Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine in the state of West Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine
in the state of West Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert M Amory 26506, WVInternal Medicine1013910116
Jennifer L Leavitt 26101, WVInternal Medicine1699778472
Terrence J Reidy 25401, WVInternal Medicine1811990641
Zaveen Ahmad Kureishy 26038, WVInternal Medicine1467455915
Anthony Owunna 25401, WVInternal Medicine1588667844
Abbas Syed Ali 34711, WVInternal Medicine1801899158
Richard A. Capito 25314, WVInternal Medicine1407858772
Courtney Struthers 25401, WVInternal Medicine1720082605
Barry S Brown 24457, WVInternal Medicine1184628737
James E Ballou 24457, WVInternal Medicine1841294451
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. 25701, WVInternal Medicine1205830858
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. 25702, WVInternal Medicine1932103488
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc 25701, WVInternal Medicine1730183286
Dorris A Ragsdale 24901, WVInternal Medicine1801890207
James Akins 25560, WVInternal Medicine1285638684
Douglas P Bosack 24901, WVInternal Medicine1487658894
John J. Baker 24790, WVInternal Medicine1912902123
Dawn Jones 25401, WVInternal Medicine1659376515
Michele K Ballou 24457, WVInternal Medicine1730184789
Juris Simanis 24457, WVInternal Medicine1578568655
Lynn N Smith 24901, WVInternal Medicine1295730372
Ramsey A Behnam 24970, WVInternal Medicine1134124100
Jack Legrand Depriest 25301, WVInternal Medicine1881699957
Aubrey C Hall 24457, WVInternal Medicine1629073705
Hassan K Honainy 24457, WVInternal Medicine1932104023
Brian G Richards 24901, WVInternal Medicine1699770651
Bassel J Moughrabi 24457, WVInternal Medicine1376548438
Haven N Wall 24901, WVInternal Medicine1013912187
Rajeev Winfred 26505, WVInternal Medicine1043215791
Narender Rao Jogenpally 25309, WVInternal Medicine1396741880
Robert J. Fanning 26003, WVInternal Medicine1962408369
Angelo N Georges 26003, WVInternal Medicine1821094038
Julie Suzanne Bunner 26003, WVInternal Medicine1013913011
Emad A Kowatli 25309, WVInternal Medicine1447257787
Timothy G Saxe 25504, WVInternal Medicine1174520282
Ramesh Thimmiah 26037, WVInternal Medicine1659378743
Digestive Disease Consultants Llc 26062, WVInternal Medicine1093712168
Bryan D Raybuck 26506, WVInternal Medicine1205833258
Kimberly Sue Cross 25302, WVInternal Medicine1689671406
American Oncologic Associates Of Cambridge, Inc 43725, WVInternal Medicine1104824663
Philip Clark Vandongen 25401, WVInternal Medicine1982602157
Thomas Clifford Valley 26847, WVInternal Medicine1215936646
Timothy Orphanides 25401, WVInternal Medicine1023017530
Alfonso P Cinco 26147, WVInternal Medicine1679572051
Suresh Balasubramony 26147, WVInternal Medicine1710986088
Rudolph Michael Kevak 25177, WVInternal Medicine1932108206
Chadwick Ray Smith 25702, WVInternal Medicine1417956657
Allan B Kunkel 26739, WVInternal Medicine1790785681
Robert L Vawter 26003, WVInternal Medicine1609876408
Robert E Jones 25438, WVInternal Medicine1255331021
Zubaer M. Dawlah 26351, WVInternal Medicine1679573299
Renato F Delacruz 43935, WVInternal Medicine1174523641
Thomas Joseph Schmitt 26003, WVInternal Medicine1629078977
Mahyar Tahbaz 45750, WVInternal Medicine1770583031
Bradley D Henry 25301, WVInternal Medicine1679573786
Jack L Kinder 25301, WVInternal Medicine1831199959
Kurt M Nellhaus 25314, WVInternal Medicine1508866633
Sunita M Bhasin 24701, WVInternal Medicine1952302911
Syed Rasheed 25801, WVInternal Medicine1770584682
Ashutosh Chandel 24605, WVInternal Medicine1871594572
Henry David Millit 26003, WVInternal Medicine1639170020
Manish Monga 26003, WVInternal Medicine1508867995
Kurt M. Nellhaus, M.d. 25304, WVInternal Medicine1053312314
Edward J. Grey, M.d. 25304, WVInternal Medicine1225039589
Omolola Olajide 25701, WVInternal Medicine1174524409
Adenrele Olajide 25701, WVInternal Medicine1700887031
Paul Richard Hedges 26003, WVInternal Medicine1265433643
Harshad Bokil 26726, WVInternal Medicine1134120231
Malcolm Barry Louden 26104, WVInternal Medicine1649272303
Michael A Morehead 26104, WVInternal Medicine1245232727
Leah Jeannette Jones 26003, WVInternal Medicine1700878717
Richard Franklin Terry 26003, WVInternal Medicine1679565634
Eugene A. Donovan 23922, WVInternal Medicine1750373445
Clinton E Curtis 25840, WVInternal Medicine1538151048
Vikram Dayal 25438, WVInternal Medicine1174515548
Manie Juneja 26506, WVInternal Medicine1609868975
Randa N. Al-jayoussi 25701, WVInternal Medicine1831181171
Saxe Medical Services, Inc 25504, WVInternal Medicine1578556577
Oscar Fernando Figueroa 24605, WVInternal Medicine1801889720
Matthew Wayne Harris 25504, WVInternal Medicine1154314029
Rowena Gonzales-chambers 24740, WVInternal Medicine1437142411
Charles F Bou-abboud 25801, WVInternal Medicine1255324844
Ganpat Gopalji Thakker 25304, WVInternal Medicine1972597128
Mary E Mckelvey 25813, WVInternal Medicine1467446526
John J Azar 26505, WVInternal Medicine1407840572
Aravinda Nanjundappa 25304, WVInternal Medicine1447244488
Cardiovascular Consultants Pllc 25526, WVInternal Medicine1588658199
Nik M Shah 26101, WVInternal Medicine1225022775
Bassam Moushmoush 25301, WVInternal Medicine1619961232
Jann L Holwick 24060, WVInternal Medicine1992790406
Williamson Memorial Hospital Llc 25661, WVInternal Medicine1275528614
Patrick Allen Turnes 26757, WVInternal Medicine1265427579
M Yaser Haffar 25526, WVInternal Medicine1275528515
Robert A Shirey 24970, WVInternal Medicine1720073828
Parkersburg Oncology Assoc Inc 26101, WVInternal Medicine1508851684
Jasbir Singh Makar 26062, WVInternal Medicine1235124975
Mary Lou Lewis 25301, WVInternal Medicine1790770386
Joseph I Shapiro 25701, WVInternal Medicine1194711572
Saed A Ahmad 26175, WVInternal Medicine1588650782
Guneet Cahal Purewal 26062, WVInternal Medicine1912993288
Keith Michael Bravo 26062, WVInternal Medicine1841286036
Viorica Maria Crisan 26062, WVInternal Medicine1386630671
William R Jeffrey 25301, WVInternal Medicine1285620385
Gary B Davenport 26280, WVInternal Medicine1720074883
Amandeep Singh Purewal 26062, WVInternal Medicine1932195724
Cheryl Ann Cox 25309, WVInternal Medicine1316934961
Paul Joseph Conley 26651, WVInternal Medicine1578550141
Marvin Jerome Wurth 26651, WVInternal Medicine1841287422
Sanjay Gupta 43952, WVInternal Medicine1134116601
Glen Dale Medicine & Pediatrics, Pllc 26038, WVInternal Medicine1710974159
David Frederick Hess 26038, WVInternal Medicine1477540748
Amar N Khurana 26062, WVInternal Medicine1114914280
Mayez A El-harake 25801, WVInternal Medicine1578550679
Krishan Kumar Aggarwal 26062, WVInternal Medicine1194712299
Krzysztof Kubicki 26034, WVInternal Medicine1962499046
Heart Care Cardiology Consultants, Inc. 43952, WVInternal Medicine1992792816
Christopher Cowher 26062, WVInternal Medicine1902893753
Charn S Nandra 43952, WVInternal Medicine1558358317
Atul Shetty 26062, WVInternal Medicine1801884556
Mark C Bates 25304, WVInternal Medicine1720076334
Rajiv Khanna 25801, WVInternal Medicine1518955913
John Capito 26062, WVInternal Medicine1083602403
Rupinder Arora 26062, WVInternal Medicine1164410098
Santiago O. Ching, M.d., Inc. 43952, WVInternal Medicine1518955467
David A Adkins 25304, WVInternal Medicine1285623108
Rabie H Zalzal 26726, WVInternal Medicine1487643391
Otilia J Asuncion 43952, WVInternal Medicine1265421879
Paul G Welch 25401, WVInternal Medicine1548259146
Cross Lanes Internal Medicine Group Inc 25313, WVInternal Medicine1760471171
Stephen Lee Diblasi 25304, WVInternal Medicine1609865930
Abdulkader Farran 48341, WVInternal Medicine1700054046
Charleston Hospital, Inc. 25301, WVInternal Medicine1538158647
Frank A Scattaregia 26452, WVInternal Medicine1356331193
Michael Ross Brumage 25301, WVInternal Medicine1871583716
Columbia st. Josephs Healthcare System Limited Partnership 26101, WVInternal Medicine1508856469
Narendrakumar M Patel 25801, WVInternal Medicine1609866185
Arvind Z Viradia 25313, WVInternal Medicine1417947904
Gary Dean Ross 24901, WVInternal Medicine1386634715
Adel E Frenn 26003, WVInternal Medicine1144210444
Michael W Blatt 26003, WVInternal Medicine1346230422
Syed M Siddiqi 25801, WVInternal Medicine1871584979
Edward Kin Chiu 26003, WVInternal Medicine1063403988
George Edward Lovegrove 25801, WVInternal Medicine1760473870
John J Wurtzbacher 26003, WVInternal Medicine1578554598
Laura Jane Graybeal 25801, WVInternal Medicine1447241468
Balakrishnan Sridharan 25304, WVInternal Medicine1881685550
Ananthan Krishnathas 25309, WVInternal Medicine1891786554
Amer Malas 25314, WVInternal Medicine1730170499
Narendra D Parikshak 25309, WVInternal Medicine1134110729
Ashish Sheth 25313, WVInternal Medicine1487645073
George K Joseph 25705, WVInternal Medicine1699766931
Stanley C Mannino 26062, WVInternal Medicine1487645727
Ahmed M Sakkal 25301, WVInternal Medicine1508848227
Irene M Wasylyk 25801, WVInternal Medicine1225010861
Julia Margarita Cruz 25304, WVInternal Medicine1942285093
Govindbhai M Patel 26554, WVInternal Medicine1861478109
Michael Solomon Moses 26104, WVInternal Medicine1346226396
Steven R Smith 21502, WVInternal Medicine1205812013
Richard E Ryncarz 26003, WVInternal Medicine1205813946
Seetha Ginjupalli 26330, WVInternal Medicine1932186673
William Michael Harris 25045, WVInternal Medicine1891772802
Stevan J. Milhoan 26105, WVInternal Medicine1780661652
Shelly P Kafka 26301, WVInternal Medicine1861479784
Ajay Anand 25951, WVInternal Medicine1164400230
Hassan Helwani 41240, WVInternal Medicine1477532422
Mahesh B Shroff 26726, WVInternal Medicine1770562605
Firasat S Malik 25304, WVInternal Medicine1992784706
Gracia Zabat Santos 25401, WVInternal Medicine1144209735
James Mark Battin 25401, WVInternal Medicine1316926090
Anteneh Cheno Habte 25401, WVInternal Medicine1215916705
Linda Jane Morris 25401, WVInternal Medicine1699754192
Geetha Shakesprere 25401, WVInternal Medicine1972582419
Maria Luna Navarro 25309, WVInternal Medicine1487633939
George L.s Hoe 25401, WVInternal Medicine1356320618
Robert Michael Eggleston 25136, WVInternal Medicine1215916614
Kelli J Dumm 25311, WVInternal Medicine1760461164
Nancy Kalpana Timothy 25401, WVInternal Medicine1467431825
Bethesaida Tafari Habte 25401, WVInternal Medicine1376522656
Justin Bailey 25311, WVInternal Medicine1992784243
Joseph Radtke 25401, WVInternal Medicine1689653925
Charlene Frances Horan 26529, WVInternal Medicine1669452637
Ratna Leela Nair 25401, WVInternal Medicine1316927122
Aster Negeri 25401, WVInternal Medicine1508846338
Ezhili Arumani 25401, WVInternal Medicine1649250465
Dina Taarea 26003, WVInternal Medicine1891181061
Daniel James Whitmore 25701, WVInternal Medicine1871573089
Khin May Win-chen 25401, WVInternal Medicine1417927385
Ahmad Nusair 25701, WVInternal Medicine1689644676
Shahid R Rana 24740, WVInternal Medicine1588634430
Wedgewood Family Practice & Psychiatry Associates, Inc 26505, WVInternal Medicine1174593065
West Virginia University Medical Corporation Charleston Division 25304, WVInternal Medicine1801866538
Medstrat 26038, WVInternal Medicine1285183343
Andrzej J Jaworski 26505, WVInternal Medicine1033189766
Morgantown Pulmonary Associates Pc 26505, WVInternal Medicine1245200989
Kevin Bird 25401, WVInternal Medicine1851361521
Carol L. Patterson 25701, WVInternal Medicine1881664126
Roger A Abrahams 26505, WVInternal Medicine1407826787
West Virginia University Medical Corporation 26506, WVInternal Medicine1275504508
Richard Layne Del-checcolo 25702, WVInternal Medicine1053381509
Albert Y Choe 25401, WVInternal Medicine1124099411


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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