Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David L Ross 37055, TNInternal Medicine1073516001
Ramon T Ungab 38134, TNInternal Medicine1053314104
Muhammad Asad 37075, TNInternal Medicine1275536468
Charles Roland Burnett 38120, TNInternal Medicine1134122302
Taylor Malone Wray 37203, TNInternal Medicine1598768616
Stacy Faith Davis 37201, TNInternal Medicine1942203963
Robert Andrew Pickett 37203, TNInternal Medicine1932128782
Andrew Roberts Sager 37203, TNInternal Medicine1942203120
James Michael Sizemore 37403, TNInternal Medicine1124021340
William Owen Hartness 37203, TNInternal Medicine1679576839
Charlotte A Deflumere 38119, TNInternal Medicine1457354599
Robert Harold Christenberry 37203, TNInternal Medicine1295738326
Henry Nubung Enyenihi 38002, TNInternal Medicine1992708002
Thomas Augustus Jantz 37067, TNInternal Medicine1346243458
Lawrence Morris 37660, TNInternal Medicine1124021290
Harrell Odom 37203, TNInternal Medicine1932102001
Dallas Shone 37660, TNInternal Medicine1043213101
Samuel Tadiar Verzosa 38134, TNInternal Medicine1730182882
Eugene J. Spiotta 38119, TNInternal Medicine1821091612
Brenda J Richardson 38138, TNInternal Medicine1568465482
Kevin Mark Rankin 37203, TNInternal Medicine1053314963
Stylianos A Kakoullis 38583, TNInternal Medicine1770586679
Jerry Malvin Franklin 37067, TNInternal Medicine1942203849
Douglas L. Karmel 38119, TNInternal Medicine1619970407
James Louthan 37660, TNInternal Medicine1477556157
Stephen M. Shiffman 38119, TNInternal Medicine1215930029
Sylvia L Krueger 37311, TNInternal Medicine1437152691
David J Blazer 37055, TNInternal Medicine1093718272
Owita R Mays 38017, TNInternal Medicine1215930094
Christopher J Klugewicz 38501, TNInternal Medicine1871596999
William Walter Wassynger 38501, TNInternal Medicine1700889888
Michael D. Koplon 38104, TNInternal Medicine1376546150
John Bright Cage 37203, TNInternal Medicine1003819277
Thomas G Bartlett 37205, TNInternal Medicine1225031073
Bryan Hale Merrick 38201, TNInternal Medicine1467455287
Robert A. Kerlan 38119, TNInternal Medicine1881697696
Kerry W Ross 37055, TNInternal Medicine1932102670
Richard J Settles 37343, TNInternal Medicine1891798153
Richard Dickson 37660, TNInternal Medicine1326040643
Christopher Columbus Mcclure 37040, TNInternal Medicine1851394191
Robert Francis Kulinski 38122, TNInternal Medicine1700889649
Rauf Baba 38024, TNInternal Medicine1689677296
Anthony Everhart 37660, TNInternal Medicine1972505279
Eric Schwartz 37660, TNInternal Medicine1508868720
Jewel Johnny White 37660, TNInternal Medicine1871595058
Bryan Paul Simmons 38104, TNInternal Medicine1619971637
Leslie Weylon Panus 37604, TNInternal Medicine1063416089
Brooks Morelock 37743, TNInternal Medicine1356345342
Olusola Olanrewaju Oguntolu 37209, TNInternal Medicine1346244324
Stanley Eugene Vermillion 37604, TNInternal Medicine1699779629
William Harmon Tettelbach 38104, TNInternal Medicine1336143361
Martin Quan Tran 37604, TNInternal Medicine1851395891
David D Jones 38237, TNInternal Medicine1659375517
Dana R Bannerman 37203, TNInternal Medicine1649274515
Collin G Cherry 37404, TNInternal Medicine1659375491
Naved M Mohyuddin 37203, TNInternal Medicine1417951278
Rick Whiles 37620, TNInternal Medicine1013911874
John Michael Bolds 37203, TNInternal Medicine1659375467
Heather L Andrews 37236, TNInternal Medicine1811991680
Gerry Boccarossa 37617, TNInternal Medicine1912901760
Susan Boccarossa 37620, TNInternal Medicine1861496622
William C Thompson 37203, TNInternal Medicine1306840004
Theodore Thompson 37620, TNInternal Medicine1144224783
Leon Cochran 37743, TNInternal Medicine1922000157
Clyde Michael Jones 38120, TNInternal Medicine1477557064
William Jeremy Mahlow 37920, TNInternal Medicine1205830171
Stephen A Capizzi 37203, TNInternal Medicine1366446171
Chace T Carpenter 37203, TNInternal Medicine1164426979
Hanson B Cowan 37203, TNInternal Medicine1144224981
Michael E Niedermeyer 37203, TNInternal Medicine1457355257
Mark D Peacock 37203, TNInternal Medicine1427052224
Maan Akram Anbari 38501, TNInternal Medicine1952303166
Stephen K Souther 37919, TNInternal Medicine1124022017
Matthew J King 38549, TNInternal Medicine1932101284
Stephen J Heyman 37203, TNInternal Medicine1104820760
Vandana P Chowbey 37129, TNInternal Medicine1770587677
Richard Gary Clark 38556, TNInternal Medicine1962406793
Mitchell Todd Alderson 29020, TNInternal Medicine1942204912
Steven Scott Donchey 32539, TNInternal Medicine1184628802
Stephen A Besh 38120, TNInternal Medicine1659375392
Mollie Dodson 38583, TNInternal Medicine1760486112
Jay M Philippose 37404, TNInternal Medicine1992709364
Felix Chukwudi Nnaji 38008, TNInternal Medicine1801890223
Casandra L Cansler 37379, TNInternal Medicine1437153855
Elena Yu Aguas 37684, TNInternal Medicine1679577043
Winford Richard Mcgowan 37604, TNInternal Medicine1922002310
Lawrence W. Schmidt 37604, TNInternal Medicine1427052828
David Brent Welch 37604, TNInternal Medicine1871597278
Mark F. Young 37604, TNInternal Medicine1568466969
Puneet Goenka 37604, TNInternal Medicine1720082126
Tomasz Adam Zurawek 37055, TNInternal Medicine1558366815
Brian Samuel 38501, TNInternal Medicine1376548628
Kirit Antani 62959, TNInternal Medicine1689679516
Christopher L Maynard 37303, TNInternal Medicine1750386819
Charles Richard Sharpe 37303, TNInternal Medicine1578568648
David Segarra 82930, TNInternal Medicine1538164413
Bryan K Ward 37203, TNInternal Medicine1578567210
Marquetta Larneita Faulkner 37208, TNInternal Medicine1073518734
Brent A Mullins 38120, TNInternal Medicine1558365205
Daniel K Mccammon 37909, TNInternal Medicine1073518890
Thomas R. Borthwick 37604, TNInternal Medicine1710981105
Darl Vilbro Bell 38004, TNInternal Medicine1275538977
Bryan K Nerren 37604, TNInternal Medicine1629073861
David S Knapp 37122, TNInternal Medicine1871598854
Minocher Maneck Battiwalla 37203, TNInternal Medicine1861497570
Russell Edward Perry 37745, TNInternal Medicine1982609129
Bassel J Moughrabi 24083, TNInternal Medicine1376548438
Clifford Frank Wiegand 37604, TNInternal Medicine1588669170
Baker Lee Stewart 38024, TNInternal Medicine1609871169
Emmel B. Golden 38120, TNInternal Medicine1669478103
Michael D Wilons 38120, TNInternal Medicine1710983259
Robert William Schriner 38017, TNInternal Medicine1891791349
Joy C Burbeck 38017, TNInternal Medicine1578569034
Mandeep S Grewal 37404, TNInternal Medicine1447256862
Gary F Trew 38120, TNInternal Medicine1790781144
Jackson J Yium 37403, TNInternal Medicine1467458885
Sanjay Ratnakant 38671, TNInternal Medicine1578569935
Mark R Doman 37711, TNInternal Medicine1013913391
Joe T. Watlington 37404, TNInternal Medicine1912903121
Tibor Sandor Szabo 38138, TNInternal Medicine1548266786
Gamal Allob Harris 37203, TNInternal Medicine1891791109
Clyde Hugh Everhart 37404, TNInternal Medicine1316943665
Tracey Ellen Doering 37236, TNInternal Medicine1952307233
Adel N Shenouda 37403, TNInternal Medicine1518963990
Gerald Scott Borrelli 37916, TNInternal Medicine1871599084
Stephen C Kiss 37916, TNInternal Medicine1770589988
Charles Michael Smith 38120, TNInternal Medicine1578569687
Garrettson S Ellis 38157, TNInternal Medicine1336145317
Richard H Sadowitz 37404, TNInternal Medicine1639175631
George W Chambers 38058, TNInternal Medicine1821094830
Steven G Bentley 38017, TNInternal Medicine1790781870
Richard Joseph Gordon 38138, TNInternal Medicine1558367490
Toney Britton Hudson 38501, TNInternal Medicine1063418911
Bernard Grunstra 37620, TNInternal Medicine1558367417
Harry Phillip Claybrook 37620, TNInternal Medicine1801892765
Shelby Olds 37620, TNInternal Medicine1205832169
Eugene J. Spiotta 38119, TNInternal Medicine1588660559
John Wm Zirkle 37760, TNInternal Medicine1013913839
Darlene K Cash 38120, TNInternal Medicine1013913714
Caroline E Cooley 37919, TNInternal Medicine1336145069
Clyde W Worley 37760, TNInternal Medicine1942206776
Lance S Patton 37760, TNInternal Medicine1104822816
Stephen C Gantte 37760, TNInternal Medicine1518963255
John Austin Kirby 37760, TNInternal Medicine1275539835
Casey J Page 37909, TNInternal Medicine1215933577
Thomas W Doty 37909, TNInternal Medicine1730184540
Peter J Campbell 37909, TNInternal Medicine1386640647
Cheryl A Fassler 37203, TNInternal Medicine1508862939
Paul D. King 38671, TNInternal Medicine1609872704
Bill M Law 37909, TNInternal Medicine1720084825
Jonathan David Mcallister 37312, TNInternal Medicine1487651824
John W Forman 37404, TNInternal Medicine1366449506
Christopher V Poole 37404, TNInternal Medicine1558368837
Jean Marie Mancini 37620, TNInternal Medicine1013914308
Elvira L Loria 37620, TNInternal Medicine1962409250
Douglass W Green 37620, TNInternal Medicine1871590166
Claude M Galphin 37404, TNInternal Medicine1700883816
Nathan E Chamberlain 37404, TNInternal Medicine1134126246
Rohit K Gupta 37404, TNInternal Medicine1386641496
Carol Jean Mitchell 38119, TNInternal Medicine1376540419
Thomas W Green 37620, TNInternal Medicine1932106093
Kelley B Harris 37620, TNInternal Medicine1841297900
Avron Abe Slutsky 38119, TNInternal Medicine1740287879
Frank J Miller 37404, TNInternal Medicine1780681858
Edmund T Palmer 38301, TNInternal Medicine1326045154
Ronald Herman Lands 37920, TNInternal Medicine1982601811
Mohammed I Ahmed 37814, TNInternal Medicine1992702781
Ramani Majjica Reddy 37772, TNInternal Medicine1417955154
John A Green 37620, TNInternal Medicine1740288380
John D Mccarley 37404, TNInternal Medicine1760480321
Mohammad Javeed Shafi 37804, TNInternal Medicine1831197433
Donald B Franklin 37404, TNInternal Medicine1053319343
Eric Christopher Poston 37874, TNInternal Medicine1487652624
Dinar Sayani 37772, TNInternal Medicine1497753602
Zakir Hussain Halai 37919, TNInternal Medicine1629076807
Frederick Olatunji Junard 37211, TNInternal Medicine1740288810
Kenya Kozawa 37874, TNInternal Medicine1568460525
Hany M Habashy 38104, TNInternal Medicine1285632224
Shoko Hansen 37604, TNInternal Medicine1366440307
William John Littman 37087, TNInternal Medicine1750389607
Paul Jay Katz 38119, TNInternal Medicine1497753131
John Thornton Foust 37830, TNInternal Medicine1205834835
Keith Phillip Webb 37110, TNInternal Medicine1003813874
Suhail M Obaji 38138, TNInternal Medicine1548268592
Charles Austin Mitchell 37211, TNInternal Medicine1245238567
Amanullah Siddiqi 37708, TNInternal Medicine1780682906
Dennis Howard Duck 37861, TNInternal Medicine1134127343
Barrett D Conner 37207, TNInternal Medicine1326046673
Orlando Rodriguez 37207, TNInternal Medicine1336147685
Sonja Terry Webb 37110, TNInternal Medicine1336147776
Thomas Stephen Evans 37874, TNInternal Medicine1801894779
Gang Gary Tian 38120, TNInternal Medicine1528066495
Kalpesh D Parikh 37721, TNInternal Medicine1255339081
Vivek Kalpathi Venkatesh 37807, TNInternal Medicine1134128978
Forrest Tilson 37312, TNInternal Medicine1891794418
Robert K Berglund 37343, TNInternal Medicine1760481253
Gordon D Graham 37404, TNInternal Medicine1629077011
Lawrence W Whitlock 38125, TNInternal Medicine1801895206
Kavin J Johnson 37310, TNInternal Medicine1689673105
Mihaela Tudorica 37236, TNInternal Medicine1417956830


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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