Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Rhode Island

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Rhode Island:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert D Meringolo 02904, RIInternal Medicine1922002740
Franklin Schneider 02904, RIInternal Medicine1497759294
Joan Harrison 02878, RIInternal Medicine1164424123
Jennifer F Jarbeau 02886, RIInternal Medicine1023012572
John Robert Audett 02886, RIInternal Medicine1609872878
Pedro Mariano Barros 02818, RIInternal Medicine1649276494
Joseph F Lowney 02888, RIInternal Medicine1710983416
Dudley E. Bennett 02888, RIInternal Medicine1730185570
Robert G Ellison 02886, RIInternal Medicine1083610836
Kathleen M Henderson 02865, RIInternal Medicine1841296597
Richard T Leach 02818, RIInternal Medicine1407852155
William T Mason 02903, RIInternal Medicine1679579338
Edward Vincent Reardon 02888, RIInternal Medicine1760488449
Neal J Galinko 02886, RIInternal Medicine1508862350
Laila Akhund 02035, RIInternal Medicine1437155181
Mohamed Azzouz 02886, RIInternal Medicine1760488506
Thomas Joseph Raimondo 02888, RIInternal Medicine1245236918
George Samuel Sehl 02818, RIInternal Medicine1982601589
Timothy P Murphy 02493, RIInternal Medicine1780681312
Nicholas M Grumbach 02886, RIInternal Medicine1932105780
Ralph Thomas Earp 02840, RIInternal Medicine1104823772
John David Lowney 02888, RIInternal Medicine1003812769
Frank P Maggiacomo 02920, RIInternal Medicine1629075981
Gregory G Allen 02920, RIInternal Medicine1043217250
Brenda J. Burke 02840, RIInternal Medicine1992702138
Donald Bruce Hebb 02816, RIInternal Medicine1841297033
Jibran Khan 02895, RIInternal Medicine1902803935
Christopher J Superczynski 02895, RIInternal Medicine1184621138
Scott A Wilson 02864, RIInternal Medicine1619974672
Virginia Schmidt Parker 02886, RIInternal Medicine1871590737
Ritesh Rathore 02908, RIInternal Medicine1467459263
Gerald A Colvin 02879, RIInternal Medicine1417954199
George Bourganos 02895, RIInternal Medicine1700883477
Elkin O Estrada 02904, RIInternal Medicine1811995509
Angelo B Pharmakidis 02904, RIInternal Medicine1407854128
Anne M Hebert 02882, RIInternal Medicine1144227018
Cynthia M Alves 02895, RIInternal Medicine1093712853
Gisele Saliba 02919, RIInternal Medicine1629076351
Thomas V Lanna 02895, RIInternal Medicine1427055284
Peter J Quesenberry 02903, RIInternal Medicine1477551992
Geoffrey Herbst Berg 02906, RIInternal Medicine1902804313
Joseph P Mazza 02895, RIInternal Medicine1912905209
Alice Yang-hee Kim 02860, RIInternal Medicine1407854797
Jerald Charles Fingerut 02860, RIInternal Medicine1619975067
Jeffrey F Latham 02895, RIInternal Medicine1891793196
William Levin 02917, RIInternal Medicine1669470886
David S Gorelick 02840, RIInternal Medicine1841297322
Jeffrey D Clement 02904, RIInternal Medicine1164420576
Farhat Ibrahim 02886, RIInternal Medicine1457358442
Kirit Desai 02895, RIInternal Medicine1245238542
Sajid Siddiq 02895, RIInternal Medicine1932107224
Marina F Rodriguez 02915, RIInternal Medicine1417955071
Richard A Cottiero 02904, RIInternal Medicine1295733988
Patricia Ann Chace 02886, RIInternal Medicine1285634535
David B. Stoll 02895, RIInternal Medicine1114927431
Cassandra Xavier Constantino 02809, RIInternal Medicine1598766537
Geoffrey Robert Hamilton 02809, RIInternal Medicine1467453431
Bruce Evan Fischer 02809, RIInternal Medicine1598766552
Allen Mansfield Dennison 02806, RIInternal Medicine1356342323
Pamela Ann Harrop 02809, RIInternal Medicine1437150422
Leslie Chamberlain Mohlman 02809, RIInternal Medicine1265433262
Howard Francis Perrone 02809, RIInternal Medicine1134120157
Alane Beth Torf 02809, RIInternal Medicine1639170533
David C Yoburn 02904, RIInternal Medicine1346249695
Cathleen Ann Whelan 02809, RIInternal Medicine1992706600
James Albert Ross 02809, RIInternal Medicine1831190594
Raymond F. Chaquette 02905, RIInternal Medicine1992706139
Gwyneth Granton 02908, RIInternal Medicine1336132935
Harold A Sanders 02840, RIInternal Medicine1508867722
Ibrahim A. Elgabry 02895, RIInternal Medicine1518969195
Luis A Osorio 02914, RIInternal Medicine1427042860
Daniel N Valicenti 02908, RIInternal Medicine1013901248
Angelo Dicenso 02919, RIInternal Medicine1952395022
Joseph Dibenedetto 02906, RIInternal Medicine1205820222
Michael J Monsour 02914, RIInternal Medicine1528052677
Paul William Roderick 02920, RIInternal Medicine1831183904
George Lyman Powers 02920, RIInternal Medicine1255325932
Robert Wolfgang 02920, RIInternal Medicine1871587550
Morris Paul Elevado 02920, RIInternal Medicine1417941105
Charles John Brex 02914, RIInternal Medicine1407840903
G Alan Kurose 02914, RIInternal Medicine1992799407
Thomas Henry Mcgreen 02920, RIInternal Medicine1043205537
Robert Cicchelli 02842, RIInternal Medicine1508851601
Amy Goldfarb 02905, RIInternal Medicine1629063847
Yul Ejnes 02920, RIInternal Medicine1679568802
Jeffry Winters 02920, RIInternal Medicine1992790018
Karen Stevenson 02920, RIInternal Medicine1609861723
Rinchen-tzo Emgushov 02905, RIInternal Medicine1760477962
Anthony J Lombardi 02920, RIInternal Medicine1265427009
Joseph Campbell 02920, RIInternal Medicine1891780573
John Gaines 02917, RIInternal Medicine1568457224
Steven George Mccloy 02860, RIInternal Medicine1235125808
Vanessa Greenier 02917, RIInternal Medicine1356337745
Frank Savoretti 02919, RIInternal Medicine1750377149
Fred Ferri 02919, RIInternal Medicine1013903400
Michael Klufas 02864, RIInternal Medicine1205822277
Suzanne Burns 02914, RIInternal Medicine1144217829
Charles Sherman 02914, RIInternal Medicine1952398653
Christophe Vanhemelrijck 02879, RIInternal Medicine1730176306
Mitchell Pressman 02914, RIInternal Medicine1326035023
Thomas J Millerick 02886, RIInternal Medicine1477540185
Todd Viccione 02818, RIInternal Medicine1356338073
Mark E. Mattingly 02903, RIInternal Medicine1073500757
Christopher W Ley 02904, RIInternal Medicine1598752024
Audrey Kupchan 02914, RIInternal Medicine1609863125
Tesfaye Meren 02914, RIInternal Medicine1336136852
Larry Schoenfeld 02914, RIInternal Medicine1245227768
Steven Kempner 02914, RIInternal Medicine1780671149
Amer B Malik 02908, RIInternal Medicine1679560684
Hugo Yamada 02865, RIInternal Medicine1932196904
Mridula Menon 02865, RIInternal Medicine1427045301
Anila Rita Peter-faherty 02895, RIInternal Medicine1861489775
Hua C Lu 02865, RIInternal Medicine1962499897
Ami Beth Muehlberg 02888, RIInternal Medicine1295722031
Rikhi J D'souza 02879, RIInternal Medicine1215924063
Peter Andrew Soukas 02904, RIInternal Medicine1467447763
J Russell Corcoran 02879, RIInternal Medicine1689661241
Leslie Franklin 02841, RIInternal Medicine1447247002
John Samuel Straus 02906, RIInternal Medicine1639164270
Joseph Terlato 02914, RIInternal Medicine1770577298
Peter Karczmar 02914, RIInternal Medicine1124015813
Michael Pomerantz 02914, RIInternal Medicine1437146131
Rajnish Bansal 02914, RIInternal Medicine1417944190
Paul W Santoro 02914, RIInternal Medicine1932194198
Ronald Gilman 02914, RIInternal Medicine1346237039
James Myers 02914, RIInternal Medicine1578550265
Howard L Haronian 02891, RIInternal Medicine1548258635
John P Miskovsky 02860, RIInternal Medicine1497743330
Herbert Rakatansky 02904, RIInternal Medicine1841289360
Donald George Kaufman 02904, RIInternal Medicine1245229764
Evan Bruce Cohen 02904, RIInternal Medicine1538158068
Alyn Louise Adrain 02904, RIInternal Medicine1225027766
Jeremy Spector 02904, RIInternal Medicine1992794408
David Schreiber 02904, RIInternal Medicine1952390213
Samir Ashok Shah 02904, RIInternal Medicine1043209398
Edward W Martin 02860, RIInternal Medicine1194715060
Alessandro Papa 02840, RIInternal Medicine1295725141
James D Sullivan 02904, RIInternal Medicine1730179607
Dragos F. Cucu 02840, RIInternal Medicine1326038779
Hussain M Dhanani 02840, RIInternal Medicine1881684249
Peppino E Tettey 02840, RIInternal Medicine1578553830
Bachu Naik 02905, RIInternal Medicine1710978788
Edward B Dugas 02879, RIInternal Medicine1922099472
Alex Mandel 02914, RIInternal Medicine1497736581
John Urban 02905, RIInternal Medicine1023090982
Suzanne E Mclaughlin 02903, RIInternal Medicine1215919782
Plakyil Joseph Joseph 02920, RIInternal Medicine1821070418
Anne Cushing-brescia 02865, RIInternal Medicine1407839657
Eric B Radler 02840, RIInternal Medicine1942290010
Nelson J Chu 02886, RIInternal Medicine1710969027
Denis E Moonan 02911, RIInternal Medicine1386626174
Jie Tang 02915, RIInternal Medicine1871583997
Tina Rizack 02879, RIInternal Medicine1932198082
William David Binder 02903, RIInternal Medicine1992795207
Joseph A. Diaz 02860, RIInternal Medicine1356324248
Glenn G. Fort 02895, RIInternal Medicine1114900024
Karen E Aspry 02818, RIInternal Medicine1710960687
Iulia C. Grillo 02860, RIInternal Medicine1609859479
James Crowley 02860, RIInternal Medicine1922081777
Patrick Weyer 02860, RIInternal Medicine1528041324
Antioan Kardous 02920, RIInternal Medicine1538142252
Steven B Zipin 02914, RIInternal Medicine1962485490
Christopher Joseph Cosgrove 02914, RIInternal Medicine1558344085
Joseph A Chazan 02914, RIInternal Medicine1720061252
Charles E Mccoy 02914, RIInternal Medicine1922081447
George Lee 02914, RIInternal Medicine1235113358
Peter B Rintels 02920, RIInternal Medicine1871577999
Sundaresan T Sambandam 02920, RIInternal Medicine1811971922
Humera Khurshid 02903, RIInternal Medicine1013991926
Naomi Y Mcmackin 02860, RIInternal Medicine1578547212
Kurush F Setna 02860, RIInternal Medicine1932183571
Kenneth J Silverman 02062, RIInternal Medicine1386629806
Stephen E Sweet 02446, RIInternal Medicine1336124866
Carla M Martin 02860, RIInternal Medicine1376528794
Steven M Opal 02860, RIInternal Medicine1902881337
Fadi Mansourati 02860, RIInternal Medicine1548245962
Kenneth H Salzsieder 02886, RIInternal Medicine1689650327
Afshin Nasseri 02886, RIInternal Medicine1316924897
Gregory Lazan 02860, RIInternal Medicine1538146097
James Atkinson 02906, RIInternal Medicine1003894825
Richard P San Antonio 02886, RIInternal Medicine1346228988
Ehab G. Daoud 02906, RIInternal Medicine1144208299
Kwame Dapaah-afriyie 02906, RIInternal Medicine1053399105
Razib Khaund 02906, RIInternal Medicine1497733547
Gayle J Weaver 02906, RIInternal Medicine1477531531
Nadeem Anis 02906, RIInternal Medicine1275513442
R. William Corwin 02906, RIInternal Medicine1245210418
Frank Michael D'alessandro 02865, RIInternal Medicine1225018955
James Leighton Smythe 02879, RIInternal Medicine1821074386
Stephen Lawrence Matarese 02886, RIInternal Medicine1225016355
John S Vitelli 02906, RIInternal Medicine1740268754
Mohit Bansal 02903, RIInternal Medicine1679920094
Franklin D Mccool 02915, RIInternal Medicine1063497576
Marguerite A. Neill 02903, RIInternal Medicine1164406930
Adam Jan Olszewski 02903, RIInternal Medicine1467436915
Rajeev K Gupta 02864, RIInternal Medicine1659358836
Diane E Smith 02879, RIInternal Medicine1003893322
Aravind Rao Kokkirala 02906, RIInternal Medicine1235116864
H. Denman Scott 02904, RIInternal Medicine1962486605
Vera A. Depalo 02910, RIInternal Medicine1659354546


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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