKInternal Medicine1124028303
Andrew S Goldberg 73071, OKInternal Medicine1184623936
Chris M Sholer 73116, OKInternal Medicine1326047226
Aline C Brown 73112, OKInternal Medicine1871594879
Manuel Jesus Calvin 74136, OKInternal Medicine1396744678
Jonathan Eliot Levine 74136, OKInternal Medicine1558360305
Kristopher Max Lepere 73112, OKInternal Medicine1568461317
Samar Farghaly 73112, OKInternal Medicine1124027206
Christopher A Shearer 73701, OKInternal Medicine1104825231
Glen Dewayne Hyde 73099, OKInternal Medicine1912907056
Lydia Rene Ballard 73071, OKInternal Medicine1760483457
Jeffrey A Crook 73072, OKInternal Medicine1730180324
Kenneth Matthew Wong 73112, OKInternal Medicine1780685990
James Ray Higgins 74145, OKInternal Medicine1194727164
Steve P Sanders 74136, OKInternal Medicine1518969252
Susanne Patricia Thompson 74127, OKInternal Medicine1033111547
Darlene Kay Foster 73112, OKInternal Medicine1194717132
Terry Nizo Copeland 73102, OKInternal Medicine1043202096
Dianne Brewer Gasbarra 73120, OKInternal Medicine1225020282
David Michael Bailey 73102, OKInternal Medicine1639161672
David Henri Chansolme 73109, OKInternal Medicine1457343402
John Kindrick Pirtle 73071, OKInternal Medicine1639161508
Thomas Merrill 73071, OKInternal Medicine1760474605
John M. Krodel 73071, OKInternal Medicine1225020035
Jerry B Jarrell 74006, OKInternal Medicine1194717975
Earl Robin Western 74006, OKInternal Medicine1538151246
Brian Gillam Birdwell 73505, OKInternal Medicine1013909605
James W Young 74006, OKInternal Medicine1427040054
Melinda Rother Allen 74601, OKInternal Medicine1396737888
Mudassir Nawaz 73071, OKInternal Medicine1396737789
Gary Dean Dubois 73130, OKInternal Medicine1831182039
Chandrasekhar Polepalle 74401, OKInternal Medicine1376536219
Jitendra Ravji Parmar 74432, OKInternal Medicine1740273556
Cathy Nieman 74074, OKInternal Medicine1578556171
Mark Warren Fogle 73102, OKInternal Medicine1861485328
Vatsala Niranjan Shah 73116, OKInternal Medicine1376535328
Vadakepat Ramgopal 73112, OKInternal Medicine1215938691
Malcolm L. Buford 74106, OKInternal Medicine1164424990
Naji Emile Karam 73102, OKInternal Medicine1194717140
Michael D Sellers 73072, OKInternal Medicine1376535047
Lewis Alfred Wallace 74820, OKInternal Medicine1942292271
Muhammad Imran Shaukat 74133, OKInternal Medicine1770585325
Dario M Espina 74954, OKInternal Medicine1497756076
Nasser Janbay 73109, OKInternal Medicine1699768374
Ralph Oscar Shadid 73109, OKInternal Medicine1922091511
Dustan Pierce Buckley 73120, OKInternal Medicine1730171794
Paul L. Plusquellec 73071, OKInternal Medicine1295727089
Andrew William Black 73071, OKInternal Medicine1851392351
Marty Kelly Sanner 73505, OKInternal Medicine1831183037
Norman Paul Ayers 73072, OKInternal Medicine1265426498
Rosemary Bellino Hall 73505, OKInternal Medicine1770577975
Philip B. Adamson 73120, OKInternal Medicine1407840689
Timothy L Grode 73120, OKInternal Medicine1639164163
Alan Hola 73112, OKInternal Medicine1871588285
Rick G Mckinney 73071, OKInternal Medicine1235124330
Philip Barton Miner, Jr. 73104, OKInternal Medicine1003801234
Richard T Brittingham 73505, OKInternal Medicine1568457331
Rhody F Fawaz 73505, OKInternal Medicine1902891625
Sergio G. Garcia 73071, OKInternal Medicine1649266297
Addi S Abuelshar 73521, OKInternal Medicine1295721678
Ashraf R Mihanni 73505, OKInternal Medicine1386630770
Ajay Kumar Sangal 74401, OKInternal Medicine1770579989
Lori Janine Ford 74401, OKInternal Medicine1740276955
Peter Aran 74136, OKInternal Medicine1689661878
Thomas Schiller 74137, OKInternal Medicine1891782082
Eric L Cottrill 74133, OKInternal Medicine1659368850
Kent H Potts 74801, OKInternal Medicine1598752503
Kala R Mehta 74017, OKInternal Medicine1760479802
Carl J Rubenstein 73120, OKInternal Medicine1225025240
William D. Wright 73112, OKInternal Medicine1609863505
Michael S Schiff 74601, OKInternal Medicine1306833272
Mark L Nightengale 74136, OKInternal Medicine1144215971
Douglas B Kliewer 74136, OKInternal Medicine1174518906
Paul D Stanton 74136, OKInternal Medicine1407841794
Gary L Hills 74114, OKInternal Medicine1730174012
Patrick R Volak 74136, OKInternal Medicine1174518336
William K Briggs 74133, OKInternal Medicine1730176884
Michael J Martin 74133, OKInternal Medicine1750378899
Jeffrey L Bigler 74133, OKInternal Medicine1164419362
John R Hood 74133, OKInternal Medicine1235126426
Ronald H White 73120, OKInternal Medicine1902893803
Stephen S Hwang 73701, OKInternal Medicine1497740468
Robert M Gordon 73120, OKInternal Medicine1093701658
Douglas Allen Horstmanshof 73112, OKInternal Medicine1881688760
Jack L Morgan 74006, OKInternal Medicine1851387930
Mark Neil Harvey 73120, OKInternal Medicine1336136316
Ronald Richmond Hope 73120, OKInternal Medicine1619964723
Aamir Mohammad 73112, OKInternal Medicine1558356923
Leon Jay Yoder 74133, OKInternal Medicine1285621482
William J Durick 74017, OKInternal Medicine1356339816
Sandeep Chopra 73118, OKInternal Medicine1952399024
James Philip Hutton 74104, OKInternal Medicine1417947482
Robert Milton Love 73505, OKInternal Medicine1255322111
Paula Kay Mcqueen 74960, OKInternal Medicine1700877586
Muhammad Monem Gillan 73103, OKInternal Medicine1114918869
Muneer Ahmad Khan 73134, OKInternal Medicine1073504684
Timothy M. Hsieh 74464, OKInternal Medicine1265423883
Charles Lee Lackey 73071, OKInternal Medicine1285625640
Jawaid Ahmed Jamal 73112, OKInternal Medicine1417948886
Valerie Lee Farris 74346, OKInternal Medicine1104807387
Oswald Llanderosos 73071, OKInternal Medicine1679554737
Jan K Voda 73102, OKInternal Medicine1285615351
James Regis Madison 74464, OKInternal Medicine1447231311
Nancy Catherine Lamoreux 74464, OKInternal Medicine1326029018
Gannavarapu V Murty 74743, OKInternal Medicine1780665398
Dale W. Bratzler 73104, OKInternal Medicine1841272192
Joe D Riddle 73071, OKInternal Medicine1336121573
S A Dean Drooby 73120, OKInternal Medicine1598747354


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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