Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michele K Ballou 24457, VAInternal Medicine1730184789
Daniel M Atienza 23434, VAInternal Medicine1912903279
Jieming Yan 23320, VAInternal Medicine1003814732
Muna Fahmi 23320, VAInternal Medicine1700885902
Mario Anthony Casolaro 22102, VAInternal Medicine1033102363
Jason R Johnson 23451, VAInternal Medicine1730171521
Faisal A Almeflehi 22401, VAInternal Medicine1497741268
Seyed M Hashemi 22191, VAInternal Medicine1831186790
Dennis M O'neill 23602, VAInternal Medicine1639160716
Stephen O Hunley 23188, VAInternal Medicine1700868916
Brian M Aboff 23298, VAInternal Medicine1225013543
Alexander A Schult 22911, VAInternal Medicine1871573568
William Gregory Hundley 23298, VAInternal Medicine1194700484
Demetrios James Kazakis 23454, VAInternal Medicine1972578250
Sree Lakshmi Gogineni 22180, VAInternal Medicine1386603736
Michelle E Headley 23230, VAInternal Medicine1760457600
Deepak R Talreja 23454, VAInternal Medicine1760451611
Harvey Bercowitz 23505, VAInternal Medicine1801864566
David R Delaplane 76904, VAInternal Medicine1023081411
Mary Frances Maturi Allen 23454, VAInternal Medicine1578521621
John G Kenerson 23454, VAInternal Medicine1932158649
James E Long 22031, VAInternal Medicine1164485488
Andrew Monroe Cross 24060, VAInternal Medicine1679535975
Jeffrey Dean Davis 22902, VAInternal Medicine1891758140
Gregory Harrison Doull 22902, VAInternal Medicine1114980737
Steven Andrew Tatar 22902, VAInternal Medicine1609839950
Medidoctors, Llc 22401, VAInternal Medicine1821033010
Waleed Waseem Siddiqi 35406, VAInternal Medicine1538124771
William A Houck 22601, VAInternal Medicine1194769356
Zia Roshandel 22701, VAInternal Medicine1295776995
Luke Vincent Chetlen 17011, VAInternal Medicine1508894197
Waseem Aziz 20037, VAInternal Medicine1023038270
Kimberly M Cheek 22980, VAInternal Medicine1619995438
Thomas Roger Yackel 23298, VAInternal Medicine1093722928
Saqib Mian Shah 24301, VAInternal Medicine1730101593
Lisa A. Burns 23219, VAInternal Medicine1174547087
Frank Procaccino 22192, VAInternal Medicine1477658193
Robert D Mccray 23320, VAInternal Medicine1477653236
Manali R Patel 23707, VAInternal Medicine1689752644
Alexander E Salomon 22939, VAInternal Medicine1760552749
Lei S Charlton 23230, VAInternal Medicine1427146133
Henry Arakaky 23602, VAInternal Medicine1255475075
Carrie Gilliam Baker 23707, VAInternal Medicine1629146915
Samuel P. Powell 23298, VAInternal Medicine1134516891
Shalini Goyal Kaneriya 20171, VAInternal Medicine1699833400
Centre Pointe Health Specialties 22407, VAInternal Medicine1942364617
Neeraja Thathagari 20152, VAInternal Medicine1104987049
Azanaw Melese Tassew 14618, VAInternal Medicine1053579227
Tidewater Internal Medicine And Hypertension Center. Plc 23320, VAInternal Medicine1437344306
Venkateswar R Veerapalli 20147, VAInternal Medicine1164643300
Harkesh Arora 87109, VAInternal Medicine1427211523
Nathan E Langer 23805, VAInternal Medicine1225230030
James Blakeley Long 23061, VAInternal Medicine1689861635
Gregory Wiaterek 22911, VAInternal Medicine1255538633
Irfan Ahmed Moinuddin 23298, VAInternal Medicine1285802348
Diana Constanza Kooper 37129, VAInternal Medicine1174718480
Alejandro Santos Leal 22042, VAInternal Medicine1780847111
Stephen Lee Welch 99301, VAInternal Medicine1447443767
Yared Endailalu 22152, VAInternal Medicine1477864619
Curtis James Merritt 76234, VAInternal Medicine1174834196
Eiman H Nabi 20010, VAInternal Medicine1588952659
Graham Thomas Watson 23606, VAInternal Medicine1700178209
Derick Nelson Jenkins 37205, VAInternal Medicine1649566258
Nayef Antar Abouzaki 23298, VAInternal Medicine1164742359
Diana C. Gomez Manjarres 32610, VAInternal Medicine1659509461
Krista Marie Edelman 23233, VAInternal Medicine1417249434
Matthew Donald Bernens 23507, VAInternal Medicine1083913339
Lauren Rhea Miller 37076, VAInternal Medicine1245506518
Paul Albert Clark 20889, VAInternal Medicine1831320431
Jawaid A. Shaw 23298, VAInternal Medicine1356594568
Phuong Vo 78705, VAInternal Medicine1073889218
Donald O Tower 03063, VAInternal Medicine1558672337
Rami Horani 90602, VAInternal Medicine1225340227
Hadie Razjouyan 23298, VAInternal Medicine1346528874
Jason M. Lawrence 22939, VAInternal Medicine1477718922
Hunde Sado Tulu 24457, VAInternal Medicine1629359427
Ravi Chhatrala 23606, VAInternal Medicine1033438544
Julian Thomas Pierce 99301, VAInternal Medicine1700035268
Patricia Lee Kitchin 24153, VAInternal Medicine1235499625
Michelle Jacobs 98003, VAInternal Medicine1174766083
Tiziano M. Scarabelli 23298, VAInternal Medicine1346479904
Robert Michael Baldwin 23185, VAInternal Medicine1558624841
Justin Ryan Musaffi 20007, VAInternal Medicine1275876625
Aaron Michael Schatz 23298, VAInternal Medicine1932529807
Michael J. L'heureux 23298, VAInternal Medicine1881013563
Brandon Todd 38112, VAInternal Medicine1245659309
Clinton Joseph Thurber 76508, VAInternal Medicine1467862573
Amrut Savadkar 23298, VAInternal Medicine1528475175
Jamie Alan Whitt 65804, VAInternal Medicine1215341854
Omair Sheikh 27401, VAInternal Medicine1861806366
Shahrear Zaman 62781, VAInternal Medicine1265859128
Monika Kumar 75390, VAInternal Medicine1336567973
Sumit Agarwal 02115, VAInternal Medicine1285052555
Tharini Gunapalan 23320, VAInternal Medicine1558776427
David K Jessee 23298, VAInternal Medicine1902243975
Nathaniel Calvin Warner 27514, VAInternal Medicine1174969794
Nicholas Darling 23708, VAInternal Medicine1942624978
Megan Charlene Sisk 81505, VAInternal Medicine1306132279
Habtamu Mulugeta Belete 23454, VAInternal Medicine1720220387
Amin Firoozmand 44106, VAInternal Medicine1336533512
Adam Christopher Hughes 29440, VAInternal Medicine1083096192
Brandon Travis Frett 23298, VAInternal Medicine1154765618
Dennis Ogbeide Iyekegbe 22401, VAInternal Medicine1588076871
Gopika Suraj 23298, VAInternal Medicine1255775722
Alexander L. Rittenberg 23298, VAInternal Medicine1437543782
Gordon Mckinstry Pace 23298, VAInternal Medicine1295114866
Jonathan Isaac 98664, VAInternal Medicine1730443110
Linsey L Jackson 23298, VAInternal Medicine1285021915
Timothy Johnson 23298, VAInternal Medicine1952788119
Ajin John 23298, VAInternal Medicine1881012318
Carl Johan Christian Bergman 23227, VAInternal Medicine1982021895
Christopher Khalil Clarke 29615, VAInternal Medicine1295120210
Jose David Chuquin 10010, VAInternal Medicine1437578820
Carole Ngankeu Hall 27401, VAInternal Medicine1518300474
Hanh Kim Le 23249, VAInternal Medicine1558708495
Anish Pithadia 04101, VAInternal Medicine1841687340
Emily Elizabeth Pike 87107, VAInternal Medicine1336569847
Niraj Rohit Kothari 23298, VAInternal Medicine1306188321
Eleni Andria Footman 30084, VAInternal Medicine1164835005
Christopher M. Verdick 45211, VAInternal Medicine1689093098
Mehdi Pourmorteza 37604, VAInternal Medicine1356684229
Edwin I. Rosas 60637, VAInternal Medicine1447692678
Ragheb Harb 57201, VAInternal Medicine1457779118
Pccmed, Llc 22042, VAInternal Medicine1932628351
Merdod Ghafouri 22003, VAInternal Medicine1811925928
Richmond Behavioral Health Authority 23219, VAInternal Medicine1184715328
Deborah Gofreed 22201, VAInternal Medicine1982792420
Ashley Mason Reed 23502, VAInternal Medicine1780842989
Blue Ridge Cardiovascular Associates 22701, VAInternal Medicine1518067867
Pauravi Harkisandas Sanghadia 23225, VAInternal Medicine1609946201
Mihir Patel 37604, VAInternal Medicine1528226016
John F Zimmerman 19958, VAInternal Medicine1215974894
Deepika Shah 20815, VAInternal Medicine1316172489
Sentara Medical Group 23434, VAInternal Medicine1710318241
Carient Heart & Vascular Pc 20109, VAInternal Medicine1669982526
Reverent Medical Group Inc 22407, VAInternal Medicine1457861403
Capital Heartcare Center, P.c. 22003, VAInternal Medicine1801844667
Alexandra Marie Mullin 23228, VAInternal Medicine1710475033
Ju Hyun Kim 77030, VAInternal Medicine1841426194
Shalini Gehani 20032, VAInternal Medicine1164970281
Divyang J Trivedi 22042, VAInternal Medicine1043246861
David Krause 23320, VAInternal Medicine1962450684
Allcare Va Inc 22192, VAInternal Medicine1659743995
Ryan Christopher Stoner 32259, VAInternal Medicine1982891529
Austin Jae Hyuk Sim 33606, VAInternal Medicine1659806784
Saud Abaalkhail 01608, VAInternal Medicine1982180733
Stephen Biederman 23298, VAInternal Medicine1326433251
Edward S Pak 23601, VAInternal Medicine1033275805
Angeliki Maria Stamatouli 23298, VAInternal Medicine1386990760
Anjali N Kalore 23113, VAInternal Medicine1801244694
Ei Moe Phyu 24153, VAInternal Medicine1932588274
Raja Sekhar Vadlamudi 27610, VAInternal Medicine1316067754
Nicholas Paron 48603, VAInternal Medicine1568446540
Aman Katyal 78705, VAInternal Medicine1336536812
Ultra Health Llc 24637, VAInternal Medicine1457891145
Donald Robert Quinn 37620, VAInternal Medicine1447219688
Post Acute Consultants Of Virginia, Pc 37620, VAInternal Medicine1336615525
Avicenna Clinic 22302, VAInternal Medicine1013484799
Ahmed Elebiary Md 22302, VAInternal Medicine1043789423
Gregory Spisak 17109, VAInternal Medicine1922412378
Bahram Pishdad 20774, VAInternal Medicine1265502389
Elizabeth Brawner 34102, VAInternal Medicine1902218506
Winchester Medical Center 22601, VAInternal Medicine1053814129
Winchester Medical Center, Inc. 22601, VAInternal Medicine1760433791
Imoigele P Aisiku 30309, VAInternal Medicine1326019068
Bluefield Hospital Company Llc 24605, VAInternal Medicine1851859086
Kshitij Sharma 23320, VAInternal Medicine1407016512
Katie Del Pierro 20165, VAInternal Medicine1487613410
Jesus A. Martinez 33756, VAInternal Medicine1588616908
Ryan Curfiss 24153, VAInternal Medicine1871904938
Belay Birhan 22801, VAInternal Medicine1881024859
Michael A Garone 22033, VAInternal Medicine1255311189
Mahmood Abedi 22031, VAInternal Medicine1649255233
Tonya Lynn Adams 22031, VAInternal Medicine1861472862
Nader H Balba 22031, VAInternal Medicine1013949254
Felice L Banson 22033, VAInternal Medicine1962407924
Behzad Kalaghchi 22031, VAInternal Medicine1356337158
Byungki Kim 22031, VAInternal Medicine1255307906
Iris Lee 22031, VAInternal Medicine1881911667
Kenneth R Mirkin 22031, VAInternal Medicine1952372542
Ahmed Hegab 22031, VAInternal Medicine1699793372
Peter L Scudera 22033, VAInternal Medicine1063488575
Rupa N. Shah 22031, VAInternal Medicine1740209147
Jeremias C Tan 22033, VAInternal Medicine1699723213
Nitin Kumar Sardana 22033, VAInternal Medicine1760648059
Bezawit Tekola 22031, VAInternal Medicine1770742595
Joseph James Jennings 20007, VAInternal Medicine1538435714
Celeste Danielle Young 28533, VAInternal Medicine1962798132
Dulip M Ratnasoma 22911, VAInternal Medicine1609293638
James Andrew Thompson 23606, VAInternal Medicine1295963528
Min Kyung Kim 27514, VAInternal Medicine1962850263
Umair A Khan 34761, VAInternal Medicine1255746426
Taseen Ahmed Syed 23298, VAInternal Medicine1346691573
Chethan Bachireddy 23219, VAInternal Medicine1386082212
Maryview Hospital 23435, VAInternal Medicine1841549953
Maryview Hospital 23434, VAInternal Medicine1821353681
Maryview Hospital 23435, VAInternal Medicine1841435377
Bruce Waldholtz 23320, VAInternal Medicine1871592840
Shabnam Assar 18103, VAInternal Medicine1962744664
Adrese Michael Kandahari 75203, VAInternal Medicine1134573629


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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