Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Vermont

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Vermont:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Brattleboro Memorial Hospital 05301, VTInternal Medicine1306849708
Margaret Kennedy 05405, VTInternal Medicine1306842844
Arthur Thompson Colley 05753, VTInternal Medicine1255337093
Vermont Center For Cancer Medicine, Inc. 05446, VTInternal Medicine1447257555
Johannes Christian Nunnink 05401, VTInternal Medicine1861499964
Ronald S. Mensh 05201, VTInternal Medicine1609873447
Anthony Van Dyke Williams 05641, VTInternal Medicine1356348007
Paul Stephen Unger 05446, VTInternal Medicine1053318766
Dennis Allen Sanders 05446, VTInternal Medicine1982603221
Eric Steven Seyferth 05201, VTInternal Medicine1205836863
Lynn Elizabeth Wilkinson 05602, VTInternal Medicine1386644763
Friederike Kyra Keating 05401, VTInternal Medicine1457351835
Robert Zelazo 05488, VTInternal Medicine1346241734
Marda E Donner 05036, VTInternal Medicine1730181686
Prospero Barquero Gogo 05401, VTInternal Medicine1417949694
Jeffrey R. Stall 05732, VTInternal Medicine1427042662
Dale S Gephart 05089, VTInternal Medicine1295720860
Eitan Sobel 05701, VTInternal Medicine1174519698
Letha E Mills 05089, VTInternal Medicine1487649018
William S Palmer 05089, VTInternal Medicine1356337984
Amanda W Ratliff 05089, VTInternal Medicine1447246087
Marlene H Sachs 05089, VTInternal Medicine1770579344
Peter Allen Dale 05602, VTInternal Medicine1649266966
David P Russo 05089, VTInternal Medicine1922094291
David Ospina 05602, VTInternal Medicine1689660912
Marilyn J Hart 05602, VTInternal Medicine1962498287
John Valentine 05602, VTInternal Medicine1477549517
David J Albright 05301, VTInternal Medicine1982691416
Windsor Hoispital Corporation 05089, VTInternal Medicine1841287984
Windsor Hoispital Corporation 05089, VTInternal Medicine1285621326
Hilke T Breder 05301, VTInternal Medicine1023005857
Beach Conger 05401, VTInternal Medicine1023006921
Alan D Covey 05753, VTInternal Medicine1679562128
Bradford Armstrong 05753, VTInternal Medicine1841289394
David Jackson Patek 05301, VTInternal Medicine1568452886
Amy S Gadowski 05301, VTInternal Medicine1649251356
Robert William Wood 05829, VTInternal Medicine1871576645
Allen Bowman Repp 05401, VTInternal Medicine1851375810
Leslie C Lockridge 05855, VTInternal Medicine1437133352
David Neal Schwartz 05446, VTInternal Medicine1588649743
Eric L Asnis 05602, VTInternal Medicine1528043569
Katherine Devine 05089, VTInternal Medicine1386629202
John Ross Brooklyn 05403, VTInternal Medicine1588640635
Diane E Smith 02879, VTInternal Medicine1003893322
University Of New England 04005, VTInternal Medicine1699752055
Jennifer B Peters 05661, VTInternal Medicine1528046968
Seth G Coombs 05701, VTInternal Medicine1619955069
Rose Crowley Christian 05401, VTInternal Medicine1891773073
James Byron Currie 05060, VTInternal Medicine1730168881
Paul J Mayer 05401, VTInternal Medicine1851361992
Matthew C Dugan 04074, VTInternal Medicine1386614295
Naomi Moskowitz Hodde 05401, VTInternal Medicine1942270780
Alex John 05446, VTInternal Medicine1588634182
Richard Norman 05444, VTInternal Medicine1629048103
Thomas J. Keating 04011, VTInternal Medicine1609847524
Seth G. Coombs, Md, Pc 05701, VTInternal Medicine1265940282
John D Hughes 05156, VTInternal Medicine1629041025
Springfield Hospital 05156, VTInternal Medicine1528031929
Roger C Fox 05148, VTInternal Medicine1952374001
Mountain Valley Health Council Inc. 05148, VTInternal Medicine1578536629
George Richard Polkinghorn 04011, VTInternal Medicine1033182019
Springfield Hospital Inc 05156, VTInternal Medicine1780657783
Laura S Metsch 05301, VTInternal Medicine1205800695
Christopher L Meyer 05301, VTInternal Medicine1912971953
Keith W Michl 05255, VTInternal Medicine1700850831
Gretchen M Gaida Michaels 05753, VTInternal Medicine1457326142
Ryan D. Clouser 05405, VTInternal Medicine1780650382
Scott W Rogge 05201, VTInternal Medicine1306813142
Deborah B Lang 05458, VTInternal Medicine1497722292
Adam Kunin 05661, VTInternal Medicine1306813159
Michael J Corrigan 05488, VTInternal Medicine1194793703
Richard M Orlan 05301, VTInternal Medicine1700854379
Teig D Marco 05454, VTInternal Medicine1114996972
Mark L Silverstein 05478, VTInternal Medicine1083683304
Dennis Smith 05488, VTInternal Medicine1508825563
Amy B Roberts 05478, VTInternal Medicine1326007386
Mark C. Bisanzo 05401, VTInternal Medicine1740249226
Audrey Elizabeth Vonlepel 05454, VTInternal Medicine1457310740
Susan D. Weinstein 05401, VTInternal Medicine1467411769
James Matthew Trice 05401, VTInternal Medicine1609836766
Francis Y Lee 04619, VTInternal Medicine1932169083
Michael Evan Lees 05701, VTInternal Medicine1790747111
Stephen A Sokol 04072, VTInternal Medicine1477515492
Michael E Robertello 05701, VTInternal Medicine1447213384
Frank J Meierdiercks 05819, VTInternal Medicine1396708178
Eugene F Moore 05401, VTInternal Medicine1083677934
Thomas Frank Ziobrowski 05819, VTInternal Medicine1356304133
Burton David Tepfer 05301, VTInternal Medicine1427012749
Christopher J Hebert 05401, VTInternal Medicine1801850227
Timothy H Tanner 05828, VTInternal Medicine1144284498
Robert E Primeau 05846, VTInternal Medicine1992769863
Brendan N Buckley 05843, VTInternal Medicine1184689747
Emil P. Miskovsky Md Pc 05201, VTInternal Medicine1528023116
Peter Alan Redford 05602, VTInternal Medicine1205891686
T Ray Lovko 05701, VTInternal Medicine1114982295
Markus Meyer 05401, VTInternal Medicine1003871955
Champlain Valley Cardiovascular Associates, Pc 05403, VTInternal Medicine1386609253
Howard A Weaver 05701, VTInternal Medicine1790741130
Suzanne T Berlin 03038, VTInternal Medicine1730145087
Primary Care Health Partners 05301, VTInternal Medicine1740246925
Macaulay Amechi Onuigbo 05401, VTInternal Medicine1699731893
Sheila J Kendrick 05030, VTInternal Medicine1598722035
Cesar H Magsino 05701, VTInternal Medicine1659338085
Steffen Hillemann 05403, VTInternal Medicine1821056912
Walter D Gundel 05403, VTInternal Medicine1922066026
Andrew M Robinson 05089, VTInternal Medicine1952368011
Daniel S Raabe 05753, VTInternal Medicine1780642892
Eric Kumar Ganguly 05401, VTInternal Medicine1346208907
Riverside Internal Medicine Plc 05030, VTInternal Medicine1902864218
Kevin T Carey 05401, VTInternal Medicine1386602639
Rachel Elaine Bruce 05201, VTInternal Medicine1538127840
David M Gorson 05201, VTInternal Medicine1194773200
Robert Michael Lobel 05401, VTInternal Medicine1154379063
William Bradford Hoge Bissell 05701, VTInternal Medicine1447208269
Mark Pitcher 05403, VTInternal Medicine1285682666
John D. Matthew 05667, VTInternal Medicine1598713042
Richard Tonino 05403, VTInternal Medicine1598714735
Andrew Minkin 05602, VTInternal Medicine1275582264
Kenneth S. Danielson 05819, VTInternal Medicine1720037252
Stephen Baad 05403, VTInternal Medicine1629027271
Peter Gunther 05403, VTInternal Medicine1851341671
Primary Care Health Partners Vermont Llp 05495, VTInternal Medicine1285687616
Bristol Internal Medicine, Pc 05443, VTInternal Medicine1235182247
Roger Kellogg 05602, VTInternal Medicine1881648418
Richard A Meyer 05353, VTInternal Medicine1821042649
Margaret A Daly 05701, VTInternal Medicine1518911650
Claudia E Lee 05602, VTInternal Medicine1295780302
Mark Edward Logan 05701, VTInternal Medicine1184679227
Brenda E Sirovich 05009, VTInternal Medicine1679520308
Charles M Kinsey 05405, VTInternal Medicine1871540336
Alfred J Barber 05819, VTInternal Medicine1992752281
Sara Jean Reynolds 05201, VTInternal Medicine1699713784
Aydin Uzun Pinar 06511, VTInternal Medicine1629017959
Julian Campbell Ferris 05478, VTInternal Medicine1376582130
Christopher M Terrien 05403, VTInternal Medicine1033159272
Eric R Pofcher 05301, VTInternal Medicine1083654362
Joseph Livin Perras 03756, VTInternal Medicine1194765768
Jennifer J Kelly 05403, VTInternal Medicine1104867779
Douglas Edward Weir 05452, VTInternal Medicine1144261389
Laura Allen Felsted 05602, VTInternal Medicine1003857178
Ridgewood Associates In Internal Medicine 05156, VTInternal Medicine1295776185
Donald N Weinberg 05602, VTInternal Medicine1871534529
Jeffry Brian Potash 05301, VTInternal Medicine1568404697
G Richard Dundas 05201, VTInternal Medicine1356385017
Carolyn Louise Taylor-olson 05301, VTInternal Medicine1336183003
Richard Katzman 05641, VTInternal Medicine1669416202
Caroline Elise Lyon 05401, VTInternal Medicine1902841463
Michael Algus 05201, VTInternal Medicine1447296223
Joel W Silverstein 05661, VTInternal Medicine1568408151
Martin C Johns 05060, VTInternal Medicine1346286788
Susan P Erisman 05819, VTInternal Medicine1669408456
Melissa K Brandes 05401, VTInternal Medicine1265468318
Nancy Cochran 05009, VTInternal Medicine1104852904
David M Sischy 05201, VTInternal Medicine1326074691
Thornton Squire Cody 05156, VTInternal Medicine1740217629
Devika Singh 05602, VTInternal Medicine1013944008
Mark Congdon Hamilton 05156, VTInternal Medicine1023046224
Jeffrey Michael Bell 05156, VTInternal Medicine1942238399
Marcus J Hampers 05478, VTInternal Medicine1093743379
Lorna K Mayo 05602, VTInternal Medicine1134156623
University Of Vermont Medical Center Inc 05401, VTInternal Medicine1659309615
John M Dunn 05464, VTInternal Medicine1427087543
Saint Raphael Faculty Physicians 06511, VTInternal Medicine1932138138
Dale S Janik 05701, VTInternal Medicine1376573881
Rosemary L Dale 05401, VTInternal Medicine1841220191
Brian Peter Lucas 05009, VTInternal Medicine1871523100
Francis J Landry 05403, VTInternal Medicine1871523126
John M Wright 05403, VTInternal Medicine1689605073
John L. Glick 05301, VTInternal Medicine1821029166
Robert Kozub 05661, VTInternal Medicine1720018427
North Country Hospital & Health Center Inc 05855, VTInternal Medicine1144251059
Thomas Edward Mccormick 05701, VTInternal Medicine1386675189
Richard T Burtis 05201, VTInternal Medicine1851323554
Sarah E Swift 05602, VTInternal Medicine1134151434
Theodore James Fink 05482, VTInternal Medicine1508898842
Jeffrey Warren Rubman 05408, VTInternal Medicine1972536183
Wallace Kemper Alston 05401, VTInternal Medicine1356374755
Arthur E Sauvigne 05009, VTInternal Medicine1922031954
Mountainview Medical 05602, VTInternal Medicine1417982547
Orion Maurice Howard 05201, VTInternal Medicine1649205436
Steven Bradbury Smith 05091, VTInternal Medicine1265457253
Martin P Bak 05602, VTInternal Medicine1629093554
Alexander D Fuld 05009, VTInternal Medicine1083639595
Brian P Cunningham 05250, VTInternal Medicine1821013244
Charlene A Ives 05201, VTInternal Medicine1548286362
Allan Pond Curtiss 05770, VTInternal Medicine1255357901
Dennis R. Beatty 05403, VTInternal Medicine1427074699
Linda Christine Schmidt 05701, VTInternal Medicine1932125317
Tania Fernandez Bertsch 05452, VTInternal Medicine1124045208
Daniel Lawrence Lustgarten 05401, VTInternal Medicine1659398501
Bruce A Talmadge 05641, VTInternal Medicine1255358099
Steven J. Angelo 06511, VTInternal Medicine1053339242
Charles D Maclean 05452, VTInternal Medicine1619995792
Judith Ellen Steinberg 05482, VTInternal Medicine1447279906
Jennifer Plante Gilwee 05403, VTInternal Medicine1174541056
Susan Shull 05482, VTInternal Medicine1760401673
Stephen C Trachtenberg 03756, VTInternal Medicine1285653014
Mark Robert Heitzman 05602, VTInternal Medicine1790704401
Gregory J Macdonald 05602, VTInternal Medicine1386663094
Michael G. Hayes 05602, VTInternal Medicine1376562074


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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