Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Laurent Gressot 77090, TXInternal Medicine1215930367
Robert Bisbee 79415, TXInternal Medicine1750384806
Lin-lin Liu 77429, TXInternal Medicine1457354409
Charles L Yen 77090, TXInternal Medicine1215930268
William George Brelsford 75701, TXInternal Medicine1770586703
Terry Allen Grover 78006, TXInternal Medicine1548263759
Darshan P Anandu 77015, TXInternal Medicine1487657680
Thomas Chick 75801, TXInternal Medicine1295738466
Mohamed L Shalaby 77598, TXInternal Medicine1700889961
Kenneth Edward Kruczek 79410, TXInternal Medicine1306849419
Kenneth Landgraf 77833, TXInternal Medicine1457354847
Bobby Wayne Marek 77833, TXInternal Medicine1063415149
Alfred B. Brady 77702, TXInternal Medicine1841293909
Jack Locardi Cortese 78404, TXInternal Medicine1659374577
Humberto Garcia 78404, TXInternal Medicine1477556249
Mary Milam 76104, TXInternal Medicine1063415735
Saima Rashid 75251, TXInternal Medicine1588667356
Federico Roman Ng 78229, TXInternal Medicine1528061488
Mary K Crow 77339, TXInternal Medicine1164425211
Carlos Robert Hamilton 77030, TXInternal Medicine1326041567
Veena Chandrakar 77433, TXInternal Medicine1295738342
John M George 75082, TXInternal Medicine1891798856
Marvin F Fojtasek 75067, TXInternal Medicine1669475737
Deborah F. Stokes 75093, TXInternal Medicine1700889508
Alec Law 75801, TXInternal Medicine1578566683
John O'donnell 75801, TXInternal Medicine1629071709
Robert Mcfarlane 75801, TXInternal Medicine1710980826
Mark H. Soriano 79423, TXInternal Medicine1639172786
Anand B Karnad 78229, TXInternal Medicine1023011624
David H Boldt 78229, TXInternal Medicine1447253042
Robert A. Marciniak 78229, TXInternal Medicine1700889201
Shahrukh A Kureishy 75069, TXInternal Medicine1528061108
Neal Lawrence Sklaver 75231, TXInternal Medicine1073516761
Joyce M Shotwell 75246, TXInternal Medicine1770586331
Andrew O Jamieson 75231, TXInternal Medicine1710980362
Kyriakos Peter Papadopoulos 78229, TXInternal Medicine1376546861
Amita Patnaik 78229, TXInternal Medicine1538162029
John Sarantopoulos 78229, TXInternal Medicine1861495343
Christopher H Takimoto 78229, TXInternal Medicine1841293321
Jamal A Razzack 77079, TXInternal Medicine1831192319
Nadeem Patel 76234, TXInternal Medicine1902809486
James Lee Vosberg 78240, TXInternal Medicine1235132747
Howard P Hurd 79407, TXInternal Medicine1033112560
Arunava D Ray 79106, TXInternal Medicine1568465094
Gene M Earl 75701, TXInternal Medicine1134122567
Pornthep Wattanamano 77007, TXInternal Medicine1295738516
Wilbur J Strader 79902, TXInternal Medicine1740283043
Thang Dinh Hoang 77581, TXInternal Medicine1932101268
Dale G. Halter 77024, TXInternal Medicine1083617310
Stephen L. Sigal 75701, TXInternal Medicine1699778035
Terrence Louis Posluszny 78503, TXInternal Medicine1295738631
Jackie Lynn Preston 76903, TXInternal Medicine1366445611
Mohammad Fawwaz Shoukfeh 79410, TXInternal Medicine1962405209
Gary W. Brewton 77004, TXInternal Medicine1750384095
Charles Arthur Shoultz 76712, TXInternal Medicine1316949639
Michael Wayne Falcone 76712, TXInternal Medicine1134121452
Francis J. Uricchio 79720, TXInternal Medicine1558364497
Wolfgang Walter Schmidt-nowara 87505, TXInternal Medicine1669475208
Benito A Marranzini 79935, TXInternal Medicine1083617328
Eugene Victor Hudman 79606, TXInternal Medicine1093718793
Gregory John Patton 77075, TXInternal Medicine1699778043
Trayce L Orr 76012, TXInternal Medicine1841293107
Laura K Gilbey 78727, TXInternal Medicine1932102316
Harold D Cain 78727, TXInternal Medicine1225031669
Rabin Kheradpour 78704, TXInternal Medicine1093718462
Olmer Ronnie Brooker 79936, TXInternal Medicine1952304297
Anthony W. Tolcher 78240, TXInternal Medicine1184627663
Irene Kazhdan 78240, TXInternal Medicine1649273145
James G Grattan 79416, TXInternal Medicine1841293370
M Alan Sharif 79416, TXInternal Medicine1013910546
Roberto E Solis 79416, TXInternal Medicine1477556900
Mounir Y Borno 79416, TXInternal Medicine1578566006
Joseph A Rizzo 79416, TXInternal Medicine1104829639
Sandra E Sanchez-reilly 78229, TXInternal Medicine1528061017
Brooks Dickson Cash 77030, TXInternal Medicine1114920626
Syed Imtiaz Anwar 77701, TXInternal Medicine1053314401
Vijay Kumar 77701, TXInternal Medicine1972506236
Alan Mack Taylor 76063, TXInternal Medicine1649272923
Enayet Rahim 77089, TXInternal Medicine1811999014
Lakshmi Seshadri 77074, TXInternal Medicine1275535478
Felipe Rios 77017, TXInternal Medicine1750383881
Mark A Yeoman 77024, TXInternal Medicine1376545491
Charles H Caplan 77024, TXInternal Medicine1245232362
Harold A Condara 77024, TXInternal Medicine1891799144
Mayank K Parikh 77469, TXInternal Medicine1255335501
James Allan Richardson 76063, TXInternal Medicine1467454736
Leopoldo Tecuanhuey 78237, TXInternal Medicine1083616197
John Curanovic 75088, TXInternal Medicine1184626392
Nabil M Ahmad 77327, TXInternal Medicine1235131319
Sayed F Feghali 77030, TXInternal Medicine1326040486
Huy Le Nguyen 76137, TXInternal Medicine1023012002
Joey Oliver Buquing 77030, TXInternal Medicine1255335279
Violeta Baddour 79601, TXInternal Medicine1134123037
David Jay Dobrin 79902, TXInternal Medicine1477557387
Anthony J Agostini 79106, TXInternal Medicine1245234293
Smriti Dubey Choudhary 77598, TXInternal Medicine1619971553
Michael Attas 76712, TXInternal Medicine1669476487
Thomas E. Lundeen 76712, TXInternal Medicine1174527998
Curtis Jay Carothers 79424, TXInternal Medicine1346244225
Michael Joseph Mihalick 77030, TXInternal Medicine1477557213
Edward Krauss Massin 77030, TXInternal Medicine1528062379
Jaime Benrey 77030, TXInternal Medicine1003810854
Paul Allen Borgfeld 76903, TXInternal Medicine1104820976
Randal N Vinther 75965, TXInternal Medicine1780688648
Allan Rowan Kelly 76104, TXInternal Medicine1598769333
Dorothy F Merritt 77591, TXInternal Medicine1881698579
Jorge A Garcia-gregory 77030, TXInternal Medicine1760486450
Lindy Thomas 79407, TXInternal Medicine1285638973
Jane Kana Shepherd 78626, TXInternal Medicine1740284447
Margaret Morel Pelitere 70115, TXInternal Medicine1154325868
Eddie Flores 78212, TXInternal Medicine1568466217
Michael Scott Lindner 78212, TXInternal Medicine1649274309
Michael J Rensch 78028, TXInternal Medicine1366446023
Jeff Bullock 78212, TXInternal Medicine1528062288
Lalitha L Sunder 77024, TXInternal Medicine1851395438
Eniko Kiraly Barthel 76051, TXInternal Medicine1558365130
Khalid Shafiq 75462, TXInternal Medicine1174527766
Mark J Schnee 77030, TXInternal Medicine1437153020
Belinda Ramirez 78212, TXInternal Medicine1548264146
Mark B Layman 79360, TXInternal Medicine1790789303
Waqar Hussain 78521, TXInternal Medicine1427052034
Jon E Heine 77024, TXInternal Medicine1992707012
Sundeep G Reddy 78520, TXInternal Medicine1992709513
Lorenzo R Pelly 78520, TXInternal Medicine1629072285
Jamil Madi 78520, TXInternal Medicine1467456079
Susana Escalante-glorsky 78504, TXInternal Medicine1043214760
Kas Saranathan 77074, TXInternal Medicine1679575872
Natalie Tolbert-bornstein 79935, TXInternal Medicine1508860198
Luisa Marin 79430, TXInternal Medicine1316941107
Cecil M Bourne 78404, TXInternal Medicine1063414134
Aftab Mahmood 78412, TXInternal Medicine1952305591
Hugo G Blake 78550, TXInternal Medicine1447254024
Kedarnath A Vaidya 77384, TXInternal Medicine1568466365
Robert J Massingill 71111, TXInternal Medicine1770587461
Jorge C Zamora-quezada 78539, TXInternal Medicine1326042003
Rajnikant Kushwaha 77384, TXInternal Medicine1629072335
Joseph E Johnson 78212, TXInternal Medicine1477557072
Steven R. Ramos 78212, TXInternal Medicine1346244936
Nasir S Syed 78233, TXInternal Medicine1659373868
Mohammad Reza Mizani 78207, TXInternal Medicine1497757660
Jordan Fred Worth 77004, TXInternal Medicine1598769879
Ahmad Karkoutly 78520, TXInternal Medicine1780688382
Paul A Overlie 79410, TXInternal Medicine1598769275
Abhilasha Gupta 78660, TXInternal Medicine1225032931
Jeffrey S Fine 75039, TXInternal Medicine1649272816
David Thompson 75801, TXInternal Medicine1689678542
Zoltan Karoly Toth 78705, TXInternal Medicine1093719882
Janis J Fowler-gulde 77563, TXInternal Medicine1780688598
James Lee Boysen 78745, TXInternal Medicine1699779330
Craig Mahlon Womeldorph 78234, TXInternal Medicine1649274135
Charity Virginia Abreu-lawrence 78572, TXInternal Medicine1902800402
Robert H Miles 70115, TXInternal Medicine1639173149
Hugo Castaneda 78205, TXInternal Medicine1730183179
Myrna Catalan De Asis 76301, TXInternal Medicine1043214406
Dominic Gregory Sreshta 77478, TXInternal Medicine1760486179
Richard Alleyne Artim 76104, TXInternal Medicine1205830619
Gloria Anding 76040, TXInternal Medicine1245235621
Rebeca Mayol Sharp 76040, TXInternal Medicine1962407353
Michael V Karing 76040, TXInternal Medicine1356346746
Robert M Tafel 76040, TXInternal Medicine1114922507
Rolando Carlos Ascarrunz 78550, TXInternal Medicine1821093246
James Edward Thesing 76040, TXInternal Medicine1477558864
Amanullah Khan 75069, TXInternal Medicine1114922531
Scott Sanford 78028, TXInternal Medicine1770588014
Ahammed Hashim 75961, TXInternal Medicine1235134420
Elmer A Alger 76301, TXInternal Medicine1356346563
Marty Buchanan 76040, TXInternal Medicine1649275744
Marc E Chapman 76040, TXInternal Medicine1679578777
Erika F Trapp 75235, TXInternal Medicine1689679821
Ather R. Khokhar 77015, TXInternal Medicine1760487912
Thuthuy Thi Nguyen 76040, TXInternal Medicine1467457572
Rajesh Atluri 76302, TXInternal Medicine1265437107
Sylvia Wu 77074, TXInternal Medicine1508861444
William W. Robison 76302, TXInternal Medicine1467457325
Stephen Rada Buksh 76040, TXInternal Medicine1427053396
Samuel Jerome Listi 75235, TXInternal Medicine1225033244
Jeremias M. Abueme 78229, TXInternal Medicine1891790960
Mary A. Washington 77015, TXInternal Medicine1811992894
Periyanan Vaduganathan 77089, TXInternal Medicine1518962588
Dolon C. Das 77030, TXInternal Medicine1619972692
Augusto C Sepulveda 79765, TXInternal Medicine1043215932
David Boucher 76401, TXInternal Medicine1639174675
Hal Fredrick Martens 75801, TXInternal Medicine1942205992
Shi-tze Lu 77027, TXInternal Medicine1215932900
Sushama S Brimmer 75601, TXInternal Medicine1184629990
Atulkumar Ramanbhai Patel 75662, TXInternal Medicine1447255252
David A Schenk 78229, TXInternal Medicine1255336061
Michael Y Ashigbi 75701, TXInternal Medicine1649275355
Jesse L Jurado 76904, TXInternal Medicine1013912740
Alfred Miller 78229, TXInternal Medicine1922003698
Jose Lozano 77702, TXInternal Medicine1275538951
Steve Frank Montoya 76903, TXInternal Medicine1699770313
Wayne S Margolis 77701, TXInternal Medicine1609871334
Isaac L Raijman 77098, TXInternal Medicine1689679557
Michael D Evans 78550, TXInternal Medicine1689678187
Eduardo D Flores 78550, TXInternal Medicine1528062973
Juan Joel Garza 78550, TXInternal Medicine1306841366
M. Shereef Hilmy 78550, TXInternal Medicine1033113493
Sultan Aleem Chowdhary 75150, TXInternal Medicine1033114459
A Madeline Domask 77024, TXInternal Medicine1790780955


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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