Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Edward Hsia0-kua Chang 97062, ORInternal Medicine1376546309
Kathleen Louise Fielder 97062, ORInternal Medicine1922001932
Bruce Wilson Dana 97213, ORInternal Medicine1558364570
Jay Christopher Andersen 97225, ORInternal Medicine1922001023
Angela Kalisiak 97227, ORInternal Medicine1386647147
James Lee Calvert 97526, ORInternal Medicine1871596635
Daniel Richard Gruenberg 97225, ORInternal Medicine1467455238
Regan Mon Look 97227, ORInternal Medicine1821091604
Kevin Donald Olson 97062, ORInternal Medicine1407859184
David Harold Regan 97213, ORInternal Medicine1255334926
Rebecca Lynn Orwoll 97213, ORInternal Medicine1922001692
Jeffrey Edward Mcwilliams 97068, ORInternal Medicine1114920899
Jeffrey Irving Menashe 97213, ORInternal Medicine1871596551
John W. Griffin 97216, ORInternal Medicine1316940075
Wilfred Arthur Geschke 97216, ORInternal Medicine1114920055
Kevin W.h. Yee 97006, ORInternal Medicine1548263189
Gary W Takahashi 97006, ORInternal Medicine1881697415
Keith S Lanier 97225, ORInternal Medicine1295738821
Spencer Hsiao-yang Shao 97227, ORInternal Medicine1841293420
Frederick S Ey 97006, ORInternal Medicine1326041948
Edward Weilie Soo 97213, ORInternal Medicine1053314633
William M Mooney 97213, ORInternal Medicine1467455014
Mark Seligman 97213, ORInternal Medicine1528061173
Gerald Marc Segal 97227, ORInternal Medicine1942203534
Ralph Elliott Weinstein 97227, ORInternal Medicine1730182395
John Washburn Smith 97213, ORInternal Medicine1427051077
Ravindra R Patil 97138, ORInternal Medicine1386647923
Michael Anthony Carnevale 97401, ORInternal Medicine1164425534
Jitendra C Patel 97415, ORInternal Medicine1588668230
Luis E Leyton-gonzalez 97128, ORInternal Medicine1013911601
John R Ford 97401, ORInternal Medicine1396749859
Elise Jan Fulsang 97227, ORInternal Medicine1952305385
Beata Anasz-kopecka 97128, ORInternal Medicine1477558807
Dag Kremer 97128, ORInternal Medicine1902801335
Gary D Hood 97701, ORInternal Medicine1316942709
Thomas R Brandes 97527, ORInternal Medicine1992700991
Jeffrey J Davis 97701, ORInternal Medicine1942205752
Stephen B. Inkeles 97128, ORInternal Medicine1457356198
Raymond P. Nolan 97128, ORInternal Medicine1275538910
Kenneth G Schmidt 97128, ORInternal Medicine1356346092
Chutuoc Christine Trandinh 97527, ORInternal Medicine1891790523
John Spencer Countiss 97527, ORInternal Medicine1144225921
Haitham Boulos Haddad 97527, ORInternal Medicine1922003714
Kathy Grewe 97031, ORInternal Medicine1407851454
Ronald Walter Schutz 97703, ORInternal Medicine1356346183
Eli A. Rosenthal 97210, ORInternal Medicine1356346399
David S. Peizner 97227, ORInternal Medicine1245235233
Ramnik S. Jhooty 97227, ORInternal Medicine1548265457
Diana E. Velikova 98516, ORInternal Medicine1841295615
James J Lechner 98503, ORInternal Medicine1992700611
Edward Guy Groenhout 97527, ORInternal Medicine1760487557
Philip Bruce Murray 97527, ORInternal Medicine1346245131
Markus H.a. Opel 97527, ORInternal Medicine1255336046
Celso A Gangan 97756, ORInternal Medicine1598761959
Harold Derek Palmer 97756, ORInternal Medicine1841296209
Andrew Rowe Maslona 97420, ORInternal Medicine1922004365
Clifford Joe Anderson 97209, ORInternal Medicine1013913409
Thomas Jack Morris 97527, ORInternal Medicine1700882065
Timothy S Cleary 97225, ORInternal Medicine1215933411
Cleary Medical Associates, Llc 97225, ORInternal Medicine1639175813
Paul Alexander Robertson 98503, ORInternal Medicine1639175938
Ellen M Kim 98272, ORInternal Medicine1124024229
Christopher E Cannon 97504, ORInternal Medicine1487650586
Eric Matthew Perry 97527, ORInternal Medicine1750387825
Daniel S Selinger 97527, ORInternal Medicine1043216088
Bruce R Stowell 97527, ORInternal Medicine1245236116
Ronald S Sinclair 97527, ORInternal Medicine1396741294
Alan H Kaynard 97225, ORInternal Medicine1356347991
Larry A Heinonen 97225, ORInternal Medicine1669478343
Rodger A Sleven 97225, ORInternal Medicine1720084361
John W Jendrzejewski 97225, ORInternal Medicine1225034911
Douglas A Shumaker 97225, ORInternal Medicine1225034937
David Norman Gilbert 97213, ORInternal Medicine1578569257
Diane H Williams 97225, ORInternal Medicine1619973351
George Koval 97225, ORInternal Medicine1093711715
Robert C. Florek 97031, ORInternal Medicine1013913748
John R Lobitz 97225, ORInternal Medicine1851397558
Michael M Owens 97225, ORInternal Medicine1154327716
Albert Dominick Pacifico 98201, ORInternal Medicine1073519328
Vincent P Reyes 97123, ORInternal Medicine1114923760
Kip L Kemple 97210, ORInternal Medicine1295732261
Howard I Gandler 97210, ORInternal Medicine1164429130
Keith B. Williams 97504, ORInternal Medicine1447257563
Christopher R Carter 97225, ORInternal Medicine1003814799
Darren Randolph Jones 97225, ORInternal Medicine1306844683
Jerold A Hawn 97477, ORInternal Medicine1437157682
Jay H Chappell 97477, ORInternal Medicine1659379824
Samuel S.m. Lau 97477, ORInternal Medicine1811995087
Blair D Halperin 97225, ORInternal Medicine1447258710
Richard Romm 97401, ORInternal Medicine1023016276
Ramakota K Reddy 97477, ORInternal Medicine1861490021
Gerald Stanley Schoepflin 97216, ORInternal Medicine1801894894
Edward Clark Cullen 97504, ORInternal Medicine1447257308
John W Gundry 97477, ORInternal Medicine1699773648
Richard C. Padgett 97477, ORInternal Medicine1679571814
Dennis J Gory 97477, ORInternal Medicine1548268790
Kenneth L Rhoads 97006, ORInternal Medicine1912904103
Naji M Hamdan 97006, ORInternal Medicine1679570873
Harmon Thomas Harvey 97302, ORInternal Medicine1962409888
Denis Privalov 97301, ORInternal Medicine1649279035
Sarah Slaughter 97213, ORInternal Medicine1780683185
David Saenger 97477, ORInternal Medicine1104825645
Andris Antoniskis 97213, ORInternal Medicine1528067972
Thomas A Firth 97424, ORInternal Medicine1215936661
Paul L. Binder 97477, ORInternal Medicine1437158797
Bradley Personius 97527, ORInternal Medicine1417957374
Curtis J Larson 97123, ORInternal Medicine1659371540
Carlos E Marchini 97526, ORInternal Medicine1720088677
Ronald J. Hapke 97210, ORInternal Medicine1841290699
Marcia M Kerensky 97219, ORInternal Medicine1053311670
Donald A Valerio 97219, ORInternal Medicine1962402586
Gregg O Coodley 97219, ORInternal Medicine1871593491
Bonnie J Creitz 97219, ORInternal Medicine1780684308
George B Demetrion 97219, ORInternal Medicine1326048950
Gloria Jean Myers 97219, ORInternal Medicine1750381265
Neal James Rendleman 97225, ORInternal Medicine1578563086
Myron Burton Lezak 97219, ORInternal Medicine1487654992
Meei Y Choong 97219, ORInternal Medicine1386644896
Charles E Hofmann 97814, ORInternal Medicine1750381224
Marc G Levitte 97219, ORInternal Medicine1699775742
Fanno Creek Clinic Llc 97219, ORInternal Medicine1609876705
Daniel James Bailly 97302, ORInternal Medicine1710988696
William K Stiles 97302, ORInternal Medicine1194726935
James H Mcclelland 97701, ORInternal Medicine1689672677
Raghunandan Kamineni 97301, ORInternal Medicine1659372407
Nazmul Hoque 97128, ORInternal Medicine1740280429
Thomas G Gragnola 97225, ORInternal Medicine1144220765
James Philip Lowry 97301, ORInternal Medicine1457352296
Ricky Dwayne Latham 83404, ORInternal Medicine1477553139
Richard Alan Wilson 97302, ORInternal Medicine1265433866
Heidi Sult Thomas 97304, ORInternal Medicine1356342091
Vinod K Vinjamuri 97388, ORInternal Medicine1720089345
Charles R Rosenblatt 97123, ORInternal Medicine1518968189
John A Schaer 97123, ORInternal Medicine1780685206
Gerald D Youker 97213, ORInternal Medicine1912908138
Kent George Benner 97220, ORInternal Medicine1649272451
Harry E Bray 97220, ORInternal Medicine1790787554
Jeffrey Smith Albaugh 97220, ORInternal Medicine1184626087
Craig Stephen Fausel 97220, ORInternal Medicine1477555175
Kenneth D Flora 97220, ORInternal Medicine1730181439
Scott Anthony Garvey 97225, ORInternal Medicine1093717795
William M.l. Bowerfind 97220, ORInternal Medicine1801898663
Rhett James Cummings 97220, ORInternal Medicine1174525844
Diane M. Karl 97213, ORInternal Medicine1891797346
Cody Keith Wasner 97401, ORInternal Medicine1245222322
Jerzy O Giedwoyn 97220, ORInternal Medicine1033101167
Samuel Albert Camacho 97216, ORInternal Medicine1598757452
Alan Wayne Hurty 97128, ORInternal Medicine1225020191
Rolland E O'dell 97216, ORInternal Medicine1588656474
Katherine R Strelich 97216, ORInternal Medicine1639161425
Tony V Ho 97227, ORInternal Medicine1417949124
Andy Stuart Barnett 97239, ORInternal Medicine1194717819
David E Wu 97210, ORInternal Medicine1063404739
Phillip K Kiyasu 97220, ORInternal Medicine1124010673
Northwest Cardiovascular Institute, Llp 97210, ORInternal Medicine1790777258
Edna Louise Kremkau 97213, ORInternal Medicine1659363000
Michael John Lefor 97220, ORInternal Medicine1003808452
John Ford Keppel 97220, ORInternal Medicine1386636835
Betty Francis Huang Kim 97220, ORInternal Medicine1457343907
Manohar Mulki Punja 97030, ORInternal Medicine1245222512
Lisa M Emond 97401, ORInternal Medicine1033101324
Louis Samuels Libby 97220, ORInternal Medicine1003808486
Richard John Maunder 97701, ORInternal Medicine1295727535
Oak Street Medical P.c. 97401, ORInternal Medicine1144212499
Melvin Lee Morganroth 97220, ORInternal Medicine1316939671
Kathryn L Huyssoon 97030, ORInternal Medicine1023000387
Fayyaz Mahmood 97030, ORInternal Medicine1790777050
Kirk Douglas Jacobson 97401, ORInternal Medicine1093707366
James Randolph Patterson 97220, ORInternal Medicine1700878097
Michael Gregory Phillips 97220, ORInternal Medicine1366434656
Steven Earl Reinhart 97220, ORInternal Medicine1952393266
Curtis Mark Climer 97381, ORInternal Medicine1538151857
James Kevin Regan 97220, ORInternal Medicine1831182179
Scott K Siebe 97828, ORInternal Medicine1568455822
Gary J Regalbuto 97031, ORInternal Medicine1922091206
Michael David Skokan 97220, ORInternal Medicine1245223395
Lehel Somogyi 97220, ORInternal Medicine1700879863
Sandra Carter 97467, ORInternal Medicine1023001161
Karen Joan Wesenberg 97220, ORInternal Medicine1811980998
Dennis Patrick Sweeney 97220, ORInternal Medicine1760475826
Douglas Craig Walta 97220, ORInternal Medicine1023001195
Anne Hsiao-yuen Wang 97220, ORInternal Medicine1922091099
Jody Marie Welborn 97220, ORInternal Medicine1467445536
Mth Clinic Pc 97030, ORInternal Medicine1558354522
Thomas Hyland Schaumberg 97220, ORInternal Medicine1174516827
Robert J Boss 97818, ORInternal Medicine1013900646
Maureen B Goldring 97210, ORInternal Medicine1851383715
Ike Armstrong Onwere 97330, ORInternal Medicine1467454025
Kirsten Jeanne Kinsman 97220, ORInternal Medicine1598757049
Eugene M Spear 97128, ORInternal Medicine1891787685
Bradley H Evans 97216, ORInternal Medicine1568464261
Ronald Chelsky 97216, ORInternal Medicine1851383707
Mark V Hart 97216, ORInternal Medicine1134111669
Douglas Lee Dawley 97216, ORInternal Medicine1205838091
Jamie D. Rich 97624, ORInternal Medicine1295728624
Fred R. Stark 97914, ORInternal Medicine1609860774
Randall D Gore 97015, ORInternal Medicine1639163447
Marwan Mouammar 97216, ORInternal Medicine1891780201
H. Walter Emori 97502, ORInternal Medicine1982699930
Dorece G Norris 97213, ORInternal Medicine1518952415


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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