Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jonathan Scott Treisman 53132, WIInternal Medicine1699778860
John Pierrus Hanson 53215, WIInternal Medicine1275536450
Thomas J Smith 54301, WIInternal Medicine1649273400
Pamela C Baeten 54301, WIInternal Medicine1932102787
David J Palubiak 54301, WIInternal Medicine1871596627
John M Lawton 54301, WIInternal Medicine1508869587
Jerald P Marifke 54301, WIInternal Medicine1821091679
Anthony C Defranco 53215, WIInternal Medicine1215930391
Samuel G. Poser 53925, WIInternal Medicine1346243821
James H Munn 54650, WIInternal Medicine1417959735
David A Momont 54601, WIInternal Medicine1649272964
Frank J Aberger 54601, WIInternal Medicine1396748711
William A Agger 54601, WIInternal Medicine1982607263
Arnold A Asp 54601, WIInternal Medicine1700888922
David D Norenberg 54601, WIInternal Medicine1235131517
Richard H Reynertson 54601, WIInternal Medicine1093717050
Sandhya V Shah 53578, WIInternal Medicine1114921046
James W Terman 54601, WIInternal Medicine1497759245
Gary A Susag 54601, WIInternal Medicine1467456269
Paul M Schoenfeld 54601, WIInternal Medicine1851395669
Dean E Whiteway 54601, WIInternal Medicine1538163282
James W Wilde 55947, WIInternal Medicine1508860255
Edward R Winga 54601, WIInternal Medicine1962406611
Stephen C Wissink 54601, WIInternal Medicine1114921863
Frank J Cadwell 54601, WIInternal Medicine1306840996
Robert H Caplan 54601, WIInternal Medicine1689678286
Robert S Witte 54601, WIInternal Medicine1437153046
Jonathan A Zlabek 54601, WIInternal Medicine1881698496
Vanee Songsiridej 54601, WIInternal Medicine1104820984
John L Udell 54601, WIInternal Medicine1922002799
Kurt R Oettel 54601, WIInternal Medicine1770585051
Rajah S Sundaram 54601, WIInternal Medicine1922002724
Balaji Srinivasan 54601, WIInternal Medicine1467456244
Ralph E Tauke 53821, WIInternal Medicine1295739035
Steven C Schlack-haerer 54601, WIInternal Medicine1568466142
Daniel K Short 54601, WIInternal Medicine1376547257
Scott W Rathgaber 54601, WIInternal Medicine1336141498
William R Scorby 54601, WIInternal Medicine1972507804
Abdullah A Fayyad 53121, WIInternal Medicine1568466019
Stephen M Devine 54601, WIInternal Medicine1144225335
Wanda M Ducharme 54601, WIInternal Medicine1922003029
Fred W Cox 54601, WIInternal Medicine1487659611
Carol L Danning 54601, WIInternal Medicine1184629313
Donald L Williams 53538, WIInternal Medicine1326043266
Laura Koenig 53538, WIInternal Medicine1700881869
Jeffrey H Goldman 54904, WIInternal Medicine1316942212
James E Glasser 54601, WIInternal Medicine1548265259
Mary A Zaky 54601, WIInternal Medicine1265437610
John P Farnen 54601, WIInternal Medicine1467457432
Ronald G Chaney 54601, WIInternal Medicine1750386090
Alan L. Detwiler 53098, WIInternal Medicine1871597211
Fadi Z Ghandour 54601, WIInternal Medicine1487659199
Joan E Filla 54601, WIInternal Medicine1851396741
Gregory P Thompson 54601, WIInternal Medicine1174527816
Rick A Erdman 54660, WIInternal Medicine1952306011
Stephanie L Carroll 54601, WIInternal Medicine1942205356
David K Yoon 53511, WIInternal Medicine1124023031
Daniel H Rosler 53215, WIInternal Medicine1134124159
Samer Jabbour 54401, WIInternal Medicine1043215692
Deborah A Ihde 54911, WIInternal Medicine1053317594
Catherine J Inman 54601, WIInternal Medicine1306842851
David W Cullinane 53066, WIInternal Medicine1770589236
Thomas Tackman 53538, WIInternal Medicine1902802416
Mariana Rincon 53204, WIInternal Medicine1811993330
Charles J Lanzarotti 53215, WIInternal Medicine1861498214
Julie B Schuller 53204, WIInternal Medicine1184620528
Nguyen H Phan 53211, WIInternal Medicine1194721407
Bruce J Kerr 54601, WIInternal Medicine1609872910
Roger W Kwong 54601, WIInternal Medicine1740286855
Charles E Link 54601, WIInternal Medicine1578569570
Jack M Lockhart 54650, WIInternal Medicine1104822113
Thomas P Lathrop 54601, WIInternal Medicine1811993892
Larry A Lindesmith 54601, WIInternal Medicine1124024120
John F Herath 54650, WIInternal Medicine1740286913
Kyla R Lee 54601, WIInternal Medicine1841296837
Kevin M Jaeger 54601, WIInternal Medicine1144226697
Imran K Niazi 53215, WIInternal Medicine1689670754
Linda C Groon 54601, WIInternal Medicine1548265101
Brian M Hagan 54601, WIInternal Medicine1225033822
Gregory M Knorr 54601, WIInternal Medicine1053317305
Michael J Henry 54601, WIInternal Medicine1366447815
Keneth S Horth 54601, WIInternal Medicine1154326684
Rachel M Hawker 54601, WIInternal Medicine1710982350
Adie D Harbin 54601, WIInternal Medicine1053316661
Richard E Long 54601, WIInternal Medicine1215933122
Kanwar Arora 54110, WIInternal Medicine1659377828
James R Feltes 54665, WIInternal Medicine1750386538
Charles F Brummitt 53215, WIInternal Medicine1528063104
Lois Jean Jacobs 54901, WIInternal Medicine1306843321
Michael E Keefe 53211, WIInternal Medicine1073510004
John F Cordova 54449, WIInternal Medicine1073510731
Efrain Sueldo 54701, WIInternal Medicine1750389995
Bruce C Herman 53092, WIInternal Medicine1801894951
Patricio F. Viernes 53227, WIInternal Medicine1093713745
Carol L. Young 54650, WIInternal Medicine1407853328
Mark Riedy 54311, WIInternal Medicine1780681445
Alexandra Beris 53405, WIInternal Medicine1174520050
James Floyd Herron 54729, WIInternal Medicine1598763153
Martha A. Hidalgo 54701, WIInternal Medicine1508864547
Laurence Ross Rothstein 53715, WIInternal Medicine1013915925
Steven C Port 53215, WIInternal Medicine1598765471
Robert L Panther 53215, WIInternal Medicine1770583643
Robert W Ninneman 53215, WIInternal Medicine1881694743
Virinderjit S Bamrah 53215, WIInternal Medicine1730188665
Paul S Bernstein 53215, WIInternal Medicine1013917962
Bernard J Staller 53215, WIInternal Medicine1700886686
Prakash D Shah 53215, WIInternal Medicine1013917996
Lisa A Baratta 53215, WIInternal Medicine1356340285
Anthony G Locurto 53215, WIInternal Medicine1821098773
Massoud Maleki 53215, WIInternal Medicine1881694735
Barry Kent Gimbel 53217, WIInternal Medicine1093715856
Timothy P Grady 54401, WIInternal Medicine1386644409
David K Murdock 54401, WIInternal Medicine1942200910
Kay Ellen Theyerl 54956, WIInternal Medicine1669473674
Jeffrey Carroll 54923, WIInternal Medicine1255332144
Thomas Edward Hastings 53215, WIInternal Medicine1699775577
Masroor Munim 53214, WIInternal Medicine1326048976
James J Vyskocil 48532, WIInternal Medicine1972503274
Shahida Rahman Munim 53214, WIInternal Medicine1255331831
Richard Hodgson 53215, WIInternal Medicine1932108354
Dale F Sinnett 53581, WIInternal Medicine1952302614
Paul A Luetmer 54401, WIInternal Medicine1689675332
James Joseph Ansfield 53097, WIInternal Medicine1982605226
Martin William Kern 53188, WIInternal Medicine1215938758
Timothy N Logemann 54401, WIInternal Medicine1184626053
Arnavaz Dua 53188, WIInternal Medicine1619979515
Belmarie P Roman-maradiaga 54701, WIInternal Medicine1548262280
Omer Afzal 53188, WIInternal Medicine1952393944
Todd J Muche 53222, WIInternal Medicine1861484859
Lubna Majeed-haqqi 53222, WIInternal Medicine1588656573
Paul J Warren 53215, WIInternal Medicine1487646477
James C Brandes 53222, WIInternal Medicine1386636371
Claire M Fritsche 53215, WIInternal Medicine1548252547
William M Kraklow 53215, WIInternal Medicine1184616187
Kathleen W Uy 53215, WIInternal Medicine1255323259
Amir Daniel 53215, WIInternal Medicine1154313153
Vasundhara Ganne 53215, WIInternal Medicine1053303057
Gregory V Warren 53215, WIInternal Medicine1649262544
Jeffrey A. Aldred 53132, WIInternal Medicine1528051539
Richard D. Basile 53151, WIInternal Medicine1962495978
Thomas R. Brand 53207, WIInternal Medicine1023001047
Stephen J. Desidero 53151, WIInternal Medicine1871586818
Steven M Brown 53072, WIInternal Medicine1619960655
Anthony J. Racki 54923, WIInternal Medicine1285627471
Mark A. Clemence 53130, WIInternal Medicine1255324216
Ronald I. Cohen 53132, WIInternal Medicine1982697942
Constance M. Ganapes 53221, WIInternal Medicine1063405751
Fernando T. Itable 53221, WIInternal Medicine1871586560
Dennis P. Mannino 53151, WIInternal Medicine1487647186
Malaika Mathai 53151, WIInternal Medicine1386637080
Scott D. Fenske 53151, WIInternal Medicine1619960309
Jeff D Larsen 54022, WIInternal Medicine1104819622
Douglas P Calvin 54913, WIInternal Medicine1780677906
Fred Walbrun 54303, WIInternal Medicine1306848700
Mark T Hoffmann 54401, WIInternal Medicine1356342034
Inga Hlif Melvinsdottir Mcinnis 53792, WIInternal Medicine1013367861
Titilola Oladunni Britto 53215, WIInternal Medicine1982697215
Cheryl J. Dominski 53220, WIInternal Medicine1285627976
Robert E. Brueggeman 53220, WIInternal Medicine1255324273
Edward Lake 54904, WIInternal Medicine1336131101
Timothy A. Sanborn 53143, WIInternal Medicine1073600987
Frederick K. Bulacan 53051, WIInternal Medicine1699768622
Mathew K Kandathil 08701, WIInternal Medicine1346232097
Lisa M Peterson 53207, WIInternal Medicine1336131986
Gerhard Karl Kraske 53562, WIInternal Medicine1164415519
Ahmad S Khraisat 53235, WIInternal Medicine1750375143
Karl E Baum 54915, WIInternal Medicine1497749402
Kevin P Andrasko 54901, WIInternal Medicine1902890924
Marie T Weber 54961, WIInternal Medicine1811981830
Bryan A Avery 54915, WIInternal Medicine1548254568
Kenneth A Geller 54915, WIInternal Medicine1356335350
Paul D Volkert 53548, WIInternal Medicine1437143435
Ronald T Schreiber 54915, WIInternal Medicine1588658595
Raul R Garcia 54904, WIInternal Medicine1487648499
John E Almquist 54915, WIInternal Medicine1104810118
Mamoun B Al-nouri 54904, WIInternal Medicine1104810100
Todd J Talbot 54956, WIInternal Medicine1285628206
Roland N Woodruff 54902, WIInternal Medicine1184618191
Edwin E Wilson 54956, WIInternal Medicine1326032343
Paul B Mcavoy 54956, WIInternal Medicine1992799779
Richard A Menet 54952, WIInternal Medicine1598759375
Barbara L Lauderdale 54956, WIInternal Medicine1174517965
Jeyakumar Kandaraj 54915, WIInternal Medicine1306830104
Michael C Beckett 54904, WIInternal Medicine1417941337
Bradley L Lauderdale 54915, WIInternal Medicine1871587667
Shanthi A Joseph 54915, WIInternal Medicine1417941212
John M Butitta 54130, WIInternal Medicine1700870565
James R Burns 54956, WIInternal Medicine1225022080
Eduardo Paz 53215, WIInternal Medicine1669466314
Cynthia C Leigh 54904, WIInternal Medicine1942294517
Gojko D. Stula 53215, WIInternal Medicine1235123712
Joseph G. Trojan 53221, WIInternal Medicine1225022700
Dale S. Schaper 53132, WIInternal Medicine1801880372
Mary B. Snell 53132, WIInternal Medicine1427042902
Mark S. Skier 53207, WIInternal Medicine1346234812
Michael A Madden 54952, WIInternal Medicine1750375325
Misty L Johnson 54915, WIInternal Medicine1578557146
Fredric L Hildebrand 54915, WIInternal Medicine1992790471
Femi B Ayanrino 54915, WIInternal Medicine1619962180
James P. Mazzulla 53221, WIInternal Medicine1437144946


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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