Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Progressive Critical Care Medicine, Llc 22304, VAInternal Medicine1679017255
Arthur E Roberson 23320, VAInternal Medicine1316058134
Thomas A Alberico 23502, VAInternal Medicine1922001064
John Wesley Melton 22507, VAInternal Medicine1831192939
Kamlesh Nandlal Dave 23860, VAInternal Medicine1780687863
Leila M Youssef 22311, VAInternal Medicine1629071550
Kenneth M Kornetsky 20186, VAInternal Medicine1487657383
Nestor Daniel Santacruz 23505, VAInternal Medicine1194728923
Charles John Schleupner 24153, VAInternal Medicine1023011962
Philip J O'donnell 22601, VAInternal Medicine1871596924
Narendra G Desai 22030, VAInternal Medicine1780687715
Nivedita Chander 20186, VAInternal Medicine1356344253
Sarah Taylor Corley 19044, VAInternal Medicine1730182296
Joann Pfundstein 22031, VAInternal Medicine1912900598
Eric David Reines 22304, VAInternal Medicine1700889342
William E Hickson 24541, VAInternal Medicine1437152865
Johanna Paola Brown 24501, VAInternal Medicine1346243649
Pradeep K Pradhan 24541, VAInternal Medicine1568465854
John B Cleary 22033, VAInternal Medicine1285636514
Barry S Dicicco 22033, VAInternal Medicine1093717324
Depak Soni 22033, VAInternal Medicine1366444697
Thomas J Lo Russo 22033, VAInternal Medicine1710989041
Marla L Shuman 22033, VAInternal Medicine1083616312
Richard A Swift 22033, VAInternal Medicine1619979945
Maura P Foley 22033, VAInternal Medicine1427050756
Jane J Wu 22033, VAInternal Medicine1063414399
Kevin L Glass 22033, VAInternal Medicine1417959743
Dennis Sager 20190, VAInternal Medicine1336142777
William Albert Kern 24104, VAInternal Medicine1558364893
George C Bazaco 22033, VAInternal Medicine1922000256
Megan Ann Babcock 22312, VAInternal Medicine1104828425
Timothy Wayne Brotherton 24541, VAInternal Medicine1013919398
Kwame O Akosah 22701, VAInternal Medicine1710989074
Jeffrey S. Luy 20176, VAInternal Medicine1932103272
Mark P. Tanenbaum 22033, VAInternal Medicine1114929247
Ketan K. Trivedi 22033, VAInternal Medicine1457353583
Laura A Ricciardi 22901, VAInternal Medicine1689676967
Donald Eugene Yoder 24301, VAInternal Medicine1134121403
Lawrence R. Rubin 22304, VAInternal Medicine1841292091
Fritz H. Andersen 22031, VAInternal Medicine1558363804
Walter L. Atiga 20176, VAInternal Medicine1427050699
Antonio R. Parente 22201, VAInternal Medicine1366444523
Frederick Martin Gessner 23606, VAInternal Medicine1255335519
Alan R Levinstone 20120, VAInternal Medicine1992709265
Peninsula Gastroenterology, Pc 23606, VAInternal Medicine1174527444
Joseph Kenneth Marshall 22204, VAInternal Medicine1912901273
John Robert Stephens 23606, VAInternal Medicine1992709257
Ray Lester James 23606, VAInternal Medicine1265436521
Angela Harden-mack 22601, VAInternal Medicine1750383840
Mark Andrew Titus 23606, VAInternal Medicine1942204219
Sara Kulangara 22042, VAInternal Medicine1487658464
Rajiv Dhingra 24153, VAInternal Medicine1558365502
Christopher S Copley 24273, VAInternal Medicine1528062585
Michael P. Notarianni 22201, VAInternal Medicine1487658357
Jacek S Slowikowski 24014, VAInternal Medicine1871597625
Fred Z Ferris 24073, VAInternal Medicine1861496614
Krish Ramachandran 24014, VAInternal Medicine1396749255
Alexander G Vigh 24014, VAInternal Medicine1760486641
Martin T Starkman 23229, VAInternal Medicine1073517637
Barry S Brown 24457, VAInternal Medicine1184628737
Anthony C. Chang 22042, VAInternal Medicine1417951062
James E Ballou 24457, VAInternal Medicine1841294451
Gary Reuben Zeevi 23226, VAInternal Medicine1730183484
Timothy P. Farrell 22201, VAInternal Medicine1396749826
Paul M Derber 23454, VAInternal Medicine1366446809
Lloyd A Shabazz 23704, VAInternal Medicine1720082183
William Bernis Freedman 22911, VAInternal Medicine1649274036
Daniel Ray Smith 23230, VAInternal Medicine1639173024
Richard M Newton 24014, VAInternal Medicine1720082134
David J West 23320, VAInternal Medicine1588669980
Vikram K Chand 24014, VAInternal Medicine1659376986
Mikhail Vinogradov 22911, VAInternal Medicine1073518452
Behnam M Goudarzi 22191, VAInternal Medicine1629073994
Rudolph E Willis 23704, VAInternal Medicine1831194216
Andrew Nicholas Terry 23320, VAInternal Medicine1861497265
Christine D Higgins 23320, VAInternal Medicine1700881109
Michele K Ballou 24457, VAInternal Medicine1730184789
Juris Simanis 24457, VAInternal Medicine1578568655
James Randolph Crews 24450, VAInternal Medicine1780689752
Ali A Hijazi 24457, VAInternal Medicine1225033368
Aubrey C Hall 24457, VAInternal Medicine1629073705
Tessie Otero-truitt 24592, VAInternal Medicine1700881885
Hassan K Honainy 24457, VAInternal Medicine1932104023
Felice L Banson 20110, VAInternal Medicine1962407924
Bassel J Moughrabi 24083, VAInternal Medicine1376548438
Lisa L Ellis 23298, VAInternal Medicine1972508950
Jin Hong Park 20110, VAInternal Medicine1225033038
Bruce W Booth 23606, VAInternal Medicine1164427993
Shaker George Saman 23502, VAInternal Medicine1063417707
John William Boyd 23606, VAInternal Medicine1477558229
John R Howard 23435, VAInternal Medicine1073518742
Scott Kruger 23666, VAInternal Medicine1376548057
John Qa Mattern 23606, VAInternal Medicine1730184425
Dean S Mcgaughey 23502, VAInternal Medicine1063417764
Samuel Kleiman 20744, VAInternal Medicine1407851124
Kwabena A Donkor 23901, VAInternal Medicine1811992506
Elke K Friedman 23230, VAInternal Medicine1629073473
Christina W Prillaman 23188, VAInternal Medicine1316942964
Claudia A. Kroker-bode 24014, VAInternal Medicine1568467009
Cyril A Barch 22601, VAInternal Medicine1558366096
Julius S Miller 23320, VAInternal Medicine1598760050
Neal S Gaither 22601, VAInternal Medicine1003811563
Brian Francis O'donnell 23320, VAInternal Medicine1558366187
Emad M Botros 22601, VAInternal Medicine1528063070
Linda P Powers 23970, VAInternal Medicine1013912583
Mark Galbraith 22601, VAInternal Medicine1255336723
Mark Mendel Sklar 20037, VAInternal Medicine1720083223
Gary P Swank 24014, VAInternal Medicine1518963040
Camelia Pana 23601, VAInternal Medicine1851397343
Moti L Koul 20748, VAInternal Medicine1124024526
Daniel M Atienza 23434, VAInternal Medicine1912903279
John H Armstrong 22601, VAInternal Medicine1992701163
Bruce A Silverman 23103, VAInternal Medicine1518963735
Nalin Mathur 20601, VAInternal Medicine1891791935
Trudy L Rickman 23229, VAInternal Medicine1356347397
Mary Taylor Mcneer 23229, VAInternal Medicine1265438204
Faten Abdulilah Ragaban 23298, VAInternal Medicine1588190292
Steven John Perez 22003, VAInternal Medicine1164428231
Edgar Forrest Jessee 23235, VAInternal Medicine1598761447
James P. Brodeur 23116, VAInternal Medicine1184620940
James C Sutherland 23116, VAInternal Medicine1467458232
Arthritis Specialists, Ltd. 23235, VAInternal Medicine1710983580
Peter J. Coutlakis 23235, VAInternal Medicine1528064482
Andra G. Showalter 23235, VAInternal Medicine1336145192
Smyth County Community Hospital 24354, VAInternal Medicine1184620072
Alfred Larry Boulware 22408, VAInternal Medicine1710983408
Fredrick Michael Barry 24141, VAInternal Medicine1346246055
Stephen M. Day 22304, VAInternal Medicine1851397467
Ann K. Henry 22939, VAInternal Medicine1366449902
Joel T Bundy 23320, VAInternal Medicine1932105517
Denise Louise Borden 23298, VAInternal Medicine1982601522
Warren S. Levy 22201, VAInternal Medicine1174520795
Maria J Iuorno 23294, VAInternal Medicine1497752927
Alok K Gupta 20155, VAInternal Medicine1164429510
Samuel D Vernon 24354, VAInternal Medicine1285631796
Habib A. Chotani 22304, VAInternal Medicine1992702112
Stephen P. Rosenfeld 22304, VAInternal Medicine1184621344
Eric A Weiner 23601, VAInternal Medicine1982601993
David M Dunning 22304, VAInternal Medicine1508863671
Young Kwan Kim 20110, VAInternal Medicine1932106911
John Francis Cary 20110, VAInternal Medicine1326045303
F. Joseph Hallal 22031, VAInternal Medicine1467459404
Jack D Horton 22031, VAInternal Medicine1518964568
Ronald J Ruszkowski 23606, VAInternal Medicine1245237296
Harvey S Sherber 22031, VAInternal Medicine1215934278
Northern Virginia Cardiology Associates, Pc 22031, VAInternal Medicine1063419927
Joseph W Longacher 23294, VAInternal Medicine1215934013
Adil Zahoor Ghauri 22033, VAInternal Medicine1689671414
Abdul W Chaudhry 23502, VAInternal Medicine1396742037
Dana J Keys-frezzell 23452, VAInternal Medicine1215934906
Sherry Lene Hall 24592, VAInternal Medicine1245237932
Lewis Suskiewicz 20042, VAInternal Medicine1508864273
Robert Paul Harvey 23602, VAInternal Medicine1538167259
Nancy L Allison 23502, VAInternal Medicine1629075569
Primary Care Associates Of Potomac Pc 22191, VAInternal Medicine1013914951
Soo Woong Park 22030, VAInternal Medicine1205833910
Humberto F Pavon 23502, VAInternal Medicine1588661219
Jieming Yan 23320, VAInternal Medicine1003814732
Steven Maestrello 23294, VAInternal Medicine1154328938
Hilton Almond 23294, VAInternal Medicine1790782589
J Edwin Wilder 24060, VAInternal Medicine1578561064
Michael Jeffrey Miller 23294, VAInternal Medicine1295733848
Christine D Bussey 22031, VAInternal Medicine1598763146
Leovigil D Pambid 24592, VAInternal Medicine1770581324
Robert E Greenspan 22033, VAInternal Medicine1811995467
Ali Reza Assefi 22033, VAInternal Medicine1275531832
Jenny J Nazzal 22033, VAInternal Medicine1437157021
Franco Musio 22033, VAInternal Medicine1639177215
Jon Michael Payne 24060, VAInternal Medicine1952309445
David L Mahoney 22033, VAInternal Medicine1548268048
Asser A El-atfy 23185, VAInternal Medicine1710985239
Christopher Lillis 22407, VAInternal Medicine1699773127
Thomas L Moffatt 23223, VAInternal Medicine1790783231
Robert C Mackow 22033, VAInternal Medicine1942208368
Peter Condro 23225, VAInternal Medicine1144228503
Stephen Van Davis 24540, VAInternal Medicine1124026588
Harry Brian Peppiatt 23225, VAInternal Medicine1114925575
Christopher G Acker 23225, VAInternal Medicine1053319426
Ellen G Bedichek 23116, VAInternal Medicine1831197201
James Alan Ramenofsky 22205, VAInternal Medicine1093713422
Ralph Michael Amedeo 22205, VAInternal Medicine1558369991
Patricia L Raymond 23456, VAInternal Medicine1063410413
Clifford P. Culpepper 24014, VAInternal Medicine1225036502
Matt Mathew 24014, VAInternal Medicine1902804180
Fletcher G Matthews 24018, VAInternal Medicine1437157633
Tracey Robinson 22801, VAInternal Medicine1104824366
Phoebe A. Ashley 23298, VAInternal Medicine1740288901
Xiaolan Zhu 22030, VAInternal Medicine1558369819
Edgar R Escasinas 24014, VAInternal Medicine1104824390
Barbara Ann Gelpi 23454, VAInternal Medicine1407854698
Wei D. Zhao 23502, VAInternal Medicine1205834405
Pravin Deshmukh 23505, VAInternal Medicine1073511200
Fred Jackson Ballenger 24014, VAInternal Medicine1447258728
Muhanad Aljassar 23320, VAInternal Medicine1790783884
Nathan R Shapiro 20110, VAInternal Medicine1992703045
Stephan J Vivian 24153, VAInternal Medicine1619975877
Nahrain H Alzubaidi 22030, VAInternal Medicine1447258538
Sadiya Naseem 22042, VAInternal Medicine1508247230
Brian Scott Bolinger 24153, VAInternal Medicine1669470662
Karl G Koenig 23294, VAInternal Medicine1609874692


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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