Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David A Burack 29732, SCInternal Medicine1659374882
Kenneth Arnold Dodds 29405, SCInternal Medicine1962405191
Michael Ray Kunkel 29621, SCInternal Medicine1689677825
Samuel Clay Franklin 29405, SCInternal Medicine1942203161
William W Walker 29621, SCInternal Medicine1700889904
Robert Charles Boleman 28791, SCInternal Medicine1467455527
Charles Dudley Graham 29406, SCInternal Medicine1043213960
Samuel M Willis 29204, SCInternal Medicine1770586588
John E Fassler 29732, SCInternal Medicine1891798757
Ramesh Bhoothapuri 29732, SCInternal Medicine1124021076
William Robert Bixenman 29732, SCInternal Medicine1891798740
Douglas Kelley Nicholson 29732, SCInternal Medicine1649273582
Michael Alan Spandorfer 29414, SCInternal Medicine1134122112
Mark W Sohner 29010, SCInternal Medicine1780687624
Eric W Peterson 29732, SCInternal Medicine1154324093
Carl Wilson Sofley 29621, SCInternal Medicine1316940059
Thomas James Sullivan 29621, SCInternal Medicine1225031966
Chesterfield Clinic Corp 29520, SCInternal Medicine1376546903
Associates In Gastroenterology Pa 29229, SCInternal Medicine1871596593
Darryl M Sugar 29678, SCInternal Medicine1639172059
Michael Mills Hawkins 29425, SCInternal Medicine1821091224
Pranay R. Patel 29301, SCInternal Medicine1194729715
Mukesh M Gandhi 29388, SCInternal Medicine1982608469
Terry J Reardon 29585, SCInternal Medicine1518961028
Internal Medicine Healthcare, P.a. 29902, SCInternal Medicine1750385274
Robert M. Silgals 29406, SCInternal Medicine1366446759
Charles Edward Bowers 29303, SCInternal Medicine1942204334
Reginald John Brooker 29605, SCInternal Medicine1871598201
Stephen H Hand 29621, SCInternal Medicine1144225566
Muhammad K Shakeel 29621, SCInternal Medicine1477558740
Samuel A Gacha 29303, SCInternal Medicine1053316281
Ralph S Henry 29621, SCInternal Medicine1356346332
Kenneth S Wurtz 29118, SCInternal Medicine1700880119
Peter Scott Carnohan 29203, SCInternal Medicine1487659660
William Larry Gluck 29605, SCInternal Medicine1053316349
Mark Allen O'rourke 29605, SCInternal Medicine1750386058
Kim Hont Aramburo Yee 29307, SCInternal Medicine1285639310
Zia U Din 29621, SCInternal Medicine1396740171
David B Stuver 29708, SCInternal Medicine1538165741
Indra Sriram 29229, SCInternal Medicine1790781938
Timothy Joseph Blanchat 29325, SCInternal Medicine1003812314
James F Elmore 29223, SCInternal Medicine1821094772
Scott A Hollingsworth 29566, SCInternal Medicine1336145226
Timothy Eugene West 29414, SCInternal Medicine1831195791
James Gregory Thomas 29401, SCInternal Medicine1114923950
Shyam Yallapragada 29406, SCInternal Medicine1184620783
Maria Baens 29579, SCInternal Medicine1447256672
Christopher Andrew Rangel 29425, SCInternal Medicine1750730859
Rajinder Parmar 29229, SCInternal Medicine1891791570
Saeeda Zaman Chowdhury 29615, SCInternal Medicine1134125818
Mudunuri V Raju 29640, SCInternal Medicine1124095484
Cesar I Kanamori 29572, SCInternal Medicine1114924545
Freddie E Wilson 29607, SCInternal Medicine1639176951
Erika R. King 29572, SCInternal Medicine1437157195
Donald C King 29572, SCInternal Medicine1528066263
Fred Michael Kimbrell 29720, SCInternal Medicine1518965193
Barry Reid Swiger 29640, SCInternal Medicine1447257134
Amit G Shah 29707, SCInternal Medicine1740288323
Mehrgan Sokhandan 29607, SCInternal Medicine1386641405
James Harvey Gault 29909, SCInternal Medicine1376541151
Lyle Shelver 29118, SCInternal Medicine1265431001
William W Stuck 29203, SCInternal Medicine1922007608
Stephen Harmes Humphrey 29204, SCInternal Medicine1235138819
Charles W Hendricks 29203, SCInternal Medicine1194724799
Victoria Elizabeth Moshoures 29572, SCInternal Medicine1306845755
Brian D Wright 29572, SCInternal Medicine1164421525
South Carolina Cancer Specialists 29926, SCInternal Medicine1285633289
Timothy M Hunter 29588, SCInternal Medicine1861491771
Kwame N Iwegbue 29401, SCInternal Medicine1255331054
Bennie L Baker 29506, SCInternal Medicine1710987045
Leonard Schutz 29307, SCInternal Medicine1326048687
Gregory Furness 29203, SCInternal Medicine1134129174
David Keith Handshoe 29485, SCInternal Medicine1659371755
Karl Scott Miller 29485, SCInternal Medicine1902806011
South Carolina Sleep Medicine Llc 29485, SCInternal Medicine1174523286
Pavel M Stancut 29572, SCInternal Medicine1437158284
Temisan L Etikerentse 29461, SCInternal Medicine1710986757
Nicholas C Mexas 29588, SCInternal Medicine1396743100
Michelle Shepard 29401, SCInternal Medicine1861491391
Barry C Blackston 29605, SCInternal Medicine1316948185
John R Strunk 29209, SCInternal Medicine1962403824
Milton Donald Alexander 29203, SCInternal Medicine1144229725
Lisa S Tarbert-smaldone 29572, SCInternal Medicine1891794236
Barry Jay Feldman 29203, SCInternal Medicine1598764276
John Kevin Baugh 29212, SCInternal Medicine1942208707
Daniel Lind Crocker 27804, SCInternal Medicine1700886272
Harry S. Allen Ii 29501, SCInternal Medicine1013916816
James H Smith 29646, SCInternal Medicine1558362913
Cornerstone Clinic 29732, SCInternal Medicine1336140615
Marie Celeste Wright 29205, SCInternal Medicine1568463610
Daniel York Reuben 29425, SCInternal Medicine1619979416
Louis D Bell 29926, SCInternal Medicine1932101656
Faron J Kemp 29440, SCInternal Medicine1558363093
James M Principe 29440, SCInternal Medicine1720080278
Scott A Nicol 29585, SCInternal Medicine1902808447
George H Varn 29440, SCInternal Medicine1316949704
George P Cone 29646, SCInternal Medicine1689666703
Frank Richard Ervin 29501, SCInternal Medicine1316939473
Tracy M Timony 29732, SCInternal Medicine1063404945
Randolph V Villamor 29732, SCInternal Medicine1851383731
Brad M Simpson 29607, SCInternal Medicine1699767277
A. Thomas Siachos 29607, SCInternal Medicine1598757171
Walter Ennis James 29646, SCInternal Medicine1851383590
James Frederick Huiet 29406, SCInternal Medicine1912999673
Matthew D Jenkins 29732, SCInternal Medicine1467444133
Jon M. Bittrick 29607, SCInternal Medicine1134111727
Gregory W. San 29607, SCInternal Medicine1679565279
Upstate Cardiology Pa 29605, SCInternal Medicine1588656185
Barbara A Moran-faile 29607, SCInternal Medicine1396737995
Christopher H. Smith 29605, SCInternal Medicine1831181486
Steven D Johnson 29607, SCInternal Medicine1740272392
Morris E Williams 29607, SCInternal Medicine1154313716
Michael W Payne 29607, SCInternal Medicine1063404622
John E. Cebe 29607, SCInternal Medicine1972595536
Lawrence W Freeman 29607, SCInternal Medicine1083606644
Ned D. Freeman 29607, SCInternal Medicine1578555173
Charles D Ross 29607, SCInternal Medicine1396737854
Upstate Cardiology Pa 29607, SCInternal Medicine1841283173
Stuart M. Barnes, M.d., P.a. 29621, SCInternal Medicine1609869874
Jonathan M Gregory 29920, SCInternal Medicine1417940792
Carolina Medical Center 29615, SCInternal Medicine1699768986
Paul Mckinley Richardson 29526, SCInternal Medicine1972596005
Charles Edward Creagh 29732, SCInternal Medicine1972596039
Albert A Ramage 29646, SCInternal Medicine1467445676
Digestive Disease Group Pa 29646, SCInternal Medicine1891788907
William J Gilchrist 29646, SCInternal Medicine1346233558
Carl Issac Mitchell 29223, SCInternal Medicine1932192044
Phillip Jeffrey Bower 29488, SCInternal Medicine1366435356
Rhea Hsu 29732, SCInternal Medicine1952394744
Larry W Kelly 29585, SCInternal Medicine1194727628
Ariane U Lieberman 29556, SCInternal Medicine1548262124
Craig Lieberman 29556, SCInternal Medicine1487656088
Orachun Sittisuntorn 29505, SCInternal Medicine1275525784
Rebecca G Bechhold 29401, SCInternal Medicine1326031618
William F. Alleyne 29732, SCInternal Medicine1932192093
Aimar P Mack 29526, SCInternal Medicine1891788782
Bipin D Sarodia 29506, SCInternal Medicine1467444752
Elizabeth Anne Higgins 29425, SCInternal Medicine1396738514
John Hoitink 29732, SCInternal Medicine1861484750
Francis P. Goldstein 29201, SCInternal Medicine1326030289
Arun Adlakha 29732, SCInternal Medicine1366435422
Scott L Woodfield 29407, SCInternal Medicine1568455723
Faheem B Nusrat 29803, SCInternal Medicine1235121237
Andrew J Gresko 29526, SCInternal Medicine1245231372
Renwick N Goldberg 29572, SCInternal Medicine1679566178
Rebecca Diane Cody 29572, SCInternal Medicine1265425763
Vijay Paudel 29572, SCInternal Medicine1972596484
Gerald Gordon 29803, SCInternal Medicine1396738753
John Winkle Wilson 29526, SCInternal Medicine1427042837
Russell V Brant 29150, SCInternal Medicine1508859927
James M. O'malley 29909, SCInternal Medicine1760476980
Lawrence B Holt 29572, SCInternal Medicine1871587634
Lisa G Harding 29640, SCInternal Medicine1467447631
Foothills Internal Medicine 29640, SCInternal Medicine1982699179
Thomas Egan 29466, SCInternal Medicine1427043611
Geanice Holton 29640, SCInternal Medicine1053306225
Jeff Z Brooker 29204, SCInternal Medicine1013902832
Fleetwood Internal Medicine Pa 29640, SCInternal Medicine1104812692
George Michael Orr 29440, SCInternal Medicine1144216565
Orr Mcclentic Cobb 29646, SCInternal Medicine1952397085
Samuel T Burnett Iii 29646, SCInternal Medicine1942296074
Piedmont Internal Med Pa 29646, SCInternal Medicine1528055084
Joel R Thompson 29572, SCInternal Medicine1861489064
Harvey E Butler 29572, SCInternal Medicine1316934599
Russell D Hall 29646, SCInternal Medicine1265429492
Charles Patrick Burns 29926, SCInternal Medicine1811984966
Ronald L Collins 29204, SCInternal Medicine1013904838
Maria Anna Julia Westerink 29425, SCInternal Medicine1508851015
Calvin Milton Snipes 29640, SCInternal Medicine1225023484
John M Ciccone 29466, SCInternal Medicine1750378824
Susan Jane Kring 29615, SCInternal Medicine1235123860
Lawrence E Stroud 29670, SCInternal Medicine1316933559
Steven Royal Kessel 29902, SCInternal Medicine1063409662
Andrea Dell Hucks 29902, SCInternal Medicine1679568216
Erol Lale 29588, SCInternal Medicine1750379202
Philip H Brandt 29150, SCInternal Medicine1487642443
Wen-ting Ouyang 29501, SCInternal Medicine1538158449
John Cameron Pittard 29501, SCInternal Medicine1568451466
Grand Strand Senior Health Center, Llc 29588, SCInternal Medicine1649269085
David Anthony Florez 29406, SCInternal Medicine1003805011
Todd Louis Snyder 29406, SCInternal Medicine1245229269
Stephens Internal 29501, SCInternal Medicine1316937204
Jeffrey A Stephens 29501, SCInternal Medicine1447240338
Ludwig A Lettau 29414, SCInternal Medicine1780674556
Kent J Stock 29414, SCInternal Medicine1356331904
Steven E Goldberg 29944, SCInternal Medicine1316937725
John T. Beard 29203, SCInternal Medicine1437149770
Carl M Lund 29621, SCInternal Medicine1417948035
Shahzad H Sheikh 29621, SCInternal Medicine1023009644
Edin Karcic 29588, SCInternal Medicine1417948662
Joseph S Rice 29204, SCInternal Medicine1538140652
Coastal Carolina Nephrology Llc 29414, SCInternal Medicine1679554752
Wilcotte Collingwood Rahming 29676, SCInternal Medicine1932180726
John W Popp 29204, SCInternal Medicine1770564544
David Arnold Holt 29303, SCInternal Medicine1417938226
Mary Audrey Ackerman 29210, SCInternal Medicine1912988536
George Tripp Jones 29210, SCInternal Medicine1699756114
William H Babcock 29210, SCInternal Medicine1538140173
Robert E Smith 29210, SCInternal Medicine1356322812
Fred J Kudrik 29210, SCInternal Medicine1104807668


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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