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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Cardiology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Raghunandan Kamineni ORInterventional Cardiology1659372407
Bankimchandra J Patel ALInterventional Cardiology1801897772
Zubair A Khan MOInterventional Cardiology1861491854
Kenneth E Saland TXInterventional Cardiology1336148550
Harold G Clausen LAInterventional Cardiology1417958240
Joann Urquhart MDInterventional Cardiology1063411106
Thanh Minh Nguyen LAInterventional Cardiology1679573760
Sudhanva Upendra Wadgaonkar LAInterventional Cardiology1356340582
Royce Dean Yount LAInterventional Cardiology1881694594
Craig M Rosen NJInterventional Cardiology1073512356
Christopher M Dhaem MIInterventional Cardiology1902805393
Dumitru F Cioata ILInterventional Cardiology1427059294
Robert K Strumpf AZInterventional Cardiology1104827856
Advanced Cardiac Specialists, Chartered AZInterventional Cardiology1235130824
Reuben A Sheares OHInterventional Cardiology1649271974
James Richard Clifford NJInterventional Cardiology1881695336
William A Gavin WAInterventional Cardiology1285635730
Jerry H Gilbert TXInterventional Cardiology1629079017
Shantanu Sinha OHInterventional Cardiology1124029426
Christopher L Wolfe WAInterventional Cardiology1740281294
Michael A. Basnight FLInterventional Cardiology1467453696
Kenneth Matthew Wong OKInterventional Cardiology1780685990
Warren Mark Breisblatt AZInterventional Cardiology1063413177
Gary Steven Kauffman AZInterventional Cardiology1386645489
Francis N Crespo FLInterventional Cardiology1528060555
James Ray Higgins OKInterventional Cardiology1194727164
Bernard Rudolph Erickson MNInterventional Cardiology1306848122
Alan Shiener CAInterventional Cardiology1770585515
David Gerard Aliabadi CAInterventional Cardiology1962404723
Heart Center Of The Rockies Cath Lab Llc COInterventional Cardiology1811999758
Marc A Petein AZInterventional Cardiology1134121825
Roman Leibzon CAInterventional Cardiology1447252218
Jacob Nathan Rubin CAInterventional Cardiology1437151180
Vincent J Nicchi AZInterventional Cardiology1467454173
Stephen Ashley Noller GAInterventional Cardiology1720080443
Kenneth Miller NJInterventional Cardiology1043212798
Charles M.t. Jost AZInterventional Cardiology1134121874
Mark D Cohen GAInterventional Cardiology1376545053
Narayanan Vikraman MIInterventional Cardiology1336141977
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc Interventional Cardiology1376545988
Srihari Ravi MIInterventional Cardiology1184626731
Hiroshi Yamasaki MIInterventional Cardiology1538161187
Vamshidhar Guduguntla MIInterventional Cardiology1174525729
Vijay H Vohra ILInterventional Cardiology1891797379
Anthony Joseph Christiano NCInterventional Cardiology1326040775
Jerry Allen Simpson NCInterventional Cardiology1861484016
Samuel A Nussbaumer TXInterventional Cardiology1073515508
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc Interventional Cardiology1174525554
Douglas Craig Privette NCInterventional Cardiology1194727545
Roger C Bond KSInterventional Cardiology1275525420
Michael J Duran TXInterventional Cardiology1700888229
Steven J. Class FLInterventional Cardiology1841292380
David R Eisen TXInterventional Cardiology1356343867
Christian Dennis Bounds MDInterventional Cardiology1528050648
Prospero Barquero Gogo VTInterventional Cardiology1417949694
Joseph Doyle Walton PAInterventional Cardiology1003808213
Jeffrey Howard Etherton MDInterventional Cardiology1144212366
Mark Bruce Saltzman FLInterventional Cardiology1902898919
Edward W Ganellen UTInterventional Cardiology1164414017
Norman Clinic Inc OKInterventional Cardiology1235121096
John Kenneth Lourie FLInterventional Cardiology1700878451
Gary Leroy Hoff IAInterventional Cardiology1356333074
Thomas Stuart Degroat FLInterventional Cardiology1619969359
Christopher J Dipaolo NVInterventional Cardiology1134111891
David E Wu ORInterventional Cardiology1063404739
Hugh Peter Liebert FLInterventional Cardiology1063404697
Eric Eichhorn TXInterventional Cardiology1972595510
Ronald E Brown UTInterventional Cardiology1447242060
Robert Michael Day FLInterventional Cardiology1639161268
Brian Eades TXInterventional Cardiology1538151170
Robert P Ferrara MOInterventional Cardiology1245222777
Michael J Rinaldi CTInterventional Cardiology1053303503
Carl Dietrich Reimers NYInterventional Cardiology1639161037
Northern California Cardiology Associates Medical Group Inc CAInterventional Cardiology1467444711
Edwin I Perez Marrero PRInterventional Cardiology1043203268
Eugene Victor Moffett CAInterventional Cardiology1720071061
Solomon Fishman FLInterventional Cardiology1689667966
Stafford Gay Warren MDInterventional Cardiology1821081126
Jan Laws Houghton NYInterventional Cardiology1851384010
Christopher Scott Massa CAInterventional Cardiology1295728392
Babu Nagasuri Jasty NYInterventional Cardiology1326031535
David C Lew FLInterventional Cardiology1861485757
Stephen Stowers FLInterventional Cardiology1902899826
Hassan M Ismail MIInterventional Cardiology1881687861
Sam Borno CAInterventional Cardiology1598758468
Charles H Sohn CAInterventional Cardiology1033102900
Ronald L. Levine FLInterventional Cardiology1558354399
Geoffrey A Kunz NMInterventional Cardiology1306839071
Malcolm M. Mchenry CAInterventional Cardiology1467445197
Daniel James Tiede MNInterventional Cardiology1306839949
Arthur M Smith TXInterventional Cardiology1043211444
Roger S Gammon TXInterventional Cardiology1366435810
Jayesh Kanchanlal Patel NCInterventional Cardiology1831181080
Harvey J. Matlof CAInterventional Cardiology1386637023
Carl David Hassel FLInterventional Cardiology1114929502
Marc Richard Litt FLInterventional Cardiology1528060936
Bernardo Manuel Utset FLInterventional Cardiology1770585184
Gregory M. Eaton OHInterventional Cardiology1740281021
James P. Bacon OHInterventional Cardiology1063413474
Clark R Mckenzie MOInterventional Cardiology1073506051
Paul R Silverman ILInterventional Cardiology1336132182
Stuart A Cavalieri WAInterventional Cardiology1487656930
Muhammad Ahmad KYInterventional Cardiology1801888953
Robert A Pringle SCInterventional Cardiology1124011424
Donald E Saunders SCInterventional Cardiology1861485088
David L Tedrick FLInterventional Cardiology1407849342
Paul H Gibson MOInterventional Cardiology1013909613
Allan B Hatch ARInterventional Cardiology1114919107
Bernard Gojer ARInterventional Cardiology1245232768
Mark T Hoffmann WIInterventional Cardiology1356342034
Raj Baljepally TNInterventional Cardiology1598766370
Stuart James Bresee TNInterventional Cardiology1386645158
Douglas G Wysham WAInterventional Cardiology1275526360
Dale Wortham TNInterventional Cardiology1235130014
Velisar L Rill MTInterventional Cardiology1659363141
Rapeport Medical Corporation Interventional Cardiology1861494601
Amir Piracha KYInterventional Cardiology1578555942
Dario M Espina OKInterventional Cardiology1497756076
David Wolters Kohl FLInterventional Cardiology1174516454
Ravi Reddy Kethireddy FLInterventional Cardiology1144213422
Eastside Cardiovascular Medicine, P.c. Interventional Cardiology1861493199
Maged Answer Amine TXInterventional Cardiology1639161011
Tracey Roth FLInterventional Cardiology1710970561
Imran Zubair COInterventional Cardiology1992798243
Jon Damian Leleux LAInterventional Cardiology1922000801
Ron Nudel CTInterventional Cardiology1356342158
Souheil H Khoukaz MOInterventional Cardiology1386636868
Michael K. Barron FLInterventional Cardiology1912999038
Pawan K Sharma UTInterventional Cardiology1114919073
Srinivas N Paranandi TXInterventional Cardiology1013909258
Michael J Newmark NVInterventional Cardiology1881686350
Scott L Woodfield SCInterventional Cardiology1568455723
Sanjeev Dhari Ravipudi MOInterventional Cardiology1588657811
Bay Area Heart Center Pa Interventional Cardiology1972595205
Sean Denney NEInterventional Cardiology1710979950
Pasco Cardiology Center Inc Interventional Cardiology1881686459
Huang-ta Lin FLInterventional Cardiology1831182450
Peter Alfio Rossi FLInterventional Cardiology1598757072
Werner Jauch FLInterventional Cardiology1972595544
Brooklyn Heart Vein And Vascular Care, Pllc Interventional Cardiology1477037067
Luay Sayed MIInterventional Cardiology1063414696
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc Interventional Cardiology1548262926
Leonardo Joseph Divagno NJInterventional Cardiology1851392435
Boyd E Helm LAInterventional Cardiology1073514576
Joseph M Cefalu LAInterventional Cardiology1881695088
Fred H Petty LAInterventional Cardiology1841291333
Kevin L Kilpatrick LAInterventional Cardiology1679574057
Daniel T Fontenot LAInterventional Cardiology1356342513
Terry L Zellmer LAInterventional Cardiology1104827690
Brian C Swirsky LAInterventional Cardiology1457352254
Norman Joseph Deumite LAInterventional Cardiology1073515011
Assem Z Farhat KSInterventional Cardiology1720070907
Joseph Mark Kowalski LAInterventional Cardiology1205838182
Mani Nallasivan CAInterventional Cardiology1639171606
Dominick A Calabria FLInterventional Cardiology1447243969
Michael Kevin Smith NCInterventional Cardiology1033102413
Sanjeev Bhatta FLInterventional Cardiology1770576100
Florida Heart & Vascular Multi Specialty Group Pa Interventional Cardiology1699769042
Ahmad S Khraisat WIInterventional Cardiology1750375143
Judy Lynn Finney AZInterventional Cardiology1356334726
Rajendran Sabapathy MOInterventional Cardiology1457345712
Mark G Midei MDInterventional Cardiology1477547677
Nathan Laufer AZInterventional Cardiology1871587048
Richard Soney Rigmaiden NVInterventional Cardiology1053305227
Diagnostic Clinic Of Longview Pa Interventional Cardiology1386638468
David B. Peichert MDInterventional Cardiology1396739306
Frank Morris MDInterventional Cardiology1891789988
Stephen H Pollock MDInterventional Cardiology1982698973
Gregory T Smith PAInterventional Cardiology1083608947
Sudhir Prasada NCInterventional Cardiology1710971585
David Eli Leeman MAInterventional Cardiology1932193851
The Medical Specialists Of Ky, Psc Interventional Cardiology1487648200
Primary Cardiology Pc NYInterventional Cardiology1942294707
Lance Simkins FLInterventional Cardiology1114911948
Michael S Grinblatt OHInterventional Cardiology1659365344
Arsenio R Rodriguez FLInterventional Cardiology1003800632
Brian K Dublin FLInterventional Cardiology1386638922
Bruce C Stein FLInterventional Cardiology1790779320
Guy Seiji Mayeda CAInterventional Cardiology1952395493
John O Pastore MAInterventional Cardiology1255325874
Venkata S Yelamanchili INInterventional Cardiology1225022866
Marc C Cohen PAInterventional Cardiology1184619512
Louis M Papandrea NYInterventional Cardiology1376537878
Mark E Angel OHInterventional Cardiology1154315661
Daniel W Esper NYInterventional Cardiology1053305573
Augustin J Delago NYInterventional Cardiology1114911633
Cardiovascular Consultants Of Vincennes, Pc Interventional Cardiology1134114622
Robert Michael Kirchner CAInterventional Cardiology1508851957
Roderick Bryan Meese TNInterventional Cardiology1336134642
Prabhdeep Sandhu CAInterventional Cardiology1679568901
Christopher Scott Boylan TXInterventional Cardiology1285629501
John Daniel Jackman TXInterventional Cardiology1407841646
James Frederick Vilaro PRInterventional Cardiology1518952795
Michael J Diehl UTInterventional Cardiology1265427371
Raj C Dave TNInterventional Cardiology1508851510
Herman Gist DCInterventional Cardiology1275528234
Michael E Crawford UTInterventional Cardiology1699760397
Charanjit Kapoor AZInterventional Cardiology1700872223
Kondaramvalappil K Ravindran MIInterventional Cardiology1790771319
S J H Cardiac Catheterization Associates Pc Interventional Cardiology1699761197


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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