Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Madeline Jimenez-torres 75701, PRInternal Medicine1689952509
Manuel De Jesus Ramos Ramirez 78411, PRInternal Medicine1790190296
Melanie J Acevedo-valle 00602, PRInternal Medicine1700140357
Osvaldo L Cardona 00603, PRInternal Medicine1467454280
Francisco Hiram Jaume Boscio 00604, PRInternal Medicine1114908704
Cristina N Cortes 32159, PRInternal Medicine1821106790
Antonio Mariano Padua-ramos 00680, PRInternal Medicine1811978018
Armando Oscar Cardona-ramirez 00680, PRInternal Medicine1023099231
Francisco Jose Rodriguez 00676, PRInternal Medicine1710161104
Jose Antonio Moreno 34711, PRInternal Medicine1164877296
Luis R Hernandez Vazquez 00921, PRInternal Medicine1407126675
Odelaisys Enriquez Hernandez 33409, PRInternal Medicine1164916615
Caroline A Rivera Olmo 00617, PRInternal Medicine1033305123
Michelle Castellanos Martin 00985, PRInternal Medicine1215243621
Monica Vega Vazquez 00918, PRInternal Medicine1255562799
Raisa A. Torres-pena 10029, PRInternal Medicine1275967960
Armando Aponte Velez 75460, PRInternal Medicine1205261781
Jean Carlos Pujals Kury 00961, PRInternal Medicine1134549793
Elissa Carrera Gonzalez 00726, PRInternal Medicine1760872337
Puerto Rico Cardiac Arrhythmia Management Llc 00737, PRInternal Medicine1356860357
Braulio Mariano Mejia 33401, PRInternal Medicine1396026167
Hiram Rodriguez Torres 00961, PRInternal Medicine1457714321
Zaiyara Adorno 32209, PRInternal Medicine1972985992
Hector Rafael Flores-bermudez 30106, PRInternal Medicine1508263427
Hector Alejandro Oliveras Cordero 00935, PRInternal Medicine1265961650
Santiago Coste-sibilia 00959, PRInternal Medicine1629413323
Marvin Matta Rivera 00725, PRInternal Medicine1629357488
Luis G Borrego Conde 00917, PRInternal Medicine1972553824
Joanne Enid Diaz Rodriguez 00693, PRInternal Medicine1649671272
Vital care Medical Center L.l.c. 00705, PRInternal Medicine1881083848
Francisco Eligio Duarte 00921, PRInternal Medicine1811443765
Juan J Garrastegui 78045, PRInternal Medicine1497814297
Gga P.s.c. 00725, PRInternal Medicine1437639465
Anette Garces Dominguez 77066, PRInternal Medicine1316223241
Gustavo J Gonzalez Astacio 00725, PRInternal Medicine1922388982
Elsie M Diaz - Schroeder 00725, PRInternal Medicine1487874665
Jarelys Michelle Hernandez Jimenez 33414, PRInternal Medicine1184088098
Maria Virginia Bezares Oliveras 34209, PRInternal Medicine1184155681
Lucy L Ortiz Alvarado 32828, PRInternal Medicine1295938041
Pedro J Rodriguez Benitez 00662, PRInternal Medicine1205898855
Jose Joaquin Nieves 95403, PRInternal Medicine1548599269
Benigno Cartagena-hernandez 51101, PRInternal Medicine1538315114
Arlenne Jeanette Ponce Mendez 32405, PRInternal Medicine1609213925
Hector Banchs 00983, PRInternal Medicine1730496928
Antonio Manuel Portilla-cintron 32117, PRInternal Medicine1700204005
Nabi Chaudhri Martinez 63141, PRInternal Medicine1215486105
Amy Lee Cabrera 00729, PRInternal Medicine1831454123
Figueroa cabrera Oncology Group Corp 00729, PRInternal Medicine1497223929
Jose M Cardona Ramirez 00918, PRInternal Medicine1093740912
Clinica Las Americas Guaynabo, Inc 00959, PRInternal Medicine1326096058
Camille Marie Gonzalez Morales 00936, PRInternal Medicine1174993224
Pedro David Gil De Rubio Cruz 00984, PRInternal Medicine1770960163
Agosto Diabetes thyroid And Endocrinology Csp 00736, PRInternal Medicine1780970178
Agosto Endocrinology 00729, PRInternal Medicine1700468584
Adriana Arcila 00674, PRInternal Medicine1528269842
Ivan Cerezo 00953, PRInternal Medicine1578607776
Preventive Cardiology Psc 00926, PRInternal Medicine1356861108
Juan R Pagan-ferrer 52242, PRInternal Medicine1386817914
Dianne Marie Marquez Minondo 00716, PRInternal Medicine1679768881
Jose Juan Acevedo-valles 00907, PRInternal Medicine1215933916
Carlos R Conesa 74401, PRInternal Medicine1366914111
Jose L Munoz Benedicto 00979, PRInternal Medicine1144205816
Ernesto J. Sola Sanchez 00936, PRInternal Medicine1447511480
Jose R Cumba-bermudez 00918, PRInternal Medicine1568798452
Yvonne Marie Font 00921, PRInternal Medicine1508069097
Luis A Rosado Carrillo 00969, PRInternal Medicine1821009366
Carissa Marie Cruz Berrios 00791, PRInternal Medicine1366631665
Alberto Hiram Torres 00641, PRInternal Medicine1669770616
Artemio Samuel Santiago-molina 00935, PRInternal Medicine1770928046
Dalitza M Alvarez Valentin 00725, PRInternal Medicine1225325574
Lisselle Marie Villarrubia Ocasio 87131, PRInternal Medicine1386180909
Ricardo Alicea-guevara 00969, PRInternal Medicine1083027007
Wallace J Laracuenta 00725, PRInternal Medicine1598788200
Hernandez amb Medical Clinic, Llc 00771, PRInternal Medicine1508354515
Ileana Vazquez Otero 00969, PRInternal Medicine1790199271
Samayra Miranda Rodriguez 00646, PRInternal Medicine1427289594
Julio J Valentin Nieves 00678, PRInternal Medicine1952535346
Alex Gabriel Morales-perez 01608, PRInternal Medicine1104110774
Endocrinology And Diabetes Wellness Center 00674, PRInternal Medicine1023588514
Naomi Collazo Gutierrez 00674, PRInternal Medicine1225427651
Cohesion Health Services 00674, PRInternal Medicine1306482443
Belissa Malier Ramos Chaves 40202, PRInternal Medicine1255873832
Dra Grace Marini Roman Cardiologa 00680, PRInternal Medicine1770666273
Myriam Isaura Garcia-gonzalez 00669, PRInternal Medicine1235546086
Danessa Vazquez Ramos 00680, PRInternal Medicine1194051094
Yandy Miranda 89015, PRInternal Medicine1366858078
West Medical Llc 00680, PRInternal Medicine1699319293
Carla Tamayo 94305, PRInternal Medicine1063969012
Natacha Rigual Soler 37923, PRInternal Medicine1902272099
Geovanie Luis Arocho-pagan 00602, PRInternal Medicine1881084770
Janiabeth Vega 00921, PRInternal Medicine1447633169
Xavier Atencio 45373, PRInternal Medicine1386183705
Edgar Vazquez-vargas 00680, PRInternal Medicine1932538675
Sherryl Denisse Mitchell Hernandez 78216, PRInternal Medicine1578972089
Sara Colon Santiago 32803, PRInternal Medicine1871836643
Saladilla Llc 00603, PRInternal Medicine1316558356
Lillian J Borrego Conde 00917, PRInternal Medicine1255417283
Policlinica Las Americas Medical Center, Inc. 00717, PRInternal Medicine1386613446
Angel R Ferres Cordero 00728, PRInternal Medicine1639135742
Jorge R Matos Figueroa 00716, PRInternal Medicine1790834539
Alejandro Jose Lopez-mas 00733, PRInternal Medicine1043487960
Christian Rolon 00680, PRInternal Medicine1164704581
Viviana Ortiz Santiago 00727, PRInternal Medicine1407114945
Angel M Gonzalez 32746, PRInternal Medicine1336428739
Santiago Torrents 33401, PRInternal Medicine1255713806
Cariane Morales Matos 10467, PRInternal Medicine1366856676
Ahmed Morales Jorge 00716, PRInternal Medicine1265546592
Luis Antonio Ivan Vazquez Zubillaga 33136, PRInternal Medicine1891177424
Marisela Gonzalez Mercado 74136, PRInternal Medicine1336522028
Mariela Raquel Hernandez Cajigas 00669, PRInternal Medicine1366869323
Keyla Davila Marcano 00674, PRInternal Medicine1699177014
Emily Lissette Leon-rodriguez 00717, PRInternal Medicine1285187823
Nahyr Sofia Lugo-fagundo 32224, PRInternal Medicine1609354018
David Heredia Sierra 33016, PRInternal Medicine1700293990
Juan Isaac Irizarry 00683, PRInternal Medicine1811440902
Ileana Violeta Barrientos 77030, PRInternal Medicine1922455179
Glenda Michelle Miranda Tirado 00919, PRInternal Medicine1306097373
Reinaldo Perez 30912, PRInternal Medicine1942776257
Angel Lopez-candales 64108, PRInternal Medicine1063486215
Anatila Rodriguez 00683, PRInternal Medicine1588647382
Bryan Cuesta 99216, PRInternal Medicine1427470483
Elite Nephrology Care Center Psc 00680, PRInternal Medicine1962978262
Bryan Leslie Pagan Rivera 00680, PRInternal Medicine1760846497
Rafael Alberto Justiniano Magraner 71103, PRInternal Medicine1871925297
Pouria Haghighi Tajvar 33952, PRInternal Medicine1245771815
Francisco M. Montalvo 00680, PRInternal Medicine1528262730
Christopher Lee Paik 32720, PRInternal Medicine1548748957
Evelyn Ramirez Zapata 00918, PRInternal Medicine1962462812
Angela Maria Restituyo 01104, PRInternal Medicine1235181116
Jose L. Nieves-rivera 00917, PRInternal Medicine1033138607
Wanda Luz Figueroa- Cruz 85309, PRInternal Medicine1447269550
Benjamin A. Hernandez Velasco 00927, PRInternal Medicine1720181282
Vanessa Sepulveda Rivera 00921, PRInternal Medicine1427199264
Haydee Gonzalez Hidalgo 90241, PRInternal Medicine1912071481
Luis Renta Rosa 00979, PRInternal Medicine1265744734
Joel Efrain Nieves Scharon 00923, PRInternal Medicine1841569308
Lee Ming Shum 00680, PRInternal Medicine1568741387
Juan Manfredo Marques-lespier 00674, PRInternal Medicine1407142227
Anthony Dean Osterman Pla 01107, PRInternal Medicine1851687388
Cesar Ortega-cava 00674, PRInternal Medicine1356784771
Eduardo Nieves-olabarrieta 00745, PRInternal Medicine1932526837
Rafael De Leon-borras 00705, PRInternal Medicine1902160690
Jacobo Josue Loyola-torres 00726, PRInternal Medicine1376988519
Arelis Santana 87106, PRInternal Medicine1932544939
Alex N Gonzalez Bossolo 00909, PRInternal Medicine1457606444
Alex Xavier Mercado Irizarry 33308, PRInternal Medicine1063770592
Victor Serrano 75203, PRInternal Medicine1316471261
Migdoel Cruz-rodriguez 00936, PRInternal Medicine1316333404
Maria Susana Echavez Arroyo 32806, PRInternal Medicine1952506925
Arnaldo Luis Freire-perez 00917, PRInternal Medicine1053679092
Tania A Torres Viada 00680, PRInternal Medicine1770952988
Luis A Cotto Santana 00919, PRInternal Medicine1760747216
Jose Antonio Alvarez Cardona 63110, PRInternal Medicine1568717692
Ivan Fernando Irizarry Rodriguez 00736, PRInternal Medicine1467465773
Michael Joel Cruz Caliz 00917, PRInternal Medicine1669741120
Leslie Anne Juarbe Rivera 45242, PRInternal Medicine1851730030
Muay Chiing Hernandez Pons 00726, PRInternal Medicine1003251224
Ivonne M Figueroa-rivera 00613, PRInternal Medicine1437444064
Stephanie Colon-lopez 00959, PRInternal Medicine1487065199
Alexis Manuel Cruz-chacon 00919, PRInternal Medicine1083898969
Antonio L Orraca-gotay 00907, PRInternal Medicine1225473739
Hospitalist Medical Services, Psc 00674, PRInternal Medicine1043717077
Puerto Rico Community For Clinical Services, Research And Health 00925, PRInternal Medicine1396776472
Carlos R Ramirez-ramirez 32159, PRInternal Medicine1194793166
Yanerys Agosto-vargas 00983, PRInternal Medicine1629417803
Karen Torres Gonzalez 00912, PRInternal Medicine1700223021
Jeffrey De Jesus Maldonado Pena 28562, PRInternal Medicine1679912117
Eduardo Rodriguez Diaz 02721, PRInternal Medicine1124431044
Carlos Juan Perez Lopez 00969, PRInternal Medicine1861810012
Irma Lee Vazquez-sanabria 62702, PRInternal Medicine1649421371
Angel F. Delgado Garrastegui 93720, PRInternal Medicine1245644061
Stephanie Torres Rodriguez 75390, PRInternal Medicine1609277912
Arelis N Cordero-gomez 34746, PRInternal Medicine1437594942
Nikita L Rabelo-pagan 00935, PRInternal Medicine1588015507
Luis Baez Vallecillo 00927, PRInternal Medicine1265788855
Michael Andrew Schechter 33486, PRInternal Medicine1801231311
Jinetsy Ines Rivera-ortiz 00674, PRInternal Medicine1548657935
Lauren Acevedo-molina 34209, PRInternal Medicine1316333669
Bayoan Manuel Ramos-parra 48201, PRInternal Medicine1831539469
Cristian Ivan Rodriguez Arocho 00919, PRInternal Medicine1376988873
Renalife, Psc 00919, PRInternal Medicine1083964357
Deyson Lorenzo-rios 00921, PRInternal Medicine1861856551
Walisbeth Class-vazquez 00727, PRInternal Medicine1518302652
Sebastian U Perez 33308, PRInternal Medicine1447707245
Paula Veronica Jeffs-gonzalez 00985, PRInternal Medicine1023443983
Humberto Rubiera 33308, PRInternal Medicine1609307933
Gary W Padilla-maldonado 32224, PRInternal Medicine1396272902
Francisco Steven Rodriguez Gomez 00683, PRInternal Medicine1306324728
Frank Diaz 33461, PRInternal Medicine1851736300
Glenda E Ramirez 32114, PRInternal Medicine1922056860
Veronica Alana Vestal-vargas 00949, PRInternal Medicine1437593100
Juan C Bird 34987, PRInternal Medicine1669606109
Fernando Enrique Baez-corujo 00956, PRInternal Medicine1962796524
Jose Alberto Ruiz-bonilla 98382, PRInternal Medicine1609024710
Stefano Coppola-fasick 00960, PRInternal Medicine1831585918
Cesar F Hernandez-arroyo 53713, PRInternal Medicine1528473733
Ricardo Javier Perez-feliciano 00959, PRInternal Medicine1235364514
Rafael E Rosario Amador 00961, PRInternal Medicine1134519275
Lydia Esther Cortes Betancourt 43055, PRInternal Medicine1912308024
Francisco Gabriel Merced-ortiz 00907, PRInternal Medicine1750649786


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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