Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bhumik Shah 79601, TXInternal Medicine1689938797
Elpidia H Balbastro 70570, TXInternal Medicine1386614345
John Christopher Mcclish 75601, TXInternal Medicine1427019249
Lindsey Pittillo 79606, TXInternal Medicine1003497819
Thuha Ngoc Pham 75093, TXInternal Medicine1598908410
Han Pham Hulen 76104, TXInternal Medicine1770593436
Shahjahan Nisar Chaudhry 08060, TXInternal Medicine1285736850
Eric Christopher Romney 78412, TXInternal Medicine1902253842
Suman Choudhury 78504, TXInternal Medicine1205047255
Hni Medical Services 78735, TXInternal Medicine1366735169
Anita M Novak 87106, TXInternal Medicine1770590739
Patrick Ryan Nolen 75038, TXInternal Medicine1952676132
Tobenna Igweonu Nwizu 75088, TXInternal Medicine1881879716
Olubukola Aduke Okoro 75013, TXInternal Medicine1073877700
Stella Bard 11230, TXInternal Medicine1457561862
Gonzalo A. Aillon 78552, TXInternal Medicine1598790644
Michael Darin Lyons 76801, TXInternal Medicine1760419576
Jason Gukhool 77573, TXInternal Medicine1861509473
Premier Cardiology Clinic,pllc 77598, TXInternal Medicine1326604562
Premier Cardiology Clinic Pllc 77598, TXInternal Medicine1639724164
Mohan Kumar 77598, TXInternal Medicine1710929575
Adnanul Karim 79106, TXInternal Medicine1588955546
Ahmed Y Javed 95203, TXInternal Medicine1114346657
Terad Talmesany 73117, TXInternal Medicine1477965408
Ghassan Hani Nicola Khoury 90024, TXInternal Medicine1003153214
Javeria Farook Syed 60637, TXInternal Medicine1548656473
Nanjunda Prabha 72501, TXInternal Medicine1528470200
Griselda Camacho 79106, TXInternal Medicine1659638344
William Murray Holland 79106, TXInternal Medicine1174715999
Stephen J Usala 79106, TXInternal Medicine1992879563
Stephanie Mc Clure 37208, TXInternal Medicine1215968839
Mark Benjamin Sigler 79106, TXInternal Medicine1578799946
Talal Zahoor 73104, TXInternal Medicine1912352162
Alena Prystupa 98632, TXInternal Medicine1568858488
Muath Alsharif 62702, TXInternal Medicine1316477508
Srinath Yadlapalli 47403, TXInternal Medicine1740696541
Suresh B Neelagaru Md Pa 78224, TXInternal Medicine1639359458
Mais Abdou 48201, TXInternal Medicine1326572066
William S Shear 82601, TXInternal Medicine1053523878
Natasha Gupta 75150, TXInternal Medicine1326492232
Amrou M Ali Idris 99204, TXInternal Medicine1932528213
Shebey Thomas 77058, TXInternal Medicine1700144201
Nephrology Leaders And Associates, Pllc 77414, TXInternal Medicine1760649206
Gregory Scott Pepper 77479, TXInternal Medicine1386674901
Care Physician Group 78382, TXInternal Medicine1194225573
Khalid Sherani 75503, TXInternal Medicine1760873293
Hanna Thomas 76002, TXInternal Medicine1194035667
Sohini Sarkar 58102, TXInternal Medicine1134504913
Nimra Sarfaraz 76002, TXInternal Medicine1104088780
Bamikole Olowo 75063, TXInternal Medicine1679040653
Ashish Singh 75235, TXInternal Medicine1669859328
William H Nesbitt 76180, TXInternal Medicine1386608370
Shariq Iqbal Chudhri 85711, TXInternal Medicine1710277751
Edward Mims 75390, TXInternal Medicine1578879318
Michael Poku 76126, TXInternal Medicine1215322177
Zulfiqar A. Malik 76109, TXInternal Medicine1841364908
Oncology hematology Consultants Pa 76104, TXInternal Medicine1629021159
Steven Harry Fehrenkamp 78704, TXInternal Medicine1376582718
Fred F Poordad 78215, TXInternal Medicine1174551766
Aaron Patrick Best 72335, TXInternal Medicine1013954320
Dennis Samuel Pacl 78653, TXInternal Medicine1346253713
Quan T Dang 78701, TXInternal Medicine1316967946
Eric J. Lawitz 78215, TXInternal Medicine1578661716
Karunakar R Annapureddy 78705, TXInternal Medicine1568543221
Allison Elaine Gorrebeeck 78758, TXInternal Medicine1467548628
Linda Maidment Meyers 78758, TXInternal Medicine1831397793
Extracare Palliative Consultants, Pa 78750, TXInternal Medicine1497941710
Atx Sleep Docs 78727, TXInternal Medicine1073084562
Gerald Wayne Mank 28655, TXInternal Medicine1821309592
Ramya Muralimohan Vestal 27103, TXInternal Medicine1750699229
Fabian Vicente Rodas Ochoa 78215, TXInternal Medicine1972734234
Brooke Veith Stubbs 78704, TXInternal Medicine1548606080
Sean Fink 92262, TXInternal Medicine1134539562
Carmen Elena Landaverde 78215, TXInternal Medicine1902093263
Matthew Thomas Rogers 78654, TXInternal Medicine1417932674
Osvaldo Steven Gigliotti 78130, TXInternal Medicine1639123789
Mariam Mouti 76508, TXInternal Medicine1538507215
Jennifer T. Wells 78613, TXInternal Medicine1710920921
Windy A Wyatt 04032, TXInternal Medicine1356637805
Hashim Ali Khan 92253, TXInternal Medicine1154504900
South Austin Family Practice Clinic, Llp 78735, TXInternal Medicine1235130592
Louis Ealdama Ramos 78705, TXInternal Medicine1922046622
Chen Zhou 78750, TXInternal Medicine1851595458
Alexandra Jayne Van Brummen 98104, TXInternal Medicine1750888749
Kathryn Figer 78028, TXInternal Medicine1760865505
Bilal Nawaz Khan 78404, TXInternal Medicine1114187747
Kevin Connolly 93465, TXInternal Medicine1841633948
Han Pham Hulen Md, Pa 78704, TXInternal Medicine1013397066
Sunil Reddy Cheruku, Md, Pa 78705, TXInternal Medicine1013063817
Manish Sagarmal Chauhan 78681, TXInternal Medicine1245215516
Dean Blevins 77845, TXInternal Medicine1992055537
Navin Dhingra 78704, TXInternal Medicine1518212984
Sanober M Khan 78744, TXInternal Medicine1275549529
Sneha Chum 65203, TXInternal Medicine1841619426
William Richard Travis 75038, TXInternal Medicine1700804937
Courtney Lee Parr 78681, TXInternal Medicine1770585234
Huy Duc Do 78234, TXInternal Medicine1679890099
Lina Hashem Dajani 92037, TXInternal Medicine1568872836
Skv Sleep Systems Llc 78750, TXInternal Medicine1710126602
Cardiac Cin Of Austin Llc 78701, TXInternal Medicine1114435096
Ryan Edward Jones 76102, TXInternal Medicine1033559778
Yan Liu 78731, TXInternal Medicine1134446172
Faisal Nomaan Zahiruddin 77030, TXInternal Medicine1467743716
Hni Hospital Services Of Florida, Llc 32401, TXInternal Medicine1144851411
Westlake Medical Consultants, Pllc 78746, TXInternal Medicine1447800180
Naim Alkhouri 78215, TXInternal Medicine1134336662
Gabriela Pichardo Lafontaine 78731, TXInternal Medicine1740415371
Christopher Kim 77030, TXInternal Medicine1538696117
Renshy Shih 92869, TXInternal Medicine1760879852
Ammar Nassri 01970, TXInternal Medicine1548689409
Libertad Raibstein 70808, TXInternal Medicine1811910029
Elizabeth A Kvale 78701, TXInternal Medicine1245267616
Karime Gonzalez 77026, TXInternal Medicine1215312707
Roberto Alejandro Cruz Saldana 78503, TXInternal Medicine1285016899
Jameel Rasheed Johnson 76549, TXInternal Medicine1942520143
Neeraj B. Shah 78753, TXInternal Medicine1205968757
Seema Sidwani-chawla 78738, TXInternal Medicine1003849282
Jessica Bearden Dietert 78653, TXInternal Medicine1548605769
Elizabeth A Jacobs 04102, TXInternal Medicine1023046059
Nicholas Rizzo 60463, TXInternal Medicine1669447272
Liza Mary Zachariah 78665, TXInternal Medicine1639438179
Sidrah Khan 93720, TXInternal Medicine1194054858
Fotini Maria Chalkias 78759, TXInternal Medicine1518065317
Jeffrey Karl Eaton 78744, TXInternal Medicine1366646929
Angela Nicole Cortez 77030, TXInternal Medicine1790123370
Legacy Heart Care Of Midtown Austin, Llc 78681, TXInternal Medicine1356869804
Dane David Gruenebaum 78539, TXInternal Medicine1265796130
Zhentao Zhang 46845, TXInternal Medicine1558652826
Rachel Pearson 75246, TXInternal Medicine1386063030
Saivivek Reddy Bogale 10065, TXInternal Medicine1669732970
Wylan Cornelius Peterson 78234, TXInternal Medicine1659395523
Eric Prime Walker 75601, TXInternal Medicine1659480549
Summer R Branda 77025, TXInternal Medicine1851621379
Nicole Ming Ming Loo 32224, TXInternal Medicine1508096025
Texas Health Action 78752, TXInternal Medicine1578175576
Cecil Jordan Staples 76508, TXInternal Medicine1184246019
Amy Beth Siegel 78731, TXInternal Medicine1558394759
Thomas M Daniel 78753, TXInternal Medicine1821175407
Peter Brian Ramirez 76104, TXInternal Medicine1992989206
Alan Hardwicke 76821, TXInternal Medicine1912969627
Paul Mitchell Linden 76821, TXInternal Medicine1457885469
Jimmie E Lewis 77002, TXInternal Medicine1225124506
Sweeny Medical Clinic 77480, TXInternal Medicine1578910774
Deepa Sashital 77521, TXInternal Medicine1073594628
Pamela Louisa Medellin 77521, TXInternal Medicine1144268087
Smita Massey-gomez 21001, TXInternal Medicine1376808667
Ludie Hernandez-buck 77521, TXInternal Medicine1306842760
Ashok K Malani 77701, TXInternal Medicine1205804903
Oscar Olfindo Enriquez 77630, TXInternal Medicine1487737219
Amir R Ahmed 37830, TXInternal Medicine1205824810
Shariq Ahmad 34102, TXInternal Medicine1861490211
Thomas Edward Hong 77030, TXInternal Medicine1235121294
Smitha E Oommen Md Pllc 77706, TXInternal Medicine1891064200
Smitha Elizabeth Oommen 77706, TXInternal Medicine1184829764
Andrew Mcswigan Quinn 77701, TXInternal Medicine1588044978
Zakir Husain Shaik 19104, TXInternal Medicine1700019874
Michael E. Nash 78404, TXInternal Medicine1770587271
Smitha Reddy Pamulaparthy 75237, TXInternal Medicine1447328828
Richard W Hazen Md 76021, TXInternal Medicine1760038624
Joel Wayne Walker 76021, TXInternal Medicine1942243878
Khawar Khurshid 76021, TXInternal Medicine1679721310
Adam Malouf Parsons 76126, TXInternal Medicine1417203894
James K Pohl 78734, TXInternal Medicine1144239138
Rodolfo G Giraldi 77042, TXInternal Medicine1659569028
Hillcroft Medical Clinic 77478, TXInternal Medicine1588605430
Ijeoma Ananaba Ekeruo 77026, TXInternal Medicine1306095021
Lai Jiang 76504, TXInternal Medicine1093193625
Anne-marie Pierre Hajjar 77030, TXInternal Medicine1265419832
Veronica Renee Johnson 60611, TXInternal Medicine1033536412
Srinath Sundararajan 77493, TXInternal Medicine1316176597
East Rehabilitation Pa 75001, TXInternal Medicine1558322859
Ahmed S Bhatti 76049, TXInternal Medicine1023190055
Richard A Baum 78229, TXInternal Medicine1013994987
Daniel J Donovan 78229, TXInternal Medicine1730150160
Ananth K Prasad 78229, TXInternal Medicine1023089703
Art Tontiplaphol 78229, TXInternal Medicine1235174020
Gregory L Freeman 78229, TXInternal Medicine1871600866
Jorge A Alvarez 78229, TXInternal Medicine1821183559
Carlos A Roman 78229, TXInternal Medicine1043297989
Kiran N Jayaram 78229, TXInternal Medicine1992777320
Mauro Ortiz 78229, TXInternal Medicine1699747790
Jose F Triana 78229, TXInternal Medicine1679550511
David N Pederson 78229, TXInternal Medicine1700857471
M. Reza Mizani, M.d., P.a. 78207, TXInternal Medicine1275503393
Moises Bucay 78229, TXInternal Medicine1285614529
Anandreet Kaur Sekhon 79901, TXInternal Medicine1588633218
Qasim A Butt 78207, TXInternal Medicine1598966715
Zulfiqar Ali Shah 78130, TXInternal Medicine1528168788
Caridad M. Rebollar 78223, TXInternal Medicine1073598520
Marc D. Feldman 78229, TXInternal Medicine1083721070
Jennifer Suzanne Retzloff 78258, TXInternal Medicine1649493511
Don Neil Murrmann 78028, TXInternal Medicine1821027038
Anatole D Trakhtenbroit 78229, TXInternal Medicine1972580967
Rajpreet Kaur Singh 77845, TXInternal Medicine1043441983
Fadi Alfayoumi 78520, TXInternal Medicine1629055355
Jose Luis Villalobos 78550, TXInternal Medicine1063610715
Mahmod Habibulah I Sultan 78539, TXInternal Medicine1164795852
Mark Jordan Weisberg 78526, TXInternal Medicine1568690279
Juan Diego Palacios Merchan 78539, TXInternal Medicine1811284078
Phyo Kidney Care Pa 78503, TXInternal Medicine1093220113


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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