Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert S Gayner 18015, PAInternal Medicine1508869710
Frederic A Stelzer 18104, PAInternal Medicine1962405175
Richard W Snyder 18015, PAInternal Medicine1952304149
Robert David Aronoff 17033, PAInternal Medicine1043213226
Michael Dennis Bosak 17110, PAInternal Medicine1447253612
Lenke Erki 17011, PAInternal Medicine1295738441
Chandra Mohan 17403, PAInternal Medicine1295738433
Arvind Ramachandrarao Cavale 19053, PAInternal Medicine1457354581
Michael John Garcia 17331, PAInternal Medicine1215930227
Robert N Pursell 18015, PAInternal Medicine1144223371
Joseph M Jacobs 18015, PAInternal Medicine1245233469
Paul Burnett Schendel 17403, PAInternal Medicine1467455667
James Cornell 18104, PAInternal Medicine1285637488
Deirdre Elizabeth Vailas 15213, PAInternal Medicine1124507009
Sean C Reinhardt 18901, PAInternal Medicine1295738292
Alan Bruce Schorr 19047, PAInternal Medicine1548263544
Hy J Depamphilis 17033, PAInternal Medicine1609879691
Edward Christopher Brennan 17011, PAInternal Medicine1831192004
Conemaugh Health Initiatives 15905, PAInternal Medicine1457354623
Joy Celeste Cotton 17033, PAInternal Medicine1972506137
Jeffrey Stephen Fugate 17110, PAInternal Medicine1811990054
Adam D Dratch 18015, PAInternal Medicine1891798096
John K Taus 18104, PAInternal Medicine1427051614
Rajesh Mukundrai Dave 17011, PAInternal Medicine1184627333
Sang Keun Kim 17011, PAInternal Medicine1336142579
David Chungtin Man 17011, PAInternal Medicine1750384996
Howard Ira Saiontz 17325, PAInternal Medicine1295738334
Kenneth James May 17110, PAInternal Medicine1558364695
Stuart B Pink 17110, PAInternal Medicine1700889847
Ira Sackman 17110, PAInternal Medicine1316940455
David Lee Scher 17603, PAInternal Medicine1396748422
Stanley Orkin Forman 19066, PAInternal Medicine1730182858
Andreas Ujdud Wali 17011, PAInternal Medicine1649273764
Christopher Louis Spizzieri 17011, PAInternal Medicine1992708010
Kandavar Narayan Shetty 15001, PAInternal Medicine1457354532
Alfred R Leal 17011, PAInternal Medicine1629071428
Leroy Fleischer 19008, PAInternal Medicine1902809791
Surendra Shantilal Shah 18103, PAInternal Medicine1104829928
Antonis Pratsos 19008, PAInternal Medicine1548263361
Donald Mitrane 19067, PAInternal Medicine1366445181
Dennis Joseph Giangiulio 18045, PAInternal Medicine1326041153
Charles E. Bemis 19046, PAInternal Medicine1164425138
Ronald P. Emmi 19046, PAInternal Medicine1689677650
Jeffrey S. Fierstein 19046, PAInternal Medicine1487657458
Basil Sebri Ahmed 18103, PAInternal Medicine1952304610
Dan Popescu 18103, PAInternal Medicine1932102696
Anthony Brandimarto 19114, PAInternal Medicine1962405936
William S. Haaz 19046, PAInternal Medicine1366445322
Steven J. Mattleman 19046, PAInternal Medicine1902809866
Robert B. Schlesinger 19114, PAInternal Medicine1225031172
Scott R. Spielman 19046, PAInternal Medicine1932102878
Channarayapatna V. Kishan 19046, PAInternal Medicine1942203906
Bruno V. Manno 19046, PAInternal Medicine1396748257
Scott H. Pfeffer 19114, PAInternal Medicine1982607842
Peter B. Frechie 19046, PAInternal Medicine1568465524
Steven G. Hess 19114, PAInternal Medicine1245233204
Roger A. Marinchak 19046, PAInternal Medicine1104829068
Roger M. Wint 19114, PAInternal Medicine1639172562
Alfred Vasta 18951, PAInternal Medicine1952304909
Conemaugh Health Initiatives 15905, PAInternal Medicine1942203989
Myron E Resnick 19008, PAInternal Medicine1538162474
David J. Waldstein 19046, PAInternal Medicine1396748224
Conemaugh Health Initiatives 15905, PAInternal Medicine1437152188
Sarvotham Shetty 15601, PAInternal Medicine1982607636
Sarah Taylor Corley 19044, PAInternal Medicine1730182296
Brian Calabrese 17601, PAInternal Medicine1457354060
Tibor Gero 15857, PAInternal Medicine1477556975
Eileen P. Simak 18102, PAInternal Medicine1073516670
Ramon Torres Castaneda 15009, PAInternal Medicine1033112644
Roberta A. Kahler 16323, PAInternal Medicine1215930904
Richard Joseph Pish 15401, PAInternal Medicine1124021605
Victoriya K Hageney 19301, PAInternal Medicine1679576144
Sandra Harris-corrado 18960, PAInternal Medicine1255334793
Anthony A. Donato 19611, PAInternal Medicine1306849815
Lee E Denlinger 16365, PAInternal Medicine1811990229
Scott Grey Barnes 17043, PAInternal Medicine1427051820
David M. Andres 16346, PAInternal Medicine1235132630
Randy S Zelen 16335, PAInternal Medicine1831192145
John Daniel Conroy 17043, PAInternal Medicine1275536674
Cecilia M. Smith 19610, PAInternal Medicine1679576037
William D. Sullivan 16335, PAInternal Medicine1245233568
Lisa M. Motz 19610, PAInternal Medicine1851394167
Central Pennsylvania Hematology & Medical Oncology Associates, Pc 17043, PAInternal Medicine1447252762
Alan Scott Groth 19082, PAInternal Medicine1871595181
Karl G Schwabe 19083, PAInternal Medicine1932101235
Gabriel T. Weinberg 15202, PAInternal Medicine1891797189
Wallace C Gauntner 15202, PAInternal Medicine1114929403
John P. Jancarik 15202, PAInternal Medicine1073515292
Daisy A Rodriguez 19134, PAInternal Medicine1891797015
Gary Costacurta 18042, PAInternal Medicine1679575856
Rajeev Rohatgi 18042, PAInternal Medicine1003810342
Richard Craig Silver 19083, PAInternal Medicine1811999121
Joseph C Goldschmidt 19026, PAInternal Medicine1942202197
Robert Furia 19026, PAInternal Medicine1194727347
Advanced Nephrology Associates, P.c. 15202, PAInternal Medicine1396747507
Amjad I Mufti 18702, PAInternal Medicine1700888914
Easton Cardiovascular Associates, Pc 18042, PAInternal Medicine1861494056
Stephen M Humbert 19083, PAInternal Medicine1871595041
James J Marcin 16148, PAInternal Medicine1457353401
Campbell & Philbin Medical Associates P C 15219, PAInternal Medicine1134121239
Pma Medical Specialists 19008, PAInternal Medicine1043212137
Michael Albert Panariello 16148, PAInternal Medicine1679575633
Joseph A. Schiavone 18042, PAInternal Medicine1326042698
J. Harold Mohler 17602, PAInternal Medicine1215931274
Thomas K Ruth 18901, PAInternal Medicine1851395818
Sanjeev Jethmalani 15650, PAInternal Medicine1588668545
Carlos A Sanchez 17602, PAInternal Medicine1669476628
Gurjaipal S Kang 16507, PAInternal Medicine1255335220
Richard W Petrella 16507, PAInternal Medicine1902800972
Gerard A. Miller 19083, PAInternal Medicine1992709968
Christopher H Snyder 19078, PAInternal Medicine1689678658
Robert W Martin 17603, PAInternal Medicine1114921186
Jean B Moubarak 16507, PAInternal Medicine1750385720
John E Prior 18510, PAInternal Medicine1053315085
Paul Demjanenko 16507, PAInternal Medicine1518961564
Robert J Ferraro 16507, PAInternal Medicine1154325108
Timothy C Trageser 16507, PAInternal Medicine1972507929
Charles M Furr 16507, PAInternal Medicine1881698835
Kelly L Hayes 16507, PAInternal Medicine1235133281
Medicor Associates, Inc. 16507, PAInternal Medicine1215931266
David M Strasser 16507, PAInternal Medicine1285638114
Mark D Lisberger 19008, PAInternal Medicine1982608824
Richard A Lichtenberg 19008, PAInternal Medicine1861496705
Henry Baldinucci 15905, PAInternal Medicine1942204888
Koroush Khalighi 18042, PAInternal Medicine1356345193
Jami Diamond Pincavitch 15370, PAInternal Medicine1598769465
Sukh D Sharma 16507, PAInternal Medicine1538163415
Masud R Bhatti 44514, PAInternal Medicine1003810847
Eugene F Tareshawty 44514, PAInternal Medicine1699779447
Lori C Hemrock 44484, PAInternal Medicine1073517835
Sreehari Cherukuri 18711, PAInternal Medicine1518961374
Mark R Edelstein 19008, PAInternal Medicine1750385696
Rose M Dagen 17268, PAInternal Medicine1356345201
Anthony G Auteri 18104, PAInternal Medicine1689678500
Kyle A Helwig 18104, PAInternal Medicine1023012945
Ronald J Bross 18104, PAInternal Medicine1386648202
Northwest Physicians Associates Pc 16335, PAInternal Medicine1144224973
Farhad Elmi 18042, PAInternal Medicine1871597575
Scott Richard Mckimm 16365, PAInternal Medicine1891799425
Dana Powell 17003, PAInternal Medicine1669476289
Chris A Knight 44514, PAInternal Medicine1942204672
Marjorie R Gold, Do Pc 17201, PAInternal Medicine1467456939
George J Frem 15905, PAInternal Medicine1053315549
Chandulal Patel 18042, PAInternal Medicine1306840897
Summit Physician Services 17201, PAInternal Medicine1306840814
Paul G. Linder 15122, PAInternal Medicine1992709349
Robert Earl Flanigan 15243, PAInternal Medicine1922002385
William Fink 15905, PAInternal Medicine1306840889
Vadim Leyenson 17402, PAInternal Medicine1427052851
Imad Domat 15232, PAInternal Medicine1023012457
James Dennis O'toole 15232, PAInternal Medicine1043214463
Robert J Pagano 15219, PAInternal Medicine1689678054
Brian M Spar 17003, PAInternal Medicine1528062916
Associated Cardiologists, P.c. 17110, PAInternal Medicine1265436679
Christopher J Dressel 18510, PAInternal Medicine1598760928
Linda D Barrasse 18510, PAInternal Medicine1407851835
W David Fitzpatrick 18510, PAInternal Medicine1689679011
Thomas M Roe 18510, PAInternal Medicine1306841739
John P Lundin 18510, PAInternal Medicine1033114467
Thomas J Cardellino, Jr. 15905, PAInternal Medicine1467457812
Jeremiah W Eagen 18510, PAInternal Medicine1487659744
Stylianos J Galanakis 18510, PAInternal Medicine1306841747
Gary R Burke 10025, PAInternal Medicine1164427522
Patrick John Bannon 16507, PAInternal Medicine1518962976
Olga Shabalov 15232, PAInternal Medicine1518962992
Jocelyn J Sivalingam 19107, PAInternal Medicine1447255831
Carlos X Pimentel 78503, PAInternal Medicine1467457879
Gary E Pasqualicchio 16335, PAInternal Medicine1558366971
David C Johns 15904, PAInternal Medicine1407851850
Karen K Kormis 17011, PAInternal Medicine1760487110
Mohan Charan 17011, PAInternal Medicine1982609335
The Heart Group Of The Laurel Highlands Pc 15905, PAInternal Medicine1790780146
Gur C Adhar 15219, PAInternal Medicine1609871052
Maria Elizabeth Hoober 15229, PAInternal Medicine1427053875
Ami Charise Milton 17601, PAInternal Medicine1508861956
Ofsman E Quintana 78503, PAInternal Medicine1689679920
Luis E. Padula 78503, PAInternal Medicine1821093154
David J Peters 17011, PAInternal Medicine1942205257
Great Valley Cardiology Associates 18510, PAInternal Medicine1770588980
Juan D Posada 78503, PAInternal Medicine1437154739
Amy M Meister 15090, PAInternal Medicine1659376960
Thomas Dzwonczyk 18510, PAInternal Medicine1760487060
Andrew Scott Hall 15212, PAInternal Medicine1275538381
Geriatric & Adult Medicine, Pc 17403, PAInternal Medicine1700881810
Christopher B Furlong 17011, PAInternal Medicine1508861766
Dan Stefan Butoi 18603, PAInternal Medicine1326043589
Louis P Leite 17011, PAInternal Medicine1770588931
James B Wilkens 16354, PAInternal Medicine1104821396
Joseph Frederick O'toole 15232, PAInternal Medicine1821093931
John Dulcey 19446, PAInternal Medicine1720083595
Maribel Hernandez 19096, PAInternal Medicine1992700959
John Blannett 19023, PAInternal Medicine1780689794
Robert J Bulgarelli 19063, PAInternal Medicine1215932231
George Chamoun 19096, PAInternal Medicine1568467587
Camille M Buonocore 15102, PAInternal Medicine1760487797
Paul A Carson 15212, PAInternal Medicine1679578603
Raida Rabah 19320, PAInternal Medicine1538164579
Christopher Droogan 19096, PAInternal Medicine1174528129
Douglas B Esberg 19096, PAInternal Medicine1952306904
Mark A Mazer 27834, PAInternal Medicine1720083793


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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